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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  August 14, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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in oakland with everyone going to work and on the left side of the bay bridge, looking good this morning with conditions not bad. >> it was a little foggy, a little -- [laughter] -- i see drizzle and fog. [laughter] >> do your kids go back to school? >> yes. my daughter starts her senior year today. isn't that amazing? just like that. >> the summer or the school year? they are going back to school and it is sweater weather. this is the coolest day of the work week. overcast skies with areas of drizzle. 57 in san francisco and the
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winds are blustery. 51 mile-per-hour wind gusts at the altamont pass and the winds are at 15 in oakland, 16 in san ramon and 14 in fairfield with the wind blowing 10-20 during the morning and increasing to 30 during the afternoon because of this swath barreling toward california that is drifting in a southerly fashion. the coolest day of the week is today with breezy wind and gradual warming every day from tuesday through friday. 60s and 70s and you won't see 80s on that map. you have to go well to the north and to the delta. 73 in san jose and your full forecast at 5:18. monitoring a traffic alert with southbound lanes currently shut down near lewelling boulevard due to police actvity with a traffic detour at lewelling boulevard and all traffic is diverted off and there is a detour in place for
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drivers that is adding extra time on your ride. from 66 it will be a 45 minute commute and it will take you this time to detour through the streets. traffic is stacking up and big rigs are allowed to use 580 at this time. more on the rest of your ride coming up. back to you pick we're following breaking news in the east bay and on eight on 880, a freeway shooting overnight. kpix5 has jessica flores at the scene with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. we just got an update from chp and i want to show you what we are looking at with flashy lights and chp officers said a vehicle was shy that at around 2:30 a.m. they said a white vehicle shot into a darker colored vehicle and we don't know the make or
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model but they're looking for the suspect and i can tell you that they said the victim that was shot, the driver is in critical condition at the hospital right now and we do not know the identity of the victim or if they knew each other or it was random or targeted. at 2:30 a.m., chp got the call that there was a car shooting on 880 and at this hour all vehicles are diverted off at lewelling boulevard. this is a major backup and you can see the lights going back for about two miles. if you need to get to work, go about one hour earlier because they said all these lanes southbound at lewelling will be closed for the next three hours as they investigate. live in san leandro, back to kpix5.
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a growing memorial in charlottesville, virginia as a community remembers a woman killed when a car plowed into a group of connor protesters at the white nationalist rally on saturday. virginia's governor said 32- year-old, heather heyer, died. they said the man that killed her was 20-year-old james alex fields jr.. he will make his first court appearance and is from ohio. he apparently had pro-nazi beliefs since high school and the blame was placed on white supremacists. president donald trump hasn't been specific and his critics are upset. john lawrence has the latest. >> reporter: pin blasted the people behind saturday's violence in charlottesville, virginia. >> we have no tolerance for hate. for neo-nazis or the kkk, either. >> reporter: that is one step further than president donald trump who called it an
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egregious display of bigotry and violence on many sides. critics said president donald trump should have been more specific. >> do you want the support of these groups? have you denounced them strongly enough? >> reporter: some republicans agree with the criticism. >> he missed an opportunity to be specific. these people think they have a friend and donald trump and i don't know why they believe that. >> reporter: others said the tacit stance is obvious. >> i take issue with the fact that many in the national media spend more time criticizing the president's words than criticizing those who perpetrated the balance to begin with. >> he condemns bigotry and hatred on all sides including white supremacists and neo- nazis. i know it is clear in his mind. >> reporter: numerous protests denounced the white supremacists across the country this weekend including a rally outside trump tower in chicago. i'm john lawrence reporting.
