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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  October 5, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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for undocumented youth to renew their status under "daca" -- or ris now at noon, we're just hours away from a deadline for undocumented youth to renew their status under daca or risk deportation. a south bay lawmaker and
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university officials want the governor to protect immigrants. anne makovec reports. >> reporter: today's daca deadline brings even more urgency to a bill now on the governor's disto be bring protection to college students statewide -- disto be bring protection to college students statewide. >> my mother came here to give us a better life, not herself. >> reporter: the 21-year-old student at san jose state has been in the u.s. since she was 4. >> the question is what am i going to do with the degree i get? >> reporter: the wiping down of daca means her legal stands -- the winding down of daca means her legal stats is expiring. >> will i have a job? >> reporter: state assembly bill 21 would require all california universities and colleges to extend resources to undocumented students, faculty and staff like financial aid and legal representation. potentially, it will ward off challenges to their ability to stay in the country legally. >> they are doing everything right. this is where we want them to
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be. we want them to be going to school bettering themselves and let's work on comprehensive immigration reform and allow these students to continue to seek their education. >> reporter: but daca is leaving worries for its recipients. >> i'm giving the federal government all my information, all -- not only my information, but my family's information. >> reporter: while she is concerned about what might become of that disclosure, she pushes on for her mother. >> every time i think about being scared or even crying, like, i'm not saying crying is bad but she doesn't have the time to stop and cry and feel afraid because she has to continue to push for myself and my siblings. >> reporter: the deadline for governor brown to sign all the bills now on his desk is october 15th. at san jose state, anne makevoc, kpix 5. president trump announced last month that he was ending the "deferred action for childhood arrivals" program. congress has six months to work out an immigration deal. new at noon, governor jerry
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brown has expand protections for immigrants. it puts limitations on state and local law enforcement's ability to assist the federal government enforce immigration law. this could spark an intense standoff with the trump administration. governor brown says the action makes sure that people contributing to california are respected. investigators in las vegas are working to find out if the gunman checked in or tried to book rooms in other u.s. hotels near concert events before sunday's mass shooting. mola lenghi reports that they want to know whether stephen paddock had any help planning this massacre. >> reporter: investigators looking into the mass shooting in las vegas released a timeline of sunday night's event. they say the gunman fired the first shots at 10:05 p.m. and stopped shooting 10 minutes later. two minutes after that officers reached the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay hotel where paddock was holed up. at 11:20 they breached the
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hotel room and found his dead body after he shot himself. police say he had an escape plan but minutes after the shooting began, a hotel security guard showed up outside his suite and paddock shot him in the leg. >> he remained with officers and got them in and helped them clear rooms. >> reporter: investigators are looking to see whether paddock tried to book rooms in other hotels across the country near big concert events before the sunday mass shooting. the weekend before the shooting, paddock rented a room at another las vegas hotel, the ogden, near a different music festival. yesterday, the fbi spoke with paddock's girlfriend marilou danley. through her attorney, she says she had no idea what he was up to when he sent her to the philippines. >> i was worried that first the unexpected trip home and then the money was a way of breaking up with me. it never occurred to me in any way whatsoever that he was planning violence. >> reporter: authorities say based on the amount of weapons
