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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  August 24, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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what you need to know is there will be no pedestrian, bicycle vehicle access to there from the golden gate bridge. the only way on will be from the east at the marina gate on marina boulevard near the palace of fine arts. also, keep in mind, muni has canceled saturday's service to cal hollow and the marina, all of it being done out of an abundance of caution. >> i hope that rational reasonable people will actually decide who they are and what they stand for and what is right and what is the most tolerant and what, you know, follows the american ideal of everyone live and let live, we're allowed to be here, we are allowed to believe what we want, say what we want. and move on. and love each other. >> reporter: one of the ways to look at this is as an opportunity which mayor lee echoed in his own statement saying this is an opportunity
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for the people of san francisco to show that not only does san francisco espouse free speech and open-mindedness, but also to be able to do so and to show those ideals in a way that's peaceful and supportive of the first amendment. >> so we have the prayer group people and then we have the their protestors. have either group talked to their members about these arrangements. >> reporter: >> reporter: as far as we know the "patriot prayer" group has spoken to the folks that will be planning to show up saying if you want to come be here early. because again, there's only one gate to get in and that's over there off the marina entrance. they say get here early and you will be able to get here in time. there's another group of folks who are against the "patriot prayer" group and they plan to paddle boarding just off the coast of crissy field because that way they say they can see the group that will be here. ken? >> it's a plan. emily turner, thank you for
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that. the city will also close the big parking lot at the marina green and we're learning the jewish community center will cut off access to their parking garage after presidio and california streets. of course, you can find a list of all the closures for saturday's rally on our website, late this afternoon, the city of berkeley denied a permit for a no to marxism rally at civic center park but groups will show up on sunday anyway. several community groups gathered on the steps of city hall this morning. they say they will rally too but against hate. >> i want to be clear that we're not advocating violence. this won't be used against us in indictments. but! we are saying, you have to fight! >> the speakers also condemned berkeley city leaders and the park service for allowing the weekend rallies. coming up at 6:00, what businesses are doing to protect themselves ahead of the rallies. new developments in the case of a san jose state
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university professor who allegedly sexually harassed a student. kpix 5's maria medina with why he may not be returning to the courtroom after all. it flips back and forth every day. >> reporter: new developments all the time. there was backlash from students who found out the professor who harassed a student in 2015 was returning to the classroom. now we have learned that one class is canceled and the second class, this memo was sent out earlier to students by one of the dina read in part, quote, hello, students, i'm writing you to inform that you professor lewis aptekar will not be teaching research and [ indiscernible ] education in the fall. we'll be working on securing another instructor. a university investigation found he asked a student on a date in 2015. he was suspended for two weeks, went through diversity training and was set to return this fall to teach but now a spokesman
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says he will continue to remain an employee but not teaching. >> certainly what we heard from the students in the past several weeks were very important. the students say they need a really good learning environment. we heard that and we're doing our best to provide that. >> would you feel comfortable with him coming back in a different capacity other than professor? >> i personally do not think that he should still be a part of this university after what he has done. >> the process is still going to continue because we are frustrated, again lack of communication with the department, university, with dr. aptekar's return. >> reporter: he was going to be allowed to return to the classroom and organized a protest when aptekar was set to teach on the first day. that protest will continue here at 3:30 on campus on monday. as for the decisions to stay out of the classroom this fall,
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it's unknown whether that was aptekar's or the university's. live at sjsu, maria medina, kpix 5. a new audit creates more bad blood between santa clara and the 49ers. the city says the team owes them money. kpix 5's devin fehely on why the city says it is still being kept in the dark. >> reporter: there was great expectations about this final draft of the audit. there was hope it might bring some clarity to the financial and management issues that have often seen the city and the 49ers on opposite sides. but instead it just seems to be stirring up even more controversy. one year and $200,000 later in the city of santa clara, they still haven't found what it's looking for. the stadium authority's long- awaited audit leaves the city in the dark about the costs and potential profits from big name concerts at levi's stadium like this summer's u-2 performance. >> we need the data just like the board of directors of any corporation publicly traded corporation would have access to. >> reporter: the audit team identified nearly $115,000 it
