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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  October 2, 2017 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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if you're just waking up in the west, we're sorry to tell you you're waking up to terrible news this morning. welcome to cbs this morning. with our continuing coverage with the attack in las vegas now being called the deadliest mass shooting in america history. a man on 32nd killed at least 50 people last night at a outdoor country music festival. police believe that the death toll could increase. >> the suspect was found dead when police entered his room on the 32nd floor on the mandalay bay resort and casino. the room of the gunman's room
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was blown out. he's identified as 64-year-old stephen paddock. they believe he acted alone and took his own life after the shootings. police say paddock brought more than ten rifles to his room, no known connection to any terrorist groups. >> police also say they have found paddock's wife, marilou danley who's wanted for questioning but was apparently not involved. the shooting began last night during a concert conceunt conce aldean. >> reporter: good morning, police say they found at the mandalay bay, that room was fimd with weapons, as many as ten weapons in the room that this gunman was using to shoot down into the crowd that was gathered
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for this country on the other side of las vegas strip. cell phone video is helping investigators put together exactly what happened. many people gathered there say it was the scariest time of their life, initially, many thought the pops they heard were fireworks associated with the show, but soon it became obvious that this was an attack. what sounded like automatic gunfire rang out late sunday night. the bullets spragying into the crowd of roughly llying 2,con t 2,concertgoers. there were confusion of where the bullets were coming from or even if they were bullets. some were frozen in panic, others fled for their lives. >> we all thought it was fire
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crackers, then it kept going on. >> reporter: police say the gunshots came from above. >> firing rounds from the 32nd floor. we're still going through the search warrant actively at this time. but out's an excess of ten rifle zblrs the suspect is now dead and now police are still trying to figure out the full scope of the carnage. bystanders try to get those hit by gun fire to the hospital any way they could. >> some were falling and some were screaming and yelling and running. >> everyone was just like literally laying on top of each other, trying to get out of the way. >> reporter: it was a terrible night here in las vegas. as the sun comes up this morning, we're bracing for even worse, with more than 400 people in the hospital, many of them
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critical, condition the sheriff has warned this the death toll could well rise above 50. jeff. >> homeland security official say they have found no connection to terrorism. >> reporter: good morning, what we're finding, jeff, is information about where he was in the days leading up to this attack. they say that he checked into that resort on the 28th of september, and had been gambling over the last few days. this is information that we learned just over the last half hour or so and it's important information as investigators try to piece together this puzzle of who this man is and what motivated this attack. they know that he had at least ten weapons with him, so he was armed to the teeth and so investigators were trying to figure out how did he get these
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weapons? the atf is trying to track the history of these weapons. -- gun rangers where he lived about an hour and half away where from the shooting occurred. they're gattering pieces of puzzles with the help of fbi, is helping to gather cell phone video, witness accounts and they're putting this in the database which help them put together a more complete picture of what happened out there overnight. what led up to the shooting. >> he had been gambling the past few days. the undersheriff told us he had been using his wife's i.d. cards while he was gambling. mean tile, police are search warrant at the suspect's home. stephen paddock lived in a retirement community in mess
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mesquite texas. karen, this is a small community, i can imagine the shock upon finding out that somebody who lived upon them was among -- was the one who perpetrated this heinous act. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, good morning to you and you can imagine, in small community, word spreads around quite quickly. we're learning how some of his neighbors are reacting to the news that he reportedly carried out this massacre on the world famous las vegas strip. as you mentioned, we learned that the officers began serving a search warrant at his home. we're at the mesquite police department. the law enforcement asking us to stay as far away from his home, telling us, they don't know what they might find inside.
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we also mentioned that he does live in this retirement community in mesquite, it's northeast las vegas. within the last half-hour, officers serving that search warrant and we did hear moments ago, the clark county sheriff joe lom bardo that this will be a long and methodical investigation. >> can you tell us anything about this particular retirement community? >> reporter: well, it's a small communi community. it's a franchise. they do have different communities. around southern nevada. this is just one of them in mesquite. it's about an hour and a half northeast of las vegas. >> we thank you, karen castro on the scene. jack owen had just finished
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performing at the strip. we spoke to him earlier this evening by phone. you were there, how are you processing this? it's very, very upsetting. >> i'm just blown away. i'm sitting here inside a bus, a hundred feet from the stage that i was standing on when this started happening. watching the news saying there are more than 50 deseased and more than 200 injured. we were in the middle of it. the shots started being fired, you could hear it ricocheting off the top of the roof, we started running. you didn't know where it was coming from. with about 20 people crouched behind the car and the fear in every's eyes, the fear of everyone lookito make sure ever
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is open. >> what did you think was happening, jack. >> when i walked on the stage, security was pretty tight. because jason use pyrotech nicks. so, when i was standing up to him to my buddy luke, also a buddy on the show, you heard these pops start and i thought it was perhaps the pyrotechnics, it started like a full-on automatic uzi or a machine gun coming. that's when you knew it was someone shoobt. >> jason released a tweet this morning expressing his condolences. have you talked to him since this incident? >> we have.
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we're all kind of in shock. making sure everyone's okay. we literally were running in chaos. i was separated by my own crew. a friend of mine is here with me now, she got separated from her husband. we were all just, you know, worrying what was going on. >> yeah, how long did the gunfire last? how long did it appear to last? >> that's what crazy about this story is that, i believe that the gunshots no joke lasted between anywhere eight and ten minutes. it was almost like, you could hear at first, they're showing the shooting came from mandalay bay. it as if he broke the window of the room he was shooting from. but i ran off stage when he was
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firing shots. ended up getting in the street behind the car. by the time i got back over to a crew bus in the middle of the parking lot a few hundred yards away, we all laid down inside the tour bus and you could hear firing shots. this went on for a good, like i said, 8 to 10 minutes. >> what is your message to your frien fans, across the country? what is your message to them? >> you know, i at the end of the day, i write songs to the best ability that i know in life i think it's important for us in the simple way we can say it, to those who come out to these shows every week, they bring their families, to not be scared of this. this is so unfortunate that
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things like this have to happen in order to see this kind of thing is real. but, i think this will make us stronger as the community of the united states but us as a community in the music world, coming together to stand up to these kind of things, bring peace and happiness back to everybody. >> it's interesting, jack, how they talk about the shooter, 64-year-old man. no criminal record who lived at a retirement community. you don't expect anything at a country music festival or at a rihanna concert, what does that say to you sf >> it's unfortunate things like that happen. i'm a floridian and when the nightclub had the shooting, last year, that was devastating to me. you know, the kinds of people the innocent lives that were taken. these things are happening day
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in and day out. there's another news story about the next day something happens. as american citizens all we can do is to continue be strong and come together. this is the time in our lives where we need to come together and just be the best we can be for this country. because, that's what's most important for all of us. our families, livelihoods. this is it for us. >> cbs senior national security fran townsend is here. we're also joined by cbs news law enforcement analyst, paul, and fran, welcome to both of you. paul, the deadliest shooting in -- deadliest mass shooting happened from hundred yards away.
