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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  August 23, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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dublin. everybody heading to work right about now. >> looks a little early for all those lights but -- >> it gets earlier and earlier. >> it certainly is. when i start 21 years ago going to work, there was nobody out there. now i'm with a flow of traffic. on the way home, i hit bumper- to-bumper on the dublin grade every day at 1:20. you got a job for life. [ laughter ] >> job security. >> that's one way of looking at it. we are off to a foggy start this morning. [ foghorn sound effect ] >> that's going to have to lead you into work this morning along the coast. [ foghorn sound effect ] >> there you have it. the transamerica pyramid the tip-top is obscured by the deck of stratus. temperatures 55 in santa rosa to right now 60 apiece redwood city and oakland. let's get to it. temperatures close to average for this time of the year. we'll have some partial clearing of the skies in half moon bay and pacifica. not the case in daly city or colma. 70s and 80s around the
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peninsula. 82 san jose. that's spot on for this time of the year. east bay numbers 90s at the delta. increasing winds late day up to 20 and 25 miles per hour. north bay numbers at the 80s. good morning. it's been a busy start to your wednesday morning commute. take a look at interstate 80 westbound direction. we are tracking a major backup all due to an earlier accident. this is near central avenue all lanes reopened but that backup is stretching towards mcdonald's so you need to give yourself some extra time if you are planning on heading along the eastshore freeway and be advised that richmond parkway a little sluggish as well as everyone was trying to avoid 80. this is 80 now. this is near carlson and this
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is how bad those residual delays are. so give yourself some extra time . over at the bay bridge toll plaza, no delays from the maze into san francisco with some cars in the cash lanes. the rest of your ride smooth sailing into s back to you guys. >> thank you. [ screaming ] [ explosion ] [ screaming ] police in riot gear breaking up protest outside a rally for president trump in phoenix, arizona, last night. aspensas andrew spencer reports, the demonstration was peaceful but violence erupted when police moved in to disperse the crowds. >> reporter: as the trump rally wrapped up, the situation devolved quickly outside. officers with shields and gas masks used smoke, tear gas and flash-bangs to disperse the
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crowd. police say they are still investigating what sparked the confrontations between protestors and police. but the official word tuesday night was that someone in the crowd had struck first by throwing a tear gas canister at officers! >> people are tear gassing officers who are trying to maintain the peace. [ crosstalk ] >> police were shooting at them the canisters. >> i received information that we were tear gassed first. >> reporter: reporters claim a pair of water bottles thrown from the crowd are what set things off. the scene was after people protested peacefully in the afternoon despite the heat. president donald trump downplayed the numbers during his speech inside. >> just so you know from the secret service, there aren't too many people outside protesting. okay? [ applause and cheers ] >> that i can tell you. >> reporter: among the issues he spoke about, the president told his constituents in arizona, no matter what, the border wall will be built. >> the obstructist democrats would like us not to do it but, believe me, we have to close
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down our government, we're building that wall. >> reporter: i'm andrew spencer reporting. >> there is going to be a lot of security here in the bay area this weekend. police preparing for rallies and possible counterprotests. kpix 5's jessica flores live in berkeley with the latest reporter: good morning. counterprotesters are already preparing for this weekend's rallies. today here at uc-berkeley, one group is already having a planning session that's "by any means necessary" they are calling the weekend's rally fascist and racist! and them to shut down the rally in berkeley and san francisco this weekend. meanwhile, city leaders here in berkeley are bracing for violence and for those groups to potentially clash in the city sunday and sunday that's an anti-marxist rally. that will be at civic center park in berkeley. the mayor is urging people to stay away from sunday's no to marxism rally for their own safety. he says groups will use it as a
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platform to spread their message but the organizer told us the event is focused strictly on denouncing marxism and she wants nothing to do with white supremacists, racists or violent counterprotesters. >> people are walking arnold like this violent terrorists in masks and this mayor does nothing about it. we stand for free speech. we don't stand for violence. violence is not free speech. >> berkeley's rally will follow the "patriot prayer" rally saturday at crissy field in san francisco. "patriot prayer" is a conservative group and its leader is pro-trump. he says they are not white supremacists. still they are attracting extremitieses. house minority leader nancy pelosi calls them neo-nazis and white supremacists. they are trying to shut it down at the moment. official on both sides of the bay say that they are going to have police in full force with beefed up security. they are asking people to stay
