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tv   KPIX 5 News Sun Morn Edition  CBS  August 6, 2017 7:30am-8:31am PDT

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house for the new few weeks.. we'll look at his travel plans.. and what the administration is doing without him. now on kpix5 news this morning, president trump out of the white house for the next few weeks. we will look at the travel plans and what the administration is doing without him. jeff sessions vows to hunt down anyone that leaks classified information. the heated debate over college admissions. how firm is california on affirmative action? you may be surprised or good morning. it is sunday, august 6th. >> we are getting started with a check of the forecast. we
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could see a sprinkle or two in the north bay. low clouds along the coast and around the bay. starting out the day with the 60s for most folks. oakland, 60 and livermore. 59, san francisco. 57, santa rosa. stockton, -- around the coast and the bay, clouds pull back and we see plenty of sunshine. what to expect as you make your way throughout the day -- temperatures will warm into the low 90s for the warmest thoughts and when. we will keep the clouds and the fog along the shoreline. and mild week ahead. throughout the week, we see temperatures cool. i will have the full forecast coming up in a bit. a heads up if you are going to the golden gate bridge. parking lots will be closed later this morning. ongoing parking restrictions on both sides of the bridge are part of an effort to ease traffic.
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rideshare vehicles can drop off passengers at the welcome center on the san francisco side of the bridge. and a heavily used highway is closed for construction for the rest of the weekend. highway 12 is shut down between i-5 and 160 east of rio vista. that closure runs through 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. the detours will add about 45 minutes to your trip. now for the news headline. a northwestern university professor and employee at oxford university are being held on charges this morning in the bay area. microbiology instructor wyndham lathem is expected in court tomorrow morning for an extradition hearing. no hearing has been set yet for andrew warren. police in the two suspects killed a 26-year-old hairstylist, trenton james cornell-duranleau, stabbing him to death last week at the apartment of wyndham lathem. police have not said how the suspect and the victim knew
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each other. wyndham lathem said it was a big mistake. >> one of the friends that was able to make contact with wyndham lathem and who i personally interviewed was able to pick him up and renegotiate at an area where he could surrender safely. he was asked to step out of the vehicle and no guns were drawn and he surrendered peacefully. >> alameda county sheriff's deputies say they are worried about the mental health of wyndham lathem and are checking on him every 15 minutes in jail . >> investigators say it was gunfire that sparked the devastating gunfire that destroyed more than 60 homes. fire has burned more than 82,000 acres since it broke out two and a half weeks ago. it is 97% contained. and cal fire said it started when somebody started shooting on public land. there is a $2000 reward for
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information. meanwhile, hundreds of southern california firefighters are recovering from poison oak exposure that they picked up while battling wildfires in santa barbara. firefighters say it is common to come across the poisonous plant while fighting fire. they say you can just be affected by inhaling the smell. >> when you get the oil, it is on you. you are stuck with it. >> more than 400 firefighters suffered poison oak symptoms after battling fires last month. a u.s. military officials says they consider the search for three missing marines a recovery operation rather than a rescue. the marines and the aircraft crashed into the sea off the coast of australia while trying to land. their names have not been released. 23 other service members onboard the aircraft were rescued. and an explosion at a minnesota mosque has the muslim
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community rattled. about 20 people were inside preparing for morning player -- prayers when witnesses said so many threw a bomb through the window. nobody was injured. with those affiliated with the mosca say it has been a target of hate messages in the past and they believe this was a hate crime as well. >> hate is not okay. bargaining targeted because of race and ethnicity. >> an attack on a mug is the -- on a mosque is an attack on all faith. >> the fbi is leading the investigation. the united nations security council has slapped north korea with stronger sanctions. this is in response to the country's nuclear program and frequent missile test. a launch days ago used a ballistic missile that could target across the u.s. the new sanctions call for a complete ban on coal and other exports totaling more than $1 billion. the resolution we passed
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is a strong step in holding north korea accountable for its behavior. today the security council increased the penalty of the ballistic activity to a whole new level. >> russia and china both support the new sanctions sanctions. and keeping a close watch on north korea. it has been 72 years since the atomic bomb was dropped on hiroshima by the united states. and a special ceremony at the peace memorial park, the prime minister says he wishes the world to be free of nuclear weapons. the city marked the anniversary of the attack that killed 140,000 people with a somber ceremony. and a minute of silence to remember the dead trimming today in the south bay, folks are invited to the peak the crossroads in san jose to remember hiroshima. the event will be from 11:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. at the intersection of stevens creek and winchester boulevard. president trump is setting the record straight amid reports he is on a 17 day vacation.