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>> the planning and calculation that went into this is unprecedented. he chose a particular hotel that wasn't the closest in relation to the concert itself. the floor he chose, the room facing that, checking in on the 28th. amount of time it had to take transport those weapons up there. the planning and calculation that went into this is unprecedent zmrd being described as a lone wolf. living in a retirement community person. what else do we need to know? >> we want several things. one from his history with respect electronic communications. his e-mail. what websites he visited. also, his communications on his phone. who he spoke to, how long he spoke to them. all of these things will create a mosaic who he is, how long
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this was in the works and to the why. why did he choose this particular event? >> fran, he said he had no real criminal history to speak of, maybe a minor traffic violation. >> often times we see with lone woves they have had minor contact with law enforcement. so, this is the first real serious contact with law enforcement. his age. all of that makes this significantly different. i think we can't underscore paul's point. the amount of planning -- this is -- ten rifles. magazines that we understand from law enforcement he reloaded. the size and weight of that equipment to get up to the room, plan and lay in wait for several days. it can't be accident with all that planning he waited for the signature event at the end of a three-day concert for the main
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headliner to be on stage when he opened fire. >> between that time, he managed to go gamble. what does that tell you about his state of mind. >> i'll tell you, i think he was planning it. he got into that hotel room. he'd have to be there a couple days to get that equipment up there. he had time to kill. he was waiting until that last concert, that last headline event when he could anticipate the crowd -- >> it doesn't appear he intended to get out alive in. >> no. that's right. we know from the moment he began shooting from out of his room he didn't make any attempt to leave that room. he didn't try to flee. when they entered he killed himself. he didn't intend to be captured or to leave alive. >> what police are going to be very careful when they execute a search warrant.
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they're going to be very, very careful. this this isn't only statement he's leave zblg the closest connection to him is his wife, who the sheriff said is out of the country. they spoke with her, they believe her not to be involved. walk us through what transpires next? i'm sure he gets on a flight back to the u.s. a commercial flight they put her on. how did this happen. >> the assistant deputy sheriff she also gave the names of others in the family to speak to. i expect she'll come back on a normal commercial flight. clear customs. imagine if she truly had nothing to do with this, we're not sure. the shock she's going through. they'll interview her.
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did he collect guns? was he a gun buff? what weapons was she aware of? did she help him obtain those weapons? there's a lot they're going to want to know. >> the white house meantime says president trump has been briefed on the shooting. he'll make a short statement in a few minutes. these are live pictures for the diplomatic room where the president will speak. >> well, we do expect the president to make those remarks from the diplomatic room here at the white house. this will be his first chance to really sort of frame this unfolding tragedy and tell the american public his initial assessment. what we know so far from the facts on the ground that to this doesn't appear to be an act of international terrorism. however, this appears to be a domestic act and we don't know
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how he'll frame that for the american public. did the shooter have any kind of political motive? if so, does it classify it as an act of terrorism? the president's words will be parsed very quickly. the american public is looking to him now how to make sense of this. will he remain as he has so far focused on supporting the first responders on offering more assistance or will he get more descriptive at this point, talking about the hot-button issues. we understand cha chief of staff john kelly has taken a hand to craft this statement. >> thank you very much. again, they're scheduled to start in about ten
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coolest day out there, clear skies also in store and windy conditions so here's what you can expect as you start your workweek, temperatures are chilly today and tomorrow, we have winds coming from the north which means dry air and that is why we have this red flag warning. humidity down into the single digits, not much relief overnight either, temperatures today, this is the cooler air mass coming in, 79 fairfield, 79 in concord, 79 in san francisco and 68 degrees in pacifica. we are going to start warming on wednesday.
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this is a kpix5 morning update. good morning. it's 7:26. i'm michelle griego. sweet week in the bay area. yesterday the blue angels flew above oakland international airport. precision navy fliers will perform three days in a row starting friday. caltrain fares are a bit higher starting today. adult passes up 25 cents per zone and the price of monthly parking passes is up to $82.50, it jumped up nearly $30. daily parking fees are not changing. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment.
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good morning. 7:27 and tracking big delays over at the bay bridge toll plaza, 25 minute ride from the maze into san francisco but just getting to the maze, that's going to be a struggle.
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interstate 80 westbound direction just under an hour commute for drivers making their way from highway 4 to the maze on number -- a number of separate accidents happening along that route. give yourself some time and extra space. please be careful out there. 27 minute ride from marina bay parkway across the richmond san rafael bridge connecting with sir francis drake boulevard. sun up making for a beautiful sunrise this morning. temperatures feeling cooler today. today will be the coolest day of the week, concord right now in the low 60s, low 60s for livermore and san francisco as well, upper 50s for san jose, feeling the breeze, sfo 8 miles per hour sustained winds, downtown san francisco 14, look at fairfield, 17-mile-per-hour winds, red flag warning in effect for the north and east bay hills because those gusts are going to pick up today. temperatures also below average, especially to the east. this is the new comfort food. grown right here in california, with absolutely no antibiotics ever.
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welcome back to "cbs this morning." the news is devastating from las vegas this morning. we'll continue our coverage of the attack in las vegas. it kidd more than 50 people overnight. president trump is expected to comment in the next few moments. of course, we'll bring you to live in a special report. >> the concert was just across las vegas boulevard from the mandalay bay resort and casino. we're learning more about the 64-year-old suspect stephen paddock. his brother, eric, shown on the left in the picture, lives in the orlando area.
7:31 am
our affiliate speaks to him this morning. >> he has no police record. no parking tickets, probably. >> how did you hear -- >> we got phone calls the las vegas pd. we talked to the pd. this is like you called me up and said, your next-door neighbor did this. i go, wow, my next-door neighbor. all i have seen him do is mow his lawn. the fact that my brother did this -- there's no -- there's nothing. i mean, there's absolutely no -- >> did we have kids? >> once again, this is our simple public records stuff. >> if you could, once again, your message to these people, these families? >> i -- i -- there's not even
7:32 am
anything i can say. how do you -- i mean, my brother did this. this is like it was done, you know, like he shot us. i mean -- if he had killed my kids i couldn't be more dumbfounded. i mean, it doesn't -- there's nothing. >> last communication after the -- >> there's nothing. i can show you the text. how's mom? did you get power? that was it. there's absolutely -- we have nothing. we have nothing for you. i mean, i hope someone finds out -- figures out. >> were a close family? >> i live here. he lives in mesquite.
7:33 am
once again, public records stuff you'll find out. we talk on the phone occasionally. he calls my mom and talks to her. >> no mental health issues? >> not that we know of. i mean, he was -- >> did you know him to have friends? >> he wasn't an avid gun at all. the fact that he had those kind of weapons is just -- where did he get automatic weapons? he has no military background or anything like that. when you find out about it, he's just a guy who lived in a house in mesquite and drove down and gambled in las vegas. he did stuff. i mean -- >> was the woman they were looking for his girlfriend?
