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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  September 8, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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taken from fall camp last month about the time the players arrived from florida, texas, and oregon. all 17 of the out of state players were living in this single home in hollister. no one answered the door today and the school says the players have all gone back home. but they reportedly had their rent paid and were having some meals prepared for them by their land lady. the situation came to light after the mother of one of the players complained to the college about the crowded conditions. >> that led our dean of athletics to take a look at it. we got legal council who brought in an outside investigator who confirmed that we did, indeed, have a problem. >> reporter: the players most of them african american complained to a local newspaper that the school made them feel like thugs by having extra police on hand when they were told to leave the team. two assistant coaches were placed on administrative leave pending a school investigation. the head coach mike dovinberg was not disciplined. >> not only in football but
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they should look at all sports. yeah, there's recruiting going on. >> reporter: bob garcia says he recruited players in the 1980s and says football programs are a magnet to players across the country who hope to transfer to major colleges and the pros. he says the players involved in the gavlian scandal are victims. >> it's an opportunity for them and we're sending them back now. >> reporter: a college spokesman says they offered the players each a chance to stay here and continue their education here. they all declined. they apparently wanted to go back home and try to continue to play football this season somewhere else. reporting live in gilroy, len ramirez, kpix5. the district attorney is questioning plans to change the way colleges and universities handle sexual assault cases. melissa? >> reporter: today the san francisco district attorney held a training on how to deal with campus sexual assault. but we wanted to know, is the
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current system working? is is it making sure that people assaulted get justice but also making sure those accused don't get railroaded? [ marching band ] >> reporter: right as the school year is beginning, a new policy from education secretary. >> the truth is the system established by the prior administration has failed too many students. >> reporter: a 2011 directive from the obama justice department lowered the standard of proof for sexual assault cases and often denied the accused the right to cross examine witnesses or hear evidence against them. opponents say they've created another class victim. students, mostly men, punished. >> every accusation must be taken seriously. any student accused of sexual misconduct must know that guilt is not predetermined. >> reporter: plans to toss out that 2011 directive is in the works and work with schools on
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the guidelines. >> i think -- look, i think there's always room for improvement. right? i'm not saying what we had before is perfect. but i am concerned that the tone in the conversation that i'm hearing around this opening -- reopening this up, is not necessarily, you know, intended to move this forward and improve this system. >> reporter: he says sexual assault cases handled on campus are not the same as criminal prosecutions. >> the standard of proof is basically, is it more likely than not this thing occurred. right? that's a standard for civil litigation. we don't want to go back to prior years where people had this misplaced saying this all has to be handled because it's a criminal case. >> i think there are protections for those accused of policy violations. there are protections. people are very careful about due process. >> reporter: denise caramagno is a campus assault resource
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advocate at ucsf and says cases are heard by a professional investigator and there's a right to appeal. those appeals are handled by an outside law firm. >> we need justice for people who experience sexual assault. >> reporter: she says she hopes the california legislature will step in and replace any provisions that is eliminated. >> there will be intense lobbying for sure. >> absolutely. they're pretty eager to stick it to trump. so they're probably pretty open to that. >> all right, melissa. thanks. a san francisco man long known for his bay area community service is being honored tonight tonight. and some big political names will be on tribute for brown. big big is live tonight. -- andrea is live -- andria is live tonight. >> reporter: this church is a tribute to reverend amos
