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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  August 22, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> i'm michelle griego. let's say good morning to roberta and sandra, who joining us today. >> good morning. jaclyn is out sick so i'm happy i can fill in. >> we're happy you're here. good to see you. >> you, too. >> are we just a little exhausted from yesterday? what a day that was. >> what an eclipse hangover. >> i was in oakley at the delta. the one thing we had in common, everybody was so happy. [ laughter ] >> now we're back to normal. at this early hour, we have overcast skies. temperatures in the 50s. 64 degrees, high clouds in san jose. this is our satellite and radar. we have a clear slot around san rafael through the golden gate
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bridge. that will change before sunrise. temperatures in the 60s, 70s and 80s. warmer today than yesterday. earlier burn-off. and we have ourselves a warming trend. we'll talk about that but first, let's say hi to sandra. >> good morning. all right. as we're starting off our tuesday overall, we have some good news. but let's take a look at the altamont pass right now. just our typical slowdowns. 22 miles an hour approaching 205. 205 to 680 will take 26 minutes. from time to time we are seeing a little bit of a stackup there in the cash lanes on the bay bridge. overall in the green. two lanes blocked eastbound 80 near ashby avenue. however, notice the sensors there. we are still seeing things up to speed so this is not causing any slowdowns for us. let's send things back to michelle. president trump has unveiled a new strategy for the u.s. war in afghanistan that calls for an increase in troops
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but erases anytime table. the president says it's time to shift the focus from creating democracy to killing terrorists. katie nielsen has the story. >> terrorists, take heed: america will never let up until you are dealt a lasting defeat. >> reporter: president trump said the middle east policies of past presidents didn't work and it's time for a change. >> we will not talk about numbers of troops or our plans for further military activities. >> reporter: his focus will be on stopping terrorists and abandoning the idea of nation building in the middle east. he says pakistan is turning a blind eye to terrorists' hideouts and it's time to hold the country's feet to the fire however necessary. >> pakistan often gives safe haven to terrorists. >> reporter: we watched the president's address with a retired marine corps colonel to
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get his reaction to the president's plan to win the war in afghanistan. >> i think we're on the right track towards focusing on the people that want to hurt us and by going after them, it precludes them getting us. >> reporter: another fassett of the president's plan, give military leaders on the front lines more authority to do what's necessary to get the job done, something the colonel said would be a welcome change. >> the standard thing among our group between military professionals was that you couldn't get decisions in a timely manner that had relevance to what you were trying to do. >> reporter: he says the president didn't come up with this strategy alone. it was obvious he had help from the secretary of defense and state as well as the joint chiefs of staff. >> this has jim mattis and joe dunford and tillerson, has their fingerprints all over it. >> reporter: katie nielsen,
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kpix 5. >> house minority leader nancy pelosi said, when president trump says there will be no ceiling on the number of troops and no timeline for withdrawal, he is declaring an open-ended commitment of american lives with no accountability to the american people. and barbara lee said: member of congress to vote against the bill giving the president broad powers to use litary in the >> lee was the only member of congress to vote against the bill giving the president broad powers to use the military in the wake of the september 11th terror attack fearing it would lead to an unended conflict. today president trump heads to phoenix for a rally. the city's police chief and mayor said that they intend to protect everyone's first amendment rights but they are also urging people remain peaceful. earlier the mayor asked the president to scrap the visit. some anti-trump graffiti has already appeared in phoenix. the total eclipse came and
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went. it was the first time in nearly 100 years this type of eclipse hit the u.s. millions of people watched it. for people in the path of totality, which spanned from oregon to south carolina, sunshine turned to darkness. that was one of the coolest things to watch. kpix 5's ken bastida reports from salem, oregon. >> reporter: no adjustment of your tv is necessary because this really is what it looked like at 10:15 in the morning. >> it was neat. when it was almost at full totality and you got that diamond ring effect of the moon and the sun, that was really awesome looking. and then to have it almost go total darkness and looking out at a baseball field that was really bright lights it started and then just going enh total dark, pretty amazing experience. >> reporter: thousands of people came to kaiser, oregon,
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to watch a baseball game and an eclipse broke out. mother nature knocked this one out of the [ applause and cheers ] >> that was like the most incredible thing i have ever seen. when it reached totality and there was a ring around the moon, oh, man, it was incredible. >> oh, my gosh! [ inaudible ] >> the people around me, the spirit, the buzz that just took over, i was crying watching this. i was overwhelmed. >> pretty amazing. i cried like a baby. >> reporter: you cried? >> i cried. it was a little bit unexpected. i -- it was so moving. i don't know. i just -- tears started streaming. it was really amazing. >> reporter: and during totality, temperatures cooled off. in fact, they dropped about 15
