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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  August 22, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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aims to create the conditions for a political process to achieve a lasting peace. >> as president trump outlines a new plan for the war in afghanistan, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle weigh in. good morning, it's tuesday, august 22nd. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning. i'm kenny choi. first let's start with traffic and weather. sandra is tracking our commute. how are things looking? it's getting so busy, i'm just getting word now, it's if you are on highway 17 northbound, we have a crash still getting details in right now to our newsroom. but glenwood drive, that's the key point, behind there, we are seeing some delays starting up. and also the bay bridge, oh, it is busy this morning! westbound 80 just past the toll plaza there, there was a motorcycle incident of some sort. fire crews are responding to the rider of that motorcycle. one lane is blocked. speeds inching by at 4 miles per hour around that particular area. here's a live look from our toll plaza camera. you can see things are backed up there. right now you go from the
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macarthur maze to the 101/80 split, 18 minutes. in san leandro, we have a crash northbound 880 at 98th avenue. one lane blocked. we are seeing speeds knocked down between 10 to 15 miles per hour. so give yourself some extra time. if you take a live look at this camera we have outside right now on the nimitz freeway, overall not bad. still our sensors are showing some minor slowdowns right now to go on 880 from 238 to the macarthur maze. it will take you about 26 minutes. what a beautiful view this morning at 6:01. hi, everybody! take a look at this. it's our live weather camera from mount vaca picking up those mid-level clouds. if it feels more humid this morning, you're right. that's some subtropical moisture that's pushing into the bay area. 59 to about 64 right now your air temperature. here come the clouds from our back door moving in from the high sierra into the east bay and north bay. it will be sunny and bright but muggy.
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60s, 70s, up to 90 degrees at antioch and brentwood. full forecast at 18 minutes after the hour. protestors shouted down charlottesville city council members at their first meeting since a rally in the city descended into violent chaos. [ screaming ] >> hundreds of people packed the council chambers last night many of them upset about how the august 12 rally was handled. some accused city leaders of doing nothing to protect them. the city manager said charlottesville would have a third party review. the city's response to that rally. in berkeley, city leaders are meeting to try to avoid a situation like in charlottesville. they are trying to put a stop to any violence at this weekend's rally. kpix 5's jessica flores is live in berkeley to tell us more about their message. jessica. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. possibly hundreds of people plan to attend this rally that's being billed as an anti-
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marxist rally. for some lawmakers, it's more like a racist rally and bigoted. lawmakers will gather here on the steps of city hall and those lawmakers include congresswoman barbara lee. they will condemn what they say is racism and bigotry coming to berkeley. now, we know berkeley has been the battleground of violent protests before. back in april, so-called "alt right" and anti-fascist groups fought at civic center park and in february, you will remember protestors and rioters blocked conservative commentator milo yiannopoulos from speaking at uc-berkeley. now a man facing charges stemming from the violent clashes in berkeley is telling the so-called "alt right" to come prepared for this weekend's rally. in a facebook post, kyle chapman says the balances of berkeley were just the beginning. -- the battles of berkeley were just the beginning. chapman has become an "alt right" figure but he says he disavows white supremacy. the berkeley rally comes as state lawmakers plan to hold a series of hearings to assess
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the rise of white supremacy in california. they will work to determine if they can pass any laws that could potentially help control violent outbreaks at public rallies. now, in berkeley, the city council has empowered the city manager to basically put a one- day ban on weapons such as knives and sticks. the very things that were used in past rallies here in berkeley. now city leaders are telling the public to avoid the park where the rally will be held this weekend. they don't want violence. jessica flores, kpix 5. president trump has unveiled a new strategy for afghanistan that calls for an increase in troops but erases anytime tables. the afghan war now in its 16th year is the longest war in american history. >> conditions on the ground not arbitrary timetables will guide our strategy from now on. >> president trump laid out a new course of action monday night for the war in afghanistan.
