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tv   KPIX 5 News Sun Morn Edition  CBS  August 20, 2017 7:30am-8:30am PDT

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counting down to the solar eclipse.. martin rock with the exploratorium is here to tell us where we can seet in the bay area.. and what all this hype is a the eclipse. plus - a provacative political gro could get the green light.. hold a rally at crissy fiel san francisco. ahead - a provocative political group could get the green light to hold a rally in san francisco. we sit down with the san francisco board of supervisors president to find out what we can expect. milo yiannopoulos is making his way back to the bay area. what he had to say about the upcoming rally at berkeley. and his thoughts on the recent free speech violence. it is 7:30 a.m. august 20th. >> all lanes of highway 17 are back open after a deadly car
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crash. chp says a vehicle went off of a cliff in santa clara county just after midnight. one witness saw it happened and rushed to save the people inside . >> [ video ] it just kept going and stopped. i was like, should i cross the street? cars were coming fast. i started crossing. there was a lady saying, help. i go down there. i was like, i am here. >> one occupant was pronounced dead at the scene. the second person was taken to the hospital. it is unclear what caused the crash. a small bay area plane has crashed near the pathway of the eclipse in oregon. the plane took off from the san carlos airport yesterday morning and crashed in madras,
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oregon. it is an area about 100 miles southeast of portland. a prime viewing spot for the solar eclipse. the pilar -- the pilot and the only passenger were killed. the plane crashed less than a mile from the airport. initial reports indicate the pastor was heading there to watch the eclipse. witnesses say the plane was in trouble right before it crashed . >> i heard the plane coming in and sputtering, which is not uncommon. i hear that quite often. i did not think much about it. a few seconds later, i heard the impact. >> records show that the owner of the plane is from menlo park. the tail number indicates it was a 2002 wheeler express, a home built vase with a 300- horsepower engine. >> the specifications that the faa dictates that the airplane must maintain -- the airworthy qualifications would
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be the same whether they are for a regular manufactured airplane or home built airplane. >> the names of the two people killed in the crash are not being released yet. the ntsb and the faa are investigating. [ singing ] ♪ ♪. >> a mass this morning. the archbishop of barcelona called for spain to unite and work for a more peaceful world. this comes days after two deadly vehicle attacks where isis has claimed responsibility . families of the victims as well as spain's royals and top officials were in attendance. four days later, the suspected ringleader of the attacks is still on the loose. 14 people were killed when a vehicle tore through barcelona including a bay area man. he was celebrating his first wedding anniversary with his wife. now the family is trying to cope with their loss. >> we had a fishing trip planned on the 30s. and a wedding to go to on the 2nd
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of september. it is just hard to understand that none of it is ever going to happen. >> there is a makeshift memorial in barcelona for all the victims of the attack. we have more on the ongoing investigation. >> spanish authorities say they are making progress investigating the terrorist cells of at least 12 people behind the attack. today, the interior minister of spain said the cell had been dismantled. but police are continuing to go through the town where he destroyed home may have been a bomb factory. this is 60 miles north of barcelona. this is where a number of the suspects lived. police searched the apartment of who they think with a radicalizing force. regional police say they are still trying to find a 22-year- old who may have been the driver of the vehicle in barcelona. security footage from a museum
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briefly shows the van careening by and even slowing down, giving a sense of the speed at which it was traveling . >> were you surprised that an attack like this could happen in spain? >> and no. >> why not? >> the international affairs professor at the university of barcelona was taken aback by something else. >> a 17-year-old is seen in a leaked police document which reveals the other suspected baby faces of terror in spain. >> despite saying they were making progress with the investigation and deciding not to raise the threat level, the spain interior minister today said they would be stepping up security at sensitive sites and places popular with tourists. cbs news, barcelona. >> conservative writer --
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was in the bay area talking about his plan. milo yiannopoulos says he is holding a free-speech week on campus from september 24th until the 27th. about six months ago, he came to speak at the invitation of college republicans. but riots broke out on campus fronting administrators to call it off on short notice. he says the upcoming event will cover a wide ideological specter. >> i'm going to bring all the people -- we went liberals. we went to bates. we went ideas. we want to have a demonstration -- an open marketplace of ideas. >> he says he fully expects protests but he is urging nonviolence on all sides. >> i want the violence to be verbal and on stage. i want the audience to be comprised of people who don't