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degrees. and it got so dark, we could actually see planets, venus and mercury, in the sky. in salem, oregon, i'm ken bastida, kpix 5. back in the bay area, you can see clouds were thick when the moon first started passing over the sun. but they burned off just in time for hundreds of people at this san jose watch party to watch it. the san jose astronomical association hosted the event and an astronomer who mounted a telescope captured one of the best images of all. >> think about the universe that we live in and the things that are out there. you know, when you look up in the sky, there's a lot of amazing things to see and to learn about. >> some drivers in the bay area couldn't help but pull over just to soak up the partial eclipse. the chp wasn't pleased though telling anybody snapping pictures from highway 24 to keep moving. there no reports of accidents. at least we were "lucky" here
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in san francisco to see a partial eclipse. >> we went on the roof. you had to wait for the clouds to pass. and then get that little break. >> that little break of opportunity. so i left san francisco at 8:30 and it took me all the way to bay point before the clouds cleared and then from antioch all the way to oakley it was clear blue skies. the most awesome thing i experienced with this eclipse was the temperature drop. it was 66 and it dropped easily to -- well, my phone said 58 degrees and the winds picked up. and it was cold. it felt like cool san francisco day. then as soon as it was over we jumped up to 75 degrees. >> that's amazing. >> imagine if you are in the path of totality, the temperature drop there. >> it didn't get dark. >> no. >> not for us. >> just felt like we were in the shade for a moment there. >> yes. >> but the people were so happy. i met this one woman who had her 9-year-old and she was -- she said when she saw her first eclipse she was 9. then she had her 90-year-old mother with
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her. it was just generations out there. what a day. >> that's neat. >> and the weather was conducive for us here. today this morning waking up again in clouds. from the coast to our inland areas socked in with overcast conditions, sfo, we'll keep you posted on the potential of airport delays. right now temperatures from 58 in santa rosa to 63 in redwood city. winds have been picking up not so much at the coast, half moon bay, out of the northwest at 4. oakland winds are now at 10. it's calm in fremont. it's pretty much out of the west-southwest as far as the wind is concerned at 15 in the fairfield area. satellite-radar suggests an expansive extensive deck of stratus along the coast into the bay this morning stream all the way into morgan hill and as far north as santa rosa. clouds burn off, sunshine prevails. temperatures from 65 in pacifica to 87 degrees in fairfield. hotter at the delta. for the full forecast in a matter of minutes, let's say hi to sandra. good morning.
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we are starting off tuesday with a few minors things out there. right now we're taking a look at a crash that happened earlier in fremont. this was on southbound 680 at vargas road but the good news with this we just watched the sensors go from yellow back to green so things are looking clear to the shoulder and back up to speed in fremont. here's the south bay a few spots you can see 880 we have some very minor slowdowns as we start off our day no crashes or no major crashes to report there. but right now, if you are on 101 going northbound from hellyer to san antonio avenue you are in the clear. that will take you about 22 minutes. and right now, live view of the san mateo bridge, once again, in the green, as we start off our day. police are investigating a hate crime in alameda. as kpix 5's christin ayers shows us, the latest case involves swastikas. >> reporter: a small group of people who live in the area have gathered in front of the
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islamic center are standing up against hate. >> there is no home for hate in alameda. >> reporter: her husband found two of the flyers on the street in front of their home sunday morning. just a few doors down from the islamic center of alameda. on it a muslim woman is seen in a hijab, next to a swastika and the words, help me kill you, stupid. >> shocking, surprising. there was a swastika on it right, which is an incredibly obvious symbol. >> reporter: the flyer has sent shock waves through this community just days after the windows of a synagogue were smashed by vandals with rocks. authorities are still investigating whether that was a hate crime. this is not the first time the islamic center has been targeted. a year and a half ago someone broke the windows of a prayer room. >> we told the police to investigate it as a hate crime. >> reporter: he wasn't ready to talk about the latest incident but his neighbors were willing to stand up and speak out. >> it doesn't belong in this -- on our street, in this
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community, on this planet. >> reporter: in alameda, christin ayers, kpix 5. in san francisco, a right- wing protest at crissy field is expected to happen. the national park service has not denied the permit but city leaders say they are going to work with the park service to prevent clashes like what happened during a recent "patriot prayer" rally in seattle. the city is going to hold alternative rallies at civic center on friday and saturday and take precautions at crissy field. >> police chief scott is meeting at least twice a day now, um, and they seem again very dependent upon our, um, police forces to have to be the security for the entire event. >> you could impose some stringent conditions such as, um, no backpacks, no weapons, not just firearms but no baseball bats, no clubs. no knives. >> mayor lee wants to use some of the lessons learned over the weekend in boston. he says there was a heavy police presence as well as fences to keep free speech advocates and counter- demonstrators apart.