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>> across the bay area, an outpouring of support. >> we are joined with that part of the coverage. >> reporter: people across northern california joined together to show the people of charlottesville they are not alone. a was a passionate plea for peace as hundreds gathered in oakland carrying signs of messages, hope and unity and that they will not put up with hatred of any kind. in san jose, more than 100 people gathered to show solidarity. in san francisco, 400 people rallied at city hall. one of the people at the nationalist rally in charlottesville, cool white, worked at top dog and a twitter user posted the picture of him at the rally and traced him to the restaurant. in the window is a sign saying
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he no longer works there. we talked about weather firing him is legal. >> just because firing someone who violated the law happen, doesn't mean they can't do it. they make a calculation and say will have protesters or disruptions to our business and maybe other employees will sue us because they have to work next to this person. for them, even though it violates the law, it may be worth it to terminate this person in the long run. >> reporter: the owner of the restaurant said the actions in charlottesville are not supported by top dog. they said we believe in individual freedom for everyone. no one at top dog was available for comment and coming up, we talk about people who knew him. an employee is called out that lost his job. does he have the right to sue? firing him is not illegal. they are not allowed to have a policy that stops people from
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taking part in political activities but there is no proof of this. that doesn't mean a lawsuit can be filed. people may sue to test boundaries. north korea ordered several key ambassadors to return to the capital. it creeps closer to be a nuclear power. >> i would love eat dude nuclear eyes to -- denuclearized north korea. it is a nonstarter to them. i don't see any way that they will give it up. i think our process, our thought process ought to be to accept it and try to control it or cap it. >> on guam and elsewhere, they are on high alert in case north korea follows through on its threat to heck the island. one bay area lawmaker believes president donald trump is
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goading north korea as a divergent approval rating and there is an investigation. >> he becomes desperate. >> the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff are in asia to meet with foreign leaders to coordinate the international response. a neighborhood in san jose is on high alert. a nearby shooting sent six people to the hospital. sandra osborne is live with details. >> reporter: good morning. the shooting took place less than 15 minutes from police headquarters at about 10:00 last night. they received the call of shots fired that took place in a neighborhood off vista glenn drive. the whole thing happened about two blocks from the park and playground. neighbors said there may have been some sort of a vigil going
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on outside in the neighborhood when the shooting took place and there are candles lit in the neighborhood. a neighbor said he heard what sounded like fireworks and people were yelling and screaming. police cars and ambulances then arrived. >> i have an 8-year-old sister. she heard the gunshots and got scared. she hid behind the coach. >> reporter: he said he believes a couple of people were shot and our cameras were rolling when we saw people loaded into ambulances last night. right now, we don't have details on the conditions of those taken to the hospital. we have reached out to san jose police for details and we are waiting to hear back. sandra osborne, kpix5. the time is time -- the time is 5:10 and amazon is issuing a recall for special glasses designed to protect
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your eyes. crews are getting a handle on a wildfire in napa county. today will be the coolest day of the work week and we will show you how low it will go. traffic alert for all drivers near southbound 880 with all lanes currently shut down at lewelling boulevard due to police activity. will have details and your alternate route, coming up.
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underway - after heavy monsoon rains sparked a landslide linked to at least 46 deaths. authorities say it buried part of a highway - trapping two buses, two c in india, efforts are under way after heavy monsoon rains sparked a landslide in 246 deaths. authorities said it. part of a highway tripping two buses and cars and the motorcycle dozens of houses being washed away when the power of the rains reached the himalayan foothills. landslides are common spending june through september but the area near the hard hit village had been deforested, making it especially vulnerable. firefighters are gaining the upper hand on the canyon fire we now know that is 95% contained that burned about 114
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acres in napa county. cal fire said firefighters are working around the clock to keep an eye on the hotspots and one firefighter was hurt but is expected to be okay. one week from today, rare chance to see the moon pass in front of the sun but if you bought glasses from amazon, you may be eligible for a refund. the company issued a recall to customers who purchased safety eclipse glasses and they said anyone bought a pair not approved by the american astronomical society will get their money back. expert said people who use the nonapproved glasses could be left with permanent eye damage after viewing the eclipse. be careful. >> watch out. if you are ambitious you can go to certain locations where nasa will provide free glasses. >> that's cool. hopefully we will have a list of those locations. i've had people asking me the forecast as long ago as six months. [laughter]
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we will have overcast conditions along the immediate seashore. for the partial eclipse in the bay area, you will have to go inland. the entire country will experience at least a partial eclipse on august 21. in oregon, there will be totality beginning after 9:00 in the morning or 10:00, 10:28 we will have a partial eclipse and it is within a swath from the oregon south carolina where you see totality. with more tips, visit us online . it will be one week from today. it is overcast and drizzling along the bay into the immediate seashore. at 5:16, we have localized drizzle all the way inland. 55 in santa rosa, 56 in san francisco. we have antioch reporting
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overcast conditions and on the breezy side. in fairfield, as well. it is breezy and overcast with patches stratus clouds and a trough developing in the gulf of alaska that is swinging down to provide cool air for us and breezy conditions. we have the enhancement of the marine layer and windy conditions. temperature is pretty much under 80 in the immediate bay area and 80s in sacramento. 92 in fresno and 65 in monterey bay. the official sunrise at 6:24 and by the time it sets tonight, the temperatures are 60s and 70s. typically, we should be around the 90-degree mark was 73 in san jose and 85.
