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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  August 24, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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august 24th. i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm anne makovec in for michelle griego. it's 4:30. jaclyn is here and neda iranpour here for roberta today. >> yeah. filling in for roberta. she has a busy day today. drone flying, that kind of stuff. she is having fun today. but yeah, we already can see that drizzle out there. but yeah, you're right, the visibility not bad. you can still see the tops of the -- parts of the bay bridge. concord 61. livermore 59. 63 san jose. today drizzle lingering at the coast, sunny and warm inland, seasonal temperatures until sunday. then triple digits after sunday. i'll take it from here. we are tracking some slowdowns if you are making your way through oakland this morning, be advised that right now the connector ramp from westbound
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580 to eastbound 24 as well as eastbound 580 at eastbound 24, those are both closed until about 5:30 this morning. you can see speeds dropping in the area just below the limit around 46 miles per hour. again, over at the golden gate bridge, fog and wind advisory in place. that means both hands on the wheels and keep a safe distance between you and that car in front of you. back to you guys. >> thank you. in san francisco, with the "patriot prayer" rally set for saturday at crissy field, businesses are bracing for unrest. kpix 5's andria borba shows us what the city is doing to prevent the worst. >> reporter: with the national park permit issued, this goose covered grass at crissy field will be the epicenter for "patriot prayer" saturday afternoon. at the insistence of the sfpd bill scott there are no fewer than 26 restrictions about what can and cannot be brought into the rally. >> no guns will be allowed in the permitted area. the law is the law. we haven't changed the law. that's our job to enforce the law and keep people safe what
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we need the public to know is they will not be allowed to bring handguns into this area or any other area in the city that's city property. >> reporter: it includes mace, bicycles, drones, tiki torches. businesses will be missing from the area of crissy field and the presidio on saturday, main post will be closed, along with businesses like a cycle shop. >> saturday is our busiest day of the week. unfortunately, we will lose a day, um, but, you know, i think it's okay because safety is number one. it's most important. >> reporter: roaring mouse will be pulling bikes out of windows preparing for potential vandalism. >> we have rolling security gates that we will close on the inside. the front door and the back door. we do have bars in the windows just for our normal theft. we have bikes that are cabled
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and locked. >> reporter: also closed, sports basement. the ceo issued this statement: >> reporter: sfpd officers will be out in force to ensure the prayer group and expected counterprotest doesn't devolve into a scene like charlottesville. >> we are doing the best we can. so given the situation, we have to make the best of what we have and provide for public safety. >> reporter: supervisor london breed is urging folks to ignore the rally and deprive those permitted of attention. >> we will not let this rally tear us apart. we will not let this rally destroy our city. we are prepared to do whatever it takes to flip the script. >> reporter: ndria borba, kpix 5. meanwhile, house minority leader nancy pelosi weighed in on the rally with a statement
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saying, quote, free speech does not grant the right to yell fire in a crowded theater, incite violence or endanger the public in any venue. if any counter-protestors face charges for violent crimes at saturday's rally, bay area criminal defense attorney tony serra is promising his service for free. it looks like a software engineer recently fired by google is preparing to file a lawsuit. james damore lost his job after writing a company memo questioning women's ability in the tech industry. according to business insider damore hired a prominent civil rights attorney. he is now talking to other google workers and could sue the company on damore's behalf. you might recognize her name. dylan is a national committee woman for the california republican party and spoke at the gop convention last year. somebody is rich in massachusetts after matching all six numbers in last night's powerball drawing but two people in the bay area also
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scored pretty big matching 5 of the 6 numbers for the $758 million pot. if you want to compare how close you were, here's a glimpse at the winning numbers: e of the tickets was sold in milpitas - at the chevron gas station on calif it's the second largest jackpot in history for powerball. one of the ticket was sold in milpitas at the chevron gas station on california circle. the second was sold at lucky supermarket on mission street in daly city. the third was sold south in newport beach. so far the winners haven't come forward. and it's unclear just yet how much the tickets are worth. but ahead of of the drawing, we learned just what some locals would have done with the money. >> we don't know yet. travel. travel the world, man. >> not have to work full time. to be able to spend time with my daughter. travel around the world. >> i want to have a dog.
