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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 5, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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different story. we'll have that for you. good morning, i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. "karl the fog" is only visiting certain parts of the b >> making a little entrance slowly. >> karl -- we've missed him. it's been a while. but now he is hovering on the golden gate bridge right on the bridge and we have proof of that right there. hello, karl. it's been a while. good to see you, maybe? i don't know if people welcome you as much as we might in the weather world but here's a look at the bay bridge. what a difference that is. different microclimates. 53 degrees in concord. oakland 52. livermore 50. san francisco 50. san jose in the low 50s, as well. santa rosa 43. coming up, we'll talk about your forecast for today. it's going to be warmer than yesterday. heads up. we have a traffic alert for drivers. if you travel along southbound 101, all lanes are blocked just before woodside road due to an earlier accident. we have not been given a time
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as to when chp plans to re- open those lanes. but in the meantime, all traffic is diverted off at the whipple avenue. and they are detouring folks through those streets so just be prepared for delays. those streets aren't able to accommodate the normal freeway traffic once things get busy so you will need to allow for extra time. a backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. looks like this is in the cash lanes. 10 minutes from the maze into san francisco. investigators are having a tough time trying to determine motive tort mass shooting in las vegas -- for the mass shooting in las vegas despite the interview with the girlfriend of the gunman, stephen paddock. the sheriff of the county says he planned to survive after the shooting. there was no suicide note in his hotel room. more now from kpix 5's andria borba. >> reporter: clark county's sheriff says stephen paddock fired for 10 straight minutes out of his hotel suite window
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from 10:05 to 10:15 in a crowd of 22,000. >> the man spent decades acquiring weapons and ammunition and living a secret life. >> reporter: he called him disturbed and dangerous and said that 100 investigators had been working 72 hours straight to piece together a profile of what might have motivated the mass murderer. he said someone knows something. and he wants to talk to them. >> anything that would indicate this individual's trigger points and this would cause him to do such harm. >> reporter: in los angeles, the fbi interviewed his girlfriend marilou danley. she returned from the philippines and broke her silence through her attorney. >> "while there, he wired me money which he said was for me to buy a house for me and my family. i was grateful but honestly, i was worried that first the unexpected trip home and then
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the money was a way of breaking up with me. it never occurred to me in any way whatsoever that he was planning violence against anyone." >> reporter: danley is said to be fully cooperating with investigators. did paddock originally have a different target in mind? he rented a hotel room on airbnb above the life is beautiful festival in downtown las vegas the week before. we don't know if the 23 weapons found inside his mandalay bay room made it to a perch above that event, as well. >> it's troublesome that this individual was able to move this amount of gear into a hotel room unassisted. it's troublesome for the amount of stuff he had at both residences unassisted. so there's people that know this individual. there's people that could help us. >> reporter: andria borba, kpix 5. >> according to the las vegas review journal, one of
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paddock's bullets hit an aviation field tank at mccarran international airport. the tank was penetrated but there was no explosion. at least 45 victims of the shooting are hospitalized in critical condition. 58 victims were killed including three women with ties to the bay area. 32-year-old michelle vo was a san jose native a graduate of independence high school. she had been working in the insurance industry in southern california. and at the music festival, she befriended cody robertson a man from ohio. he was with her as she was hit by a bullet. >> it was the second round of shots where she got hit. she dropped immediately to my side and she was literally standing right next to me. something i'll remember every day of my life. um -- [ pause ] >> you know, she literally was right here. >> robertson and another man performed cpr on her and put her on a pickup toward a hospital where she was pronounced dead. later, robertson was able to get her cell phone and get in contact with her family. a vigil for vo is planned in
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san jose tomorrow evening 7:30 at city hall. four days out from the mass shooting, many in the las vegas area are showing some extra kindness to each other as the long healing process begins. kpix 5's juliette goodrich shows us how they are rallying together after the tragedy. >> reporter: tonight las vegas boulevard known as the strip is reopened after it was partially closed the last couple of days near mandalay bay. the town is slowly but surely coming to life. when we first flew in on monday, you could see how shellshocked people were. they were pale and in disbelief. today people still want to talk about how they're thinking and feeling. las vegas, a town healing. >> i'm just really numb. you know? still in shock. um, telling people vegas is, you know, vegas is still here. >> love people. >> reporter: this father and daughter brought their therapy dogs to comfort victims' families. >> we met a couple that had
