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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 27, 2017 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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ride-sharing company uber. next. * *update: each promo needsa banner, 19 characters max. what we're learning tonight about the new ceo just hired by uber next. now at eleven. ta against anti live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix 5 news on kbcw. . there are some deal discussions that need to happen in our community about providing space for antifa. >> now at 11:00 taking a
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different tone against antifa, how the chief of berkeley police is reacting tonight to the tensions that erupted in violence. good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> i'm juliette goodrich. the police chief is concerned about the influx of protesters. >> reporter: the barricades are still up, but this battle at berkeley is over. what we saw today was a very large group of counter demonstrators chase a small contingents of their opponents out of the park. >> you have been a neo-nazi. >> reporter: tensions grew throughout the day from loud shouting -- >> no trump, no kkk, no fascist usa. >> reporter: to punching. >> hey, hey, hey! >> reporter: hundreds of police officers barricaded the park and protected the tiny group of right wing demonstrators as the much larger group of left wing counter demonstrators pushed in and grew much louder. around 1:00 a dramatic scene, a large group marched up out of nowhere, a large group wearing
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all black. they called themselves antifa which stands for anti-fascist. as the crowd turned toward police, he said they made the decision to abandon the park. >> by 1:00 this afternoon i don't know if we had 10 folks from the original protest and thousands of people for counter protesters and the question has to be does it make sense to get into a major use of force over grassy area? >> reporter: antifa counter demonstrators sent off a purple smoke bomb, a signal to push aside barricades and move in. they took the park over, flew the flag of anarchy and celebrated. police escorted the right wing demonstrators to the edge of the park. that's where counter demonstrators pounced on them, chased them down the street. this guy took cover behind police lines. >> i'm not here for violence. , so of course, i'm going to run to police to guarantee my safety. >> reporter: trump supporter arthur schaffer seen here
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earlier in the day became a target later on. a mob chased him for a block and a half, took his flag, trump hat and glasses and spat all over him. >> you know, i'm okay with people making white supremists feel unwelcome. i mean excuse me. i'm a jew and you're making me feel unwelcome. >> it's troubling for a number of reasons, but especially when i see them mixed in with folks of our community who are not violent and as far as i'm concerned, there are some deep discussions that need to happen in our community about providing space for antifa. >> reporter: police arrested 13 people today and one officer was injured during one of those arrests. six other demonstrators were also hurt.
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>> joe, it looked really dramatic out there, but where does this demonstration fit wall the other incidents at berkeley this year? >> reporter: we've seen several other violent clashes this year with right wing groups provoke and tension and they clash in the streets. what we saw different today was a very large contingent of black clad antifa, perhaps the largest group of anarchists we've seen in white a long time here in the bay area. the other thing that we saw that was different was a very large police presence who we watched deescalate the situation today and probably kept a lot more people from getting hurt. >> probably. joe vasquez, thank you for your report. gibson raced down a street well, joey gibson, founder of patriot prayer, showed up this afternoon in berkeley and soon he found himself being chased by antifa activists and pepper sprayed. gibson kept retreating down the
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street along with a man in shoulder pads who appeared to be his bodyguard. a short time later officers put gibson and that second man in handcuffs, but police say this was actually a rescue to protect them from the group pursuing them. neither man was arrested. gibson had planned a patriot prayer rally yesterday at san francisco's crissy field, but you probably know by now that was canceled because of fear of violence. take a look here. in another incident police detained one woman, but she tried to make a break for it after she was let go. officers took her back into custody. chopper 5 found a sniper standing guard on top of a berkeley rooftop where hundreds of protesters gathered right below him. hundreds gathered this morning for a unity rally. their sign says resist hate, racism, patriarchy and war, but the tranquility was soon disrupted as protesters marched towards civic center park. >> up with the people!
