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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  August 18, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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driver of the van. >> we have learned an off-duty oakland firefighter has been shot and killed in san jose. a second firefighter remains in the hospital. details ahead in a live report. >> good morning, it's friday, august 18. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. let's start with traffic and weather. jaclyn is tracking our commute. we're starting with a fatality in the east bay. it's been a rough start for drivers heading along highway 4 this morning. this is out near discovery bay. a big rig and another vehicle head-on crash there. and both directions shut down. though closure is at tracy boulevard. the backup is in both direction through discovery bay. highway 4 down to 30 miles per hour in some stretches so give yourself some extra time. no word as to when these lanes will re-open. it will probably be through the morning commute. use byron highway or south tracy boulevard to get to 205
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or 580 or i-5 in stockton. in benicia area, we have been tracking delays all morning long. a big rig fire that happened last night had all lanes shut down in the southbound direction. one lane now open. traffic able to get through. but we're looking at 33 minutes from 80 down to marina vista. so give yourself some extra time if you make your way along that stretch. that's a check of your traffic. let's send it on over to neda. how is the weather going to look today? all right. it should be nice. i have been watching the fog rolling through this morning. you're starting to see the top of the bay bridge. there's a little ripple on the water and the bay but it's gorgeous. sun will creep up but you can see the line of red and pink so we'll see a beautiful sunset
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here in few minutes. temperatures 61, oakland 56. livermore 59. we'll get early clearing of the clouds along the bay but not the coast. clouds will linger. winds are also going to be pretty breezy out there. sunny and warm inland. temperatures seasonal in the low 60s at the coast. here's you visible map. not bad at all. with clear skies across the area. livermore look at that. we are getting that cloud cover to seep in through to livermore. 7-mile visibility. it's not going to affect the commute. in san jose, police are investigating the killing of an off-duty oakland firefighter. jessica flores reports. >> reporter: michelle, we are here at taylor and 7th in japantown. the two individuals were off- duty oakland firefighters shot
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here last night. one of those individuals died at the hospital. we have video of a procession from oakland firefighters. they made that procession to santa clara valley hospital when they learned the news that happened around 2 :30 a.m. the shooting happened near gordon biersch here in san jose. witnesses say there was a family-friendly event going on. there were food trucks, polynesian dance, children around. and when the events was ending, that's when the shooting happened around 9:30 p.m. police say they got on scene. they found two victims were life-threatening injuries. according to police the shooter took off. one of the victims a 30-year- old was pronounced dead at the hospital. the second victim, the 26-year- old off-duty oakland firefighter, currently listed in stable condition. one person has been detained. it's unclear if that person is the shooter. it's also unclear what sparked this shooting here in san jose. we do know that police were canvassing the area between
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jackson and taylor on 10th and 11th. and it looks like at this hour they are wrapping up their investigation. they have taken down the crime scene tape and letting traffic through the area now. but again, we're learning more about who was involved and we do know that those two individuals shot here. oakland firefighters, off duty, one of those individuals died at the hospital last night. reporting live in san jose, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. the death toll in the two terror attacks in spain has risen to 14. police have arrested four people in connection to the attack. the first attack happened yesterday afternoon in barcelona. the second happened in the seaside town of cambrils. katie nielsen has more from the newsroom. >> reporter: police in spain say they have stopped what could have been the country's second major terror attack. five people were killed in a counterterror raid south of
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barcelona. local media is reporting the five suspect terrorists rammed several civilians and a police officer with a car before other officers were able to stop them. investigators say the latest incident is linked to the attack yesterday where a van plowed through crowds killing 13 people and injuring 100 more. an american witness showed up just as it was happening but asked not to be identified. >> i heard this group of people scream. then i looked to my left, and i saw a white van. it looked to be as if he was going left to right hitting people at the little stands where people were shopping. >> anyplace where people gather, restaurants, squares, you can't protect everyone. and sadly, the enemy isis is taking advantage of that. >> reporter: officials in spain say people from 24 countries were killed in that initial attack. coming up in about 30 minutes, we'll tell you how organizers for local festivals like oakland's art & soul festival
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are handling the increased security concerns. live in the newsroom, katie nielsen, kpix 5. new this morning, violent crime is up across california for a second year in a row according to the department of justice. the annual crime report shows in 2016, there were more than 170,000 homicides, rapes, robberies and assaults. that's up 4.1% from the year before. and police have recorded almost 2,000 killings. that's the most since 2009. today a man linked to the deadly shooting of an oakland mother of three will be sentenced. alexis davis was convicted of second-degree murder for the march 2015 killing in west oakland. 30-year-old chyemil pierce died while trying to protect her children from a gun battle happening outside her home on chestnut street. an alameda county jury found two other men guilty of second- degree murder for the fatal shooting. new this morning, san francisco property owners could face serious penalties if they
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don't comply with a city- mandated signing miss retrofit program. kpix 5's jackie ward is live in the ma arena in a district with more on the looming deadline. jackie. >> reporter: that's why the city of san francisco is warning property owners to act soon and get a permit before it's too late. we are talking about specific buildings now. they are soft story wood framed properties. they are usually three stories and have five to 15 units or a building that is two stories with a basement. the city's department of building inspections says more than 1300 property owners who need to apply for this permit haven't done so yet. and a lot of them are in a handful of districts. the western addition, castro, noe valley, the marinena, the richmond and the north beach chinatown area. the dbi says 3500 buildings altogether fall into this category. safety certainly comes at a price. retrofitting can be up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.