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agree -- and not knowing what to expect or what they will see. hopefully they will have their minds changed. >> milo yiannopoulos says school officials have been cooperative so far and he hopes that continues. his visit will be a test for the uc new chancellor for policies of free speech on campus. they say protecting free speech will be a top priority in the coming school year. they plan to implement community, education and outreach programs on the issues of free speech. >> what i rather spend those dollars in different ways? absolutely. i would rather have more computer science classes for undergraduates. but it is critical for us to protect free speech. and we will extend what we need to in order to do that. >> a conservative commentator is also said to speak on campus next month, september 14th. the berklee college of republicans agreed to pay $15,000 for security for the event. did he resign or was he
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forced out. whatever the case, the fate of the employee of a hot cup -- hot dog stand is raising questions about first amendment protections. cole white was identified as one of the white nationalist during the protest in charlottesville last week. within hours of the rally, top dog posted a sign saying that he no longer worked there. according to the hastings law professor, white was well within his rights. >> political activity is protect it. if it is in your own time or you have not walked off the job or something like that, it is specifically protected under the california labor code. >> top dog denied that he had been fired and said that he voluntarily resigned. how clear is the law -- the protection between work and private life? >> it is a very old statute he
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is referring to. it says that an employer cannot have policies that prohibit certain political activities. it is not clear whether one firing constitutes a policy. one court said that no it is debatable. the other said you cannot pressure an employee or threatened to fire them over political activity. it is not clear if that happened. it is something the court will have to decide. it is not a black and white issue. >> meanwhile, we have all heard the president's thoughts on charlottesville. melissa and i asked former san francisco mayor willie brown about the president's tactics. we noticed he pivoted from his controversial statements on violence to the question of removing statues from the confederacy. what was behind that thinking? >> whenever you are in trouble, as a politician, you need to switch the dialogue. you cannot dwell in the dialogue that cost you numbers. he was in trouble, real trouble, and pr wise, he is a master at moving the ball. and he moved the ball to robert e. lee and the guys that were
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there and statues. >> polls are showing that even democrats are split on whether or not to remove all confederatsate ue. by both appealing to a majority of republicans -- this issue of the statues is far more divisive and debatable than the issue of neo-nazi is him -- >> his interest is not anything substantive as it relates to the statues. he needed to get everybody off of charlottesville. he needed to get everybody off of the woman that died in the process. he needed to get everyone off of that -- >> and he did. no sooner did he do that, then there were calls to remove jackson, washington -- nancy pelosi said we should pull all confederate statues out of the capital. the democrats went right with him.
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did they fall into a trap? >> they walked right into it. it is amazing how simple it has become to divert politicians from a core issue -- one that has something to do with the moral nature of this country, and to something as insignificant -- and un- harmful, as although statues there have been all these years . >> it is interesting to not only with the statues and the debate about free speech -- i understand the question is moving into the tech world as well about which websites will be monitored. >> that is right. right here at silicon valley. tech companies have begun banning certain nazi or whites from assist groups. apple pay and paypal have stopped processing payments to certain groups and individuals. and the dating site, okcupid, even removed the dating file of a white the premises. they said in a statement "we
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must recognize that on the internet, any tactic used to thousand nazis, will be soon used against others, whose opinion we believe with" ." >> doctor brian lemmon specializes in hate groups. >> how will they protect their share groups or expression? at the same time, not tolerating calls for violence. it is a tough place for them to be. >> they say when hate groups are kicked off of mainstream networks, we can expect them to form their own platforms and community. tomorrow is a big day for the solar eclipse. the total eclipse. we will talk about what we can expect to see here in the bay area. making the ultimate road trip to catch the ultimate spectacle. we follow a family heading to oregon for the eclipse. starting off with clouds along the shoreline. we have sunshine this afternoon. and then the partial solar eclipse tomorrow. details when we cover the
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forecast. tersection* of perfect orbit
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and perfect timing - hasn'tn seen for 40 years.
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the total solar eclipse to -- is tomorrow. and this has not been seen for 40 years. this rare event happens when the moon passes between the sun and the earth causing the sun's light to be blocked from our planet. the shadow will streak across 14 states in the u.s. from oregon, through south carolina, in the 70 mile wide line. a group of students are heading to oregon to release eight weather balloons. each one has a special device inside that measures air pressure, air pressure, moisture and wind. the students want to be the first to measure atmospheric conditions during the eclipse. >> we are hoping that our data will go -- to a larger dataset and be relevant. and ultimately leadto a greater mosphere. >> the group says the weather balloons can travel as high as 60,000 feet into the stratosphere.