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beliefs the 49ers owe the city for police and fire services at levi's stadium during the stadium's first few years in operation. but the auditors failed to get a closer look at so-called nonnfl events, big concerts like beyonce, because the 49ers wouldn't allow them to review and report on their records without first signing a nondisclosure agreement. but the auditors refused. >> i fervently want it to be a very productive relationship for everybody in santa clara as well as the 49ers. now is the time to make sure we have all the dad that we need. >> we're being contentious, litigious. this needs to stop. we need to stop wasting taxpayer dollars, especially when it's showing that there's not millions of dollars that we the residents are missing out on. >> reporter: the 49ers say the release of sensitive financial information would undermine their ability to negotiate effectively with concert promoters in the future. they cite report as, quote, riddled with errors adding:
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>> reporter: the final audit generating more heat than light while the often acrimonious relationship between city leaders and the 49ers continues. so now there is some discussion of a secondary or supplemental audit that will not be discussed at the meeting tonight. it's a proposal as controversial as this original report. in santa clara, devin fehely, kpix 5. the state supreme court ruling clears the way for execution to resume here in california. the justices upheld a voter- approved prop 66 aimed at expediting death sentences. it set the five-year deadline on inmate appeals but a divided court found the deadline was advisory, not mandatory. executions could resume within a year. 2006 was the last time a california inmate was put to death. five pieces of protected
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federal land in california are safe for now. the five national monuments have been under review by the department of the interior. today the secretary recommended keeping all of them. but he wants to shrink the size of some. the trump administration claims it would help nearby communities that rely on the land. democrats say it could mean a public land could be used but oil and gas companies -- by oil and gas companies. environmental groups are threatening to sue. unsafe amounts of lead found in the water at an oakland high school. now the district is in repair mode. in mcclymonds high school lead was coming from the cafeteria faucets, football field water and showers in locker rooms. filters were installed, water dispensers were installed and students have free new water bottles to fill up. the district says the water is no long a threat to health.
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>> we have prevented anybody from having any contact with any lead-based water. >> this school been here since 1950. so 1950 from now, that's some years. so we know the pipes need to be replaced. >> the district also says there is sediment in the pipes but replacing the entire school's plumbing system would take more than a year and possibly cost up to $2.5 million. other bay area headlines. the santa cruz animal shelter is in the process of recovering nearly 100 feral cats from a property in boulder creek. they say there are so many of them, the problem tracing back to a resident has began feeding a small number of them. uc-berkeley looking for this man. this man walked into a rec center on campus last night claiming he had a gun. then he stole people's cell phones and wallets. in san mateo county, police bust a sophisticated marijuana grow operation. they seized more than 11,000 plants with a street value of $22.8 million.
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near devils canyon west of skyline. four people were arrested and they face numerous drug charges. start tomorrow, north bay commuters can catch the smart train. ten stations will be open from downtown san rafael to the sonoma county airport. the hope is that train service will ease traffic along 101. all smart train rides will be free on opening day. a video from a cheerleading campus sparked a police investigation. >> a high school freshman forced to do the splits, screaming in pain. a colorado mother is demanding answers. >> how warranties can cover everything from plumbing to heating. but is it worth it for you? >> and texas prepares for the wrath of hurricane harvey as it picks up energy in the gulf.
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cheerleader *forced into the splits. reporter dominic garcia reports... the girl was pushed down by her coach and teammates. a denver school is under fire after video surfaced showing a cheerleader forced into the split. the girl was pushed down by her coach and her teammates. >> reporter: the mother we spoke to says her daughter had just gotten on the squad at the high school in denver. she was horrified at the video she showed her of practice. she says the video recorded by a teammate shows the coach pushing her daughter down into the split. this is the 13-year-old freshman on the squad. her mom says this happened back in june. and she spent months trying to resolve what she saw as abuser victim behavior on the squad without any resolution from administrators. now denver public schools has placed five administrators on leave for an investigation. that includes east high's principal and assistant principal, the cheer coach and assistant coach, as well as the school's deputy general counsel. >> no, no! >> reporter: the superintendent says it doesn't allow staff to
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force students into activities or exercises after they say stop. the student's mother says she had injuries due to what happened. >> there was so much trauma it caused a blood vessel to burst on the front of her leg. she is still in physical therapy. the therapist has not cleared her yet because of the injuries she sustained. >> reporter: the mother has since pulled her daughter from the team. denver police say they became aware of this yesterday and immediately child abuse detectives began an investigation. in denver, dominic garcia, kpix 5. >> five school administrators are leave while police investigate. new post office is opening up in vallejo. but it's not looking so new. dozens of cracks lining the exterior walls of the building. it is noticeable but the usps officials say the cracks from the stucco are purely aesthetic and are being repaired. some customers say they are not taking any chance. it looks horrible. i'm not coming back. i'm not.