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the dbi says if these properties don't get the permits, they are going to put up earthquake warning placards on the buildings. they are also going to put up notices of violation. jackie ward, kpix 5. we'll find out within the next week of in a political group will be allowed to hold a rally at crissy field in san francisco, federal land under the jurisdiction of the national park police. the man organizing it says he formed the group "patriot prayer" after seeing people beaten up leaving a trump rally in san jose last year. gibson says his group is about love and respect and not extremism. >> unite the right is a horrible term because that's their justification for teaming up with extremists, right? so you can go to war with the left. that whole ideology is messed up. >> gibson says "patriot prayer" doesn't really have members but he expects about 500 people at the rally saturday and thousands of protestors. those who show up to next
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saturday's rally could find an unpleasant surprise. yeah. lots of dog poop. a facebook event is urging dog owners who take their pets to crissy field not to clean up after them. the group says, quote, leave a gift for "alt right" friends. we can clean it up on sunday and hug each other. nearly 4,000 people are interested in the event. a raiders player is accused in a beat-down in southern california. now he may be sitting out this weekend's game against the rams. sean smith was arrested yesty the 30-year-old is facing assault charges after allegedly attacking his sister's boyfriend last month. smith beat and stomped on the victim's head. >> no excuse for that. >> smith who is in his second season with the raiders posted
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$80,000 bail last night, back in court next month. time now 6:09. we are days away from the total solar eclipse. what to expect for seeing something for the first time in nearly 40 years. >> swift off to space. how taylor swift could be making her way above earth with the help of nasa. >> all right. and coming up, we are going to talk about your weekend forecast. we have some football here in town. we are going to discuss the weather for those of you raiders, 9ers fans. that's all next. >> and we have been tracking a pretty tough day out on the roads. two sig alerts remain in effect. a look at your ride across the golden gate bridge. looks like a little foggy and we're also getting report of a new crash. we'll have the details coming up. ♪
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performances - plus tempting foods. the event featur tomorrow oakland's two-day art & soul festival starts with a wide range of music and dance and food. it features r&b, rap, and others. the weekend of performance includes a turf dance battle. there will be a family fun zone with games and rides. but organizers warn bart is the best way to get there with multiple streets closed for the festival. the total solar eclipse is now just three days away! and this intersection of perfect orbit and perfect timing hasn't been seen for 40 years. it happens when the moon passes between the earth and sun. the shadow will streak across 14 states in the u.s. from oregon to south carolina in 70- mile-wide line. watching the eclipse is complicated. >> the number one rule for safe eclipse viewing is don't improvise.