7:34 am
>> yes, marilou, that's why i was on the phone with the cops. >> what do you know about her? >> police are describing her as his wife? >> they might have gotten married. >> what do you know about her? >> she's nice lady. i've met three, four times. she has a facebook page. she sends cook yeast to ies to >> do they have kids? does she have kids? >> he doesn't have any children. there's nothing. you know -- we're shocked. it's like, you think it's a -- it came in at the same time, all my phones lit up. thought it was one of my friends
7:35 am
joking. when you get a phone call saying your brother just killed a bunch of people. this is not -- >> what are you going to do now? >> we hope you people will stay on the sidewalk. we'll put out a five-line statement that says what i've just told you that we're shocked, horrified, completely dumbfounded. >> he's just a guy who lives in mesquite who likes burritos that's how eric paddock described his brother. he's completely dazed. we want to thank our affiliate in florida there who provided that interview for us. you're getting a sense of the relationship between these two brothers. it seems like they were texting at the height of irma when eric
7:36 am
may have been in touch with his brother with regards to their mother having power or not. clearly this is brother and a family that has been shocked by the news. >> he acknowledged they weren't close. i mean, it's clear that as often happens in these cases they never suspected their brother or their family in something like this. >> you'll find when they interview neighbors they'll relate information to law enforcement that they themselves didn't realize were behavioral red flags. in this particular case, listening to the brother, i mean, it appears that he's more in shock than anything else. when they say, he texted is mom okay? it speaks to a relationship that was event-driven and not
7:37 am
something close. >> he was clearly dazed when he was talking and the numbers of phone calls he was getting. . the phone kept ringing they wanted to talk to him. >> he didn't even know if his brother was married or not. >> to be honest, law enforcement is saying right now, they're describing her as his wife but he didn't -- >> he didn't seem to know the answer to that. >> we do know that they have located stephen paddock's wife or girlfriend and they say she's out of the country. but at this point, they're unclear as to what she knew about anything that happened. >> but it shows to me the levels that go on in a story like this. my first thought went to the victims. all the people who were waking up this morning if they don't know if their loved one is dead or alive. the trauma on the families, the
7:38 am
shooter's families, so many different levels of wounds and hurt here. >> there are victims on every side of this. >> we're now joined on the phone by a spokeswoman for university medical center of southern nevada. good morning and thank you for joining us. what can you tell us about the number of patients that have been brought to the hospital and the nature of their injuries in. >> since last night, we have received 104 patients, those patients were split between our emergency department and our trauma center. we have the only level 1 trauma center in the state of nevada and so we treat the most highest act wety patients the most critically injured patients la night went. mostly gunshot wounds. we have about 12 po patients still critical this morning. eight of our patients had to go straight to the operating room.
7:39 am
they can go from the ambulance bay directly back to the o.r. suite. it happens very, very fast here. we're totally self-contained. we have everything from mri, blood bank, we're able to treat and stabilize very critically ill patients in a timely manner. 104 patients is a lot, we called staff in as we needed overnight. >> how do you prepare for a mass shooting like this, of this size, given that you're the only o level 1 trauma center. >> it's not unlikely for us to eight to ten trauma patients in one night, from two-car collisions. for these mass casualty incidents we continue to be vigilant in our training.
7:40 am
ironically the last training we had was from the pulse nightclub. at an orlando regional hospital here talking to our trauma team about how they prepared and what they could have done better and what they did well so we could learn from what happened there. of course this incident last night was magnified in the number of patients we received. >> what's the prognosis of the patients. >> hopefully, they'll all be able to treated and released from our intensive care units that offer one-on-one nurse/patient ratio. we hope that they'll of course be able to return home. our trauma center has a 97 pblgt survival rate. we have very good outcomes here. >> 97 .survival rate, that's
7:41 am
very encouraging to hear. we should say this, we're on stand by waiting to hear from the president of the united states. if we cut it off abruptly, don't take it personally. what is your biggest need right now. >> that we're not only taking care of our patients but their family members and their loved ones because they're here with us, too, they also need comfort and care and many of them couldn't return to their hotelst last night. >> do you need blood? >> we're actually holding a blood drive here at our hospital today because people do like to help out in these circumstances. so, right now, our blood capacity is just fine. but we always like to keep that as high as we can. >> can you tell us anything about the age range. >> our youngest patients were 16 years old. and the rest were all adults.
7:42 am
>> how are the teenagers doing? >> they're doing well, thankfully. >> were the patients able to connect with loved ones and family? >> that was one of our challenges last night. not every patient comes with us a wallet full of critical information. it did take us several hours to reunite patients with family members and let the waiting and wondering and worrying families know their loved ones were okay and they're in very good hands, even though they're critically injured they're in the best of care here. >> so, how many of the patients that you took in have you been able to release already in. >> i don't have an exact count. several were released. our challenge there was the area surrounding the hospital was closed by the metro police department. that was another challenge,
7:43 am
getting the patients who were discharged reunited with their family members. >> you mentioned this a little bit before, most of these gunshot victims, how many people were also hurt in the rush to leave and trampling as well. >> correct. we have several injuries, mostly gunshot wounds. you're right, as people were tripping and falling and trying to get out of that area then you have all of those results injuries as well. >> are the gunshots wounds in specific areas, he was 400 yards away, does he seem like he was aiming like certain extremities or all over the body? >> i don't have specific information on where our patients were shot but, again, we do have 12 critically injured patients. we do see gun yn shot wounds quite often at the trauma center.
7:44 am
the sheer number of patients was what kept us on our toes. >> did any patients pass away? >> we did have four patients passed away here. >> we're sorry to hear that. i can only imagine what it's like for you and all of the folks at the hospital. >> this is why they got into medicine and specifically into emergency and trauma medicine. they have hearts and souls unlike none you have ever seen in order to stand by and operate on patient after patient and care for really critical patients. they're in the best care possible. >> it sounds like it. thank you. if you're a family member waiting you're hoping that you don't receive that news this
7:45 am
morni morning. the white house just lowered its flag to half-staff. we're waiting the president who's expected to deliver remarks possibly. police believe the suspect, 64 stephen paddock killed himself before police raided his ho room on the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay. we know have audio when they reached the suspect's door. >> beaware of it and need back. we need to see if he's in here or moved somewhere else. >> 32nd floor. explosive breach. all units need to move back. >> breach, breach, breach. one suspect down. mandalay bay. i have the floor. >> jeff is in washington with the latest on the investigation.
7:46 am
jeff, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, that audio is pretty telling of the situation that investigators were dealing with and we can talk about more of that later. bianna. >> all right, thank you very much, jeff, this is the cbs special report. i'm gayle this is a cbs news special report. more on that devastating and deadly shooting in las vegas. i'm gayle king in new york. the deadliest mass shooting in american history, president trump is expected to speak in a moment. >> the president will respond to the deaths of at least 50 people overnight when a gunman opened fire, terrorizing the crowd at an outdoor country music festival. >> the suspect, 64-year-old
7:47 am
stephen paddock was found dead by police in his hotel room. they're trying to figure out why he did it. margaret brennan is at the white house. margaret, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. president trump is expected to make his first public remarks, really frame what is unfolding in las vegas. he has been careful in his statements thus far, issuing just a sngle tweet up to this point, extending his condolences, but not really saying how this attack is being characterized by him and those advising him here in the white how. really emphasizing the local response at this point to what is the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. so, we will be parsing the president's words carefully here to see if he is indicating any other assessments of links or political motivations of the shooter. in that room you are seeing, it is closed to much of the press. only a small press presence there, our major garret will be in there with the president as he makes his remarks and will
7:48 am
bring them to you. what we know so far is that chief of staff john kelly has really been the point of contact for the president, giving him the first word of what happened in las vegas overnight. tom bossert, who is also handling hurricane relief efforts here at the federal level, is the homeland security adviser and is also monitoring, we're told, very carefully what is happening. with the emphasis being that they will provide assistance but let this be at the local level at this point. from throughout the administration, we have heard words of support, prayers being offered, whether it's from the vice president, mike pence, or ivanka trump, the president's daughter and special adviser. already, the conversation is moving towards what's next. president trump's language and his personal views on gun control have evolved over the years. back in 2000, he said he was for control of automatic weapons. since that time, he has changed some of those views publicly, made remarks that indicate that he is actually -- and called
7:49 am
himself a very good friend of the nra, national rifle association, which supported him in his candidacy. will he talk about the type of weapons the shooter had access to? will he talk about what could be some of the contributing factors or will he remain, as we expect, to stay focused on the first responders and on the fatalities because of the sheer number of victims in this attack? the president has been outspoken in his views on prescriptions of international terrorism. we haven't seen whether this kind of mass shooting as a domestic act, which is what it appears to be at this point. so, this is really going to be his first chance to explain to the american people what he's thinking. we've been asking the white house, how long will he speak for? who is helping to script these remarks? is he taking a personal role in writing some of these words himself? this will be such a momentous moment in this young presidency
7:50 am
and you now see president trump walking out right now. >> thank you. my fellow americans, we are joined together today in sadness, shock and grief. last night, a gunman opened fire on a large crowd at a country music concert in las vegas, nevada. he brutally murdered more than 50 people and wounded hundreds more. it was an act of pure evil. the fbi and the department of homeland security are working closely with local authorities to assist with the investigation. and they will provide updates as
7:51 am
to the investigation and how it develops. i want to thank the las vegas metropolitan police department and all of the first responders for their courageous efforts and for helping to save the lives of so many. the speed with which they acted is miraculous and prevented further loss of life. to have found the shooter so quickly after the first shots were fired is something for which we will always be thankful and grateful. it shows what true professionalism is all about. hundreds of our fellow citizens are now mourning the sudden loss of a loved one, a parent, a child, a brother or sister. we cannot fathom their pain. we cannot imagine their loss.