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>> joining us to talk more about the solar eclipse is the san francisco exploratory museum. mark, what do you think it is about the solar eclipse that grabs it so much attention of the public? >> i think the total solar eclipse is one of the most phenomenal experiences you can have in nature. we are all about giving people direct access to funds -- scientific phenomenon. we have been working with nasa to produce educational eclipse programs. >> one of the things that happens when the sun is blocked is, during the day, you can see the stars as well? >> that is right. apparently during the total solar eclipse -- we are not in the path of the total solar eclipse here -- we will have a 76% partial eclipse. when you are in the pathway of totality, the sun appears to be replaced by a hole. and you can see the corona, which is the layer around the sun -- the gaseous layer around the sun that you cannot normally see. >> most of us will not be able to get up to oregon for that 70-
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mile span which crosses the north. but i understand you hooked up with nasa. and you have an app now that everybody can participate in -- groupwise, while they are at work or wherever they are. to tell us about that. >> we are producing five live streams of the eclipse here goes include feeds from our teams on the ground. they are in casper, wyoming. if you download the total solar eclipse app on apple or android -- if you download that come you can see those five live streams. >> that will last about how long? how long will the whole thing last? >> good question. nasa will be shooting across the u.s. there will be people filming all the way from the west coast to the east coast. that will take pretty much all day. anyone spot will experience -- from first contact to totality -- about three hours.
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>> so it is the lead up, the totality and the exit. and everybody is watching that. what are you going to have down at the exploratory him -- outside, or the casual person maybe on a lunch break or coming into the city that they? >> yes. it is a wonderful place to go. we will have telescopes set up with special filters so people will be able to look at the eclipse without damaging their eyes. we will have screens set up showing all five live streams we have. the other thing exciting is that there will be a live performance itself. >> we will have a soundtrack? >> that is right. this will be the first eclipse possibly with a live soundtrack from a world-famous group of musicians. >> t-shirts as well? >> we do have t-shirts. we have everything. >> we are going to be live.
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we will have a nap. will have commentary and a soundtrack. hopefully people will be safe and wear the proper goggles wherever they go trying to view this. >> absolutely. there are a number of ways that you can view the eclipse without having goggles. but you cannot look directly at the sun. there are a number of glasses that are counterfeit. if you are at all questioning if they are real, our suggestion is to use another technique. and the app is great for that. not only will be able to see the live streams but there is a lot of information about safe viewing techniques, science and other interesting things about the eclipse. >> that is our day and age today. one of the oldest rituals can be seen on an app on your phone, wherever you might be. thank you for joining us this morning. now, and between here and there, we will look at the weather. brian, what is the forecast today?
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good sunday morning. starting off with the usual low clouds along the shoreline in the forecast. then we increase on later in the day. inland, mid-80s. futurecast shows that low clouds will melt back to the shoreline later today. we do pick up some high clouds all over the bay area later in the day. in the clouds translate into a thunderstorm in the sierra. for us, usual coastal clouds. clearing by midday. this afternoon, sunny with highs in the 80s. in the 80s inland all week. that is because high pressure is in firm command of the pacific. it will be mild. and tomorrow, what will be a partial solar eclipse in the bay area -- low clouds make it a dicey view from the shoreline. but the maximum eclipse at 10:15 a.m., 75% of the sun will be covered from the latitude of the bay area. but never look directly at the sun. always wear adequate eye protection. that is tomorrow.
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the art and soul festival in downtown oakland today. 73 degrees should be nice. and san francisco, partly cloudy skies and 63. and then 65 in the tenderloin and san francisco. tonight, mid-50s, low 60s for the bay area. a mild night. if you are heading out of the bay area, 105. thunderstorms at yosemite. at the great valley, 97 in fresno. today, 67. 72, oakland. 87, livermore. san jose, 82. santa rosa, 83. low clouds in the morning. sun in the afternoon. temperatures cooling down a bit on monday. a nice mild week ahead. and the unusual specter of a partial solar eclipse in the bay area on tap for tomorrow. make your plans now. but do it carefully and have a great sunday. >> good morning everybody.
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i'm a grown man in makeup in an empty stadium. talking 49er football. i have the low lights in a jiffy.