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lost their son. they missed their dog so they wanted to pet our dogs and they talked about their son, how much their son loved dogs and so it was beautiful. >> reporter: even those here to help and heal feel broken. >> it's way different than seeing it on tv. [ crying ] >> so -- it's tough. it's really hurt these people. [ crying ] >> my dogs help me, too. [ crying ] >> reporter: now that the las vegas boulevard is reopened, i want to give you a closer look at the scene and specifically mandalay bay. we pan up to the 32nd floor, you can see where the shots were fired. this is now become an eerie tourist site. you can see the broken glass and where it is boarded up. and directly across the street is where the route 91 festival took place. it is now a crime scene and will be closed off indefinitely during the investigation. these las vegas residents left flowers by the las vegas welcome sign. and if there is any sign this
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town that never sleeps is starting to reawaken -- >> thank you very much. >> reporter: -- look no further. are you here to brighten their spirits and give them that sense of vegas? >> we do it together. it's not just me for them. it's them for me, as well. it's all of us. >> reporter: "elvis" spent much of the day at the welcome sign greeting people as they come into town. for those who live and work here, they hope this continues to be that international destination for fun, celebration and weddings. in las vegas, juliette goodrich, kpix 5. the mass shooting in vegas has sfpd working to ensure security isn't compromised during the fleet week this week and the hardly strictly bluegrass this weekend. the chief says a tactical team will keep an eye on fleet week events patrolling by car, bike and on foot. the chief says the department is doing everything possible to keep people safe. >> i know with the situation
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in las vegas, a lot of people are anxious about events in general and we are doing everything we can in the san francisco police department, our deployment is heightened. we want people to see officers out in the streets. >> police are also stressing that if you see something, say something. and the blue angels take flight this afternoon practicing ahead of their weekend performances. their first official performance kicks off tomorrow at noon featuring stunt pilots and parachutists. but if you look up today, you may see them. >> practicing. >> it's beautiful. the weather is just right for it so it will be nice. clear skies what they need and that's what they are going to get. this morning, there is a little bit of cloud coverage right over the golden gate bridge. i want to show you our future cam. it's interesting. you can see the tops of the bridge. if you look closely there. obviously, there's that fog. that's just hovering below those lights at the very, very top making for the interesting view this morning. so yeah, looks like just literally be right there at the golden gate. here's a look at our satellite and radar. so you can see some of the
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coverage here along the coastline. but it shouldn't be working its way into the bay whatsoever. just hanging right there on the very edges and then it will creep right back out into the pacific ocean. our winds right now are fairly calm between six to eight- mile-per-hour winds sfo at 8, west winds in san francisco at 8 which is what is pushing fog into our area into the bay. it's just the winds west right here and then northeast in oakland so it's going to be battling itself out and eventually the fog will get out of here. calm skies to the north. fairfield south-southwest winds at 5. today temperatures warmer than yesterday. we are in the middle of the warming trend as those temperatures work their way up even more through the weekend. foggy along parts of the bay, just slight areas. and then the cooldown is starting next week. i'll explain why coming up. but first we'll get through the weekend and talk about the weekend forecast in just a bit. sounds good, neda.
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thank you. we have a traffic alert to tell drivers about. this is along southbound 101 currently all lanes blocked. so just before woodside road. so all traffic is being diverted off at whipple and then detoured through those streets and allowed to get back on 101. but you will need to add some extra time to your morning commute. this will definitely add a few minutes and as the morning commute picks up if this is still out there it's likely to get much, much slower. so right now we are not seeing any significant backups on 101. it's still early. here's a live look at 680 right at the 242 junction there. and we have a crash southbound or excuse me, northbound 242 as you approach highway 4. it's not blocking lanes but it's a rollover crash so a visual distractions there. and then we have that roadwork again southbound 680 between monument and rudgear so we're already seeing yellow sensors light up the screen there. give yourself some extra time. ha t's a check of your
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traffic; over to you. time now 4:40. calls for tighter gun control have grown louder in the wake of the las vegas shooting. the new restrictions several republican lawmakers say they would consider. >> plus, the group from berkeley is heading to puerto rico with supplies for hurricane victims and there's still time for you to help. ♪[ music ] jack's breakfast pockets for 2 dollars each.