7:52 am
to the families of the victims, we are praying for you and we are here for you. and we ask god to help see you through this very dark period. scripture teaches us the lord is close to the broken-hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. we seek comfort in those words, for we know that god lives in the hearts of those who grieve. to the wounded, who are now recovering in hospitals, we are praying for your full and speedy recovery and pledge to you our support from this day forward. in memory of the fallen, i have directed that our great flag be flown at half-staff. i will be visiting las vegas on wednesday to meet with law enforcement, first responders and the families of the victims.
7:53 am
in moments of tragedy and horror, america comes together as one. and it always has. we call upon the bonds that unite us, our faith, our family and our shared values. we call upon the bonds of citizenship, the ties of community and the comfort of our common humanity. our unity cannot be shattered by evil. our bonds cannot be broken by violence. and though we feel such great anger at the senseless murder of our fellow citizens, it is our love that defines us today and always will forever. in times such as these, i know we are searching for some kind of meaning in the chaos, some kind of light in the darkness. the answers do not come easy.
7:54 am
but we can take solace, knowing that even the darkest face can be brightened by a single light at even the most terrible despair can be illuminated by a single ray of hope. melania and i are praying for every american who has been hurt, wounded or love the ones they love so dearly in this terrible, terrible attack. we pray for the entire nation to find unity and peace. and we pray for the day when evil is banished and the innocent are safe from hatred and from fear. may god bless the souls of the lives that are lost. may god give us the grace of healing and may god provide the grieving families with strength to carry on.
7:55 am
thank you. god bless america. thank you. >> president trump there, delivering his first remarks following the deadliest shooting in u.s. history. he called for the nation to pray, to find unity and peace. he also declared this an act of pure evil. margaret brennan is at the white house. he did not use the word terrorism. he called it an act of pure evil. >> reporter: yes, gayle, i noted that. he stayed away from characterizing the shooter, motivations of the shooter, any contributing factors to what is happening, indicating he wants to let the investigations continue that are already under way. the president typically does not restrain himself in giving his view on characterizing an unfolding tragedy. so, it's also notable that he used a lot of sort of uplifting rhetoric here, talking about love and light and unity. he used that word at least three times, that this is a moment of
7:56 am
unity within communities across the country, calling for people to come together in the wake of this. no mention of terrorism. talked about it, as you said, act of evil, brutal murder. and he talked about the miraculous speed of the first responders. again, continuing some of that religiously themed language there. and so the president also laid out that he personally plans to go and be on the ground by wednesday. that is a pretty quick turnaround for the president, who is already scheduled to go and continues to plan to go tomorrow to puerto rico to deal with that other unfolding tragedy on u.s. shores. and he has, in many ways, been under fire himself, so to speak, rhetorically, criticized as a white house that wasn't perhaps quick to respond, according to critics, to the devastation in puerto rico. now the president out there, saying i'm going to be on the ground not just in puerto rico, but very quickly there to talk
7:57 am
to the people, speak to the victims, talk to some of the survivors in las vegas. so that the president really choosing, deliberately here, to speak in an uplifting tone. not characterizing what may have driven this shooter to carry out what appears to be the worst mass shooting on u.s. soil in modern history. >> margaret brennan, thank you very much. want to bring back fran townsend. >> the president sounded very presidential. he has often been criticized for his tweets and unpresidential language. this was classic presidential moment. we noticed, as he was leaving, there was one person who walked out with him. that was general john kelly, the chief of staff. let's remember, john kelly is a gold star father. he has lost a son in battle in afghanistan. and the language, the spirituality, the uplifting of
7:58 am
it has real echoes of a john kelly craft moment. >> even quoting scripture, saying the lord is close to the broken-hearted. >> that's right. i think this very presidential, very appropriately toned statement, calling the country to come together, has very much the feeling of having had john kelly's input in it. >> did it surprise you, though, that he did not characterize this event as terrorism? >> i think it was exactly right not to. it is pure evil. >> why is that? >> we don't know enough yet. the mock news agency that isis uses has claimed responsibility. there's no evidence that that's true. we know it's a 64-year-old white male who has never had any contact with law enforcement. and even his family is shocked. >> you're saying isis has claimed responsibility for this? >> on social media. >> social media? >> an app, encrypted app called telegram. isis' news agency has issued a
7:59 am
statement claiming responsibility for the las vegas shooting. you know, i give that something of an eye roll. yes, they've claimed responsibility. we've seen no evidence of that from law enforcement. >> do they often claim responsibility for things they do not do, paul? >> they do. inspiring. isis likes the attention. no question about it. i'm surprised that the president will actually be on scene wednesday. certainly i agree with what fran said and applaud the president's response. but there's still so many moving parts on the ground right there, i can't even imagine -- the president is going to come in. that's a lot of security coming into a massive crime scene. >> a massive crime scene because we're talking about a hotel room that is hundreds of yards away from the actual site of the concert. >> but the real reason the president is going -- i was with president bush when he went to the massive shooting at virginia tech.
8:00 am
it's to comfort the grieving, visit the wounded, encourage and enentire law enforcement that will continue to have to deal with it. president bush used to say in times like this, you're the comforter in chief. and that's the role. that's the reason to go so quickly. and it has to be done in a way that is not disruptive to the investigation. >> we can't forget puerto rico, of course, today. >> that's right. >> that was going to be one of our main stories and, of course, the news of the day has changed. he's going there tomorrow. you think it's important that he still continues those plans? >> that's right. presidents face multiple tragedies. you have to be able to move and deal with all of them even when they happen at the same time. >> fran townsend and paul vaiola, stay with us. a lone gunman has killed more than 50 people last night. many have been taken to hospitals, in critical condition. president trump, you heard him
8:01 am
say moments ago, he will go to las vegas wednesday. the gunman fired hundreds of shots from the mandalay bay resort and casino, terrorizing the crowd of more than 2,000 at the festival. aerial shots show the gunman's hotel room, the window broken out or shot out. police believe that the window had been shot out. stephen paddock was found dead in his room. investigators are now searching his home in mesquite, nevada, about an hour and a half northeast of las vegas. >> police believe they have also located his wife, who is wanted for questioning. she was found outside the country. joining us by phone now is nathan marcus. he owns three concession stands that were catering last night's country music festival and was there when the shooting started. nathan, thank you so much for joining us. first of all, tell us where you were in proximity to the stage and what you were doing when you
8:02 am
first heard shots break out. >> i would say if you're facing the stage, the left, maybe about 40 yards from the stage maybe. we were just going through, checking on locations. the event was coming to an end. it was a good festival up to that point. we were just making sure all the employees were getting ready for the end of the event when it happened. >> nathan, we spoke with other people who were there in attendance. they said that first responders, when they came to the scene, and others that were there on the scene as well, they were helping people jump over hot stoves and i'm assuming you had that at your concession as well. can you talk about the frantic scene and helping the injured? >> yeah. there's really no set plans for
8:03 am
something like that. the entrances and exits are not designed to be dealt with that kind of a rush. from what i understand, there was roughly 25,000 people in attendance that night. and just t of trying to get 1,000 people out of a single door. it's bigger than a door but there's much more people. almost everybody seemed to be trying to exit the same exit. as you can guess, you couldn't get out. people were trying to hop the fence and a lot of people could not hop the fence. the fences are high to prevent people from hopping into the event, you know. we were trying to help people get over the fence. firing was coming. people were getting shot next to you. you can't really stay there and help some people. that's when i decided to hop on over t i was trying to help people as well. >> the shooting appears to be so
8:04 am
random. there were a lot of people that did not survive. did you see people who had been hurt in this attack? >> most definitely. >> what did you see? >> reports were that two people passed away and i knew for a fact, had seen firsthand that was very shy of what actually happened. but i still feel 50 is quite low. tas a more accurate number but i feel that's probably still low from what we're going to see. >> unfortunately, you might be right with that number. we're all worried about what the final number might be. when did you realize this was shooting? we heard people say it sounded like a helicopter. it sounded like fireworks. it sounded like a truck backfiring. when did you realize we have a major, serious situation here?
