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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  October 3, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> good morning, it's tuesday, october 3rd. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. our coverage on the shooting in just a moment but first let's start with traffic and weather. jaclyn is tracking our commute this morning. it's a busy start to the tuesday morning commute. if you are hitting the roads, we are tracking the bay bridge toll plaza over at the maze. you can see traffic is already very slow through that stretch. we are in the yellow tracking a travel time of 16 minutes from the maze into san francisco. eastshore freeway is okay. the 580 approach is slow. this is right before the metering lights. heading towards 680 will be slow especially for drivers on westbound 4. we have a new accident 242 at concord avenue blocking the middle lanes. right now along southbound 680 you're in the red nine minutes from willow pass road from highway 24. 580, 4 and 101 jam-packed and in the red give yourself extra time out out this morning.
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let's check in with neda iranpour with the forecast. if you are driving anywhere to the north on the bay area, you will start to feel the breeze. it's going to pick up in the next few hours. we have a red flag warning in effect. gusts for those higher elevations up to 50 miles per hour and it is very dry. another dry day on tap because we have more offshore winds coming on. in north winds coming from the land bringing dry conditions out there, no moisture in the air. san francisco right now sustained winds at 10, sfo 11, it is calm to the east, vallejo just 3. antioch 5. but we are expecting to see these winds pick up especially for places like santa rosa and napa. right now clear skies. we don't have fog. so you can see the city lights. concord now 51. oakland 55. livermore 46. today's is another cool day. we'll have more coming up. now to the deadliest mass
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shooting in modern american history. this morning las vegas police trying to figure out why a 64- year-old man opened fire on a concert. >> 59 people were killed, more than 500 injured. nevada's governor has signed a declaration of emergency that directs allstate agencies assist local officials in clark county with the investigation. to give you a better idea of how this happened, thousands of people were at the route 91 harvest music festival across the street from the mandalay bay hotel. paddock opened fire from his hotel room about 950 feet away from the concert. >> flashes in the middle of mandalay bay on the north side! >> be advised it is automatic fire. fully automatic fire from a elevated position, take cover. >> the shooter has been identified as 64-year-old stephen paddock. investigators say that he acted alone and they raided his nevada home yesterday.
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>> we have recovered 23 firearms at mandalay bay and 19 firearms at his home in mesquite. >> police say that they also found in paddock's car several pounds of ammonium nitrate a fertilizer that can be turned into explosives. we are learning the identities of some victims who gathered to enjoy a country music festival and the las vegas strip. throughout the world there are vigils and tributes to remember their lives. the eiffel tower went dark. and the empire state building with a rotating halo. there were throughout the day not just in las vegas but also in bakersfield, california, the home of one of the victims. and back in the bay area, a vigil tonight will honor victims of the mass shooting at veterans memorial park in fremont on walnut avenue and paseo padre parkway near the hall of justice. it goes from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. it begins by the flagpole with
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brief remarks and prayers. stories are emerging from survivors of sunday night's mass shooting. a taxi driver said the cell phone of a woman he transported from the scene was shattered by a bullet during the attack. she will be okay. that cell phone was just one of hundreds that captured the chaos as shots rang out into the crowd of 22,000 concert- goers. as country music star jason aldean took the stage, at first many thought the gunshots was fireworks. >> we couldn't see any of the smoke. >> this morning, dozens of people are still looking to connect with their loved ones. a bay area woman is among the missing. stacey was at the festival with her husband, an off-duty san francisco police officer. when the shots rang out, he told her to run while he helped the victims. stacey didn't have her phone or identification and has not been seen since. after the mass killing in las vegas, security is going to be tight in the bay area.
