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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  October 6, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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vallejo times herald, reports the victim is 51 years old. the police department has not released much information about the case. we don't know if the other father, the gunman, if he has been arrested and we also don't know if he'll claim self- defense for the shooting. now the local newspaper is reporting that a large number of people actually witnessed the fight and the shooting, but very few of them are actually cooperating with the police department. bill the way, this is vallejo's 11th home -- by the way, this is vallejo's 11th homicide of the year. i'm da lin, kpix5. investigators in las vegas said again today they still have no definitive motive for the shooting massacre at a country music concert. we're looking at a live picture of the site of that shooting. it's an empty lot now with piles of debris from the tragic night. cbs news reporter mola lenghi is there to tell us what kind of clues the gunman left behind. >> reporter: investigators combed slowly through the concert grounds still littered
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with abandoned belongings . while crews continue to search for evidence cbs news has learned the shooter who killed over 50 people here may have rigged his car to explode. he left 50 rounds of ammunition and an explosive inside the vehicle. >> we have no credible information to report to you as to motivation. >> reporter: the las vegas undersheriff said they're running down more than 1,000 leads. >> in the past terror attacks or mass murder incidents, motive was made very clear in most of those cases by a note that was left, by a social post, by a telephone call that was made, by investigators mining computer data. today in our investigation we don't have any of that uncovered. >> reporter: in the sha low of the mandalay bay -- shadow of the mandalay bay hotel the victims who were gunned down and killed will be remembered for 40 days with these 58
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wooden crosses. kristen malalou is visiting from manchester, england. the city is still recovering from a terror attack. >> you do feel it when you hear it. >> reporter: tom and mary snyder are from new jersey and trying to comprehend all the life lost here. >> you know, you let your kids go out to concerts. we do. we say be safe and there they go. >> reporter: it could have been your kids. >> it could have been. >> reporter: marilou danley told investigators he would scream in his sleep and she was worried about his mental stability. mola lenghi, cbs news, las vegas. >> investigators are calling the hotel security guard who approached the las vegas shooter's room a true hero. jesus campos was responding to what the hotel called a door alarm when he was shot in the leg by paddock on the 32nd floor. >> he turned around and retreated. he notified his dispatch, which was absolutely critical to us knowing the location as well as advising the responding
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officers as they arrived on that 32nd floor. paddocks room... >> campos was the first to discover the stairwells to the 32nd floor had been barricaded. he gave police a pass to paddock's room and worked through his injury to help get hotel guests to safety. yers will now of that kind president trump is rolling back contraceptive coverage for women. more employers will now be allowed to opt out of that kind of coverage. cbs reporter weigia jiang tells us the administration is framing the issue as a matter of freedom of religion. ct on moral >> reporter: liz, in fact, several conservative groups are celebrating today as a great day for religious freedom and the white house press secretary cited the first amendment to defend this rollback, but health advocates are outraged and say it is simply discrimination against women. her own body." (track 4) she says her organization will mp admi president trump issued a set of new rules that allows employers to opt out of providing certain contraception coverage to women if they object on moral or
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religious grounds. >> the president believes that the freedom to practice one's faith is a fundamental right in this country and i think all of us do and that's all this today was about. >> reporter: the trump administration says the obamacare mandate violates employers' freedom of religion. >> this is a president who supports the first amendment, supports the freedom of religion. i don't understand why that should be an issue. >> reporter: gretchen borchat with the national women's law center said the trump rules are a blow to women's health and rights. >> it's really prioritizing a certain religious view about contraception over a woman's own personal belief and her views of what's right for her and her body. >> reporter: she said her organization will join others in suing the trump administration. >> to take this away from women while not changing the other care that men receive is really attack on women. that's discrimination, pure and simple. >> reporter: an obama administration study showed more than 55 million women
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accessed free birth control because of the contraceptive coverage mandate. the new regulations could end that coverage for hundreds of thousands of women. the trump administration argues those women can simply use programs like planned parenthood for free or subsidized contraceptives, but health advocates say it's not so simple. even a 10 or $15 co-pay is a hardship for a lot of women adding many of those programs are already underfunded. >> and do you know how this will impact california specifically? >> reporter: several states took preemptive action in case something like this happened under a repeal of obamacare including california. so employers that have fully insured plans which fall under state regulation have to comply with state law and continue to provide free birth control, but some employers are self-funded and in those cases the domain falls under the federal government and they can use this new rule. >> depends on who you work for.
