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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  August 27, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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a few fights and definitely a lot of pushing and shoving here between counterprotesters and trump supporters. arguments quickly escalated into fistfights. police officers stepped in to break it up. this type of drama played out repeatedly throughout civic center park between trump supporters and counterdemonstrators. >> black lives matter. black lives matter. >> reporter: about two dozen trump supporters showed up despite the cancellation of the event called no to marxism in america. >> nazi, go home. nazi, go home! >> to show growing hatred against anybody that's conservative being labeled a white nationalist isn't true. >> reporter: trump supporters were outnumbered. there were hundreds if not thousands of counterprotesters. at times both sides were able to have constructive conversations. >> i don't agree with everything that he's done, no. >> reporter: but in most cases we saw shouting and pushing.
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>> nazi, go home. >> reporter: counterprotesters would surround trump supporters and chase them out of the park. in fact, police had to escort most of the trump supporters out of civic center park. there were hundreds of officers in and around the park. some were monitoring the crowds from rooftops. once the trump supporters were on their own, some of the so-called antifas were on. officers had to use a smoke bomb to break up a large fight outside of the park. >> i am checking over my back every second right now. >> reporter: i covered the previous protest here in berkeley. that's why i can tell you this time the police officers were much more aggressive. in the previous protest, they would stand on the sideline, let the folks basically fight it out. this time, every time they saw a fight or something that was about to go down, they would go in there, break it up, and i think that's why, brian, this time wouldn't see as many people
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injured. we didn't see this protest wasn't as bloody compared to the previous protests. brian? >> from what you did see, and if you can answer this, which groups would you say were most responsible for the violence today? >> reporter: well, brian, that's a complicated question, right? i'll try to break it down this way: one, some folks would argue that the trump supporters simply by coming here incited the violence, but i'll tell you from the counterprotesters side, there were a small number of instigators that did not want to hear anything that the trump supporters had to say. they wanted them out and sometimes they would use violence. but when you see the an arciests, antifas, they were dressed up, covered up, and they were up to no good. i can tell you they were simply here looking for a fight. >> all right, da lin at civic
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center park. thank you. patriots players founder joe gibson was in berkeley during the clashes and he found himself being chased by activists. he kept retreating down the street along with a man in shoulder pads who appeared to be his bodyguard. a short time later officers put gibson and that second man in handcuffs but police tell the chronicle this was actually a rescue. they were trying to protect from the group that was pursuing them. neither were arrested or charged. kit observed the clashes from close range. kit? >> reporter: we got here right before 10:00 before the drama went down. it seemed like both sides were having exchange peacefully, and then right around noontime, the black-clad antifa people showed up and that's when things got crazy. by our count there were only a
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few dozen trump supporters who showed up to face off with counterprotesters. >> i'm going to say that's what i believe in. >> reporter: the peace did not last long. >> ma'am, who has violated people's human rights? >> you have been outed as a neo nazi. the black people are genetically inferior to the white people? >> the nazis were in world war ii. show me a nazi. >> reporter: as the morning wore on, arrests started going down. first it was wearing masks within a secure area in civic center park. but eventually tempers flared and punches were thrown. >> what's her name? what's her name? my grandpa died. >> reporter: we did not see this man throw any punches, but
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he was the most vocal. it was unclear why he was arrested. >> they died killing nazis. they died. >> reporter: the trump supporters were continuously surrounded sometimes with their backs literally against a wall. >> nazi, go home. >> reporter: in a few instances, berkeley police relocated the trum supporters to safety, but for the most part, it didn't work. trump supporter johnny benitez with the bald head was escorted out of the park. then there was this man who ran from the angry mob to police officers in riot gear. >> i'm not here for violence. so i'm going to run to the police to guarantee my safety. i didn't like it at all. >> reporter: by noon a large contingent of folks wearing black masks and clothing marched. outnumbered by the thousands, police officers regrouped,
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deploying tear gas a few times to disperse the crowd. by then counterprotesters were flooding civic center and any trump supporters were running foyer their lives. >> i'm okay with people getting chased out of town. i'm okay with people making white supremacists feeling unhe welcome. you're making me feel unwelcome and i'm a jew. what does this mean for our society? >> reporter: today we had a total of 13 people arrested and a number taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. kpix5. >> showing us a stretch of orange barricades earlier today put up by police in an effort to separate the two groups of protesters. chopper 5 also spotted a sniper standing guard on a rooftop. you can see hundreds of
