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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 12, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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virginia during today's deadly attack next. live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> we're currently treating this as a criminal homicide
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investigation. >> using a car to kill. our first look at the suspect in custody tonight in virginia after police say he plowed through a crowd of people who were speaking out against white power. plus: for charlottesville... >> black lives matter! >> black lives matter! >> how the bay area is coming together tonight to show support for charlottesville and the south bay couple who were there when the attack happened. >> just a few hours ago charlottesville police released the arrest photo for james fields, the 20-year-old is accused other 6 killing one -- of killing one person and injuring 19 others with his gray car. the victims were democrat traiting against a -- demonstrating against a white nationalist rally when it happened. >> reporter: this video shows the moment a car mowed down demonstrators peacefully marching against a white nationalist rally in
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charlottesville, virginia. john captured the chaos. >> there's no doubt in anybody's minds who were there or watched the videos that it was a planned terrorist attack. >> reporter: a woman was killed. james alex field jr. was taken into custody. >> we are currently treating this as a criminal homicide investigation. >> reporter: hours after the crush, police were still here on the scene investigating. city residents say they wish the rally was never planned in charlottesville. >> it's a peaceful city, we're a great place to be, we're a tourist destination, and this is not right. >> reporter: it was far from peaceful for most of the day as those gathered to protest the city's decision to remove a confederate statue from a public park clashed are protesters. virginia's governor later declared a state of emergency emergency. >> to all the white supremacists and nazis that came into charlottesville
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today, our message is plain and simple. go home. >> reporter: president trump called for peace. >> we condemn in the strongest possible terms this display of violence and bigotry on many sides. >> reporter: in a separate incident a police helicopter assisting public safety efforts crashed in a wooded area outside the city killing two officers on board. cbs news, charlottesville, virginia. mike savini- we were standing on a corner when these >> tonight we spoke to a san jose man who was among the counterprotesters when tensions started to rise. >> we were standing on a corner when the protesters basically bumped into a wall of police, and there were a lot of weapons, i mean big guns on both sides, and it was very dramatic. >> his daughter is a med student at the university of virginia, and he says his daughter was told that the university hospital canceled elective surgeries for the day
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in anticipation of helping those injured at the rally. here in the bay area, hundreds of people marched in oakland reacting to the events in charlottesville. >> reporter: hundreds of people turned out here tonight with messages of solidarity for those in charlottesville, but also messages they hope reach the white house. >> what are you going to do when hate comes to the bay? >> stand up, fight back! >> reporter: they chanted. >> black lives matter! >> reporter: and carried signs. >> i can't believe we're still protesting nazis. >> reporter: so show support for the counterprotesters in charlottesville. >> because people were injured counterprotesters, i'm standing in solidarity with them. >> reporter: then they marched to lake merit, all with one
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goal. >> solidarity! >> reporter: to send a message to washington and the white house. >> it's not okay what is happening right now. it's not okay. they had children watching what is happening in the streets, and it's impacting them, both black and white. >> reporter: more than sending a message, today was a call to action. >> i think there are many people that showed up that can do something, impact what's going on. >> reporter: speakers engaged the peaceful crowd as oakland police kept a watchful eye from across the street. organizers say this is just the first of many protests they have planned. there's another one scheduled for the same area tomorrow afternoon at 3:30, and then one in san francisco at the end of the month. kpix 5. >> across the bay in san francisco there was a gathering in union square. dozens held candles in a vigil
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standing silently in dusk and then standing in union. they protested white supremacy violence, and said president trump should make a more direct statement about it. >> we want to stand in solidarity for the people that showed up to reject racism. we think it was incredibly irresponsible of president trump not to disavow the racist demonstrators. >> an activist group called indy visible organized the rally. >> nancy pelosi issued a statement saying in patter the president's -- part the president's talk of violence on many sides ignores the fact of white supremacy in our country today and shows complacency around such acts of hate. tonight james fields is facing one count of second-degree murder and a handful of other charges. he could be in court as early
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as tomorrow. and we just learned five of the injured victims are listed in critical condition tonight. doctors are expected to give an update tomorrow morning. stay with kpix 5 continuing coverage from charlottesville. switching gears, firefighters in napa county are gaining ground on the fire. 1400 acres of hillside burned since yesterday, and today the fire is 80 percent contained. parts of highway 128 that were closed earlier are back open tonight, but evacuation warnings are in effect for areas near the flames. in morgan hill, a 170-acre fire is 70 percent contained. it broke out yesterday, but investigators are still looking for the cause. and no word what caused this fire tonight near highway 101 in san jose. didn't get very big, but it did spark panic as it briefly threatened some homes. only a few acres ended up burning. u.s. military bases in guam