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away from the rally to avoid being injured. the city of berkeley manager could issue a ban on weapons although they haven't announced that. live in berkeley, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. in new york, protestors are set to gather behind former 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick with a rally outside nfl headquarters later today. >> kpix 5's jackie ward on the support from fans and kaepernick's decision to take a knee during the national anthem. >> he is getting a lot of support. it's being called the united we stand rally and it's being organized by several activists and organizations in new york city in support of kaepernick. and, boy, does he need it. every team in the nfl has at least two quarterbacks on their roster. despite leading his team to a super bowl several years ago, kaepernick is not hired. many people say it has nothing to do with his ability on the field but everything to do with his political activism. >> there's a lot of things that
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need to change. cops are getting paid leave for killing people. >> reporter: 70% of nfl players are black. many see a racial injustice with what's happening to kaepernick. they are speaking out defending his action. nfl commissioner roger goodell continues to insis he is not being blackballed. today's rally outside the nfl headquarters at 2 p.m. pacific time in new york city. the city of san francisco is suing a landlord for reportedly keeping tenants in a death trap. the units are below a laundromat in the mission, 25 tenants, no windows, no hot water and one door to get in and out. there were two illegal kitchens and only one fully functioning bathroom. one of the tenants says that she feared for her life every day. [ speaking spanish ] i always worried about a fire. i knew i wouldn't get out if something happened. >> it's one of the worst
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conditions we have seen in terms of their actual living conditions. >> the lawsuit is against the owner of the building and the man who leased the basement space. bart says the first train will not cross the santa clara county line early after all. instead, it should arrive at its originally scheduled time june 2018. vta and bart said this year they were ahead of schedule and could begin passenger service in december. but crews still need to finish the track and complete train testing. the new underground milpitas station in northeast san jose is part of bart's 10-mile extension into santa clara county. it's unlike any other bart station. massive skylights, stained glass and cool l.e.d. lighting gives it a comfortable look and feel. there is also a massive parking garage. time now 5:08. a high ranking navy commander is out in the wake of two deadly incidents involving u.s. warships. >> reporter: a stretch of water from the golden gate bridge to
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the farralones rich in marine life but it is at risk of oil drilling. today the push from politician to stop it. >> from the coast to the inland areas, we have a change in the weekend forecast, a change you are going to want to know about. >> we continue to track delays for drivers heading along interstate 80. the eastshore freeway. lanes no longer blocked but we see those backups. we'll take a closer look at the travel times and some alternate routes when we come back. ♪[ music ]
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post this morning after two deadly collisions involving u-s warships in the pacific... the commander of the navy's 7th fleet is being removed from his post this morning after two deadly collisions involving u.s. warships in the pacific. vice admiral joseph aucoin is being dismissed due to the leadership's loss of confidence in his ability to command. most recent crash was earlier this week when the u.s.s. john mccain hit an oil tanker. divers found human remains inside the ship's flooded compartments yesterday. some of the bodies could not be recovered. the mother of a missing sailor says she knew a life at sea would be dangerous. >> if something happens, you would expect for it to be in combat, not trying to get into
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port. >> right now, the only clue as to what caused the accident is an initial report from the scene stating that the mccain lost steering three minutes before that collision. this is the fourth major incident in the pacific this year. 7 sailors died when the u.s.s. fitzgerald collided with a container ship back in june. today several political leaders and environmentalists are gathering in an effort to prevent ma -- protect, rather, marine sanctuaries. kpix 5's neda iranpour joins us live from crissy field to tell us what they are fighting about. >> reporter: good morning. so this area from crissy field all the way on to the farralone islands known for its marine life, there's whales, sharks, dolphins, all out here. plenty of sea creatures for people to do research on and admire but all of this could be at risk of oil drilling. tens of thousands of people spent the summer writing to the federal government in opposition of the trump administration's efforts to weaken environmental protections. this all comes in response to
