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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  August 26, 2017 4:30pm-5:00pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. after the patriots rally was cancelled twice, but that didn't stop counter protesters from taking to the streets of san francisco with their own message of unity. this is a special edition of kpix a news ahead of preseason football. i'm juliette goodrich. >> i'm brian hackney. chopper 5 giving us a live look right now where hundreds of antihate marchers have been gathering all day. this was to be the patriot prayer counterprotest, but it turns out these folks had the san francisco stage to themselves. we've got a series of reports on the marches and rallies and lack thereof. we begin with kpix 5 katie nielsen at san francisco civic center. >> thousands of people showed up
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here in the shadows of city hall for what organizers describe as a peaceful family-friendly unity rally, and it feels more like a street festival than it does a counterprotest. >> it is a party. >> to show my support and that we can all come together and be peaceful and happy and love each other. >> it's interesting because the nazis really didn't seem to show up today so, you know, many of us were prepared to show them they weren't welcome, and i guess they got that message in advance and were afraid to show their faces. >> a lone protester from the other side of the political fence showed up. he was quickly surrounded by counterprotesters and police. he said he simply wanted to support president trump. >> i wanted to come here and
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point out the hate in these anti-trump people that would be here, not everybody, but the antihch trump -- anti-trump people. >> this is about love. so you want to make it about hate? >> no. >> there is a significant police presence here with officers both on the ground and on nearby rooftops, but so far, everything has been peaceful. the highlight of the day has been the music and the food trucks. live in san francisco, katie nielsen, kpix 5. >> katie, any talk about the protests in berkeley tomorrow? >> juliette, people have been handing out fliers encouraging the counterprotesters here today to attend the rallies in berkeley tomorrow. >> thank you. kpix 5's joe vasquez finally caught up with the man who was the catalyst of today's demonstration. joe. >> juliette, we're talking about joey gibson, the organizer of patriot prayer. it was a strange day. like, we were geared up, then we
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moved over to alamo square where we thought something might happen, but then i got a text from joey himself. he said to meet him here in pacifica at fairmont park, and they held a short news conference. >> i really don't see this as a loss. i see this as an opportunity for america to wake up. >> joey gibson, organizer of the patriot prayer, says the arrangement was not going to keep him and his group safe, and he insists that was a surprise to him. so he pulled the plug. >> we had to cancel the rally. we all decided together. it was the best thing to do for the city. okay. because the way it was set up is that a lot of innocent people were going to get hurt. that's a fact. okay. a bunch of supporters, a bunch of antifa, communists, normal liberals would have been mixed together. it would have a huge riot and disaster. >> gibson says his rally was supposed to be a conversation
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among moderates, and despite the fact that some of his past patriot prayers were attended by white supremacists, he doesn't understand why he has been labeled a racist. >> one white nationalist shows up, the whole city burns -- down, they freak out. extremists are a problem on the both sides. that's why the moderates have to come together because they are trying to destroy our message. >> so that news conference wrapped up after, well, 10, 15 minutes. they hung in there and answered some questions. but i got to tell you, there's a lot of nervousness on their part, as well as the journalists who were sort of overlooking our shoulders, juliette, because everyone kept saying we think counter demonstrators were on the way and that big clash that everyone was bracing for today, we were very concerned it was going to come down here to pacifica, but so far, no sign of any counter demonstrators. they wrapped up quickly and left. >> what's next for patriot prayer?
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will they stay in the bay area? >> they said they were going to hang around. they were going to go talk to folks out in the public. they did not specify where, and then we asked them what about tomorrow because originally, they said they were going to go to berkeley. they said, well, berkeley has been cancelled, but they didn't quite answer whether they will show up in berkeley. you know, bottom line is berkeley, we think, some folks will still show up over there. you may see some of the patriot prayer and their entourage there, as well. >> all right. very interesting. joe, thank you. and chopper 5 overhead as the counter protesters began to move, police stay one step ahead. but the barricade led to this, complete gridlock. the massive crowd of counter protesters then converged on the mission, tieing up local streets along the way. at one point, dozens laid down on the intersection of mission and 21st. rnls our team coverage continues now with devon feeley.