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>> that chevron station in milpitas sold a $425 million powerball ticket in february of 2014. just go to milpitas. a lucky place to buy a powerball ticket. >> she can get a dog if her dreams come true. >> it's the dog sitting that costs a lot. >> that's true. you have to have some friends helping out. it takes a village to raise a dog. >> not millions. >> no. [ laughter ] in the forecast, we are waking up to drizzle in the air. all that's going to be clearing up and can't wait to see what this weekend is going to bring. here's a live look right now at san jose. looking clear. inland temperatures are going to be pretty warm. here's a look at our stratus that's coming through the bay and it's about 15 to 1800 feet deep. so pretty significant here. you can see it moving further east. it's reaching places like concord, fairfield, a little bit of the coverage out there this morning with livermore and that's going to stick around for a few hours as it usually
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does. we are going to get that clearing though later on this afternoon. and that's when we're going to see our temperatures warming up a little bit. very seasonal though for today. we're watching a high to the south. so the desert southwest seeing a significant high pressure system bringing a lot of the rainstorms down in vegas and parts of arizona and that's going to cause our temperatures to warm up a lot. we're talking almost 10 degrees warmer but i'll explain all that coming up. here's a look at our winds now. that's your wind conditions. we're not going to see it too breezy, pretty normal 10 to 20- mile-per-hour winds this afternoon. highs today 81 for you in napa, 80 in san rafael, 66 for san francisco, and 65 degrees in pacifica. good morning. right now, we are tracking reports of a fire.
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this is out in antioch right near the antioch bridge. this is northbound 160 past 4. so right another the toll plaza there. fire crews heading to the scene. so far no delays in traffic. 29 minutes on 4 into hercules connecting with 80. altamont pass, the usual crowds building westbound 205 and westbound 580 speeds dropping around 35 miles per hour. things do start to pick up as you make your way through livermore. 24 minutes between 205 and the dublin-pleasanton interchange. we are tracking some slowdowns due to overnight roadwork. the connector ramp from 580 to eastbound 24 is closed until 5:30 a.m. we'll update you. ha t's a check of your traffic; over to you. thank you. in just a few hours, amazon is opening its first bookstore in the bay area. as kpix 5's maria medina
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reports, there are more online retailers choosing to go offline. >> i think amazon has revolutionized the way we shop especially online. >> reporter: the silicon valley amazon bookstore now one of 10 brick and mortar stores for the online retail giant. >> thank you, kids. >> all right, guys. >> reporter: which will likely look like a seattle bookstore. >> this is not a bookstore. the retail expert, i call this a web room. >> reporter: the director of retail management institute for santa clara university says this is the beginning of a growing trend for online retailers that are trying to target those hesitant shoppers. >> many consumers today primarily start their shopping journey online but there are a number of products that are new that are somewhat different for whom the online experience is just not good enough. and you need go to a physical store to confirm certain things about the product. >> it's nice to actually touch and feel and look at the sizes. >> reporter: jennifer gallagher bought three pairs of glasses from parker an online retailer
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that began opening up brick and mortar stores and now has more than 50. >> i have purchased so many things online and you get it at home and it doesn't feel the same or you didn't read the fine print or it doesn't fit the same. it really helps. but i like to do both. >> reporter: that's exactly why he says these stores opened by online retailers are making sales soaring for them. >> the physical store complements the online operation. it doesn't steal sales from the online store. it actually increases sales of the online store. >> reporter: the grand opening at santana row is tomorrow at 10 a.m. they plan to open up a store in the east bay for amazon, also. maria medina, kpix 5. time now 4:40. one bay area organization is working to bring communities together amid a disturbing string of hate crimes. details on their unique approach.
