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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 22, 2017 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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we are not nation building again. we are killing terrorists. >> now at 11:00 in a primetime address tonight president trump announced a drastic new strategy in the war on terror. good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm juliette goodrich. kpix5's katie nielsen is in the newsroom now to break it down
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for us. >> political analysts predicted president trump would announce an increase in the number of troops in afghanistan from the current level of 8,000 to 12,000. instead the president said it's time to take drastic measures in our strategy with afghanistan and shift the focus from creating democracy to killing terrorists. >> terrorists, take heed. america will never let up until you are dealt a lasting defeat. >> trump said tonight the middle east policies of past presidents didn't work and it's time for a change. >> we will not talk about numbers of troops or our plans for further military activities. >> his focus will be on stopping terrorists and abandoning the idea of nation building in the middle east. he said pakistan is turning a blind eye to terrorist hideouts and it's time to hold the country's feet to fire through whatever means necessary. >> pakistan often gives safe
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haven to agents of chaos, violence and terror. >> we watched the president's address with retired marine corps colonel brendan kerney to get his reaction to the president's plan to win the war in afghanistan. >> i think we're on the right track towards focusing on the people that want to hurt us and by going after them it precludes them getting us. >> another facet of the president's plan, give military leaders on the front lines more authority to do what's necessary to get the job done, something colonel kerney said would be a welcome change. >> the standard thing among our group between military professionals was that you couldn't get decisions in a timely manner that had relevance to what you were trying to accomplish over there. >> the colonel says the president didn't come up with the strategy alone. it was obvious he had help from the secretary of defense and state and joint chiefs of staff. >> this has jim mattis and joe
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dunford and tillerson has their fingerprints all over it. e deadly charlottesville y - saying soldier >> another interesting part of the president's remarks, he called for unity after the deadly charlottesville rally saying soldiers who go to fight the terrorists deserve to come home to a country that's not at war with itself. live in the newsroom katie nielsen, kpix5. tonight house minority leader nancy pelosi said in a statement, "when president trump says there will be no ceiling on the numb are about of troops and no timeline for with -- number of troops and no timeline for withdrawal he's declaring an open ended commitment of american lives with no accountability to the american people," and barbara lee said, "i am deeply troubled with president trump's failure to bring an end to our nation's longest war." tomorrow president trump heads to phoenix for a rally expected to draw protesters. today the city's police chief
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and mayor said they will protect everyone's first amendment rights, but they urge people to remain peaceful. earlier the mayor asked the president to scrap the visit. some anti-trump graffiti already popped up around phoenix. tomorrow nighttime's rally will be held at the city -- night's rally will be held at the city's convention center. . police are investigating a hate crime in alameda tonight just days after a vandal targeted a place of worship. kpix5's christin ayers shows us this time the case involves swastikas. >> reporter: tonight a small group of people who live in the area gathered in front of the islamic have to say they won't stand for hate here or anywhere in alameda. >> we want to stand up and say that there is no home for hate in alameda. >> reporter: lindsay crawford's husband neil found two flyers on the street in front of their home sunday morning a few doors down from the islamic center of alameda. on it a muslim woman is seen in a hijab next to a swastika and the words help me kill you,
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stupid. >> shocking and surprising. there was a swastika on it, right? which is an incredibly obvious symbol. >> reporter: the flyer sent shock through the community just days after a synagogue's windows were smashed with rocks. authorities are investigating whether that was a hate crimlf told us somebody broke the windows of a prayer room. >> we did tell the police officers to investigate it. >> reporter: tonight the imam was not ready to talk about latest incident, but his neighbors were willing to stand up and speak out against hate. >> it doesn't belong on our street, in this community, on this planet. >> reporter: in alameda christin ayers, kpix5. in san francisco city leaders now expect a rally by the patriot prayer group to move forward as planned this saturday. they have essentially given the mayor and others are still concerned about the potential for violence at christy field, but they have essentially given up on the national park service denying a permit. instead they're focusing on
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working with the park service to prevent clashes like what happened during a recent patriot prayer rally in seattle. the city will hold al terminallive rallies at civic center -- alternative rallies at the civic center friday and saturday and take lots of precautions at christy field. >> police chief scott is meeting at least twice a day and they seem very dependent upon our police forces to be the security for the entire event. >> they could impose some pretty stringent conditions such as no backpacks, no weapons, not just firearms, but no baseball bats, no clubs, no knives. >> mayor ed lee wants to use some of the lessons learned over the weekend in boston where there was a heavy police presence and fences to keep free speech advocates and counter demonstrators apart. a proposal to build tiny homes in san jose is losing ground. out of 99 potential sites looked at just four are left. each site would have about 20