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brown's 40 years of service not only to the church but the larger san francisco area and bay area. jane brown will also be honored for her service to the community. >> he's a man that knows what he's talking about when he's trying to help somebody. >> i've been here ever since he's been here 40 years ago. here's been such an inspiration to me as a lad growing up and his being here. >> reporter: here is the 42nd president, bill clinton. also a who's who of california bay area politicians including brown, nunson. we'll have more on this story tonight at 11:00. live in san francisco, andria borba, kpix5. to florida now where time is running out for people to leave. hurricane irma continues to cut
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a deadly path of destruction through the northern caribbean and is expected to make landfall in florida tomorrow. kpix5's emily turner on the scramble to safety. emily? >> reporter: alan, it's getting increasingly more desperate as the clock continues to tick. let's look at the skyline of miami right now. it's a very different kind of friday night there than it usually is. many parts of the stay, they're -- city, they're boarded unand they've cleared out ahead of the storm. >> attention, attention, attention. >> reporter: as hurricane irma closes in on south florida, law enforcement is doubling down on efforts to get everyone out of that risk area. 6 million people live in miami- dade, palm beach, and board counties combined. and many have been told to leave. the exodus ahead of the category 4 storm is the largest evacuation in u.s. history. the highways are clogged and gas stations along the way are out of stock or are racing to
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keep up with demand. >> i ran out of gas on tuesday night. but, you know, my fuel has been great. it's been great. helping me out. and we've just managed to keep the situation going. >> reporter: others left by air. evacuees lined up at miami international hoping to get out before the gun. some came to the bay area. >> as we checked off, when we were finally in the air, this one person did a slow clap and build in the whole plane. they all did with it and did the slow clap with him. i think there's tension not just because of the storm but the flight before us and the gate got canceled because they didn't have enough flight attendance. so i think there was enough anxiety on whether we would be able to leave or not. >> reporter: those making last- minute preps at home have stripped the shelves of hardware supplies and other items to secure their homes. folks still remember 1992 when a category 5 hurricane made landfall here. >> it's scary. it's very scary. they say the hurricane is so big. and i was here through andrew. but it's still scary.
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so, you know, i pray that everybody be okay. >> reporter: for those who choose to stay, shelters are filling up quickly. some already at capacity. though not advised, others plan to hunker at home. >> i've stayed there for five hurricanes and did very well. the house is built like a fortress. >> reporter: so you're ready? >> i'm ready. >> reporter: but emergency officials have warned them and are very clear: if you stay, you're on your own. >> this is a very big, dangerous storm. when the storm starts, don't even think of dialing 911 because we're just not going to respond. it's your responsibility now. >> reporter: and the message is very clear: get out. this is a realtime look right now of flights in the air above south florida. this screen should be packed with planes. those little yellow dots? planes headed into miami which is the nation's tenth busiest airport. but instead, you can see the air space is mostly empty. and further offshore a bit, this lone plane right here?
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this is a noaa hurricane tracker flying through the heart of the storm. they study the hurricane. their job is to gather data on irma as it approaches florida. alan? >> they're prepared. thanks. c130 full of air national guardsmen and women helping with the aftermath of hurricane irma. many of the guard members and the rescue wing just got back from texas. they are credited with saving 113 people after hurricane harvey. their mission in florida will be similar; rescuing people trapped by flood waters. >> we'll be out there as long as we're tasked to be out there. >> i'm really worried. harvey, it's like they came in afterwards. this time they're going in beforehand. >> reporter: they are also bringing two helicopters with highly trained pararescuers on board. the guard member who is left today make up about 10% of the force at moffitt field. the long drive to get help after the hospital down the street closed.
