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tv   KPIX 5 News Sun Morn Edition  CBS  August 27, 2017 7:30am-8:31am PDT

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protestors with no protests to counter... instead... messages of love and unity.. all in response to the threat right wing rallies.. the question is, what will happen today in berkeley? counter protesters with no protest to counter. instead messages of love and unity in response to the threat of right wing rallies in san francisco. the question is what will happen in berkley? >> a major decision on the death penalty in california. the law to speed executions will go into effect. we sit down with the district attorney to find out what happens next. >> hurricane harvey packing a punch. weather experts say the real danger from the storm is just beginning. we have details ahead in a live report. it's 7:30 am on this sunday, august 27. good morning. >> first, the no to marxism rally set for today has been
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technically canceled but large crowds are still expected to gather even though the city is urging people to stay away. >> our kpix5 reporter emily turner is live where the city leaders are still preparing for the worst. >> reporter: exactly, phil. the protest that the counter protesters were planning to protest has been canceled. but they're expecting a crowd. the counter protesters are here. they've been trying to hang this sign making their message clear, bay area stands against hate and white supremacy for solidarity ... echoing what the mayor said. >> those that wish to commit hate and violence, you are not welcome in berkley. >> reporter: no bones about it, no one who is planning violence is welcome. although if the past is anything to go by, the last
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several protests have been violent to person and property. we have seen a huge response from police. they have barricades out likely to keep the two sides separate. we are waiting on a briefing this morning. we have seen a bomb dog sniffing trash cans. i want to give you a live look at the barricades. you can see they are in place and there are more behind the camera right there and then to our left, you can see a large group of police officers who are out here already. the first rally is a counter protest to the no to marxism rally which is called the solidarity with charlottesville rally will begin at noon. police officers are out here already being prepared for what will likely be a busy day in downtown berkley. -- berkeley. >> we are hearing that the woman who asked for the permit is insisting on a press conference. can you tell us anything about that?
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>> reporter: she's canceled the rally but she still wants to speak to the media. she's asked berkeley police to give an escort do so. she feels there is great threat to her person, that she can be hurt or worse. she's asked berkeley police to escort her but last we talked to her, she has not a heard from them. as soon as we get more information we'll be sure to pass it to you. >> thank you. in san francisco, a game of cat and mouse yesterday. first one and then two patriots prayer protests canceled in the afternoon. the leader of patriot prayer canceled rallies at christie field and al most square and announced plans to show up in pacifica. >> i don't see this as a loss. i see this as an opportunity for america to wake up. >> reporter: joey gibson, organizer of patriot prayer, says the arrangement at chrisy field was not going to keep him
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and his group safe. he insists that was a surprise. >> we had to cancel the rally. we decided together that it was the best thing for the city. the way it was set up is a lot of innocent people were going to get hurt. a bunch of supporters, normal liberals, communists would have been mixed together. it would have been a huge riot and a disaster for the movement, for san francisco, the west coast, the country railroads. >> reporter: he says the rally was supposed to be a conversation among moderates. despite the fact that some past prayers were attended by white supremacists and sometimes led to violence he doesn't understand why he is labeled a racist. >> when we have a march of 300 and one white nationalist shows up the city burns down, they freak out. these extremists are the problem on both sides. that's why the martyrs have to come together. >> reporter: patriot prayer organizers are multicultural.
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gibson says he is part japanese. he insists his message is one of unity and peace. the news conference at times was contentious. i asked gibson why he decided to go through with plans to bring patriot prayer to the bay area so soon after charlottesville. he shushed another reporter, some in his entourage started yelling about how that was unfair. >> why is it when antifa does what they do, they burn down the country, why don't we have politicians that say you need to not protest for however long because they just burned things down? be quiet please. >> patriot prayer organizers hung in for a few questions and then they said it's time to go. they were worried counter protesters would be on the way to pacifica to confront them. to the storm watch, hurricane harvey may have downgraded to a tropical storm
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but it's still causing serious damage to texas. u.s. coastguard rescued 15 people yesterday near corpus christi when the vessel began to capsize during a storm. don champion is live in corpus christi where real danger from the storm is just beginning. don. >> reporter: good morning. along this part of the texas gulf coast, the clean up is really getting underway. we are seeing multiple scenes like this across this region. in the meantime to the north in and around houston, a dire situation is unfolding after harvey sparked catastrophic flooding. harvey hammered houston overnight with torrential downpours that led to widespread flash flooding. in some areas, 14 inches of rain fell in the span of three hours. rising water stranded drivers and submerged cars prompting a warning from the city's mayor.