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tiny homes, but fierce opposition from neighbors defeated most of the proposals. tiny homes are about 70 square feet. they are being built in cities like portland to get homeless people off the streets. some opponents say san jose should be building more permanent homeless housing. the great american eclipse is in the history books tonight. >> this was the first total solar eclipse in the u.s. in nearly a century. millions of americans turned their heads to the sky to see the moon cross between the earth and the sun. and for those in the path of totality from oregon to south carolina, daylight turned to darkness. the moon first blotted out the sun in oregon. kpix5 anchor ken bastida is live in salem, oregon, for us tonight. ken? >> reporter: yeah. hi, elizabeth. it was billed as a once in a lifetime opportunity to see something that you just don't see more than once in a lifetime, the great american eclipse as it was called. it's gone now and so are the
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crowds that were here in downtown salem just a few locals hanging out tonight, but most of the people who flooded the area and there were thousands of them have returned or are in the process of getting back home. that eclipse, though, it left an impression with a lot of people. take a look. no adjustment of your television is necessary. this really is what it looked like at 10:15 in the morning. >> the neatest part was when it was almost at full totality and you got that diamond ring effect of the moon and the sun. that was really awesome looking and then to have it almost go total darkness and looking out at a baseball field that was really bright light when it started and just going total dark, a pretty amazing experience. >> reporter: thousands of people came to kaiser, oregon, to watch a baseball game and an eclipse broke out. and mother nature knocked this one out of the park.
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[ cheering and applause ] >> that was like the most incredible thing i've ever seen. when it reached totality and there was just the ring around the moon, oh, man, that was incredible! >> oh, my gosh. [ crowd talking ] >> reporter: the people around me, the spirit, the buzz that just took over, i was crying. i had tears rolling down my cheeks watching this thing. i was overwhelmed. >> it's pretty amazing. i cried like a baby. >> reporter: you cried? >> i cried. it was a little bit unexpected. it was so moving. i don't know. tears started streaming. it was really amazing. >> reporter: it was crazy. that was a common emotion. a lot of people were very emotionally affected by this. what was really cool, though, was watching it in that volcano
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stadium, the baseball park there, because nasa had set up a system where their experts were there and they were saying okay, in 10 seconds. they were on the loudspeaker, nine seconds you'll be able to take your glasses off and it was like they had it down to the microsecond. they knew exactly what was going to happen. okay, the diamond ring is coming in just a couple of seconds and it was just freaky. the whole thing went off exactly the way it was supposed to. >> they gave you the play-by- play. >> reporter: they absolutely did and they knew exactly what was going to happen when it was and i was amazed and like i said earlier, i stood there looking at it and dropped my jaw. i con believe what i was watching and thankfully i have a great photographer, bob horn, who did his job while i was completely mesmerized. he was doing it and that's why you got the great pictures you did. i mean it's a lasting memory. i want to see the next one. i'm ready to go. it's not going to be once in a
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lifetime for me. i done care where i have to go. i'm going to go see another one. >> we know you saw the darkness, but how did it feel? did you notice a real temperature drop? >> reporter: how did it feel? i cried. no. actually it felt like the temperature definitely dropped. nasa people told us it went down at least 15 degrees and they were still checking all of their instrumentation and everything. it got so dark that we could actually see planets. they started popping out. there was venus and mercury and a number of stars and it was nighttime in a split second and then a couple seconds later came back to daytime. it was the strangest weirdest thing i've ever seen in my life. >> once in a lifetime experience. ken bastida live for us in salem, oregon, thank you, ken. in san jose it was a bit overcast as the moon started passing over the sun, but the clouds burned off in time for
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the hundreds of people at hoagie park. the san jose astronomical association hosted the event, but the best image of the day came from an astronomer who mounted a camera to a high powered telescope for the crowd to see. >> think about the universe we live in and the things that are out there, you know, when you look up in the sky and there's a lot of amazing things to see and to learn about. >> some drivers in the bay area got so excited seeing the partial eclipse they just had to pull over. the chp wasn't amused and scolded those who stopped along highway 24 to snap a photo. luckily no reports of any accidents. for the second time this year this bay area rapper was shot. tonight we asked police who did this and why. >> can this brand of baby powder really cause cancer? tonight the record $417 million verdict. (((break)) >> do more fish really bite during eclips ♪
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>> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces. developing news out of italy, at least one person is dead following a powerful earthquake. the usgs said the magnitude 4.3 quake rattled the resort island of iskea in the gulf of naples. several buildings collapsed. rescuers are trying to reach several people buried under rubble. helicopters are transporting the injured to hospitals in naples. a prominent bay area rapper is hospitalized after a gunman
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opened fire. this is the second time he's been shot this year. toasking a both shootings connected? here's kpix5's joe vazquez. >> reporter: he's been a star in the bay area hip-hop scene and beyond for more than a decade. tonight the sneak is recovering in the hospital shot multiple times at 5:30 this morning at a richmond gas station parking lot. who did this and why? >> that's the big question. that's what our detective its are doing -- detectives are doing. they're combing through surveillance footage trying to figure out what happened and who did this and the motive for this. >> reporter: the manager gave his only copy of the video to police, but here's what he described. he tells me the victim was parked here and the video shows a man coming from this direction walking right up to the car and opening fire. >> it's just heart breaking. >> reporter: friend and fellow hip-hop star mr. fab broke the news on instagram this morning.