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now the new plan for the hospital. >> and making sure this doesn't happen again. the new strict security ahead of a conservative commentator's visit on campus. >> and the heist caught on camera. what this bandit made off with! >> somebody stealing the visibility around sfo right now. low cloud cover and fog returning. a sign we're in for a chilly weekend. and where's your umbrella? do you even know? i don't! you may want to try to answer that question this weekend. i'll explain why coming up. ♪[ music ]
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hospital in san pablo. new at 6:00, a deem is close to being sealed. owners of a nearby casino plan to tear down doctor's medical center and create an extra parking lot for their customers. the price tag for the land is about $13 million. da lin is live in san pablo who people who defended the hospital are having trouble finding a replacement. da? >> reporter: it's just a matter of time before this hospital turns into a parking lot for the casino next door. the building is in escrow right now. in the meantime, a lot of neighbors are feeling the effects of lose an acute care hospital. [ child coughing ] >> reporter: 3-year-old alex had an asthma attack earlier
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this week. his father says he was struggling to breathe. we're blurring part of his face for privacy reasons. [ coughing ] >> he choked. and he can't breathe for a couple minutes. >> reporter: they live a few blocks from what it was doctor's medical center. instead, aliessa had to drive his son 30 minutes away. >> he almost died over there. and for me, it bothered me a lot. it's not good for the community. >> reporter: they plan to demolish the mc and put in a parking lot with roughly 400 spaces for the casino nearby. >> the casino business is doing well in san pablo. weather watcher an increased need for parking. >> reporter: the plan doesn't sit well with dr. carson. he spent years saving lives at dmc. >> not only am i disappointed but i'm, truth be told, ticked off at it. >> reporter: they are opening an urgent care center across the street. >> i was able to hand pick my
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stars across the street and head them off. >> reporter: before the closure in 2015, 42% of all the emergency transports in west contra costa county went to dmc. after the closure in 2016, kaiser and richmond was flooded with emergency patients, 49%. alta bay in berkeley, contra costa, and other nearby hospitals also saw a lot more patients. the numbers are similar so far in 2017. "the chronicle" reports it tack responders an extra ten minutes to transport people to a hospital. >> if somebody has a heart attack, you can't make it ten minutes. this is ridiculous. this is not right. >> reporter: a tough loss for the community no doubt. by the way, alex is doing better. he was walking with the his dad earlier, walking to a followup
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visit for a doctor. they think the building will close within months. they would like to tear down this building next year. >> do you know if the casino is planning to expand? they also bought two nearby properties in recent years. >> reporter: that's right. i asked the lawyer about that. he says, no. they have no intention to expand at least at this time. he says they simply have too many customers and not enough parking. >> all right. da lin live in san pablo. we appreciate it. thank you. and next week's planned experience for greg shapiro. the school plans on building a barrier for six buildings. at 5:30, only people with a ticket and i.d. will be allowed through. cal will also close parking garages all day. no masks or weapons allowed in that venue. the university trying to
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prevent violence like this. that's when far right commentator milo ianopolis came to speak. >> we can't turn a blind eye to the violence that surrounds demonstrations. we'll do what's necessary. >> reporter: the school is working with berkeley police for an increased presence for that sold out event. there will be a designated area for people to engage in peaceful, lawful protests. search is on for a man who broke into a bay area ice cream store. the store's owner posted this on facebook hoping someone can identify the suspect. happened wednesday night. the baskin robins in vallejo. he walks in, disappears from view, and come back with an armful of packages containing ice cream cakes. >> they took a rock through the side door so hard it smashed through the window of the side door, through our sundae station and made a hole into
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the back wall. and then they came in, tore apart the cake freezer doors, grabbed as many cakes they could and walked right out. >> reporter: the owner says she's had problems before including an armed robbery back in march. she plans to increase the number of surveillance cameras in her store. and a pretty quiet weekend ahead, right? >> looks wonderful! >> yes! >> that's a nice change. [ laughter ] >> with all the crazy weather that's been going on, serious, life-threatening weather in other parts of the country, we can just be thankful. let's hope and pray that other parts of the country get better news than we expect, namely south florida. but let's be thankful we don't have to deal with things that other parts of the country will. we're looking at highs in the upper 70s, low 80s. gorgeous afternoon, 79 degrees. concord, 85. by the way, pretty gorgeous background shot there. that is the fog rolling over san francisco as viewed from
