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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  August 17, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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how people commute in this region. a lot of excitement but also, a little bit of skepticism. that sound is great for train riders. >> i would love to use it to commute to school. >> reporter: people will be hopping on board. >> i have been waiting for this for 20 years. so we're glad it's here. >> reporter: 20 years? >> yeah. 20 years. it's been that long. they have been talking about doing it. so i'm glad it's done. >> sometimes good things are worth waiting for. and it's exciting it's here. >> reporter: this is why. people have been waiting because traffic on 101 is relentless! this was taken at noon today in petaluma. stop and go. and even worse, during the morning and evening commute. >> a positive option for people like myself living in sonoma county. >> the other option you have is 101 which is often congested. and it's often delayed. and you know, we are reliable,
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we're dependable. >> reporter: the commuter train system has hit some delays over the years. it was projected to open as early as two years ago. the latest holdup was over a $50 million safety feature called positive train control. the control is designed to automatically stop trains if it senses a potential collision. the feds gave approval yesterday afternoon. >> if a train is going too fast around a corner, the automatic system will stop the train of the there's no human error in this -- will stop the train. there's no human error in this. >> reporter: they are the first to use it and it will be the safest train system in the world. but not everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. >> the smart train is going to be a white elephant. >> reporter: what do you mean by that? >> i think it's going to cost a lot of money, and i don't think they are going to have much of a ridership. >> reporter: ridership for the golden gate bridge transit system is down 10%. but smart train officials are confident people will choose this over this. >> we know we're safe. we know we're going to be on
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time. and we can't wait to start service on august 25th. >> reporter: transit officials project about 3,000 people will use the system on a daily basis. now, keep in mind, this is a small system about 10 stations from santa rosa to downtown san rafael. of course, they will be adding more stations in the coming years. the base fare starts at $3.50. live in petaluma, i'm da lin, kpix 5. the organizer of a provocative rally set for san francisco's crissy field is speaking out. the founder of "patriot prayer" wants to set the record straight about his group. he told our melissa caen that he is not about hate and doesn't like being tied to extremists. melissa. >> reporter: now, we are here at crissy field where an event scheduled for next saturday is called "patriot prayer." some of their events have been attracting extremists. the mayor and chief of police
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are expressing concern but so far the rally is a go. we spoke with the founder of "patriot prayer" who says his organization is about free speech and not violence. >> you know, i have been spit on in san francisco, like i have been yelled at, cussed after. >> reporter: joey gibson says he was moved to start "patriot prayer" after watching people get beaten as they left a trump rally in san jose last year. >> it was the fact that these people went to go see a man speak who is running for president of the united states of america. and they were so harassed, you know, yelled at, cussed at. they got so much hate just for listening to a man speak. it's unbelievable. that is what opened my eyes. that's when i realized that it's our culture, it's our, um, the -- these people are being brainwashed to try to discourage free speech. >> reporter: he says the group doesn't have members, but he is expecting about 500 people at next saturday's rally. and thousands of protestors. >> we try to go into all the
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areas that are extremely intolerant of thoughts, of ideas. we try to go to places that are -- they have a population that's extremely hateful towards other people. >> reporter: gibson is ethnically japanese but says it doesn't matter. >> but in reality, you know, i'm an american. and i love god. i love freedom. you know, that's my identity. it's not -- it's not my genetic makeup. >> reporter: he says "patriot prayer" is about love and respect and the speakers line up for the rally, it's diverse. he doesn't like being lumped in with extremists. >> the thing is, unite the right is a horrible term because that's their justification for teaming up with extremists so you can go to war with the left. that whole ideology is messed up. that's what i'm trying to break through. i'm trying to bringing together moderates. >> reporter: it's not a coincidence that this event is scheduled to be held at crissy field federal land controlled by the federal government, not san francisco. and i asked gibson about this. and he said that when his group
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goes to cities, they like to find federal land because that allows them to sidestep some of the vagaries of local politics and politicians. allen? >> maybe not this time. we'll see. thank you. the day after the crissy field event, another group is planning a rally called no to marxism in america at civic center park in berkeley. city leaders are urging counter- protestors to stay away saying it prevents those on the fringe from garnering attention to their causes, which is their primary goal. it also allows police to focus resources on those who might do damage to others or to the city. a major break in a hayward murder that many neighbors say crossed the line. officers just arrested three suspects in connection to the murder where a man was shot pushing his infant son in a stroller. police zeidan yell del toro was killed last month near willow and meeklands. gunfire barely missed the newborn.