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>> the big homie made it through surgery. he did get shot. he's not dead and prayers and strength may go with him. >> reporter: keith was also shot in oakland january this year. police say they're looking to see if those cases night be related. meanwhile -- might be related. meanwhile his many fans are hoping for a speedy recovery. >> a great artist, well known, respected. >> reporter: did you harley he got shot like that? >> yeah -- hear he got. >> got -- got shot like that? >> yeah. i'm really glad he's alive. >> he pulled through surgery and is in stable condition. three suspects accused of robbing a jewelry store and holding hostages are under arrest. the men forced their way into the store on august 8 and held workers at gunpoint and stole the merchandise. tonight all three suspects face robbery and kidnapping charges. victory for a california woman who said her cancer came
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from talcum powder. johnson & johnson has been ordered to pay more than $400 million. reporter tom wait has the emotional testimony from the woman at the center of the case. >> reporter: this was 63-year- old eva echeveria before cancer took over her body. this is what the fight has done to her. she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer 10 years ago, a condition she blames on johnson & johnson's talcum powder. she took her fight to court and won. for the first time we're seeing some of the heart breaking testimony in the case. here she talks about how her daughter cared for her after her diagnosis. >> i was diagnosed when she was 16 years old. she didn't graduate till she was 21 because she was taking care of me. i feel like she was cheated out of her teen years because she had to stop and take care of me. >> reporter: echeveria accused johnson & johnson of knowing
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the risks of talcum powder and concealing them. she used the product 41 years. according to the american cancer society, many studies have been done on a possible link between the product and ovarian cancer, the results have been mixed. dr. anthony pickett with dignity health california hospital. >> we say medication does not prove causation. until further proof is forthcoming i recommend for a patient to be cautious. >> reporter: for echeveria the verdict is a huge victory, but it won't cure her cancer. >> i have a grandson. it makes me sad because i don't know how long i'm going to be able to tell him i love him. >> reporter: johnson & johnson released a statement after the verdict. they said their deepest sympathies are with the families affected by ovarian cancer, but they do say science supports their case and they
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plan to appeal the verdict. reporting from the west lake district of los angeles i'm tom wait, kpix5. tonight fremont police are trying to track down the owner of this blue iguana. an animal services officer spotted the stray reptile outside an apartment complex at warren and warm springs today. the iguana is at the tri-city animal shelter. if you thought you had a good view for the eclipse, wait till you see this. dozens of lucky eclipse chasers on an invitation only flight on alaska airlines watched above the clouds 15 minutes before it hit the mainland. the flight delivered nearly two minutes of totality for everyone on board over the pacific. even higher up look at nasa's view in this video from satellite. you can see moon's shadow as it moves across the earth. we've all heard of some strange eclipse myths the last few days. we thought this one may actually have some teeth to it.
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do fish really bite more during an eclipse? kpix5's wilson walker went out to see for himself. >> we'll be fishing for striper and salmon today. >> we threw some lines out about 30 minutes ago. >> reporter: no luck? >> no luck so far. >> reporter: not a day just for watching the lines. this was a day for watching the skies and hoping the two would align. >> we got a lot of fish on the finder. they're not jumping on the line yet. they're waiting for the sun to go out. >> reporter: and finally it started. >> isn't that amazing? >> yeah, totally. >> the eclipse is starting, but fish still aren't biting. >> reporter: over an hour the landscape dimmed, the air cooled and nature at large seemed to respond. >> hear the birds? they say the birds will get affected by it. >> reporter: the fish, however, not so much making the eclipse itself probably the day's better catch. >> that's pretty awesome. >> we gave it a real good shot today. >> it's pretty slow. >> but that's fishing. >> reporter: next eclipse.