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good morning everybody from levi's stadium. recapping last night, it wasn't that the 49ers lost, but the way it happened. let's just wrap it up. kyle shanahan with a debut. running the show for this one.
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the ball slips out of his hands. what is going on here? one of two turnovers. and four giveaways. five for the game. final minute and a half, trevor siemian tries to win the denver's starting job. a 19-yard scoring play. 20-0 at the half. second half, rookie quarterback finds his former iowa teammate. bounced off. barrel then. 29-yard play. 110 yards. late in the game, it is 33-7. and all he wanted was a little. and he got it. he is gone. a kick return. the broncos win with a final of 33-14. marshawn lynch making his open coliseum debut against the
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rams. a nice drive here. a 23-yard scoring play. first offense of play. here is lynch with a six-yard run. two carries. 10 yards. quarterback playing for the first time since breaking his leg last december. he finds lee smith for a 19- yard touchdown. looking good. 17-14, rams. cook. 17 yards. touchdown. 21-17. a little over a minute to play. and the foothill high alum connected for the game-winning 20-yard touchdown. in the rams win 24- 21. >> quick baseball notes. the giants and the oakland a's last -- lost last
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night. today is another day. for now, goodbye from me from levi's stadium. have a good day. see you around. coming up in the next half hour, a free-speech showdown. in several major cities, thousands took place -- part in solidarity marches. and californians eager to see the solar eclipse are heading to oregon. we will see a road trip there, to the path of totality.
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for years, centurylink has been promising fast internet to small businesses. but for many businesses, it's out of reach. why promise something you can't deliver? comcast business is different. ♪ ♪ we deliver super-fast internet with speeds of 250 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than centurylink. we do business
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where you do business. ♪ ♪ the time is _ _. good morning, i'm phil mati. i'm melissa caen.. in dallas yesterday thousands of people rallied g for confed welcome back to kpix5 this morning. it is 8:00. good morning. >> in dallas, thousands of people rallied calling for confederate monuments to be removed. in boston, there were protesters and counter protesters. 33 people were arrested. the demonstration was mostly people with a dramatic contrast to the violence and charlottesville. police kept both sides separated and they limited the event to just two hours. >> 99.9% of the people here were here for the right reasons. that is to fight bigotry and hate. >> 40,000 people showed up for the protest. after the
8:01 am
event ended, president trump tweeted "looks like many anti- police agitators and boston." >> later he added "sometimes you need protest in order to heal and we will heal and be stronger than ever before." >> he also said, "i want to applaud the many protesters in boston that are speaking out against bigotry and hate. our country will soon come together as one." >> in the bay area, there are protest planned for next week as well. a group called patriot prayer is planning an event saturday in san francisco. the following day in berkeley, a different group planning a rally at the town civic center park. both are expected to attract many counter protesters as well. there is an added complication in san francisco. a militia group confirms it is also coming to town. they are made up of ex-military and law enforcement officers. and they are known for being armed. they say they will try to keep
8:02 am
the peace at potentially violent events. that is why they will be at chrissy field. >> it is a group known to carry arms in a public way. obviously, that instills in us the need to reevaluate this particular rally because it is more threatening then we have ever seen. >> this is federal land. and san francisco leaders want -- a review of the application. the park service will make a decision this week. the whole debate about free speech and hate speech does where is the line these days, is one of the reasons why melissa and i asked former san francisco mayor willie brown when speech is protected and not protected by the first amendment. >> it is really murky at the moment. because the hate speeches those people that
8:03 am
make those comments have someone they love and who loves them. the president. they have an umbrella where they can disguise themselves under that umbrella and create a reaction. and that reaction is being assigned to traditional protesters. people who make their lives -- suddenly being dubbed as the bad guys. they will show up to shut up these newcomers, these nazis and neo-nazis. the whole crowd -- 10 of them show up and 100 of us. and we are blamed for the end result. >> sometimes the anti- groups come swinging as well. >> and they will tell you. they don't believe in free speech the way it is legally defined now. they want to be able to determine what speech is allowed and what isn't. right now, hate speech is free
8:04 am
speech. it is protected speech with certain exceptions. you cannot advocate for violence, et cetera. so unless something falls within those narrow definitions, even hate speech is protected currently. these groups say they disagree. they want to be the judge and jury of what is acceptable and what is not. i think that scares people too. >> in your days of law school, when they discussed free speech, they said, you cannot yell fire in a theater that is totally dark because you create chaos. you end up destroying people. currently, we don't know how to define free speech within the framework of the original law school definition. that is what is challenging. >> i think there will be cases that will have to work their way through. to be fair, we are embarking in a very new age of social media and things we haven't really seen before. as it stands right now, hate