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anne makovec is live in san francisco with large crowds expected for fleet week. >> reporter: one of the biggest events is fleet week every year and this is the uss essex here behind me. it's huge. it is a navy amphibious assault ship. and in it, you can see some of these vehicles. the ship carries these things around. so this is a big attraction. you can take a tour on this ship today between 10 and and 2 p.m. security is on high alert. with fleet week you will see military walking around the city. oracle world over in soma, that's taking over, a lot of security there, barriers and road closures, 60,000 conventioneers in town for that. and then there is hardly strictly bluegrass, the big music festival in golden gate park. san francisco police in light of all this canceling all
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discretionary time off and the mayor is asking everyone to be vigilant. >> the number one thing is to be alert and aware. if you see something, say something. it's a theme and model that everybody is going to use throughout the week. >> reporter: now, the big attraction this weekend, you will be hearing 'em, the blue angels, a million and a half extra visitors visiting san francisco by the end of the weekend. so a lot of people out and about. if you want to take one of the tours of the essex, they start today at 10 a.m. and we'll be hearing more about what you might expect to see coming up in the next half- hour. right now live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. in our next half hour, a live report from las vegas and a look at how you can help the victims. we'll also have continuing coverage of the mass shooting in las vegas on air and online at the president travels to puerto rico today nearly two
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weeks after a devastating hurricane slammed into the island. president trump will meet with first responders and survivors of hurricane maria today during his first visit to puerto rico since the storm. while some residents welcome the president's attention to their needs, others question the impact. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: she says, i don't think it will make much difference whether he comes or not. if it were up to me, he can stay where he is. white house officials say progress is being made. 12,000 federal aid workers are now on the island and hospitals and airports are coming back online. >> the federal government -- [ pause ] [ no audio ] >> reporter: in a series of tweets over the weekend, president trump criticized some puerto rican leaders for poor leadership. while the reform bail bill is on hold in southern california, some officials are pushing for change today. kpix 5's sandra osborne is live outside the santa clara
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county main jail with the details. >> reporter: good morning to you, kenny. they say that the goal in all of this is to make sure that suspects involved in minor non- violent crimes don't get stuck behind bars if they can't afford bail. they say the current system appears to punish the poor for being poor. a statewide push is on hold until january when lawmakers will examine the bill again in sacramento. santa clara county supervisors want to talk about ideas for change sooner. some would like to see people released on case by case basis not whether they can afford bail. >> substantial portion of the people in counties jails are not convicted of crimes. they are they are waiting for trial. >> reporter: on the other hand, many law enforcement officials and district attorney s say this would just put
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criminals back on the street. the council will talk about it today and talk about a community bail fund for santa clara county or even, they say, the possibility of an electronic monitoring system specifically for people can't afford bail. live in santa clara county, sandra osborne, kpix 5. this afternoon the suspect charged in the deadly shooting of a san jose liquor store owner will face a judge. police say that 21-year-old muni hendrix was on probation when he shot the business owner during a robbery. the owner was killed protecting his wife. he was 57. hendrix has not entered a plea and is being held without bail at the santa clara county main jail. uc-berkeley police -- [ pause ] uc-berkeley are looking for suspects in an assault that left a student unconscious. kpix 5's jessica flores reports from berkeley. >> reporter: good morning.
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that's right. we're right in front of the dorm where this all happened. early morning sunday just after midnight police have now released surveillance video from the dorm and they are turning to the public for help in identifying the attackers who left a student unconscious and sent that student to the hospital. in this video you can see three men walking through the dorm there and police say that they don't know how these men are -- their identities or how they are connected to the universities if at all. they say it happened just after midnight sunday in the quad area of the dorm here on durant avenue. resident hall unit 3. police say one suspect was in black, another was in red hat, white shirt and bluejeans. a third suspect was in a plaid shirt and white shoes. police emailed students asking them to be on the lookout for the suspects. >> i want to know who he is and why he got attacked, like, who the people were. >> reporter: the victim tells
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police he does not know any of the suspects. now, we're told the victim has been released from the hospital but again, if you recognize those three individuals, you're urged to call uc-berkeley police right away. live from berkeley, jessica flores, kpix 5. ♪[ music ] time now 6:11. remembering a music icon. rocker tom petty is death at the age of 66. next a look back at his life. >> plus, bigger than first thought, equifax reveals how many more people were impacted by a recent data breach. >> a chilly start to your day across the bay area. could it be so cold that we might get some sierra snow? i'll have the details. >> and an earlier accident along 242 backing things up onto highway 4 but now new reports of a crash on 4. how far does the backup stretch? find out coming up. jack's breakfast pockets for 2 dollars each.