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are on high alert tonight due to the nuclear tensions with north korea. guam is one of the areas leader kim jong un claims to be targeted. here's the phone call between guam's governor and president trump. >> you're going to go up tenfold with the expenditure of no money. >> reporter: the president's jovial call with guam's mayor revealed the commander in chief's confidence despite north korea's threat to target the island. >> you are safe. we are with you a thousand percent. >> reporter: it's in stark contrast to multiple appearances in front of the press and online where the president used fiery language aimed directly at an unpredictable kim jong un. >> this man will not get away with what he's doing, believe me. >> reporter: president trump refuses to accept criticism his words went too far, while the secretary of state rex tillerson attempted to defend it. >> the president is trying to support our efforts making sure
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north korea knows what the stakes are. >> reporter: yesterday secretary tillerson, ambassador haley and mcmaster met to deescalate tensions. later that night president trump spoke to the president of china, and he urged both sides to tone down the rhetoric. when asked if germany would about the by the u.s., thier -- would stand by the u.s., the chancellor said she didn't see a military response. >> president trump says he's considering an additional sanctions package that he says would be quote as strong as they get. well, a youtube personality is now apologizing for his suggestion that north korea
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should attack sacramento. grant stinchfield hosts a show on the nra website. last night he said let's send a north to north korea that sacramento changed its name to guam. he later removed the tweet and said it was meant as a joke, i regret it, and what's going on with north korea is no laughing matter. several sacramento residents weren't laughing either. one wrote every time i read this i feel sick, and another man appeared to quit the nra saying you can close the barn door, but it's too late, i'm no longer a member of the nra. act like americans. as for guam, north korea says it has a plan in place to fire four missiles that would land in the pacific about 20 miles from the island, but guam's governor says he's confident the white house will protect his island and the rest of the nation. >> and i appreciate the president's leadership.
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he's providing a very clear message that any threat to americans, whether it's here into our island paradise in the western pacific, or in california, or in new york, that he'll ensure our protection. >> the island of guam is home to more than 160,000 american citizens. ump plans to announce the investigation monday. the probe woul the trump administration will launch an investigation into china. the probe would look into suspected chinese violations of intellectual property rights. it could lead to new tariffs on chinese goods sold in the u.s. and there was a security scare that caused some delays at the airport. officials say unsecured baggage was mistakenly placed in terminal a this afternoon, and that's all it took. the entire terminal was evacuated, hundreds of people had to be rescreened while tsa agents secured the area.
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turns out there was no security threat, but several airlines were effected. up next, we'll show you the side show crack down in san jose. how police are slamming the brakes on the illegal and dangerous event. otections... a and a rally for renters. a group in one bay area city calling for stronger protections against eviction. about the heated memo he >> it was only after it got viral that the upper management started shaming me. >> also ahead, the google engineer speaking out tonight about the heated memo he sent that got him fired. >> and we've also got changes ahead in the weather department, especially on monday. you will wish to take notice, and we'll give you that forecast, but first we have to generate some revenue. we'll be right back.
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people in alameda rallied in front of city hall... calling for stricter rules on evictions. last spring the city council added some protections for renters... requiring people in alameda rallied in front of city hall calling for stricter rules on evictions. last spring the city council added protection for renters requiring just cause before landlords can kick them out, but some say they still feel vulnerable to being thrown out on the street. >> every morning you're afraid to open your door, what kind of note is on the door today. >> really trying to level against the big guy, but he's hurting the small person like myself. >> landlords who depend on rental units want the recent protections removed, pointing out voters approved a ballot measure last year that doesn't include just cause. a new vote in alameda on the
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issue of just cause eviction social security likely in 2018. and san jose cracking down on illegal side shows. they just broke one up that involved as many as 500 cars. san jose police said the racer enforcement detail just happened to be in the area. one person was arrested. well, tonight a google engineer is speaking out about a memo who wrote criticizing google's policies. as carter evans explains, that document cost the man his job after it went viral. >> reporter: 28-year-old james damore claims he was fired for raising questions about biological taboos, saying that's why we don't see equal representation in the tech
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industry. women on average have more neuroticim. initially he said no one pushed back on the memo. >> it was only after it got viral that the upper management started shaming me. >> reporter: in the op ed he said google is almost like a cult and questioned how a major tech company could be so intolerant of scientific debate. >> i don't think google had any choice but to fire him. >> reporter: former google manager kim scott says any valid concerns were overshadowed by his rhetoric. >> i think he raises some good points there, but i'm not eager to talk to somebody who thinks i'm stupider and more neurotic thank he is because i hope -- than he is because i happen to be a women. >> so far the tech giant has
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not responded to damore's op ed. onto the power ball. the jackpot has reached $356 million, and while lots of people are still trying their luck, merchants saying the ticket selling business is not what it used to be. jackpots in the $300 range don't draw the same crowds anymore. >> ten years ago the line would be down the street and people would be waiting two years. >> until it's past 500, that's when people really come out and start investing their money. >> it's true it's a bit more difficult now to win it all. two years ago power ball moved from 59 to 69 white balls, and since then there have been only 12 winning jackpots. well, someone in illinois is 393 million dollars richer tonight. a ticket purchased at this barbecue joint was the only winner in last night's big mega millions drawing.