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sutro tower. the walk to end alzheimer's. you've seen the commercials here. dennis o'donnell is the mc. that's sunday morning. weather couldn't be more fantastic for a walk. 60 degrees. and the pride parade festival in oakland on sunday. sunshine. warmer in oakland making it to the mid-80s. something changing because oakland's high was around 70 degrees today. this low pressure area is to our south and west, causing thunderstorms in the sierra. giving us cooler weather. it'll return giving us a rain chance but this ridge behind me takes over for two days. those two days happen to be your saturday and sunday. most likely your weekend where we will be a little bit warmer or hotter inland. low cloud cover returns tonight. we'll have a very comfortable night outside. 50s returning as the humidity levels have decreased. 60 in oakland. 59 in san francisco. 58 for napa. and 62 for an overnight low in san jose. we're getting warmer this weekend. saturday we'll see a few isolated, low 90s inland,
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including livermore. 92 degrees. napa, 84. oakland, 74. and san francisco, 69. and then we'll be even warmer on sunday. but look what happens next week! late monday into tuesday, not only a rain chance but we could see some widespread, light rain. it happens every couple years in the month of september. looks like we may get one of those widespread rain opportunities next monday into next tuesday. that's your forecast. >> all right, palm, thanks. still ahead, the -- paul, thanks. still ahead, the major evacuation in florida as people brace for irma. >> and mexico's largest earthquake in history leaves dozens dead. a look at the quake ahead. >> one niner may not be a go. who? >> and acran rogers, a handy man? what -- acran rogers. a hahn -- aaron rogers, a
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the finish... american ladies madi all right. it's a friday. a lot on the menu. tennis up top. u.s. open. headed to the finish. madison keys and sloan stephens goes toe to toe in the american title. no american men are left. speaking of american men, tiger woods made an entrance for this one. green shirted anderson -- not american but south african -- against bustah. look at edison respond. back hand number helped him with the second set. it was all anderson from there. the third and fourth set. here's anderson. became the lowest to reach the u.s. open final since 1973. emotions took him here! will take nafael. college football saturday,
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cal and weaver state. been a decade since the cardinal pulled off the greatest job set in college gridiron history. >> he drops back. he'll throw that. bradford jumps up. he caught it! >> touchdown!!! >> touchdown! touchdown! >> bradford! >> and the late bob murphy, dave fleming when prichard hit bradford for the go ahead touchdown. jim harbaugh was 41-point underdogs! that win changed the direction of the program. shaw was an assistant at the time. >> it's kind of flown by, you know? this is a coaching profession. you don't always anticipate being in one place for this long. but it does not seem like ten years ago. i remember it like it was yesterday. it was one of the foundational things that happened when we got here that early that was necessary. but there's still been a lot of building since then.
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>> reporter: nfl 49er safety jimmy ward here was listed today as doubtful for the game against carolina. they're 5 1/2 point underdogs at home. his hamstring injury cost him all of the preseason. aaron rogers and the packers open up with the seahawks in seattle. but before this, he was making house calls. rogers is bff with sam decker. and decker was having problems with his garbage disposal in his wisconsin home. so rogers crawled underneath the sink. turns tout fix wasn't very complicate -- turned out the fix wasn't very complicated. >> i flipped the switch and nothing happened. so it means two things. one, it's completely broken and needs to be changed out. or, two, it's not plugged in. wasn't plugged in. [ laughter ] >> and that's me holding plug as i called him from the other room and said, hey, idiot. it wasn't plugged in. >> reporter: raiders sunday
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right here on kpix5. >> always check the plug! coming up in our next half hour, a major evacuation in florida. >> hurricane irma has its eye on florida leaving total devastation in its wake. the rush to get out of its path. >> a look at deadly destruction in mexico after the strongest earthquake in a century strikes off the southern coast. >> and the new high-tech drone capable of making new, interesting discoveries hundreds of feet underwater. food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees.