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the president tweeted "working in bedminster, new jersey and long planned construction is being done at the white house. this is not a vacation. meetings and calls." >> the first family is staying at the trump national golf club. the secret service will use drones to patrol the sprawling grounds. we now know that special counsel robert mueller is using not one but two grand juries. one in virginia and the other in washington dc. he is investigating possible coordination between the trump campaign and russia. and robert mueller is requesting documents connected to michael flynn. the white house is not accepting medications with robert mueller trimming a former russian ambassador accused in the investigation is now denying accusations that moscow meddled in the november elections. the investor described conversations with michael flynn as just simple things with no secrets. robert mueller is looking at potential
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obstruction of justice charges and can use grand juries to compel witnesses to testify. >> melissa and i asked willie brown himself who is no stranger to the grand jury process. is this good news or bad news for the trump administration? >> it is always bad news. if you have the subject matter of the grand jury's deliberations. but it could very well be the manner by which he ultimately rehabs himself completely. because if that grand jury does nothing, he's got braggin' rights for days days. >> remember that the grand jury's can and died but they also investigate. it looks like right now they are just issuing subpoenas and asking for documents. it doesn't actually mean it is there but getting a grand jury is hard. it has to be in the public interest.
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and getting a subpoena is not hard. it has to be relevant in the investigation. it doesn't mean that mueller has provided any evidence or proven any case in order to get these investigatory subpoenas coming in. >> except in the case of this investigation, he could have very well gotten a subpoena from the congress. there are enough investigations being conducted by the committees which would have removed the stench and the assumption. also the opportunity to discuss the grand jury. >> this has been going on for several weeks. in that time, the president started taking shots at sessions. this might explain that how out of nowhere, the president is angry if there are subpoenas coming in the door. >> that may trigger the anger on sessions. and the idea that these subpoenas started showing up and that the grand jury would be going behind closed doors. >> i have gone before grand juries. i am pleased that there were no leaks. >> a person can talk all about what they said that the
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folks in the room and the jury members are not allowed to talk . >> unless of course you are encouraged or instruct it by the person that brings you into the grand jury room, not to discuss your testimony, period. >> does trump get called? >> of course not. he will not get called. >> they said that about bill clinton. >> and? >> he was impeached. he was impeached for lying in front of a grand jury. that is an absolute crime that will get you impeached. if trump is called, he will be in trouble. because remember he is not allowed to have a lawyer. >> believe me, they will not call trump. there is no way they are calling trump on this one. >> melissa, will we see the end of the great russian show quickly will it go behind closed doors and? >> you wish. >> we wanted to stay there. >> we have investigations in the senate and the house. they are not necessarily
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criminal investigations. what mueller is looking at is criminal issues -- not the political or civil issues of obstruction or collusion. next time you see a hastings professor joining us -- talking about the latest leaks and moves to stop them in washington by jeff sessions. and the new relationship between the attorney general and president trump. taking the final bow. the touring cast of hamilton finishes to a sold-out crowd. we will be right back. this busy mom spends her days driving all over town.
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7:44 am
and over his career, he has been one of the top seekers of all times. >> past presidents have leaned on attorney general's to get things done. including stopping leaks. what makes this different, or is it? >> in a way, we are returning to something that was going on under the george w. bush administration. attorney general gonzales started typing up at that point. certainly under president obama and attorney general holder, they tighten up on leaks dramatically. i think part of the difference is that it is probably easier now to go after leakers because there is more of an electronic trail. in the past it was more like, you will never find them. >> now between cell phone technology, e-mail and such, a lot of times fingerprints can be found. >> . >> sure. >> i think that they missed garage over in virginia -- go back there.