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protesters gathered below him. the same technique was used yesterday at alamo square. and chopper 5 showing us hundreds of people at a unit rally. the sign they're holding says resist patriarchy and war. they marched to city center park. katie? >> reporter: today this area was filled with thousands of counterprotesters who made up a significant number of people who came out today for the berkeley rallies but police had to be ready for anything. >> we're allowing little bags like that. >> reporter: police manned checkpoints set up to uc berkeley's crescent lawn. police checked bags, telling people they couldn't bring in water bottles because they could be thrown at the crowd and couldn't bring in large bags. >> a backpack can't come in. my last bag was fine. we can bring the sign in as long
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as the stick was taken off first. >> reporter: police said earlier this week they didn't want to take any chances and today even blocked off the streets leading to the area with massive dump trucks and trash trucks to prevent a car attack like the one in charlottesville. >> i'm kind of glad to see things peaceful and under control. people are exercising free speech, and that's what matters. >> up with people and down with hate. >> reporter: a massive resist banner was at center stage at today's counterprotest rally at uc berkeley's crescent field. >> threatening to come to san francisco and berkeley, we're going to protect our community. >> reporter: speakers called for unit as the crowd chanted. a few hundred feet away from the passionate demonstration in juksa position, a group of silent med tators on the lawn. >> so i was breathing in hate and breathing out love. >> just go home.
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>> reporter: another group came with a sign saying yes to marxism, groucho marks, that is. >> we felt like this was a way to get the kids involved and have some fun, send a message to berkeley and the rest of the united states that we support compassion and peace and humor. >> reporter: there are no more protesters left here at the crescent lawn, but as you can see, those concrete barriers that went up last night for everyone's safety and security are now coming back down. live in berkeley, katie nielsen, kpix5. >> kpix5's phil matier is here now with a perspective on the rallies and how police responded. >> that's right. berkeley has seen more of its share of demonstrations that have gotten out of hand and if today is any indication, there's likely to be more to come. today there was a massive show of force with some 400 officers from berkeley and other jurisdictions. overnight heavy plastic barriers were set up instead of the
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lightweight plastic fences in the last demonstration that turned violent. they were useless. but as it went on, it was amped up, and the police backed off. >> does it make sense to get into a major use of force over a grassy area? the need to separate very much vanished. now, again, a little early, we'll take a look at everything that happened today, but it doesn't make sense to fight over something where the conditions have changed. the need for separation simply didn't exist. we'll review the operation and once again learn from what we did. and that's pretty much all i have to say for right now. >> it's not the first time that minimizing injuries has taken precedence over trying to control the situation. in february, police held back to stop a white wing speaker from speaking and in the process they inflicted about a hundred thousand dollars worth of damage
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as the police stood by. in both cases, it was felt that trying to stop the takeovers would escalate the conflict and at the same time endanger police, peaceful protesters who were caught in the mix. >> as far as i'm concerned, there's some deep discussions that need to happen within our community about providing space for antifa and some of the folks we saw. smaller number but considerable number of folks we saw here today. so there's more -- i think there's -- the conversation is nowhere near done. >> and that conversation has been going on for some time, and one of the questions is, if you have a small splinter group and they show up, what responsibility does the larger group have if they are, in fact, allowing it and getting it covered? >> the irony of all of this is berkeley is the site of the free speech movement and the founder of the movement. mario died in 1996. what is your thought about what
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he might have thought about what's going on now? >> free speech has oftentimes been disturbing and sometimes it's even been hateful but in 1776, we decided that we wanted to go with it, and in 2017, not much has changed except for one thing. i think after today when you get the bill from the police, you're going to find that free speech is not necessarily free at all. >> it comes with a price. phil, thank you. ready to switch gears. the other big story that people suffered through today in the area, triple-digit heat. excessive heat warning. temperatures climbed today, sky rocketed in parts, 1078 at concord and the same for livermore and as long as high pressure is parked, it's going to continue to be hot. it was 107 at concord. that's not all the weather we're
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covering. devastating flooding to houston and rescuers failing to keep up with the calls for help. a rate to speed up ex-executions. but there's a catch. how politics could bring things to a halt. free speech in the bay area, the question is is it possible to have conversations and avoid chaos?