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his america first offshore energy strategy. that's the executive order signed in april to review marine monuments and sanctuaries. the farralone national marine sanctuary is one of them under review. it provides a 20-mile-wide highway for humpbacks and blue whales, dolphins, seals, sea lions cruise the waters constantly, and great whites come out to feed for the past 20 years. former congressman lynn woozily has been trying to save it. >> this area needs permanent protection from oil and gas exploration. >> reporter: she is joining congressman jared huffman, nancy pelosi among others at a forum today where people can comment on what they wish for these marine sanctuaries. this forum will be at the bay model visitors center in sausalito. they will have environmentalists and conservationists all coming out to discuss the ocean's health,
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the importance of this and the economic impact and on tourism. nemanja nedovic kpix 5. thank you. time now 5:14. let's check traffic. a situation unfolding in the east bay. jaclyn. >> we have been monitoring this crash that had at one point three lanes blocked along westbound 80 as you approach central. now all lanes have been cleared of the activity from that accident. but those delays continue. speeds are slowing at some points around 20 miles per hour. 80 near carlson, this is a live look. expect residual delays to stick around for a little white. if you want to avoid interstate 80, take richmond parkway over to 580. that's doing fine. 101 looking good. we are seeing a backup over towards the bay bridge toll plaza.
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20 minutes from 4 to the maze and 12 minutes into san francisco. 27 minutes between 205 and 680, the dublin-pleasanton interchange. your ride along 101 through san jose and the rest of your "south bay majors" all changing in problem-free in the green. we'll take it. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. thanks, jaclyn. 5:16. good morning, everyone. happy wednesday! out the door this morning, again, it's "june gloom" in the month of august. obscuring the tip-top of the transamerica pyramid. [ foghorn sound effect ] >> how about san jose? you, too, have overcast skies. [ foghorn sound effect ] >> from that marine layer that has surged over the santa cruz mountains saturating the santa clara valley. right now it's 55 and overcast in santa rosa.
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each one of these stations or cities are reporting overcast conditions. livermore has stratus that's marched inland 60 miles. katie sears our weather watcher in hayward, good morning, katie, overcast conditions, 84% humidity. a steady barometer as high pressure builds in at 61 degrees. thanks for checking in. satellite and radar does suggest that we have the extensive marine layer. it's a back to you of clouds lining the coast all the way through the san mateo coastline into santa cruz. we have some drizzle at the immediate seashore and bayside. that will sizzle. seasonal temperatures today. then the heat is on for the weekend. let's get to it right now. high pressure is building in from right here over the great basin. with the clockwise fashion of the rotation of the winds around the high ushering in the hotter air mass, from arizona into southern california, as well as northern california, so that's a look ahead. but meanwhile, today,
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approaching near 90 sacramento, mid-60s monterey bay. i got to keep a thunderstorm possibility in the tahoe forecast but yanking it out of the yosemite area at 83 degrees. our numbers, take your pick, 60s coastside, low 70s around the rim of the bay. high 70s to 80 around the peninsula. low 80s santa clara valley. that's where you should be for this time of the year. 80s to the north. upper 80s and low 90s to the east. in fact, my outside number today will be 92. that will be experienced in story bay as well as the brentwood area and antioch, byram, also lake county to the north. same on thursday. then you see the temperatures surge on saturday and sunday into the hundreds. temperatures lower on monday. that's your wednesday weather forecast. okay, anne, what's going viral today? >> an unlikely viral sensation trending now. a judge is making the rounds online for his verdicts. >> your mom is charged with
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parking on a sidewalk. that fine is $100. so you haven't had breakfast today? suppose i make a deal with your mom. okay? she buys you breakfast when you leave then i'll dismiss this. is that a good deal? >> it sounds like a pretty good deal to me. 80-year-old judge in rhode island, people say his verdicts are mixed with compassion and humor. instead of wearing a badge, he wears a heart under his robe. morgan freeman will get the screen actors guild lifetime achievement award. the 80-year-old has been nominated for five academy awards. he got one for his role in million-dollar baby. the s.a.g. awards set for january. in a few hours, tickets for the museum of ice cream go on sale. it's going to open in san francisco. there's an american express tree sale at 9 a.m. general admission tickets go on
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sale friday morning. the ice cream gallery will be at one grant in downtown san francisco. we should find out the exact dates for that exhibit later this morning. but we do know it will be sometime next month. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, a major trade in the nba shakes up the cleveland cavaliers and a big gamble by the giants last night didn't pay off. we'll tell you about it coming up. >> and what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at cools, and we may feature your school on the thursday morning show.