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the president said he will boost the number of american troops but would not say how many. he also wouldn't say what conditions would signal a victory. the president said this is not a blank check, that afghanistan will have to carry the heaviest load in securing its future. >> we will not dictate to the afghan people how to live or how to govern their own complex society. we are not nation-building again. we are killing terrorists. >> the president was widely applauded by republicans even those who have come out against mr. trump's response to the violence in charlottesville. senator john mccain said: >> i'm pleased with the decision. i'm actually pleased with the way he went about making this decision. >> on the other side, democratic nancy pelosi said: declaring an open-ended commitment of american lives with no accountability to the american people.
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the afghan ambassador praised it. the taliban will fight back. >> and this morning, the president tweeted out, quote, was with great people last night in fort myer, virginia, the future of our country is strong. today the president plans to travel to yuma, arizona, to push for congressional funding for the border wall and will hold a rally in phoenix. police are bracing for protests. the coast guard is now suspending the search for five missing crew members of an army blackhawk helicopter. the chopper went down last week about 2 miles off the coast of hawaii during a training exercise. ships and helicopters from the coast guard and the navy have searched more than 72,000 square miles. the only thing found was debris including what was thought to be a fuselage and a helmet. developing in philadelphia, investigators are trying to find the cause of a train crash that injured dozens overnight.
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authorities say that a passenger train hit an empty train car that was parked at a terminal around midnight eastern time. more than 30 people were injured including the conductor, four with serious injuries. there will be service disruptions this morning. this afternoon, the man accused of shooting two off- duty oakland firefighters and killing one will face a judge. 27-year-old oliver juinio has been charged with murder and attempted murder. the shooting happened last thursday in san jose. off duty firefighter jake walter was shot and killed and another oakland firefighter was wounded. walt her just graduated in april from the oakland fire department academy. as concerns rise, san francisco officials say that they are working with the police department to find a permanent safety solution for dolores park. this comes after a gang-related shooting there earlier this month. three people were wounded. one is in critical condition.
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no suspects have been arrested. officers have added extra patrols since the shooting but during a mission district meeting last night many from the neighborhood called for a better solution. the mayor of santa clara this morning is fired up about an aud hit that shows that the 49ers owe nearly $2 million to cover that stadium costs. kpix 5's neda iranpour spoke with the mayor live this morning and joins us live in santa clara to break down all the details. >> reporter: good morning. the mayor says this audit now confirms what she feared, that the stadium, the 49ers are violating measure j. that's the ballot measure that says they cannot use taxpayer money. but according to the audit, they owe about $2 million to the city of santa clara. i want to show you how it breaks down. they used about $900,000 in construction fund money to pay for public safety costs. that's money they should have paid the city of santa clara, according to the mayor. they also owed about $720,000 in unpaid golf course parking fees and about $230,000 in unreimbursed city staff costs,
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plus about $115,000 in unreimbursed firefighter costs. the mayor says they have a lot to do now to fix how they work with the levi's stadium. she says they need to collect the funds they oh, set an urgent deadline for the 9ers to produce financial revenue documents and if they don't comply, the city will take legal action. >> we have to develop trust and transparency for what's happening. we told the 49ers we would not extend the curfew. we have had a host of complaints from residents around the stadium and they are asking to us just uphold the law and continue with the promises we made when the stadium was developed. >> reporter: so the mayor calling for more trust and transparency. we are now waiting to hear from the 49ers on this audit. the team says if santa clara underbilled them for any public safety costs, the error was the
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city, not theirs. they fear the public suit will hurt their business and the city's bottom line. now, the city just hired a city manager, according to the mayor this morning. they will reveal the name of the new city manager at tonight's city council meeting. also, on thursday, the stadium authority will meet. it's members on the city council who will discuss the audit. live in santa clara, neda iranpour, kpix 5. time now 6:10. working to make repairs. when highway 1 in west marin will re-open after being damaged in the storms last winter. >> umbrella weather or -- nah. but it's fired up ready to go live hi-def doppler. i'll share with you where it's currently raining. >> plus, an overturned vehicle on northbound 17 is causing delays of up to 30 minutes. we'll have details on this plus a look at the bay bridge. that's coming up. >> in our tech report, how fast the iphone 8 facial recognition technology is expected to work.