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watch: thousands have evacuated in houston, as rising floodwaters from tropical storm harvey are turning roadways into rivers. . on the storm watch now, thousands have evacuated houston as rising floodwaters from tropical storm harvey is on the move. the death toll is likely to rise. catastrophic flooding in the houston area is expected to worsen and could become historic. president trump is going to travel to houston on tuesday. we'll have a live report coming up at 6:40. and while houston is dealing with floodwaters, a heat warning is in effects for part of the bay area. more on how people are trying to
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stay cool. betty? >> julia, walnut creek is one of the hottest parts of the bay area right now. this is un-confederatebly uncomfortably hot today. many people dipping in and out of stores with the ac blasting. it is currently 105 degrees out here and we spotted lots of shoppers with cold drinks in their hands trying to find some relief. people are also moving a bit slower, it seems, in this heat and some are sitting outside, taking it all in, and enjoying it. as a precaution, though, experts say that you should try not to exercise during the hottest part of the day, and people with breathing problems should also be very careful during this time. as you heard brian mention earlier, this is an excessive heat warning in effect until 9 p.m. tomorrow. >> it's crazy hot. the phone said it was only going
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to be 85, but then my car said it was 104 when i got out. >> crazy hot. 107 degrees, we almost turned around and went back home but we decided to stick it out. >> what do you think of this heat? >> it's too hot. >> you don't like it? >> no. >> reporter: as a reminder, out here, drink plenty of fluids. we heard a lot of people say that it is just brutal out here. if you have pets, take extra care of them during this time and check on your relatives and the elderly or your neighbors, especially if they're alone. live in walnut creek, betty yu, kpix5. >> tomorrow it's going to be even warmer. in the bay area, you can see why, high pressure has put a cap on all the polluteants that we generate during the day as we
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look toward diablo. a relatively balmy balmy time in san francisco. right now it's still 101 at concord and 103 at livermore. futurecast has a little bit of good news. while temperatures soar to near 108 inland tomorrow, clouds form along the shoreline and that will bring relief to the immediate shoreline. it will take a while for the effects of that cooling to penetrate the inland. so in the meantime we're stuck are record-setting heat in the bay area. highs over a hundred through tuesday. be nice at the beaches if you can swing it. it will stay in the 90s even after it cools off a little bit after tuesday. so forecast highs for tomorrow everybody well above average. concord 105 tomorrow. san jose 96, oakland 87. down in the bay a hundred. 96 in san jose. look at the numbers for the east
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bay, 110 at brentwood, 102 at pittsburgh, same for danville and san ramone. there's walnut creek's 108 for monday. up in the north bay, the numbers in the low 90s and on the peninsula not bad at all. temperatures plenty but plenty warm in cloverdale. extended forecast, hot tomorrow. cool down a little bit on tuesday, still triple digits inland before a bit of a break on wednesday and then more warm weather but not quite as warm the latter half of the week. betty already cautioned you to be careful. i second betty's motion. julie? >> protests turn tense in berkeley, anarchists take over the streets. we'll have the latest on the skirmishes. thriller on the pga tour between the two best mraurs and
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why we won't be -- best players and why we won't be looking at any tape on that. we're up next.
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jarrell cotton who had a career-highni t helps when put up eight runs t the texas .