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if you don't know, don't chance it. it's not worth it. you can damage your eyes. >> the reason the sun and moon appear to be the same size is because the sun is about 400 times bigger than the moon but also roughly 400 times farther from the earth. and this morning, a group of students from san jose state university will break down their novel plan to study the solar eclipse. it centers on eight weather balloons. each with special device inside that measure the air temperature, air pressure, moisture and wind. they are heading up to oregon to release them ahead of the eclipse on monday morning. >> that's a cool field trip. >> slow trip for folks out the door this morning. friday morning commute bad. say good-bye to "friday light." heading across the golden gate bridge, traffic is moving okay along this stretch. but as you head into san francisco, right near the doyle tunnel, we are getting reports
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of a three-car crash and that's slowing things down. below 20 miles per hour. give yourself some extra time. bay bridge toll plaza metering lights on and the backup stretches beyond the 880 overcrossing closer to the foot of the maze there 16 minutes heading into san francisco. that's looking okay in the green about a 20-minute ride from the carquinez bridge to the maze. 680, this is a mess since last night. a big rig fire shut down both lanes of 680. now one lane open traffic able to get by in that one lane but you can expect about a 34 minute travel time from 80 on down towards marina vista. and we are tracking a fatal accident on 4 near tracy boulevard so anyone who lives near discovery bay or is trying to get to stockton area along highway 4, both directions have been shut down. chp hasn't given us a time as to when they will re-open that
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highway 24. but expect throughout much of the morning that that will be closed. so they are providing traffic control and they have some detours set up in place for you. here are some things to remember for today. we are going to be warm inland. temperatures are going to be in the 90s for the next few days. in fact with our temperatures getting above average, through the weekend at least for the inland areas, early clearing at the coast. we are hoping for that on monday. use goggles to watch the eclipse . there's a 50% chance. if you go east you will see it better. but along the coast, it's 50/50.
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sunrise creating this beautiful image of the peaks out there. right above where that sunrise is. here's tds10 miles per hour out of the northwest. we are going to continue to see some of these northwest winds pick up this afternoon. it's going to be breezy out there. gust between 25 to 35 miles an hour today. earlier clearing of the clouds today. gusts up to 30 miles an hour in some portion. in the next few hours, 10:00 could head back out further west and we might actually get some sunshine that early. so we're hoping that's what happens on monday. that would be nice. that way we'll get a nice view. a look at these areas by 8:00 tonight. the clouds are just going to hang around the bay not going further east. let me hop over to that seven-
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day forecast and show you what's in store for us. so you can see what's going on for your weekend. 9er fans, raider fans, the games are both happening on saturday. temperatures inland will be in the 90s. monday through temperatures cooler air working its way through. now in our tech report, former uber ceo travis kalanick is pushing back against a venture capital firm that's suing him. in recent legal documents, he referred to their efforts as a public and personal attack on him. kalanick documents claims benchmark capital didn't raise any of its alleged concerns until it filed a lawsuit. it's why the former ceo disputes the idea that benchmark was, quote, fraudulently induced to allowing kalanick to control three board seats. ipad owners will see a serious upgrade with the next version of the mobile operating system. the software is expected to
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transform the ipad into a mobile computer with new features focused on multitasking. apple says it launched a series of video tutorials to help users navigate the addition. it will launch in the fall. pop star taylor swift is known for her hits like blank space and now that song and others from her album 1989 will head up into outer space. eric finman the teenaged millionaire behind bitcoin is working with nasa to launch a mini satellite into space with the recordings of regular people tech leaders and top artists like swift. finman says he wanted to do something to remind us about this time in our history. good morning. are you ready? are you ready? you? you? let's go. hey, straight ahead. why a once-in-a-lifetime kick makes it my favorite highlight of the week and it's not just the attempt. you got to see it to believe it! and boy, some web jams on the diamond by the giants last night. the defense did not rest.
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baseball up top, a's and giants back to work today. a's were off last night. but the giants, they were on it against the team with the worst record in the league. that would be the philadelphia phillies. they were defending buster posey and didn't defend in the third. found a hole in the home half of that third increasing the giants to 2-0 when pence crossed the plate. bomb of the fifth, parker with a mighty stick. here's a sharp line drive to center. watch the facemask as hunter pence almost ran down denard span. giants beat philly 5-4. raiders broke camp yesterday but before that happened, authorities arrested
6:25 am
cornerback sean smith on charges of felony assault from a july 4th incident. smith's lawyers say that he is fighting the charge. marshawn lunch agreeing to speak in front of the cameras yesterday. hot button topic, sitting out the national anthem. you might want to call it, the elephant in the room. >> i think that the elephant just left the room because a little mouse ran in here. didn't they say elephants are scared of mouses or something? >> reporters tried to follow up. marshawn, well, threw up his deflector shield. now, i'm the parent of a scholar athlete. but he doesn't have a full ride like this guy has. this happened yesterday. this is bowling green university. the kicker is jake suter. he is a walk-on junior. before he made that kick, the coach told him, you make it, i'm giving you a full ride scholarship.