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4:42. dozens of lucky people got the chance to see yesterday's eclipse before anyone else. we'll go on the eclipse plane straight ahead. >> plus, a frantic search for survivors in italy this morning after a powerful earthquake.
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after a powerful earthquake in italy. it hit an island.. off the coast of naples last night. according to the b-b-c: search-and-rescue crews are digging through the rubble after a powerful earthquake in italy on an island off the coast of naples, 2 dead, dozens hurt. many got trapped under collapsed buildings. the initial reports show it was a 4.3 earthquake. some students at san jose state are voicing their opposition to a professor's return to campus. lewis aptekar was returned to campus after harassing a student in 2015. some students said he had a reputation for acting inappropriately even before the allegations. now he is returning to teach
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two classes starting next week. a protest is planned for monday. in fremont, an iguana has been forgotten or at least left behind at an apartment complex. an animal services officer found this blue reptile right outside a building on warren and warm springs yesterday. the iguana is currently at the tri-city animal shelter. among the mist surrounding the recent eclipse, we heard fish might bite during the event among the other myths. wilson walker reports from the delta. >> we're going to be fishing for striper and salmon. >> about 30 minutes ago. >> no luck? >> no luck so far. >> reporter: not just a day for watching the lines. this was a day for watching the skies and hoping the two would, well, align. >> we got a lot of fish on the fish finder. they're just not biting yet. >> reporter: finally, it started. >> isn't that amazing? >> oh, yeah. >> total. eclipse is starting but fish
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still aren't biting. >> reporter: over the course of an hour, the landscape dimmed, the air cooled, and nature at large seemed to respond. >> hear the birds? they say the birds will get affected by it. >> reporter: the fish, however, not so much making the eclipse itself probably the day's better catch. >> awesome. >> we gave it a real good shot today. >> it's pretty slow. >> that's fishing. >> but that's fishing. >> reporter: next eclipse? >> next eclipse, who knows? [ laughter ] >> reporter: in the delta, wilson walker, kpix 5. for anyone who felt content watching the eclipse from the ground, get ready to feel slightly jealous. i do. dozens of people went to an invitation-only flight on alaska airlines. they caught it from above the clouds 15 minutes before the mainland. two minutes of totality for passengers over the pacific. that is cool. >> i love all these different perspectives. you look at the video from
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google and you see these pictures from the plane and you got all these different perspectives from the country. >> what the astronauts saw. that was cool, too. >> what a day yesterday. hope you had a wonderful monday. how about a terrific tuesday? right now, over cast skies, we have thick overcast skies and also at sfo and currently our air temperatures are very similar to yesterday. maybe a degree or two off. 58 degrees in santa rosa. 59 degrees in livermore. and each and every one of these cities reporting overcast skies. we have our satellite-radar suggesting at this particular time we have the cloud cover deck roughly 2,000 feet deep. it's expansive and stretches all the way into the tri-valley to the east. all the way to morgan hill to
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the south. all the way past santa rosa into guerneville and healdsburg. and occidental to the north. weather watcher time. boy, were you guys so helpful to me yesterday? letting knee if it was cloudy where you live. boy, redwood city, robert sullivan reports thin overcast. george is socked in. clear in fairfield. we have clouds, it looks like at this particular time, some thunderstorms drifting into the high sierra as we were forecasting yesterday and you can see the thunderstorms right there. there was that potential of the stray shower making it far into the east bay and overnight. haven't seen any reports of that. high pressure continues to build in. it is it gets closer each day, we'll have a little bit of a warmup in our inland areas. gradual warming for the week ahead. as far as our statewide temperatures are concerned, we'll keep the thunderstorms in the forecast for the high sierra and also in yosemite. approaching 70 in monterey bay,
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mid-60s in pacific with a hint of sunshine but i wouldn't bank on any sunshine in daly city or colma. 60s, 70s around the bay is spot on. 80s across the santa clara valley. 80s to the north. mid- to upper 80s to the east. outside number 90 in antioch, brentwood and discovery bay. the winds up to 15 and 20 during the afternoon. there's your gradual warmup. we're talking mid-90s away from the bay over the weekend. that's your tuesday forecast. here's sandra. good to see you. >> good morning. yeah, glad to be here and i love seeing some of those 70s right there on our seven-day forecast. we're starting off with a live look outside. we have a camera set up that's going to be at 580 and 24 looking westbound. there is some construction near here but i just wanted to show you this not seeing any major slowdowns right here in this location. all right. the roadwork we're talking about this morning, look at this. we're seeing two things right here for one buck. two bits of roadwork in the oakland area. one area 27th street on-ramp to eastbound 980.