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a non-profit called "sea the boat.. crews are working to recover a boat that sank in san francisco's aquatic park. a nonprofit group called sea
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scouts uses that boat to train kids. nobody was on board when it went under yesterday. a salvage crew has been using inflatable bags to get it up, make it float again. it does have 50 gallons of diesel fuel on it but so far, no sign that any of it has leaked. president trump is back at the white house after a pair of rallies in the western u.s. the president spent yesterday in reno, nevada. it was a change from tuesday night in phoenix when the president attacked his critics. >> it is time to heal the wounds that divide us and to seek a new unity based on the common values that unite us. >> while in reno, the president signed a bill making it easier for veterans to appeal their disability claims. in alameda county a new hate crime investigation is under way. the latest in a series of incidents with jews and muslims being targeted. kpix 5's christin ayers shows us how one organization is
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reacting. >> reporter: muslim, christian and jewish leaders are gathering here days after two east bay synagogues and an islamic center were vandalized. someone got the sign in front of a community synagogue with anti"black lives matter" stickers. another sticker read, marxism is murder. it happened august 17th one day before someone broke the windows of a synagogue in alameda. a few days after that, neighbors in alameda discovered these anti-muslim flyers outside the islamic center of alameda. it happened as the bay area is bracing for two rallies planned this weekend. >> i think it takes on an increased importance of what's happening across this country in charlottesville and here in berkeley. i think that the hate and the bigotry that we see is really the most extreme manifestation of the brokenness in our country. >> reporter: andrew is the director of the one america movement an organization founded after donald trump's election. it brings people with polar opposite viewpoints together to
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volunteer. >> so they can actually form relationships and see people as human beings instead of as labels. >> we have far fewer interactions let alone friendships, genuine friendships, with people who see a world differently than we do. >> reporter: the people who founded it led a discussion on defeating hate. he believes frank talks like these will bring healing. >> are we going to solve all the problems of the country in six months? no, of course not. baby steps. go meet someone you don't know. go talk to someone you have never met before. go listen to someone who you think you disagree with and just hear their perspective. >> reporter: in berkeley christin ayers, kpix 5. oakland police are hoping that surveillance video helps them catch a killer. the department just released this video from the scene of the killings on august 14th of last year. the shooting happened during a block party on 15th street. police say it started with a group of men in their 20s harassing a woman. her boyfriend defended her according to authorities and
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someone shot him. a 22-year-old man was also killed when he got caught in the crossfire. >> somebody knows something. all we ask is that you just come forward so, you know, we can have justice for these boys. >> police believe that about 300 people were at the party and saw the shooting. a third victim survived. a $25,000 is being offered for information leading to an arrest. police in santa rosa are trying to figure out what caused a drive to crash into a nail salon. a white lexus there completely is inside modern nails. it caused major damage to the business. firefighters say one person was taken to the hospital but is expected to be okay. nobody other injuries. elon salon taking to social media to make clear that he is not kidding about sending people to space one day. he put on this spacesuit. elon musk says it works. it's a flight suit to be worn
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inside the ship not something for a walk in space. when that day comes, would you be willing to go up there as a journalist covering spacex? >> i would go. >> yes. >> fascinating. >> but only when they figure out the way back. [ laughter ] >> one way? no. not the inaugural flight. >> roundtrip, please. let's check the forecast right now. so this morning, we're seeing drizzle and temperatures are cool but we are going to get a big warmup coming our way. here's your story for today. drizzle along the coast. then temperatures staying seasonal for the next couple of days. look what's about to happen. sunday through wednesday, we are talking triple digits in some areas. a lot of high pressure heading towards our region coming up from the desert southwest. i'll show you where it's coming from in just a moment. right now, though, looking good across the bay bridge. not too foggy as far as the low conditions go. the visibility should be fine.
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>> clear for the airport which is good news. we are going to stay cloudy right along the coastline. petaluma six-mile visibility. it won't affect traffic this morning. here's your futurecast. fog is 15 to 1800 feet deep but by 11:00 should be clear for most of the bay. just along the coast that's where it tends to whoever. and it's going to stay hovering along the coast through this afternoon and then by 6, 7:00 it will creep back in as it does. tomorrow won't be as cloudy as it is this morning. here's a look at what your conditions are going to look like today. 62 degrees will be your high along the coast. the bay 69. warming up inland at 89 degrees. get ready for inland temperatures to soar. here's why. we have this high pressure across the desert southwest. it's going to build up by sunday, monday that's when our temperatures are really going to cause a big change there.
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big impact. then maybe wednesday the temperatures are going it would be 10 degrees higher than what they are today. so look at this. your inland areas right now in the upper 80s. by saturday, sunday, all the way into the upper 90s with triple digits in some areas. the bay conditions looking like temperatures 69 degrees today. and then by saturday, sunday into the low 70s even mid-70s for some parts of the bay. along the coast temperatures will be in the low to mid-60s for the next seven days we are even looking at sunshine along the coast next week. so get ready for enjoying lunch outside, breakfast even outside around the area. i like that. definitely. i'll be packing a lunch. right now, we are tracking some overnight roadwork that could slow you down if you travel eastbound 237 and try to connect with 880. that's where caltrans is working until 5 a.m. they will have that shut down. they should have that reopened here shortly but we'll let you know. so far we aren't tracking any delays due to this closure.
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we also have some pretty nice conditions for drivers making their way through the south bay. a few slowdowns along northbound 101 right at the 880 connector but other than that, we are in the green moving right at the limit. no delays as you head through burlingame, 101 at poplar avenue, you can see traffic is fine in both directions. san mateo bridge looking good. and westbound direction, 13 minute from 880 to 101. shouldn't have any trouble with you are making your way across the bay bridge this morning. just getting to the toll plaza, that's a breeze, about 14 minutes from 4 to the maze. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. time is 10 minutes before 5:00. and some amazing video of bart passengers jumping into action when a train comes barreling toward a man on the tracks.
