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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 2, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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now at 11:00 p.m. this is how a high speed bay area police chase came to an end tonight. an armed suspect shot dead on the street. police opened fire on richmond parkway near hilltop mall. >> reporter: the rush hour chase of an armed robbery suspect began. it came to a bloody end in richmond. just after 5 mmm police were warned that -- 5:00 p.m. police were warned. >> when our police officers from the richmond police department arrived everything was already over. i don't know how much time it took for them to pursue.
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p ended here at the apartment complex near a park. the man in this honda suspected of armed robbery two weekends ago was dead. >> when the occupant of the vehicle stepped out of the car, he was armed with a weapon, and the officers that were involved in the pursuit engaged with the suspect. >> reporter: richmond police department is investigating but won't specify what kind of weapon the suspect was armed with. you can see a machetey from -- machete from chopper 5. both the police department and the district attorney's office will conduct investigations into the shooting. kpix 5. fire in the east bay hills today and fighting the flames takes a dangerous turn.
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a firefighter falls 50 feet down a hillside. the fire broke out on the oakland-berkeley border. kpix 5's joe vazquez has the latest on the fire fight. joe? >> reporter: fiber officials stopped the forward momentum of the grisly fire. right now they are spending their time mopping up and making sure the fire doesn't spread. >> reporter: the grisly fire broke out around 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. the vegetation spread the flames. first to 10 acres and then doubling in size. >> very steep terrain. covered with pines. eucalyptus trees. >> reporter: cal fire was worried they would have to shut down two transformers so they issued a evacuation order for
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the berkeley campus. >> when they told you to leave, what was the announcement? >> there was a possible power outage. [ talking at the same time ] >> not so much that the flames would be threatening. >> reporter: firefighters gained the advantage so they changed their minds about shutting down the transformers. no power was lost after all. an inmate firefighter was injured after tumbling down a steep embankment. >> the firefighters found a bee's nest and he lost his footing, fell 50 feet to the road below. >> reporter: we are told he will be okay. first thing tomorrow we are expecting 120 cal fire personnel to come here to the scene, to the front lines and put a finishing touch on this grisly fire. reporting live in the berkeley
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hills, joe vazquez, kpix 5. tonight president trump going after legal immigrants. he is backing a plan that would cut immigration to the u.s. in half. kpix 5's betty yu breaks it down for us. >> reporter: the plan is merit based. it favors immigrants who speak there should and have high paying job offers offers and if approved it would bring the biggest changes to immigration policies in the united states in decades. >> reporter: on the date 25 immigrants from a dozen countries became u.s. citizens -- >> i have been dreaming about this moment for more than 20 years. and it took 10 years to get here actually. >> reporter: president trump threw his support behind a bill. the reforming american immigration for strong employment act. >> it will reduce poverty, increase wages and saver taxpayers billions and billions
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of dollars. >> reporter: it would change the system for granting residency or green cards by giving priority to high skilled english speaking immigrants. >> it lets everybody compete individually. what fairer way can you do to have a situation where everybody has the same right to get into the country. >> reporter: activists said it would effect latino families the most. >> we have no bias towards any region of the world. >> i work every day for 23 years. i pay my taxes. federal and state. >> reporter: she is a new u.s. citizen from france. she works. >> at the time i moved here i would not be able to apply for -- [ indiscernible talking ] >> reporter: that sparked a
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heated exchange between the white house policy advisorier and cnn. >> -- adviser and cnn. >> they have to learn english before they get to the united states -- >> actually -- i am shocked at your statement. that you think only people from great britain and australia would know english. it reveals your bias to a shocking degree -- [ talking at the same time ] >> this is an amazing moment that you think only people from green bay or australia would -- great britain or australia is so insulting -- [ talking at the same time ] >> reporter: reforming american immigration for strong employment act would cut the number of refugeegies to -- refugees to just 50,000. betty yu, kpix 5. san francisco mayor ed lee tweeted the reforming american immigration for strong
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employment act undermines the contributions of immigrants communities and ignores the values that define our nation and oakland mayor tweeted immigrants make america great. the trump administration is also reopening the debate over race and college admissions. the department of justice sent a notice to employees looking for lawyers to work on a new program, examining race based discrimination. >> while the white house hasn't confirmed or denied the department of justice will always review discrimination. >> according to our poll californians are against affirmative action. 72% say state universities should treat all the same regardless of background. here in the bay area only 10% think race should be a factor in admission. california is one of 8
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states that bans the use of race in admissions policy. tonight california is feeling the heat from a winter disaster. veronica de la cruz tells us it is over the crisis that oroville dam. >> reporter: it could cost the state millions of dollars. a law firm submitted a claim form to the state today. it alleges the department of water resources ignored red flags. the dam spill way failed in february. farmurs down stream say they lost 27 acres -- farmers down stream say they lost 27 acres of land. a law firm said the state should have taken steps to shore up the damage. >> if -- the dam. >> if you are the state of california you have an obligation to keep people safe.