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>> let me tell you, it is dropping a lot of water. the streets are treacherous. >> reporter: as water rose across the region, 911 centers were inundated with calls. at least one woman was killed after she drove her car into high water and got out. >> we heard somebody hollering out here. it was ron, the man across the street, that had seen her floating face down in the water. >> oh i am so sorry. >> pulled her out. >> reporter: this is video live streamed online by houston's chief of police as he helped rescue stranded residents. >> we want you to see this for situational awareness. we do not need to be out here. >> reporter: to the south in places like rock port and corpus christi, people are starting to clean up after harvey made landfall friday as a category 4 hurricane now downgraded and expected to meander over eastern texas.
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adding to the devastation, more than a dozen tornadoes have been reported across the region. harvey's flooding rain could impact the state for the next three days. last check, more than 1000 high water rescues had already taken place in and around houston. at this hour, people in flood areas are told to get to the highest level of their homes. if that becomes unsafe, go to the roof. >> don, what can you tell us about the response in houston this morning? >> reporter: within the past hour, we did learn from fema that they say about 5000 people, federal crew members, are fanning out across houston to take part in search and rescue. also the governor in texas says that more national guards men are headed to that area with boats and helicopters. also, we should mention the coastguard is taking part in
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urban search and rescue missions as well. >> thanks so much, don. we appreciate it. >> harvey is hanging low and it is staying across southeast texas, not moving at all. it is expected to bring 10 to 30 inches of rain. just because it's a tropical storm doesn't mean it's not dangerous. it's very dangerous for houston. look where harvey is bringing so much widespread rain to eastern texas. look at how it is swirling across and not moving away from the state. here is the forecast as you look ahead. for the next couple days, harvey will stay right there, staying put, decreasing a little bit as far as wind gusts go from 40 miles per hour to 35 but really the amount of rain that's coming, 10 to 30 inches, is no joke on top of what they already experienced. the storm surge is also one of the highest on record. here is futurecast with the amounts of rain still expected to come down because of harvey.
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above five inches in several areas, this is extending from houston, austin, even bringing rain ahead of the storm. here is a look at home. we are experiencing clearing and a lot of sunshine this morning. we have some excessive heat warnings to talk about. golden gate has a little bit marine layer coming through. all of that is expected to burn off. temperatures are 65 concord, 60 oakland. we'll talk about the heat warning and how long it's going to stick around. north korea has test launched a new round of missiles. u.s. pacific command says north korea launched three short range ballistic missiles yesterday. u.s. military says one blew up after launch and two others flew 150 miles. it's been less than a week since rex tillerson praised north korea for showing restraint. a few days ago, u.s. and south korea started joint military exercises. the two allies say that the annual training is defensive in
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nature but north korea says it is provocative and hostile. in spain, about half a million people marched yesterday in barcelona in a show of unity. some chanted "i am not afraid." a little bit more than a week after terrorists carried out attacks that killed 15 and injured more than 100. spain's king and prime minister also walked alongside members of the community. five pieces of protected federal land in california will stay protected at least for now. these five national monuments have been under review by the department of interior including nearby baressa snow mountain. they want to shrink the size but we have not seen specific details. some say it would help nearby communities. others say public land can be used by oil and natural gas
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companies. national monuments are the precursor to becoming a national park. it's land set aside. the president has what powers about determining the size? >> that's the legal question that we keep talking about when we talk about environmental groups threatening to see. congress has delegated to the president the power. but the question is does the president have the power to shrink or remove monuments? one side says no. the other side says the power to grant implies the power to remove. that's the things the courts will have to settle out. it will be years from now, but that is a legal question when we talk about that. >> it will be a political one as well. other headlines, piedmont's mayor can be out of a job tomorrow. etc.' come under fire for facebook posts calling transgender people mentally ill and equated
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black lives matter to cop killing. the current city council needs at least three members to agree on the resolution to remove wheeler. up next, a major legal ruling clears way for executions to resume in california. but how likely is it going to actually happen? we sit down with the district attorney. >> we are staying on top of the protest preparation in berkeley. police and the say are bracing for thousands to fill the streets. we'll be right back.
