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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  August 21, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> we do not have a lot of chances to see things like this. this is a want a lifetime. >> the day is finally here. aliens will be looking at the sky -- millions will be looking at the sky for the total solar eclipse. good morning, everyone. i am kenny choi. we will have your forecast in a moment but first what is going on? a lot of people will be looking to the skies with scientists looking forward to what they can learn. >> that is right. kpix 5 reporter sandra osborne
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is at the nasa space center where they're holding a viewing party today. >> reporter: this is for people who have preregistered. scientists in nasa across the united states using all sorts of ways to try to view this with high altitude balloons and especially modified telescopes to get the best images that they can and it is a great opportunity to learn about the atmosphere of the earth. and biologist working with the laboratory in pasadena is sending up balloons for research and says for the moment the atmosphere becomes like the one on mars. >> these are some of the heartiest microorganisms we have found here on earth taking
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measurements to understand atmospheric phenomenons caused by the eclipse . >> reporter: a group from southern california is releasing balloons. and there is a viewing party today for group preregistered guests only because it is already listed online as having reached capacity. they say the big moment in the eclipse will happen about 10:15 this morning. nasa is sending up a couple of jet with special cameras hoping to get 29,000 images. sandra osborne, kpix 5 . >> the partial eclipse will start just a 9:00 a.m. peeking around 10:15 and it will be all over after 11:30.
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i think michelle is wearing the perfect close with the yellow and these glasses. >> i wanted to be the sun and you could be the one blocking. >> that is what this color is. [ laughter ] we work together properly. we had so many invitations from schools inviting us to participate today and it is so difficult but it is still a learning curve for many of the kids. i remember the last partial eclipse we had in 2012 and that treating works. we have so many tips and you can visit us at for more information on that but most notably today is the weather watchers because they
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can tell me where it is clear and where it is not. in san francisco they are socked in and antioch is a great place to watch the cell eclipse. it is now partly cloudy in santa rosa. livermore is cloudy and san jose is cloudy. the best places to go is far inland to the east and far south. get in the car right now and make the road trip. near the bay we will have the burn off and look at the clouds just socked in. today the forecast calls for clearing back to the ocean with your full forecast at 5:18 but for now let's send it on over to jaclyn . >> this is westbound just past
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680. it was causing slowdowns, but it is now back in the green with the travel times about 36 minutes connecting hercules. this is at north main street with no delays and tail lights moving their way southbound. we are tracking some slowdowns as well as roadwork along 101 near blyton springs road. that is a check of your traffic. back over to you, michelle. >> thank you so much, jaclyn. these amtrak express took off from chicago earlier this morning. it will take passengers to carbondale, illinois. >> i think it is going to be a
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great experience to see a total eclipse with things getting dark and i think it is a once in a lifetime. >> the train arrives around 8:30 central time. we will have a live report and just about 30 minutes and this should be interesting. many businesses have been cashing in on eclipse glasses but if you do not have a pair there is other ways. one easy way to watch his take two sheets of paper and with your back turned to the subject you let the light go through and watch the different phases of the eclipse indirectly. >> the number one rule is do not improvise. if you do not know, do not chance it. >> there is a unique way mother
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nature can give you a show. if you stand next to a tree the shadows will appear like crescent-shaped. >> watch parties are happening all along the nation including the kel academy of sciences in san francisco and nasa will be offering a lifestream. >> we will have can live next hour and with a special report starting at 10:00 a.m.. oakland students go back to school today. they have a teacher shortage. and kpix 5 reporter neda iranpour will be showing us around. >> reporter: the district administrators are now taking
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their search overseas. greenleaf elementary is one of them. there adding seven more and they are going to mexico and spain to bring teachers here who are bilingual because every year districts across the country cannot hire enough special education and bilingual teachers. >> i get that question a lot why you are not getting local talent and the truth is there is a national teacher shortage. >> reporter: the teacher shortage problem will take years to fix especially in the expensive bay area. the long term fix is to get more kids interested in becoming educators and one of the best way to do that is to increase teacher salaries. neda iranpour , kpix 5 .