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thank you. ology and diplomacy". it's cond stop in a right now hillary clinton taking part in a discussion on technology and diplomacy at stanford. it's the second stop in a bay area visit. a little earlier today clinton supporters lined up to catch the two time democratic presidential candidate in san francisco. kpix5's anne makovec reports her book signing drew pool from around northern california. >> reporter: hillary clinton's san francisco book tour stop was a brief but memorable visit for the 1,000 people who got a signed copy of her book. >> i'm just expecting to see hillary and all her brilliance and energy she gives to all of us. >> reporter: the line is more like you'd see at a rock concert than a book signing that snaked around several blocks here. people were ready with sewns and even hillary-in -- seems
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and even hillary-inspire -- signs and even hillary-inspired clothing like this onesie. they started lining up at 5 a.m. >> tell her thank you and tell her we miss her. we love her. >> reporter: clinton's book that's when happened chronicles her historic nomination and presidential campaign, her loss and her life since then. >> i'm glad it was just an honest heartfelt loving book by hillary, you know, kind of getting behind the scenes that we hadn't seen before. >> reporter: tickets for this event went on sale in august28th and sold out in 18 hours of each person got one book and a few seconds with clinton and each came with a message. >> i want her to keep talking. keep talking. don't shut up because her voice really matters. >> reporter: in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix5. fire crews battled a small vegetation fire this afternoon in dublin covering about 5 acres. there are red flag warnings
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this weekend. let's check in with brian hackney. we've got red flag warnings posted, but they're posted beginning late sunday morning and extend through tuesday. that's when we're expecting that offshore flow, drier conditions and gusty winds as well up for the north and east bay and santa cruz mountains, humidity sound, winds up for late sunday. so we've got a weekend to prepare for that. it is going to be a warm weekend in the bay area, sunshine and temperatures ranging from the mid-60s along the coast, around the bay near 80 degrees and temperatures will peak inland on the warmest day of the weekend tomorrow near 90 degrees. we'll have a complete weather forecast in a few minutes. the other weather story, we are watching a high surf advisory in effect for the entire bay area coast. this is a live look in santa cruz at seymour lane. there's a greater chance of rip currents, large surf breaks and
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towering sneaker waves. still surfers tell us this is what they've been waiting for. >> for the first time in about two months there's been waves here. everybody has been sitting in flat water. now we've got some swell coming in, looking good for the rest of the week. >> just in time for rip curls grand search surf competition. it takes place tomorrow. new at 5:00 there will nobody more home games for a north bay high school football team. it's not a punishment. the players didn't do anything wrong. instead our emily turner tells us it's the field that's the big problem. emily? >> reporter: that field has been in place the last 10 years and it's been working in proper order for those 10 years, but this year not so much and now the administration and all of the athletic teams have been scrambling to try and figure out what to do and where they can play. e entiretiy of the year. games have be it may look playable, but that big chain link x in the middle of the field says otherwise. without enough bounce on terra linda's fake turf it now faces
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a real problem and has the school running down athletic solutions for the rest of the year. >> we were thoroughly expecting this to go another few years by person that comes out and does the testing and this year, whether it was the heavy rains, we don't know. >> reporter: the artificial field gets tested every year to make sure there's enough bounceback to keep athletes safe. after being in the clear the last 10 years, this year's g max score as it's called went from the 180s to a failing 212, 200 being the cutoff. >> safety comes first and immediately when we found this out friday, last friday, the 29th, we decided to close the field and that meant for not only athletes, but for our physical education classes as well. >> reporter: it will need to be ripped out and completely replaced, at least a $10,000 process that will likely take the entirety of the year. the remaining football games
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have gone to a neutral field. they're fixing up their practice field for winter and spring sports and are going the extra mile to insure students can still feel a home advantage wherever they are playing. >> well, it's definitely an in convenience. we want to make the best for the kids and still provide the best opportunity. so we're trying to figure out some fun ways to still make things feel the regular school spirit even when you're at another school site. >> reporter: and the next football game that terra linda will be playing is at marin catholic tomorrow afternoon. live in san rafael, emily turner, kpix5. coming up ships on the bay, jets in the skies, we'll preview a huge festival weekend in san francisco. >> plus roadwork in the south bay means a little less space for drivers, the plan to put a busy san jose road on a diet. hotel" in san rafael. >> and why some neighbors are snarling at the idea of a doggie hotel in san rafael.