6:26 am
53 yards, and the team went crazy! tuition in state is $20,000 a year. so he will save about $40,000 for the next two seasons . mom and dad not seen there, they probably got carried off the field, too. that's sports at this hour. [ laughter ] >> everybody have a great one. i'll see you around. up next a deadline is approaching for property owners in san francisco. the city is urging them to get a permit and make their building safer. >> just days after a deadly attack in spain, festival organizeers in oakland say they are stepping up security to prevent a similar attack at the art & soul festival. the latest on their plans coming up.
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more than a dozen people - killed. and this morning, police say: they foiled a second attack.. now at kpix 5 news, a van kills a dozen people and this morning, police say they foiled a second attack. spanish police say both attacks are connected and they have arrested a fourth suspect in connection to the crime. but this morning, the search continues for the driver of the van who plowed into hundreds of people in barcelona. cbs news reporter jane ferguson is live in barcelona with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this morning, here in barcelona, right on the very spot of that the mood is one of somber reflection, but also defiance. thousands of spaniards have
6:31 am
been coming down here today to pay respects to those killed and injured. but also, to send a message to the attackers. the crowds behind me have been chanting, we are not afraid. >> reporter: thousands gathered for a moment of silence in barcelona this morning to remember the victims and the injured as counterterror officers continued their investigation into thursday's deadly van attack. overnight, police killed five people in a counterterror raid south of the city in the resort town of cambrils. authorities say the men were wearing fake explosive belts before being gunned down by police. the assailants hit several civilians and a police officer with a car. [ screaming ] >> reporter: investigators say this incident is linked to the earlier attack in barcelona where a van plowed through crowds in the las ramblas district filled with tourists. an american witness who asked not to be identified arrived just as it was happening. >> i heard this just group of
6:32 am
people scream, then i looked to my left and i saw a white van. it looked like he was hitting people at the stands where people were shopping. >> reporter: the spanish prime minister called the attack jihadi terrorism. "islamic state" state claimed responsibility. >> anyplace where people gather, restaurants, squares, you can't protect everyone. and sadly, the enemy, isis, is taking advantage of that. >> reporter: spanish officials say citizens from 24 countries were killed and injured in barcelona. the latest from the spanish authorities is that those four people that they have arrested include three moroccan nationals and one italian. none of them with a known history of terror links. >> we know that authorities have been getting updates throughout the morning on the
6:33 am
conditions of the victims. what's the latest on that? >> reporter: we know that now 14 people have been confirmed dead in the two attacks. that's 13 killed here in barcelona and another in that town south of here on the coast in cambrils but there was a similar attempted attack with another van. 130 people in total between those two attacks have been injured. of those, 17 are believed to be critical. >> jane ferguson in barcelona, thank you. organizers of upcoming festivals are on high alert after the barcelona attacks and say extra security measures are needed. kpix 5's katie nielsen is live in the newsroom to explain what they are doing to step up safety precautions for the crowds they are expecting. >> reporter: michelle, this weekend oakland will host the 17th annual art & soul festival. organizers anticipate 30,000 people will attend. street closures start this morning in oakland at 9:30. so organizers will start setting up. they say they are increasing
6:34 am
security in light of the recent attacks. staff will be checking bags of everyone trying to enter the festival. oakland police will have avis. presence in the festival. organizers are in touch with intelligence officers and so far there are no credible threats to the event. other festivals recently have stepped up security, as well. fremont organizers brought in portable vehicle barricades to prevent attacks like barcelona and london. live in the newsroom, katie nielsen, kpix 5. in san jose authorities are investigating a deadly shooting. two off-duty oakland firefighters were shot. jessica flores lives from san jose with the latest. >> reporter: -- jessica flores reports life from san jose with the latest. >> reporter: we're on taylor and 10 street. they have been investigating this area here in japantown all morning long since 9:30 p.m. when that shooting happened.