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well, looking into the future, they saw part of it today in rookie jerl cotton who had a career-high nine strikeouts. it helps with a lot of runs. i'm going to show you a young guy. bottom of the second, getting a ninth home run of the year. a two-run shot gives the a's a 2-1 lead. two pitches later, another rookie, chapman, that's his tenth long ball of the season, 3-1. chapman and olson, 3-4 for the game. jerl cotton allows just one earned run in six innings. good reviews for the young guys. trailing 4-3, one out. that is a double play to end the inning. oakland tacked on four runs in the bottom of the inning, win 8-3, sweeping the texas rangers. arizona getting in the
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player weekend spirit. chris stratton making a case to be a part of the 2018 rotation. finishing with ten strikeouts for the second time in three starts. stratton held arizona to two runs in six innings. went dry in the desert then. seven scoreless innings. giants have scored one run in their last 20 innings. big daddy cane had a day to forget, an inning to forget, a season to forget. there goes paul gold schmidt, a three-run shot. martinez following that up with a second home run of the game. he would look good in the giants outfield next season, right? next up, dan daniel. former state. arizona wins 11-0. they sweep the series. that's the giants's 80th loss
6:24 pm
this season. continuing an august home run tear today again. there it goes. way back. broke a 2-2 tie. bottom of the 8th with a 50th home run. the first national league player in ten years to hit 50 home runs and he now has 70 long balls. marlins beat the pad dres. tokyo jappon versus texas in the championship game of the little league world series. driving in five runs here, finishing a single shy of the cycle. tokyo crushed texas 12-2. the 11th time a team from a japan has won the little league world series. offense is going to have to score a lot of points this season. despite losing to the cowboys, the first unit passed the preseason test last night. back in the starting lineup last
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evening. looking ready for prime time, week one in nashville, a little ac/dc action for a 48 yarder. carr played four series, 144 yards and two touchdowns. >> yeah, i'm definitely locked in, yes. you know, there was -- i started off too amped up. the last two years i've done a really good job of settling myself down. i get so excited. my dad would always laugh and say you're really a safety at heart. you want to go hit somebody, but i can't. as we've seen that doesn't work out for me too well. round of the open, jordan spieth blew a lead. dustin johnson spent the day chasing him. but needed par to hold him off. so they go back, and after hitting 340 yards, following up
6:26 pm
with that approach to put all the pressure on jordan spieth. the 24-year-old needed a birdie putt from just off the green but he misses left. johnson taps in for the fourth win of the year and takes the fed ex cup for the lead. facing the arrive l. a. galaxy, giving san jose the one point lead. they currently hold the final playoff spot in the western conference. game day tonight, 11:30. breaking down the raiders. jimmy deshgen beat. and going one on one with vern glenn. two weeks away from the kickoff of the nfl season. >> thanks, dennis. >> thank you, dennis. coming up in our next half-hour, punches, pepper spray, and protesters out of
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control. but it wasn't all violent in berkeley. also looking at some of the productive dialogue in berkeley. we take a look at the state of free speech protests in the bay area. and a bay area mayor stepping down after his facebook posts cause an uproar.
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. you don't know me. you don't know me. >> hey, hey. our top story at 6:30, protests at berkeley turn violent. our cameras were on the ground at civic center park as trump supporters and counterprotesters exchanged blows. let's get right to kpix5's da
6:30 pm
lin live from civic center park with the fallout from today's clashes. da. >> reporter: here's the latest from berkeley police. 13 people were arrested. most of them, if not all of them, were counterprotest. six people were injured. two of them were taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. even with the massive amount of police watching over this event at civic center park, there were still quite a few fights. definitely a lot of pushing and shoving between counterprotesters and trump supporters. this played out repeatedly between both groups. about two dozen trump supporters showed up despite the cancellation of the event called no to maxism in america. the trump supporters were -- marxism in america. the trump supporters were outnumbered by hundreds or thousands. both sides were able to have
6:31 pm
constructive conversations, but we saw shoving and pushing. they chased the trump supporters out of the park. >> i stand against supremacy, but all i've seen is hate. i had a friend holding a sign that said hate has no home here. >> reporter: we saw a mob of people going after a trump supporter this afternoon, in fact, police had to escort him and a lot of the other trump supporters out of civic center park and to safety. now, i've covered this type of protest here before. the violent ones here before as well, back in april and march. this time the police officers were much more aggressive in tactic. in the past they would let both groups fight it out here in the park. this time, every time they saw a fight or something was about to happen, they would go step in between and break up the confrontations. so this time perhaps that was why there wasn't as much violence nor as many people
6:32 pm