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meet with those affected by this week's mass shooting. in clark county, the president praised doct president trump is back at the white house after a las vegas visit to meet with those affected by this week's mass shooting. in clark county, the president praised doctors and offered prayers. he told the people of las vegas they are not alone. >> america is truly a nation in mourning. >> air force one landed in the shadow of the mandalay bay yesterday morning, then the president drove near the scene. massacre. he also comforted shooting survivors at a hospital that treated many of the injured and thanked first responders at the las vegas police command center. >> words cannot describe the
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bravery that the whole world witnessed on sunday night. americans defied death and hatred with love and with courage. when the. when the worst of humanity strikes, and strike it did the best of humanity responds. >> the president said the nation will wrestle with the tragedy for quite some time. but he refused to answer when he was asked about gun control. it is an issue some california wants addressed these are the results of a poll. on whether gun ownership protects law- abiding citizens... 47-percent say it makes society more dangerous compared to 39 percent who say it protects citizens. 69-percent hey would support a nationwide semi-automatic weapo some top republi re suggesting y be open to stricter gun controls.
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senators john cornyn... lindsey graham... orrin hatch... and marco rubio all said.. they'd >> some top republicans may be opener to stricter gun control laws. senators john cornyn, hatch and rubio would be open to considering legislation on bump stocks. the las vegas gunman used those bump stocks to modified semi-automatic riles to fire as if they are fully automatic. yesterday california senator dianne feinstein introduced a bill to ban them. she says that her daughter planned to attend the festival in las vegas but later she changed those plans. feinstein also talked about the horrors of november 27th, 1978, that day she found supervisor harvey milk and mayor george moscone shot to death at san francisco city hall. >> and now after las vegas i hope senators will finally summon the political courage to stand up and say enough is enough. >> i think it's particularly
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inappropriate to politicize an event like this. it just happened within the last day and a half. it's entirely premature to be discussing about legislative solutions, if any. >> now, there's been an average of one mass shooting of four or more people killed each day since sandy hook almost five years ago. in that time, there's been no shift in the nation's gun laws. as for those bump stocks that congress may ban, retailers are selling out of them. there's currently no federal law banning bump stocks. and we want to point out that they are illegal in california. fema says the flow of supplies in puerto rico is now moving quickly to survivors of hurricane maria. those supplies include meals and bottled water. hundreds of thousands of people in the u.s. territory still have no running water or power. experts believe it will take months to restore electricity to the entire island. in the meantime, fema plans to use almost 500 generators. florida will also send 50 highway patrol officers to puerto rico to help with law
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enforcement. one group from the bay area is about to head to puerto rico with its own stash of supplies for survivors. more now from kpix 5's joe vazquez. >> we have vitamins, batteries. >> lanterns. >> lanterns that you can charge your cell phones from. >> reporter: this activist filmmaker of berkeley is pack up to fly to puerto rico. he is taking extra stuff with him. >> delta airlines says that we could bring three bags 100 pounds each for free to bring humanitarian to puerto rico. [ screaming ] >> reporter: he is with a group called defend puerto rico. they rallied outside the federal building in oakland because they claim the federal government has fallen short when it comes to getting food, water and basic help to the people back home. the visit by the president did not go over well here. >> it's just broke me heart it was so bad. humiliating. >> reporter: many of these folks have relatives back home
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in desperate situations. >> that was so disrespectful. in a time of crisis, we need real leadership and we can don't need a president throwing paper towels at a people. get your hands dirty. have some compassion. [ singing ] >> mr. president, would you realize that puerto ricans are u.s. citizens and they deserve the same respect as every other citizen in america. [ chanting ] >> reporter: many donations and supplies are sitting on runways or ports on the island. that's why eli says he put out a call for donations and they are pouring in. >> so this is an opportunity for the bay area and for the community of puerto ricans and supporters to get things into the direct hands of the people that need it most. >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> the group will continue to accept donations today at the academy school in berkeley. >> it's good to see the supplies getting to the people. it must have been frustrating for millions of puerto ricans when supplies weren't getting to people after the hurricane. here at home, temperatures
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are going to be warming up today. it felt okay. >> felt good. this morning calm winds and fog over the golden gate. you can see it's just below the tops of the bridge. very low fog coverage low stratus. it's not affect the bay bridge. so they are just a few miles apart but definitely different weather patterns. temperatures in the low 50s. low 40s for santa rosa this morning. san jose 53. san francisco 50. here's the satellite-radar clear skies we are experiencing on land but just right off the coast there's a slight bit of marine layer right there as you pretty much it's not going to really work its way into the bay. usually we may see that but not so much this time of year because the winds usually are not pushing from the west. they are not the onshore flow that we usually get. we are getting the offshore