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and down with hate! >> reporter: a massive resist banner was at center stage at today's counter protest rally at uc berkeley's crescent field. >> white supremists threaten to come to san francisco and berkeley, so we're here to protect our community. >> reporter: speakers called for unity as the crowd chanted. a few hundred feet away from the passionate demonstration in juxtaposition a group of silent meditators on the lawn. >> i was breathing in hate and breathing out love. >> reporter: people found all kinds of ways to express their desire for unity. >> yoga is a great way to rely on people and lean on people and practice lightness and fun. >> reporter: but the rally started to get tense as the group marched toward martin luther king civic center park. during the march we saw police arrest a number of people. this woman was arrested after
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it appeared she attacked a media crew. >> i just want to know why i'm being detained. why am i being detained? >> reporter: prompting officers to rush the scene. in berkeley katie nielsen, kpix. tonight those barricades surrounding crescent lawn on cal campus have already been removed. right now firefighters are working to keep a grassfire from spreading in the east bay hills. flames broke out off mines road and crane's ridge road south of livermore, crews attacking this blaze from the air dropping flame retardant. the fire scorched 44 acres and crews have it 20% contained. it's not clear how it started. of course, it didn't help with all the extreme heat hanging around for a couple days, heat advisories and warnings posted for temperatures as warm tomorrow as 107, 108 degrees tomorrow. look at what we got to today. concord hit 107. in livermore it was 107. in san jose 97 degrees and as long as high pressure that's
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also causing bad air quality over the bay area hangs in place, we'll have warm readings, tell you how long it will last in just a few minutes. alto, and san jose are also there dealing with flooding... and damage. tonight bay area search and rescue crews are in texas helping. crews from palo alto, san jose and los gatos are also helping with the damage. we have a live update now on the companies. >> reporter: as you've seen over the last couple of hours, we've been in and out of storms all night long. right now we are in an off period at least for the next couple minutes, but one thing that's become very clear is that all of this water is not going anywhere any time soon, especially with more rain on the way. rescue helicopters lowered people one by one onto dry highways on houston after picking them up from their flooded homes. this man took the ride with his young son. >> this is all we got.
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we lost the car, school clothes. everything gone. everything gone. >> reporter: residential streets became waterways for boats rescuing people as tropical storm harvey continues to pound houston. >> it's got to be a 500 year flood or 1,000 year flood. it's ridiculous. >> i don't think we'll ever see it again. i sure hope not. >> reporter: thousands called for help including the residents at this assisted living facility who waited for rescue in waist deep water. some people used their own boats to rescue neighbors, but that wasn't always safe. this man thought he could get his truck through the deal water, got out in time but tried to go back inside for his glasses. the driver of this tractor trailer was rescued on live television. >> reporter: here he comes. >> reporter: valencia jenkins and her family walked barefoot from her apartment complex to this convention center that's now a shelter. >> everything is gone. all i got is pampers and wipes. >> reporter: some houston areas are on track to set a rainfall record, 50 inches in
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some areas because harvey is expected to stick around for days. so far the storm has affected a 1/4 of the texas population, about 6.8 million people. that includes the people who live in rockport, texas, where harvey made landfall friday night as a category 4 hurricane. i can tell you i've been in houston about three days now. within the last 24 hours these floodwaters have not gone down at all. residents here seem to know that they are in this for the long haul. in houston kenneth craig, kpix5. juliette, back over to you. >> thank you. tonight flights from sfo to houston have been canceled because of tropical storm harvey. dozens of travelers at sfo today were calling their families to make sure they were okay. >> i do have family that's closer to the coast. they say that they're okay as of now, but there's a lot of calls going on.
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>> nationwide tone over 1,000 flights to houston -- tonight over 1,000 flights to houston have been canceled. the white house announced president trump will be going to texas on tuesday. the white house has been keeping tacks on the storm -- tabs on the storm. >> reporter: out of sight at camp david president trump still tweeted several times about hurricane harvey, great coordination at all levels of government he wrote. good news is we have great talent on the ground. >> i'd like to say president trump is extremely concerned about this. >> reporter: aides say mr. trump was regularly briefed about the storm including with cabinet members this morning, but the president has been weathering his own political storm friday night. just as harvey made landfall he pardoned the controversial former sheriff joe arpaio convicted of unfairly targeting undocumented immigrants. >> sheriff joe can feel good. >> reporter: it was a move ms. legal team advised again. house speaker paul ryan was one
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of several republicans who criticized the decision saying law enforcement officials have a special responsibility to respect the rights of everyone in the united states. we should not allow anyone to believe that responsibility is diminished by this pardon. mr. trump's homeland security advisor tom bossart defended the president's action. >> just about every president ends up with some controversial pardons, but i think the president has been clear on it. i don't think it's fair to characterize him as not caring about the rule of law. still to come tonight after months of searching uber has hired a new ceo. we dig into the background of the new man in charge. >> plus stepping down after being called out, the bay area mayor who resigned today after some questionable facebook posts. >> my daughter heather was killed as she protested racism. i miss her, but i know she's here tonight. >> also the emotional tribute at the v mr. a tonight from a mother to her -- vma tonight
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from a mother to her daughter killed in charlottesville. >> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces. a central valley town with a remarkable past. >> fully financed, built, designed and founded by african americans solely. >> we learned how a former slave's dream led to allensworth. now this is the state's only park inspired by black history. >> you can't know where you're going if you don't know where you've been. >> expect original reporting from kpix5 news. expect nor. -- more.