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i'm going to the one downtown. >> i would rather be safe than sorry. you never know in an earthquake or something. i'm in there? no. >> a postal service spokesman says the office is getting repainted. and the public should not be worried. google is launching a feature for people dealing with depression. mobile users who search for clinical depression will be offered a clinically validated questionnaire asking users about energy, appetite and concentration levels. google says it's a self- assessment that determines whether users should seek help. apple's new data center will be built in iowa. ceo tim cook made that announcement today. $1.3billion facility will be located in waukee, 20 minutes from des moines. the new center will create 50 jobs. it will help run apple's app store and construction is expected to get under way next year. it is one of the downsides
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of home ownership. stuff breaks. >> it does. lots of people are now buying home warranties. but as consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains, they may not always protect you. >> reporter: chuck and his wife relatives of a kpix 5 employee haven't had a working refrigerator for nearly 7 weeks! now they rely on ice to keep their remaining food from spoiling. >> we have thrown out everything at this stage. it's got to be probably $500 worth of food. >> reporter: made all the more frustrating because like many seniors on a fixed income, chuck and ruth pay monthly for a home warranty to protect them from things like this. home warranties can be useful for older homes an umbrella service contract to cover things that aren't insured. depending on your plan they can cover everything from heating and plumbing to garage door and refrigerator. >> they didn't call me back. >> reporter: when the fridge went out nearly two months ago their first call was to first american their home warranty company. their $55 a month policy is supposed to cover small
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repairs, appliance fixes and replacements when necessary. first american did send out a local third party contractor who attempted to fix the fridge four times. >> nobody knows if they have ordered parts. >> reporter: but instead of fixing the fridge, the couple says the contractor damaged their floor. >> it's important for a consumer to ask the company who they contract with in their area. >> reporter: allison castro of the california department of insurance says it's common for home warranty companies to send out a third party. but they are responsible for that contractor's work and they can't work on repairs indefinitely. >> most home warranty policies include a provision that will replace the appliance or air, heating, but that could be at a depreciative value. >> reporter: after nearly two months they weren't even offered that. >> i don't know if i'm going to have a refrigerator today, tomorrow or when. >> reporter: fed up, we called first american for them and within a few days the couple had a new refrigerator and offer to repair their damaged floor. >> you don't know how much you're going to miss things
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until you don't have 'em. >> reporter: now, the third party contractor that first american sent out has very poor ratings online. first american would only say it checks for a license and insurance but refused to comment on reviews or references. they also wouldn't say how long someone has to wait before they will replace an appliance. in this case, it took two months and a call from a tv station. >> yeah. >> and 55 bucks a month they are paying for this policy. >> keep in mind that covers more than just the fridge. it's the whole house. but it barely covers -- it did in the end. >> thank you. the sole winner of the historic powerball jackpot came forward to claim her prize today. 53-year-old mavis wanczyk won the largest ever prize from a single lottery ticket, $758 million. she bought the ticket from a gas station in chicopee, massachusetts, picking those numbers herself. wanczyk found out she won after finishing her shift at a hospital last night. >> i called and told them i
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will not be coming back. [ laughter ] >> wanczyk is taking the lump sum payment, about $336 million after taxes. the owner of the gas station where she bought the ticket will get $50,000. at first, state lottery officials mistakenly said it was sold in watertown about 75 miles away. the three california at this time, matched five of the powerball numbers -- three california tickets matched five of the powerball numbers, one in milpitas, one in daly city, a third in newport beach. all eyes on the gulf coast of texas right now. these are live pictures as that state braces for hurricane harvey picking up strength and tracking towards corpus christi. some places could see more two feet of rain and 111-mile-per- hour winds. reporter don champion shows us how texas is preparing. >> reporter: people in corpus christi, text, filled up
