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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 19, 2017 2:07am-2:37am PDT

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>> reporter: jared was on his alth n injury. th first anniversary vacation to spain with his wife heidi, a teacher here at el sobrante christian. >> she always talked about how happy she was finding jared and how happy her wedding was. >> reporter: heidi told jared's father he went to the bathroom through la ramblas never to return. at first there seemed a sense of hope, video of a victim on the scene looked like jared on the ground but alive. >> we were encouraged to feel that if it was an injury as opposed to anything serious, but he wasn't moving and so we held onto that. >> reporter: this morning a text message changed everything. >> indicated that the conversation with the officials had more to do with identification than it did with health or possibly an injury.
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>> reporter: that's when an isis attack moved from a scramble of images on a tv screen to something more tangible to the east bay community that loved heidi and jared. >> we're devastated, cannot believe that this happened. we know events like this happen in the world, you know, but sometimes when it's somebody else, it's far away, but this time it's really close to home. >> i hope in our prayer service tonight -- >> reporter: so from a continent and an ocean away this small community hopes their prayers made it to their friend's heart. >> it's not an easy time. i know that the prayers mean a lot to her and she does continue to ask for prayers for her and her family. >> reporter: a gofundme account man set up in jared's name for -- happen set up in jared's name to support his wife and children. attack has drawn people.. coming to reporting live in el sobrante andria borba, kpix5. n... bruno gulotta . he died.. saving his 2 young
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children. he threw himself between them.. and the among the victims 35-year- old brulata who threw himself between his two young kids and the careening white van. this boy is missing tonight. he was separated from his mother who was critically injured. the photo was taken hours before the attack. here tonight in the bay area the body of an oakland firefighter was brought back to where he served. 30-year-old jake walter just graduated from the fire department academy last spring. he was shot and killed last night in san jose. kpix5's maria medina spoke with a relative of the suspect now behind bars. hours after his murder rocked the firefighter community the body of oakland firefighter jake walter wassesque quarted in a mile -- was escorted in a mile long procession from the san jose coroner's office to the chapel of the chimes just hours before san jose police announced an
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arrest in walter's murder. street... around nine- ((morales: "17 >> we are certain we do have the suspect responsible for the homicide. >> he needs to face the consequences of what he did. >> reporter: tonight a relative of the suspect olivier juinio said their family is stunned. investigators say juinio gunned down walter as they left a music festival on taylor street at gordon biersch thursday night. >> we're trying to find out what prompted this to occur. >> reporter: walter just graduated the academy in april. one of his instructors told kpix5 the whole department is in shock. he was a guy that would always be ready to help, assist or volunteer. >> i feel sorry for both of them. >> reporter: walter was only 30 years old. two families now wondering what happened and why. a former co-worker of walter
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described him as a standup guy and can't imagine why anyone would want to harm him. the other firefighter who was shot is expected to survive. in san jose maria medina, kpix5. tonight flags are flying at half staff outside all of oakland's fire station as a tribute, a militia group confirms it is coming to tonight called the oath coopers. ex military and law enforcement officers known for being heavily arm. they say they try to keep the peace at potentially violent events. that's why they'll be in san francisco next saturday when patriot prayer holds its rally. >> it's this oath group that is known to carry arms in a very public way. obviously that instills in us the need to handle this particular rally.