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>> thank you, neda. one question. what is expected at school on this first day back? >> reporter: it is a big day for these students. 500 backpacks will be giving out here and after that the big eclipse day he will be giving out those solar eclipse glasses so those students can actually take part. it is quite an eventful first day of school for these students. >> thank you. president trump is expected to deliver his strategy for afghanistan and south asia tonight. officials tell cbs news the expect 4000 troops to be deployed. he will be speaking from arlington, virginia and you can watch it right here on kpix 5 .
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crews at the university of texas are moving four confederate monuments. they say it represents modern white supremacy. the students gathered last night to see them come down. >> the conversation is happening as to their importance and well as to the miseducation about these individuals who have been raised to a pedestal. >> it comes after a rally in north carolina. in southern california they clashed at an america first rally at laguna beach. demonstrators were opposing a rally to offer victims of crimes committed by immigrants. police say they arrested two
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people. seems like this in charlottesville and berkeley ec rallies and the groups insist that their event will be peaceful but with an armed militia expected, city leaders worry things will turn ugly. >> even if a church is not completely sure that the event will be peaceful, that is not enough reason to say you cannot say the words you want to say or give the speech you want to give. >> the national park service which has jurisdiction is expected to make a final decision later this week. >> the search is on for the 10 missing sailors missing after
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the uss john s mccain collided last night with make. chuck it was heading to singapore in the south china sea. >> it is hard to envision how crowded a waterway like that can be at night. >> reporter: the senator mccain said we are keeping america's sailors aboard the uss john s mccain in our prayers tonight. it collided with a container ship killing seven sailors just last week the maybe relieved the commander of their duties saying inadequate leadership contributed to the crash. both navy ships are among those in asian waters. mentioned lately is one of the tools that could be used to counter any potential missile
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launchers. meg oliver, cbs news. wait until you see how these thieves got away with an atm. some good news for caltrain doing more than just helping people get around. >> we will tell you where to go to see the partial eclipse here in the bay area. a bit of a backup and delays along interstate 80 22 two accidents. we will have your travel times coming up.
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as you can see in this surveillance video: they used a forklift.. to steal an a-t police in arkansas are trying to catch the suspect involved in a heist using a forklift to take an atm. they were able to get away. starting in san francisco muni gets back to its regular train service. they have been running shuttle buses on the weekends to test
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out five new trains set to go to service later this week. muni officials say the new light rail's have reliable passenger doors and better visibility for drivers. riders on another mode of transportation are doing more than just commuting. caltrans commuter are helping to keep the air clean. the number of people riding caltrain each year is the same as removing 10,000 vehicles off of the roads keeping the carbon dioxide from entering the air so it is doing a good job. let's check the roads with jaclyn . >> right now a rough start five minutes behind the rest of your mass transit running with no delay. we are tracking some major
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slowdowns for drivers along westbound 80 through fairfield 20 cordelia junction with an accident did have all of the mains blocked. it looks like it is still blocking those lanes and the backup stretches until west texas. you will be slow until you get past 680. give yourself plenty of extra time. this is 580 with those headlights approaching went -- westbound. we are tracking the usual slowdowns tracking 205 680 with an accident in the clearing stages over to the shoulder. you can see it dips below 40 miles-per-hour and speeds do pick up past that accident but it will be a tough one into the
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castro valley and that is a check of your traffic. send it over to roberta look at the forecast. in central oregon people are flocking to see the total eclipse of the sun and the are running out of fuel. for more tips on the solar eclipse visit us at . we have been counting down for over a full month with our excitement in the forecast has been pretty spot on. we anticipate low clouds, and we will see maximum exposure to our partial eclipse around 10:15 and this morning the weather watchers are so important to me. thank you so much for checking in. michael in oakland has cloudy conditions and katie from
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hayward house cloud cover. head of our inland for the full viewing of our partial eclipse. cloud cover right now lending the rim of the bay with santa rosa starting off with fair skies this morning. we have the clouds all of the way into santa rosa and all of the in toward morgan hill's with livermore also seen some cloud cover. you should clear by 10:00. we are seeing the impressive onshore push keeping any heat from really pushing upward all of the way through the week. clear skies in sacramento with thunderstorms in the greater lake tahoe area and in yosemite. 60 degrees in monterey bay with the official sunrise this
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morning at 6:30. we will have clear skies for the partial eclipse in the fairfield area starting to see the skies clear in livermore that is spot on for this time of the year. tuesday is just a slight warm- up and that is your eclipse weather forecast. the woman who knows everything about shopping, i'm sure she could find it ill today. >> not only shopping but food. denny's has all you can eat for dollar -- $4 moon cakes and krispy kreme is selling chocolate donuts. just be sure to order between 2:00 and 4:00 this afternoon.