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>> there are leaks and there are leaks. the president is upset about leaks coming out of the white house. revelations about what is being sought -- and who is fighting with who. and possibly conversations with foreign leaders. then you have other leaks that endanger national security. where is the legal line? >> the legal line is -- it is two fold. one, if someone is leaking classified material, that is potentially a crime. and that has come up with some of these cases. with the bush administration, that was part of the issue. the obama administration, that was part of the issue. if your employees are leaking against you, it is a personnel matter. if someone in the white house is leaking so one person is up and one person is down, that is a personnel issue and you might want to can a few people. but they won't be criminally indicted for leaking
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embarrassing things. >> the idea is to put a chill on it by overhanging the threat. so if you are even called in, you have to get a lawyer and such. it is very prohibited. >> absolutely. if you think there is a greater chance for penalties from the leaking, you are less likely to do it. no question. >> and something interesting about leaks -- i have always been surprised about the phone calls i get. leaks by people actually in the administration. if you are in the administration, are you covered by this? because you have the ability to say, i'm going to give you this information and not tell you where it is coming from. so in other words, it is a legal leak. >> at the consequences are that you could lose your job. in the white house, those are political appointees. >> let me rephrase the question. if the president leaks, is he leaking? if he says, i will tell you this off the record.
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is he guilty of his own crime? >> it depends on your definition of the word week. is it classified or unclassified information? we can speak generically about leaks. we could talk about revealing classified information. of course the president already did that. >> final question. have you ever seen a relationship -- on-again off- again relationship between the attorney general and the president? >> this one is really nasty. but we have never seen a president like this. i think that is why. he leaks his views and feelings all the time. other presidents pick up the phone. they yell and scream at somebody. think of johnson or clinton. they yell at people. they don't do it in public. they don't tweet about it. >> he has leaky tweets. >> thank you for joining us this morning. now we will go to melissa.
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>> thank you so much. it was a bittersweet moment last night for hamilton. the cast, crew and fans had a chance to say goodbye's to the run at the san francisco orpheum. >> hamilton opened in san francisco in march. tickets were almost impossible to grab and every show sense has been sold out. the show is known to be a phenomenon that has changed the way people think about musical theater. >> this has completely changed the game. >> the production headed south to los angeles where it will open on tuesday. but don't worry if you missed your chance in the bay area. the orpheum theater announced hamilton will come back in early 2019. over to julie for the weather. >> thank you, melissa. taking a look at the golden gate bridge.
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low clouds and fog is the story again this morning. along the coast, relatively mild to start. temperatures hovering around the 60-degree mark for many locations. warmer in san jose at 65. we will see sunshine and linda later today as the clouds pull back. many folks thing there are low clouds and the coast. a couple more days were the upper level trough will keep temperatures a bit more mild. sunshine is the story for most folks inland. this area of low pressure is beefing up the marine layer and keeping us overall, near average for this time of year. not as hot as what we saw the last couple of weeks. the 90 and triple digit temperatures we have been experiencing the last month or so. what we are looking forward to his warmer temperatures. high pressure over the desert southwest increasing for the second half of the work week. sunny and mild this weekend.
7:50 am
warmer by midweek. for the rest of sunday, sunny and mild for folks inland. 80s and low 90s for the warmest spots. certainly cooler along the coast. keeping the coastal clouds for much of the day. cool at the beach today as well. a look at the high temperatures around the bay. near average for this time of year. mid to upper 60s around san francisco. around 90, concord. 84, san jose. 71, oakland. the south bay temperatures, low 80s for most folks. low 90s for the warmest spots. 60s along the coast today. east bay, topping out in the 80s. upper 80s to low 90s for the warmest spots. looking at temperatures around the bay around the 70-degree mark for many locations. 60s along the coast. further north, mid-90s.
7:51 am
heading to the sonoma county fair in santa rosa, sunshine and clouds. low 80s. can't rule out a sprinkle or two. maybe a thunderstorm. overall, staying dry. plenty of sunshine. the extended forecast is coming up in a bit. back to you guys. a small desolate town in southern california could soon become the state's marijuana capital. earlier this week, a company called, american grain, announced it purchased baytown for $5 million in san bernardino county near the nevada border. the cannabis company says it intends to turn this town into a modern energy independent paradise. the unofficial mayor says if big money comes in, so will big change. >> if it is sold, i hope they keep me here. hopefully i make a good enough impression and -- i could make a good poster child. >> can't argue with that.