8:05 am
speech is free speech, as much as people do not like it. the fact that somebody will show up and be angry with you -- it shouldn't depend on what somebody else does, in response to free speech. >> there should be no reluctance whatsoever to prosecute anybody you see flinging a club -- no matter who is picking -- whether it is a speech you love or one you don't -- if somebody is swinging a club, that individual should be instantly and unceremoniously removed. >> we often hear the idea -- the analogy, crying fire in a theater. does that apply? >> not really. the supreme court overturned that rule in a case that basically says, unless you are calling for imminent lawless action -- then the speech is probably protected. so the notion that the equivalent of saying mean things equals yelling fire in a
8:06 am
theater isn't necessarily legal -- honestly, i don't know where the civics classes have failed us -- and people say hate speech is not protected speech. >> we will be talking about this with the san francisco board of supervisors. they are asking for that permit to be reconsidered. meanwhile, i understand some people are talking with wallets as well. >> that is right. they are raising money. the owner of teresa's and johnnies decided to donate all the money in the restaurant they made yesterday to the southern poverty law center. it was in response to the violence in charlottesville last week. >> it is becoming more and more acceptable to be intolerant. >> it is important to me because there is only so much we can do -- it is an easy way to come in and donate a little money and help the cause . >> the owner says her employees suggested donating their own tips to the
8:07 am
nonprofit. and she decided it would be more important to donate restaurant proceeds. president trump's chief strategist steve bannon is out. he told bloomberg news that he is leaving the white house and going to war for trump against trump's opponents break the white house press secretary issued a statement saying that the white house chief of staff john kelly and steve bannon agreed on the last day. we are grateful for his service and we wish him the best. the president says his role was not that great. here is what he had to say earlier this week. >> mr. steve bannon came on very late. you know that. i went through 17 senators, governors -- and he came very much later than that. >> from the start, bannon reportedly clashed with jared kushner, a senior white house advisor and the son-in-law of the president as well as h.r. mcmaster.
8:08 am
sources tell cbs news that the new chief of staff, john kelly, was eager to clean out what he considered internal west wing rivalries. steve bannon is the eighth senior white house official to be let go since president trump took office. the president is still considering steve in a's plan to send private contractors to afghanistan instead of u.s. soldiers. he traveled to camp david friday to discuss whether to send more u.s. troops or withdraw completely. ahead, protest and counter protests planned for crissy field. we sit down to discuss what we can expect. good morning. starting off with clouds along the shoreline. that is the forecast. sunshine this afternoon. a partial solar eclipse tomorrow. details when we cover the forecast.
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field in san francisco sayse is not an extremist. joey any man behind the patriot field rally at crissy field says he is not an extremist. gibson said he started the group after seeing people get beaten up after attending a trumpet rally in san jose last year. he says his group is about love
8:12 am
and respect and not extremism. >> we try to go to all the areas that are extremely intolerant in thoughts and ideas. we tried to go to places that have a population that is extremely hateful to other people. >> they expect about 500 people at the rally and thousands of protesters next saturday. those that do show up to the rally could encounter an unpleasant surprise. a lot of dog poop. a facebook event is urging dog owners that take their pets to crissy field to not clean up after them on friday. the group says "leave a gift for our alt-right friends." >> nearly 4000 people say they are interested in what is called the poop premise. >> joining us to talk about the crissy field demonstration is the san francisco board of supervisors president. thank you for joining us.
8:13 am
you have never been shy about speaking your mind. >> no. >> you are clear that you don't want this demonstration to happen. >> know, i don't. >> why not? >> it is one thing if it were a group coming to protest peacefully. but this group, in particular, under the word prayer, is coming specifically to be violent. they know what they bring to the table. they know that they incite violence and that there will be challenges here. my biggest concern is public safety. how do we protect members of the public from a group that is specifically coming to san francisco to create a situation of islands like charlottesville? >> one tactic might be to ignore them. to just allow them to do what they are going to do and be seen for what they are, but stay away. >> don't you wish that everybody would do that? but unfortunately, that is not the case. we have an obligation and san francisco to protect the public. even if the national park service award this permit and says you can have this event.