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medical marijuana in vallejo tonight. city council members.. will talk about possible permits.. for 11- medical dispensaries currently in the city. earlier this year: .. that there is a meeting about medical marijuana in vallejo tonight. they will talk about 11 dispensaries in the city. earlier they might have had to close. the community is invited to attend tonight's meeting. it starts at 7 p.m. at city hall. caltrans says a stretch of highway 1 in marin that was closed over storm damage will remain off limits to drivers until october. the section between muir beach and stinson beach cracked and slipped during winter rains. it was expected to re-open in september. but construction work on the
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stretch is ongoing. the cost of storm damage in marin is $13 million. commuting by train could be providing economic and environmental benefits to the bay area according to a new report by caltrans. it found that the number of people riding caltrain is equivalent to removing 10,000 cars off the roads and keeping 50,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere. the report also says that commuter rail saved money for passengers. so much going on, on the roads this morning that it might be a good time to get on mass transit, right? >> definitely. but for people that are out in, like, the felton area, unfortunately, they don't really have too many options out there. that's where we're seeing an issue. it's this weekend. beautiful area through the mountains but on northbound 17 in morning, we do have an overturned vehicle. this is causing delays of up to 30 minutes being reported to us right now. so we're seeing those speeds dropping down to about 20, 23 miles per hour. so be safe when you drive there. all right. we had a motorcycle crash earlier on the bay bridge, good news they were able to go ahead and tow that away so we aren't
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seeing that crash active anymore but we are still seeing some residual delays, 9, 10 miles per hour through the area. either way, we are seeing typical backups on the bay bridge at this time of the morning. whew, you can see all the headlights waiting to get through the toll plaza right now so give yourself some extra time. earlier crash at the toll plaza is in the clearing but we aren't seeing major delays. in san leandro, oakland area northbound 880 at 98th avenue one crash still being worked by emergency crews. roberta has the forecast. i had it dusted off. it's our live hi-def doppler radar. i wanted to share this with you because as i zoom in, we have a cell, okay, first off you have to take a look. this is discovery bay, antioch, rio vista. this cell wants to lift into rio vista. i don't think it will make it
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there. satellite and radar we don't have the extensive clouds at the coast. clearing south of redwood city to santa cruz. rain batch that has been lifting into the high sierra, trying to work into the back door east bay and north bay. this is what it looks like outside. low pressure is pulling subtropical moisture into our area. this is mount vaca. is that gorgeous? these shouldn't contain rain. it may be virga where it evaporates before it hits the ground. these clouds are associated with a front. very little precipitation. temperatures 59 in livermore and santa rosa. otherwise we are in the 60s. it's 64 in redwood city. so there's the low. there's that wraparound moisture lifting into the high sierra. high pressure trying to build in. we'll have a sunnier and warmer day and muggy. but we'll keep the
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thunderstorms in the forecast in the high sierra and also in yosemite. nearly 90 at the state capital. nearly 70 in monterey bay. mid-90s with the fire watch in redding. sunrise 6:31. we're already getting a glimpse of it. here's your forecast for today. we'll have some break in the clouds in pacifica in the mid- 60s. 60s, 70s common around the bay. much warmer in santa rosa where yesterday, we struggled to reach 68 degrees. 82 in san jose. spot on. that's where we should for this time of the year. that's where you were yesterday. winds 15 to 20. slightly warmer through the weekend. now, michele, i still have an iphone 6. >> so do i, roberta. i like it. i don't know. i don't know if i can get used to these new iphones. hey. iphone 8 will probably be coming out and new rumors about it. a new report from the korean herald claims the facial recognition will only take millionsth of a second to scan
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a face. the technology will replace apple's touch fingerprint id. the phone is expected to launch next month. we need one. a new report says facebook could see a drop in teen users this year marking the first slump in any age group. the report by emarketers suggests 12 to 17-year-olds appear to be logging in less frequently and spending less time overall on the social media platform. the report also refers to a trend of facebook nevers. children aging into their tween years who will stay off facebook for snapchat or instagram. still, it says 14.5 million users age 12 to 17 will spend time on facebook this year. google is adding six-second previews to search results. it's debuting first on android where you can see it in chrome and google apps. the company also said it plans to expand previews to further platforms in the coming months. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, ty blach threw one
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of the giant's shutouts this season. do you know who started the other shutout? hint, last night. and meet rubin foster. this guy sure did. why 49er fans ought to be excited coming up. u can e-mail you us at: >> what's cool ab out your school? email your nomination to us at, and we may feature your school on the thursday morning show.