8:05 am
>> as i said, initially, if you think, looking back on it, it definitely sounded like gunshots from the beginning. but i would say you don't think about those things so you don't even acknowledge it. i'm working, checking on one of my locations. as you hear it -- it's very loud. there were people, all kinds of noises and i would say after the first initial break, it sounded like maybe 50 shots rang continuously to start and then there was a break. and then that's kind of like when the stage went dark kind of. maybe there was another round, i want to say, before the stage went dark. the second round was not steady like the first round. there were kind of some breaks. i think that's when everybody --
8:06 am
it hit them what was going on. you could tell after that that there were breaks. it wasn't just a solid string of fire. >> nathan, we have a picture of you that you sent us. tell us what's going on in this picture. >> i don't know what picture it is. >> it's a picture of pants. are those your pants? >> that was a gentleman that was shot directly to my right. i guess you could say some spray from him got on me. it was a bad scene. there were children. all ages were there probably. and i feel for the families and stuff. initially, i didn't want to speak about it, but i felt like the families that are still trying to piece things together should know what happened on the
8:07 am
ground. >> how old are you, nathan? you're talking about families piecing it together. how are you piecing it together as someone who survived? first how old are you? >> i just turned 30 about a week ago. for me, i'm all right with it. i think it's unprecedented, befr been through something like this. but being a victim you have to deal with hurdles and you have to weather, you know, storms. that's kind of how i'm deal with it. maybe after a couple of days i'll sit down and think about it. i had over 40 employees there i was worried about. you know, couldn't get contact with all of them. i didn't know where they were. i have lifelong friend that i was worried about as well. >> did all your employees make it? >> as far as we know. i've been in contact with, i want to say, almost every single one of them. the ones i haven't, i heard news
8:08 am
that they did. i'm very fortunate to say that i think all of our employees made it out safe. >> nathan, what is the police presence at events like this on the south end of the strip there in this area where the festival took place? what's the typical police presence before something like this happens? >> like before it happens or after it happens? >> before. >> i would say for the event, it definitely was staffed accordingly. like you say, you can't prepare for something like this.
8:09 am
8:10 am
8:11 am
when the shooting started. many of the concert goers there told us, as you heard, it was fireworks, perhaps, part of the show at first. then in one case, one of the
8:12 am
concert goers told me she saw a person get wounded right beside her. a woman get wounded in the stomach and fall over. people began to realize, of course, this was a very serious situation. small wave perhaps between gunfire as the gunman reloaded his weapon. police identified the room on the 32nd floor. s.w.a.t. team went in, used explosives to blow down the door. the gunman is dead. the police say he turned the weapon on himself, killed himself as the s.w.a.t. team was coming in perhaps. what's left of las vegas as the sun comes up this morning after a very terrible night is the fact that 50 people are dead, at least 50 people are dead and the indication is that with a large number in the hospital, more than 400 in the hospital that that number of dead could well
8:13 am
rise. jeff? >> john blackstone, thanks. and the question remains why this concert, why this venue. something police are still looking into and have not said that the point exactly why as they try to gather all this information, both from the hotel room in las vegas and also stephen paddock's home in mesquite. hospitals in the las vegas area are stretched to the limit this morning, treating all those who are wounded. carter evans is outside the university medical center in las vegas, nevada, one of the hospitals caring for the wounded about five miles from that shooting scene. we spoke to someone from the hospital who gave us an update. they treated more than 100 people and 12 at that time remained in critical condition. carter, good morning. >> reporter: yes and unfortunately four people they treated died last night. in all about 400 people were
8:14 am
transported to area hospitals. university medical center behind knee mooe is the only level one trauma center in the state. so, they got some of the most severe cases here, as jeff said, 12 people still in critical condition. they had 104 patients here last night. this was not the worst of it, though. other hospitals nearby also getting a number of patients, numbering in the hundred. they had to go to a triage here and basically decide which patients had the best chance of survival and go for those first. it was a difficult, difficult situation in hospitals. and you could only imagine what it was like in the operating rooms as these patients were starting to come in even hours after the shooting had taken place. there were reports that paramedics were still finding victims in hiding and paramedics weren't the only ones bringing people to the hospital. it was civilians, residents, people bringing people in trucks, in their own cars, front seat of their own car.
8:15 am
one woman i heard took a bleeding victim here. so you can imagine what that was like. then, of course, all the trauma and all the surgeries in this hospital and others, they need blood. so they are calling for people here in the vegas area to donate blood today. gayle? >> carter evans, thank you very much. dr. robert gladder joins us now from lennox hill hospital here in new york city. fran townsend and paul violas are also here. we talked to dr. david egis earlier, talking about the decisions that have to be made. >> it's an ethical and moral dilemma that all physicians and health care providers go through. we try to save everyone. unfortunately that's not the case. the way this process goes is that the people who need immediate treatment who have, for example, a collapsed lung who can't breathe, they're treated first and tagged red. others who are less severe that might be bleeding they're a tier lower. we call those yellow patients.
8:16 am
at skeent we have an elaborate system, mass casualty. we tag these patients, who can be treated first. a head injury who is barely breathing we try to open their airway. if there's not much chance of saving them, we have to move on. this is what we go through in trying to understand and deal with this. >> because you have seconds to make that decision. >> that's correct. when have you 100 people on the scene you have to be quick. pulse, blood pressure, are they breathing, awake? you look at all these factors. >> and another hurdle for emergency room physicians, good samaritan did the right thing in putting these patients and victims in their own cars and taxis and driving them to the hospital. given that, you don't necessarily have the statistics and stats on what these patients are going through and whether or not they can be saved. >> that's right. but we always appreciate patients that are brought in by private people and cars. these are patients that get there quickly, sometimes faster than ems. these are situations where we can quickly intervene.