injured. live in berkeley, i'm da lin, kpix5. >> da, thank you. it wasn't all violence, exhibition five's kit doe with the people who actually tried to talk to one another. kit? >> reporter: the rally started off peacefully as they often do. this morning the trump supporters started trickling in. the topics ranged from immigration to jobs to economy. each side paused to let the other finish at times and there were genuine exchanges going on. here's a sample of what we heard. >> there is an opportunity to make change. >> he had the opportunity but he did not take it. >> they need to work the fields. if you want to go out there and pick them, by all means, go. >> we don't have to agree. that's part of free speech. >> my grandpa got killed by the nazis. >> they were killed. one week ago. that man is a world war ii vet that died killing nazis. >> reporter: and then tempers
6:33 pm
and emotions flared. then came the yelling and shouting and name calling. by noontime, several thousand black block anti-trump protesters, several hundred of them were part of a large contingent of what appeared to be anarchist type protest. the trump supporters had to be escorted to safety. the trump supporters that stayed were literally chased away by an angry mob. they said having it here at civic center plaza where they could impose a ban on prohibited items, that helped keep people say and they say they learned a lot. live here, kpix5. back to you. >> thank you. one tense moment came when a man wearing a pro trump and pro gun t-shirt was chased down the street by a crowd of counterprotesters. he claims they attacked him and they stole his glasses and hat. eventually the man sat down on
6:34 pm
the ground and was quickly surrounded. >> no, get out! >> i don't hate you at all. >> yeah, you talk about it now. >> i didn't hate you ten years ago. >> go, go. >> i didn't hate you ten days ago, i didn't hate you ten minutes ago. i'm sorry you hate trump. i am -- i'm not interested in destroying anybody. i lost my glasses and my hat got stolen and my flag got stolen as well. i didn't attack anybody or steal from anybody. why am i being attacked? why? i'm an american citizen. and i have a right to be able to speak of anything. >> you are offensive. >> i am against the white supremacy that's been pushed by the democratic party. >> you are standing for white
6:35 pm
supremacy and the kkk. you're standing with the nazis. you are not speaking clearly about that. >> i will protect it and defend it until the american civil war. we have a right to live free in our country. >> as long as you're supporting the constitution, we're on the same side. >> well, you can see there at the end that there's a woman in the crowd who actually helped lead that trump supporter to safety. so in the current political climate, can the rival camps actually be in the same place at the same time without coming to blows? kpix5's wilson walker looks at that question as more marches and protests seem inevitable. wilson? >> reporter: look, today was certainly not as bad as some of the days we have seen in berkeley, but there were plenty of ugly moments nonetheless. welcome to the new normal. >> they were selling weapons to
6:36 pm
people. they were calling it battle of berkeley three. >> reporter: the day started with a conversation that by now sounds very familiar. >> we're not extremists. we just want to have a conversation. i love america, i love my country, and that's what i'm here to stand for. >> they're coming here to incite a riot and to blame it on this community, to blame it on the left. >> reporter: that was the other familiarity, that the carnival-like atmosphere would eventually give way to something else. >> you want to know why? antifa. you want to know why? the violent left. >> reporter: eventually it unfurled out of the blocks to downtown, and the small amount of trump supporters who came into the park, they found themselves in heated scrums with police acting as referee's deciding when to step in and call the fight. antifa made their way past barricades, appearing to stand down, instead chasing from block
6:37 pm
to block. all of this is a massive undertaking, the second day in a row we've seen police mobilize across the city for marches that may or may not be happening, raising the question just how sustainable is this kind of conversation? >> a fundamental role is to protect folks to have the peaceful expression of first amendment rights, and that's what we're here for. as far as sustainability, we have to work that out but i'm confident for the future. >> reporter: more marches are planned, so the conversation will continue. >> i mean, i think it's a shame that that's what america has come to. i think you can just blame both sides for the militarization we've gotten. >> i don't know. we're in new territory in this country in terms of the political math. >> go home! . >> reporter: all right. we obviously don't have a price tag yet from either yesterday's situation in san francisco or today's in berkeley, but just to give you a ballpark of how this
6:38 pm
adds up, the previous protests earlier this year around springtime in berkeley ended up costing berkeley police approximately half a million dollars in overtime charges, so we'll see what the bill looks like after this weekend. live in berkeley, wilson walker, kpix5. in other news this evening, peaked month's mayor jeffrey wheeler resigned. it appeared his facebook page had angry white ring rants. he labeled liberals as un-american. the council had scheduled a special meeting on monday to consider removing him. >> i began receiving emails from constituents approximately every 10 or 15 minutes, the vast majority calling for his replacement as mayor. >> today wheeler apologized for
6:39 pm
the posts admitting they were inflammatory and insulting. coming up, dramatic rescues, flooding from harvey, unbelievable amounts of rain. we'll have a live report. and flights grounded at houston's two airports. how bay area travellers are feeling harvey's impact.