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good morning. 5:23. we're tracking delays for drivers heading along interstate 80 westbound direction. live look here at carlson. we'll tell you how far it backup stretches. first sports with dennis. good morning, everybody. last week, the 49ers made katie sowers the second woman to be an nfl coaching assistant. yesterday she came out publicly as gay becoming the league's first openly gay coach, male or female. sowers worked previously with new 49ers coach kyle shanahan last year in atlanta. and was promoted to full-time assistant with the 49ers after a coaching internship this summer.
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yesterday i asked shanahan about his most recent hire. do you think it's harder for a female coach to reach a male player? >> i don't think players care whether you're old, young, male, female, whether you played or didn't play. this comes down to can you help them? they're trying to earn a job, to get better. if you can help someone get and keep a job, they will listen to anyone. this little guy trying to be a giants sent callup. tied at 3 in the 7th. shaun down the right field line. brewers 4-3. denard span, that's a base hit to right field. hundley is waved home. here's the throw. guess when you 35 games out, what the heck, right? giants lose 4-3. the nba, the cavaliers traded 4-time all star kyrie irving to the celtics in exchange for three players
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including fellow all star isaih thomas and a first round pick. so what we know for sure is that if the warriors get back in the nba finals and face cleveland, kyrie won't be on the court. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. here's the play of the day. major league baseball, blue jays and rays in a battle of the a.l. east. >> sweet grab, concentration the name of the game. steve pierce of toronto with a nice effort. tampa won. pierce grabs the play of the day. many believe colin kaepernick is paying a price for his political actions off the field last season and today, hundreds are expected to gather in new york in support of our former quarterback. >> reporter: counterprotesters
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already making plans to shut down this weekend's rallies. we'll have the details coming up.
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confronted with his own words after residents say his facebook posts amounted to discrimination... a the mayor of one bay area the city confronted with his words after residents say his facebook posts amounted to discrimination. >> a major tree removal effort getting under way in tahoe and it's not just fires crews are concerned about. >> 100 degrees back in the forecast. i'll tell you which day to expect it. >> good morning, it is wednesday, august 23rd. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm anne makovec in for michelle griego. a couple of issues could wreak havoc in this morning's commute. let's head to jaclyn. >> now, we have been tracking
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this accident along the eastshore freeway westbound 80 approaching central. the backup stretches along 80 well beyond cutting at this point. 20 minutes from 4 to the maze. we are seeing some improvement. here's the residual delays. 80 at carlson, taillights moving in the westbound direction. so give yourself some extra time in that direction. if you use the golden gate bridge, heading into san francisco, be advised that two lanes over at the tollbooth will remain closed throughout much of the morning commute. this is all due to an accident that happened overnight. that crash has cleared but there was quite a bit of damage to one of the steel barriers and so that's why those lanes will remain closed. right now, traffic is nice and light and moving along just fine across the span. back to you guys.