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del toro was recently released from jail and trying to turn his life around. in barcelona, people have shot and killed four people while carrying out an operation in response to the attack. police standing guard through the night blocking the main thoroughfare las ramblas. that's where a van plowed through a pedestrian plaza. at least 13 people were killed, more than 100 others injured. two suspects have been arrested. but the driver is still at large. isis has claimed responsibility for the attack. an el dorado county woman was two blocks away when she heard and saw panic. >> people were running around trying to figure out what was going on, trying to find people that may have been in the area. and the metro doesn't work or anything so people are kind of chaotically running around trying to figure out what to do. >> three days of mourning will honor the victims of the
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attack. we'll have a live report from barcelona in the next half- hour. there is a goal to minimize human error in the airport. it stems from the close call with air canada last month. jackie ward reports. >> reporter: people flying in and out of sfo should feel a little safer now. the faa is making changes that will hopefully eliminate human error. the faa says it will no longer issue visual approaches to air crews approaching sfo at night when an adjacent parallel runway is closed. when these conditions prevail, our controllers issue pilots instrument landing system approaches, or satellite-based approaches. these changes come in light of an air canada flight nearly hitting multiple planes waiting on the taxiway at sfo last month. to retired united pilot ross aimer, these faa adjustments are long overdue. >> it was basically a near disaster of monumental proportion at the same time
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considered a nonevent. >> reporter: because the faa classifies a near miss as a time when two aircraft almost hit each other in the air. >> so technically, this would not have raised any alarm until you folks, the reporters, got a hold of this story. >> reporter: this incident was what captain aimer calls a simple go-around and that's something pilots or control tower operators are not required to report to the faa or ntsb. another change the faa is making, two controllers will now have to stay in the tower until the late-night arrival rush is over at sfo. there is only one the night of that close call. >> he was doing lots of things. and -- and -- and that's not -- although he was doing it okay. but that's not safe. >> reporter: captain aimer hopes that airports similar to sfo, ones that have runways close to each other, will adapt these changes, as well. at sfo, jackie ward, kpix 5. new at 6:00, in a bay area
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city where homes of sell for millions, an affordable housing complex is showing off its new look. devin fehely reports from palo alto. >> reporter: the grand opening going on behind me caps a year- long renovation and a recommitment to affordable housing here on the peninsula. the $12 million face-lift was not only an investment in the colorado parks apartment. it was a commitment to the next 55 years to keep the complex 100% affordable housing. . >> we want to have a great place to raise families and all income levels so we are preserving diversity in palo alto. >> reporter: built in 1972, the apartment complex was long overdue for some renovation. residents were relocated for two weeks while each apartment got a makeover. >> we tried to get their input to see what them. it's their community. they live here. and it's a testament i think to the project's success that most of them if not all of them came
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back. >> reporter: the nonprofit palo alto housing was able to reserving the 60 units of affordable housing but knows demand is faster than the supply. >> we have a wait list of at least 500 people. we usually close it at around 500 people. turnover is 7 to 8 years on average. >> reporter: so right now the wait list is closed. a one-bedroom apartment is$1,200. four bedrooms is $1,800. here in pricy palo alto, at market rate, you could expect to pay ease two three times that amount. in palo alto, devin fehely, kpix 5. a fiery standoff ends with deadly shots. a man torches his home and aims his gun at police. the chaos in an east bay neighborhood. >> a stranger who saved a couple from a fiery crash on railroad tracks. >> a disease back in the
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forest, trying to stop the die- off in the north bay. >> sunshine in san francisco, but the follow is already rolling through the golden gate and enveloping san francisco right now. we are going to warm up. but not everywhere. and only for two days. find out which spots will hit the 90s coming up. it end ♪
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and killing the suspect.