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found at the crime scene, they assume paddock had to have help. mola lenghi, cbs news, las vegas. >> more than 150 victims remain in the hospital, about 50 still in critical condition. we are learning more about what was behind a photo of two strangers connected by a love for music and tragedy in las vegas. kpix 5's jackie ward joins us now with their story. >> reporter: michelle, a man who is a mechanic here in san francisco owes his life to a woman he had just met sunday night. there's a picture of them that has circulated around the world. now they have a special bond forever because the woman saved him. >> so i get on the ground, you know, jump out of my chair and get on the ground or stay in my chair. i chose to stay in my chair. i said hi, george, i'm going to get out of here. >> reporter: nearly four days after they were charged, george and larissa are talking about
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this, now iconic photo of their daring escape. >> i see that picture and i'm, like, oh, my god, gunshots were fired and i'm standing up straight. >> bullets flying and you're saving people. >> yeah. that kind of freaked me out a little bit, i can't lie, that did. but, okay, it's all for the greater good, right? [ automatic gunfire ] >> reporter: she tried to find him a path to save with automatic fire in the background. >> there was no way he could get through. there was rubbish everywhere. >> beer cans, trash, everything was on the ground but we were able to push through that. >> reporter: the icu nurse at las vegas sunrise hospital had only a sprained ankle but some wounds run deeper. >> at nice when you're sleeping, you just -- at night, when you're sleeping, you just can't get the gunshots out of your head. >> my daughter -- [ crying ] >> she saw a man die. [ crying ]
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>> reporter: back home here in san francisco, with his 11-year- old daughter and 13-year-old son, cook says the selfless act was heaven sent. >> i'm a single dad with two kids at home so it was real important that i'm alive. maybe that's why this happened. maybe that's why, um, this person was sent to save me. to be there for the kids. >> larissa and george plan to keep in touch. thank you. two chp officers are recovering after their patrol car crashed on southbound highway 101 in redwood city. it happened while they were responding to a call around 3 a.m. police say another driver lost control and crashed into them near woodside road. rescuers had to pull both officers from the vehicle. both have been released from the hospital. east bay solo drivers may soon have a faster way to get to work. new express lanes from walnut creek to san ramon are opening
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next monday morning. kpix 5's jessica flores has the story. >> reporter: the hov lane from walnut creek to san ramon starting october 9th turning to express lanes open to solo drivers who pay the tolls to use the lanes. drivers will need fastrak to use the express lanes between 5 and 8 a.m. the tolls decrease when traffic decreases. >> the minimum toll is 50 cents per zone. there is no official maximum. the actual toll rates will be determined by demand for space in the lanes by realtime traffic conditions. >> reporter: and there is a way to use the express lanes for free by carpooling. >> if you are a carpooler, on a motorcycle or in a clean air vehicle with a green decal or a white decal, you're eligible to use the express lanes toll- free. and all you have to do is use a fastrak flex toll tag. >> reporter: if you have passengers, simply indicate the number on your fastrak toll tag
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setting it to 2 or 3. the metropolitan transportation commission says they expect the traffic in the lanes to move about 45 miles per hour during peak times. transportation officials say we can expect 550 miles of express lanes in the region by 2025. in san ramon, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. you will have to wait a bit longer to ride on bart's new fleet of the future. the redesigned train cars are now expected to hit the tracks by thanksgiving. bart says it needs more time to work out some technical issues ranging from the system's air- conditioning system to trouble with the friction brakes. the new cars were originally set to debut last month. nasa is giving a hand to the international space station. this morning, two astronauts floated out to the station's robotic arm to install the new latching mechanism. they are replacing the hand that malfunctioned back in august. engineers say it was worn out. this is the first of three spacewalks planned over the next two weeks. coming up next, the move
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that's about to hit tens of millions of subscribers of netflix. >> take a look at the skies across the city skyline. that's gorgeous! we have clear skies there. golden gate also looking good. but at the beaches, a bit of a marine layer. we'll talk about that coming up. will it be clear enough for fleet week?