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and this shows how much fun when pitbull had at her very own baby shower. this was in southern california. the teenager who owns winter got everything she needed from the local dollar store. coming up the battle of the basement at at&t park. coming up.
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good morning, everybody. and tuan bolan announced his retirement and how about the giants and the phillies? the bases are loaded and the giants lose five-to total -- 5- 2 and the a's bp astros 3-2. pga has the final six holes in the wyndham championship with the final day the lp virgin of the cup is the only thing to
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bring tim you say down with lexi thompson down but usa beat europe by five points with the largest hole on the when things clinton was in the oval office. he leaps over the wall and he may have lost the game but that kid is the talk of the school today assuming he is back at school. see it tonight. are you planning on trying to watch the solar eclipse today? we are at the nasa research center and this is how scientists are preparing for the big event. and oakland unified school district is facing a teacher shortage and how they are looking for teachers oversees. who are these people?
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> it is almost here. we are 3.5 hours away from the start of the solar eclipse with complete coverage in the path of totality. good morning, everyone. it is one of the most important forecasts of the year and we will tell you exactly we will have clear skies for the partial eclipse. this is right out of san lorenzo looking okay but we are getting reports of a new accident and we will show you how it is affecting your ride coming up. i am michelle griego. >> and i am kenny choi. roberto gonzales is checking the forecast the weather central and she will tell us what the conditions will be
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like there. first let's start with sandra osborne inside the nasa research center. >> reporter: good morning. today there is going to be a viewing party but only for those who have preregistered because it is going to be a very popular event. today nasa is trying to get the best view of the solar eclipse today. >> they will be looking at the solar corona. >> they will be getting that important to you today at about 50,000 feet where they will not be any clouds or turbulence to obscure the view. they have attached telescopic cameras hoping to unlock the secrets of the sun. they say that the corona is usually too hard to see with the bright sky but during an eclipse it is physical -- visible. >> each plane will be able to
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observe totality for about four minutes and when we stitched together the observations we will be getting 30 photographs a second. >> they actually said that between the two drugs with those cameras, they are hoping to bring back 29,000 images. out here they are having a viewing party. the sun will be 74% blocked by the moon at about 10:15 this morning. the viewing party is already at capacity. sandra osborne, kpix 5 . >> kenny and i plan to go on the roof later this morning to see what we are going to see. >> i will probably end up at a school but we will have some
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clearing throughout most of the bay area and even if you do have cloud cover it will be a learning curve for many of the kids of where you. the last partial eclipse we had was in 2012 with clear skies but was in the afternoon and if you want details on the viewing of the solar eclipse visit online at and this is what i am looking at this morning. the weather watchers are so important to me this morning. antioch has clear skies and it is a perfect place for looking at the partial eclipse today in the bay area. napa is clear and oakland has overcast skies. another weather watcher house cloud cover in fairfield and bridgeport and tracy you are
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all great places. livermore has some cloud cover now but should clear out by 10:15. here are the clouds lining the rim of the bay. 55 in santa rosa and you should clear up by about 10:15. san jose you will start to see some clarity currently cloudy. east bay hills you will see some clearing back to the vision. he should see some clearing by about 10:00 this morning. 60s, 70s, and 80s at the bay
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area and we will have the full forecast coming up but for now let's say good morning to jaclyn . if you are driving during the eclipse, please do not drive with those glasses on and please do not pull over on the freeway. you will need to get off of the freeway if you would like to review that. we are looking at a couple incidents and this is interstate 80 westbound if you are traveling out of fairfield and major backups due to an accident no longer blocking lanes but the crash near 1680. we are tracking delays of 15 minutes and highway 12 backing up in that westbound direction. the accident at eden canyon road is no longer blocking lanes but the dublin pleasanton