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and you didn't live up to your end of the bargain. >> reporter: farmers are seeking $15 million to cover the clean up cost and loss production. so far no comment tonight from state officials. veronica de la cruz, kpix 5. new images of a plane almost landing on other planes at sfo. how could this happen? we are learning about a blind spot in the airport radar system. >> a man with molotov cocktails is caught fire bombing a california church. tonight the case took a unexpected twist. >> and the plan to ban cars including lyft and uber in the bay area. >> another ride fall functioned. this time it left a californians stuck upside down in the air for half an hour.
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ride.. at the ventura county fair ton . breaking news in southern california. this person got stuck on a bungee ride that ventura county fair tonight. he dangled upside down 30 feet off the ground for half hour. he feet strapped to the cord. firefighters rescued the rider. the person is okay. no word on what caused the ride to malfunction. a close call at sfo. the national transportation safety board released thesages. you can see -- these images. you can see the planes lined up and then the air canada flight comes in on top of one of the
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planes. kpix 5's susie steimle finds out the plane disappeared from radar before the close call. >> reporter: he speaks from experience when he says it is very obvious which is the runway and which is the taxi way from the air. >> the run way lights are bright yellow. the taxi lights are dim blue. >> reporter: that is why he can't wrap his head around how a pilot mistook the taxi way for a run way in july. >> i want to find out how could they have done this. that will come out of the investigation. >> reporter: new information released today shows just how close the air canada plane came to crashing into four passengers filled planes on the taxi way. the plane was within 59 feet of the ground before pilots realized something was wrong. >> if they hit one they hit the next one and probably the next
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one. you would have a disaster of four airplanes. >> reporter: this likely means air traffic control isn't responsible. >> the individual approach is not dependent upon a radar system. you are supposed to do this by your eyes. >> the faa released a statement said systems were designed to prevent run way collisions. they were not designed to capture aircraft that are lined up to land on taxi ways. air traffic controllers lost sight of the plane for 12 seconds because it veered off course. this would have been one of the greatest airline disasters in recent history. >> the faa does not have the technology to monitor airplanes as they approach taxi ways but they are working on that and they will start testing the
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technology. susie steimle, kpix 5. san jose police found a hidden camera inside a bathroom. a 34-year-old is under arrest -- under arrest facing several charges. he worked at the studio where they found had recording device. san jose police and the fbi are investigating. caught on camera in southern california, a suspect fire bombing a church. tonight the case took a twist. >> reporter: surveillance video shows the moments before the person launches a molotov cocktail on to a church in glendale. you see the device light up and then it is hurled towards the church. the flames light up the night. the person runs off. >> it is crazy. i live around the corner. >> reporter: an officer on patrol the night it happened july 6 saw the flames and was able to get the fire out.
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officers swarmed the scene and found a bag with more molotov cocktails inside. they took dna samples and identified the person in the video. on july 30 officers arrested the 51-year-old. investigators say he once belonged to the church and was kicked off for inappropriate behavior. the faith center, she is seen here in a church video. it is guarded with sac all along the -- surveillance cameras all along the building. police believe the man did it for revenge because he was kicked out of the church. we reached out to church officials and they declined to comment. the suspect is held on a
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$500,000 bond. kpix 5. big changes are coming to market street in san francisco. leaders approved a plan that would ban cars, including uber and lyft. the car ban would only extend from 10th street to the embarcadero. taxis and other commercial vehicles will only use the lane closest to the curb. it is designed to make market street safer. price tag, $604 million. construction begins next year. b.a.r.t. has a plan to deal with the budget short fall. you might call it a cover up. the b.a.r.t. train covered in an advertisement for the aquarium. the firstford ad wrapped trains debuted yesterday. they plan to turn 25 trains into a rolling billboard this
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year. >> to bring in much needed money without asking customers to foot the bill. >> b.a.r.t. says to expect more ads from united and alaska, and ford and kaiser. they expect to bring in $2 million this year. tesla move over, other auto makers are moving into cash in on the electric car trend. kpix 5's maria medina has more. >> reporter: tesla, there is a new kid on the block. the honda clarity. within days of tesla handing the keys to the first owners of its model 3, honda debuted its new electric car. >> reporter: what do you think about all the electric cars that are coming out? >> i think it is wonderful. >> reporter: potential electric car owners say the more options the better.