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>> the national park service is still reviewing the permit application and will make a decision next week. a bay area synagogue vandalized, alameda police investigating this as a hate crime. classroom windows are boarded up after someone smashed them with rocks. tonight dozens of community members gathered at the temple for a peace vigil. they held candles and signs as speakers discuss the importance of standing in solidarity against hate. >> notice of us feel -- most of us feel it was one act that was mindless and senseless. >> we respect each other and diversity. >> kpix5 casey nielsen showing -- katie nielsen showing how the vandalism is bringing the community together. >> reporter: these people aren't members of the synagogue but came in today to bring flowers to show support for the congregation. >> we heard about the broken glass and we really want to
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believe for every act of hate we're going to do an act of love. >> reporter: the broken glass is on the classroom side of the temple where children painted stars of david. >> why? that's our biggest question. why would somebody want to do something like that to us? >> reporter: police say surveillance cameras did capture someone throwing rocks at the glass doors leading into the synagogue. >> the congregation is wonderful. they're very open, loving. i just don't know what type of a person would want to do this. >> reporter: temple leaders discussed the possibility of being targeted at a recent board meeting, especially in the wake of the white nationalist rally in charlottesville and similar events planned for the bay area. for carrie and her family coming down today just seemed like the right way to do. >> there's no easy way to know what someone's intentions are,
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but there's a very easy way to counter that with your own and that's the kind of family we try to raise. tonight in san francisco more than 20 clergy members led a vigil in march outside a 16th street b.a.r.t. station denouncing what happened in charlottesville and say current policies fuel hatred and racism. >> the anti-immigrant hostility, all this is very heart breaking and it's time for us to say our word as well, that this is not acceptable. it's not in keeping with the values of our spiritual ancestors and our teachers. >> the faith leaders are urging everyone to stick to nonviolence even as they confront provocative demonstrators who might turn up soon in the bay area. another shakeup tonight at the white house, chief strategist steve bannon is out, now the eighth senior white house official to be let go since president trump took office, but kpix5's political reporter melissa caen tells us he didn't stay unemployed for
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long. >> reporter: white house chief strategist steve bannon helped put president trump in the white house. now the president has pushed him out. white house press secretary sarah sanders says chief of staff john kelly and bannon mutually agreed on his exit, but sources told cbs news the president got frustrated by bannon's rising profile in recent publications describing him as the master mind before mr. trump's campaign. earlier this week the president hinted bannon's days are numbered. >> i like mr. bannon. he's a friend of mine, but mr. bannon came on very late. you know that. i went through 17 senators, governors and i won all the primaries. mr. bannon came on very much later than that, but we'll see what happens with mr. bannon. >> reporter: for months bannon clashed with other trump advisors including jared kushner, area red cohen and -- jared cohen and h.r.
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mcmaster and he said in an interview there's no military solution to north korea. bannon ran, a conservative website that caters to the alt right. brian levin is a professor at cal state san bernardino. >> the departure of steve bannon and now possibly his acolytes in the white house will be a siren call to white nationalists. they regard his departure as an act of war. >> reporter: steve bannon has rejoined brietbart news and even ran an editorial meeting there this afternoon. melissa caen, kpix5. only on 5 tonight these robbers cased a b.a.r.t. rider and attacked him near the station. we asked do police keep an eye on suspicious people following passengers? >> this lawsuit claims some bay area police officers hosted sex parties and threatened a dispatcher. the mayor stayed silent about the case until now. >> and less than three days until the total solar eclipse,
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a warning if you plan to take >> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces. we are following breaking news out of florida tonight where one police officer was shot and killed. a second officer was in shot and is in grave condition. it happened in kissimmee about 20 miles south of orlando. it is not clear what led up to the shooting. authorities say three suspects are in custody. one is on the loose. violent robb ht on ca this next story might make you look over your shoulder the next time you get off b.a.r.t.