8:17 am
one of the things is the security. who is this person bringing this individual in? we have to identify them. at the gate, at the triage, they have to identify themselves so they know exactly where they're coming from and wheat the situation is. >> at least with first responders they can give you a nugget about what the situation is. somebody who is brought in by a car and says help doesn't know what they're dealing with in most cases. >> that's right. and what we learned from boston, although it was a bombing, certain maneuvers help. one is using certain tourniquets or properly applied tourniquets can be life-saving. certainly individuals don't carry these. they may use belts and other improvised devices but tourniquets can stem blood loss. that's one of the key things and ultimately that is the issue that kills people. >> you put pressure on the wound. >> direct pressure is useful but a tourniquet is much more effective and certainly precautions in terms of blood being at the scene is a concern
8:18 am
for any private individual and has to be -- >> and that tourniquet can stay on a lot longer and you don't have to be holding it the entire time. >> correct. a military tourniquet is the most effective. that's what ems carries. these have been life saving, especially from what we learned in boston. >> carter mentioned this as well but worth mentioning again. the request for blood donations in las vegas this morning. >> it's urgent. and i would behoove everyone to try to get there, donate. blood is the sustenance of life. we need it. it's life saving. >> what we learned from congressman scalise and his interview was the number of surgeries that these victims are going to have to possibly endure over the next weeks and even months because of the type of weapon used. correct? >> right. these automatic weapons cause devastating internal injuries. we may see an entry wound and exit wound but internally they
8:19 am
wreak havoc. they destroy the intestines, puncture the lungs, cause fractures, bleeding in the pelvis this is the unknown area. we have to use imaging tests and try to figure out what's causing the bleeding. many of these patients stay for months in the hospital. infection is an issue. what we call hypothermia, all delayed consequences of systemic trauma. >> that's one of the things i learned on norah's piece last night on "60 minutes," amount of blood loss. there wasn't an exit wound. they knew immediately on the scene it could be major trouble because of how the bullet moves inside the body and importance of applying pressure immediately. >> exactly. >> most of us don't know what to do or how to do that. >> well, you do what you can. belts are helpful. you try to constrict the area, put direct pressure. the tourniquet could be life saving. >> how quick can a hospital deal with that many patients coming
8:20 am
in at the same time with a vast array of injuries? >> it's an important point. we drill for this. we're ready for this. when it happens -- >> are you ready for this? >> we can be. there's a coordinated effort between surgical leadership, the hospital in terms of their leadership, organizational structure. we have to clear the e.r. and make sure any patients being worked up to floors or other areas to make room for the incoming patients. how do you coordinate with other hospitals? >> there's different networks. we all talk to each other. very high frequency networks that you can internally message, text or e-mail within that network. we all communicate. that goes to police, fire and ems as well. so there are multiple layers and categories of types of communication that are really impaerative to this effort. >> time is of the essence. you have doctors on call. when you have something like this take place in the middle of the night, is it that morrow pressing and difficult to get doctors in and wake them up? >> it can be an issue. there are always trauma surgeons in-house always ready to react and have an elaborate network go
8:21 am
out to communicate and say we're here, bring us all together. nurses, doctors, you know, respiratory techs, everyone. it's an entire effort. it's a community. >> as a doctor, what did you think when you first heard this story? when the story was first reported it was two people dead. then it jumped up to 20 people. now it's jumped up to 50 and possibly higher whachlt did you think when you first heard the details we heard so far? >> i was horrified. i always look at the initial reports and was suspicious. i know it grows, knowing the amount of fire power this man had and what it could do. i was concerned this could be an incredibly higher number involved. >> we heard, ironically, from a hospital official that they had just been briefed by somebody from orlando's hospital that treated the wounded from the pulse nightclub shooting. you mentioned the boston bombing as well. how important is it for hospitals around the country to learn from past experiences and
8:22 am
have the sort of hands-on expertise from those who, unfortunately, have to be there and oversee them? >> it's incredibly important. we communicate with each other at conferences. we present, demonstrate our methods and these methods have to be practiced over and over again. it's something we drill on in morning reports. we get e-mails, communicate, present about it. this is how hospitals work. we work together and we learn from, unfortunately, these horrible incidents that we have to have these protocols in place so we can save lives. >> we're always so thankful for the first responders. >> very much so. let's talk about the zants where he was shooting. >> they're going to see a lot of wounds by shrapnel. >> head injuries, fractures,
8:23 am
falls. we don't know the age or the demographics of the population of the concert. that's another factor. as you get older, your response from these traumatic injuries could be much less. >> as law enforcement, paul and fran, when you first heard the story, did you think it would be higher than -- when we were first told we heard it was two. and then higher. did you know it was much worse than originally reported? >> yes. the reason why, gayle, as soon as i heard it was going into a concert area and the shooter was shooting at a distance, then, you know, the worst came to mind at that point with respect to the macro side of his agenda. >> why did the distance matter to you paul? >> it's planned out. it's not up close and personal, not something to do with one particular person. he was going after an entire group, looking for a macro
8:24 am
message. that speaks to mass casualty. >> you understand he's spraying a large crowd. lots of potential targets and just wildly spraying. you expected the numbers would go up. >> one point is that the safety of the scene has to be secured. when others want to save other people, their lives are at stake as well. knowing that they can do that without themselves being at risk is often a concern. i think that's something else. >> can we expect the president to visit the hospital when he comes wednesday? >> i don't know that he will visit. remember, it's more than one hospital. i think it's more likely he will meet with people outside of the immediate area of the attack. >> fran, paul, we'll hear more from you. dr. robert glatter, thank you for your time. we continue to our continuous coverage of the las vegas shooting. coverage will continue throughout the day on your local news on this cbs station. >> this has been a cbs news special report. i'm gayle king. cbs news, new york.
8:25 am
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8:30 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." by now you've heard the devastately and deadly news we've been talk abouting from las vegas this morning. we're bringing you continuous coverage of the mass shooting in las vegas. it killed more than 50 people. the death toll is expected to climb at a country music festival last night. we're awaiting an update expected at any moment from las vegas metropolitan force. we will bring it live when it begins. president trump spoke earlier today. he said he'll visit las vegas on wednesday. there were about 22,000 people out in the open at this concert when the gunshots began to terrorize a huge crowd. they literally ran for their lives. >> yeah. the bullets were coming from the 32nd floor of the nearby mandalay bay resort and casino. it took police a few minutes to
8:31 am
locate the suspect, 64-year-old stephen paddock. he apparently killed himself before officers got there. paddock's wife was also found overseas after a search. she was wanted for questioning. paddock's brother, who lives in florida, told reporters this morning, quote, we are completely dumbfounded. >> investigators are gathering evidence now at the gunman's home. they want to learn as much as they can about stephen paddock and jeff is in washington with the fast-moving investigation. jeff, what have we learned? >> reporter: it is fast moving but unknown at this point is the motive. that's why i'm going to talk about what has come up in the last 40 minutes or so in this claim from isis. taking responsibility for this attack. now there is no shred of evidence of that. i'm talking about it because it is out there and it's something that u.s. intelligence and law enforcement officials are aware of. they are looking into it. so they're not dismissing that.