7:52 am
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say hello to faster downloads with internet speeds up to 250 megabits per second. get fast internet and add phone and tv now for only $34.90 more per month. call today. comcast business. built for business. products is using its animals "waste" in a new way. as john ramos explains, it's a recipe many hope other farms will follow... a bay area company famous for dairy products is using its animal waste in a new way. >> and as we explain, it is a
7:55 am
recipe many hope other farms will follow. >> in the cattle country, albert strauss is known as a trendsetter. in 1994, his strauss family creamery became the first 100% organic creamery in the nation. >> now 85% of the dairy farms are organic. >> he believes that changes saving the economic viability of farms in the area. now he is thinking even bigger. he wants to save the planet. >> if this diesel feeder truck sounds quiet it is because it is not diesel at all. about eight years ago, strauss and one of his mechanics began tinkering with an international harvester truck to see if they could convert it to fully electric. >> i had to wait five years before the right motor came
7:56 am
along that could do this job. >> it worked. about two weeks ago, the nation's first electric cattle feeding truck began making its rounds. the reason it fits so well here is because of another innovation. in 2004, he created a system that collected liquefied cow manure in a holding pond, capturing the methane, which is a harmful greenhouse graph, and uses it as a fuel generator, to produce enough power for the entire farm, including the truck. >> it will be the future. it will be more sustainable and environmentally friendly. >> so the truck feed the cows and the cows power the truck took a process that he calls, closing the loop. and while many consider dairy farms to be harmful to the environment, this farmer is proving that it doesn't have to be true. >> it is not either or. it is how can we pull the pieces together to make a viable community farming system. >> kpix5 news. >> the united nations
7:57 am
estimates that livestock is responsible for almost 15% of the planet's greenhouse gas emissions. coming up, the governor's race is heating up as more money from hollywood comes pouring in. we will break down the numbers and the stars. >> and there is something different on display at a bay area art festival. the new tool police are using to prevent a terror attack. we will be right back.
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good morning, i'm phil matier. i'm melissa caen. and i'm julie watts. let s start this half our with a look at our forecast. welcome back to kpix5 this morning. for those of you checking your clock, it is 7:59 a.m. that morning. >> we will get started this half hour with a check of the forecast. similar to yesterday. down a couple of degrees. great sky. that is what you will see along the coast today. around portions of the bay, we will see increasing sunshine as we make our way throughout the morning. the futurecast shows clouds at the coast later today. i think we will see gray skies continue. plenty of sunshine for folks inland. temperatures will be, once again, in the 80s to the low 90s for the warmest spots inland. a mild day. close to the seasonal norm for this time of year. file -- fog and clouds along the shore. into the work week, it is fairly mild. a warm up ahead. we will talk about more of that coming up.
8:01 am
melissa, back to you. we have some fundraising numbers for candidates for governor. as of june 30s of this year, gavin newsom is way ahead. raising nearly $16 million. item, the state treasurer, john chung who has raised about $7 million. and the former los angeles mayor in third with about $5 million. in the republican run runner, businessmen, john cox, has raised $3 million. >> as we see the money come in from hollywood and other sources in the governor's race, it makes me wonder how much of politics is hollywood? how much is how you say things versus what you say? we asked willie brown how much of this is about how you look as opposed to what you are actually saying? >> i don't think that is a good question. because you said -- versus substance those -- sometimes the issues
8:02 am
not addressed by politicians in the private business world get addressed in the artistic world. so you have got it clearly. otherwise, he would not have the blacklist years ago when they would say people work communist's, et cetera. all of those are things that regularly happen. believe me, if you are a candidate and you can attract a crowd, you have it going for you like know whether. because nobody has ever said, you are bribed by an actor. >> we have seen -- hillary clinton with an incredible star- studded lineup for people supporting her at events. and it had no impact on the voters themselves. they might be like, that is cool. but does that translate into changing my vote? it is a different question. >> but keep in mind, when ronald reagan, who was an actor, stepped up and became part of it and john wayne and that whole right wing cloud -- crowd, they were effective at
8:03 am
helping him deliver, this morning in america. >> but does gavin newsom have a morning in america message, and do we have to reach back to ronald reagan and john wayne to get an example? >> this forces me to go back to a time period when there would be no debate. >> when you have a crowded field of democrats, who is getting the money becomes important. it shows where the momentum is gathering. although as we saw, the money is not the only thing. but it can help. >> and if it is money like they currently have, it is no money at all. $195 million for meg whitman -- and all she got was a job at hp. >> it is interesting -- the idea of money -- no matter where it comes from, it only buys you so much and the big races. people have to
8:04 am
have an impression of you going in. >> name recognition. and less recognition is, i'm the person that spent a lot of money and lost an election. that can also be a bought reputation. >> this is just the first round. i'm sure people will get involved. in the bay area, what have we gotten? >> we have hundreds of thousands of people expected to attend the festival of arts this weekend. for the first time, there are the 20-foot barricades at every major intersection. the purpose is to stop a vehicle from plowing into a crowd. scene all too common in recent terrorist tax abroad. >> we want to be safe. we want to make sure the citizens feel safe coming to the events. it is important to us that they see that. it is important to show that we are taking the necessary precautions to ensure safety. >> the festival wraps up tonight at 6:00. at another bay area event that has entertained families for decades is facing an uncertain future. the santa clara county fair is fighting to keep its long tradition alive.