6:40 pm
6:41 pm
houston is feeling the wrath of tropical storm harvey. rising flood waters are swallowing up ghborhoods. . now on the storm watch, houston feeling the wrath of tropical storm harvey, rising floodwaters swallowing up entire neighborhoods. in fact, a cbs reporter was in the middle of all of this when she spotted a man trapped inside a truck and called for help. >> they're putting the boat in just now. they're on their way. >> okay. all right. >> reporter: i cannot imagine how ter phiing it would be to be stuck right there right now. harvey will stay there and
6:42 pm
pound the area this week. >> good evening, kenneth. >> reporter: good evening to you. the good news is that some of the floodwaters have subsided just a little bit. the bad news is that the rain has picked up yet again and forecasters expect this to continue for days. residential streets became a pathway for boats rescuing people from flooded houston neighborhoods as tropical storm harvey inundates the region with water. >> it just came up, like a tsunami almost. >> emergency crews have responded with high water boats and helicopters. this woman was rescued with her daughter. >> we've been through floods, but nothing like this. >> some residents used their own boats to rescue neighbors, but that wasn't always a safe option. some were able to walk out on their own. >> we have a two-story home, and on the first floor, it's up to here, and all the furniture is just floating. >> reporter: this family spent the night under a freeway
6:43 pm
overpass after pushing through crest-high water. >> we may go back and everything is done for. >> reporter: by the time this man realized he was in danger, it was too late to save his truck or anything inside. he tried to get back inside as people on the overpass above yelled at him to forget it. valencia jenkins and her family walked barefoot from her apartment complex to this convention center, now a shelter. >> everything is gone. everything is gone. >> reporter: this is some of the worst flooding houston has ever experienced. officials say they're not measuring the rainfall in inches anymore, but feet. >> this likely is going to be an historic rainfall if not an all-time record. >> reporter: harvey leveled parts of texas when it made land fall last night as a category 4 hurricane. now it could dump record levels of rain on communities over the next few days. and just to give you
6:44 pm
perspective, i'm standing in the middle of a usually busy parkway. this is an underpass about 15 to 20 feet deep. there are scenes like this all over the houston area tonight. >> thank you for your report. flights from sfo to houston have all been cancelled as tropical storm harvey snarls airlines in texas. travellers are calling their families to i make sure they're okay. >> i do have family closer to the coast. they say they're okay as of now, but there's a lot of calls going on. >> nationwide over a thousand flights to houston have been cancelled. major airlines are waiving change fees for travellers. and this just in, éber has now chosen its next ceo. and a law to speed up executions in california. but the big question, who is going to pay for it? the fight brewing in sacramento. there is such a thing as a free lunch, the major change
6:45 pm
this year for students in oakland.
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♪ keeping up. it takes hard work, tight budgets and a little support. and pg&e is ready to do our part. our care program can save you 20% or more on your monthly bill. it just takes a few minutes to apply and you'll see the savings on your next bill. when having a little extra can mean a lot ...turn to care. go to and enroll today. backing a law that would speed up executions in california. but it comes with a cost. kpix 5's melissa caen reports, it could lead to a showdown in sacr d sound] . the state supreme court is backing a law that would speed up executions in california, but it comes with a cost. kpix5 melissa caen tells us it could lead to a showdown in
6:48 pm
sacramento. >> prop 17 speeds up executions monitored by the supreme court. >> approved, but there is a legal challenge. on friday the california supreme court threw out the lawsuit paving the way for executions to proceed. but there's a catch. the state legislature has to pay for it. phil matier talked to san francisco district attorney steve wag staff. >> there's no guarantee that the state legislature is going to provide the funds that was called for under this measure to get the expense moving on this. right? >> that's right. they have the ability to ignore the will of the people if they choose because the people and the supreme court defines it. the goal here is to speed this process up. the legislature has to play a role in it. they have the authority to say no. >> to speed this up, they need to hire more attorneys to represent the death row inmates. what's your indication from the lawmakers? are they willing to sit on the
6:49 pm