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he died last night at the ucla medical center after going into cardiac arrest at his malibu home. legendary musician tom petty has died. he was 66 years old. he died last night at the ucla medical center after going into cardiac arrest at his malibu home. as news broke of his death, the music world reacted almost immediately on twitter: the total number is now up to 145-point- equifax says its massive data breach may have impacted more people than initially thought. the total number is now up to 145.5 million people. the former chairman and ceo of equifax is apologizing for the
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data breach. richard smith, who has since resigned, released prepared remarks that also reveal he will speak to a congressional panel today. wells fargo' ceo is expected to apologize at a senate hearing today. lawmakers will question him about wells fargo's fake accounts scandal. many accounts were opened by employees without customer permission. the bank has paid $185 million in fines and has agreed also to pay a $242 million settlement in a class action lawsuit. 6:15. let's check traffic. we have some crashes on the roads. >> we have crashes and slowdowns. you need to give yourself some extra time. it's busy out there. i'm going to call it traffic tuesday! we are tracking a new accident westbound 4 right near the port chicago highway. that ride is already a slow ride as it always is in the morning. but now, jam-packed in the red. just from loveridge to 680, 36
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minutes. we are seeing a backup from an earlier accident along in the area. lanes are blocked. slow into walnut creek. we have speeds below 35 miles per hour. eastshore freeway getting slow with brake lights through richmond and then westbound 80 at powell street. reports of a hit-and-run crash. no details if the lanes are blocked. bay bridge toll plaza in the yellow. we have about a 20-minute ride from the maze into san francisco. let's check in with neda on the forecast. all right. let's start you off with three things to remember for your tuesday. here we go. winds are going to be strong especially in high elevations, north bay hills under a red flag warning. we have cool, dry air that's sticking around today, is he similar to yesterday, chilly today and this morning but high pressure is on the way. warmer wednesday through the weekend. to the north of us, due to the
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outer bands of a low that actually is -- actually to the east. look at the flurries, snow in the higher elevations. it is cool out there this morning. nice and clear across the bay. that's the golden gate bridge no fog covering. that bay bridge also clear, as well. look how chilly this is this morning. 51 in concord. oakland at 55. livermore in the 40s. santa rosa also in the low 40s. san jose 52 degrees. and here's why we're so chilly. this low is actually expanding. it's sending all that wind coming from the north down into the bay area which is dry air coming in. it is colder air. but pretty soon, this high pressure will be working towards california and that is going to bring us more sunshine and also going to bring us warmer weather. so conditions across the coast pretty choppy. waves up to 6 to 11 feet today. we have a small craft advisory in effect so only experienced people out there suggested to be on the waters because it's
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windy and choppy. here's your temperatures today. concord 80. fairfield 80. livermore 77. vallejo 76. so comes out in the east bay. san rafael 80. san francisco 71. mountain view 76. a couple of degrees below average for your tuesday. and then look what happens wednesday. temperates will rise about 4 to 5 degrees thursday, it will keep on rising friday, as well. then by the weekend mid-90s for the inland areas. along the bay we'll be in the 80s again and the beaches mid- to upper 70s by the time we get to friday into the weekend. so good weather for fleet week coming up. here's a look at what's coming up in sports. remember when the raiders lost derek carr to injury last year? they experienced a little deja vu yesterday. and can alex smith and the chiefs remain undefeated? the bizarre ending to this game coming up. first what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at coolsch, and we may feature your school on the thursday morning show.