8:05 am
some devoted fairgoers say they have watched the event go from a vibrant festival years ago to virtually nothing. >> the animals are shrinking. the rides are shrinking. >> i would be extremely disappointed if the fair went away. i'm disappointed in what it is now. >> organizers however say they are working hard to revive it. and attendance as of this year compared to last year, by several thousand. switching gears, new video this morning shows a lyft driver being brutally attacked in los angeles. she said she had just dropped off a customer and stopped to gas up 12 women jumped out of a car and started hurling insults and punching. she says they dragged her by her hair and threatened other customers that try to help. >> oh my god. thank god they did not stomp me
8:06 am
to the point i died. i never thought i would experience something like that. >> she says the suspect took her wallet, her phone and her rent money. lapd says they have a lead on the suspects after getting a license plate number. the state of california may sue the feds over sanctuary cities that try to protect undocumented immigrants. it is reported that the california attorney general is considering a lawsuit. this comes after u.s. attorney general jeff sessions threatened to withhold crime- fighting grants for cities and states that refuse to play ball with immigration. the potential lawsuit could argue that federal policy violates the constitution because only congress can set conditions for that kind of money. president trump is backing a plan that would cut immigration to the u.s. and half. >> this act will reduce poverty, increase wages and save taxpayers billions and billions of dollars. >> the proposal would change the system for granting legal residency or green cards to what the white house calls, a merit-based system. it would favor immigrants that began english and have high-
8:07 am
paying job offers. the act would end diversity for visas. some say it would affect latino families the most. we spoke to a statistician for pfizer who has been in the country for more than 20 years. >> i would not have been able to apply because my english was poor. >> this would also cut the number of refugees admitted each year from 110,000, to just 50,000. san francisco mayor ed lee says this undermines the countless contributions of immigrant communities and ignores the values that define our nation. and the oakland mayor libby schaaf had this to say "immigrants make america great" ." >> this issue has gone nowhere in washington for years one of the reasons is you have -- both sides seem to be getting something out of it.
8:08 am
business gifts cheap labor. and we have the democrats and immigration advocates that want people to keep coming in. >> if you look at chuck schumer or bernie sanders -- >> they were in favor of limiting immigration because they had the same fear a lot of people do. that it the precious -- that it depresses wages and makes it harder for people to compete. but there is a new perspective these days. but you are right. they come together. >> and we will be talking about this issue and affirmative action within the state and just a couple of minutes, when we talk about immigration regulations at colleges and universities. we sit down to ask those questions. s reopening the debate over race and college admissions.
8:09 am
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we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ where you do business. and i'm an arborist with i'pg&e in the sierras. the drought in california has killed trees on a massive scale. any of those trees that fail into power lines could cause a wildfire or a power outage. public safety is the main goal of our program. that's why we're out removing these hundreds of thousands of hazard trees. having tools and technology gives us a huge edge to identify hazard trees. my hope is that the work we're performing allows that these forests can be sustained
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and enjoyed by the community in the future. together, we're building a better california.
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the department of justice sent a notice to employees... looking for lawyers to work on a new project.. examining intentional race- based discrimination. sa te house press secr the trump administration is reopening the debate over race and college admissions. the justice department sent a notice to employees looking for lawyers to work on a new project examining intentional race-based discrimination. >> and while the white house does not confirm or deny the existence of the potential investigation, the department of justice will always view determination on the basis of any race. >> california as one of eight states that ban the use of race and admission policy to colleges
8:13 am
. >> joining us to talk about affirmative action and the new immigration policies or proposals coming out of the white house is affirmative action. we did a story earlier this week on affirmative action at uc. how many people in california did not know that california had a ban on affirmative action several years ago? >> we have lived now since 1986 with the passage of proposition to zero nine without affirmative action in public education, public employment and public contract. >> what is the effect? >> we have seen hundreds of millions of dollars that would have gone to minority and women owned businesses. we have seen a decrease in some minority groups in terms of admissions. we know that unemployment has probably been a much slower path for women and minorities to ride in the ranks of civil service. >> it is interesting to note that a couple years back, when some lawmakers said, maybe it is time to bring affirmative action back.