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high 70s in santa rosa. the extended forecast, 86 in the delta. and w summer weather returns as we have a push toward the end of the work week. here is traffic. we have traffic with an alert and effect for drivers along 880 southbound at lewelling boulevard. all lanes shut down southbound 880 with traffic diverted at lewelling boulevard due to police actvity with a freeway shooting and we will have more on that. we do have a reporter live at the scene and will bring updates. chp says could be close to 8:00 a.m. before the lanes are reopened. it will definitely impact your morning commute and traffic is backing up toward 98 beyond reno boulevard with about one hour commute from 66 to
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lewelling boulevard. give yourself extra time. big rigs can use 580. keep in mind there will be a lot of extra company along that stretch. we are in the green southbound on 580 and let's check your ride. 880 will have traffic doing okay but further south, it will be hit and miss. trending today, shondaland is moving to netflix. shonda rhimes is the creator of grey's, scandal and how to get away with murder. she has generated $2 billion in revenue and in a statement, she said the future of shondaland has limitless possibilities. >> teens are picking their favorites. last night, some big winners were maroon 5 and bruno mars who took home awards. miley cyrus one the ultimate choice award and there could be tired music fans this morning because 2017 awards are
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officially over. it ended last night with performances by the who and some other headliners included lord, maggie rogers and above and beyond. there was a tribe called quest that canceled because of travel issues. people will be watching because stephen colbert will talk to former director anthony scaramucci. >> for the first time since he left the white house, anthony scaramucci will be sitting right here. [cheering] and of course, colbert has poked fun at him after he was fired after only 10 days on the job. it is a late night exclusive after kpix5 news at 11. ladies and gents, good morning. i have a minute of sports.
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good morning.
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the time is 5:23 and we have a traffic alert with southbound 880 lanes shut down at lewelling boulevard. all the details coming up. first, check on sports. before i'm done i will show you a new millionaire. this is the story of this fellow, justin thomas. he won the pga championship. he roared back. [cheering] he took a two shot lead and maintained it. one of his first major championships. washington nationals, the nats struck out 10. the first of a doubleheader where the giants won the first game 4-2 dig on the second game, bravo sandoval! he backed away and got his first home run since returning to the giants. tied the game at two dig.
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bases loaded for howie kendrick and let's go home. [cheering] and 11 thinning walk off grand slam and yesterday, like old times, the a's used the long ball to slay the orioles 9-3 at the 80s with the split and they have the royals coming next. the giants are moving on to miami to face the marlins. have a good one. i will see you around. the red sox and the yankees are squaring off in a rivalry game. and a deep left center, back and he's got it! a sprawling catch in left- center field. >> the yankees downfield remaken one and the hits were
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the plays of the day. a bay area man called out online after attending the white nationalist rally in charlottesville. what his employer as -- has done and what people who grew up with him say. a local rally for peace this weekend. an overnight shooting in san leandrocausing a major backup on the 880. full details coming up.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. growing concern over a pair of missing hikers in the sierra. the clock is ticking for several members of a bay area family facing a deadline to leave the country.
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it is cooler outside. can you feel it? i'm sure you do and i will talk about how long the cool weather will stick around. for drivers who use 880, all southbound lanes shut down at lewelling boulevard. we will have all the details coming up. good morning. it is monday, august 14 and i michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. a man suspected of ramming his car into a crowd in charlottesville, virginia will make a court appearance today. james alex fields junior is charged with second-degree murder. you went to charlottesville to protest the plans to remove a confederate statue from a park. 32-year-old heather heyer was killed. she was a paralegal that worked for people going through bankruptcy. one of the people is from berkeley and faces backlash. several rallies took place. we are joined live with a local connection.