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good morning, everybody. the giants haven't dealt a shutout at home all year so who would have thought that the first would come from a battery of chris stratton and nick hundley? giants have not exactly been in
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sync this season but starter chris stratton was. he pitched six shutoutics against milwaukee. he has not allowed a run in 12 and two-thirds innings this season. scoreless in the bottom of the 4th. crawford just inside the line, parker scores. giants record their first shutout at home, stratton gets the win, 2-0 the final. bottom of the fifth with the a's, already 5-1. and the orioles adam jones gets his second homer of the night. jones was four for four in the game. baltimore wins 7-3, dropping oakland to a season-high 17 games below .500. former lsu running back and jaguars rookie leonard fournette was laid out by 49er rookie rubin foster, at alabama. that happened on a kick return in 2014. but foster told me that it hurt him just as bad as it did fournette.
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>> he was the guy. every time on defense him, i hit him, i got a headache. i thought this was going to be a big old collision so i was just running down and i finally got to him and i was like man got to take one for the team. >> i think they hit a home run with foster as a first-round draft pick. >> interview of kyle shanahan tonight at 6:00. i'm dennis o'donnell, have a great day. your play of the day, pirates, mccutcheon. >> he goes hard the other way. puig makes a fabulous grab! >> kneed him on that wall. puig with a big comeback season for the dodgers makes the nice catch against the wall. he would hit a home run as well
6:26 am
in extra innings to give l.a. the winning, that's your play of the day. the mayor of santa clara calling for more transparency from the 49ers. coming up, the latest on an audit on levi's stadium. >> and this morning, berkeley lawmakers gathered to condemn a planned rally here this sunday. why they're calling it bigoted and racist. the story coming up.
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[ screaming ] chaos breaks out at a charlottesville city council
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meeting as many express outrage over last week's demonstration. this as speaker of the housecalls out president trump for his reaction to the violence. >> i do think he could have done better. i think he needed to do better. >> plus, another california lawmaker is supporting the growing recall campaign to oust the bay area judge in a high- profile sexual assault case. >> and -- >> we have to develop trust and transparency for what's happening. >> santa clara's mayor speaks out after a new audit suggests the 49ers owe the city significantly less than expected. but first, angry boils over at a charlottesville city council meeting as protestors attack city leaders over their response to a rally. it is tuesday, august 22. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. house speaker paul ryan is also criticizing the president over his, quote, morally ambiguous remarks about the violence. >> so i do believe that he messed up in his comments on tuesday when it -- it -- it -- it sounded like a moral
6:31 am
equivocation or at the very least moral ambiguity when we need extreme moral clarity. >> his comments are about a week after the president equated neo-nazis and white supremacists with counter- protestors. the unite the right rally in the city earlier this month quickly unfolded into chaos and turned deadly. heather heyer was killed when a car driven by a man who was at the rally sped into a crowd of counter-protestors. the rally had been organized by a group protesting the removal of confederate statues in the city. more and more states are responding to the violence in charlottesville by removing confederate monuments. overnight, crews took down a monument in front of a maryland courthouse. the sixth one removed in maryland in the last few weeks. four university of texas statues came down overnight. three honoring confederate leaders. city leaders in berkeley are trying to avoid another violent protest. they are getting ready for a rally this weekend. kpix 5's jessica flores is live
6:32 am
in berkeley to tell us what they are discussing today. jessica. >> good morning. that's right. a berkeley lawmaker federal lawmakers local lawmakers including congresswoman barbara lee plan to come here to city hall this morning and speak out against a planned "alt right" rally here this sunday. the rally is being billed as anti-marxist but these lawmakers say it's racist, bigoted and they don't want it. the berkeley has the battleground for violent protests. in april so-called "alt right" and anti-fascist groups fought at civic center park and in february protestors and rioters blocked milo yiannopoulos from speaking at uc-berkeley. the latest berkeley rally comes as state lawmakers plan to hold a series of hearings to assess the rise of white supremacistcy in california and work to determine if they can pass laws that could potentially help