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four people arrested after clashes between police and protestors outside a campaign rally hosted by president trump. demonstration in phoenix remained mostly peaceful throughout the day. and police say that things took an ugly turn when someone threw a tear gas canister at officers but some witnesses say that demonstrators were throwing back canisters fired by police. police are trying to avoid any violence here in the bay area. they are setting up extra security for protests planned this weekend. kpix 5's jessica flores is live in berkeley with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. counter-protestors are already gearing up. you will find flyers around uc- berkeley. this one is from "by any means necessary." they are holding a planning session today to shut down what they claim is the racist and fascist rallies this weekend being held in san francisco and berkeley. now, here in berkeley, city officials are urging people to stay way from a rally that will be held sunday at civic center park and that rally will be a
5:32 am
no to marxism rally and they believe that a lot of white supremacists will show up. but we talked to the woman planning the event and she says she is against white supremacy. she is against violence and violent counterprotesters. berkeley's rally will follow the "patriot prayer" on sunday at crissy field and "patriot prayer" is a conservative group and the leader says they are not white supremacists either. the protest is attracting far right extremists. san francisco leaders label the event a white supremacist rally and they are still trying to shut it down. >> giving them the ability to cry wolf in a crowded theater. we're all committed to our constitution and freedom of speech, god knows in san francisco. but not to endanger people. so the park service has to balance their ability to protect with their misguided view of the constitution. >> reporter: officials on both
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sides of the bay say they are beefing up security and that police will be in full force this weekend. here in berkeley, the city manager has the power to issue a one-day ban on all weapons that includes even sticks and knives although the city hasn't announced if that will happen. jessica flores, kpix 5. "skydrone5" flew over lake tahoe just after federal officials announced detailed plans to preserve the area for future generations. congress passed a bill to set aside an additional $415 million. agencies will use that money to thin forests in the tahoe basin to try to push to prevent forest fires and shore up watersheds. the funding will also help them prevent invasive species from reaching the lake and help counter the effects of climate change. dead trees will be removed to prevent them from falling on highways part of a $115 million safety campaign. highway 89 will be part of the push.
5:34 am
a woman was killed on that road this year when heavy snow put a tree on her car. caltrans is working with pg&e to identify high risk areas where falling trees can take out power lines. members of the task force have removed 640,000 statewide. many in the sierra mountains. >> time now, 5:34. let's check the forecast. how's it looking? >> i think i got the pollen out of my throat here. [ clearing throat ] >> i'm still working on t i wanted to say about the tahoe story, a lot of them have bark beetles infections. >> that wasn't a huge problem here in the bay area but east it killed a lot of trees increased fire danger, exponentially. >> yes. and then you toss in the thunderstorm with cloud-to- ground lightning and definitely a fire hazard there. more thunderstorms in the tahoe forecast. good morning, everybody. let's get to our own local forecast. does coit tower look brighter to you than ever before? >> beautiful, yeah. >> i think somebody cleaned it up or they cleaned the lights,
5:35 am
right? but it is well lit. and behind it, just a drape of clouds. 50s and 60s this morning. overcast skies. winds are under 10 around the rim of the bay. half moon bay west wind at 7. calm winds at san jose airport. we have that wind up to 20 in fairfield. winds will be gusty late day up to 20 to 25 and rotating to the north and northwest. 60s and gradual clearing of the skies around the immediate seashore today. no clearing in daly city or colma at 63. otherwise 70s and 80s around the peninsula. seasonal high temperatures. in fact, we're spot on in san jose back through santa clara, willow glen, cupertino, campbell. warmer in saratoga. east of the bay from milpitas to union city into the low to mid-80s. 90 pleasanton and the tri-
5:36 am