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>> reporter: people gathered to show support for charlottesville and in the bay area, several rallies took place. they want people in charlottesville to know that hate won't be tolerated and the beliefs of a few do not represent the nation. we will show you where hundreds carried signs with messages of hope and unity and in east san jose, 20 people gathered at city hall to show solidarity. the scene was the same in san francisco with 400 people rallying at city hall. the man from berkeley was believed to be one of the people at the white nationalist rally in charlottesville. cole white worked at top dog on durrant avenue in berkeley and the restaurant now says the actions of those in charlottesville are not supported by top dog and they believe that voluntary association is for everyone but he was fired. we talked to someone who described him as a bully.
5:32 am
>> he was a huge bully and high school. he bullied my sister and i and people with disabilities and pretty much anyone who wasn't similar to him. essentially, anyone that wasn't in a cool crowd. it's not surprising he would do this. >> i thought it was disgusting. >> a twitter user posted a picture of what looks like coal right -- cole white and people are now being named and shamed on twitter. >> why is it beneficial for top dog to fire him? >> they said a lot of businesses think it is up case where protesters could be outside the restaurant or employees might feel uncomfortable working with someone like him. [chanting]
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three people in seattle were arrested as protesters attempted to break up a proton rally yesterday. they said demonstrators through fireworks. we are following breaking news and san leandro. a person has been hospitalized -- hospitalized after bullets were fired on highway 880. jessica flores have the latest. >> reporter: chp got the call before 2:30 a.m. and it is a very active scene with a dark-colored vehicle on 80 in the south lane and all vehicles are being diverted. police found several shell casings and we know that a white vehicle apparently shot into a dark vehicle and a passenger of the white car shot into the dark car, critically injuring the driver. according to chp, there were four people in the white car
5:34 am
and four people in the dark car and they found the driver in critical condition, shot in the head. chp described the scene. >> the victim was the only injury. there were three uninjured passengers. they were all young males driving around the bay area. >> reporter: right now, chp is looking for the suspects. they don't have a very clear description. they know they were in a white vehicle and they believe four people were in the white vehicle. the search is on as cars are diverted off 880 at lewelling. the scars -- the cars are stacked up. find an alternative route or leave your house one hour earlier. we will follow breaking news for these freeway shootings on 880 at lewelling.
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reporting live, jessica flores, kpix5. firefighters are working around the clock to contain a fire in southern california. it is near uc riverside and cal fire said it has burned nearly 1000 acres and is dangerously close to homes. at last check, 30% contained. in vacaville, investigators are trying to figure out what sparked a grass fire near quail canyon road that burned about 12 acres. crews got it under control before it burned with any buildings. >> the time is 5:35 a let's go to check on the forecast with roberta. 51 miles per hour wind gusts at the altamont pass with breezy conditions this morning. let's look at overcast skies. toward the bay bridge, we may encountee r some drizzle and ths 55 in santa rosa and livermore
5:36 am
is at 62 and the wind is fluctuating and increasing above 17 in the san ramon valley. 14 in antioch and in fairfield, 17 and walnut creek, the winds are breezy and we have a trough developing in the gulf of alaska that is swinging down in a southerly direction to pull in a cool air mass. this will be the coolest day of the work week with breezy wind and each day we will be getting closer to the summertime weather pattern's. 70s common around the peninsula and inland,s we have mid- 80s in cloverdale and in clearlake and we will gather at 48 minutes after the hour with your full forecast coming up.