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after leaving sunday's game with a back injury in denver, raiders quarterback derek carr was still expecting to be on the field this sunday. >> i'm going to do the treatment, all those kind of things and, you know, you guys know me. it's going to take a lot for me not to be out there. >> it turns out carr will miss this week's game and more after that. he will be out two to six weeks with a transverse process fracture on his spine. in the meantime, ej manuel will be the oakland quarterback. he was 11 of 17 passing sunday after replacing carr. >> it's always a big blow to lose a good player, a key player, um, and your quarterback. but, um, the good news is he is not gone for the year. we'll get him back. it could be as short as two weeks. it could be longer. we'll see.
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we'll deal with that as it goes. but certainly the way ej played yesterday was uplifting. >> alex smith and the chiefs looking to remain undefeated. they hosted washington. final play of the game, the redskins trailing 23-20. they lateraled the ball and it was fumbled and picked up by justin houston and returned for a touchdown. the chiefs win 29-20. the last score allowed kansas city to cover the spread and the overbet, as well. they are 4-0. the only unbeaten team in the nfl. and depending on how you bet, you're really happy or sad about that last play. [ laughter ] >> i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. all right. back to monday night football for the play of the day. the redskins with the ball in kansas city, missouri. >> phillips threw 19 of his 40 passes in the direction of mitchell and away from peters. he tries, looking for pryor and it's caught. >> kirk cousins to former raider terrelle pryor for the
6:25 am
44-yard touchdown pass in washington's loss to the kansas city chiefs. that is your play of the day. ♪[ music ] it is 6:25. a night of chaos and death in las vegas. at least 59 people are killed. what we're learning about the man behind the massacre. >> and a lot of really big events going on in san francisco this week in light of the mass shooting in las vegas. security is in question. we'll explain what you can expect next. ♪[ music ]
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a search for answers after the deadliest shooting in modern history of the u.s. witness take us inside the chaos. >> we took off running to the ground and when we thought it was safe to get up, we ran for the exit. >> what we're learning about the man behind the massacre as president trump speaks out. >> he was a sick man, a demented man. a lot of problems, i guess. and we're looking into him. ♪[ music ] [ no audio ] >> here's what we know so far. 59 people killed, more than 500 injured in las vegas. it is tuesday, october 3rd. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:29. nevada's governor has signed a declaration of emergency that directions all state agencies to assist local officials in clark county with the
6:30 am
investigation. we are learning of the identities of some of the victims, people from different walks of life who gathered to enjoy a country music festival in the glimmering heart of the las vegas strip. >> we have just learned that a bay area is among the dead. stacey, her brother-in-law announced on facebook just a short time ago that she was killed in that mass shooting. she was at the festival with her husband who is an off-duty san francisco police officer at the time in las vegas when shots rang out. he told her to run while he helped some of the victims there. as kpix 5's mola lenghi reports, throughout the world, there are vigils and tributes to remember those victims. mola. >> good morning, steve and michelle. authorities back on the scene this morning at the mandalay bay hotel trying to piece together a motive. at least this early in the investigation, what seems to be challenging is that paddock doesn't seem to fit the typical suspect profile that we're used to seeing, unfortunately in these mass shooting situations. still, police continue to investigate the hundreds of victims continue trying to
6:31 am
recover, some of whom are still fighting for their lives. the eiffel tower went dark. the empire state building lit with a rotating halo. there were tributes throughout the day, throughout the world, for the victims of sunday night's shooting in las vegas. [ automatic gunfire ] >> reporter: police say 64- year-old stephen paddock broke windows on the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay hotel sunday night, then opened fire on a crowded music festival before killing himself. survivors returning home like these concert-goers arriving in chicago say the night will stay with them forever. >> i look behind me and a woman was shot in the neck, and the blood was coming out all over the place and she collapsed on the ground and then there was another woman next to her that her leg was shot. >> reporter: investigators say paddock acted alone. they raided his nevada home monday. >> we have recovered 23 firearms at mandalay bay and 19 firearms at his home in mesquite.
