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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 4, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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. the half million dollar security measure at fremont's art festival next.
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professor just came to an end tonight... right here, in the bay area. now at 11:00, breaking news, a nationwide manhunt for this prestigious college professor came to an end tonight right here in the bay area. good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook. 42-year-old wyndham lathem and another man was wanted for the stabbing death of a 22-year-old man in chicago. the body was found in lathem's chicago high rise apartment. he sent a statement to his family confessing to the killing. he's a professor at northern university. lathem turned himself into u.s. marshals at the federal courthouse in oakland. earlier lathem had asked the marshals with assistance in the manhunt. the other man, andrew warren, gave himself up tonight at a park police station in san francisco. police say he walked in and said he was wanted for murder
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in chicago. warren is an employee at oxford university in england. the police department released a statement saying both individuals will be held accountable for their actions and they hope today's arrest brings some small level of closure and justice for the victim's family. extradition hearings are expected on monday. if the two men waive their rights, the city of chicago will have 10 days to pick them up. the body of a bay area -- the body of a bay area marine killed in a lightning strike is back home tonight. a motorcade escorted his body from the sonoma county airport to his hometown petaluma. kpix5's andria borba was with his friends and family. lightning stri were under a billowing american -- >> reporter: under a billowing american flag, marine corporal skylar james headed to his final resting place. the 23-year-old corporal from petaluma was killed by a lightning strike while working on an osprey aircraft last
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month as a thunderstorm targeted new river air station in jacksonville, north carolina. skylar was the lead mechanic. >> it was his job to get everyone else off that aircraft first and because he was the last to deplane, he was tragically unfortunately killed and all of those men and women realized he risked his life by doing his job as a marine to save their lives. >> reporter: james was declared brain dead four days later and saved lives one last time. >> because he was a healthy 23- year-old, eight of his organs were donated to eight different people and so he saved eight people's lives in his death. >> reporter: at the sonoma county airport the patriot guard riders held two lines of american flags marking skylar's path home to his mother and grandmother's. >> it's too honor the fallen for the, you know, the one who
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stood up and took an oath to put his life on the line to protect my freedom. >> reporter: before the long trip to the coastguard training center the riders mounted up. >> the least i could do is this. >> reporter: and provided an escort for skylar's family past firefighters and onlookers, all set on honoring the man who died in service of his country. >> and i hope that he inspired other young people to be that humble and, you know, serve our country or do something they love. >> reporter: a private ceremony for corporal james' family will be held tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. at the coastguard station west of petaluma. in sonoma county andria borba, kpix5. investigators say gunfire sparked the devastating wildfire in mariposa county. the detwiler fire destroyed more than 60 homes and burned nearly 82,000 acres since it broke out 2 1/2 weeks ago. now cal fire says someone started shooting on public land and sparked the fire. tonight there is a $2,000
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reward for information leading to an arrest. there are new security measures tonight in fremont. the goal, to prevent a terror attack like the recent ones in europe. kpix5's maria medina shows us the city is bringing in the barricades. (( >> reporter: in the past fremont police have used water barriers and even their own vehicles to protect crowds, but this year for thfirst time they have these 12 steel barriers and they're going to go at every main intersection at the festival this weekend. a truck driver mowed them down. ((nats of barricade in fremont)) fremont's steel barricades -- wi -- at fremont is the first bay area city to get these 20-foot barricades. >> these are the delta mp- 5000s. >> reporter: it's got a fancy name, but its purpose is simple, stop a vehicle from plowing into a crowded area. >> we've been talking about the threat of vehicles at festivals for a long time. >> reporter: vehicles have been the choice of weapons in recent attacks including this scene in london when three men drove their van into
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pedestrians on the london bridge killing eight. last year dozens celebrating bastille day died when a truck driver mowed them down. fremont's steel barricades will be used the first time at this weekend's festival of the arts. >> we're going through a section right now we call kid city. >> reporter: where 200 to 300,000 people are expected to attend including nabil scott and his family. >> i was pretty amazed to see such a thing. hopefully we never have to see any emergency calls. >> reporter: ed fonseca who was in charge of many festivals know the threat is real. >> we take our vehicles and actually blocked the end of the street. so they would plow into one of our vehicles first. >> reporter: i think a lot of people will agree when i say it's really sad we have to live like this, but it is necessary, right? >> it is necessary. our goal when somebody comes to our festival, we don't want
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them to have to worry about their safety. >> reporter: and we hope the sight of the barricades just keeps any threat away. one of the advantages of this barrier versus a water barrier is you can easily put it down to allow in emergency vehicles, if necessary. the price tag for these 12 barriers is more than a half million dollars. the u.s. attorney general says the culture of leaking must stop and jeff sessions vows to hunt down anyone who leaks classified mission. sharon chin is in our newsroom with details on the crackdown. >> we've heard president trump lash out against the attorney general calling him weak in investigating criminal leaks. today sessions had a warning. >> we will not allow rogue anonymous sources with security clearances to sell out our country. >> reporter: attorney general jeff sessions says the justice department has tripled the number of leak investigations under the trump administration and the fbi has opened a counter intelligence unit to handle the cases.