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traffic alert is in effect for drivers who use 880. southbound, all lanes currently shutdown at lewelling boulevard due to a three-way shooting. we have a live reporter on the scene and will inbr updates. in the meantime, traffic is diverted off lewelling. give yourself plenty of time if you plan on sticking to 880 because we have a detour in place that will add additional travel time to your morning commute. to go from 66 to lewelling boulevard, a 90 minute ride. 580 good and in the green. big rigs can use 580 at this time and we are seeing a pretty good backup westbound on 580 and it is due to this closure. keep that in mind. some of the surrounding freeways are seeing negative effects of
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this closure. give yourself plenty of extra time as you go out the door for your monday morning commute. the search resumes in the sierra for two missing tortoise last seen a week ago east of fresno. the chinese hikers were spotted inside the quail national park and they were planning to go to yosemite but never showed up. rangers are searching the backcountry and authorities are not sure how much food and water the hikers brought with them. the clock is ticking for an oakland family to stay together with half the members being set to deport to mexico tomorrow. >> this administration, my family are good people. my parents have never, ever, done anything. no criminal convictions. >> they moved to the u.s. more
5:39 am
than 20 years ago and they raised four children in a home they own. maria garcia sanchez is trying to legalize her family but was denied at every turn. they are now forced to return to mexico. packers made good on a threat to release more hbo content. roxana saberi of cbs money watch has more. >> reporter: good monday morning. investor -- investors are hoping to keep up the momentum. on friday the dow closed up 18 points and the nasdaq added 39. insurers will get more time to calculate obamacare insurance because of uncertainty over the threat to cut off subsidies for insurance on low income people. the deadline is moved and the prices could be 15% is get 20% higher next year.
5:40 am
packers have released more shows, but nothing from the game of thrones. they have something from curb your enthusiasm and hbo said it is not in communication with the hackers. taco bell has added an explosive item to its menu. what is this? ca reporter: it is the item in a handful of california locations. it has optional spicy crystals, much like pop rocks, if you remember that candy. it adds extra bite and texter for the adventurous. >> spicy crystals? definitely an explosive meal. thank you so much. a bay area family is
5:41 am
watching tv. a car came crashing into their living room and we will talk about that straight ahead. a shooting in a san jose neighborhood sends people to the hospital. the details coming up. people love my breakfast burritos. and my french fries. wait! what if i put them together?! a burrito stuffed with scrambled eggs, creamy guacamole, bacon and crispy french fries. i'll call it the california breakfast burrito! boom. someone got that, right? scrambled eggs. guacamole. bacon. french fries. you'll call it the california breakfast burrito. boom.
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some residents in san jose say: they fear for their safety-- after a shooting in their good morning and welcome back to kpix morning news. it is 5:43 and this is the why of lever -- this is the live weather camera with some clouds and today will be the coolest day of the work week. 60 in daly city and 86 in the cloverdale area. otherwise, well into the 70s and we will talk about the change in the weather pattern. some residents and sense of
5:44 am
-- in san jose said they fear for their safety. six were sent to the hospital and sandra osborne is live at the headquarters and said this may have happened at a vigil? >> neighbors believe that there were candles lit outside and this morning as we drove through, they said there were candles lit and neighbors said there was a group gathered near the candles and all of a sudden it sounded like fireworks were going cof nehboracrdodin ntoext park on vista glenn drive where there is a baseball field and a playground. one person believes that a couple of people were shot. >> we heard gunshots when we were watching tv and we thought it came near my mom's room. we heard people screaming. >> reporter: he said moments
5:45 am
later police cars and ambulances came into the neighborhood and cameras were rolling as people were loaded onto gurneys and into the ambulances. right now, no details but we talked to san jose police and are waiting to hear back. sandra osborne, kpix5. two families in union city are looking for a place to say after a car -- a place to stay after a call plotted -- after a car plowed into their duplex. one car missed the family by a few feet. >> it was about 12:50 and we were sitting here watching tv. everything went dark. my wife ran out and called me and said there is a car inside the house! >> reporter: the bmw went through four walls and ended up
5:46 am
in the other half of the duplex and a pickup truck landed in the yard. one man was arrested. we are counting down the days until there will be a glimpse at a rear total solar eclipse. we are watching from the ground and nasa is sending up a pair of airplanes to get a better view. they will fly on either side of the shadow of the eclipse and they will take high-speed images with special telescopes in the nose of the jet. the goal is to unlock some of the secrets of the sun. >> so many secrets to the sun. it will be exciting. is exciting to look forward to the totality of the solar eclipse, one week away and people have been writing in four months. we will only have a partial eclipse in the bay area and down the coast you may not see it at all because of overcast skies. >> we are excited to see this. a cbs poll said the country is interested and excited. i'm
5:47 am
definitely in that category but some are not interested. >> there will be a lot of traffic coming in. >> there is a mass exodus into oregon and afterward. can you imagine? [laughter] we have a lot of traffic for the start of the commute and not looking good for drivers on southbound eight ad. there was a shooting that shut down all southbound lanes at lewelling boulevard and traffic is diverted off at lewelling. you can detour through side streto etget time on your morning ride, 1.5 hours to lewelling boulevard. use 580 as your alternate route but big rigs are allowed to use 580 while the closure is in place. it could be close to 8:00
5:48 am
before the lanes reopened. give yourself extra time even if you travel to 38. the will be a backup along the stretch approaching southbound 880 and a lot of close calls. traffic is doing okay and further south, at the bay bridge toll plaza, it doesn't look bad with meter lights on and traffic, 17 minutes from the maze to san francisco. that is a check of your traffic. let's check with brett -- let's check with roberta on your forecast. a big shout out to ed and jean stewart. they invited me on a poker run. we were on the mci boat. we were cruising at 120 miles per hour and went from discovery bay to windmill cove.