6:32 am
>> reporter: isis has claimed responsibility for the attack, but law enforcement says it hasn't found any connection to back that up. the shooter's brother says paddock had no religious affiliation or political agenda. >> he has no history of violence in any way, shape or form! [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: police say they also found in paddock's car several pounds of ammonium nitrate a fertilizer that can be made into explosives. today local and state authorities here in las vegas will continue to investigate with the assistance of the fbi, atf and other federal agents, the crime scene here at the hotel and also keep processing evidence that they have acquired from paddock's property in the hopes of determining a motive. it includes ammunition, weapons and electronics. they are trying to find the motive. >> this shoot will go have facilities evaluateing
6:33 am
security. are hotels in the area making changes in the wake of this attack? >> reporter: that remains to be seen. the debate has certainly begun. whether these hotels need to beef up security, but they are in the hospitality business. they often do not want to be overly invasive of their guests. and so that debate you hear it beginning. but it remains to be seen whether they are willing to beef up security or at the very least rethink security. we'll see. >> thank you. anne makovec continues our team coverage in the bay area. high security is expected in san francisco this week. >> reporter: you can see the uss essex here for fleet week and some of the vehicles it carries. this area at pier 30 is
6:34 am
secure. but there is high alert all around the city of san francisco right now because of a number of big events in addition to fleet week. you will see a lot of sailors and marines walking around the city for that but oracle world is taking over the south of market area. 60,000 conventioneers coming in from all over the country. they are here for that. and then, there is hardly strictly bluegrass, the big music festival in golden gate park. so san francisco police with all this going on canceling all discretionary time off and the mayor asking everyone to be vigilant. >> we are going to have heightened staffing levels. you will see officers on bikes, motorbikes, patrol cars and out on foot. >> reporter: the big attraction this weekend, the blue angels will fly on friday through sunday. so that's going to attract a lot of attention. a million and a half extra visitors will have visited san
6:35 am
francisco by end of the weekend. if you want a tour of the ship at pier 30, you can do so between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. it's just one of many events for fleet week. anne makevoc, kpix 5. there's a familiar ritual washington follows after a mass shooting. gun control advocates demand new laws. gun supporters say it is inappropriate to politicize a tragedy. >> we'll be talking about gun laws as time goes by. >> president trump made those comments about discussing gun control this morning on his way to puerto rico. for a look at the response to the las vegas massacre, we turned to our washington insider marc sandalow. marc, good morning. always good to see you. so are there any laws that could have prevented this tragedy? >> reporter: you cannot legislate away guns. you can't legislate away
6:36 am
cancer or nuclear weapons or hatred or stupidity. advocates of gun control say this is a horrible tragedy! we have to do something! and opponents of gun control say, hey, a particular law is not going to change this particular event. we don't know if this was an automatic weapon, which is likely illegal, or if it was a semi-automatic weapon that was legally tampered to turn into an automatic weapon but in some ways that misses the point. chemotherapy does not cure cancer. it does not do away with cancer. it doesn't work in some cases. some people have bad reactions to it. but it also saves millions of lives. you don't know the discuss whether chemotherapy is appropriate because it doesn't cure cancer. simply because there is no legislation that can end gun violence is not a reason not to discuss gun control which might potentially end some gun violence. >> what sort of gun control measures are being proposed? >> reporter: well, today in fact they are going to very possibly bring one up on the
6:37 am
house floor. it's scheduled before this horrible event. the gun reform measure that's being considered today and it might be tomorrow is actually something that would weaken regulations on silencers. right now if you put a silencer on a gun, it's very strictly regulated. there are republicans who have proposed to do away with the regulations so that silencers would be more available. the reason for that is because hunters get bothered by the noise. that is not the kind of gun control that people who want to stop these kind of tragedies are pushing. so realistically, they are not going to do away with guns thinks country. but realistically, the one piece of gun control that people keep talking about is expanding background checks. if you go to a store, you need to do an fbi criminal background check. if you go to a gun show, you don't have to do that. so people talk about expanding that. if democrats ever get control of the house and senate again, dianne feinstein's assault weapons ban will come back.