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here's a look at your conditions in your neighborhoods. the highs today 76 in san mateo. 78 in redwood city. half moon bay a cool cloudy 62 degrees. inland areas though fremont 76. milpitas 78. so it's looking like temperatures are average where they should this time of the year. 86 fairfield. 84 pittsburg. livermore 85. mid-80s inland. typical. and mid-60s along the coast. also pretty typical. but all that's about to change as we head into the weekend. more coming up. a nice ride for drivers off the bay bridge or approaching the lower deck. this is 80 at sixth street and you can see traffic doing just fine in both directions. we will take a closer look at what your travel times look
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like over at the toll plaza coming up in the next traffic report. for now, back to you. thank you. this next story gives you faith in society. bart passengers jumped in during a crisis to help save somebody's life in the afternoon commute on monday in san francisco. passengers lined up on the platform at the civic center station at around quarter to 5:00 monday afternoon and then somebody climbed down and laid on the tracks. this surveillance video shows riders springing into action he trying to flag down the operator of an oncoming train before the train hit the man. the second angle you can see lots of riders unaware of the situation until some people ran down the length of the platform trying to get help. and then many of them started waving their arms. the incoming train operator noticed them, hit the emergency stop button and put on the brakes just in time. bart police detained the man on the tracks and we're told he was taken to get the support
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service he needs. kids going back to school in napa unified will now have healthier options during lunch. kpix 5's john ramos visited mcpherson elementary school to see what kids think about the new menu. >> reporter: mcpherson elementary school in napa isn't a wealthy school but it does have some progressive ideas. like doing yoga in p.e. well, sort of. but even the principal didn't think much of the food being offered in the cafeteria. >> they didn't look very appetizing. and you could see on the looks on the students's faces and i couldn't blame them. >> reporter: but that's changed because the district hired brandi a former executive chef for whole foods to do an upgrade on the stuff they used to serve. >> stuff like, um, corn dogs and a lot of prepackaged items that were, you know, ending up in the garbage or on the share table. >> reporter: gone is the fair food and in its place are things like chicken street tacos and a salad bar with lots of healthy choices. kids are required to take
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something from the bar. today the watermelon seemed to be most popular. >> i think if you offer kids an apple versus something that's prepackaged, you know, maybe there is a little bit enticing- ness going on. if you put it there for them, they will eat it. >> reporter: she has eliminate chocolate milk and high fructose corn syrup and schools will soon get proper warming equipment so the food doesn't get cold before lunch begins. >> so we're just really trying to wrap our hands around what we can do as baby steps throughout the school year to make things better here. >> reporter: outside, the kids seem to enjoy the meal. and maybe because they chose them, themselves, the fruits and veggies didn't all end up in the garbage can. and while it may be baby steps, you would be surprised how a healthier diet can change your life. you know, you're going to be eating like this all year long. had you happy about that? >> yeah, i'm famous. >> reporter: no, i don't mean you're going to be on tv every day. i mean you're going to eat like this every day. >> yes. but i'm still famous.
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[ laughter ] >> reporter: in napa, john ramos, kpix 5. >> and the district says the change won't cost much more because the government provides more funding when the food choices are healthier. a san jose family will soon have a new place to live after a deadly fire destroyed their mobile home. a child and her uncle died in the fire and a 10-year-old classmate also died. it was at the golden wheel mobile home park in august. the home was destroyed. they are getting donations from community groups for the clean- up and installation of a new mobile home. among the donor, a home provider advantage homes. and an l.a. billionaire who also donated millions earlier this year to the coyote creek flood victims. the new home will be ready to move in, in time for the holidays. reporter: amazon opening this store behind me.
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it's expanding its physical presence in the bay area. what you can expect to see inside. that story coming up.
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i'm anne makovec in for michelle. and i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live look outside... the morning rush is about to start... the roads good morning. it's thursday, august24th. i'm anne makovec. >> i'm kenny choi. let's check the conditions on this thursday morning. coit tower on telegraph hill, nice and bright this morning. >> you can see it. >> you can see all the lights on 880 in oakland, as well. people are starting to head to work. >> but we were talking about a little bit of drizzle this morning. sort of heavy fog coming down in the early-morning hours. >> yup. >> neda iranpour is in for roberta gonzales this morning with a look at more of that. >> a little damp out there. might have to use your windshield wipers today. so hopefully yours are working fine but pretty soon you will have to use your air- conditioning. i'll explain why. here's the golden gate right now. our temperatures right now are pretty cool as they are ll


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