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no officers were injured. a close call last night for a couple in solano county weather they took a wrong turn on to some train tracks. seconds later a train hit the car sending up a fireball. before the collision, two good samaritans rescued the man and wife from the car seconds before it was hit. >> the conductor stated once the vehicle made impact with the train that it went up in the air in a big ball of flames. >> firefighters say the driver ended up on the tracks because he thought it was a road. in other bay area headlines, a fatal east oakland crash has killed two children. 11-year-old nixon lopez and 6- year-old ee seekias lopez around 8:30 last night at 55th and the international streets. five other people were injured in that accident. san jose police say this man stabbed a man killing him in june. at the time the suspects had a beard and was wearing red shoes
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and wearing a khaki backpack. investigators checking the cause of a fire at a rug company in santa rosa around 6:30 a.m. on petaluma hill road. damage is estimated at half a million dollars. new at 6:00, millions of trees in danger of a sudden- death. kpix 5's wilson walker explains how a fast-moving disease is taking advantage of well watered forests. >> it's everywhere. >> reporter: it descended on marin county in 1995. >> i could tell it snapped in half. >> reporter: 20 years later it's hard to find forest here with that tell tale sign. >> guess we could say browned out or blazed out. >> reporter: an infestation so lethal, tan oak acorns are a rare find. >> they are disappearing. >> reporter: but now they are trying to break the cycle of the disease by pulling its victims from the forest.
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>> we are coming in with heavy equipment, hand crews, and we're brushing out these resprouting trees, quite aggressively. >> reporter: you have to remove -- >> we have to remove the diseased vestiges of the previous forest. >> reporter: in the aftermath of that work? >> this is an example of what a treated plot looks like two years after we have come through. >> reporter: there is a growing sense of urgency. last time we reported on sudden oak death was last year in mendocino county where the disease had been set on pause by the drought. after all, this is a killer that thrives on water. >> it's coarsing through the water and through the landscape. it's really sitting here waiting for those right conditions and it will have explosive growth again. >> reporter: here we are after that epic winter of 2017. >> we expect to see an acceleration of death particularly these trees here. >> reporter: not a desperation move but certainly a more aggressive strategy and a more expensive one. in will require "cap and trade" funds from the state.
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but the water district says it's high time to try something new. >> we did nothing for 20 years. now it's 10, 20 acres at a time to see if we can find something that's going to move us to a more desired state. >> reporter: ilson walker, kpix 5. >> well, got to get pro-active. in the meantime, we have a little warmup coming. so 25 degrees warminger to finish the week inland compared to where we started it a couple of day span. highs today close to average and comfortable. if you are driving into san francisco, very, very slow. get in the carpool lane, bring your friends into the city tonight to save a half-hour at the bridge. concord 86 for a high today. morgan hill, livermore, 87. san rafael, you were warmer at 82. san jose high 81. despite the sunshine, san
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francisco 67 degrees. when do we usually see the warmest day? it's not now for san francisco. in san jose and livermore, it's mid to late july. in san francisco it's two months later. september 19th is typically when we see the peak heating in the city of san francisco. and we're not going to get it this week for sunday streets in the tenderloin. partly cloudy, mid-60s, chilly. the art and soul festival saturday and sunday will be fun, beautiful weather afternoon sunshine. 70 degrees. we won't warm up at the coast because of a ridge of high pressure centered to the west. we still will see a push from the ocean right along the coastline spilling into san francisco bay. so very little warming near the bay or at the coast. but with the ridge this strong and this warm, so close to our inland locations, that will cut off that marine push going into places like antioch, or san jose or morgan hill. your temperatures will rise
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five tore 10 degrees. everybody else near the water really things won't change that much. >> so fog, low cloud cover, drizzle near the water overnight tonight but not pushing inland. your overnight lows will drop down to the 50s. redwood city 61. 70s in the bay. oakland sunshine in the afternoon, 71. mountain view 79. tomorrow 82 high in san jose. 90 in fairfield. 91 in livermore. temperatures close to average, warmer away from the water, but we're not deviating that much. chilly at the coast low 60s with afternoon sunshine. upper 60s, low 70s near the bay. and upper 80s to low to mid-90s inland. pleasant weather for the next seven days. we have had many heat waves this summer. we will not have one over the next week. back to you. >> thank you. a greener way to package pot. we go inside the dispensary that's putting cannabis in a
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can. how it could change the industry. >> not your average day at the raiders headquarters. but running back marshawn lunch speaks and you take notice. what were his thoughts on taking the national anthem sitting down? >> vern, you know this. the san francisco 49ers taking on the denver broncos at home this saturday. our coverage starts with a live broadcast from levi's stadium on kpix 5 news at 6:00. and you can meet and tweet with betty yu and michelle griego at kpix 5's social media hot spot right outside levi's stadium before the game.