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it was the fifth largest prize in the game's history. a player in sunnyvale came so close to the prize. a ticket purchased at lake vista liquors matched five of the numbers. >> not a bad consolation prize. >> i completely agree. take it and run. >> we have mostly clear skies except right along the coast tonight, and that'll just continue a trend we've seen the past few days. morning low clouds. we start by overlooking san jose, and here's how warm we got. concord up to 87, san jose 75. about the same tomorrow. livermore 83 and san francisco 64. concord right now has fallen to 60. 62 in san jose and san francisco is 58. here's what's happening. low pressure is pushing a cold front in august, i just report the facts, and ctthe fas is it
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for us the clouds fill in over the east bay shoreline and snug you will against the hills until -- melting against the hills, before disappearing. low 80s inland. fog and clouds at the shoreline and bumondaya the temperatures have a notch in them. cool down monday and then rebound. still, tomorrow, the sonoma county fair, that'll be nice. outside lands 2017 at golden gate park, on the cool side with 74 degrees. the summer jazz festival in downtown san jose, 80 degrees for that. overnight lows around 60, and fresno 100 degrees tomorrow, and just 67 degrees if you're headed to monterey. high temperatures tomorrow,
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santa rosa manages 89. 76 at mountain view, and 77 at livermore. extended forecast, the usual low clouds in the morning, sun in the afternoon, and it's that way right through next weekend, but monday it cools down rather dramatically. >> no drama, i'm an open book! a prominent nfl star sat during the national anthem in a pre- season game tonight, and the rain visited the desert for a -- raid visited the desert for a scrimmage with the cardinals.
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this was " a non issue for me." nfl up top and the raiders
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made a little noise, before the game even began. the head coach said quote this is a nonissue for me, but marshawn lynch did sit in the national anthem. lynch didn't play, carr didn't play, front line starters did not play. quarterback carson palmer did play, and he found golan on a 12-yard touchdown to make it 7- 0. manuel, second quarter found patterson. connor cook led the raiders to their lone touchdown in the 3rd quarter. it was the first pre-season game for the raiders. hey, say hello to the 49ers first ever female coach.
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katie sowers. she just finished a coaching training camp on saturday, and today they hired her full time. she'll be the second full time female assistant in nfl history. and giants delay wow, bryce h now to baseball. the tarp signifying rain in washington dc. nationals and giants delayed three hours, and bryce harper, first inning, looked bad, slipped, buckled knee. had to be carried back. that's the star of the team. bottom 6, adam lynn, and this is all you need to see. lynn three for three for the night. nationals won, the game ended at 1:17 a.m. eastern time. and first inning against the orioles, jones had a lot of
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real estate in left field, that scored machado baking it 2-0 -- making it 2-0. baltimore one 12- 5. i have more game. i'm coming back with hot, humid, pga major championship play. best players in the world. wilting under the sun.
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und 3... in hot sticky, charl back with not just golf, a golf major, pga championship, third round, in hot, sticky north carolina. temperatures near the hundreds! graham dilette. a near hole in one. as close as you can get it at the 14th hole. yeah p. settled for an eagle. he was 6 under -- yeah, settled for an eagle. he was 6 under. chris stroud qualified for the tournament in reno last week just to get there. he's doing well there. he was tied for the lead, but then kisner took over the lead. he nailed that to get a two- shot lead.
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but this is how i play golf, folks. just hit it and pray. hit a rock, and bounce up. that's how i play. he got bogie out of that one. how about some soccer for you? we have earthquake soccer. rough night in houston. quakes in the dark shirt. 86th minute, 1-0 leading the dynamo and sanchez scores his first goal of the season. boy, and a back flip. houston won it 3-0 snapping san jose's two-match win streak. and in track and field usain bolt's career ended here, he pulled up with an injured hamstring. the star limped to the finish line and collapsed, but bolt,
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what a fantastic career. we'll be right back. ♪ [brother] any last words? [boy] karma! [vo] progress is seizing the moment. your summer moment awaits you, now that the summer of audi sales event is here.
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♪ [vo] your summer moment awaits you now thathe summer auofdiilil aver your first les ent her month's lease payment on select models during the summer of audi sales event. tomorrow morning at seven- thirty. news and weather updates are always on cbs-sf-dot-com. goodnight. thanks so much for joining us. our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 7:30. >> and news and weather updates are always on our website. and we'll see you to
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