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first, what was really the only confrontation today with police. >> yeah, no patriot prayer organizers here all day long, but hundreds of counterprotesters showed up to alamo square. some of them came here ready for a fight. >> counter protesters were fired up. a single barricade wasn't going to stop them. the two police officers at steiner and fell street stood no chance. outnumbered and out matched, a few hundred people pushed over the fencing to march to alamo square. that was where the patriot prayer organizers were going to rally before canceling it last minute. a line of backup officers trying to push some of the counterprotesters back. caught in the middle, unsuspecting tourists, stuck and surrounded by protesters. here to see the painted ladies, instead they saw protesters and police officers at work. police a woman who charged
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through one of the police license. eventually, officers allowed all the counterprotesters to rally next to alamo square. some of them came with helmets and sticks. others came here to peacefully demonstrate against hate. >> we're here to fight against the hate that's going on and to message not only for ourselves but also for our children. >> police officers fenced off the entire park. aside from the officers on the ground, we saw a few people monitoring the protests from rooftops. they had their eyes on the folks all covered up. some of the same characters seen at previous violent protests. >> we were able to get that shut down. you know, they got their tails between their legs, and we're winning the day. >> a lot of pushing and shoving between police officers and counterprotesters, but overall, it ended peacefully. brian, we just saw that one person detained. >> were there a lot of police
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out there, da? did they have any particular strategy in dealing with counterprotesters? >> yeah, a lot of police officers. i mean, we're talking about possibly over a hundred police officers, if not more, out here. a couple of strategies i noticed, one obviously, they blocked off, fenced off the entire park, making sure people can't go inside. the other strategy was i saw constant communication between the rally organizers and police commanders trying to talk things through, and that's what ended some of the clashing. >> all right. da lin at alamo square in the city. thanks, da. a homemade banner hanging from the top of one of the painted ladies, and colorful victorians on alamo square, the banner reading love trumps hate. >> kpix 5 devon feeley joins us now. a much different scene expected there. >> somewhat an -- anticlimactic.
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there were two dozen park police officers gathered here in the parking lot. there was a lot of them without a whole lot to actually do, which they say was just fine with them. >> with the political rally and counterprotests cancelled, park rangers this morning broke down the barricades meant to maintain order, but for businesses that had shut down in anticipation of a potentially chaotic protest, it was still anything but business as usual. >> i would rather the whole thing didn't happen at all, but it's nice that it's quiet here. part of me was curious to see what was going to happen or to have the day off and go for a bike ride. >> around the field, there were lingering vestiges of the planned protest, people who wanted to get their message across, as well as a small group of counterprotesters who gathered, they said, just in case. >> everybody knows in our hearts what right and wrong is, and this is a moment where people are going to have to decide for themselves to cross a line, to stand up for what's right, and what's right right now is to stand against this regime, to stand against the nazis and ku
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klux klan, and to let your voice be heard. >> not everyone was happy the protest moved everywhere. ty supports patriot prayer and says he feels the principle of free speech is under attack. >> i don't know who those guys are in charlottesville, but didn't they have a right to do what they did? >> others were relieved to sidestep the violent clashes. >> when communication breaks down between people, that's when these things happen. i think people just need to talk and listen to each other and try to work things out as adults, which doesn't seem like there's a lot of that going on right now in the united states, unfortunately. >> now, there was a heavy security presence today with police officers here, largely as a precaution. that is expected to return to normal tomorrow, as it should with the buzz commune -- business community. a bit of a patchwork today. some businesses open, some elected to remain closed. >> say no to hate rally was peacefully held on the castro, and at no time, the street was
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covered in rainbow banners and flags. and at ocean beach, dozens came together to form a huge heart on the sand. everybody who came wore red and pink and held up a large american flag. organizers say the hundred-foot heart was designed to be a peaceful family-friendly way to counter far-right rallies. well, in berkeley, a no to marxism rally set for tomorrow has been cancelled. police are still gearing up. counterprotesters say they are not backing down. large crowds are expected to gather around civic center park and downtown even though the city urging people to stay away. >> we don't believe them. we don't trust anything they say. the alt right and the nazis, these white supremacists lie all the time. >> we should point out that yvette felarca is facing assault charges for her role in a white nationalist rally in sacramento. meantime, an anti-hate rally is scheduled on the uc campus tomorrow. roads in the area will be closed. and coming up, we will
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continue to bring you the latest on today's rallies in san francisco. and bay area firefighters remembering one of their own after he was killed, being shot while off duty. and hurricane harvey hits texas. the latest on the deadly storm and the damage it left behind. and we've got weather of our own to contend with. pretty hot weather. we've got it all coming up after the break.