8:32 am
but at this point, there's no shred of evidence pointing to isis involvement, whether it was inspired or in some other form in this attack. but, again, it's relatively early in this investigation. and authorities are looking into just about everything they can get their hands on interviewing people who are connected to paddock. they try to put together what may have motivated this 64-year-old man to do this. he lives in mesquite, nevada about an hour and a half away. he's married and living in a retirement community. he was a licensed hunter and pilot. these are pieces of the puzzle they're putting together. we know he checked on the 28th of september. we're told he was gambling during that time leading up to the attack or the days and hours
8:33 am
proceeding the attack. it is believed by law enforcement officials he took his own life. so they have pieces of this puzzle but still one missing big piece here is what motivated him to do this. >> as you point out, jeff, there are a lot of questions. please have a lot of information this morning. more to come, for sure. stephen paddock lived in a retirement community in mesquite, nevada. that's about an hour and a half northeast of las vegas. karen castro of our affiliate klas is in paddock's neighborhood with mesquite spokesperson quinn avrett. >> reporter: good morning. we're learning more information about the suspect as investigators continue combing through his home in mesquite, nevada. here with me is officer quinn everett with mesquite police department. first of all, tell us when were police able to make entry into his home. what did they find? >> the search warrant, which we
8:34 am
helped metro with, we executed maybe about two hours ago. as far as what is found in there, we're not releasing that. the detectives and the forensics are going through the home and they're going to be processing that which will be a long time. they want to be thorough. any information or any evidence or anything that comes from that home that is related to this incident we will be getting released through the las vegas metro police department. >> reporter: at this point, can residents in this community at least rest easy they're not in immediate danger? >> yeah. everybody in this community is safe. there's no immediate danger or active threats. it was basically a one-person operation. we don't have any evidence of any other concerns in the community. >> reporter: what do we know about the suspect? do we know how long he lived here or had run ins with law enforcement here? >> what is unique with the situation, we don't have any previous contacts with this man. we don't have any contacts, any law enforcement whether it be an
8:35 am
arrest or simple traffic stop. within the have had any contact with him. this area where he lives is a newer part of the community. the homes aren't too old. maybe a year at the most. we don't believe he lived here more than that. >> reporter: just for those watching now, that don't know the lay out of this community. you said there's only one way in and one way out. when officers served that warrant, you had to tell some folks to leave. >> the community -- there's more than one way in or out. the area he lives is a certain part of the community. you enter in and he lives at the end of the community in a cul-de-sac. for the safety of those in the area, we asked them to leave their homes when we executed the warrant. we weren't sure what we were dealing with and what we might find. >> reporter: i'm sure it's not something that mesquite sees every day. >> correct. yep. especially this community up here. it's a very quiet community. very low crime rate. very clean. we pride ourselves in mesquite we have a low crime rate.
8:36 am
this isn't something that we see a lot. >> reporter: have we heard from residents who live here who might know who this man is? any encounters they might have had with him? >> that's something we're actively working. this is early in the investigation. we're assisting metro wherever we can. we're looking into it. >> reporter: thank you very much with mesquite police department. again, they have no known criminal history with the suspect. he presumably has been living here for no more than a year given how new the community is. back to you. >> thank you. and as we're hearing more of the investigation is ongoing. continuing here now with a small quaint town a new development. they don't know much about the suspect there. but, of course, we know that a search warrant had been issued for his home and they had gone through his home, as well. i think we're going to go to margaret brennon in white house. we heard from the president.
8:37 am
som somber words from the president. quoting scripture saying he would go to las vegas on wednesday. >> reporter: that's right. he'll be going on wednesday. it looks like he's laying the ground work for that having gotten on the phone to speak to the governor of nevada, also speaking to the mayor of las vegas and the sheriff in that city there. as you can imagine, a lot of groundwork needs to be laid for the president to go to that city, which is still in really the first few stages of emergency reaction to this mass shooting. now here at the white house, it appears they truly want the president's remarks today from the diplomatic room to be it. to be the focus because right now they are closing off access to some of the president's other scripted and sched
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
process of body recovery out there and evidence recovery and evidence documentation. so you're going have to ask the publics' patience as we bring information forward. that's a long, laborious process to identify the victims and reunite them with the family members to advice them of their situation. the las vegas metropolitan police department headquarters in order to conduct a reunification with their family and friends. eventually, in the next few hours, actually, i don't want to give you a skewed timeline, but approximately 1:00 p.m., we will request a family members to
8:41 am
respond to the convention area -- convention center area to utilize a larger space. and we can bring in victimed advocates to assist with the family members in the long-term. right now it's a temporary phrase associated with the reunification. additionally, we're asking to solely utilize united blood service for blood donation, and umc as the only places to donate blood. we had some resource issues associated with the labor medical clinic. i applaud them to help them but we have resource issues associated with that. so better utilize so you know where they are so question get the immediate life saving blood for the victims associated with this. at this point, as you can tell, i have several individuals to my rear that would like to make
8:42 am
comment. reference the isis statement. i want to bring that up now. so i can give the opportunity to special agent rauss to respond to that from the fbi. he'll explain what we know how isis claiming this individual. thank you. >> good morning. as this event unfolds, we have determined, to this point, no connection with an international terrorist group as this investigation continues, we will continue to work with our partners to ensure that this is factually, thoroughly, and absolutely investigated. to be able to bring comfort and peace back to this community. thank you. >> good morning. my name is reuben keywin. the congressman for the fourth congressional district in nevada. i just want to say thank you to law enforcement and to all the
8:43 am
first responders who are now fighting tirelessly to protect and save lives. i had the opportunity to stop by sunrise hospital earlier this morning, saw firsthand a lot of victims, a lot of family members but i also saw a lot of nurses and doctors that were working tirelessly to save lives. and today is a very sad day for nevada. it's a very sad day for las vegas. but if anything good came out of this, i saw humanity. i saw a community come together. i saw a strangers helping strangers and saving lives. i want to say thank you to the sheriff and to metro police, to firefighters, the doctors, the nurses, and everybody who is working tirelessly to save lives at this precise moment. i know we're going to get through this and our city will be stronger. thank you so much. >> i'm clarke county district attorney steve wolf. on behalf of the clarke county's
8:44 am
d.a.'s office, our thoughts and prayers go out to everybody associated with this event. two of my prosecutors, two of my young female prosecutors were actually at this concert close to the stage. and i've spoken to both of them this morning, they're pretty rattled. they're pretty shaken up. this was a horrific event, to say the least. and this is a classic wmd. this is a weapon and a man of mass destruction. i'm pleased so much about is how this doesn't involve politics in the sense of republican or democrat. we are here all of us are nevadans. i'm proud to be present with the other leaders here, because we're working together to get through this. i want to thank the sheriff for your leadership and leading us through this terrible, terrible event. thank you. >> thank you, sheriff.
8:45 am
i want to begin by thanking the sheriff. i got down here eight or nine hours ago. there weren't many of us here. only a handful. but i can tell you our first responders, both the firemen and women of the fire department and metro were on their way in when it happened. we have first responders that are covered in blood as a result of this. a lot of victims that are identified at this point. they have stepped up. it was a sole shooter. there's no further threat, that we're aware of, no immediate threat. i want to assure everyone listening that hears our words that las vegas is safe. the men and women of mandalay bay and mgm resorts is incredible in terms of communicating and working with the sheriff's department so everyone can be taken care of and back in their rooms and they're safe and doing everything humanly possible to protect the tourists and our citizens in clarke county. that being said, the sheriff and i have set up a go fund me account some of you might have
8:46 am
seen. we have been inundated with phone calls and e-mails of people asking what they can do. there's going to be a lot of family members that are going through a lot at this particular time. as the sheriff said, we have over 500 in the hospitals being treated. we need to provide them with some sort of support. we have done that. and i can't say enough about the fine men and women that our first responders in clarke county and the cities and jurisdictions have pulled together. i thank them for that. we pledge our full resources of clarke county to assist the sheriff and the fbi in any way humanly possible. we will be of service and we ask for your prayers. god bless you. >> i want to thank you. i'm carolyn goodman mayor of this great city. and absolutely mirror what the commissioner has spoken to about the great response, thorough
8:47 am
response of the law enforcement. i spent part of last night and was late this morning with you all. i was over at umc and the trauma unit and it's been a difficult time for us. as we look forward to continuing what our great city does. we offer a safe place. this is a crazed lunatic full of hate. we don't know much about his background, but it certainly is not an extension of what we believe in. what everybody who lives here and works here and those who visit here want to see. this is something that was simply outrageous, uncalled for, and so many innocent people, young people, children, parents who've losted loved ones and so many suffering in the hospitals. we have some that were hit lightly with shrapnel, as they were near the exits. it's been a hugely traumatic time for all of us.