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a violent robbery was caught on camera. the victim was tailed from the b.a.r.t. station to seventh and magnolia. >> reporter: the victim had no clue he had been followed until a robber grabbed his backpack. a brief struggle left the man to slam the victim to the ground. the victim refused to give up his backpack. one robber punched and kicked the victim as he screamed out for help. a mechanic working nearby ran up behind a fence telling the robbers to stop. another witness stood 20 feet away while the accomplice walked off. the man in the gray hoodie helped punching the victim. >> that's the horrifying part. they were obviously very committed to getting what they wanted to get off the victim. >> reporter: the attacker finally gave up on the backpack and ran off with the phone. this business owner's surveillance camera captured the robbery. he doesn't want to show his face fearing retaliation. >> this actually happens quite
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often in and around this area. >> reporter: really? >> yes. >> reporter: he learned from oakland police the robber started following the victim at west oakland b.a.r.t. 3 blocks away. here's footage of them tailing him. >> it's something disturbing to see. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. police say they're short staffed and cannot blanket stations with officers. >> if they feel like they're being followed, return to the b.a.r.t. station, contact the station agent and request an escort. >> reporter: they'll pull surveillance footage and team up with other departments to catch the robbers. >> we have robbery suppression details that are officers on overtime assignments where we deploy them to top spots for crime at the time. >> reporter: passengers who watch the video say it's hard to feel safe. >> goodness, that's not good. that's not good. that's not safe to do that, you know. it makes me feel uncomfortable about even riding b.a.r.t. >> reporter: oakland police have the surveillance video. they're now looking for the suspects. the victim has minor injuries. in oakland da lynn da li -- da
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lin, kpix5. on play 18th someone killed george garza at south first street and edwards avenue. investigators are trying to determine a motive. tonight investigators released these sketches. if you recognize them, police want to hear from you. speaking out.. to kpix 5's devin fehely: rone exteriors o tonight the gilroy police department is at the center of a sex scandal. for the first time the mayor is speaking out to kpix5's devin fehely. >> we have serious concerns. we've expressed those concerns to city administration. i am confident, though, in the men and women of the police department to continue to do their duty and continue to serve the people of gilroy. >> reporter: gilroy mayor breaking his silence this afternoon making his very first public comments about a lawsuit filed by a former police dispatcher claiming the culture inside the department was
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unprofessional, sexually pro police cuss and at times predatory -- promiscuous and at times predatory. >> these allegations are one side of the story and we will now have to go through a court of law and flush out these allegations. >> reporter: dispatcher patricia harrell was fired in 2016 after working nearly three decades for the police department. her lawsuit alleges she became a victim harassment and retail craig after speaking up against sex party -- and retaliation after speaking up against sex parties and other sexual discrimination. >> it was creating a hostile work environment. >> reporter: the mayor said what he can say about the lawsuit is limited but cautioned about putting too much thought in the allegations of a disgruntled employee. >> we will defend ourselves vigorously and i think at the end of the day the city of gilroy will come out on top in this. >> reporter: in gilroy kevin fehely, kpix5. stye drone 5 over a mobile home park -- sky drone 5 over a
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mobile home park barely hanging on at the cliff of san pablo. an eroding hillside has put these homes in danger and the people who live there say they aren't getting the help they need. six homes at kimball's mobile home park were red tagged six months ago. residents say they are in limbo. they can't go home. >> i have no other place to go. >> we're sleeping on the floor, but i mean at least we have a place to stay right now. >> the attorney representing the tenants say that the emotional park owner robert johansson is responsible. san pablo police say they are working with him to address this issue. in the meantime the tenants and their lawyer plan to sue. less than three days until the total solar eclipse. it's likely going to be the most photographed eclipse in history...but only if you have the right tools. 6.21.0 cell phone ca reporter lisa meadows explains how it could ruin your cell phone. >> reporter: it's likely to be the most photographed eclipse in history but only if you have the right tools. >> the cell phone camera isn't going to pick up a good enough
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detail for you to see the eclipse and the other thing is it could actually damage your cell phone. >> reporter: watching the eclipse on your cell phone screen may damage the phone, but will it damage your eyes? >> a cell phone camera is basically a digitized image of the projection that's gone through the camera. so you're not going to burn yourself by looking at that image. >> reporter: if capturing the eclipse on your phone is a must, there is an option, a mini telephoto lens. >> a little attachment that goes on front of the cell phone camera and brings it twice as close. >> reporter: without a solar filter it could cost you. >> the intensity of the sun could damage the sensor and that would require a service or and/or replacement of the camera or the cell phone. >> if you were looking through a view finder in a camera, you're actually concentrating all of that light onto your
