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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  August 14, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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monday, already? >> let's get it started. summertime is winding up. we had a summertime weather pattern this morning. mostly cloudy skies and overcast conditions with areas of drizzle. it is foggy outside and temperature-wise, 56 in santa rosa and 57 in san francisco and later today, the coolest day of the work week. temperatures are a good 10 degrees below average. 60s and 70s bayside and we will have mid-80s in cloverdale. summer is wrapping up and back to school for some kids today. do expect to see some extra activity on the roadways and be on the lookout for those little guys. we are tracking a full freeway closure in the southbound
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direction of 880 due to police activity and you can see traffic is stacking up with slow downs at about 10 miles-an- hour as you approach that with traffic backing up. give yourself time to get through that stretch. we have not been given a time as to when chp plans to reopen the freeway and we are tracking overnight roadwork. it is on southbound 880 and the heads up if you are going toward the bay bridge toll plaza, a little bit of a backup in those cash lanes. that is your traffic. we begin with breaking news in the east bay. as jaclyn mentioned, several lanes of interstate 880 in san leandro are closed following a freeway shooting. jessica flores is live with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. vehicles are being diverted off the freeway right now and chp is investigating an overnight car shooting. take a look at this. you can see flashing lights in
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the distance and vehicles are being led to off the freeway and traffic is backed up for about two miles. it is going about 35 miles-an- hour and if you can avoid this area, it will be a headache. we don't know many details, but we will soon. in the next 20 minutes, we will learn more about what had happened -- what happened. someone was injured in the freeway shooting and the vehicle is on the scene and we will get an update shortly and bring you the latest at 5:00 a.m. kpix5. jessica flores. people across the u.s. are remembering 32-year-old, heather heyer, run over while protesting the white nationalist rally in charlottesville. the suspect, james field is expected in court and hundreds acknowledged her courage. we are shown why local vigils said violence is not the answer. >> we want this all the way in
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washington. hear us! ready? [chanting] >> reporter: hundreds gathered in oakland. they made signs with messages of hope and unity. >> we will light these candles. >> reporter: they held a candlelight vigil for heather heyer. she was killed in charlottesville. >> we are in solidarity for those who were hurt. we will mobilize people to know that this is not normal and not okay. >> reporter: the mood at the rally was different and somber and reverent. they had an urgent call to action. >> what will we do when hate comes to the bay? [chanting] >> reporter: in san jose, 120 people gathered with the message of resistance and solidarity. >> we will push back. we will be in the streets and show people. we won't wait
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until we get angry to make a difference. we won't wait until violence happens! we need to do something! >> reporter: the scene was the same in san francisco where almost 400 people rallied at city hall to hold signs and voice concerns. [chanting] >> reporter: many of the groups who took to the streets were gathered because of the alt reich organization that had a protest in san francisco. in virginia, flowers and candles and handwritten notes on marking the place where heather heyer was killed. we have more from brook silva- braga in charlottesville. >> reporter: piece and words of
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solidarity filled the sites where 32-year-old heather heyer was killed when a car sped into a crowd of counter protesters in charlottesville on saturday. >> i doubt she thought she would die yesterday. i think the least we can do is show that we respect her actions. >> reporter: police said 20- year-old, james alex feel jr. of ohio was behind the wheel. his mother learned about the incident from a reporter. >> running his car into the crowd of people? did he hurt anybody? >> reporter: fields was photographed wearing the unofficial uniform of a white supremacist group shortly before their parents car attack. >> i saw people getting thrown in the air. the only thing i could do was push my fianci out of the way. >> reporter: the memorial for the victim has been growing all day and there were solidarity rallies held across the country. >> we will not let a small group of individuals with racism and bigotry come to our state. the governor of virginia led a vigil enrichment and others held memorials in washington
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state, all the way to washington, dc. brook silva-braga in charlottesville, virginia. >> many on twitter are naming and shaming people who attended the rally. a berkeley man faces the consequences of their efforts. cole white worked at top dog in berkeley and following the rally, twitter user posted of photo of what appeared to be cole white and linked him to the restaurant. on sunday, a sign in the window made it clear he no longer work there. what is this legality over that? >> it's not a first amendment issue. remember, that is only protection from actions by the government. it doesn't protect you from actions by your private employer. it's not a discrimination issue because going to a rally like this doesn't make you a member of a protected class. >> we reached out but no one at top dog was available for
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comment. cubans at the university of nevada are experiencing social media. this 20-year-old marched at the rally on friday. he said he faces significant criticism for a photo. he is not budging on his beliefs and dozens are being shamed by twitter campaigns aimed at racism. a fire is burning near uc riverside and the fire erupted dangerously close to home yesterday. it has burned about 1000 acres so far and evacuations are in place. in vacaville, investigators are trying to figure out what sparked a grass fire near quail canyon road. the men who the property said he rushed home when he heard what was happening. >> i was out of town and a neighbor called me and said your field is on fire. i came home to get the gates open and make sure my animals are taken care of.