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ez shows. netflix is raising the price on it most popular plans. expect to pay a little bit more to stream some of your favorite shows. netflix is raising the price on its most popular plans. the $10 plan will soon cost $11
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a month. and the $12 plan that provides ultra-high definition goes up to $14 a month. this is the first price increase in two years but if you don't mind going without hd you won't be affected. looking at wall street, the dow up 101 points right now at this hour. tonight the tampa bay buccaneers host the new england patriots in thursday night football right here on kpix 5! >> kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks brook silva-braga reports. >> reporter: not long ago, the notion that bernard ready's office would be an nfl locker room seemed farfetched. >> you know it seems surreal. can't believe it. >> reporter: he was a star receiver at the university of toledo but then failed to make an nfl team. he moved back home to tampa. unemployed. i could do that. >> reporter: he went from
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running routes to driving routes for a company called care ride that transports clients with limited mobility. >> thank you very much. it paid $11 an hour and last summer he didn't seem to mind. >> i seen that it was a blessing and that i could help others so why stop? >> reporter: he kept driving even when the buccaneers invited him to camp only when stopping in a surprise he made the team of. his first game was september 10. it turned out to be the same day hurricane irma would hit. >> this is serious stuff and you will die. >> reporter: he was called on to help in the evacuation of tampa but his old boss doug johnson had a problem. many of his drivers were evacuating themselves. so johnson calls reedy. >> you got the ability to work this afternoon? he goes, i'll get right back at you. >> reporter: an hour later he was helping evacuate his hometown. >> they was happy for me to pick them up. >> he didn't have to come to work that day.
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he is making more money than i'm ever going to make. >> touchdown buccaneers! >> reporter: nearly half a million dollars this season, some may be surprised to hear bernard still plans to drive. >> go back this off season? >> yes, i will. >> reporter: never forget where you started, he said. brook silva-braga, cbs news, tampa. >> that is so cool. our pregame coverage of the patriots-bucs starts at 4:30 right here on kpix 5 following a special edition of kpix 5 news at 4:00. >> got that giving heart. >> i want to track tropical storm nate for you because this one in the southwest caribbean impacting nicaragua and honduras moving northwest. it was a tropical depression this morning. now it's upgraded because of those winds. the winds are intensifying. it's moving northwest at 9 miles per hour. so yellow areas under a hurricane watch which includes
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southeast mexico right there and then look at the way it's tracking saturday morning it could intensify to a category 1 hurricane with 75-mile-per-hour winds. and then it may make landfall in the southeastern portions of the u.s. louisiana, mississippi, georgia, could feel the effect of this hurricane possibly by sunday morning as it moves further into the u.s. by monday. here at home look what we're seeing. beautiful blue skies ready for the blue angels starting their practicing later on this afternoon. coit tower hello there. enjoy lunch outside, 78 in concord. oakland 64. san francisco 67 degrees right now. the marine layer is hanging off the coast. the low that brought us wind monday and tuesday moved east and this high is going to move into the bay area over northern
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california through the weekend which means those temperatures on the rise. the seven-day forecast showing you what's going on for the weekend. so inland areas in the 90s. by the weekend for the bay temperatures in the 80s, maybe upper 70s. fires on monday. we have so much going on in town this weekend. hardly strictly bluegrass -- excuse me -- [ laughter ] >> -- temperatures will be nice for that at golden gate park. sunny skies and yes, fleet week mid-70s. perfect weather for the sailors in town. [ laughter ] >> you emphasize that. >> well. >> it's fun. >> thanks, neda. more than 3,000 military personnel will be in the bay area for fleet week. and we want to share your fleet week photos with us. just tag us on facebook, twitter, instagram and
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snapchat. your dad was a sailor. >> my dad was a sailor. >> we have to get a picture. >> i'll post it. it's cute. a new class of nominees has been announced for the 2018 rock and roll hall of fame. this year's 19 nominees come from a wide range of musical genres. they include bon this is the second time jothe band . has been nominated. bon jovi was previously nominated in 2011 but didn't get inducted. ll cool j also part of the class. and like bon jovi has been nominated several times. he was last on the ballot in 2014. and this december, he will become a first rapper to become as a kennedy center nominee recipient. >> a british duo is known for sweet dreams and here comes the rain again, the eurythmics. >> nina simone is a first time nominee. it remains to be seen whether she will sell enough voters to get in.