5:49 am
we did this to raise money for the lions club of discovery bay and it was a great weekend. i never thought it would feel so good to go so fast. thank you for inviting me. it was hot, and it was a bit slower on the bay waters. we have a small craft advisory on the bay as the winds will whip up to 25 knots. our weather watcher in santa rosa shows us it's mostly cloudy and 55. the marine layer is not as organized and is patchy. we have some areas of drizzle and we have a sell of precipitation with this upper level trough bearing down and then we will have the cool day of the work week with moderate wind and wind gusts at 51,
5:50 am
primarily at altman pass. the winds are sustained, 10-20 with stronger testing at times. 80 in the sacramento valley. 73 in the high sierra and blustery conditions with 65 degrees. the official sunrise is 6:24dan temperatures 60s and 70s. a high-end livermore is 76 degrees. 70 and san jose. mid-80s with 79 in santa rosa. in clear lake and cloverdale, and toward discovery bay, temperatures in the low 80s and the gradual climb as we return to the summer weather time pattern thursday through
5:51 am
sunday. northern california man stopped at a thrift store and discovered lost history.
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take a look at your tv screen. look at this, this is an upper level trough that will bear down on the state of california. the effect on your forecast coming up. we have an overnight shooting that is not looking good for drivers who use southbound 880 in san leandro. very slow and we will have all the details with backups in travel times and more. this morning, three people are dead after a mass sh at a wisconsin auto racing event at the great lakesooti y wa lebys themi gunmen at. length range near a food vendor. two of the victims were from illinois and no suspects have
5:55 am
been arrested. officials estimate more than 5000 people at the raceway. after eight decades on the job, a chronicle reporter filed his last story. >> reporters are translators. your constantly learning something and constantly challenged to write in an understandable way for the benefit of pue ic. bl you have a feeling that you may be teaching people a little bit. suspect david perlman started 77 years ago as a copy boy and his first assignment was to climb the clock tower at the chronicle building to watch for airplanes after the attack on pearl harbor. he has covered all things science for the chronicle for the last half-century. a man in about cameras from a goodwill in folsom found himself a research project. one of them contained a roll of film and the owner developed it
5:56 am
to discover pictures likely dating back to the 1940s or 1950s. he went back to find any leads he could. >> i saw a family on farmland and it looked to be 40, that 50 i got curious as to who they is the word about the film he will hear about anyone who knows the family and the photos. an outpouring of support for people in charlottesville. coming up, how hundreds came together in a plea for peace. we come together for this. an overnight freeway shooting shut down all liens southbound at lewelling and 880. all the details coming up.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. right now, shots were fired on the east bay freeway. what we learn about the victim and the search for the man who
6:00 am
pulled the trigger. all the details on the traffic backups. a man accused of plowing into a crowd and killing a woman in virginia will appear in court. president donald trump takes heat from both sides of the aisle for not calling out hate was start with the developing story we've been oull>>owingrg al> l morning. in pssan leandro, we will talk about this. >> all lanes are shut down after shooting on southbound 880 in cm -- in san leandro. jessica flores is there with the latest. >> reporter: chp officers have been on the scene for several hours investigating this overnight shooting. i will show you the scene. you can see the vehicle in the distance. it is a dark colored vehicle in the fast lane and chp said that a white car pulled up close to the black car and the passenger in the white car shot into the black car, critically injuring the driver and that person is now in the hospital with a head injury. they are still oking for the


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