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the victims of crime, including the families of murder victims, do have a constitutional rig nal resolution a state supreme court ruling cleared the way for executions to resume in california. >> the victims of crime including families of murder victims do have a constitutional right to prompt final resolution of the case. >> the supreme court justices upheld voter approved prop 66 aimed at expediting death sentences. it set a five year deadline on inmate appeals but the court says that the deadline isn't
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necessarily mandatory. executions can resume by beginning of next year. last time a california inmate was put to death was 2006. >> joining us to talk about this controversial issue is the san mateo district attorney. we will go with what the supreme court said and try to move and find out what's going to happen next. we have 747 inmates on death row. 725 men, 22 women. 15 exhausted all their appeals. what does this mean? >> those are the ones this matters most to. they are now eligible. this initiative says the three drug protocol issue, out the window. one drug protocol works. for those men who are up front, two from my county, for them, this is the forefront. >> the forefront in california, we are always hearing about. but the distance to actually enacting this continues to move. there is no guarantee for
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example that the state legislature will provide the funds called for under this measure to get the expense moving on this. >> right. they have the ability to ignore the will of the people if they choose. the people and supreme court defined it. the goal is to speed this process up. legislature has to play a role. they do have the authority to say no. >> to speed this, they need more attorneys to represent death row inmates. what's your indication from the lawmakers? are they willing to do that? >> that of course is politics. you are a better gauge of that than me. my belief is they will listen to the will of the people in initiative, not simply by polls but an initiative. >> say they give the money to hire more attorneys to speed the appeal process. the new attorneys could file more appeals because they took out the time limit of five years. in other words, it can continue on and on. >> if the courts allow it.
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california supreme court justice said no. he rejected the idea to simply delete that five year provision. she said it is a goal, not a mandate, but a goal. i think the justice is correct. judges will listen to that and move things along. >> what makes you think that? we are constantly having goals in california. but deadlines are deadlines. >> it rests with the court, not political process of the legislature. courts have this directed from the justice and the supreme court, don't just sit, move. >> if we do move with this, how do you see it proceeding? you have 18. you are past president of the california district attorneys association. do people move in unison or does everybody go court house and file papers? >> it has to be done separately in each county. we have been talking about what would happen if the supreme court upheld it. we can't just say for the 18, let's set a date next week. it has to be done in an orderly
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fashion. we are not arkansas. we will try and collaborate and say what are we going to do? >> are you going to pick the worst of the offenders and put them first? >> that's one of the possibilities. the other is those who have been on the row the longest, those who got closest. three people had execution dates when it was stopped in 2006. >> final question, in the meantime, as this works through the courts yet again, what would happen if death row opponents, death penalty opponents went back to the ballot? >> they have done it twice in '12 and '16. they have lost on both occasions. i guess we would have to gear up and fight again. the will of the people has been clear in '12 and '16. if they do it again, we'll be there again. >> the numbers show it is tightening down. >> it does. >> still we have a political front, a legal front, and questions about money still to
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be resolved. >> 100% right. >> in other words, we will see. this looks like it's going to keep going on for sometime. steve, thank you for joining us. let's hopefully turn to a brighter subject of the local weather. >> brighter would be the correct way to describe our weather today. today is a lot brighter and a lot hotter. get ready for the heat. you thought yesterday was hot, we are about to get it again. we are already seeing clear skies, not much marine layer to speak of as it does not creep through the bay as it usually tends to do. at san jose, clear skies. excessive heat warnings from now until tomorrow night because of the ongoing heat. concord is 65, oakland 60, liver more 65. here is the area with the excessive heat warning. the whole area of red, heat watches in the area in yellow. that means triple digits, up to 112 in some areas across the
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east bay inland. 95 to 105. san francisco 85 to 95. well above average temperatures because of the stubborn high pressure that's across the west coast bringing not much of the marine layer to come in and even cool us down. not getting much of an on shore flow. we are stuck with this heat today and tomorrow. all we are seeing is a little bit cloud coverage to the east of us, parts of the sierra. that's about it. we are hoping for wind to help cool things down. it looks like right now there are calm conditions out there. west winds at 10 miles per hour, 8 miles per hour at sfo, santa rosa, five. even fairfield, you are usually feeling that breeze. not today though at nine miles per hour. the winds are not helping much. temperatures across the area, 101 napa, 103 santa rosa. the high in san francisco is 81. san rafael is 99. this is serious heat, dangerous