6:38 am
but right now, especially with republicans in control of the house and the senate and the white house, it's unlikely that anything will happen. even in the aftermath of this. >> we'll see what happens. thank you, marc sandalow. we are going to have continuing coverage of the mass shooting in las vegas on air and online at time now 6:38. as we take a live look outside on this tuesday morning, a live look at the golden gate bridge and the traffic there. not looking too bad. and on the left a spectacular shot of the bay bridge and the bay. sort of a brisk start to the day. >> it's chilly. yeah. we are starting to see the light, which is nice. but the sunset officially going to happen a few minutes after 7 a.m. this morning [sic]. grab the jacket if you are walking your dog. it's cool and windy. here's a live look at the bay bridge. what a gorgeous shot it is as we wait for the official sunrise. just a few clouds out there. but making for some kind of beautiful colors this morning.
6:39 am
51 degrees, that's all you're getting in concord this morning. 55 oakland. livermore in the 40s. san francisco and san jose low 50s today and santa rosa low 40s. windy, chilly, chance of snow in the higher elevations this afternoon because of the cooler air. jaclyn has a big accident to talk about this morning. we are talking two traffic alerts for drivers 101 in the south bay. a motorcycle accident has two lanes blocked northbound 101 approaching trimble road. the backup, well, it stretches all the way down to hellyer. so it's 42 minutes from hellyer to san antonio avenue. the rest of your travel through the south bay is pretty slow as well along 280 and highway 85. we are starting to see brake lights from 101 to 280. it's going to be 26 minutes so a little sluggish through that stretch. a traffic alert southbound 242 at solano way. two lanes blocked along that stretch backing traffic up on
6:40 am
to highway 4 which was already a slow ride. right now we're tracking a 22- minute travel time from highway 4 to 680. that is a 17-minute delay along 242. back to you guys. santa clara county is looking at ways to implement bail reform in the county even though statewide the idea has been tabled until next year. kpix 5's sandra osborne is live outside of the santa clara county main jail with the details. sandra. >> reporter: good morning to you, kenny. some state lawmakers in the past have said that the current bail system basically punishes the poor for being poor by keeping them locked in a jail cell if they can't afford to pay their bail. now, today, county supervisor cindy chavez will be discussing local bail reform in today's boarding meeting regularly scheduled this morning. the goal is to make sure suspects in minor nonviolent crimes show up for court but aren't stuck in jail if they can't afford bail. >> it's a policy that made a
6:41 am
lot more sense hundreds of years ago. >> reporter: on the other hand, law enforcement officials and district attorneys say they are concerned this will be putting criminals back on the streets. so far a statewide push for bail reform stalled in the legislature this year. the current bill is tabled until lawmakers return to sacramento in january. so with that being tabled, what can happen locally? again the santa clara county board of supervisors is going to be meeting today. they are talking about some potential local programs. so maybe a countywide bail fund or even, they say, they are talking about an electronic monitoring system specifically for people who can't pay bail. live in santa clara county, sandra osborne, kpix 5. months after a sex scandal rocked the oakland police department, a voter-approved oversight commission now taking shape. a crowded field of applicants vying to be part of the board is now down to 3. 144 people applied to take part. this afternoon, the city council is expected to make a
6:42 am
final vote approving the nominees. the commission will have the authority to fire the police chief. tonight san francisco police set to hold a town hall meeting centering around an officer-involved shooting in late september when officers got a call about a domestic violence situation at an apartment near russian hill. police say that a hostage crisis unfolded as the suspect held his wife and two young children at gunpoint inside his apartment. officers say that they fatally shot the suspect after hours of negotiations failed. a cal student was beaten unconscious over the weekend and now uc-berkeley police have a good idea who was behind the attack. kpix 5's jessica flores is live in berkeley with the details. >> reporter: good morning. we're standing in front of that dorm where the attack happened. now, uc-berkeley police have released surveillance video of the individuals they believe who are behind the beating that left that student unconscious sending him to the hospital. take a look at the video. you will see three young men
6:43 am
walking through the dorm here on durant avenue. this is residence hall unit three. police say those men got in an argument with the victim and beat him sending him to the hospital. it happened about midnight sunday in the quad area of the dorm. one was dressed in black, another with a red hat, white shirt and jeans, third suspect plaid shirt, white shoes. police emailed students asking them to watch for the suspect. >> we all checked our emails and talked about, like, wow, that's kind of scary. >> reporter: the victim tells police he does not know the suspect. it's unclear what the suspect's connection is to the university if they are students or even live in berkeley. now, police are asking folks if you do recognize those individuals, to call uc- berkeley police right away. reporting live in berkeley i'm jessica flores, kpix 5.