6:33 am
control violent outbreaks at public rallies. the city council may issue a one-day ban on weapons, knives and sticks, the things used at protests in the past. local leaders are asking the public to stay away from the park this sunday to prevent injuries. at 9 a.m. the lawmakers will be here at the steps of city hall condemning the planned rally on sunday. live in berkeley, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. time now 6:33. as we take a live look outside on the left we have mount vaca our camera out there taking a look at the sunrise. beautiful shots. and you have the nimitz on your right. traffic looking good. >> it's so funny how we see things differently. i was looking at it and saying those are stratus cumulus clouds and i think we have a little virga associated with the clouds. >> oh, it's so pretty. >> yeah. [ laughter ]
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>> it is. this is our live hi-def doppler. can't remember the last time i used this. this is a little cell with light rain showers over thornton. >> you can see in the distance in vacaville and fairfield, we have our weather camera atop mount vaca. it feels muggy in the 50s and 60s. now 64 degrees in san jose. we do have some stratus but we'll see some earlier burn-off at the coast. rain in mount vaca. virga. temperatures 60s, 70s, 80s. we'll be mostly sunny. rain over the greater lake tahoe area at 48 after the hour in the forecast. >> good morning. we have made it to tuesday. but i have several crashes to talk to you about now including one in the santa cruz mountains
6:35 am
17 northbound near the votes valley area. this is glenwood drive one lane shut down speeds down to 8, 10 miles per hour. expect an extra 30 minutes behind there. northbound 101 at san jose lanes blocked there speeds down to about 9, 10 miles per hour. also near the airport northbound 101 at 380 a crash in the center divide causing some minor delays. san leandro 880 speeds down to 8 miles per hour with a crash at 98th avenue. another car burglary is being linked to the trial of the of the illegal immigrant accused of killing kate steinle in san francisco. the attorney for jose inez garcia zarate says that theburg la who stole the murder weapon from a federal rangers car in 2015 also appears to have broken into another nearby vehicle. he also says that items belonging to the ranger were found in the second vehicle making for another crime scene that cannot be tied to his client.
6:36 am
the defense team claims that their climbed found the ranger's gun and fired it accidentally before it ricocheted and struck kate steinle. governor jerry brown could be increasing protection for immigrants in the state. a bill is headed to his desk that would ban officers from detaining victims or witnesses just because of immigration status. it was approved by the state assembly yesterday. governor brown has until october 15 to sign or veto the measure. today president trump plans to travel to yuma, arizona, while there planning to push for congressional funding for the wall on the border. mr. trump will also hold a campaign-style rally in phoenix. his arrival at the phoenix convention center will be greeted by mass protest. the mayor of phoenix who recently urged the president not to come following the deadly charlottesville protest is now telling demonstrators to stay calm. >> as mayor of the city of phoenix, i'm expecting you to be civil, respectful and
6:37 am
peaceful. >> the state's two senators john mccain and jeff flake do not plan to attend either event today. this comes after president trump addressed the nation last night in announcing his new strategy on afghanistan which will be based on conditions on the ground and not timetabled. he says he will not talk about troop numbers or strategy. u.s. troops currently number about 8,000 in a war that's gone on for 16 years! there's a new threat from north korea. the country says that the u.s. will face, quote, merciless revenge for ignoring its warnings over military drills with south korea. leaders went on to say there's no way that the country will sit back and be silenced. the latest threat comes after u.s. military officials visited south korea. president trump has warned north korea of fire and fury if the country continues to threaten america. right now u.s. secretary of defense james mattis is in iraq for a series of meetings. first, he plans to meet with u.s. commanders before visiting
6:38 am