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mack la and really create a -- macula and create a burn in the back of your eye. >> reporter: even a long stare can cause damage. >> it can be in the explain of the ellipse of the sun. it can burn that kind of a hole. >> reporter: to keep it super safe just use eclipse glasses or a solar filter and know where to put them. >> you put the filter in front of your eyes. if you're using a camera, put the filter in front of your camera. >> reporter: just remember when using the solar eclipse glasses, look down before you put them on and look up and look down before you take them off. meteorologist lisa meadows, kpix5. >> ken bastida has the perfect vantage point along the path of totality. tune in for his reports from oregon starting tomorrow. you've got a pair of those glasses. you were able to score them. >> absolutely. had them about a year. it is critically important that if the sun appears bright to you at all in whatever you're
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wearing, stop wearing them and look away. it should look very dark in those solar glasses if you have the right ones. never look directly at the sun even though you may be challenged to do. so this is your forecast monday morning. in san francisco low clouds will be burning off. will they burn off in time? i give if a 55 or 60% chance in san francisco that we'll be clear by 10:15 at the peak of the eclipse where we will see a crescent sun. 75% of the sun will be blocked. beautiful view from treasure island this evening, low cloud cover moving in, low 60s, santa rosa 507, tonight upper 50s in oakland -- 57, tonight upper 50s in oakland, vallejo, 55 and foggy in pacifica. burlingame on the avenue, nice event, nice town, sunshine this weekend, 75 degrees, big strong ridge of high pressure but notice where it's centered. it's about 600 miles offshore. you like warm weather inland but not crazy hot, that's a perfect spot. if you like 70s in oakland and
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san leandro and fremont, it's in the perfect spot. it cuts into the heat, still mother nature's air conditioning at a low setting. tomorrow morning low cloud cover near the bay burning off in the afternoon. sunday low cloud cover in the bay burning off in the afternoon. we are building suspense by zooming in. monday morning 7:00 you'll wake up in oakland and say i'm not going to see the eclipse. it's cloudy outside. watch what futurecast does by 9 a.m. burns it back to the coastline. most of the area would see the eclipse if this is verified. 85 in con corps tomorrow, 93 in morgue -- concord tomorrow, 93 in morgan hill, 67 in san francisco with afternoon sunshine, sonoma 84. hot stuff in mendocino county ukiah 99 degrees. warm over the weekend. we'll cool off next week, temperatures close to average, really anybody cares about is
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monday morning. you want a 100% chance to see the eclipse? go to our website. we'll have it or inland where it will be clear all morning along. >> away from the water. these humpback whales put on quite the show. the sink rised swimmers in who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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these humpback whales put on quite the show. look at that. a couple of synchronized swimmers! they're among two dozen whales spotted yesterday in monterey bay yesterday. a bay area meteorologist shot the video. he said in addition to the whales, there were hundreds of sea lions, vern. >> if i could only swim like that. a college football coach did something pretty cool today. after tonight his team will love him forever. >> and how much man sense do
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the nissan sports report coming up next on kpix5. d a long time >> baseball up top and the giants and all of a sudden at home, whoa, hey, this fan waited a long time to see him in person. good one, too. that was giants going nine of 12 at home. didn't take long to strike, jarrod parker a 1st inning hit with the runners going 2-0, just like that. they pound the dust for emphasis. they weren't done. 3rd inning now 3 -0. hunter pence cracked the solo number made it 4-0 and i think these fans, v, were just a little happy about it. >> just a little. >> yeah. brandon crawford needed this one, two for three, a double, a
2:30 am
home run here, two r.b.i. night for crawford, back to back wins against the struggling phillies, 10-2. >> very bad team. >> the final. we got the oakland a's on the bump tonight in houston, two teams separated by 22 games. look at the astros swim the boom stick, alex bergman away and gone to the third got the astros on the board. four pitches later jose altuve crushed this one, his 19th. astros checked this one off 3-1 final. on the jumbo board in kansas city, four kansas jayhawk football players received scholarships and they had no idea. look how stunned the four were in the stands at a royals baseball game tonight. the big winners, of course, their parents. how cool is nebraska coach mike raleigh, gave the team the day off and tonight bought the
2:31 am
entire team tickets to the kendrick lamar concert. wow. look how the team reacted. that's a strong move, huge boost by the coaching staff. i don't know what kind of a season the huskers are going to have, but they'll be feeling pretty good when they show up for practice tomorrow. >> hopefully a good one. have a great weekend. thanks for joining us! have a terrific weekend. enjoy the eclipse the late show with stephen colbert is up next. thank you for joining us!
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have a terrific weekend and make sure you enjoy the solar eclipse. good night.
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