valley. 90s byram discovery bay. 88 in concord, clayton and walnut creek. low 80s carquinez strait. in american canyon, low 80s. 81 in santa rosa. that's your wednesday forecast. we'll talk about triple digits and when to expect it coming up. crews are keeping an eye on hot spots on a wildfire in dublin. it's burned about 200 acres so far at the camp park's army base. firefighters were able to get the upper hand on the flames last night. evacuation orders have been lifted and at last check, it was 90% contained. the mayor of piedmont is facing growing criticism over facebook posts that make his political leanings clear. at a recent city council meeting one woman read the post that is she found most troubling. >> "black lives matter" encourages cop killing. the left is dangerous and un-
5:37 am
american. transgenders are mentally ill. the left is intellectually bankrupt. democrats are the plantation slave masters of today. >> after several residents took the mic, mayor whieler did touch on the allegations but he seemed to portray himself as the victim of this scandal. >> this has been a very painful half-hour for me, as i'm sure people can imagine. i apologize if by posting articles from various magazines has offended anybody. >> some people who live in piedmont are calling for him to be removed from office. his term is up in about 18 months. a protest is planned at nfl headquarters in new york city this afternoon. some fans are rallying behind former 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick. >> kpix 5's jackie ward reports on the national anthem controversy. we talked so much about this when it was happening last year
5:38 am
during the football season, the whole "taking a knee" controversy. >> reporter: that conversation continues into this season. nfl analysts say it is not his lack of ability keeping him off the field but his political actions on the sideline last season not standing for the national anthem. he is out of a job. several organizations and activists are coming to his defense including film director spike lee. they are holding a rally in new york city today outside the nfl headquarters. nearly 2,000 people have said they are attending. almost 10,000 more have said they are interested. >> we also want to send a clear message to the nfl. if people feel politically connected to their communities, that they should be able to make a statement. >> reporter: this event comes after last weekend when nearly 100 current and former members of the nypd also rallied in support of kaepernick. the "new york times" reports that they gathered in brooklyn bridge park wearing hashtag i'm with kaep t-shirts. today's united we stand rally
5:39 am
starts at 2 p.m. pacific time and is expected to last until 5:00. google and walmart are joining forces in a move that could spell profit loss for amazon. oxana saberi of has that and more. >> reporter: good morning. we'll see if stocks on wall street keep up the rally today. they surged yesterday after a couple of shaky weeks. the dow was up 196. the nasdaq was up 84. blue apron is putting in a place a hiring freeze for salaried workers. the company delivers boxes packed with fresh ingredients and recipe cards to make meals at home. since going public in june, its shares are down 50%. google and walmart are teaming up to challenge a big competitor amazon. google will start offering walmart products on its google express shopping winter olympics. it's the first time walmart is offering its products online in the u.s. outside its own site.
5:40 am
you can now vent about your flights via video. delta airlines is testing a new video chat service at ronald reagan airport in washington, dc. delta sky assist allows customers to pick up a receiver which launches a video chat with a customer service representative. you will be able to modify reservations and add feedback. >> i bet that will be popular if you get pulled off a flight. a restaurant is appealing to health conscious consumers. what is it doing? >> reporter: yeah. the sandwich and salad chain panera is listing the amount of added sugar and calories on the cup of drinks. a regular 20-ounce soft drink has 17 teaspoons of added sugar. it starts in 8 cities including los angeles before nationwide next month. >> the more you know. oxana saberi of cbsm, thank you.
5:41 am
about 19 minutes now before 6:00. today is your chance to get a piece of one of the biggest lottery jackpots in u.s. history. >> reporter: and four of california's marine sanctuaries are at risk of oil drilling under the president's executive order. farralone islands just off the coast of san francisco is one of them. coming up, the effort made today to try to save the area.
