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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  October 3, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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shooting. but police are still searching for a motive. now at noon, new details on the gunman and the victims in the las vegas mass shooting but police are still searching for a motive. good afternoon, i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. vegas police and fbi investigators are combing the scene of the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. cbs reporter mola lenghi is in
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las vegas with more on the latest developments in the investigation. so many questions still unanswered including the shooter's motive. mola. >> reporter: well, authorities say what they know about stephen paddock is that he was a known gambler who made his money in real estate. what they don't know, what they are still trying to piece together, a motive, why this 64- year-old man with no history of violence, no known history of violence, would suddenly take assault rifles and open fire on a group of 22,000 people. the concert grounds that turned into a killing field are closed off as people in las vegas struggle to come to grips with the unthinkable tragedy that shattered this community. police say 64-year-old stephen paddock had an arsenal of 23 weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition in his room at mandalay bay. newly obtained images from inside the suite show the door that the s.w.a.t. team blew out, a rifle on a
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tripod. investigators are trying to figure out what set off the retired accountant who had no history of gun violence. >> we're hunting down and tracing down every, single clue that we can't get in his background. >> reporter: from the 32nd floor, he took aim at thousands of people at a music festival as people fled in panic fencing around the venue trapping many. >> what you see on tv, it's never going to be, it's never going to happen to you. [ crying ] >> and it was happening. >> reporter: heather comforted 23-year-old jordan when he was hit. she didn't know him. using his cell phone, she called his girlfriend who was sheltered in place nearby. >> says be honest with me. like what's going on, you know? i said, he didn't make it. she said to me, you know, he's the love of my life. [ crying ] >> are you sure? yeah. >> reporter: authorities say paddock modified two guns to make them fully automatic. his rampage has sparked new conversations about gun control in the nation. president trump was asked about it as he left the white house
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this morning. >> we'll be talking about gun laws as time goes by. >> reporter: and with hundreds hospitalized, people in las vegas are answering the urgent call for blood, long lines of donors stretching at locations across the city. authorities say paddock had no criminal history and with the exception of one routine citation years ago that was ultimately settled in court, he was virtually unknown to authorities here in nevada. in las vegas, i'm mola lenghi. now back to you. >> and mola, we're also learning more about how paddock purchased some of his weapons. >> reporter: that's right, kenny. we are learning more about the stockpile that he had. we know that recently he visited six stores, up to six stores, at least six stores, i should say, in the utah and nevada areas consider he purchased six firearms legally including rifles as well as handguns. one of those store owners in
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utah says that paddock said, quote, everybody -- he told everybody that he was visiting all the local firearms shops. that's something that he was relaying to some of the store owners as he was visiting them. so as investigators still are trying to continue to put the pieces of the motive together, the timeline and how recently he purchased those firearms will certainly come into play. >> mola lenghi with the very latest in las vegas. mola, thank you. a nevada mother was among the people killed in the -- novato mother was among the people killed in the attack in las vegas and is the wife of a san francisco police officer. jessica flores is live in novato where we just heard from a family member. jessica. >> reporter: yeah, michelle. this is heartbreaking news out here for this tight-knit community. we just heard from a family member. we also heard from the san francisco police union about this loss and how they're all mourning this loss right now and in shock. stacee etcheber is the mother of two, wife, daughter, a hairstylist in novato.