8:14 am
they don't have adequate resources to defend the public and the people that we know are going to counter protest in this area. so we have an obligation to make sure the citizens of our city are protected. and unfortunately, the national park service at this time is reviewing the permit. if they don't have adequate services to protect the public, they should deny this permit period. >> if they deny this permit period and patriot prayer decides to march through the streets of san francisco, the police, under our crowd control policy, are supposed to facilitate that right and guarantee their right to free speech. if they don't do it on crissy field, they could walk right into downtown san francisco and it would all be on you. >> and it would be on us and we are prepared to deal with it. we are prepared to do whatever it takes to keep the public safe. our police chief's strategizing and working with other law enforcement agencies to make sure we are prepared for any situation. >> one of the things i hear in the public is -- when we have had past
8:15 am
demonstrations in the bay area and in san francisco by the left -- and i have watched them. you have covered them. i have covered them. you have a protest. you have a small group that splinters off and gets violent. what we hear from officials is -- it was a protest that was good but a small group got violent. we have to protect everybody. what makes this different? >> we saw what happened in charlottesville. sadly, somebody lost their life. anything could happen in this particular situation. that is what we are concerned about. it is as if they are deliberately coming for the purpose is to create an environment that is unsafe for the citizens here. that is the biggest concern. we don't want that kind of protest here. we don't want the violence they are bringing to the table. >> what do you say to people who say, no. this is rhetoric. you are saying, you don't want the speech. you don't want them here.
8:16 am
free speech, no dice. >> they are saying what they want to say on twitter. saying what they want to say on blogs and things they are putting out there. they are putting out the free speech of the things they want to say on a regular basis. why is it that they have to come specifically to crissy field, specifically to san francisco, to push their agenda. one that they know will turn out violently. >> because they know that coming to san francisco is going to push your button. and you are going to react the way you are reacting right now. and they will have a story about san francisco denying them the right of free speech. >> it is not san francisco. it is the national park service. the national park service, which is federal property, under our current president. the feds are the ones that are responsible. and we will see you at happens. >> bottom line, do you think it is going to happen? >> i'm not certain it will happen. i will tell you that san francisco is prepared. they are prepared to provide an alternative, unity rally, at city hall friday. bringing together some amazing people to talk about peace and
8:17 am
to talk about love, to come together and exercise our freedom of speech, in a way that is loving him a safe and welcoming to all. >> you pretty much summed it all up right then and there. thank you for joining us. before that storm hits, we are going to take a look at the weather today, which is a little more on the peaceful side. brian, what can we expect? good sunday morning. starting off much as the previous days have begun. low clouds along the shore line. will increase sun later in the day. inland, mid-80s. the futurecast shows low clouds will melt back to the shoreline later in the day today. we do pick up high clouds all over the bay area later in the day. the high clouds translate maybe into a thunderstorm in the sierra. for us, coastal clouds will clear by midday. this afternoon, sunny with highs in the 80s. in the 80s inland all week. high pressure in firm command of the eastern pacific. it will be mild.