6:44 am
time now 6:43. new revelations revealed. what we're learning this morning about jared kushner and ivanka trump's use of a private email account to send white house emails. >> plus, up for a vote. why uber is looking to cut former ceo travis kalanick's influence on the company later today. >> and the markets just opened up about 10 minutes ago. let's check the big board. the dow is up about 25 points.
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6:47 am
accounts linked to the russian government. the menlo park internet giant three- thousand facebook says 10 million people in the u.s. saw one political ad purchased by accounts linked to russia. they say they linked 3,000 ads to russia. the add buyers spent only $100,000 over 2 years and 56% of those ads were seen after the 2016 election.
6:48 am
politico says jared kushner and ivanka trump sent hundreds of emails from a third private party account while in the white house. a several others also allegedly used private email servers. the white house has launched a probe of private email use, it could take months to complete the investigation. google is changing course on a massive housing proposal after initially threatening not to build thousands of new units in mountain view if it didn't get office space in exchange. the trouble centers on roughly hundreds of units to go up in the north bayshore area. google said it would refuse to build the units unless it got more office space in its new charleston east campus but after pushback from the public, google relented. it responded to the city council with a statement saying in part:
6:49 am
uber's looking to cut former ceo travis kalanick's influence on the company. directors at uber are set to vote on board reforms today to pursue a major deal but the move could potentially reshape the ride hailing company's governance limiting kalanick's power as a shareholder and board member. on friday, kalanick, who still has a seat on uber's board of directors apparently blindsided the company by appointing two new board members. 6:49 now. let's check the roads. see how it's looking. >> if you in the back seat of an uber, relax and don't worry about the stress of the traffic. but drivers, beware, we are tracking some major delays a jam on northbound 101. traffic is backed up beyond hellyer, northbound just under
6:50 am
an hour from hellyer to san antonio. sluggish on 880. we are tracking an earlier accident. this is cleared over to the shoulder. but it's still causing delays for drivers heading through hayward further south. right now a travel time of just under 25 minutes from 238 to highway 84. san mateo slow in the commute direction, just a busy morning commute. 30 minutes from 880 to 101. that earlier traffic alert has been canceled on southbound 242. all lanes are reopened. traffic is still backed up to highway 4. 10-minute delays from 4 to 680. at least it looks like clear skies across the golden gate bridge this morning. so you can see it nice and beautiful. official sunset not happening -- sunrise, rather, not happening for another 15 minutes or so but yes, the lights are coming on and
6:51 am
people are starting to wake up. 51 degrees concord, oakland 55. livermore 46. that colder air will certainly wake you up if you step outside right now. temperatures are feeling a little brisk out there. we are also feeling the breeze, as well. look at this. hayward just picking up at 10- mile-per-hour winds. sfo 11, downtown 10-mile-per- hour winds there, as well. it is calm for napa, fairfield, we are expecting to see winds pick up with winds coming from the north which is why we have more dry air in place and that's also why we have this red flag warning for the north bay hills. higher elevations, wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour. humidity down into the teens and single digits and not much relief overnight. we have a red flag warning in effect but also a freeze warning for parts of very northern california and a chance of sierra snow. all that in one day. by 5:00 this system may start to bring some rain down in the higher elevations. and it's cool out there today. so it could lead to two inches
6:52 am
of snow. as this low increases, it's causing our temperatures to stay cool today. we do have colder air in place. this will eventually move out making room for a high pressure system. once the high moves in, we'll see temperatures warm up nicely. we'll see a lot of sunshine out there. today also sunny skies but cooler conditions. 77 palo alto and redwood city. 74 in san mateo. it looks like mid- to upper 70s for the east bay. the south bay, as well. downtown san francisco 71. sausalito 71 also. mill valley 76. and novato 81 degrees. windy, temperatures mid- to upper 70s to the north. here's that seven-day forecast. look at this rise in our temperatures. by friday, saturday, we'll be reaching the 90s for inland areas. just in time for fleet week which anne joins us now to tell us more about that. >> reporter: yeah, a lot of big high-profile events going on in san francisco this week at a time when people are nervous about going to busy public places after what happened in las vegas. we'll tell you what to expect next. ♪[ music ]
6:53 am
>> plus, for the first time since hurricane maria devastated puerto rico, president trump visit the island to meet with residents and first responders. what he is saying ahead of the trip next.