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conditions because of the high pressure across the west. this is something to warn your neighbors about if you have seniors or kids. make sure they're inside in the air conditioning. go watch a movie today. that's the safest thing to do, to stay in cooler conditions. the seven-day forecast is not getting a break until tuesday or wednesday when temperatures will drop in the inland areas to low 90s. really for the next couple days, triple digits across the board. bay temperatures will be in the mid 80s, dropping down a little bit by monday. then tuesday, a significant drop. then it heats back up on wednesday. are you ready for this? >> nothing like fall in the bay area. >> i am ready for summer. first, legal marijuanament now magic mushrooms. the new push to make the psyc. dellic drug legal in california. >> what did you think? mcgregor, mayweather. was it worth the price you
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paid? we are going to talk about it. that and football, football, football. today, the 49ers. who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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good morning. mcgregor lost to mayweather but earned gigantic respect as you read the reviews. he went ten rounds. mayweather by tko in the 10th
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round. football last night, penn was back in the line up, yeah. car was spinning it. touchdown! raiders led much of this game. how about this? fake left, throw right, dc to ac, derrick car to amari cooper. touchdown. hopefully you see a lot of that. >> in sydney yesterday, stanford football opened up business and ran up, over, through rice university. stanford rolled 55-7. bumgardner and giants in arizona, bottom four, gave up a solo job to martinez. diamond backs win 2-1. a's hosted rangers. they've put two together. friday and yesterday. chad penn with one of his two
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home runs. a's win 8-3. later, 49ers, a dress rehearsal at the minnesota vikings. why do i say dress rehearsal? usually the third game is when the starters play longest. that is sports at this hour. have a great sunday. i will see you around. imagine ink mushrooms -- magic mushrooms could be legalized in california. the initiative puts legal age of use at 21. it needs more than 365,000 signatures to get on the ballot for a vote in 2018. still ahead, the president going head to head with fellow republicans. what this can mean on capitol hill. >> i am emily turner live in civic center park in berkeley where a protest and several countedder protests are expected to happen today even though the main event was canceled. i will tell you what police are
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doing to prepare, coming up.
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berkeley... after an organizer cancelled a right-wing rally scheduled for this afternoon. the mayor is *still urging people to st all eyes are on berkeley after an organizer canceled a rally scheduled for this afternoon. the mayor is still urging people to stay away. good morning. >> let's get right to our kpix reporter emily turner live in
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berkeley ahead of the protests where police appear to be bracing for the worst. >> reporter: good morning. i just spoke to the police chief of berkeley police. he said the number one message for folks watching our show is stay home, do not come to civic center park or uc berkeley. there is no need. they're trying to stop any violence. the no to marxism rally was canceled but the two counter protests were not canceled. as you can see, berkeley police are prepared for everyone still showing up. they're operating as if these were continuing. counter protesters were up early with chalk messages on the sidewalk of peace, also answers to amber comings, the trans woman who organized the no to marxism, saying to go home. it's interest tag they're out here prepared to show up even
8:02 am
though the original protest was canceled. the mayor says no violence. >> those that wish to commit violence, spout hate, you are not welcome in berkeley. >> reporter: as we have seen in the past in berkeley, protests have gotten out of control. there has been great harm to done to person as well as property. berkeley police have been under fire in the past for their response. when i spoke to the berkeley police chief, i said do you have changes in mind for today's protest in light of what's happened in the past? i said yes, we use those as a learning tool and we have rolled changes into the way we approach today. he wouldn't give me many specifics. but you can see live, these barricades here are filled with water. they're here in case they need to separate the two sides. there is about 25 feet between the walls. they also have more police, he says, than in the past. they have bomb sniffing dogs. they go on and on about some of the changes. the big question is what is the
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involvement going to be if people show up? in the past they have been hands off. he didn't speak to that but we'll see today as people show up. emily turner, kpix35. >> thank you, emily. counter protesters around the bay found some rather creative ways to get their messages out yesterday. chopper 5 was over a park in walnut creek where hundreds sat to spell out a phrase. yesterday people joined a giant heart with an american flag in the middle. most wore red clothing to enhance the effect. a home made banner was hanging from one of the painted ladies in san francisco, the colorful victorians around alamo square. the banner read love trumps hate. >> a big crowd to patriot square to face prayer supporters who never showed up. many of the counter protesters were ready for a fight.