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was shot to death while off duty. 30-year-old jake walter was a recent gradu fire academy a memorial today for an oakland firefighter shot to death while off duty. 30-year-old jake walter was a recent graduate of the fire academy. he was leaving an event in san jose last week when a gunman opened fire. today, a procession of fire trucks moved through oakland and then men and women in uniform filed into the scottish right center with other mourners. during the service, a friend remembered when walter asked him to be a reference on his fire
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academy application. >> and the way that he said it was with this kind of nervousness, this humility. it was almost like he thought, you know, that i might say no. i've known him for ten years at this point. i'd do anything for him. but he was still honest about it. he still knew that he needed help, he was still humble in asking for it. >> the san jose shooting wounded a second firefighter, who is recovering now. a 27-year-old suspect is under arrest. new video of a huge tree coming down in pleasanton mras night. this happened around 11 p.m. near the door. the owner tells us the large branch fell first, blocking all of main street. then the whole tree came down. people gathered to watch but were told no one was hurt. we're working to find out why the tree fell. and tropical storm harvey is no longer a hurricane, but it's still causing problems in southeastern texas. one person died as powerful winds hit coastal towns, and cbs reporter don champion tells us
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there's now a potential for catastrophic flooding. >> hurricane harvey cut a path of destruction across southeast texas, but relentless rain is the major threat right now. >> for now, just wait out the storm. we are scared it might flood here. >> friday night, the monster storm slammed into the gulf coast near rockport as a category 4 hurricane with 130 mile per hour winds. harvey blew out windows and collapsed the third floor of this hotel. >> struck the building between the walls and are now poking out on the outside. >> harvey has already dumped heavy rain across texas but much more is coming as the storm is expected to sit over this area through early next week. >> our biggest concern is the possibility of between 20 and 30 more inches of rain. >> in missouri city, a suspected tornado ripped through the
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sienna plantation neighborhood, damaging as many as 50 homes. >> we're freaking out and literally, you could just feel the power of the house just shaking, almost lifting up. >> emergency crews spent the day rescuing people ing who rode out the storm in their homes. >> there are still nearly 250,000 people who are without power. all right. now, let's turn our attention to what was hurricane harvey and what is now a tropical storm. maximum winds in this down to just 60 miles an hour, but it's not the winds that are the problem anymore, not really. it's the rain. harvey is now 40 miles northwest of victoria, texas. the maximum sustained winds, 60 miles an hour. it was downgraded to a tropical storm earlier today, movement is at east-northeast at 2 miles an hour. that's the problem because it came on shore. it's going to stall. it will sit. it will spin. it will dump rain in just that part of texas that you see lit up in yellow and part of it
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encompassing the 2 million who live in houston. up to 40 inches of rain fall is possible between when it made land fall and wednesday. so far, there's as much as 15 inches of rain that have fallen in just 24 hours and more to come. for us, numbers tomorrow continue to be very warm inland. that's our headline here. pressure is building in. the numbers are up to 105 in some of the warmer locations for tomorrow, even as the shore line remains on the mild side. you can see at the golden gate bridge, shrouded in fog, and the numbers by the shore line plenty cool, but you come into the bay a little bit. not bad at all. right now, concord is still at 103 degrees here as we approach 5 o'clock. livermore has got 102, and in santa rosa, 101 degrees this afternoon. it will be hot away from the water for the next couple of days. that's why they have heat advisories and warnings posted from today through monday. away from the water with temperatures approaching the mid 100s inland.