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front of the cameras today. hot button topic... sitting out the national anthem... you might want to call that subject " the elephant in nfl up top and the raiders, marshawn lynch agreed to speak in front of the cameras today. hot button topic, sitting out the national anthem. you might want to call that
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subject the elephant in the room. >> i think that elephant just left the room because a little mouse ran in here. didn't they say elephants are scared of mouses or something? >> after breaking the ice with that comment, reporters tried to follow up. then lynch's deflector shields went up. then this sobering news from tmz. raider cornerback sean smith was arrested by authorities today on a charge of felony assault. smith, who signed a $40 million contract last season, allegedly attacked his sister's boyfriend on july 4, reportedly beat and stomped on his head in pasadena in the early-morning hours. the team hasn't made comment. if convicted, smith could go to prison for up to seven years. 49ers, here's a linebacker rubin foster update. right shoulder injury. limited in practice today but the rookie is expected to play saturday night against the broncos. that's a kpix 5 game. offense news and notes.
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quarterback cj the team's third round pick will be the 49ers number 2 quarterback saturday night. bethard looked sharp last week in kansas city throwing for over 100 yards and two touchdowns. matt barclay will be the third quarterback this week. here's warriors kevin durant clutching the nba championship trophy on kevin durant day in his hometown of sea pleasant, maryland, half- hour outside of washington, dc. a parade for a champion. there was some other news from the event. durant told espn that he will not go to the white house if they are invited because i don't respect who is in the office right now, close quote. baseball, the a's were off friday. they are at the astros. the giants host the phillies tonight. their next loss will be eliminated from the division. moving pictures on the late show. giants will not miss this man. giancarlo stanton, the marlins slugger tore san francisco's pitching apart. two homers, reached base eight
6:26 pm
times in three games. stanton has 44 homers this season. he has his sights set on 61. that's roger maris territory, not the record owned by barry bonds. he said the record is the record, but personally i think 1 is the record, close quote. wow. shot fired. bonds was the marlins's hitting coach last season. and then check this out, allen. this is a high school football complex. this is how they do it in houston, texas. $72million. most expensive high school football stadium in the country to be used by the schools in the katy public school district, legacy stadium, seats 12,000, naming rights sold for $2.5 million. >> wow. >> everything is big in texas. >> jerry jones and the cowboys? >> that's it. >> 72 million.
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chump change. >> put that into the classroom instead. >> coming up in the next half- hour, we have a live report of barcelona. a terrorist killed 13 people. new information on the manhunt for the suspect. >> president trump called confederate statues beautiful. and he condemns their removal. the stinging new critique from a top republican senator. >> and not able to score those special eclipse glasses? we'll show you how to use some common household items to get a glimpse safely.
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the search is on for the man who rammed his van through a crowded street.. han 100 our top story at 6:30, a terror attack in the heart of barcelona and the search is on for the man who rammed his van through a crowded street leaving 13 dead and more than 100 injured. now, isis is claiming responsibility for the deadly attack. here's what we know right now. two suspects are in custody, but authorities are still looking for the driver of the van. now police in spain are also investigating a separate incident south of barcelona. officers there have shot and killed four people while carrying out an operation in response to a separate terror
6:31 pm
attack. no word if the two attacks are connected. this all began when a van mowed down pedestrians along las ramblas, a popular boulevard in the heart of the city. witnesses say the attack spanned seven city blocks leaving a trail of bodies. teri okita is live there now with the latest developments for us. teri. >> reporter: allen, it's 3:30 a.m. here in spain and things are still breaking. you mentioned that incident that happened in cambril, 60 miles south of barcelona. that's an attempted terrorist attack a copycat incident for barcelona where the suspects tried to drive their car into a crowded area or were planning to do so. as for barcelona, there's still a huge police presence here as police still search for the driver of that van. [ sirens ] >> reporter: bodies line the sidewalks of barcelona's
6:32 pm
popular tourist destination after a van plowed through the crowd. spanish police are treating it as terror. >> in a split second, it became absolutely pandemonium, happened on the street. then suddenly everyone was running for their lives. >> reporter: witnesses say the van tore through seven city blocks before the driver fled on foot. as crowds ran from the las ramblas pedestrian area, police went door to door searching for the driver. secretary of state rex tillerson said, the u.s. is standing by to assist investigators in spain. >> terrorists around the world should know the united states and our allies are resolved to find you and bring you to justice. >> reporter: a tourist visiting from clemson university described the scene. >> i counted six or eight bodies within a block and a half. >> reporter: isis has claimed responsibility for the attack saying in a statement, it was carried out by soldiers of the "islamic state." police have two men, a spanish
6:33 pm
national and a moroccan, in custody. but a police official said neither was the driver of the van. officers blocked off the area and closed nearby stores and train stations. during what was supposed to be a festive week in barcelona, all public events have been canceled. so far, we have learned that one american had minor injuries in today's attack. unfortunately, the victim includes people from 18 countries, that's because this happened at the height of tourist season. reporting live from barcelona, i'm teri okita. allen, back to you. >> teri, there was an explosion on wednesday. is it connected? >> reporter: it is somehow connected to it. we're hearing that that explosion completely destroyed the home and one, possibly two people died and several others were injured.