iraqi prime minister al-abadi. the visit follows an iraqi army offense to push isis out of tal afar, a city in the northwestern part of the country. there are new details about a deadly terror attack in barcelona. we now know that police shot and killed a man who reportedly drove a van into a crowd of people. we also know that four suspects who reportedly helped plan the attack appeared for court this morning. they are expected to be questioned throughout the day before a judge decides if they can be released from jail. at least 15 people died in the attack. one of those victims was from lafayette. jared tucker was on vacation with his wife. they were celebrating their first wedding anniversary. new developments in the search for ten missing sailors. divers have found the remains of some of the navy sailors in a compartment of the uss john mccain. the tensile los rios went missing yesterday after -- the tennissing sailors went missing
6:39 am
yesterday after their ship hit a japanese oil tanker. >> the divers were able to locate some remains in the sealed compartments. they have locate potential remains. this is the second collision in the last two months in the area. today the push to get judge persky recalled is being pushed by the state attorney general. advocates say there have been light sentences for sexp sex offenders including former stanford university swimmer brock turner. pesky filed a motion to stop the recall on technical grounds. when informed of padilla's position, persky's attorney said, i don't know why the secretary of state has that position. but these are questions of law for the judge to decide. democrats are pushing to change the recall recalls in the state. they proposed a new bill to
6:40 am
delay the recall election for democratic orange county senator. they want him recalled for his vote over a gas tax increase. election officials say they gathered enough signatures for the recall to move forward but it would allow people to remove their name from the petition. if newman recalled, democrats would lose their senate supermajority. the city of santa clara and the 49ers are butting heads yet again this time all because of an audit. coming up, we heard from the 49ers just moments ago on why they say the mayor's plan has backfired. >> the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. right now, the dow is up 103 points! coming up we'll get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. who are these people?
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just how much the 49ers owe the city. kpix five's neda iranpour
6:44 am
is live in santa clara with the details - and the mayor's response. this santa clara, tension over a recent audit showing how much the 49ers owe the city. neda iranpour reports from santa clara with details and the mayor's response. >> reporter: this battle is brewing. city of santa clara and the 49ers butting heads again all because of this audit. the 49ers are now saying the audit costs double the amount that they owe the city. so they are saying the mayor wasted city funds. but the mayor paints a different picture saying the audit confirms what she feared, that the 49ers are in fact in violation of measure j in spending taxpayer dollars. she says they need to collect the funds owed and if they don't comply, they may need to take legal action. >> the good thing is we're catching all these problems in the beginning of a 40-year relationship. so with the proper infrastructure in place for the stadium authority, we're going to have clear direction and clear past to how this stadium is operated in management. santa clara was ill prepared to
6:45 am
manage an asset of this magnitude. >> reporter: so here's what the city says has gone wrong with the money used. they are saying the 9ers used about $900,000 for public safety, but that money was supposed to pay off their debt owed to the city in construction costs. they also owe about $700,000 in unpaid golfing parking fees and hundreds of thousands of other funds. in a statement just released moments ago from the 49ers president al they say $115,000 in unre unreimbursed funds say mayor gillmor chose to waste 200,000 with public funds with the intend to create media headlines and that plan backfired. the audit has already proven to be riddled with errors according to the 9ers and, in fact, they were forced to change the draft report they previously leaked all in a failed attempt to embarrass the
6:46 am
49ers. so a lot of back and forth. the mayor calling on the 49ers to release documents saying they need transparency to build trust between the city and the team. the city also just hired a city manager to handle a lot of this. that name will be revealed tonight at the city council meeting and the stadium authority will discuss the audit on thursday. neda iranpour, kpix 5. the cleveland browns are the bargest group of players to kneel during the national anthem -- largest group of players to kneel during the national anthem. 10 players knelt last night against the new york giants. some players felt compelled because of charlottesville. it comes a week after the head coach said he hoped his place wouldn't take part in the growing protest started by colin kaepernick. a couple of former bay area executive text are taking on new roles. joining us now kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> reporter: good morning.