5:36 am
interchange has a new accident and it is getting slower into hayward this morning. that is a check of your traffic. back over to you, michelle. >> thank you so much, jaclyn. when it comes to safety what is true for people holds true for a pet. the animals are now to pu windows and dogs went to the same and that is why vets are urging pet owners to keep these guys away from the windows. the big worry is permanent retina damage. >> there is no way to repair it and it is potentially dangerous. they should be kept indoors and away from the windows expect doctors recommend closing your curtains. thousands are in
5:37 am
carbondale, illinois which is said to be the center of the totality zone. bill harwood is in carbondale to also people are getting ready right now. >> reporter: this is the place in the country with the longest duration. and so a huge amount of interest with city planners really play not all of the stops. they began planning for this years ago. the stadium will be packed with vendors, carnivals, and i cannot even describe the atmosphere. the predictions are for some clouds in the area, so we will wait and see if we will be able to see totality or not. >> hopefully you can. what are scientists expecting
5:38 am
to see? >> reporter: the scientists are going to be studying the corona trying to learn more about what makes it so hot. it is much hotter than the visible surface of the sun. the best time to study this is during the total eclipse when the moon covers the sun and the corona shines through. amateurs are playing a big part in this. there is about 60 places along the path of totality where they have computers and cameras assembling the shadow event. there is another program where they have software that works on your smart phone to combine images to put together into a giant movie when it is all over. they are pulling out all of the
5:39 am
stops to do it, and it should be fun. >> bill harward with the most coveted assignment of the day. thank you so much. >> him it has been waiting for this since 1967. >> that is when he realized it would go coast to coast but last year he made it his mission to hype up this eclipse as much as possible. the goal is to peddle 248 states and teach kids about the system. >> the only thing i can think of that is truly universal. it unites us in a way that nothing else does. it is something that is bigger than we are, and it is free for all of us. >> he believes is been able to cel ob arow sh00 ,0peoplevery
5:40 am
oregon and we will have a report with him at 6:00. >> stay with cbs all morning long for the coverage kicking up with the two hour special report starting at 10:00 a.m.. bay area schools have plenty of jobs. but finding the right candidates is not easy. kpix 5 reporter neda iranpour joins us in oakland . neda ? >> reporter: the unified school district is looking for special education teachers. they have been searching our area with no luck so now they are going beyond the united states to look at other countries to recruit teachers from mexico and spain. greenleaf elementary school just hired seven more from overseas. barbara landed three weeks ago
5:41 am
and spent five years teaching in mexico. >> just looking for a house and going to training. it is all happening at the same time. >> reporter: of the seven newest hires, five from spain and two are from mexico. here in oakland hundreds of students will be arriving with backpacks and school supplies that they will be receiving to start the school year off in the right way. neda iranpour , kpix 5 . >> is there any hope for a stop to this teacher shortage ? >> right now the biggest hope is on the kids. one of the biggest challenges of course is the salary with
5:42 am
people not as interested knowing that teachers are not getting paid as much. they hope to increase those salaries. >> thank you so much, neda. goldman sachs expanding into saudi arabia and meg oliver has at store and more. >> reporter: the first round of talks wrapped up this weekend. negotiators are trying to revise the 23-year-old north american free-trade agreement by early next year. president trump has called this the worst trade deal in history blaming it for the loss of u.s. jobs. goldman sachs is tapping into saudi arabia to buy and sell stock there. they are going a growing list of western banks. saudi arabia has been easing instructions in the stock market as it tries to attract
5:43 am
overseas investors. samsung is expected to unveil the galaxy note 8 in new york on wednesday. it is rumored to have a bigger screen and a dual lens camera with possibly a stylus you can talk into. last year samsung suffered a setback after its smart phone overheated and caught fire. volkswagen says it will put his iconic microbus back on the road by 2022 but this time it will be electric. it will have a range of 270 miles and it will recharge at 80% within half an hour and be capable of autonomous driving. i like that color, too. >> a perfect car for families
5:44 am
with kids and cargo space. meg oliver, thank you so much. still ahead, nasa tells us what not to expect today.