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>> we are here to fight against the hate that's going on and ready to speak the message. >> reporter: a line of back up officers tried to push some counter protesters back. some of those protesters came with helmets and sticks and others came to peacefully protest. things got rowdy with all the pushing and shoving but it did end peaceful with just one person detained. hurricane harvey is striking a powerful blow to houston. officials are warning there is a long way to go. harvey was downgraded to a tropical storm saturday after making landfall friday as a category 4 hurricane. flooding is the big problem and the greater houston area has been pounded by double digit rainfall totals. more than 1000 people were rescued overnight. >> people take their lives to build something and in one night it's gone. >> aftermath has caused devastation in places like rock port. red cross has been opening
8:05 am
shelters throughout the area and it is insisting those evacuate. the storm is expected to last four or five days. >> that storm is not moving. it's really staying stubborn. we have rainfall totals still ahead in the 10 to 30-inch range. this is significant rainfall, still about to pound parts of southeast texas. rain and thunderstorms. this is very dangerous. there is flooding of course that's still a concern. look at the areas of yellow and red. that is dangerous hitting austin, houston, corpus christi. here is where harvey is. you can see it swirling around across texas. it is staying put and not moving fast at all. this is because of the high pressure that's been causing our temperatures to heat. it's not allowing the storm to move across parts of texas at all. it's just hunkering down until
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at least wednesday. they're expecting several more inches of rain to hit texas. here is what we are dealing with. excessive heat through at least monday, temperatures in the triple digits. look at the warnings and watches in effect for northern california. this is a concern for today and tomorrow. we will talk more about the heat coming up in a minute. >> thanks. a political storm is brewing in washington, dc between president trump and fellow republicans. thursday the president wrote on twitter the only problem i have with mitch mcconnell is after hearing repeal and replace obamacare for seven years he failed. that should have never happened. >> i am asked what is being senate majority leader like? it's like being a grounds keeper at a cemetery. everybody is under you but nobody is listening. >> the president also tweeted thursday "i requested mitch mcconnell and paul ryan tie debt ceiling legislation to the
8:07 am
popular v.a. bill which just passed for easy approval. they didn't do it. so now we have a big deal with democrats holding them up as usual on debt ceiling approval. it could have been so easy. now a mess ." >> relationships are fine. certainly there will be policy differences. there are also a lot of shared goals. >> congress has until the end of september to raise the debt ceiling and pass a spending bill to prevent government shut down. president trump pardoned joe arpaio this week. he was sentenced in october for contempt of court over immigration crack down he headed that illegally pardoned latinos. >> i will make a prediction. i think he is going to be fine. okay. >> i always said regardless of pardon or no pardon, i will be with him until the end. >> john mccain and jeff blake denounced the decision.
8:08 am
it's alleged that arpaio mistreated inmates and undocumented immigrants in his outdoor tent city jail in phoenix. this is the latest back and forth between the president and leaders of the republican party. melissa and i asked willie brown for his take on president trump and his relationship with the fellow gops. >> well, first and foremost, they're not his fellow republicans. this guy is such that he lands wherever it is convenient for him to land and wherever at the moment he might be welcome. he took over the republican party. he obliterated the republican party. they still haven't gotten over it. >> it was interesting in phoenix, i didn't hear him refer to republicans until the very end. even then he said you're two congressmen, can you get the senate to vote? he referred to it as the movement. he didn't say party platform. it was the movement talking to his people. >> at the same time it's hard
8:09 am
to say here is what trumpism is separate from republicanism. then you ask, and i have asked members of congress, republicans, what's difference between republicanism and trumpism? they can't articulate. it is clear that he doesn't have a lot of love or respect for the party line but it's hard to say what he is outside of that at the same time. >> this country has real difficulty in acknowledging that for the first time, a third party has emerged and a third party has been successful standing on the heads of addling discredited other party. the republicans have been discredited as republicans. he wiped out 16 or 17 lym near republicans, credential republicans, elected republicans in order to get the presidency. and he did so in the name of trump. >> remember it's easy to look and say you are alienating the
8:10 am
people, the votes that you need to get your agenda through. having said that, it is clear that a number of supporters don't think it is trump's problem. they blame congress for the failure of the wall, for the failure of infrastructure. >> speaking of congress, if you are a congress person or senator and you are looking at trump's approval ratings which are in the 30s, where do you stand in this upcoming session? do you go with him? do you go against him? which way do you go? it's still a potent number in your district. >> keep in mind you really don't have to do anything except make sure that the people in your district knows where you are on the issues that they care about, that trump may be for or may be against. that's what's important. the ultimate success of a trump program will not be how you measure trump. it will be how good is he at the next rally. >> it's interesting, in california we have seven seats that democrats are pouring a
8:11 am
lot of money into to try to unseat republicans, districts where hillary clinton did better than donald trump. what's the prognosis? >> it's one thing to say the people might be feeling alienated from the trump administration, maybe find republicans whose opinions have diminished or independents. it's another thing to say they're going to vote for a democrat. it's going to take more than saying donald trump is bad and these guys are in the same party to get a democrat to flip the seat they're trying to flip in california. >> but we are in california. that's different than the rest of the country. still to come, bay area police taking precautions this weekend ahead of several planned protests. coming up, we will see how we did yesterday.