6:35 am
we now know that the victims are two off-duty oakland firefighters. one of the individuals died, the other went to the hospital. this morning, the oakland fire department is in mourning. look at video taken at 2:30 a.m. a procession of oakland firefighters heading to the dollar is valley hospital. the shooting happened near gordon biersch here in san jose. there was a family-friendly event going on with food trunks, dance and children. when the shooting happened around 9:30 p.m., that event was just wrapping up. when police got on the scene they found two victims with life-threatening and according to police, the shooter took off. one of the victims a 30-year- old was pronounced dead at the dead the 26-year-old is listed in stable condition at this hour. we're learning this morning that one person has been detained. it's unclear how that person is connected to the shooting or what triggered the shooting. but it appears the search is not over. they are still canvassing the area and they set up a
6:36 am
perimeter between jackson and taylor on 10th and 11th streets. but traffic is going through. we are still working to get details of what happened. two oakland firefighters shot last night here in san jose, one dead. this morning, oakland firefighters in mourning. live in san jose, jessica flores, kpix 5. time now 6:36. let's take a live look outside. see what we're dealing without there. boy, look at that. on the right-hand side you see headlights. yikes. this is in dublin. 580/680 interchange. doesn't look like beach weather. >> nobody is really there. although kenny is a good surfer. >> when you go to ocean beach, you deal with the cloudiness there and the cold water.
6:37 am
four mill wet suit is good. that's what i have. i'm okay in the water with it. let's take a live look now. it's gorgeous. the sun has come up. so welcome, sun. hello. look at this. that cloud layer right below it. i want to go from this mount vaca cam to sfo to show you the difference. that's where you can see the cloud cover. we are seeing some delays at the airport at sfo. there it is for you. about an hour delay. a lot of the flights coming into town are having some problems because of it. because of that low ceiling. the clouds have worked their way through the coverage. it's clearing up sooner than usual. 50s and 60s in the area. you see how it all came through the bay with this three-hour loop opt it's thicker and. the fog and low clouds is reaching
6:38 am
into fairfield. wind picks up later. good morning. we have been tracking two traffic alerts all morning long. 680 only one lane open. traffic southbound, an earlier big rig fire near marshview road . two-lane open. 30 minutes from 80 towards marina vista. this is a look at traffic just south of interstate 80. this is right near gold hill road and you can see that traffic in that southbound direction, yeah, it's not moving too fast. if you could avoid 680, i would recommend you do so until they get those lanes picked up. but this could be out there until noon. there's a lot of debris they are cleaning up. a fatal accident shut down both directions of 4 near discovery bay. no word as to when that will re- open. new this morning, a
6:39 am
deadline is loom for san francisco property owners to get their buildings up to earthquake safety standards. kpix 5's jackie ward is live in the marina district with more. >> reporter: michelle, some property owners in san francisco have just about a month to get this permit. the deadline is september 15. and we're talking this morning about two specific kinds of buildings. they are called soft story wood framed properties. they are usually three stories and have five to 15 units or more in them. or they are a building that's two stories and has a basement. the city's department of building inspection says more than 1300 property owners who need to apply for those permits haven't done so yet. and a lot of them are in a handful of districts. the western addition, castro and noe valley, the marinena, the richmond and the northeast chinatown areas. 3500 buildings fall into the category. safety certainly comes at a price though. retrofitting can range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. so if property owners don't get these permits, they will get earthquake warning placards put on their buildings and notices
6:40 am
of violation placed on them, as well. this deadline is september 15. jackie ward, kpix 5. new this morning, people pushing for california to break away from the rest of the united states have filed a new ballot measure to support the cause. it calls for a u.s. constitutional convention to create a, quote, clear and reasonable path for states to achieve complete independence from the united states. gilroy's police department is now being sued by a former dispatcher. she claims sex parties, harassment and retaliation were commonplace. in a 60-page lawsuit, patricia harrell alleges she started warning women in gilroy pd about sexually inappropriate behaviors among officers. she claims she was quickly retaliated against and ultimately fired through years short of retirement age. and that's when she would have
6:41 am
received full pension benefits. >> a wife swapping kind of self swapping kind of voyeuristic environment. >> reporter: but that's not against the law? >> nope, it's not. >> reporter: so what was it she was against? >> it was very unprofessional and it was creating a hostile work environment. >> harrell also says two officers had sex with aspiring percent is from a program for people ages 14 to 21. the city of gilroy says it is taking the allegations seriously. a santa cruz family has been awarded a multi-million dollar settlement three years after their son was killed in a big rig crash on highway 17. this is the horrific crash back in 2014. 25-year-old daniel mcguire was killed when a truck slammed into his car and several other cars. the family attorney announcing $9.5 million settlement with the trucking company involved. that company was forced into bankruptcy after investigators found the owner had falsified
6:42 am
inspection documents which led to the wrongful death lawsuit. >> if you place dangerous large pieces of machinery in the form of big rigs on our roads, you had better follow the laws which are designed to protect the public. if you don't, and innocent people are seriously injured or killed, you will pay the price. >> the attorney also claims the big rig had faulty brakes and should never have been on the road. time now 6:42. airlines landing at sfo will soon see some changes. what pilots will no longer get before touching ground. >> the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. the dow is down 44. we'll be right back. ♪
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canada flight last month.