6:34 pm
but it happened about 125 miles south of barcelona in alcanar. we don't know how it's connected because police haven't elaborated. president trump weighing in about the deadly violence in virginia. he called the removal of confederate monuments foolish saying: b-s news poll >> that brought more criticism from republicans. >> the president has not yet, um, been able to demonstrate the stability nor some of the competence that he needs to demonstrate in order to be successful. we need for him to be successful. our nation needs for him to be
6:35 pm
success. we need for our president -- the world needs our president to be successful. >> a poll out this morning from cbs news shows 55% of those surveyed disapprove of the president's response to charlottesville. however, a majority of republicans approve of his message. the president on more magazines. "new yorker" magazine features an illustration called, blowhard. it shows the president steering a small sailboat blowing into a sail with a kkk hood. the economist magazine shows the president using a megaphone resimplebling a kkk hood. "time" magazine shows a white man in boots giving a nazi salute with the flag. [ pause ] concerns about the president's controversy tanked the financial markets. the dow with its worst one day fall in three months down 275 points. the nasdaq down 123. s&p off 38. the santa cruz family with
6:36 pm
a legal victory three years after their son was killed in a big rig crash on highway 17. this is video of the scene back in 2014. today the family attorney announced a $9.5 million settlement with a trucking company involved. that trucking company was forced into bankruptcy after investigators found the owner had falsified inspection documents which led to the wrongful death lawsuit. 25-year-old daniel mcguire was killed when the company's truck slammed into his and several other cars. san francisco police say a tow truck driver was shot while in the process of towing a vehicle. it happened yesterday in the mission district near alabama and 25th. it's not clear if this was a random shooting or somehow tied to the particular car that was being towed. the driver was taken to the hospital but is expected to survive. then there's this story. a suspected drunk driver crashes into a sign that says, report drunk drivers. it happened yesterday along
6:37 pm
highway 1 in aptos. the driver's jeep flipped. chp describes the man as quite intoxicated. officers say his seatbelt probably saved his life. seattle has a space needle, the paris the eiffel tower. but what about san jose? the plans to create a glowing new landmark for the bay area's biggest city. >> trouble brewing for a well- known bay area coffee shop. the family feud that could shut it down.