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>> the crews were able to get the fire out of control before it burned buildings. a campground in sonoma county caught fire at an area known as liberty glenn near lake sonoma. the campers escaped the flames but it's unclear how the fire started. it is 4:38 and you thought summer was coming to an end? i can feel the chill in the air. we were in the east bay last night and it was chilly. >> that is because a trough is coming to the area but the evenings are cooling down and that is a big relief for many that have been relying on their air conditioning. it has been a hot summer. looking outside, mostly cloudy with areas of drizzle in the bay and this will be the coolest day of the work week. sfo has potential airport delays. there is a very low ceiling and temperature-wise we are in the 50s and low 60s with temperatures in the bay and inland, being lower this
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morning. the winds are west at 13 in san francisco. whipping up to 16 in oakland and 20 from the south. these wins will be blustery throughout the day with a wind gust at 51 miles per hour last night at the altamont pass and 40 miles per hour has been common. this is a trough coming from the north that is enhancing the wind at cooler temperatures. the bottom line, 60 in daly city, 60 in pacifica with low 70s and 10-15 degrees below normal for this area in august. 86 in the far reaches and we will talk about the full effect of the troughs and the solar eclipse after we send it over for traffic. we are tracking a couple of incidents, a full freeway shut down southbound of 880 at lewelling boulevard.
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a lot of yellow and red on the screen and then it goes to black. all traffic diverted at lewelling boulevard on the backup is extending to the marina. give yourself extra time to get through this detour or you can use 580 or alternate routes if you would like to do so. do expect delays and give yourself extra time on your way to work. no details on when it will open. from san mateo 2101, there is a shut down with all liens clear and traffic in the green. that is a check of your traffic. the time is 4:40 and the search is on for a pair of missing hikers in the sierra. we are counting down for the solar eclipse. how nasa plans to take
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advantage of a rare phenomenon.
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the train was carrying liquid propane when it went off the rails yesterday morning... peop evacuated authorities blame heavy rain for a train derailment and oklahoma. the train was caring liquid propane when it went off the rails. people were evacuated as a precaution but none of the hazardous material leak doubt and no injuries reported. two tourists are lost in the sierra. there were last seen one week ago. they responded and rangers said they planned to go to yosemite by monday but they never showed up. the rangers are searching the backcountry focusing on steep and dangerous areas. >> were looking at every possible location and treat this as if they are still in the park but we don't know if they are. >> the search will ramp up later this morning and authorities aren't sure how much food and water they brought with them. we are one week from the total solar eclipse.
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we are watching from the ground and some people will get a better view from the air with nasa sending up a pair of special planes to travel of the eclipse path. one will fly on either side of the shadow. >> we will be anxious and excited and thrilled to see it. >> they will take high-speed images of the eclipse using special lenses and they will unlock some of the secrets of the sun. >> very cool. >> certain parts of the country will see the eclipse better than others. how will it looked in the bay area? >> it will be difficult for many people. we will have a partial eclipse in the san francisco area and a full eclipse to the north in the bay area where we have mass crowds making an exodus out of california into oregon. good morning.
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the entire country will experience a partial eclipse on august 21. we will start our morning with overcast skies and if you want to experience the partial eclipse, you have to go inland. it begins shortly after 9:00 in the morning and it will be online at solar eclipse next monday. we will have more seven days from now. this is are live weather camera looking to the bay bridge. you can see that there is a freighter going out to sea. the weather camera is looking toward san jose with mostly cloudy skies and the air temperature is 64 degrees and the temperatures are lower. satellite and radar suggested clouds on the coast with drizzle into the bay, 40-50 miles inland and what you need to know is that it will have a drizzly start with wins
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rotating west to southwest and looking ahead, gradual warming. 98 degrees in sacramento and 78 and in monterey bay, we will have the official sunrise at 6:24 and the sun will set at 8:03 and temperature-wise, 60s, 70s and 80s. you will have to go far inland for the 80s toward cloverdale and clearlake with low 80s toward the delta. in livermore, temperatures are 12-13 degrees below where we should be. fairly cool in the bay area and when the clouds whip around, the outside number will be mid- 80s and well to the north, gradual warming each day and we are socked in along the immediate seashore. that is a look at your weekly forecast.
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a traffic alert for drivers who use 880. all southbound 880 lanes are shut down at lewelling boulevard due to police activity with traffic backed up to marine boulevard and all traffic southbound is diverted off at lewelling boulevard and you will see detours to get back onto southbound 880. this will add time to your morning drive. give yourself extra time or use an alternate route. 580 is in the green but will add additional time and to the altamont pass, you will tap your breaks with the usual slowdowns, a 26 minute travel time and looking good out of antioch into hercules, just under 30 minutes and the san rafael bridge toll plaza, no delays. after eight decades on the job, a beloved chronicle reporter files his last official story.