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recovered at lake tahoe. the body of 41- year old dan pham was found yesterday. he went missing june 8th... when he set out on his kayak to meet the body of a missing kayaker from san leandro has been recovered. he went missing on june 8th when he set out on his kayak to meet a friend. el dorado county officials are making arrangements with the alameda county sheriff's office to bring his body back to san leandro. new tonight after being
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plagued by scandals uber is trying to get back on track with a new ceo. kpix5's betty yu has the details. >> juliette, this decision comes after three days of meetings and was first reported by the new york times. expedia's ceo will take over uber which is currently run by a 14 group of managers and is without multiple top executives. sources close to the matter said dara choughs row shaw i had was the lead -- khosrowshahi was the leading candidate. meg whitman had also been considered, ceo of hewlett- packard. uber has been without a leader since travis kalanick stepped down about two months ago. the company has been hit with scandal after scandal including sexual harassment accusations in the workplace and a department of justice criminal investigation. uber is also losing millions of dollars every quarter as it continues to grow and invest in
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self-driving cars. >> our cars will shine, expedia. >> reporter: seen here in a youtube video in 2013, mr. khosrowshahi has been ceo of expedia based in bellevue, washington, since 2005, smaller than the privately held uber. mr. khosrowshahi is a graduate of brown university with an engineering degree and has been an outspoken critic of president trump. his family immigrated to the u.s. from iran in the late 1970s. the third finalist was a former ceo and current chairman of general election. he withdrew today when it became clear he did not have enough support. meg whitman and directors reportedly could not agree on terms in which she would take over. betty yu, kpix5. in alameda county the mayor of piedmont quit after facing public outcry over his controversial facebook posts.
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kpix's john ramos has that story. >> reporter: the news was posted on the door of piedmont city hall. jeffrey wieler resigned last night as mayor. the whole thing began last week when constituent conna mccarthy asked wieler if he would join in a moment of silence for those killed in charlottesville. >> he responded as a moment of silence, i will stop engaging with you. >> reporter: she found post after post espousing angry right wing sentiments on wieler's facebook page. she read some of them at last week's city council meeting. >> the left is dangerous and unamerican. transgenders are mentally ill. >> reporter: in this affluent and largely progressive town surrounded by oakland, residents were outraged. >> i began receiving e-mails from constituents approximately every 10 or 15 minutes, the vast majority of which were calling for his replacement as mayor. >> reporter: so wieler's
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colleagues on council who voted him in as mayor scheduled a special meeting to remove him from the post. that's not necessary now and while he would not speak with us today, wieler did issue a statement apologizing for posts that he acknowledged were inflamatory and insulting and though wieler said he'll continue serving as a council member, some feel it's too late for that. >> he can't remain on our council and be effective. he absolutely has to step down from council. >> reporter: it is a lesson a lot of people are learning in this age of social media. speech may be free, but that doesn't mean it comes without a cost. in piedmont john ramos, kpix 5. in walnut creek the heat had shoppers buying cold drink o keep cool. an excessive heat warning is in effect for parts of the bay area. some areas hit triple digits today. in fact in, walnut creek the heat had shoppers finding shade
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to keep cool and buying cold drink. >> it was crazy hot. the phone said it was going to be 85, but my car said it was 104 when i got out. so i wasn't prepared. >> crazy hot. we almost didn't get out of the car, right? 107 degrees. >> reporter: what do you think of this heat? >> it's too hot. >> reporter: you don't like this heat. >> no. >> all right. how long will this heatwave last? brian is here with that. tell us, brian. >> an excellent question. i'm just going to update people on what was hurricane harvey a few days ago now a tropical storm, to show you the latest on this he's doing something a little bit weird. not only has it dumped more than 30 inches of rain over parts of texas since friday night, it's now going to head back out from texas to the gulf over the next couple of days and when it regains the gulf, it gets more fuel for its engines, it won't become a hurricane again probably, but it will strengthen a bit that. means it will continue to pound houston and surrounding areas with more rain, up to 50 inches