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she loved horses and the outdoors. she was at the concert with her husband, the sfpd officer vinnie etcheber, when the bullets came down on the crowd. the union says officer etcheber rushed to aid shooting victims and told his wife to run to safety. stacee didn't have cell phone or identification with her at the time of the shooting so the family didn't know what happened to her but now confirm she was killed at the concert. moments ago, we did hear from the san francisco police officers association president and stacee's brother-in-law. >> it is with heavy heart that we reporting passing of stacee etcheber. she was a wonderful caring wife, mother and daughter. the etcheber family is devastated by this horrific, senseless act. >> what a charismatic person and loving person. we're all truly going to miss her. the love for her kids, it's just amazing and she was just
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an amazing wife. when the shooting occurred, it was all about helping other people. so when my brother went out to help other people and put her in safety and told her to run out of there, she didn't run out of there. she came back and helped other people as well. >> reporter: sfpd also released a statement saying, the department is grieving today after the senseless act of violence. now, tonight at 7 p.m. at san ramon elementary school, not far from where we're standing at their home in novato there will be a candlelight vigil for stacee. they are working to set up a "go fund me" page. 29-year-old sonny melton was a nurse from tennessee. he died shielding his wife heather, who is a doctor and sonoma county native. >> rachael parker was a 10-year veteran of the police department in manhattan beach. she was 33 years old. >> jenny parks a mother of two was a kindergarten teacher from
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los angeles county. her husband bobby was also injured. >> and angie gomez was a former cheerleader at riverside poly graduating two years ago. kenneth craig looks at more of the victim stories from las vegas. >> reporter: they were daughters and sons, fathers and mothers. broken-hearted family members are remembering a victim from california who leaves behind four children. >> the older of the two youngest just calling mommy today. you know? that just breaks my heart. >> reporter: john from santa clarita california also had four children. friends say they will miss the general contractor singing on the job and always lending a helping hand. >> this is a -- a really great guy that, unfortunately, a lot of people are never going to get to know. >> reporter: cameron robinson lived in utah but worked in vegas.
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he was excited to attend sunday's concert with his boyfriend. >> he was the best brother, uncle, son anybody could ask for. >> reporter: students in gallup, new mexico, held a vigil to remember their high school office secretary who they say was their friend, mentor and advocate. [ inaudible ] >> not going to be the same without her. >> reporter: one victim from sacramento was a great golfer who will be remembered for his laugh and patriotism. and friends praised 20-year-old bailey? wide schweitzer. she will be missed everywhere. the city of las vegas has set up assistance centers to help families and hotels are also offering rooms at no cost. kenneth craig, cbs news, las vegas. and tonight a vigil in
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fremont will honor the victims of the las vegas mass shooting. the vigil will happen at veterans memorial park on walnut avenue and paseo padre parkway near the fremont hall of justice from 5 to 6 p.m. the vigil starts near the flagpole with brief remarks and prayers. in light of the mass killings, security around bay area events is getting more attention. kpix 5's anne makovec explains what we can expect. >> reporter: a visible show of security here along the embarcadero. barriers and checkpoints outside of the uss essex, one of the many features of fleet week. bomb-sniffing dogs, sailors with long guns, as san francisco hosts a bevy of big events this week. security is tight. >> we have taken every precaution. >> reporter: the military has been working with local authorities for months on fleet week plans. >> we have security measures off ship and on ship for all
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contingencies. >> reporter: the san francisco police department is canceling discretionary time off so its officers can be on the streets. >> we are going to have heightened staffing levels. you'll see officers on bikes, cars, on foot. >> reporter: in addition to fleet week, 60,000 conventioneers are already south of market for oracle world. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: and then there's the hardly strictly bluegrass festival bringing top musical acts to golden gate park. sunday's massacre in las vegas brings up added concern that someone might attempt a repeat attack. >> the number one thing is to be alert and aware. if you see something, say something. >> reporter: the peak of activities is this weekend with the blue angels over the bay. and the navy says it will be safe. >> we do everything we can to make sure we're prepared. >> reporter: by the time this busy week is over, over a million and a half extra
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visitors will have come to san francisco. along the embarcadero, anne makovec, kpix 5. we'll have continuing coverage of the las vegas mass shooting with kpix 5's juliette goodrich live on our news at 5:00 and 6:00. new at noon, president trump has arrived in puerto rico to survey the damage from hurricanes. he met with local and federal officials including the mayor of san jaun who has been critical of the relief efforts. in the meeting, the president praised his administration's response to the devastation and then joked about the cost of that response. >> now, i hate to tell you, puerto rico, but you've blown our budget a little out of whack. [ laughter ] >> we have spent a lot of money on puerto rico and that's fine. we have saved a lot of lives. >> the president went on to say that puerto rico was lucky that the island didn't experience, quote, a real tragedy like hurricane katrina. nearly 20 bay area nurses are heading to puerto rico now to give medical care to victims of the hurricane. kpix 5's sandra osborne was at sfo for the big sendoff.