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david coleman had his first assignment as climbing the clock tower to watch for enemy planes after the attack on pearl harbor. we spoke to him about his remarkable career. >> listen, how much time will this be? >> reporter: david perlman knows something about time. get 98 years old, he is just now wrapping up his newspaper career that started 77 years ago as a copy boy. that was just the beginning. >> i started writing about science in 1957, i guess it was. >> reporter: from there, his career cover the entire trajectory of mankind and his search for understanding. he started with things we take for granted. >> i spent a month or two in the galapagos islands re- creating darwin's first steps. >> reporter: he might be understating this.
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this science reporter worked on a scale of time that allowed him to watch his subject matter evolve. >> all the planetary missions beginning with marriner 4 back in the early 70s. >> there were no obvious traces of the canals. >> now, of course, we are writing about exo-planet's. i remember covering genetic engineering in the 1970s. that was a controversial thing. but, what emerged from this is gene editing. >> reporter: that was one constant. >> a lot of science enters the political sphere because science becomes controversial. >> reporter: never more true than during his pioneering work in the early 80s. >> the onset of the aids epidemic was a challenge for many reasons. the world of gay men and women was an unknown for most people and most readers of the
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newspaper. it needed to be explained to the readers. we did it. reporters are translators. you are constantly learning something and constantly challenged to write and do it in an understandable way for the public's benefit. you feel that you may be teaching people a little bit >> reporter: and how did he translate so much changeover so much time? >> i don't do anything i'm supposed to enter probably do a lot of things i am not supposed to. pure luck. nothing happened to stop me so far. it may be different tomorrow, who knows. [laughter] the time is 4:50 and the bay area family is watching tv at home. a car came barreling into the living room and we will hear from them straight ahead. a northern california man uncovers some lost history.
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good morning. it is 4:53 on this monday and we are socked in with cause of the coast. we have areas of drizzle and we are in the 60s and cool at the peninsula. sunshine inland with temperatures averaging 10-15 degrees below where we should be this time of year. concord and walnut creek in the mid-70s. to use 880, we have a traffic alert southbound 880 at lewelling boulevard. some police activity with southbound lanes shut down and traffic diverted. give yourself extra time
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through this stretch. big rigs can use 580 at this time and will have more on the rest of your traffic coming up. the hunt for a killer. just after midnight on july 29, police responded to a call about a medical emergency near calaveras boulevard and discovered a man suffering from stab wounds. the victim died at the scene and his name is not released. a close call in union city after a car plowed through a home and nearly hit the people inside on a quiet cul-de-sac of warner street off alvarado boulevard. the family was sitting on the couch when the car came crashing through their living room. >> it was about 12:50 and we were watching tv. everything went dark. >> reporter: before the dust could settle, they ran outside
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to find a pickup truck in their yard. at that point, they didn't know the half of it. >> my wife ran out and told me, there is a car inside the house! >> reporter: this bmw made it through four walls, passing all the way through the home and into the other half of the duplex. >> it went that way and ended on this wall over there. >> this is a shame. >> the police said they were driving at about 82 miles-an- hour. >> reporter: it's not difficult to retrace the path. the first mark is back here, 330 feet away from the house and then it went on the sidewalk and on the street and the sidewalk and through a bus stop and dover another sign and it crossed the yard into the home. it went along and ended up in the yard. >> this is the bus stop. >> then things got even more bizarre. >> they ran away.
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they ran away. >> the family is left with the aftermath. the house is torn open with no electricity and they can live here for months. the bmw missed the gas slide by inches on the family by just a few feet. >> we are lucky. >> reporter: wilson walker in union city, kpix5. police later arrested one driver and amazingly no one in either house was hurt. a man purchased some cameras from a goodwill store and found himself in the middle of a history lesson. one of the cameras had a roll of film inside and the owner developed it and found family photos dating back to the 1940s or 1950s. we will see those pictures soon. the man returned to the same goodwill with the pictures on a mission. >> i saw a family on farmland
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and it looked to be that the photos were in the camera for 40, 50, 60 euros. i got curious as to who they were. >> his hope in spreading the word about this role of film will catch the attention of anyone who might know the people in the pictures. it is 4:57 and now, support for people in charlottesville. how hundreds across the bay area came together with a message of hope and solidarity. overnight, a freeway shooting causes a major backup on 880 in san leandro. all the details coming up.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. good morning. it is monday. i'm michelle griego. i'm kenny choi. let's take a live look at 880
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in oakland with everyone going to work and on the left side of the bay bridge, looking good this morning with conditions not bad. >> it was a little foggy, a little -- [laughter] -- i see drizzle and fog. [laughter] >> do your kids go back to school? >> yes. my daughter starts her senior year today. isn't that amazing? just like that. >> the summer or the school year? they are going back to school and it is sweater weather. this is the coolest day of the work week. overcast skies with areas of drizzle. 57 in san francisco and


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