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>> next eclipse who knows? >> reporter: in the delta wilson walker, kpix5. >> it just needed to last the whole day. >> that's it. stay on the fishing boat the entire day and they'll eventually bite. even a bad day fishing is still a good day. we're cloudy and sticky this evening. the leftover thunderstorms from the sierra have given us at a minimum cloud cover, mild in san jose, a few light showers this evening in san jose and redwood city and los altos, 59 tonight in vallejo for your overnight low, san jose 63, san francisco, foggy,59 degrees for you and napa. don't threat. there is another total solar eclipse coming to our area. actually totality will be as close as redding, california. you have to wait until august 12th, 2045, nearly 28 years from now the next time we have a total solar eclipse on the
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west coast of the united states. we'll let you know in advance of that. we had that low pressure area spinning off the southern california coast line feeding back some of the showers and thunderstorms from the sierra moving in our direction east to west. it's ridge that's the big weather player for us. it's kind of bashful staying offshore about 1,000 miles. later this week it gets closer, the marine layer gets compressed and temperatures climb to the mid-90s inland. tomorrow morning widespread morning clouds, south bay the exception, sunshine in the afternoon, but the onshore flow and marine layer about 2,400 feet thick keeps temperatures down near normal the next 24 hours. concord 87 degrees, santa clara 82, san mateo 78, can't get out of the 60s at the beach. san ramon tomorrow sunshine 85, pittsburg 87, 60s to low 70s stinson beach to mill valley, sonoma 82, berkeley 70 degrees, lake port 92 degrees on tuesday. extended forecast, we begin to
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warm up friday, toasty over the weekend and one thing to note. we begin to warm up around the bay and a few degrees warmer at the coast. we aren't that far away from september. that's when the winds change and we can warm up to the beach. hey, we're almost in september now. >> enjoy summer. >> thanks, paul. this little girl was born in the path of totality, the odds astronomical and her name reflects that. >> here are tonight's guests on the late show with stephen colbert. who are these people?
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at "saint luke's hospital" in chesterfield, missou people are celebrating the solar eclipse in all kinds of ways. >> a st. louis hospital in chesterfield, missouri, the staff dressed up these newborn babies in eclipse baby buntings and gave their families eclipse theme baskets full of sun chips, moon pies and eclipse
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gum and meet little eclipse. this little girl was born this morning in greenville, south carolina. that was one of the cities in the path of totality. her parents named her eclipse in honor of today's spectacle in the sky. one giants shutout this season. do you know who started the other shutout? >> meet ruben foster. this guy sure did. why 49er fans should be excited vo: whenever a craving hits,
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coming up next on kpix5. undley... >> hard to believe, but the
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giants haven't dealt a shutout at home all year. so who would have thought the first would come from a battery of chris stratton and nick hundley? giants haven't exactly been in sync this season, but starter chris stratton certainly was, six shutouts against milwaukee. he hasn't allowed a run in the last 12 2/3 innings on the mound. brandon crawford just inside the line scoring jarrod parker and giants win a shutout at home 2-0. this woman in baltimore is stretching it out with the a's relievers tonight. bottom of the 5th already 5-1 orioles. adam jones got his second home run of the night. he was four for four. baltimore wins 7-3 dropping oakland a season high 17 games below .500. 49ers rookie ruben foster has been the talk of the team's preseason, but the line backer has had the reputation of being a hard hitter long before he arrived in the bay area.
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just ask form he lsu running back leonard for net who was laid -- fornett who was laid out by foster. foster told me it hurt him just as bad as fornett. >> he's a huge guy. every time on defense i hit him i'd get a headache. so i was like dang, this is going to be a big old collision. so i of running down and i finally got to him and i was like man, got to take 1 for the team. >> reporter: you took one for the team. >> yes. he also took one. >> great guy. this is a trick shot artist, alex barlow throwing the ball over shoulder back flipping while the ball hits off two pieces of wood and then sticking the landing. i'll give him a perfect 10 hitting the ball out of the air. >> wow. >> i don't know. my sources told me tonight that that trick shot has been renamed
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tomorrow morning at 4-30. michelle griego have all th the late show with stephen colbert is next. next newscast tomorrow morning is 4:30. >> enjoy the evening. we'll have all the news you need starting your day
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