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it'll be warm overnight, too, so stay hydrated and follow all the usual precautions in the face of this little bit of the heat spell in the bay area. future cast shows that there are low clouds along the coastline that'll be forming tomorrow, but they're really not making their way inland much, so we'll continue hot inland through tuesday. sunny, near 70 at the beaches. it'll stay in the 90s after tuesday for much of the week, so it'll be warm ahead, just not as warm as it will be for the next few days. still, nice day for the china town street fest. tomorrow 81 degrees. unusually warm. the stern grove festival, 71 degrees for tomorrow. san francisco, stern grove, by the way, tomorrow is the last day. good guys car show this weekend in pleasanton will be sunny, hot, warm. santa rosa down to about 58 degrees. napa at 60, and sun up tomorrow at 6:35 a.m. for the forecast tomorrow, san francisco very nice at 73. concord very warm at 105. san jose has got 93.
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oakland 81. everybody above average, and that includes much of the south where morgan hill tomorrow hits 103. los gatos, 101. over in the east bay, numbers in the low hundreds, but look at walnut creek. 107 tomorrow. 104 at pleasanton, and 106 in brentwood. north bay not too bad. numbers will be in the 80s and 90s. plenty warm at ukiah. extended forecast, we'll look for numbers to exceed 100 degrees tomorrow inland and tuesday before finally beginning to cool down a bit midweek but cooling down still means readings mostly in the 90s. so hot times ahead for the bay area. what's ahead in the news cast, here is juliette. straight ahead, we continue our coverage of the day's rallies awe cross san francisco as we hear from the group that sparked it all. who are these people?
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live look right now at civic center. hundreds of people have gathered for and it' chopper 5 giving us ot live look now at civic center. hundreds of people have gathered
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for an antihate rally. it's looking more like a street festival with music and food trucks. >> leaders of the group, patriot prayer, finally showed up this afternoon in pacifica. that's after calling then canceling rallies at both crissy field and alamo square. kpix 5 joe vasquez caught up with the organizers. joe. >> i got to tell you, it was tense out here for the journalists who are covering it, for the folks, for the patriot rally, for the organizers. at all times, we are looking over our shoulders worried there will be clashes between these particular protesters and counterprotesters. patriot, prayer folks insists they are not white supremacists, that they come in peace, but did ask why, considering the events in charlottesville, did they decide to have this event here in san francisco. it was planned ahead of time, but why did they continue to go through with it so soon afterward, and note that the organizer, joey gibson, shushed another reporter during his answer, and some of his entourage started yelling about
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how that was an unfair question. >> why is it that when antifa does the stuff they do, no one ever speaks out? why is it when antifa goes and burns down the country, why is it we don't have politicians that come up and say, hey, antifa, you need to not protest for however long because they just burnt things down. be quiet, please. >> and remember that patriot prayer believes that they have come in peace. they say, and they insist they came out here to demonstrate in favor of the first amendment and to exercise that freedom of speech, juliette. so far, there has been no clashes, no contention here along the organizers and the public, and we hope it remains that way. >> all right. joe, thanks. and we'll be back after a break.
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be back with a news update, during the 5th q preseason football coming up next, then right after the game, we'll be back with a news update during the fifth quarter, and full coverage of today's rallies tonight on kpix a news at 11:00. meantime, news updates always on cbs. appreciate you joining us. game is up next.
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