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just yesterday reportedly classified transcripts of president trump's calls with the president of mexico and the prime minister of australia were printed in the washington post. sources. in response, the rep freedom of the san francisco republican part chair jason clark hopes the administration can root out the problem. >> well, there is a very limited number of people who do have access to certain amounts of classified information and depending on their access level you will be able to trace who they are. >> reporter: leaking classified information is a crime and the investigations grew during the obama administration. director of national intelligence dan coates. >> these disclosures have resulted in a major threat to our national security. >> reporter: there have been four prosecutions including that of the nsa contractor who allegedly gave journalists classified information on russian hacking. coates says the leaks come from arrange of sources including congress and the executive -- a range of sources including congress and the executive branch. clark expects general john
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kelly to help plug the leaks. in addition, sessions says the justice department will revisit its policy on issuing subpoenas to reporters about their sources. in response the reporters committee for freedom of the press tweeted, "the guidelines in place carefully balance the interests of both law enforcement and the news media. we strongly oppose doj plan to revisit." house speaker paul ryan said leaking classified information can often compromise national security, but he said journalists aren't the problem. the leakers are. meantime kellyanne conway, counselor to the president, said the administration hasn't ruled out using lie detector tests. sharon chin, kpix5. tonight a bay area father lost his fight to stay in the country. i.c.e. just deported the undocumented immigrant back to mexico. now his co-worker fears that he is the next to go. reporter macy jenkins talked to his family tonight. ather. "i am a good guy" this was hugo mejia three months ago - in rio cosumnes correctional center in elk
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s detained. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: this woman describes her husband hugo as the best man she knows, the best husband and the best father. >> i am a good guy. >> reporter: this was hugo mejia three months ago in the correctional center in elk grove just after he was detained. mejia and his co-worker rodrigo nunes were both arrested at travis air force base in may. the two were going through military security on their way to a construction job at david grant medical center. mejia said he didn't know the hospital was on the base. he gave security his legal california driver's license number and car registration but left his social security number blank because he doesn't have one. he and nunes are undocumented. nunes was sent back to mexico friday for failing to have proper u.s. working papers and now support is only growing to release mejia before he, too, is deported. mejia's wife got the news today and said she's sad and just gets sadder every day and she hurts for the nunes family,
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too. mejia's hometown has rallied along with people in new york, boston and rhode island, the call to free hugo and let him go back to his family. mejia's advocates released a joint statement saying, "this injustice is the bitter fruit of the administration's cruel and abusive policies." they say rodrigo's family is requesting privacy now. meanwhile the fight to free hugo mejia will continue at full force. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: learning nunes' fate today, mejia said her loneliness and despair are overwhelming. macy jenkins, kpix5. this woman was arrested in a child sex case, but then she was accidentally released from jail. tonight how did that happen? >> and this boat hit a rock in the bay and started to sink. tonight how a tour captain named tubby came to the rescue. >> the hidden hazard in many couches now linked to lower iqs in children.