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you're watching kpix5 news. >> our top story at 6:30, monitoring the path of hurricane irma. it's barreled through the caribbean. and next, setting its sights on south florida. >> think about this number. florida has asked 5.6 million people to evacuate. highways heading north have been jammed all day. and the final floods have left miami international -- and the final flights have left miami international airport. irma that has left deadly damage in its quake. >> and some are trying to wait it out. first, kenneth craig is live in miami with the mass exodus. kenneth? >> reporter: well, good evening to you from miami-dade county where, at this hour, at least
6:30 pm
23,000 people are already in shelters. businesses are boarded up. and residents who decided to stay are counting down the hours to irma's arrival. >> reporter: shelters in florida are filling up and traffic is clogging roads leading out of the danger zones before irma's dreaded arrival. >> got water, food for a couple days. beef jerky, stuff like that. >> reporter: they're hoping to accommodate the 5.6 million people asked to evacuate. >> it feels comforting because this is the safest place to be. >> reporter: governor rick scott is warning procrastinators, there's not much time left. >> get where you need to go and do not wait. >> reporter: irma is tracking slightly west. but the storm is so large it's projected to coronado the whole peninsula. the national guard -- it's projected to cover the entire peninsula. the national guard is already out in force. >> i hope everyone is safe and we help each other out. >> reporter: because so much of miami-dade county is so low and flat, people are prepared for
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many areas to flood. here in coral gables, nearly every business is boarded up. central florida's urban search and rescue is prepping its vehicles, boats and crews which just returned from hurricane harvey in texas. >> i'm tired and wish it wasn't coming. i'd like to have a little rest. but we're ready to go. we got rested and we're ready to go. >> reporter: the u.s. navy has four ships ready towards with medical and logistic support. more than 20 million florida residents are in irma's path, a storm that's already left a trail of destruction in the caribbean. >> reporter: if you're trying to leave on a commercial flight, you're really out of luck. the last flight is leaving right now out of miami international and the airport is closed at least for the next two days, alan. >> not mump activity behind you. but most places, -- much activity behind you. but most places, long lines or everybody out?
6:32 pm
>> reporter: it seems most people have gotten out or gotten to those shelters. but here in coral gables, it's really sort of surreal. and it's eerie to hear how many businesses are closed down, boarded up as though they're not opening again. those gas lines are still long at a lot of places. and a lot of gas stations are out completely at this point. so good news is it seems like a lot of people are getting out and get ago way. >> reporter: that is good. they're -- >> that is good. they're safer. all right, kenneth craig in miami. thank you so much. today president donald trump signed a $15 billion disaster relief package to help victims of hurricane harvey and irma. it increase it is debt limit and funds the government through early december. the president helped congress pass that bill by agreeing to terms set by top democrats. i spoke search warrant john dickerson today. he says this may not be the last time we see trump deal with the other side. >> from the president's point of view, he got good headlines. so good he called nancy pelosi and chuck schumer to celebrate
6:33 pm
those headlines with them. so i think in the moment he probably decided, why not clear the decks and also maybe get a little positive pr which he seems to have gotten. >> reporter: all five living presidents are pitching in, appearing together in this video asking americans for help for hurricane victims. >> take a look at this view of the eye of hurricane irma. this loop shows the storm in the bahamas. and in the british virgin islands, at least nine people confirmed dead after hurricane irma came through. this increases the death toll to 24. and video from the air shows the destruction left behind in the u.s. virgin islands. irma now tracking towards south florida where it could slam miami this weekend. paul deanno has been tracking the storm for us. paul? >> reporter: two very small bits of good news amidst a sea of horrible news in south florida. here's the first bit. look at the satellite image now. you can see the center of the
6:34 pm
storm may interact with land, the northern coast of cuba over the next 24 hours. that could potentially weaken the storm a bit. not a huge deal but a bit of good news. the other bit of good news specifically for miami is landfall is now expected on the other side of the state meaning the catastrophic winds may avoid the miami, fort lauderdale area. that's it. as of 7:00 tomorrow morning, the beautiful florida keys may be completely submerged and dealing with 50 mile-per-hour winds. it's that purple color there. all day long the keys will be slammed. by sunday morning, it's already up to west palm beach including miami, fort lauderdale, naples dealing with winds between 50 and 100 miles per hour. that's the eye of the storm up the spine of the state of florida impacting orlando, tampa, and miami beach. it's a huge storm. florida is a big state. they'll intersect this weekend. local forecast coming up. >> all right, paul, see you then. we are following another natural disaster in mexico.