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
it is talking about a tower that would recall san jose's past. kpix 5's len ramirez with the group's vision. new at section: a group is talking about a tower to recall san jose's past new at 6:00. len ramirez reports. >> reporter: animation shows what a new light tower could look like rising above downtown san jose. a glowing symbol of the city that backers say would recall the past and inspire the future. >> the big idea is to build an iconic structure so that when
6:40 pm
people come to san jose, they know that i'm in san jose and isn't that a cool structure? >> reporter: three men are all san jose boosters who have started a nonprofit corporation to construct a 19-story tower about a high as the fairmont hotel that would straddle the plaza de cesar chavez. >> at that height we can build something that's world-renowned and world class. >> reporter: it wouldn't be a first for san jose which built a light tower more than 100 years ago. this is a modern-day replica of the original san jose light tower that was built in 1881. it became internationally known and is said to be the inspiration for the eiffel tower. the original tower blew down in a windstorm in 1915. in a twist, students at the same architecture school 101 of the eiffel tower designers graduated took on a design competition for san jose's new tower as a class project. >> when you think about the worldwide connections between
6:41 pm
eiffel tower and our tower, you now open up the symbolism for a world tower. >> reporter: final designs and city approval are months or years away. but the group's already raised about $200,000 in private money for the project putting it well on the way to build something san jose doesn't have, a recognizable landmark. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. coming up, a better way to store buds. why one dispensary says canned cannabis is a game changer. >> many landmarks already in the bay area and san francisco. and here's one of them, the golden gate bridge is currently cloud-free. there is some cloud cover streaming in. but not yet over the golden gate. we'll talk about how much sunshine you will get in san francisco and beyond this weekend. it's a beautiful thursday evening. your forecast is coming up. who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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dispensaries are packaging their product. b 's not just marketing. kpix 5's susie steimel explains... how the can... can cannabis in a can. it's a new way dispensaries are packaging their products. but it's not just marketing. kpix 5's susie steimle explains how the can can save big bucks. >> it's really a game changer
6:45 pm
for us the dispensary itself. >> reporter: the team at mercy wellness marijuana dispensary in cotati has taken a household item and packed it with something unexpected. >> we looked through the product a lot to make sure we have what we like. >> reporter: at the carefully put it in cans in 1/8-ounce. after careful selection they are weighed and put on a belt where liquid nitrogen removes oxygen, sealed shut, labeled and shipped out. >> it preserves the product for longer. we have longer shelf life. >> reporter: the practice digsal bags associated with marijuana only keep -- traditional bags associated with marijuana only keep them fresh for two months and the bags go to the landfill. >> the difference in the amount of products from the shelf went from 30 to over 100 varieties. >> reporter: it allows mercy to bring in different strains that
6:46 pm
don't sell as quickly. it was an expensive switch. the bags cost 11 cents each. cans cost a dollar. brandon says it's worth every penny. >> i predict that people will be doing this and that should be the standard for packaging for california. >> reporter: in cotati, susie steimle, kpix 5. some family legal drama could force a classic san francisco coffee shop to close. cafe trieste has been in north beach for more than 60 years. the place for people to gather, write, make music and, of course, enjoy their espresso. francis ford coppola even came through typing the screenplay for "the godfather" there. the founder of the cafe died in january of 2016. now the "chronicle" reports that his son has filed a lawsuit claiming the shareholders can no longer work together. he is demanding that the business and brand be permanently dissolved. >> i hope not. >> of course i hope not. >> you know, um, they will find
6:47 pm
a way. they would be foolish to shut it down. >> this place is almost a landmark. >> we reached out to the attorney for the founder's son. the attorney for another family member says they will have their response in court next week. bart has come up with a solution to hire on more police officers. for the first time ever, the agency announced a $10,000 hiring bonus. a hiring expo was held at at&t park just before noon today. academy graduates and experienced officers all attended. other perks includes educational reimbursement and monthly gym membership. thursday, we're looking forward to the weekend. >> "friday eve," sniffing that weekend. if you are taking bart now from san francisco to livermore, you would gain about 19 degrees. you know in the summertime, it can be like 45 degrees.
6:48 pm
a nearly 20-degree temperature spread now. 64 in the city. 83 in livermore. concord 82. oakland 67. we cool down to the 60s overnight and upper 50s. big football weekend. the 9ers and raiders home this weekend. you can see watch the 9ers against the broncos with a 6:30 pregame show. great night for football. in the evening, it's just fine. 72 degrees kickoff temperature. the raiders are home taking on the los angeles rams. almost said st. louis. but los angeles rams. mainly clear in oakland, 65 degrees for the raiders' first preseason home game. let's enjoy every home game we have with the raiders while they're still here. big ridge of high pressure hanging out to our west keeping just a light onshore flow at the beach and near the bay. at the coast you will stay
6:49 pm
cool. with the ridge of high pressure this strong and this close, it will warm up the atmosphere and cut off the ocean influence inland. futurecast tomorrow morning the at least amount of cloud cover all week long. napa and sonoma clear. on the shores of the bay and at the coastline that we'll have cloud cover. even there it will burn off in the afternoon mainly sunny skies for pacifica, a 50/50 shot you will see the eclipse in san francisco. if you want to see the eclipse, go inland. walnut creek 86 degrees tomorrow. pittsburg 89.