6:47 am
macy's has named ebay senior vice president hal lawton as its new president. he got a lot of credit for ebay's turnaround when it split can certainly use the help. it's been struggling. it's been closing stores as sales have been declining steadily and macy's stock has lost nearly half of its value in 2017. h & r block has named former uber executive jeffrey jones ii as its new ceo. jones was president of uber until may of this year when he resigned citing differences in leadership beliefs with then ceo travis kalanick who has been removed as ceo at uber. and before joining uber, jeffrey jones was an executive with target for several years. stock market off to a good start this morning. it can use it. it's been a rough couple of weeks. the dow is up over 100 points. nasdaq up 45. s&p up 13. shares of macy's are surging
6:48 am
higher on its news this morning. back to you guys. >> thank you. a new report shows thousands of officers are riding bart for free. records show more than 4,000 officers and federal agents were given the passes. bart has been giving officers free rides for nearly 40 years to help with security. recently the agency said they are trying to make up millions in losses. time now 6:48. another check of traffic. things not looking good. >> i feel like i need a break now. yeah. [ laughter ] >> it's been busy out there. in fact, new live in the felton area, scotts valley, you need to actually get out on 17 northbound this morning, give yourself some extra time. there was a rollover crash out there. they already took the driver to the hospital. the delays behind this, 30, 40- minute delays. you can see the speeds are down to about 7 to 15 miles per hour
6:49 am
heading through that area. okay. in san jose, we have another crash that we're keeping an eye on this one also causing some delays. it is on the shoulder of the road so no actual blockages of highway 101. but we still have some looky- loos out there causing some little delays, with speeds down to 9 miles per hour in a couple of areas so you want to give yourself extra time if you are heading there. over near san leandro, northbound 880 at 98th avenue, one lane is blocked there. they are in the clean-up stages of that but we are still seeing minor delays from this. and the bay bridge, we have seen these vehicles stacked up throughout the morning very slow and go approaching the toll plaza. right now on 80 to go from the maze to the 101, 80 split that's going to take 32 minutes this morning. but overall, i'm looking at some cloud cover there. let's send things over to roberta gonzales. see how things are looking. it's looking amazing outside! hi, everybody! 6:49. i'm so excited. i have not fired up my live hi- def doppler radar in quite some
6:50 am
time. this morning i'm picking up a rain cell right there right now along highway i-5. it's trying to lift in the direction of rio vista. let me zoom in. in vacaville, this is our mount vaca cam. we have the sun rising. we have some stratus cumulus clouds. these generally don't contain any rain and if they do it's very light. looks like it was trying to rain, at least some virga where the rain evaporates dries up before it hits the ground. this is all associated with an area of low pressure providing some rain showers over the high sierra. we are in the 50s and 60s right now. how about another view? this is outside our kpix 5 studios. we are look in the direction of the east bay. boy, just look at that. isn't that glorious? we have a bit of a breeze according to the flag on fly atop pier 9. those winds are up to 10. rain showers in the east and north bays. ron our weather watcher has
6:51 am
partly cloudy skies in concord at 59 degrees. thanks for that report, ron. satellite and radar shows the area of low pressure. this is the wraparound moisture lifting into the area trying to come into the north bay and east bay with a stray shower. the precipitation s&p drying up. high pressure out over the open waters and nudging in. we are entering a warming trend. i'll keep the thunderstorms a possibility in throughout the high sierra and yosemite. it's currently raining in tahoe. 89 degrees in sacramento today. high 60s monterey bay clearing out earlier for any kind of golfing plans in throughout the monterey bay area back through big sur into pebble beach. 60s, 70s and 80s take your pick. in fact, 90 today in antioch, brentwood and discovery bay. 67 degrees in san francisco. oh, yesterday only 68 in santa rosa. today 81 degrees and that's where you should for this time of the year. spot on in san jose. 86 in livermore. 89 pleasanton. here's your extended forecast
6:52 am
with the breeze up to 15 rotating to the northwest. gradually warmer weather through the weekend. kenny? >> thank you. right now, off the coast of naples, italy, crews are trying to find survivors of an earthquake. at least one person was killed in a magnitude 4.0 quake last night. aerial video showing ruined buildings and rescue workers trying to sort through the rubble. firefighters say they were able to free a 7-month-old baby trapped after his house collapsed. ♪[ music ] berkeley lawmakers will gather this morning to speak out against a planned rally this weekend. we'll have details coming up. >> plus, president trump outlines a plan for the war in afghanistan. his new strategy in the war on terror. next. ♪
6:53 am
♪ hey, is this our turn? honey...our turn? yeah, we go left right here.