8:18 am
tomorrow -- what will be a partial solar eclipse in the bay area -- low clouds make it a dicey view from the shoreline. but by the maximum eclipse, at 10:15 a.m., 75% of the sun will be covered from the latitude of the bay area. never look directly at the sun. always wear adequate eye protection that is tomorrow. the art and soul festival today in downtown oakland, 71 degrees it should be nice. san francisco, partly cloudy skies and 63. sunday streets, aptly named for today. 65 in the tenderloin in san francisco here tonight, getting into the mid-50s, low 60s for the bay area. a mild night. if you are heading out of the bay area, 105 at reading. thunderstorms are a possibility at tahoe and yosemite. 97, fresno. today, we expect
8:19 am
72, oakland. 79, fremont. 87, livermore. san jose, 82. santa rosa, 83. the usual low clouds in the morning. sun in the afternoon. temperatures cooling down a bit monday. a nice mild week ahead. the unusual specter of a partial solar eclipse in the bay area on tap for tomorrow. make your plans now, but do it carefully. and have a great sunday. who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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getting ready for tomrrow's total solar eclipse. kpix fe anchor ken bastida is in salem... and shows us a central vall family on the ultimate "ecl" road trip. a lot of californians are already in oregon this morning. getting ready for tomorrow's total solar eclipse. our kpix5 anchor is in salem and shows us the central valley family on the ultimate eclipse the road trip. >> reporter: the oregon department of transportation is expecting hundreds of thousands of visitors to cram into the central part of the state over the next three days, to watch the eclipse. people like this man and his wife and kids who had a sign painted on the back of their suv, offering safe eclipse
8:22 am
viewing glasses. so we pulled them over. >> what does it say on the back of your truck? >> it says authentic eclipse glasses. be safe. my number as well. >> has anyone else stop to? >> they have. >> he says he freaked out when amazon sent him an e-mail saying they couldn't verify the safety of his glasses. so they went directly to nasa and got authentic ones. >> these are the facts. >> these are the fakes that a lot of people bought. and amazon has recalled. and these are the real ones. >> i got these from a nasa website. >> he says he was forced to buy a bulk package of 200 so he needs to unload some. in the meantime, he thought his three boys would like a day or two off from school in fresno to see this thing. >> it will be in our part of the world. i figured we are only a few
8:23 am
hours away. let's take the road trip. it will be fun for the kids. we will talk to the teachers. >> you are a good dad. >> what makes this trip so special? why is this a big deal? >> to be honest, it is a once in a lifetime deal. >> 20 years from now, he will be telling his own kids about the great eclipse and how pop got to unload 200 pairs of glasses at $15 a piece. >> i was offered a good deal on the eclipse glasses. but i had to pass on it. as you can see, i already got my eclipse goggles . along a busy interstate five in salem, oregon, kpix5. >> we will have more reports
8:24 am
later today and on monday. >> the perfect day for the point of totality. cbs news will have a full day of coast-to-coast coverage tomorrow, all kicking off with a two are special report beginning at 10:00 a.m. pacific time. tough conditions at home did not stop a bay area scholar from finding success. his turning point coming up.
8:25 am
says he never really knew h parents... even though they lived in the welcome back. today, he says he never really knew his parents even though they lived in the same home. >> in high school, he made a daring decision. and it led him to college and his life passion. >> pull when you are ready. >> working with children on a farm. for tyler, this job in los altos hills is as close to perfect as it gets. >> it is really fun seeing
8:26 am
this whole lightbulb pop up. they finally get this hard concept that you can explain. >> as a child, tyler had to deal with a hard concept himself, his family. >> my dad was an alcoholic. he also had a gambling problem. it was loud all the time. i remember my parents screaming at each other all the time. >> because his parents were day and night, tyler says he never knew them. he and his parents were left to fend for themselves. >> doing little odd jobs with my parents. >> in 6th grade, tyler had his own lightbulb moment. he discovered running. >> i remember running 14 miles one day -- like in middle school. i got so angry. >> this gave him time to think. after his sophomore year in high school, he left his family
8:27 am
in georgia to live with his cousins in the bay area with what he called a cherished decision. >> i probably wouldn't be here. i probably wouldn't be in college. >> instead of returning to franklin and marshall, he decided to stay on for an environmental education internship. >> we are investing in many generations of people that can imagine their worlds being a little bit bigger. >> take a moment to learn about other scholars and more about sra. go to our website to for students rising above, i'm sherry hugh. >> thank you for joining us on this sunday morning. a little bit of presidential ecliptic trivia. >> i was just reading that the president was born on a lunar eclipse. and will be especially affected affected. have a great sunday.
8:28 am
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our collaboration with pg&e is centered around public safety. without pg&e's assistance, without their training we could not do our mission to keep our community safe. anytime we are responding to a structure fire, one of the first calls you make is for pg&e for gas and electric safety. it's my job to make sure that they have the training that they need to make the scene safe for themselves and for the public. it's hands-on training actually turning valves, turning systems off, looking at different wire systems all that training is crucial to keeping our community safe and our firefighters safe. together, we're building a better california.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> dickerson: today on "face the nation." president trump face the biggest test of his moral instincts since taking office. and other senior administration official through the exit door. protesters in cities across the country an estimated 40,000 in boston alone, took to the streets this weekend to drown out the messages of hate and violence seen last saturday in charlottesville, virginia. protesters also described that white nationalists protesters and counter protesters were equally to blame for the violence. >> i think there's blame on both side. i have no doubt about it and you don't have now doubt either. >> dickerson: the president response led ceos to andnd the white house manufacturing council.


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