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things... that officers give white suspects some infl oadepartklment. aneia they say rsamon g other things officers give white suspects preferential treatment. kpix5's christin ayers has details on an open letter to the mayor and the police chief. co and a city >> reporter: the letter is signed by dozens of oakland leaders, pastors, a county supervisor and city council member who all say the oakland police department is failing the african american community. .the letter claims...are tre leniently. one e >> when you look at the treatment of african americans by the police department, it's been pretty bad. >> reporter: council member leslie brooks, one of 36 oakland leaders who signed the open letter addressed to the mayor, police chief and city administrator. it says oakland residents are
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treated as suspects when we are victims. we are arrested at disproportionate rates. white suspects the letter claims are treated more leniently. one example the letter gives, a shooting spree in east oakland. a white suspect opened fire in this neighborhood. despite calls to police there was no manhunt until the man went on a second shooting spree. >> that would not have happened had it been an african american suspect. >> reporter: the letter also blasts chief anne kirkpatrick for promoting officers accused of mishandling an investigation of sexual misconduct between several officers and a young sex worker named celeste guap. a report found one internal affairs officer called gu ap a. >> i personally -- a bad
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person. >> we just need some accountability. >> reporter: in oakland christin ayers, kpix5. >> we reached out to the city of oakland and mayor's office for comment but have not heard back from them so far. a woman in a child sex case who was mistakenly released from jail is back in custody tonight. gail burnworth of tacoma is accused of texting with a man who is allegedly exploiting children in her care. authorities learned about the texts from a passenger on a san jose bound flight who saw the man exchanging disturbing messages on monday. yesterday a jail in washington state released burnworth because charges were not filed soon enough. this is apparently an overnight. after they heard about it there was a new arrest warrant and burnworth was found today. pleasure cruise turning to panic in san francisco bay after their boat hit a rock and started to sink, but then a
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boat captain named tubby came to the rescue. he told kpix5's susie steimle he's no hero. e been le they could have >> reporter: tourists aboard an alcatraz cruise ferry thought they were wrapping up their spooky night tour when they ran into a real life scare. >> get them on down! >> reporter: a group of 10 people on a small craft boat struck a rocky near alcatraz known as little alcatraz and started to sink fast. lled the and thats how i got >> they definitely could have been in trouble. they could have ended up in the water. somebody could have hit the steering wheel. it could have been a lot worse than it was. >> reporter: little alcatraz is known for causing shipwrecks as it's only visible during low tides. more than 4-people were on board -- 400 people were on board watching the rescue celebrating as people climbed on board to safety. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: minutes later the boat drifted away and sank directly to the bottom of the bay. >> everything happens real quick. >> reporter: the captain who
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led the rescue and helped pull all 10 people to safety is erik afinson or as he's more affectionately known -- >> as captain tubby is what they call me. >> reporter: normally the coastguard answers these types of calls, but captain tubby and his crew were in the right place at the right time. >> it was a very smooth transition and captain tubby handled it like he had ice water in his veins. >> reporter: as for all the extra attention they're getting? >> kind of awkward. i'm just doing my job. that's what we're trained to do. >> reporter: that boat that sank is 100 feet under water near alcatraz island and it is the boat owner's responsibility to take care of it. he's currently working on a salvage plan. in san francisco susie steimle, kpix5. a brushfire in the oakland hills is close to full containment tonight. the fire broke out wednesday afternoon near grizzly peak boulevard and burned 20 acres
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above the uc botanical gardens. tonight the fire is 90% contained and the road is back open. firefighters will do more patrols overnight looking for any hotspots. we've reported on the hazards of flame retardants found in couches and many other household products, but tonight there is some new evidence of the risk of exposure. kpix5's melissa caen tells us they are now linked to lower iqs in children. so it's really im what they >> everybody is exposed to these chemical flame retardants and so it's really important to understand what they might be doing. >> reporter: dr. woodruff runs the ucsf program on reproductive health and the environment. she's part of a team that just released a study on the effects of flame retardant chemicals on children. >> we follow the children up until about 5 to 7 years of age to see how it affected their neurodevelop, essentially their iq and their potential for adhd. >> reporter: the new study analyzes previous studies to get a big picture of the data.
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they focused on one flame retardant known as pbde. >> we found pregnant women who were exposed to flame retardant chemicals, their children were experiencing a lower iq. we saw about a 3.7 drop in iq. >> this particular study looked at a group of flame retardants that were phased out many years ago. >> reporter: bryan goodman points out that pbde was banned in 2004. >> flame retardants currently on the market are subject to review by regulatory bodies around the world. >> reporter: but items manufactured before 2004 could still be in stores. san francisco supervisor mark farrell is reducing legislation to ban the sale of items with any flame retardant in san francisco. >> they've proven actually not to reduce fires. they've actually proven only to cause diseases including cancer and other types of forms of really fatal diseases amongst adults and kids. that's why we're banning them. >> reporter: he said the
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chemical lobby has been too powerful for too long. >> we're doing this as reaction to the chemical industry's lobby over the course of the past few decades in our state and standing up and protecting the health of san francisco residents and our kids in our city. >> i was surprised to see that these chemicals that sometimes the industry claims are safe are actually not safe and can be a problem for children. >> reporter: that san francisco law hasn't passed just yet. it has to go through the legislative process, but it has broad based support and is likely to succeed. in the newsroom melissa caen, kpix5. >> all new couches have a tag now saying whether they were made with flame retardant chemicals. if yours did not, you can call the manufacturer and find out. this wall of water, mud and debris poured through the arizona desert today. some people had to jump out of its path. this is just outside the town of mayor north of phoenix. the flash flood is the result of runoff from storms. there you go.