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>> i think it is great. i don't think it happened fast enough actually. i was expecting it to be a bigger market at this point in the game. we have been hearing about electric cars for 30 years. >> i think it is great. >> reporter: besides honda and tesla others come out with electric cars. but he tells kpix 5 it was tesla that changed the game by coming out with a good looking car and its features that made it appealing and attractive. >> the cars are pardon the expression, a bat out of hell. quiet. comfortable. a delight to drive. >> reporter: the future is here and silicon valley is in the driver's seat. >> i think it is exciting. i am glad. >> reporter: don't be surprised if other car makers join the bandwagon and come out with
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their own version and tesla should be given all the credit for changing history. in san jose, maria medina, kpix 5. >> the honda sells for $59,000. the model 3 starts at 35,000. all right. we have some -- the potential for thunderstorms on the way for the bay area. at least at the upper elevations. sticky situations for thursday afternoon. live towards the embarcadero. warm today. 100 concord. 97 san rafael. sfo, 7th busiest airport in the u.s., concord 76 degrees. san francisco 57. heat advisory till 9:00 p.m. tomorrow night. things will be cooler tomorrow than today. numbers step off of the highs near 100 and this is the interesting part, high pressure that is east of the bay area with low pressure off shore providing monsoonal moisture working up from southern california where earlier today
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they had flash flood watches posted in their mountains and sayserts. for us -- deserts. for us, you can see in the future cast, there is plenty of high clouds working over the bay area tomorrow. not as much sun. less sun, temperatures come down. that figures. coming from a southerly direction. it will be warm and sticky tomorrow. humid for the bay area. 1-5 of mountain thunderstorms and then more seasonal into the weekend. things cool. heading in that direction tomorrow anyways. concord 93. san jose 86. and oakland 82. in the south bay, numbers cool to the mid-80s tomorrow. high clouds still in the mid- 90s for morgan hill. east bay, walnut creek 93.
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brentwood 98. fairfield 95 degrees. napa 88 in wine country tomorrow. 85 santa rosa. shoreline cool. ukiah with temperatures above 100 degrees. extended forecast, we will take a few steps back for thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday, back to average and tomorrow interesting with, you know, build ups over the mountains and lightning. never a good idea in fire season. we will see what happens. >> thank you. tonight we will take you inside this new bay area restaurant that caters to the richest people on the planet and here are tonight's guests on the late show with stephen colbert.
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. here is a question, do you have a couple thousand bucks to spend on, say, dinner? >> this new restaurant just opened. they cater to the richest people in the world. inside there is just one table to reserve. it seats up to 8 people.
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meals run $400, that is before tax, tip or drinks. >> if i had the chance i would be interesting to go but i would never seek it out and be willing to walk into something unknown. >> one of the dishes, a cut of beef with gold flakes. how does it taste. one review said it looked nice but does not add flavor to the food. looks beautiful. [ talking at the same time ] >> i have a feeling -- [ talking at the same time ] teeing it up tomorrow and you want a giant highlight? okay. here you go. the rest of it, not so hot. coming up next.
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and sent jay-yun wong to the minor leagues..pablo was reported giants might be clearing the way for pablo's turn? pablo was spotted in the city today but bruce poachy said he will begin a minor league road
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trip tomorrow. a's president leading a take over with a megaphone. a fastball down the pipe. no doubter. 20th home run of the year. 4-0. a's rookie starter got some run support and help from the field. running after it to rob him. allowed one run in 7 innings. oakland wins 6-1. maria sharapova with drew before her second round match today due to an arm injury. wimbledon champion facing a 17- year-old who had to deal with the two time grand slam winner and the sun. >> don't let the sun go down on
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me. just 58 minutes she lost to move on to the quarter finals. tomorrow steph curry tees it up in the tour in hayward. one of his partners will be steven jaeger who won the tournament last year. he has a beef with steph curry dating back to 2009. while playing steph curry nailed a 75-foot shot. >> i am looking forward to asking him about the shot in the championship. if he remembered that and if he heard me yell a bunch of bad things at him because i was watching that. >> now, that guy shot a 58 last year. won the tournament that they are playing in tomorrow. how do you think it will go? pay back. >> i would want to be the caddy. >> yeah.
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>> place your bets. we will be right back. ♪
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tomorrow morning at 4-30. elle griego and kenn late show with stephen colbert is next. next newscast is tomorrow at 4:30 a.m. >> have a great evening and we will see you tomorrow. captioning sponsored by cbs >> the president said that white house is a real dump. >> okay, let's find a new place to live, something with some real class. let's see, the palace of verseille, nah, not enough of enough gld leaf. >> taj ma gentleman, no, curry makes me cass gassy, the pyramids right on the golf course, i don't want to be buried with my help. >> motto, lava, keep out the mexicans, excellent security system, a beautiful view of mount doom, we could have our
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