6:46 am
the jet came dangerously the faa is changing the way pilots land at sfo after the near disaster involving an air canada flight last month. the jet came dangerously close to four other aircraft waiting on the taxiway that parallels the runway. now the faa will no longer issue visual approaches to air crews coming into sfo at night when an adjacent parallel runway is closed. controllers will issue satellite based approaches. the close call was considered a nonevent because the faa classified a near miss as a time when two aircraft almost collide in the air. one retired pilot credits the media for putting it on the radar. >> so technically, this would not have raised any alarm until you folks, the reporters, got a hold of this story. >> no change from the faa, two controllers have to stay in the sfo tower until the late night arrival rush is over. there was only one on duty the
6:47 am
night of the close call. only three days away from the solar eclipse and a lot of people are gearing up and getting eclipse glasses. because of the demand, ordering them online is nearly impossible or just expensive. on amazon, prices are more than triple what the glasses usually cost. experts say there are some cheaper alternatives. >> take two pieces of paper or cardboard, maybe a pin, put the other piece of paper on the ground and let the sun go through the little pinhole and you can watch the different phases of the eclipse indirectly on that piece of paper on the ground. >> another option is to look up local watch parties. many are giving away glasses to people who attend. our ken bastida is ready for the eclipse. he is wearing his welding goggles. he will be along the path of totality in oregon. he will report starting tomorrow. >> if you are thinking i got to go to the garage get my welding
6:48 am
glasses, make sure it's a shade 12 or higher. >> we have been tracking a couple of sig alerts in effect all morning. this has consumed our entire morning commute. good morning. out the door highway 4 shut down in both directions near tracy boulevard because of a big rig and another vehicle that crashed. we have confirmed that one fatality involved with this accident. chp says this closure will remain in effect throughout much of the morning so if i need to get around it use tracy boulevard or byron highway to connect down to 580 and 205. you're trying to get over towards stockton, they have chp providing some traffic control so they will be assisting with that. give yourself some extra time in that direction. also, along 680, this is just south of interstate 80.
6:49 am
we have been tracking this accident all morning long. this was an accident that turned into a car fire last night. one lane is open, one lane closed on southbound 680. so the backup stretches up to 80. 40 minutes into benicia. 880 just south of hesperian and you make your way through solar eclipse down into hayward, you'll be tapping those brakes but i think we can handle t traffic is still moving in both directions. good morning. so we all are looking ahead to monday to the solar eclipse. for the bay area, right along the coastline, here's the forecast for the eclipse. so you can expect to see some low clouds right along the coast. they may move out of the way at the tail end of the eclipse as it passes over oregon.
6:50 am
we are going to get a partial view here about 10:15. but that's when those clouds will linger. we are hoping the sunburns them off earlier am but the best luck is to head east and that's where you can get a better view. here's a look at our sunshine this morning. good morning mount vaca camera showing us this glorious view. temperatures now 61 in concord. oakland 56. livermore 59. san francisco 59. san jose 63. things warming up there. the sun is warming things up. look at this. the cloud cover has crept through the bay. it hasn't gone too far east. it's starting to already ooze back. right along the coastline and along the bay, of course, we are going to have low clouds. we'll get more sunshine about 11 a.m. temperatures will warm up. tonight clouds come back through about 7:00, 8:00. higher temperatures today doing good. very seasonal. 70s, 80s and 90s.
6:51 am
football is almost here. we have the 9ers and broncos at 7 p.m. on kpix 5 on saturday. clear skies 72 degrees. so that should be nice. michelle, are you excited? >> yes. i am so excited! betty yu and i are going to be out there before the game so please come on and meet and tweet us. time for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." norah o'donnell joins us from new york. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you, michelle. we are going to begin in spain the latest news on the attack in barcelona. now learning that an american was involved. also, more on the shootout with those suspected terrorists in cambrils. we talk with former homeland security adviser fran townsend about what can be done to stop similar attacks in the u.s. plus, we go inside a hospital where hackers held patients' information hostage.