6:35 pm
the number bed dead from yesterday's earthquake has risen to 61. at least 45 are in the hard hit state of jojaca. one city lost a hospital and part of its city hall. cleanup is already underway. bulldozers are busy clearing debris. but there are concerns that aftershocks may bring down even more buildings. the 8.1 magnitude quake hits 60 miles off the pacific coastal state of chiapas and could be felt long away. mexico's deputy council general in san jose says it could have been much worse. >> there's damage but not as big as we expect in an earthquake of this magnitude. almost all the communications are re-established. 90% of the communications are re-established. so it's easy to get in touch with your family now. >> we're told the mexican government is working quickly
6:36 pm
to address the remaining service disruptions. to keep people connected, at&t is issuing credits and waiving charges for all calls and text messages from the u.s. to mexico through sunday. coming up, when you think "drone," you probably think of flight. but this drone is taking us hundreds of feet underwater. one of our licensed pilots tests it out. >> and the subject of a federal investigation. how uber may have illegally tracked a competitor to gain a big vallejo.
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drone technology is technology... hitting new highs. or, in this case -- new depths. the latest model in the works -- doesn't fly. it swims. technology is hitting new highs! or new depths in this case? >> because the latest model in the works doesn't fly. it swims! our devin fehely put it to the test only on 5. >> reporter: in many ways, drones gave us the gift of flight, allowed us to see and perhaps even feel what it would
6:39 pm
be like to soar through the air like a bird. so it's not altogether surprising that companies would eventually look to adapt the technology to let us swim with the fishes. >> what we provide here is modern technology, modern camera, modern battery technology and combine those technologies into a new kind of underwater vehicle called underwater drone. >> reporter: aaron dycorn is the founder and c.e.o. of blueeye robotics developing an underwater drone he hopes will someday become as popular as its aerial counterparts. eric and his team allowed me to pilot their pro toetype. -- prototype. first a practice and then for real. the components were similar to an aerial drone though the goggles took a bit to get used to. >> you're entering an only part of the world -- a part of the world kept off from you until now.
6:40 pm
>> reporter: they feature a powerful on board light so you can record videoed in what would otherwise be total darkness. >> you don't know what you'll see down there, right? and it's constantly changing. and wherever you go, there's -- there's something new. there's a new species. there's wrecks. there's something that you don't really know. and i think that's the most exciting part about it. >> reporter: in santa cruz, devin fehely, kpix5. >> blueeye is accepting preorders of its underwater drone and the cost is about 3500 bucks. the university of california is suing the trump administration over the decision to end daca. uc president established the deferred action for the daca program when she was homeland security secretary under president obama. the lawsuit alleges the repeal did not follow proper legal procedures and tramples on due process rights. there are about 4,000 undocumented students in the uc system along with some employees.
6:41 pm
they could face deportation if congress doesn't take action to save the program. uber is facing a new federal investigation. the justice department in man hat season looking into whether uber illegally used software to track drivers for competitor lyft. the fitbit and u.s. attorney's office in new york want to know if they broke any federal laws. uber is cooperating in the probe and they have stopped using that software. an oakland neighborhood's hopes of new business smashed twice now. a new market and deli was planning to move into the old sear's building. now they decided to sell the property and newberry market has backed out, too. one neighbor tells us he still believe it is building will still get a tenant. >> a developer took some risks and invested in that building and that uber continued that and eventually they'll be an owner, developer that will
6:42 pm
finish the building. and my thought is that next year there will be people working there. >> a number of major employers have recently relocated to oakland, including blue shield and delta dental. a major blow to workers in the central valley. dohl foods will lay off hundreds of workers as they downsize operations. just last month, they let go of 175 workers in southern california. dole is the world's largest producer of fruits and vegetables but is sitting on $1.3 billion in debt. >> it came as a complete surprise. umbrellas flying, kayaks flipping. we're hearing from the family of a teenager badly injured when this popup storm struck santa barbara. >> it's not that often that weather and chocolate come together. but we have the chocolate festival in san francisco this weekend. weather will be warm and sunny on sunday. but warm and sunny are a couple things we'll lose next week. coming up, find out when rain returns. yes, just regular old rainfall coming up.