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of rain by the end of the week. houston almost 20 inches of rain, about 3 inches shy of what san francisco gets in an entire year they've gotten since friday. highs today, concord and livermore hit 107, san francisco 71, still warm in the east bay with 77 at concord, 79 at livermore, high pressure parked over the west coasts meaning temperatures soar near 108 degrees inland. no surprise we've got heat advisories and warnings through tomorrow night. futurecast shows just the suggestion of low clouds on the way back to the vicinity of the shoreline. it's better than the disappearing completely at least if you're close to the shore. there will be a moderating influence. san francisco only hit 71 today. the closer to the shore, the better you'll be but highs over 100 degrees inland through tuesday. tomorrow 79 in san francisco, 105 in concord, oakland hitting 87. in the south bay numbers will be near and in some cases above
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100 degrees. look at these numbers in the east bay, 106 at livermore tomorrow, 105 in pleasanton, walnut creek 108 and pleasant hill 105 degrees. north bay mostly 90s except cooler by the shore line. it's warm at clearlake and ukiah. pgh extended forecast looking for number -- extended forecast looking for numbers to still be in triple digit tuesday, in general one hot week ahead. coming up the big winner of tonight's vmas on mtv. >> and an emotional mother trending on the web tonight. >> plus making sure students are hungry to learn and not just hungry, the bay area schools that are feeding their students for free. >> i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up next on gameday we are only two weeks away from opening of the nfl season and count steve young as a believer. >> kyle has a plan.
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he's a quarterback centric guy. >> we're going to break down the raiders with beat writer jimmy durkin of the athletics. i'm going to give you three reasons a's fans should be optimistic about next finish. >> and the thrilling finish on the pga tour. gameday is next. food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark.
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we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees.
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the rapper won six times tonight... including best video of the year. "kendrick kendrick lamar was the big winner at the mtv video music awards. >> the rammer won six times tonight including best video of the year. >> kendrick lamar. [ cheering and applause ] >> among other winners ed
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sherrin was artist of the year and dj khalid got best artist. there were also some serious moments. the mother of heather heyer spoke about her daughter who was killed this month in charlottesville while standing up against white supremists. >> i miss her, but i know she's here tonight. [ cheering and applause ] >> i've been deeply moved to see people across the world, the whole world, find inspiration in her courage. her heyer >> while on the show her mother launched a new nonprofit scholarship fund called the heather heyer foundation. up next bay area schools proving there is such a thing as a free lunch. we'll explain after our break.
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our collaboration with pg&e is centered around public safety. without pg&e's assistance, without their training we could not do our mission to keep our community safe. anytime we are responding to a structure fire, one of the first calls you make is for pg&e for gas and electric safety. it's my job to make sure that they have the training that they need to make the scene safe for themselves and for the public. it's hands-on training actually turning valves, turning systems off, looking at different wire systems all that training is crucial to keeping our community safe
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and our firefighters safe. together, we're building a better california.
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we have breakfast, lunch and dinner and it makes an incredible difference for our kids. >> nearly all schools in oakland unified are offering free meals to students thanks to a four year federal grant. when they began serving free meals at redsdale alternative high school, the suspension rated dropped to zero. >> we don't feel good if they don't have nothing in their stomachs. >> we don't have to worry about whether students have id. we just have to do a headcount to make sure that kids eat. >> more than 70% of oakland
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students already qualified for free meals. now with the federal grant nearly everyone does.. teams of college students ansit... elon around the world have competed in the hyperloop challenge trying to event a pod that would travel at hundreds of miles an hour. it would be a key part of a new form of high speed mass transit envisioned by elon musk, founder of tesla and spacex. in theory the vehicles would move through vacuum tubes with no friction and the students are trying to create an engineering plan that works. >> this is actually one of the few air bearing pods. >> so many years of hard work, months of sleepless nights and i couldn't have asked for a better run. >> three teams were in the finals today in hawthorne to see whose pod might be fastest, but they have to wait for years to see if their design actually becomes part of musk's plan. we'll be right back.
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