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the inductees will be announced in september. inspiring young girls to pursue their dreams and helping them take action. meet this week's jefferson award winner next. >> and what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at cools, and we may feature your school on the thursday morning show. a good mentor can encourage,
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an oakland woman does all that... and more... for east bay girls. kpix 5's sharon chin introduces us to this week's bay area je a good mentor can encourage, empower and inspire. an oakland woman does that and
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more for east bay girls. sharon chin introduces us to this week's bay area jefferson award winner. >> so what are you interested in. >> reporter: a job interview can be nerve-wracking so amber practices with a teen so she will be ready for the real thing. >> she is very awesome. she is very relatable to. >> reporter: amber volunteers with girls, inc., of alameda county since 2009. the nonprofit empowers girls in academics and leadership. amber's coaching leaves jennifer comfortable and confident. as a young person the oakland native benefited from the upward bound college prep program and the mayor's summer jobs program. and she volunteers to give back. >> i have not forgotten that there have been so many people that helped me and continue to help me. i want to keep that going. >> reporter: she runs her own online marketing consulting business but the seeds of leadership were planted by her childhood mentors. >> they noticed that i loved to
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learn. i was a nerd and so that's how i got involved in actually helping out and tutoring my peers. >> reporter: now as an adult, amber is a priceless role model. this person, ceo of girls, inc., of alameda county. >> it makes a difference for the girls to know that there's someone who understands what they are going through and has a vision of what's possible for the future. >> reporter: amber gives marketing and social media training to at-risk youth and she is a trustee with the alameda county board of education. at the end of the day -- >> it's a great day to me if i have been able to help one person. >> reporter: so for her work's community volunteer especially as a mentor to girls, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to amber childress. sharon chin, kpix 5. >> and you can nominate your own local hero for a jefferson award online at we'll be right back.
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of kpix 5 news at 4 o'clock. we're the generation that had it all. we're the generation that had the music and the moves. we're the generation that had the style. well, sometimes. we're the generation that walked where no one had walked before, like no one had walked before, and, boy, did we know how to fly. we're the generation that had a dream and broke down walls. we came together to feed the world's children. we came together to protect them. and in this dangerous world, we have to keep on saving them, protecting them, caring for them even when we're gone. if we remember unicef in our will, we'll remember the children who desperately need our help, and we'll be the generation who left a better world for children.
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visit by living off the grid. completely. or... set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. energy upgrade california. cpresented bye cotarget.... food has the power to transform lives. with the help of target, the san francisco marin food bank addresses hunger head-on in the community. our food pantries are vibrant. people feel welcomed, and they're being respected. it helps our team members see the work that they do in the store every day... how that actually relates to their communities.
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cbs eye on the community is sponsored by target. oakland green- lights a plan to house the homeless in sheds- and it may ask the public to c coming up on a special the planof kpix 5 news at 4:00. to house eetsoaanmele ss d ingh grlin sh and it may ask the public to pay. that's at 4:00. the news is followed by
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thursday night football pregame coverage and then the patriots play the tampa bay buccaneers here on kpix 5. and i know you'll have to start rooting for tom brady. >> i have to. >> because he is on my fantasy football team. >> the things we do for fantasy football. >> before we go look at the beach. we are seeing a bit of a marine layer out there. so temperatures are going to feel comfortable. oh, look at these pictures! the marine layer not stopping them. welcome fleet week! have a great day.
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♪ >> steffy: i don't understand. you seriously don't see any problem jetting off to san francisco with that woman? >> liam: it's not a romantic getaway. if you could get the time off work, i'd say you should come. >> steffy: i'm not thinking it's romance. i'm not gonna stand by and watch you be played by her. >> liam: that's not what sally's doing. >> steffy: oh, my god. i have literally told you she is my archrival. >> liam: i thought that was a figure of speech. >> steffy: oh... >> liam: okay. all right. fine. whether it is or not, what's that got to do with me? >> steffy: you're my husband. >> liam: [ sighs ] okay. steffy, when i took over my father's business, that was about something. there's a plan here, and it's greater than you, and it's


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