money and therefore slow things down? >> that is politics and you're a better gauge of that than me. i feel they will listen to the will of the people in an initiative, not just simply polls. >> death penalty cases require for judges and lawyers. the aclu estimates that prop 66 will require 360 new defense attorneys, and that doesn't include staff or judges. >> in order to carry out this measure, we're going to need hundreds of lawyers to carry it out. >> david new says he doubts it will provide for funding for lawyers and judges. >> the voters have spoken and obviously folks will do what they can to comply with it, but the budgetary pressure of adding hundreds of thousands of dollars on top of an already strained death penalty system is going to
6:50 pm
be challenging. a new éber ceo. it will be dara khosrowshahi. he currently is the head of expedia. the official announcement could come tomorrow. it comes after general electric's former ceo jeff inmelt pulled his name out of the running. another name was meg whitman. éber has been without a ceo since he pulled out under pressure from investors. fighting a grass fire near livermore, southeast of regional park. this is a remote area and no homes are threatened. we'll continue to follow and bring you more updates. lousy weather out there, still above 100 degrees. and we'll update you on harvey, and where will it go next? it's now a minimal tropical
6:51 pm
storm but it may go back over the gulf and restrengthen. up to 50 inches of rainfall is possible. already 27-1/2 inches of rain have fallen in dayton, texas. there's more where that came from. in the bay area, warm, hot. 107 in livermore. it's heavy out there with a spare the air day. concord still at 101. livermore 103 degrees. heat advisories and warnings posted through tomorrow night. if you're away from the water, you're going to be sweating. futurecast does show the temperatures are soaring to near 108 degrees inland, the warmest spot tomorrow. but some relief on the way near the shoreline with fog and low clouds by tomorrow evening. that will cool things down closer to the coast but it's going to take another day for the effects to be felt inland.
6:52 pm
so today things will be expected to stay over 100. heading out of the bay area, sunny at sfo, but thunderstorms in chicago tomorrow and 76 degrees. overnight lows in the bay area on the warm side. temperatures in the mid 50s, sunup. numbers will approach records in the east bay. 105 at concord tomorrow, south bay plenty warm as well. 104 in los gatos, but look at the numbers in the east bay. 105 at pleasant hill and concord, 108 at walnut creek. 110 at brentwood. north bay is also plenty warm, but the readings tomorrow will be in the 90s and relief at the shoreline all week long. cloverdale and lakeport and clear lake all in the triple digits for monday. hot again tomorrow. tuesday a bit of a break before cooling down somewhat on wednesday and then the numbers rebound at we head toward next weekend. all in all, if i've communicated that it's going to be hot, then i've done my job. we'll be back after a break.
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kpix 5's john ramos tells us... most of the district's schools nches to . something different as the year starts in oakland public schools. >> kpix5's john ramos tells us most of the district schools will be offering free lunches to students. >> reporter: at franklin elementary, oakland unified's largest grammar school, the lunch ladies are kept busy because all 740 students are eligible for free meals. >> we have breakfast, lunch, and for students in the after-school program, dinner. and it makes an incredible, incredible difference for our students. >> reporter: franklin used to be one of 30 schools where schools got free meals, but now thanks to a federal grant,
6:56 pm
nearly all schools will get them. they say keeping kids fed not only improves learning but keeps kids calm. >> we see that all the time. we see when kids start to act out, the first thing you look at, have they eaten? have they gotten what they need? >> reporter: across town at the high school, a special catered lunch courtesy of the golden state warriors as they help beauty phi the campus. >> we don't have to worry about whether students have an i. d. we have to do a head count and make sure kids eat. >> when they began doing meals here, the suspension rate dropped to zero. they say it's hard to concentrate when students come to school hungry. >> they can't think if they don't have nothing in their
6:57 pm
stomach. >> reporter: more than 70% already qualified for free meals and now nearly everyone does. that should remove both the stigma and the red tape to make sure that kids have eaten before hitting the books. john ramos, kpix5. that will do it for us. >> the latest is on our website. thanks for watching. we'll see you back here at 11:00.
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and ford. we go further, so you can. >> did you enjoy your time as mayor? >> loved every minute of it. >> piloting his helicopter, mike bloomberg gave us an aerial tour of the city he helped shape. but most days you'll find him in the gleaming, oz-like tower that bears his company's name. we asked him how he managed to accumulate $47 billion, why he decided not to run for president, and how he's getting along with the new president, considering their testy past. >> i'm a new yorker, and i know a con when i see one! >> have you spoken to trump since he's in the white house? >> an average of 70,000 men and women pass through cook county jail each year. many more than once. what percent do you think here


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