8:14 am
if you are looking at the template of california politics , you would say, everybody would agree with that. but in fact, it was tabled. >> it was. i think affirmative action is a complicated issue. you ask people if they even know what the word means and many people don't. that particular effort was also targeted in higher education. and i think it ran into a lot of confusion about different problems we face around the scarcity of higher education. i think it was also very clear that for some members of the chinese-american community is, they were focused on that issue rather than addressing important concerns around diversity. >> can we show that does what the numbers were. we asked about this. 80% of people said they were ready to go for keeping things the same. basically, they feel like it is a meritocracy versus affirmative action model.
8:15 am
>> we have seen a lot of different polls. it goes both ways. the key part of the question has to be -- for what purpose. so should race be considered as a factor to reduce discrimination? when you leave that part out, people think -- it would be used to perpetuate ongoing racism and sexism that we have. >> as we look at these numbers , it is across the board. the african-americans are the biggest supporters we have hispanics. asians are not. why do you think that is? >> i think when people think about it in the context of higher education, they are dealing with a number of things . higher tuition cost -- >> out-of-state tuition and international students students. >> i think that drives people to think, we shouldn't tinker with this. but i think the reality is, there can be a very smart
8:16 am
proposal to actually expand does when you see spots for everyone. and that groups are of underrepresented -- that they will have a fair shot. >> let's look at shifting psyches. your organization began in the 60s. that was a time of great moves in the civil rights movement. then we evolved into the rainbow coalition where everybody was pushing together. are the new immigrants coming in from around the world feeling the same way? >> i think it varies. it is important to note that for many people, there is a period of understanding -- the best way to advance civil rights in america. i think in america, what we find, is that any group discriminated against does much better linking a cup -- linking up with others who are disseminated against. and what you see is, a scapegoat and blaming immigrants of color. at the same time, trying to decimate immigration makes the
8:17 am
-- which makes the communities robust and whole, would be a terrible mistake. >> and the new call for immigration to be based on skills rather than family connections -- your feelings on that? >> i think it is a disaster. i think that is the way immigration should work. to keep families together. to create a pathway to citizenship. in this business of trying to track down and end up with inhumane deportations -- it has to be rejected. >> final question. do you think affirmative action will return to california anytime soon? >> i think it can. i think it will be up to the next government to really push it. >> thank you for joining us this morning. now let's take a look at the forecast. julie, we are tracking this by the minute. what can we expect? not a lot of change in the forecast.
8:18 am
we may have a few degrees different. clouds along the coast. visibility has improved. skies are still gray over the golden gate bridge. you can't see the top of the bridge. that will be the case along the coast for most of the day. in the low 60s for most locations. 66, san jose. the satellite showing what is going on. we have this upper-level trough dominating the forecast for the next couple of days. that will keep us mild. near seasonal norms. we will see sunshine for folks in lent. high-pressure starts to build back in as we make are fastly into the work week. that will increase temperatures a few degrees by midweek, to the latter half of the week. looking at sunny and mild conditions inland with upper 80s to low 90s. significantly cooler along the coast. you will definitely want to bring the sweatshirt to the beach. low clouds and cool along the coast. typical weather for this time of year in the bay area.
8:19 am
for temperatures, close to average. a degree off in san francisco. mid to upper 60s around the city. concord, 89. san jose, 84. oakland, 71. southbay temperatures, palo alto and mountain view, low 80s to upper 70s. and 60s at half moon bay and pacifica. 78, hayward. low 90s for morgan hill. low 90s, brentwood. concord, 89. 89, walnut creek. around the bay, 70, alameda. 69, berkeley. 65, stinson beach. low 80s, napa. santa rosa, 84. mid-90s for clearlake. 91, cloverdale. the sonoma county fair in santa rosa, mixture of sun and clouds. 82 degrees.