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flow and that's helping push that fog coverage away. here's that low that brought us crazy winds monday, tuesday. now it's moved further east hovering over montana, colorado, also may see some storm action from this the rockies getting snow, as well. for us by this moving out of the way, it's making room for our high pressure that's going to bring us more sunshine so temperatures will be rising this weekend. so by saturday, sunday, we are going to see quite the bump. today's going to be warmer than yesterday. tomorrow will be warmer than today. it will continue that upward trend which you will see in that seven-day forecast. as far as temperatures for today go, 83 degrees the high in concord. 84 in fairfield. napa 81 degrees. look at that seven-day forecast. here you go for the weekend. temperatures mid-90s in time for fleet week. sunshine in store 80s around the bay and mid-70s at the beaches. jaclyn? >> neda, thank you. and we continue to monitor this situation along southbound 101. a traffic alert is in effect
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all lanes on southbound 101 belonged just before woodside road. all traffic is diverted at whipple and detouring through the streets. you are allowed to get back onto southbound 101 using the woodside road on-ramp. so that on-ramp is open but it's closed just before that off-ramp there at woodside. right now, we are starting to see a backup. our sensors showing black detailing this but there is a closure there along 101 but no significant delays just yet. it's still very early. we will take it to concord where we were track an earlier accident along 242. it's not blocking any lanes but we are seeing a backup eastbound highway 4 approaching 242 as well as the usual slowdowns out of antioch westbound 4 but it looks like that 680 roadwork was picked up because it's all back in the green. so that's the good news. over at the bay bridge toll plaza, reports of a two-car crash. it appears that they have cleared that over to the shoulder there. so we're not seeing a backup
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due to the accident, but we see cash lanes starting to fill up. in the green across the bridge. hat's a check of your traffic; ove r to you. time now 4:52. the battle over the concert curfew at leave reaches a new level as coldplay hits the stage. ♪[ music ]
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this damaged bridge damaged by last winter's storms is get ready for warm temperatures. low 80s in palo alto and sunnyvale. santa clara at 83 degrees. fremont a bit cooler at 79. over in the east bay, temperatures in the mid-80s now. antioch and brentwood 84. walnut creek at 81 today.
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downtown san francisco 73. sausalito 72. petaluma 81. this bridge damaged by last winter's storms is re- opening soon. this is what it looked like as "skydrone5" flew over pfeiffer canyon bridge just eight months ago, but look at it now. caltrans crews have been working around the clock finishing years of work in months. the bridge opens october 13th, next friday, around 5 p.m. a weekday curfew law is sparking debate among people who pay up to watch concerts at levi's stadium. kpix 5's maria medina shows us how a recent coldplay concert brought all their concerns to the surface. [ very loud music ] >> reporter: it's coldplay at the center of santa clara's curfew controversy. some of their fans wondered would they get their money's worth if the band abided by the city's 10 p.m. curfew. >> i'll be disappointed if coldplay doesn't come on until 9:00 and i get an hour's worth of my money. that's their issue, not the
4:56 am
local people's issue. >> reporter: the tiff over time reached the boiling point last week with the 49ers president declaring a moratorium on weekday concerts saying silencing the music at 10:00 to avoid a city fine is not possible. >> my view on it is the local people deserve to be protected and so the band should come on stage earlier. what's stopping them? >> reporter: last week city leaders denied coldplay's request to play an hour past curfew. and the restriction also caused singer ed sheeran to cancel his concert at levi's. >> i think it's dumb they built a stadium in an area where people will complain so much. >> reporter: but the curfew wasn't the only issue on the minds of concert-goers. one woman was upset about tightened security. while there was no specific threat to the stadium, security was increased in the wake of the las vegas shooting. >> can happen to anybody anywhere. so you have to live your life. don't worry about that. >> reporter: maria medina, kpix 5. a bay area "meals on
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wheels" program is cutting service on weekends. sos "meals on wheels" in alameda county sent out a notice that reads: we regret ending weekend meal delivery service. this is a necessary cost savings measure. we rely on donations to keep the meals coming. the charity served 1200 senior citizens in alameda county. it will continue delivering monday through friday. it's 4:57. investigators in nevada are working to piece together events that led to the deadly mass shooting in las vegas sunday night. this morning, authorities have adjusted the number of injured. >> cell phones aren't the only things distracting drives. we'll tell you about those complex navigation systems and how they can be dangerous for drivers. the details -- dangerous for drivers. the details coming up. cbs eye on the community...
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it helps our team members see the work that they do in the store every day... how that actually relates to their communities. cbs eye on the community is sponsored by target. i'm michelle griego. and i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live look outside... the mo start... good morning, everyone.
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it is thursday, october 5. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning, i'm kenny choi. outside on this thursday morning, live look at the bay bridge, clear conditions near there. a live look at 880 on the right. things looking good and according to my source, jaclyn dunn, she says that the rest of 880 is


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