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i'm jessica flores live in berkeley where lawmakers later this morning will gather to condemn an upcoming rally planned for this sunday. now, the rally is being billed as anti-marxist but the lawmakers fear it will bring racism and bigotry to the city. berkeley is the battleground for violent protests in the past couple of months. in the april groups fought at civic center park. and in february, protestors and rioters blocked milo yiannopoulos from speaking at uc-berkeley. the latest berkeley rally comes as state lawmakers plan to hold a series of hearings to assess the rise of white supremacy in california and to determine if they can pass any laws to potentially help control violent outbreaks at public rallies. in berkeley, the city council has empowered the city manager to issue a one-day ban on weapons, including sticks and knives. those are the types of things that were used protests in the
6:57 am
past. local leaders are asking the public to stay away from the sunday rally. they don't want anybody to get hurt. lawmakers again will be here at city hall at 9 a.m. condemning the planned rally. jessica flores, kpix 5. >> time now 6:57. time for your "final 5." clashes at the university of virginia in charlottesville begin today this just 11 days after white supremacists and others protested the removal of a frat statue. classes begin again today. last night protestors shut down a charlottesville city council meeting. house speaker paul ryan is criticizing president trump over his morallyambiguous remarks about the violence. today the president plans to go to arizona to push for funding for the wall. this comes after he addressed the nation last night and announced his new strategy on afghanistan. this afternoon, the man accused of shooting two off- duty oakland firefighters and
6:58 am
killing one will face a judge. 27-year-old oliver juinio has been charged with murder and attempted murder. today the push to get judge persky is recalled is being supported by the california attorney general. advocates argue light sentencing for sex offenders including former stanford university swimmer. >> a new audit shows the 49ers owe nearly $2 million to cover the stadium costs. the team says if santa clara under billed them for public safety costs, it was the city's error. in the traffic department right now, an overturned vehicle in the santa cruz mountains northbound 17 at glenwood drive is causing heavy delays expecting an extra 30 minutes northbound from scotts valley through felton. san jose another crash on the shoulder of the road now but we are seeing some residual delays. we are seeing some speeds down to 10 to 20 miles per hour. it's live hi-def doppler.
6:59 am
it's picking up a stray shower. it's a cell. let me zoom in on it? it wants to jog towards vacaville. this is our live weather camera atop mount vaca. isn't that just beautiful? currently, we are in the 50s and 60s. those are stratus cumulus clouds. they want to produce some rain showers. but it's virga. evaporates before it hits the ground. it's muggy. 60s, 70s, 80s, mostly sunny today, even back to the coast. i bet the temperatures will increase over the weekend. 100 degrees over the delta. it's still summer. kids back in school. bring on summer! >> thank you for watching. remember, your next local update is 7:26. >> and "cbs this morning" is coming up next. have a wonderful day. ♪[ music ]
7:00 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. it is tuesday, august 22nd, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." president trump reverses his stance on afghanistan outlining a strategy that will require more u.s. troops but his prime time address to the nation included few details. the pentagon orders a temporary halt to navy ship operations around the world after the latest collision involving a destory. this morning the navy says divers found bodies inside the ship. police in ohio want to know why a judge was shot outside a courthouse. millions of americans still awe struck by the solar eclipse. we have the best views from


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