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thank you for join joining us to talk about the cancellation and the entire week, how did you do yesterday? >> i think we did great. the city came together and there were no incidents. i am really proud of the san
8:15 am
francisco police department, of many counter protesters, all the folks who planned the amazing events filled with love, joy, happiness. the city really came together yesterday. it was amazing to be part of it. >> one of the reasons why the city was able to come together was because we took extraordinary precautions or whatever at crissy field. the city virtually shut down the site. not only was crissy field under lock up but an area around the marina area, you couldn't get to it. was the goal to shut it down? >> the goal was to keep people safe. we had to put in precautions in order to make sure that weapons and other things that could be used as weapons were not allowed in the area. >> it went further than that. let's be honest. we went further than just checking for weapons.
8:16 am
we made it virtually impossible to get to the area, very difficult. >> difficult to use cars as weapons, use selfie sticks as weapons, difficult to do the things seen previously in rallies where people have gotten hurt. so we went to the extreme to be sure no one got hurt. >> then at the last minute protesters canceled and started saying they would pop around san francisco. that created a lot of consternation. what was going on? >> they said they were coming to alamo square. the first thought was oh hell no, they're not coming to alamo square. we understand the first amendment. we had to do to be sure they didn't hold the city hostage bouncing around from here and there.
8:17 am
we protected the park, the neighborhood. they didn't come to alamo square and we shut the park down. >> what cost does this tabulate to the city? >> we are calculating now. it was a lot of aggravation. but what they wanted to do which was create an environment of violence and what we did as a result was create environment of love throughout the city where people came together. people in the city like never before came together because they didn't want to see someone come in and destroy and divide the community. >> it caused a lot of headaches, problems. they opted to stay out of the city. >> yes. >> what if they do it again? it takes a permit and time on the internet? >> it does cost the city a lot of money. we are looking at the cost now. we are looking at how do we
8:18 am
stop something like this from happening in general? it's a real challenge. clearly we demonstrated they're not welcome here. free speech is one thing. to come to a community and use social media, you can use social media to put your message out. it's not as if someone is trying to silence them. we're trying to silence the environment of violence. this is really about public safety and what the group's intention was in san francisco all along. we did that. >> will this be the policy going forward for both sides. >> hopefully not. we are looking into that. >> thank you for joining us. now we are looking at something called the weather. >> we are talking about excessive heat. get ready on this sunday. temperatures will be in the triple digits. look at the areas in red.