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>> reporter: a grandmother with nearly 40 years of nursing experience. a wife and registered nurse of five years hugging her loved one good-bye. just some of the faces boarding a plane at sfo today. >> the mayor of san juan is afraid that her people are suffering and dying. so as registered nurses we are ready to go and be of assistance . >> viva puerto rico! >> reporter: people are using leave and vacation days to help victims of the hurricane in san juan. >> i'm ready to go. ready to rough it if need be. >> reporter: there will be tough conditions. most of the island has no power. many still don't have drinkable water. the group of nearly 20 registered nurses will be there tomorrow ready for action. >> we know there are physicians and nurses who need to rest and
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look al their families, so we're there to fill the void. >> reporter: they will go to hospitals, nursing homes and clinics, staying for two weeks. sandra osborne, kpix 5, sfo. still ahead, new clues in the attack on a uc-berkeley student on campus. >> and not the kind of wake-up call you want. an suv crashes right into a bay area home. >> and look at these gorgeous clear skies but it's also cooler. we are going to talk about our cool temperatures today and the breeze coming up. we are the generation that had it all.
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we are the generation that had the music and the moves. we are the generation that had a dream. we came together to feed the world's children. we came together to protect them, and in this dangerous world we have to keep on saving them and protecting them, even when we're gone. if we remember unicef in our will, we'll be the generation who left a better world for children. visit
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police were called to the scene around 6-30... they say the driver of this s-u-v missed the turn in the
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new images from an early- morning crash in fairfield. police were called to the scene around 6:30. they say the driver of this suv missinged a turn, hit a house and fled. he faces hit-and-run charges. uc-berkeley police released new surveillance video to find three people suspected of attack a uc-berkeley student on campus. the video shows three young men walking through the dorm of. they got into an argument with the victim before beating him unconscious. it happened just after midnight sunday in the quad area of the dorm. the victim has been released from the hospital. california senators dianne feinstein and kamala harris are urging daca recipients to mail in their renewal applications today. the paperwork needs to be submitted by thursday, october
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5. after the devastations by harvey, irma and maria, they asked for an extension. that request will be probably denied. let's see how the dow is doing, up 75 points. the dow is up. how about theches ? >> the temperatures are low. they are kind of cool. a little cooler at this time compared to yesterday. our temperatures are going to start a warming trend though. so not to worry. a slow warming trend. we have dry air coming in from the north. there are traffic conditions out there. red flag warning for higher elevations. cooler air is coming in. breezier conditions. concord now 72. oakland 63. livermore 64. san francisco 60.
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mc 60 -- southwest southwest wind in oakland at 10. fairfield north winds coming in at 16. and yes, that red flag warning in effect until 5 p.m. this afternoon because of high wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour. the low has expanded. this low brought in the cooler air. once this moves away, we are going to welcome high pressure which leads to the warming -- slow warming from wednesday on into the weekend. that's in the seven-day forecast. high temperatures in hayward 68 degrees. east bay temperatures a couple of degrees below average in the upper 70s. san francisco your high today will be 71. petaluma 81. temperatures in the mid- to upper 70s to the north.
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slow warming through the weekend. 90s inland on saturday and sunday. >> stay with us. we'll be right back. you could save energy by living off the grid. completely. or... set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. energy upgrade california.
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each testified before congress today. the sentiment from both: 'i m sorry.' :35 smith: the criminal hack the head of wells fargo and the former ceo of equifax each testified before congress today. a sentiment from both, i'm
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sorry. >> it happened on my watch. as ceo, i'm ultimately responsible. and i take responsibility. i'm here today to say to each and every person affected by this breach, i'm truly and deeply sorry for what happened. >> equifax's data breach resulted in the theft of 143 million americans' sensitive information. the former ceo blames the combination of human error and a technological error. he says both have been addressed. wells fargo's ceo says that the company let down its customers and team members in the bank's fake account scandal. they admitted that 3.5 million potentially unauthorized accounts were opened. >> i apologize for the damage done to all the people who work and bank at this important american institution. when the challenges at wells fargo demanded decisive action, we acted too slowly and too incrementally. that was unacceptable. >> wells fargo is still facing
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multiple investigations including probes by the justice department, the sec and the labor department. a reminder now, if you have a consumer problem or question, email or call us:
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healthy. a deadline is looming for a tech billionaire to open the gate to martins beach. will it? that and more at 5:00. coming up at 1:00, cbs news will carry a special report, president trump's latest briefing on the puerto rico hurricane relief effort. >> that's it for kpix 5 news at noon. have a wonderful afternoon. bye.
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