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hurt, in a freak act of nature. we are hearing tonight from the parents of a southern california teen who was hurt in
6:46 pm
a freak act of nature. the 16-year-old was relaxing on the beach in santa barbara when out of nowhere, a powerful burst of wind put her in the hospital. [bleep] >> it just hit us like a hurricane. >> reporter: oswaldo nuno and his family were celebrating labor day weekend in santa barbara when a rare microburst hit monday afternoon. >> it got cloud, dark, started hailing, raining. the winds hit within a minute. >> reporter: video captured the chaotic scene. >> i just remember looking and i see kayaks flying up in the air and everybody's umbrellas and chairs. >> reporter: the family ran for shelter, including 16-year-old daughter alyssa. >> i saw her walk away. and as soon as she walked away, the rain just got really hard. >> reporter: when they all gathered in a safe spot, they realized alyssa was missing. they spread out and found the teen buried. >> there were three kayaks on
6:47 pm
top of her. i pulled them off. we were able to see if she was really bad. you could see her eyes were swollen and she had a big gash on her head, cuts on her face. i mean, it was horrible. >> i just looked at her and she had just blood everywhere. [ crying ] >> and so i lay there with her. >> reporter: lifeguards provided help until the ambulance arrived and took her to the local hospital. her injuries so severe she was flown to children's hospital l.a. where her parents have been by her side. >> she has skull fracture. >> nerve damage. her sinuses were broken. >> >> and that was amy johnson reporting there. at this point, it's unclear when alyssa will be leaving the hospital. she still needs a couple more surgeries. >> strong, strong wind. but compare it to irma! that's the one thing that when i saw that story about the microburst a couple days ago, imagine that force of wind -- obviously you wouldn't have as much stuff outside and people would be prepared so not a
6:48 pm
complete comparison. about 80 mile-per-hour wind in santa barbara. they will see that in parts of florida for 12 straight hours. it happened for two minutes in santa barbara! >> wow. >> and you saw the result. that's just how big it is. and, oh, 150 wind gusts! no. near the center of the storm, you deal with that type of wind for an hour or two hours. it's the persistent of the wind that can cause a big problem. got to tell you, though this, storm is moving more north than west right now and may lose punch as it goes across cuba. anytime it goes over land as opposed to the warm water, it may lose intensity. this may be a glimmer of good news for folks in south florida. the storm may not be as powerful. still huge. just may not be as huge or powerful when it makes landfall. they need good news in south florida. in santa rosa, 80 degrees. concord, 81.
6:49 pm
oakland, 65. livermore, 76. 100 lightning strikes in and around lake tahoe, reno, and carson city. for us, dry for you no. i say for now because early next week there's a bonified rain chance headed into the bay area. this weekend, though, enjoy the outdoor activities including the wine and art festival saturday and sunday. this is your sunday high. the warmer choice of the two. 85 degrees. and how about 88 degrees in castro valley for the fall festival tomorrow and sunday as well? lots of sunshine there. and if you just want to sit outside and bake while watching an nfl game, well, we have the panthers in town to take on your san francisco 49ers. not candlestick weather! 92 degrees at kickoff. and that side of the stadium in the sun will feel like 102. kickoff is sunny and warm on sunday. low pressure area to our south and west has been hanging out close by all week. it's going to return next week. but it takes off for two days allowing this ridge to take
6:50 pm
over and more of a north wind will warm you up inland to the tune of about 90 to 95 degrees this weekend. the fog will hug the coastline and push inland overnight tonight. burns back to the coast. should be a beautiful saturday afternoon. temperatures not moving much near the bay. you'll stay in the 70s. we'll get warmer inland into the 90s on sunday. then sub tropical moisture will return by that same area of low pressure. and that enmoos we go cloudy by sunday evening -- that means we go cloudy by sunday evening. showery by monday. and perhaps a day with light rain in september. that's tuesday. highs tomorrow, san jose, beautiful day. 83 degrees. 2 degrees above average. morgan hill, 87. san mateo, 78. walnut creek, 70 degrees for you. looking at 85 in santa rosa. napa, 84. saucily doe, 69 degrees. clover-- sauceledo, 69 degrees. hotter day of the weekend will be sunday but only inland. modest warming near the bay. and then rain! scattered showers monday.