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some minor slowdowns already this morning. but again, very minor as we take off today. another spot we're looking at that roadwork on eastbound 20 that's going to be from 980 to the caldecott tunnel. one lane closed until 6 a.m. so you want to plan ahead. all right. a live look outside at the nimitz freeway. we are currently in the clear. lots of green on our sensors this morning. so we love to see that as you go from 238 to the macarthur maze. that's going to take but 15 minutes. and right now, a look at the sensors in the altamont pass area, we are seeing some red. this is not because of a crash. this is just your typical slowdowns for this time of the year. already bringing most of our sensors down to the yellow so 580 from 205 to 680 going to take you 28 minutes this morning. and we leave with you a nice live look at the bay bridge out there. a little bit of a stackup in the cash lanes but otherwise, things are looking great. stay with us, traffic and weather in just a moment.
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there's new information about a jewelry store heist in san francisco. good tuesday morning to you. right now we have some good news out there on the roads. we did have an earlier crash near fremont. southbound 680 at vargas road, this has been cleared off to the shoulder. we are not seeing slowdowns because of that crash. just wanted to give you an update on that. here's a live look at the bay bridge this morning. a few stackups heading into the cash lanes but overall things are great on 80 this morning. our sensors are in the green right now. let's send things to kenny and michelle. there is new information about a jewelry store heist in san francisco. we now know three people were arrested. they are accused of forcing their way into the store in the northern police district and holding workers at gunpoint. they stole merchandise. all the suspects face robbery
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and kidnapping charges. a well-known bay area rapper is in the hospital after being shot for a second time this year. kpix 5's joe vazquez tells us police are investigating whether both shootings are related. [ [ unintelligible rap lyrics ] ] >> reporter: he has been a star in the bay area hip-hop scene and beyond for more than a decade. the sneak is recovering in the hospital. he was shot multiple times at a richmond gas station parking lot. who did this and why? >> well, that's the big question. our detectives are looking at surveillance footage to see what happened and the motive. >> reporter: the manager says he gave his only copy of the video to the police. he says the victim the sneak was parked here and that the video shows a man coming from this direction walking right up to the car and opening fire. >> it's heartbreaking. >> reporter: this friend mistah fab broke the news on
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instagram. >> the big homie made it through surgery. he did get shot. he's not dead. and prayers and strength may go with him. >> reporter: keith was also shot in oakland in january of this year. police say they are looking to see if those cases might be related. meanwhile, his many fans are hoping for a speedy recovery. >> an amazing artist, a great rapper, well known, respected, now. >> i hear he got shot like that. >> yeah. it's bad. i'm glad he is alive though. >> reporter: in richmond, joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> police say that the sneak has pulled through surgery and is in stable condition. the remaining sections of the old bay bridge will come down ahead of schedule. yesterday caltrain is going to destroy part of several stations. it will reduce environmental impact. >> now is the time to work smarter but now is the time to also work faster. and again, this whole effort is
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all about cleaning up the bay. it's about removing things in the bay that we don't need, taking out those piers. >> to protect the drivers, caltrans will need to close the new bridge on a rolling basis. pedestrian and bike paths will also be closed in some days. we have a link to the website. the first pier implosion will be saturday september 2. president trump declares a new strategy for the longest war in the history of the u.s. but questions remain about what he wants. >> and today, local lawmakers here in berkeley will speak out against racism and bigotry ahead of a planned protest here this weekend. that story coming up.
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and i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live look outside... ing rush is good morning, it's tuesday, august 22nd. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning. i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live look outside. take a look at the conditions on this tuesday morning 880 in oakland.
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wow, look at all those headlights already at 5:00 this morning. and on the left, you have the beautiful spectacular bay bridge. how are the conditions? >> i love looking at those lights. >> it never gets old. >> i love it. i like when they start dancing. >> especially coming down hill and heading to the bay, you see the lights, it's just spectacular! [ laughter ] >> hi, everybody. good morning. let's take a look outside right now, our live weather camera looking out from the transamerica pyramid. this never gets old. looking towards the port of oakland, you can see the lights in the distance before i covered them up. [ laughter ] >> 58 in santa rosa, also in livermore. thin overcast. we have winds up to 8 in oakland. 10 in antioch. 15 fairfield. winds will rotate to the southwest today a good 10 to 15. clouds retreat to the coast. highs top off in the 60s. mid- to high 80s inland even 90. full forecast, 18 after the hour. good morning. now, i do want to tell you


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