5:42 am
5:43 am
are gathering in an effort to protect good morning. a slow ride just got slower. we are tracking the second crash on the eastshore freeway in what was already a slow commute for drivers heading through richmond and el cerrito. we'll have all the details coming up. jaclyn, thanks. today several political leaders
5:44 am
and environmentalists are gathering in an effort to protect marine sanctuaries. kpix 5's neda iranpour joins us live at crissy field to tell us what they are fighting to save. >> reporter: you know, all four of the marine sanctuaries just off the california coast are to be reviewed by the president. this includes channel islands, monterey bay, and the greater farralones off the coast of san francisco. they could be at risk of oil drilling. the farralones national marine sanctuary provides a 20-mile- wide highway for whales, dolphins, seals and others that come out to feed. the trump administration's america first offshore energy strategy was an executive order he signed back in april to review these marine monuments and sanctuaries. for the past 25 years, former congresswoman lynn woolsey has been trying to preserve this area. >> this is a matter of economic
5:45 am
common sense. jobs and livelihood hang in the balance. >> reporter: now, she will be one of many leaders at the forum today at the bay model visitors center in sausalito joined by congressman jared huffman and democratic leader nancy pelosi. i should point out the decision will not be made anytime soon on the marine sanctuaries but by tomorrow, the president is expected to decide on land monuments and of those in california, berryessa, sequoias, mojave trails, and san gabriel mountains are going to be under review. we'll find out tomorrow if the president wants to eliminate them, treat them or keep them as is. neda iranpour, kpix 5. the 2017 wine grape harvest starts today in livermore valley. >> oh. all right. [ laughter ] >> good morning. [ laughter ] >> i'm with you. i'm with you. a centuries old ceremony is going to happen where you mentioned the blessing of the grapes. [ laughter ] >> local priests will honor the grapes vineyards and the people who make the annual harvest a
5:46 am
reality. winemakers say the harvest is likely to begin at the end of the week with sauvignon blanc grapes. cooler weather pushed back the harvest. i have to call myself out. this is what happens when i try to multitask, i was trying to post on facebook trying to let people know what's going on and do tv at the same time. okay. [ laughter ] >> that's all right. if you never have given powerball a try, now might be the time. >> yeah. especially when you're having trouble multitasking at work. jackpot is the second largest in u.s. history, the prize up for grabs $700 million. could buy you some vacation. odds very low, one in 292 million. if nobody wins tonight, the next jackpot will probably be the biggest of all time in the u.s., it would surpass the $1.6 billion prize won last january. >> if you win, you can hire multiple assistants to take care of all your accounts
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>> you know what? i'm pretty sure i would abandon all tasks. >> i would buy warriors season tickets, right? >> sounds good. >> first thing. >> if i win, i will buy them for you. >> all right. that's my girl. >> i'm just trying to butter her up in case she wins. >> you're going to get us the ticket? >> sure, i'll do that. you collect all the money and i will run the errand. there's a place in castro valley that is supposed to be a place where people win. so i could stop there and the way home. >> if you don't play, you can't win. simple logic there. we are tracking delays. it's been tough for commuters. my heart goes out to anyone on the eastshore freeway. an earlier crash westbound 80 at central avenue had lanes blocked. all lanes are now open but in that backup, we had and another accident and that's blocking at least one lane and that's right near san pablo dam road.
5:48 am
so now the backup is stretching beyond richmond parkway. richmond parkway is getting heavy as a lot of folks are taking that as an alternate. you can still use that but do be advised that you won't be the only one and we are seeing a lot of yellow sensors lighting up our scene here. travel time 20 minutes or slower as you make your way from 4 to the bay bridge toll plaza. this is 80 near the accident at san pablo dam road. you can see the backup, how quickly it's developed at such an early-morning hour before 6:00. we have been tracking delays like this along this freeway since 4:30. it's been rough on the eastshore freeway. allow extra time. if you are using richmond parkway, that's definitely going to be slow, as well. bay bridge toll plaza, backed up to the foot of the maze, metering lights on. we have a new accident reported westbound 80 right as you approach fifth.