6:51 pm
widespread light rainfall is possible tuesday. and we'll be cooler than average wednesday through friday of next week. that is your kpix5 forecast. >> thank you, paul. coming up, the kind of player you don't see every day. >> nope! putting numbers in slot machine fashion! the season worth of stats in one month! high numbers for an oakland a's prospect! >> and coming up at 10:00 on "nightbeat," would you use credit monitoring or any service from equifax after that huge hack? yes, no, why, why not? some of your thoughts in a tweet. veronica de la cruz. i'll be reading your comments tonight. join me for "nightbeat" at 10:00 on our sister station kbcw. - grocery outlet
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ever have one of those days when magic happens? everything goes right. well, imagine being in that zone for a solid month like this fellow, seth brown. oakland a's fans? help is on the way! ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: this is seth brown. last night in modesto here. major presence at a minor league ballpark. [ jazz music ] >> reporter: simply put, he
6:55 pm
mashes. [ cheering ] >> reporter: baseball has been around for over 170 years. you've had a month like this stockton outfielder. [ yelling ] [ laughter ] >> i was just trying to hit it hard somewhere. i don't really care if i pull it away or the opposite field. just trying to put good wood on it. >> reporter: and it's swung high and deep. and that one is gone! >> reporter: in the month of august, brown, an oakland a's prospect, hit 12 home runs. 6-foot, 3, he collected more r.b.i.'s than anyone in professional baseball in the 2017 including giancarlo stanton. downtown brown is a good ballplayer who produced babe
6:56 pm
ruthian numbers for a month. >> i know it's in there. >> he's locked in. he's just doing what he does and it's been fun to watch. >> reporter: you look like a really smart guy! >> oh, yeah, i always like when that happens. >> reporter: a grand slam by johnny quado during a rehab assignment in san jose. >> almost an out of body experience! >> that -- that's the way to describe it. i hit it and was, like, oh, man! what just happened, you know? and it was an incredible feeling. >> reporter: think of all the minor league teams in the country. brown voted minor league player of the month. deservedly so. he has a playoff game in moments against the modesto nuggets and has a brother in the miami marlins organization. kind of guy you root for! >> yeah! grand slam off quado. good stuff! that's it for the evening. the latest always on >> and you can see us back here
6:57 pm
tonight at 11:00. >> have a good weekend. just 25 cents each! s ♪ taking care of business
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [cheering and applause] [captioning made p e by fremantle media] steve: how y'all? how y'all doing? how's everyone? i appreciate y'all. how's everybody? thank you, folks. i appreciate y'all. thank you now. yeah, i do. i appreciate it, folks. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. [cheering and applause] folks, we got a good one for you today. returning for their second day, from birmingham, alabama, it's the taylor family. man: let's go! let's go! steve: and from hattiesburg, mississippi-- [family whooping] ha! it's the beard family. [cheering and applause]
7:00 pm
man: whoo whoo whoo whoo whoo! steve: everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash, and somebody might drive out of here in a brand-new car. [cheering and applause] let's go meet the beard family. p.j.: how you doing, mr. steve? steve: p.j., how you doing? p.j.: i'm doing great now that i'm on "family feud." i finally got here! steve: yeah. p.j.: yes, i just came to see my uncle steve. steve: yeah, we been waitin' on you. p.j.: yeah, i been waitin' on you. steve: yeah, you from hattiesburg. p.j.: hattiesburg, mississippi. hattiesburg fried chicken is off the chain! whoo! yes, sir! hattiesburg, mississippi, and i'm proud of it. steve: i see that. p.j.: yes, sir. steve: you about as crazy as you-- p.j.: i know! [laughter] steve: well, what do you do, p.j.? p.j.: well, i am a preacher's kid, been in church all my life. i worked as a certified nurse assistant-- steve: ok. p.j.: at an elderly retirement home. but now i'm full-time in ministry. so i no longer work for man. i'm workin' for the man. and i'm glad about it. woman: all right, all right. steve: that's all right. that's pretty good. well, p.j., introduce everybody. p.j.: this right here is my fashionable sister shamaiah.


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