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not everything about the eclipse is predictable. today the canadian broadcasting corporation hired a rooster. the rooster crowed but failed to greet the reappearance of the sun. >> i just want to hear that voice. walter cronkite. the last time for the eclipse
5:47 am
was 1979. there were some pretty interesting myths and there are still some today. >> we have not heard anything with roosters but nasa is debunking other myths this year saying watching the solar eclipse will not harm women who are pregnant. another popular myth is that close you birthday it is a sign of bad help to come. necessary is that is not true. there is no physical that she should between a total solar eclipse and your health. >> but if there is a solar eclipse does that mean your teenage daughter will clean her bedroom? >> and how would it affect the animals? >> i had a crazy thing happen this morning. my phone rang this morning and my son had forgotten something and he left the front door open. in came a raccoon.
5:48 am
i had a big giant candlestick in my hand and also maize and i was making noise to make it go away. my sun was on the other side and then there was this second raccoon so i'm wondering does this have anything to do with the eclipse? it is the life of roberta gonzales . >> i think that is what it is. i usually get up at 2:00 and my heart is still racing. he was the size of a toddler. i swear that he flipped me off as he left. he was the size of a 5-year-old or a 6-year-old. my heart is still racing.
5:49 am
>> now we know that roberta did it with a candlestick. is about a clue? [ laughter ] >> i don't know if your morning is off to that kind of a start but it is pretty slow with drivers having a hard time making their way through the south bay at the usual slowdowns as you are approaching 280 and then it stays slow until 880 and then it is all cleared up. list 237 a couple slowdowns and the san mateo bridge is a little crowded on over to 101 with no major delays along the stretch. get into the san mateo bridge may cost you some time with an earlier crash still out there and westmount 580 passive the
5:50 am
interchange heading toward castro valley you will be slow with an earlier crash no longer blocking lanes but still causing a slow down. we are still in the green from 238 up toward the maze and this is interstate 80 east shore freeway right near powell street getting crowded. you are still in the green for the east shore freeway at 20 minutes but then it is stop and go heading into san francisco this morning. let's check in with roberta and the wrecking. a solar eclipse happens only during a new moon. it needs to be between the sun and the earth for a total solar eclipse to occur and the only lunar phase is naming so today if you want new facts and tips
5:51 am
it is we have been counting down and we are four hours away. you should begin around 11:00 and then you will not see this into the bay and this is important to me this morning with our weather watchers. george is my window to the outside world right now in san francisco. days has clear skies in napa and linda in fairfield says it is clear also katie in hayward is socked in. right now clouds in livermore and you should see the clear skies by 10:15 this morning. this continues to surge onshore
5:52 am
and here is your futurecast for 10:00 this morning with napa and sonoma clearing. back to morgan hill and san jose you will have some partial clearing of the skies. we will continue to see the onshore flow each morning this week with clear skies in sacramento and 85 with official sunrise at 6:30. we gradually see an increase in temperature through the weekend. still ahead, how facebook is trying to get more personal.
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comcast business. the "relles in sacramen welcome back. one shop selling glasses for the solar eclipse is blooming with creativity advertising 16 total eclipse of the heart
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bouquets online. each okay include a pair of eclipse glasses. these arrangements sold out hours after the notice was posted. facebook is testing out some new featured topics tailoring news links based on user interest. you will see a few sentences on the subject, a story link, and a picture. coming up we will tell you how scientists are preparing for the big day straight ahead. many students will find teachers coming from mexico and spain. we will talk about the teacher shortage and how oakland is going overseas to find new ones.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news.
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>> in just a matter of hours millions of people will have their eyes on the sky for the first total solar eclipse to cross the entire united states in nearly a century. >> tracing a 70 mile wide path from oregon to south carolina. good morning, everyone. it is monday, august 21. i am michelle griego. >> and i am kenny choi. roberto gonzales will let us know whether or not fog will put a damper in the bay area but first let's go to sandra osborne at nasa in mountain view and that is where people are gathering for the big show . >> reporter: be a self- proclaimed space nerd it is pretty exciting to be here at nasa for the viewing party. they are saying this is already at capacity starting a little later on. there are people


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