8:20 am
the festival of the arts the second. we have been talking about that today. fremont, sunshine and clouds and 79 today. san francisco, 66 and partly cloudy. we will see temperatures warming into the low 90s today with spotty clouds along the coast. fairly mild week ahead. the extended forecast shows just that. low 90s for the warmest spots the next few days. and mid-90s, warming up, for the second half of next week. >> thank you. as the total solar eclipse approaches, the american astronomical society is warning people to be sure they don't buy faulty glasses for the big day. the rainbow symphony is one of the few companies with a stamp of approval of the organization. even as millions of pairs of glasses are being sold for the event. now medical professionals are joining the conversation to warn people that staring at the eclipse with the wrong kind of viewer can have long-term consequences.
8:21 am
>> when there is an eclipse occurring and the sun is partially occluded, it is much more comfortable to stare at the sun. during that time period, you could develop a burn on the retina. >> that burn can evolve into solar retinopathy which can cause permanent damage to the retina. coming up, she is the first and her family to go to college. she is not taking them for granted. how this bay area student is getting a valuable head start on campus. ♪ what should i watch? show me sports. it's so fluffy! look at that fluffy unicorn! he's so fluffy i'm gonna die! your voice is awesome. the x1 voice remote.
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they're often unsure about what welcome back. melissa, many students are the first and their families to go to college. often, they are not sure what to expect when they get there. >> this student decided to get a head start on her college transition. it is reported that the college degree is the key to her family's future. >> life is full of tough questions. but for her, the question of where to go to college wasn't one of them. >> berkeley has character.
8:24 am
when i walked on campus, i felt like i belonged to. >> the longing is one thing. but adjusting to college life and tough courses at uc berkeley will be a new challenge. that is why some enrolled in summer classes to get a jump on classes and live on campus. >> setting a solid foundation is what she tries to do. building confidence. the transition becomes critical to make sure they get a great foundation so they graduate. >> actually, transition is nothing new for her. some learn how to adapt early in life. >> coming here, my parents came with nothing. my parents couldn't be there for me because they had to work all day from morning until night. i had to become independent. i just immersed into education because it was my outlet.
8:25 am
>> sonia believes a college degree will lead to a better paying job and a way to repay her parents. >> they sacrificed their whole lives for me. my parent's retirement is relying on me and my siblings. we don't have a savings account. we live from paycheck to paycheck. based on the sacrifices, i'm okay with them retiring because they are my parents. >> her aspiration, to become a doctor. not just to help her family but all families. >> i don't like to pity myself. but i like to turn a disadvantage into an advantage. >> to learn more, go to our website. for students rising above, reporting. this busy mom spends her days driving all over town. so why is she smiling? because she shopped during the safeway anniversary sale and filled up her trunk with grocery savings, plus earned 4 times the gas reward points.
8:26 am
now that's something to smile about. right now, get pepsi 12-pack 12-ounce cans, buy 2 get 2 free, and lay's chips, 9.5 -10 ounces, 2 for $5 with your club card. the safeway anniversary sale. come in and explore. and a 4th grader from new jersey already turned in a resume! saying quote "i may be nine, but i think i would be fit for the job" .. and adds that his sister already calls him an alien. nasa's planetary science
8:27 am
director jim green sent a letter back saying - we hope to see a job opening for nasa has the public excited and a 4th grader from new jersey already turning in a resume. he says "i may be nine but i think i will be fit for the job" and he adds that his sister already calls him an alien. a science director since a letter back saying that they hope to see him at nasa one of these days. >> isn't that fantastic. >> i have older brothers. i don't think the names they qualified those that they called me would qualify. what about the weather. >> relatively mild today. temperatures near average. sun inland. clouds along the coast. we warm midweek next week. not seeing the triple digits we saw the last month or so. certainly some warming as we head into the work week from wednesday and beyond. the typical warm and sunny inland, mild by the bay weather, thank you for joining us on kpix5. we will have senator john
8:28 am
cotton and ohio governor john kasich and more. have a great sunday. who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> dickerson: today on "face the nation." congress and the president have left town, we'll look at what's been left behind. and what could be done outside of washington. it wasn't moving day at the white house but time for some renovations. including an oval office redecoration. while the president is off to his new jersey golf resort for 17 days as a working vacation. mr. trump wasn't talking but behind the scenes his new chief of staff, john kellys working to make order out of chaos, assuring attorney general jeff sessions' job is safe but letting others go including brand new communications director anthony courtroom.


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