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the same system that created thunderstorms we had such as they were last night, most of that is headed north out of the bay area. here's how we stand right now with fog on the golden gate bridge, kind of hard to see where we are, concord at 70 degrees, oakland 67, san francisco at 60 degrees and san jose right now has 70 with 59 degrees at santa rosa. so there will be fog around tonight and it will be a balmy night with 68 in fairfield, 69 at livermore for an overnight low. high pressure has finally subsided in the desert southwest spinning with the low offshore. the monsoonal flow has been cut off. all the high clouds are heading north. so we've replaced the high clouds with low clouds, so low that, in fact, it's fog which will be around tonight, more sun tomorrow and the humidity is down this weekend. temperatures will be back to near seasonal by the latter half of the weekend, pretty close tomorrow. san francisco is at69, 2 degrees warmer than average, about the same as concord, 91,
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3 degrees warmer than average, san jose84 and oakland 92. expect sunshine tomorrow morning except along the shoreline, mid-80s in the south bay, los gatos 90 degrees. in the east bay the numbers will nudge 90s in spots, a little warmer in brentwood and cooler in vallejo with 84 tomorrow. the north bay looks nice. low clouds along the shoreline will give way to sun by midmorning and petaluma will skyrocket to 84, 83 for san rafael. then we'll look at novato with 86 degrees tomorrow, 84 for sonoma. it's still warm at ukiah and clearlake and lake port. we're going back to stratus quo this weekend giving away to sunshine along the coast and inland. numbers this week will be the very definition of average heading into the second week of august. it's looking like a good weekend, so be sure and have one. >> look forward to it. starts pretty soon.
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>> it sure does. this abandoned baby bobcat is safe tonight, how a bay area hiker came to its rescue. >> here are tonight's guests on the late show with stephen colbert.
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sausalito. ten is now in an abandoned kitten is safe tonight thanks to a hiker near sausalito. >> the 4-week-old kitten is now
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in the care of the san rafael wild care. the hiker realized it needed help and carried it to safety. officials say bobcat kittens rarely leave their dens. wild care plans to take care of the kitten until it's ready to prowl on its own, possibly by october or november, nothing cuter than a kitten, so cute. >> a bobcat. >> it's going to be a little bit bigger than your average cat. coming up next in sports steph curry may have a future on the fairway. >> and the giants try to end a troubling end when their ace madison bumgarner is on the mound. we'll be right back.
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the nissan sports report coming up next on kpix5. lack of run >> mad bum on the mound. that's usually -- well, the old days. that was a guarantee. >> guaranteed win, but right now it's not about wins and losses, right? >> it's not the old days. >> it's about madison bumgarner looking good on the bump. madison bumgarner is all too familiar with the phrase lack of run support, mad bum throwing seven scoreless innings, but the giants still
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find a way to lose. gregor blanco back and a total fan favorite. paul goldschmidt hit the laser to center field driving in the run and goldschmidt with a triple. top of the 6th inning, 1-1 and the giant killer strikes again. goldschmidt with a line drive off the left field wall. another run comes in as the giants end up losing again 2-1. brandon belt did leave the game after being drilled by a pitch. he will be reevaluated tomorrow. southern california native matt chapman and the a's taking on the angels in anaheim, top of the 2nd , two on for chapman. he crushes a home run to left field. chapman's family and friends the only ones excited in a sea of angels fans. the a's go ahead 3 -0. the a's would lead by sick-2 but angels battles -- 6-works but angels battle back.
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-- 6-2, but angels battle back and take the win. steph curry on the ellie mae classic and gets a bunker shot to put him in a good position. he sinks the next putt for his first birdie of the day. curry gets another 74 on the day but misses the cut by 11 strokes, regardless not a bad outing for a two time nba champ. bay area native cc bellis dominated in the quarterfinals at stanford facing the two time wimbledon champ. bellis drops two games and winds 10 straight games to win the match. -- wins 10 straight games to win the match. she will go the next round for a spot in the finals. congratulations to her. >> love to see those local girls do well. be right back.
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the late show with stephen
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colbert is next. >> have a great weekend! captioning sponsored by cbs >> all right boys time to hit the tent. >> come on, just one more story. >> one more. >> okay, but it's going to be another scary one. >> yes, yes, yes! >> once upon a-- this week after a boy scout jamboree, much like the one you had, a phone rang in an old white house, and it was answered by the bloated pumpkin man with hair like moldy hay. >> is that the man with the doll hands? >> that's the one. >> what did the caller want? >> the caller told the pumpkin man his speech at the jamboree was the greatest speech ever made. >> was it? >> no, not even close. >> then what happened? >> the


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