8:19 am
here is what's happening today. san francisco 85 to 95. you are not getting a break with the wind. we have calm winds out of oakland, san ramon. the breeze will not help us much at all. we are hoping for a little bit of the on shore flow but it is looking like five miles an hour. that's really not helping. here is what's going on across the bay bridge. clear conditions, not much marine layer except across the golden gate bridge. right now there is cloud coverage hovering right there causing visibility to be low. concord 68. temperatures are popping up. we are getting warm already. san jose is at 69 degrees. here is what to expect for your sunday. we have the rest of your weekend wrapping up with warm conditions, clear skies across
8:20 am
the area, above average temperatures today through tomorrow. we are getting a little bit of a break by tuesday and wednesday because of a low that's going to be reaching us from the pacific northwest. cloud coverage is really not going to help cool things. dangerously hot temperatures is what we are expecting because of the high pressure across the west. it is hovering, hanging around for a while. tuesday we'll get help from the low that's across the coast. that's going to help drop temperatures a little bit. look at the highs, santa rosa 103, 101 napa. the seven-day forecast is showing you the conditions for the next couple days. triple digits inland, dropping down about ten degrees by tuesday into wednesday. then temperatures will pop back up again with more high pressure in place thursday and on into next weekend. a lot of sunshine. >> thanks. hillary clinton releasing a new book called what happened? what she says about president trump and the reaction from
8:21 am
former mayor willie brown, when we come back.
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race... in her new book. melissa and i asked former san francisco mayor willie brown if hillary still has a political future.. brown: oh no. no. no. hillary clinton giving her perspective in "what happened"? >> we asked willie brown. a lot of times the books are precursor to the come back. we wanted to know what his thoughts were on hillary clinton's political future. >> oh, no, no. she's going to enjoy frankly first being a grandmother. that she's going to do. it's almost like she will put the cookie apron back on. >> back on? did hillary clinton ever wear a cookie apron? >> she did. don't you recall when they questioned whether or not she was a house wife? she put on the cookie apron. she did the number. she even cried in the primary campaign in new hampshire. all of that changed the whole dynamics of the operation. she is going to recapture that magic. >> i thought she was famous for
8:24 am
saying she wasn't going to sit around and bake cookies. i know it's a cookie debate, but i have a hard time believing that someone like her is going to go gently into the sunset. i think she will still be around raising money for the causes she cares about and still pining on certain issues. i think the idea of her sitting around crocheting while the sunsets is not going to be realistic. she's a power house of energy. i think she'll find ways to do that. >> keep in mind, that's not her running for office again though. she is not going to do that. that is all over. it may be that her daughter does -- remember they were talking about the potential for her daughter if she had won the presidency. that would have been the next generation of the clinton clan doing whatever they do. >> is this the end of the
8:25 am
clinton era? >> oh, no, no. bill will be doing the farewell tour as i call it, showing up in san francisco on the 8th of september, doing what he does. last night i ran into a guy who saw him in florida. the first thing he said was you are from san francisco, you know willie brown. i am going to see him. >> time out, time out. eventually for folks watching, i don't care if it's the sun rising or sunsetting on the clintons, it turns around when you talk to him to being about willie brown. >> everything but the eclipse. >> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces.
8:26 am
the hope today in berkeley is that the protests remain calm. there are messages of peace and also of love written on the sidewalk. in the past, that is not how
8:27 am
things have happened in berkeley. berkeley police says they made changes. you are looking at one. they have increased the number of police officers this morning. they have made another change. that barricade is filled with water, not going anywhere. another one is separated by a police line so if they need to separate the two sides, they can. the main protest was canceled. it was set to start at 1:00. the counter protest to that was supposed to start at noon. berkeley police are saying please stay home, there is no need to come out. they're saying, if people do, they are prepared. what is going to happen remains to be seen but certainly everyone is hopeful about how it's going to happen. >> thank you, emily. thanks for joining us. >> stay tuned for a special report from cbs news for the latest on the flooding and devastation in houston.
8:28 am
8:29 am
and i'm an arborist with i'pg&e in the sierras. the drought in california has killed trees on a massive scale. any of those trees that fail into power lines could cause a wildfire or a power outage. public safety is the main goal of our program. that's why we're out removing these hundreds of thousands of hazard trees. having tools and technology gives us a huge edge to identify hazard trees. my hope is that the work we're performing allows that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future. together, we're building a better california.
8:30 am
>> quijano: this is a cbs news special report. i'm elaine quijano with kristine johnson in new york. we want to update you on the catastrophic floods now hitting southeast texas. >> at least two people are confirmed dead in the devastating aftermath of hurricane harvey. it made landfall along the texas gulf coast friday evening as a category four hurricane. it hit with sustained winds of 130 miles an hour, and a powerful surge of sea water. it was the most powerful hurricane texas has seen in more than 50 years -- and the strongest to make landfall in the u.s. since 2005, the year of katrina. harvey is now a massive tropical storm -- churning over the region -- dumping buckets of


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