6:50 pm
pleasanton 89. 79 tomorrow for mill valley. alameda 72 with morning clouds, afternoon sunshine. napa 83. triple digits, you have to go to lake county and mendocino county but it will be hot there. 101 in ukiah. your extended forecast calling for the two warmest days friday and saturday. sunday we cool off. we're back to average by monday. but really, we're not warming up anywhere near the water. 60s and 70s near the bay. low 60s at the beach. pleasant weather, chilly near the water. as we all know, in september, the winds change. that's when we'll get warm at the beach. back to you. >> thank you. speaking of the eclipse, if you didn't get your eclipse glasses in time, there are still ways to watch. how you can catch the solar show using some common household items. >> and coming up on nightbeat at 10:00 tonight, a restaurant in washington, dc is charging customers an extra 3% as part of a minimum wage increase tax. what are your thoughts on this? tweet me at #veronicadlcruz.
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i'll be reading your comments tonight on nightbeat; come join us at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. beat
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any fancy can save your money. the cheapest... and safest... way to watch, might we are just four days away from the solar eclipse and if you don't have any fancy glasses, save your money. the cheapest and safest way to watch might be in your home. kpix 5's kiet do shows us some easy ways to turn common household items into a solar show. >> reporter: i'm holding in my hands one of the most coveted items on the planet right now. these are solar eclipse viewing shades. and they are one of the very few ways that you can actually look directly at the sun and i got to say, this is really cool. [ laughter ] >> reporter: but if you think that you can actually go to the store on the even go online and order this with overnight shipping, forget about it. it's not going to get to your house in time. i spent a couple of hours today trying to call around to the local stores here. nobody has these. however, you do have some options. this sounds crazy, but one of the business alternatives to viewing the eclipse is with a colander. this beats the single pinhole
6:55 pm
camera you see people do with plates. all of these holes cast dozens of shadows on the ground. you can adjust the focus by moving the height of the colander back and forth. >> the pinholes will project an image on the sidewalk of the eclipsed neighborhood. you will be a hero and it's a fashion accessory. >> reporter: get a small piece of cardboard and cut a hole in it about the size of a dime and find something with a small mirror, put the cardboard in front of the mirror and voila! >> practice on saturday and sunday. catching an image of the sun in that mirror, practice on saturday and sunday and reflect it on a wall. so on monday when we see the eclipse, if you are good at doing this and you do need to practice, you would become the hero of the entire street if you are showing this off. here in the bay area, the eclipse will start at 9:01 a.m. on monday.
6:56 pm
the maximum eclipse will be at 10:15 a.m. that's when three-quarters of the sun will be covered. and the eclipse is over about 11:37 a.m. so you have a lot of time in there to go outside and catch a glimpse of the sky spectacular. >> reporter: in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. >> safety first. our ken bastida ready to go. amazon couldn't guarantee his eclipse glasses to protect his eyes so he grabbed these welding goggles instead. they were in his home. [ laughter ] >> ken will be reporting from the path of totality in oregon leading up to and during the eclipse. you can catch his reports starting saturday right here on kpix 5 news. >> yeah. safety first. >> highway 26 in central oregon is backed up 15 miles today. >> no. >> four days before the eclipse. >> oh, my. >> everybody trying to get there. >> they are going to run out of food and gas. >> all right getting that. >> for news throughout the evening, the latest news and weather, always on
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: i appreciate y'all. thank you very much. appreciate y'all. thank y'all very much. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. [cheering and applause] folks, got another good one for you today. returning for their fourth day with a total of 21,100 bucks, from san francisco, cali, it's the champs, it's the cannon family. [cheering and applause] and from atlanta, georgia, it's the dallis family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win
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theirself a lot of cash and somebody, somebody could drive out of here in a brand-new car. yeah. [cheering and applause] let's get it on. give me nick. give me jermaine. oh, man, i ain't see them christian louboutins right there. you ain't-- you ain't fittin' to do that on the [indistinct], jermaine. you let them have it. boy, you know, you on camera from the side. flicker, flicker. you just all over-- jermaine: can't even look that way... steve: you can't even look over there. it's too much. they--they can't stand it in the crowd. jermaine: oh! steve: let me show you. this is what they doing. jermaine: [indistinct] like, what is them? steve: yeah. what is them? yeah. [laughter] what is them is, when you put "is" in the sentence, it means you want to know more. jermaine: yeah. steve: not "what are those?" uh-uh. "what is them?" you [indistinct] this is--this is my


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