8:48 am
for our visitors who love country music, many of whom have come from the northern part of our states here and just really came here for a wonderful, safe time. we pride ourselves in our law enforcement. they are so rapid to respond. so thorough in what they do. and our first responders have been simply phenomenal. it is a city and a community that has pulled together. everybody is working so hard to make sure that we are taking care of the needs of the families and those who have lost loved ones. it's just been a very, very traumatic time for everybody. the president gave a beautiful message and he will be visiting us either sometime later today, tomorrow, or wednesday. great concern. and we just know that the entire community -- i have so many mayors that have called. governors who have called me
8:49 am
personally to express their support and help. and we ask for blood. that's the main thing now. if our people want to do something and they're healthy, then please donate blood. we'll have plenty of banks available. always call a hospital, if you're unsure where to go. so thank you very much. madam congresswoman, i'm sorry. i didn't mean to step in front of you. >> mayor, it's a pleasure. thank you very much. i'm deana titus. i represent nevada's district one. it includes the fabulous las vegas strip, including the mandalay bay where this horrendous act took place. so many times i welcome people to las vegas and all the excitement and entertainment and fun it has to offer. never thought i would be standing here trying to offer so solis. all through the night, we were
8:50 am
briefed by law enforcement. i thank you, sheriff, and your team for all you did and the first responders. mainly, we were trying to stay out of the way because you don't want to turn a personal tragedy into a political event. today my office will be giving blood, as the mayor said, they appreciate your thoughts and prayers. but what they need is blood. we'll be open to do anything we can to assist. but, you know, i've been hearing all these stories of heroism that occurred in the midst of this tragedy. you had offduty police officers who were there for the concert for an evening of fun who were able to help people get shelter and able to identify the location of the shooter. and just random strangers. some of my staff members lives in the district said they were running being trampled. somebody opened a van door and pulled them inside for shelter and safety. that's the kind of people we
8:51 am
have here in las vegas who are willing to reach out and help one another. and so i thank all of our law enforcement. i thank the first responders. those in the hospitals where people are just in the halls, in the parking lot trying to take care of so many. and, please, call on offur offi if there's any way we can be of assistance. >> i'm nevada's attorney general. i want to echo what a lot of people said today. i've been here since about 2:00 in the morning, and the job that metro and our law enforcement, first responders has done is absolutely remarkable. we've never been hit with such a tough situation in this city. and to see the poise and the pressure they're able to perform under was truly astounding. i believe that they're always going to be able to get us out of these situations. our law enforcement will be able to step up to the plate when we
8:52 am
need them most. the city and our state will bounce back. thank you very much. >> i want to add one more thing before we ask the governor to come up. >> when you see one of these men and women wearing a badge, or members of the fire department. tell them thank you. their selfless actions saved the lives of hundreds of people. not a dozen people. hundreds of people. this death count would have been much hundred more if not for the brave work of every single one of these men and women wearing a badge the members of police department, fire department. please, i encourage you watching, next time you see one. say thank you. appreciate that. >> ladies and gentlemen, i'm governor brian sandoval. i don't know if i have words to describe what we're going
8:53 am
through and what these poor, unfortunate victims are going through. we're angry. we're grieving. we're confused. people are hurting. i want to thank the sheriff and all the first responders. i just had an opportunity to visit some of the patients in the hospital, and it's unimaginable what people are going through right now. we have family members who are here and don't have anyone to reach out to. but the first responders and what they've done -- it's their finest hour. their finest hour. and the way that the sheriff and the metropolitan police department have handled this event is unprecedented. the paramedics who came on the scene, basically what was a war zone, and treated all those men, women, and kids.
8:54 am
the health care professionals at the hospitals, the doctors who came from all over the valley to do whatever they could. and now, you know, we don't understand what has happened, i'm sure we'll find out a little more when metro continues to do its investigation. i do know for everybody watching and, you know, i want to thank the president of the united states, the other governors that have reached out to me to offer their help and assistance, we need blood. so if anybody can contribute blood, anybody in las vegas area or locally who can do that. but as we move on, we'll learn more. we're going to need this help. now this is, obviously, an unprecedented event in our nation's history. and we're going have to learn from this. we have to fight through this. we have to stop and pray for the families and for the victims.
8:55 am
we have to rely on our faith at time like this to get us through all of it. you know, i'm -- i couldn't be prouder of the way that nevadans have responded to this and what they've done. doctors and nurses and everyone else who has worked through the night to save lives. they've told me they saved lives. if not for their organization and their professionalism and their training. so, again, sheriff, thank you for the courage you've shown. to the people that were at the concert, you see courage and compassion there. people helping total strangers. risking their own lives to help people. that really speaks highly to the character of america. so, again, there's a lot to learn from all of this.
8:56 am
it was a cowardly, despicable act that i'm very angry about. there's not much we can do, but we can learn. ladies and gentlemen, thank you for everybody's care and concern. i'm proud to be with everybody who is here the congressman, the attorney general, the sheriff, the congressman, law enforcement. god bless all of you. god bless, most importantly, the families, the victims, the mothers, the fathers, the sons, the daughters, the aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews, nieces, friends, and neighborhood neighborho neighbors. for everybody watching, please stop for a moment, pause, and say a prayer for them. thank you. >> we'll take questions here. as you can see, we had the opportunity to have some of nevada's delegation here today.
8:57 am
some are missing. i don't want them slighted. they reached out to me. senator heller, senator -- and congressman -- >> that is sheriff joe lombardi bringing us up to date about the devastating. i thought the congressman said it best. it's a sad day for las vegas. i think it's a sad day for this country. and you had 58 people who went to a concert that did not comb home last night. 400 others that are still injured. one of the things they said in the news conference, fran and paul, they wanted to immediately address the isis rumor. that isis was responsible. and a special fbi agent said there's no evidence that isis was involved in this. and both of you expressed skepticism when you heard it. >> that's right. i mean, look, we see them they're desperate for attention. they lost territory in iraq and syria.
8:58 am
they're on their heels at the moment. they're desperate for attention. we saw an attack in marseilles yesterday. a knife-wielding man. isis also claimed responsibility for that. and, look, i think this is trying to exploit a horrific tragedy here in the united states for their own benefit to get their own attention. i think it's terrific that the fbi had the courage and confidence to come out and say we had no evidence of that. despite the fact that isis is issuing statements. >> to recap, we're at 58 confirmed killed. 515 injured. one thing that struck me, obviously, from an emotional sheriff saying there's a long process of body recovery. am i hearing that correctly? there's still bodies on the ground there that haven't been identified? >> there's no question about that. absolutely no question about it. that's why we need to keep our eye on what is going on in las vegas. and really focus on that particular effort right now. >> the body recovery they said they're opening hotels. you can conceivably go back to the mandalay bay hotel, except
8:59 am
for the 32nd floor and watch bodies being removed. we're going back, though, standby for a second. we'll go back to the sheriff's news conference. he's taking questions. >> we believe he was in partnership or companionship of a female and we have determined the female is out of the country. so he brought these weapons in. as far as method, i don't have the ability to give you the accurate -- no, not at all. we've checked all the federal data bases and local data bases and state data bases, and we had no knowledge of this individual. [ inaudible question ] >> no, we still consider her a person of interest. we have been in contact with her, and we plan to


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