6:54 am
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6:56 am
it's 6--- time for your final five... authorities in las vegas are still i'm anne makovec live in san francisco where there are a lot of large high-profile events going on this week, which brings into question security. this is the markings of one of the big events, fleet week here behind me. this is the uss essex at the embarcadero. with fleet week you'll see sailors and marines walking around the city. another big event, oracle world taking over south of
6:57 am
market. 60,000 conventioneers are in town for that. and then there is hardly strictly bluegrass the music festival in golden gate bridge. san francisco police are canceling all discretionary time off and the mayor is asking everyone to be alert. >> if you see something, say something. that's the theme and motto that everybody is going to use throughout the week. >> reporter: and the big event this weekend, the blue angels will be flying on friday, saturday and sunday. so that brings tons of people into the city to see that show. police promising high security. anne makovec, kpix 5. time now 6:57. time for your "final 5". authorities in las vegas are still trying to figure out why a man opened fire on a country music festival in las vegas. at least 59 people are confirmed dead and the number could still rise. 64-year-old stephen paddock
6:58 am
opened fire from the mandalay bay hotel before killing himself. 23 guns were retrieved from his hotel room. president trump is in puerto rico to meet with those affected by hurricane irma. new leads in the beating on cal campus. police are searching for three men seen on this surveillance video. police say the suspect attacked an 18-year-old student for no reason in the early-morning hours. months after a sex scandal rocked the oakland police department, a voter-approved oversight commission is now taking shape. a crowded field of application vying to be part of the board is now down to 3. uber is looking to cut former ceo travis kalanick's influence on the company. directors at uber are set to vote on board reforms today to pursue a major deal but it could reshape the ride hail company's governance essentially limiting kalanick's power. a slow ride due to a
6:59 am
traffic alert that's in effect northbound 101 approaching trimble road. a crash, an hour from northbound 101 from hellyer to san antonio. san mateo bridge bridge slow under 30 minutes from hayward to foster city. eastshore freeway not good. 39 minutes from highway 4 to the maze. apacked at the toll plaza. let's take a live look now. downtown we are seeing a haze out there. he high clouds and the beaches chilly out there this morning. santa rosa just dropping to 41 degrees. livermore 46. oakland 53. so conditions at the coast if you are not experienced boaters don't go out there. waves up to 11 feet. windy conditions, as well. 30-mile-per-hour winds at the beaches. highs today, sunny and temperatures below average. so cool out there today. >> i'm not an experienced boater. i'm an experienced wader. [ laughter ] >> definitely don't go out there, michelle. >> no no. liic land. >> thanks for watching kpix 5
7:00 am
news this morning. your next local update is 7:26. have a great day. ♪[ music ] ♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it is tuesday, october 3rd, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." americans still mourning the las vegas shooting victims and asking why an accountant turned gambler killed 59 people and wounded so many. >> 22,000 people from across the country were enjoying a concert when they got caught up in the deadliest u.s. attack since 9/11. we'll have stories of heroism, and grief. president trump goes to puerto rico after hurricane maria devastated the u.s. commonwealth. many survivors struggling nearly two weeks into tis


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