6:52 am
it's a preview of monday's cbsn on assignment. and we're gearing up for the eclipse. we are also at nasa with why scientists will watch it from 50,000 feet in the air. cool. that and the eye-opener, your world in 90 seconds. see you at 7:00. >> thank you. apparently, if you don't have the special glasses, you can always use a colander. i think that's awesome. [ laughter ] >> i didn't know that. okay. >> yeah. our reporter did a story on it. it's awesome. thank you so much. we'll see you at 7:00. ♪[ music ] time now 6:52. ahead, the desperate search for the driver who plowed into a crowd intensifies this morning as we get the latest from barcelona. >> reporter: and two oakland firefighters died -- excuse me, got shot last night here in san jose. one of those died. the other is seriously injured. we'll have all the details coming up.
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it's 6--- time for your final five... i'm jessica flores live in san jose where police officers are investigating last night's shooting in japantown. we learned this morning that the victims two off-duty oakland firefighters one of those individuals died at the hospital. the other taken to the hospital in critical condition. now, at 2:30 a.m., oakland firefighters lined up in a procession to santa clara valley medical center. that's the video you're looking at. and at the santa clara valley medical center, that's where at least one victim was taken. the shooting happened though near gordon biersch here in san jose. witnesses say there was a family-friendly event going on with food trucks, polynesian dance, even children there. and when the shooting happened around 9:30 p.m., that event
6:57 am
was just wrapping up. it's unclear what triggered the shooting. police say when they got on scene, they found the two victims with life-threatening injuries and according to police, the shooter took off. one of the victims, a 30-year- old, was pronounced dead at the hospital. the other 26-year-old was listed in stable condition. out here live, we have seen many police officers walking around the area. near 11th and taylor, they are going door to door looking in yards. one person is in custody. unclear if that person is the shooter. they are continuing to canvass the area this morning. live in san jose, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. >> 6:5. time for your "final 5." police in barcelona have made a fourth arrest after a van targeted crowds in a busy tourist district yesterday. at least 14 people are dead, more than 100 others injured. officials say citizens from 24 countries were among those killed and hurt. the attack is the deadliest
6:58 am
event in spain since madrid in 2004. the clock is ticking for san francisco property owners to make their buildings earthquake-safe. it's required by law for op to get permits by september 15 to make the seismic retrofit. cornerback sean smith was arrested yesterdaypasadena. smith is facing assault charges after allegedly attacking his sister's boyfriend last month. and a big settlement for a santa cruz family three years after their son was killed in a big rig crash on highway 17. the family attorney announcing a $9.5 million settlement with the trucking company involved. and pg&e is preparing for monday's rare total solar eclipse by using alternate forms of energy. when the eclipse reaches the peak at 10:15 a.m. monday, solar energy will drop 75% in the bay area. and all lanes remain blocked along state route 4. this is near discovery bay. the closure right at tracy
6:59 am
boulevard due to a fatal accident we have been tracking since 4:30 a.m. expect delays and that portion of highway 4 will be closed throughout the morning. a "sig alert" is in effect, one lane closed southbound 680 right near marshview. you can see that traffic is backed up to interstate 80. >> here's a look at the low marine layer. >> covering the golden gate, yeah, gray out there. but we are going to get some early clearing today. so that's good news. high temperatures are going to be warm inland near 90s. expect some breezy conditions today though. art & soul festival this weekend, so much going on! are you guys ready for this? my goodness! we have a lot of action happening across the bay area including football. >> don't forget it's back this weekend. the san francisco 49ers taking on the denver broncos at home. and remember, you can meet and tweet with betty yu and me at kpix 5's social media hot spot outside levi's stadium before the game. live coverage starts at 6:30 tomorrow night right here on
7:00 am
kpix 5. have a good weekend. . good morning to our viewers in the west. it's friday, august 18th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." spanish police kill five suspected terrorists overnight after a second car attack on pedestrians. they say it's connected with the rampage in barcelona that kill at least 13 people and injured more than 100. the victims include people from 24 countries including the u.s. president trump was quick to condemn the spain attacks but his tweets also revived a debunked story about an american general. plus, maryland removes another statue linked to white supremacy overnight while georgia reconsiders the massive confederate monument at stone mountain. we have the for


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