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sandbags thursday ahead of hurricane harvey which is expected to make landfall friday as a category 3 storm. beaches in galveston have been closed amid concerns over high winds and storm surge. forecasters say the slow-moving storm which hit saint lucia last weekend could drop as much as 20 inches of rain along the texas gulf coast. many residents stocked up on supplies. >> i'm just getting ready for the storm. you know, i have been through this before. so it's always good to be prepared. >> reporter: the red cross is also preparing to help people who have been evacuated. >> what we're doing now is pre-positioning supplies such as clean-up kits, shovels, comfort kits. >> reporter: galveston officials have told residents not to go outside this weekend unless they have to. >> we start getting anywhere from 2 to 4-foot tide with any kind of inundating rains, it causes severe street flooding problems because the streets just can't drain. >> reporter: after hitting texas, harvey is expected to travel east to louisiana, where it could dump 5 to 10 inches of
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rain starting sunday, maybe more. >> with potential for double and this is what worries the most, for double if we get stuck in prolonged rain bands. >> reporter: back in texas, the governor has already declared a state of disaster for 30 counties on or near the gulf coast. don champion, cbs news, houston. there's a significant weather change heading here toward the bay area. obviously not a hurricane. but some heat. how about five straight days of triple digits? it is possible. details on your forecast coming up in two minutes.
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at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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doesn't feel like it or look like it will you there's a significant warmup coming to half of the bay area starting saturday through the following saturday. temperatures five degrees below average in places like livermore and concord around 80 degrees. 78 in santa rosa. 76 in san jose. and only the low to mid-60s san francisco and oakland. this warmup doesn't really pertain to you. it will be mainly inland. got to talk a little bit about
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what's going on in texas. the latest forecast update for hurricane harvey, 85-mile-per- hour sustained winds with stronger gusts making landfall friday night or saturday morning as a cat-2 or cat-3. if it makes landfall as a category 3 hurricane, first time in texas since 1970. look at all that rain. everywhere in yellow more than 5 inches of rainfall over 3 or 4 days. localized rainfall totals may exceed 2 feet and the storm surge or water level rise at the coast could be 8 to 12 feet. that's significant for folks along the beach. big problems heading for texas. overnight tonight for us, cooler than the past couple nights. this low offer the southern california coast is going to move away but fizzle out and muscled out by the the two strong ridges of high pressure. one more day with this low, one more day with temperatures running below average. then the ridges take over and the ridges are going to just hang out for at least a week.
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futurecast says cloud cover near the water, yes and along the coastline but not as much as the past several mornings. fewer morning clouds. sunshine in the afternoon burning back all the way to the coastline. i think the entire bay area late tomorrow will be sunny and the next several afternoons should be sunny as well and it's all about this. a ridge parked over northern and central california. we'll get hot and stay hot away from the water. triple digits are likely for four to six consecutive days starting sunday. the warmup begins saturday. mainly the 80s inland. 70s from mountain view, fremont and oakland. 66 in san francisco. look at that heat! triple digits across the board. the 70s near the bay. the 60s continuing at the beach. that's the forecast forecast we'll be right back.
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santino and he was found abandoned as a kid in chile. an animal sanctuary took him in and gave take a look at this! it's a goat in a wheelchair. his name is santino. an animal sanctuary gave him a chair to help him walk. the sanctuary says he is doing great. and they continue to help a number of abandoned farm animals. awww. >> cute goat. >> cute. thank you so much for watching at 5:00. >> ahead at 6:00, our first look at an entire fake city built for self-driving cars. how "waymo's" transformed a
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military base into a real-world training ground. we'll be back in 30 minutes with that. ♪[ music ] ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> mason: here comes harvey. the gulf coast braces for what could be the most powerful hurricane to make landfall in the u.s. in 12 years. >> we are recommending in the strongest terms that if you live in those low-lying areas, that you get out, and you begin to get out now. >> mason: also tonight, the boy scouts, courting girls. >> i just want the same opportunities as the boys. >> mason: but the girl scouts say, "back off." a priest confesses to an earlier life as a ku klux klansman, who burned a cross in a black family's front yard. >> as i'm driving here i'm like, "this isn't true. this can't be." >> mason: ah, but it is. she hit the powerball jackpot.


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