5:49 am
so here's a live look near the fremont street exit and the next exit will be folks trying to exit that 5th street there. that's going to be a little sluggish. so in that direction, i sound like a broken ortho, but give yourself some extra time. it's all part of the wednesday morning commute. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. i know you are heading to the beach. this is going to be your weekend, jaclyn. i have that forecast coming up. right now, what you can expect this morning at 5:49. it's layers of clouds looking out towards coit tower. you can't see the drizzle there. sun making an appearance in the mount vaca area. temperatures 55 santa rosa to 60 degrees in oakland and redwood city. it's now jumped to 63 with overcast conditions in san jose. weather watcher time. this is my window to our microclimates. george in san francisco, he is reporting overcast 57. jerry clear in antioch. dave says it's clear and cool
5:50 am
in napa. and katie in hayward reports overcast skies at 61 degrees. gives me a good idea just how expansive this deck of clouds and marine layer actually is. it streams into hayward, to the dublin grade. we have clouds in santa rosa, gilroy into santa cruz. areas of drizzle this morning. drizzle will fizzle to ample sunshine today a seasonal day in the bay area. heat is on for the weekend. we have a building dome of high pressure over the great basin. the winds are clockwise around the high so it's going to pull and train in that hotter air mass from arizona through southern california to northern california. 89 sacramento. mid-70s monterey bay today. thunderstorms still possible in the high sierra at 76. it will be in the mid-90s in
5:51 am
redding. official sunrise 6:32. it sets at 7:51. earlier. mid-60s pacifica today with partial clearing of the sky. 60s, 70s bayside nearly 80 around the peninsula including woodside, atherton, back through pescadero into la honda. low 80s in the santa clara valley which is seasonal. then we usher warmer air into the los gatos and saratoga area in the mid- to high 80s. 92 at the delta. same on thursday. then we jump high into the 100s on saturday and sunday. prolonged heat wave through tuesday. that is your wednesday forecast. make it a great day. time now 5:51. a frightening encounter in the south bay leads to a manhunt and marathon standoff.
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
him in his final moments. he the wife of a lafayette man killed in barcelona is hoping to track down the person who helped him in his final moments. she saw a video after last week's terror attack showing a waiter trying to help her husband, 42-year-old jailed tucker. his father said that the familiar -- jared tucker. his father said that he saw the good samaritan helping jared on tv. now they want to find and thank
5:55 am
him. the couple was in barcelona celebrating their first anniversary. there is a travel warning for americans going to mexico. there's and expanded advisory for cancun and los cabos because of gang violence. in some cases random bystanders have been shot and killed. the travel advisory could hurt mexico's economy. they make about $20 billion per year from tourists. in san jose there was a violent encounter between a attend and son of the landlord -- between a tenant and a son of a landlord. stephen maciel rammed his car into a fence. he was moving out and the landlord's son had a confrontation.
5:56 am
a neighbor heard gunshots before maciel sped off in his truck. >> i heard one shot. i need to get my kids away from the front because they were sleeping out front. then i heard two more shots. >> definitely unfortunate this violence would happen. i wish it wouldn't. we can just do the best we can to protect ourselves. >> he was found miles away covered in blood hiding in a garage. 5:56. tear gases and protests outside a rally in phoenix. the arrests made and the issues our president focused on during his rally. >> and counter-protestors are gearing up planning to shut down this weekend's "alt right" rally in berkeley and san francisco. we'll have the details coming up. ♪
5:57 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ thousands of protesters... as [ scream ] [ explosion ] tear gas, stun grenades and thousands of protestors as chaos erupts out a rally in phoenix. what president trump focused on during the stop.
6:00 am
>> plus, working to rebuild. the generous donation a south bay family is receiving after a fire destroyed their home and killed three people. >> good morning, it is wednesday, august 23rd. thanks for joining us, i'm anne makovec in for michelle griego. >> good morning, i'm kenny choi. let's start with traffic and weather. jaclyn is tracking a major shutdown on the golden gate bridge this morning. >> yeah. it hasn't been an easy commute for many drivers. and this could definitely slow you down. right now, we aren't tracking any major delays across the bridge. but an accident that happened overnight damaged some -- one of those steel barriers and right now two lanes over at the golden gate bridge -- [ indiscernible ] the tollbooth are closed. so again, we are not seeing a major backup right now. but this could cause some delays once we get a lot of commuters heading in that direction into san francisco. it's been rough on 80 along that stretch, as well. we have an earlier crash at central that's cleared and


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