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and i'm an arborist with i'pg&e in the sierras. the drought in california has killed trees on a massive scale.
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sa . >> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces. on the water and in the sky the u.s. military put on quite the show in san francisco as fleet week continues. we saw the parade of shifts this morning and this weekend -- ships this morning and this weekend ship tours will be available 9:00 to 4:00 on the embarcardero. a k-9 heroes event kicks off tomorrow morning and the fleet week airshow starts at noon until 4:00 tomorrow and sunday. >> we have a long history of sea services in our military here in the san francisco bay area and fleet week is that one opportunity we get to really show our support to our military forces throughout the world, throughout the globe, all the humanitarian missions they're performing and show them how much we care about
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them. >> more than 1 million people are expected to pour into san francisco for fleet week. if you're heading out for the celebrations, we want to see your pictures. maybe take a selfie with a sailor. you can tag kpix5 on instagram, facebook, snapchat or twitter. >> don't forget the marines. they're out there, too. another san francisco event drawing tens of thousands of people this weekend, the hardly strict ly bluegrass festival. security is being stepped up in the wake of the vegas shooting. kpix5's susie steimle is live in golden gate park where the festival is already underway. susie? >> reporter: it is. it's been going on since about noon today and as you can see behind me, there is that heavy police presence, heavily armed police presence that we're seeing standing here right at the entrance and that's something police and event organizers want you to know if you're coming down to this. you should expect to see that especially given recent events this week. every year about 500,000 to 3/4
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of 1 million people come down for fleet week. event organizes are say they want to make sure -- organizers say they want to make sure everything feels secure and everyone comes here to have fun. this is the 17th year of the event. it started in 2001. originally this was called the strictly bluegrass festival. after two years they started to diversify and added a bunch of different types of music. if you come down here this weekend, that is why it is now called the hardly strictly bluegrass festival. you'll see anybody from cheap trick to the lead singer of the black peas this weekend. shows go on until 11:00 tonight. 7 to 11:00 tomorrow and sunday and you don't have to be in person to see it and it's free. >> the world can enjoy it. a lot of this music is streamed live. you can check out some of your favorite artists anywhere from johannesburg to stockholm to
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anywhere in the world. >> reporter: warren helman is the man responsible for making this a free event. he was successful in private equity and decided to fund this. he's done so since 2001 when this started. he passed away sadly in2011 but still set aside money to make sure this event could happen. it looks like it's going to be a beautiful weekend. so come down to golden gate park. things wrap up at 7:00 tonight but start right up at 11 a.m. tomorrow. live in golden gate park, susie steimle, kpix5. a san jose neighborhood is going on a road diet and not everyone is happy about it. the idea is to make a main thoroughfare more accessible to cyclists. work is underway to reconfigure minnesota avenue and willow glen. instead of four traffic lanes it will have one each direction with the center turn-out lane. this will create room for new bike lanes. some residents are concerned about the impact on traffic. e with cars." neighbors did have a chance to weigh in at a public meeting
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last month. d >> to go ahead and congest minnesota because there's a few hundred people that want bike lanes doesn't make any sense because there's tens of thousands of drivers. >> going on that road diet is more than a hindrance than anything. it's great for bikers but not so great for people with cars. >> residents had a chance to weigh in at a public meeting last month and most said they supported the changes. at least seven crashes during today's morning commute involving deer. scientists say it all has to do with the season right now. these crashes happened on highway 101 in sausalito, 680, highway 24 in lafayette, 84 in newark near dumbarton bridge, 580 and grand at lake merritt, highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains and on 280 in san mateo county, all big deer areas. biologists say it is mating season for the black tailed deer here in california. that's the most common species in the bay area. also last night was a harvest
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moon. so with the extra moonlight they may have been feeding longer into the morning hours. plans for a doggie day care center in the north bay may have hit a snag. kpix5's don ford on why even some animal lovers say all those pets would be bad neighbors. >> reporter: the tail haven hotel and dog lounge in lafayette is a successful business. >> there's doggie day care. that's what we do. >> reporter: the owner wants to open a second location here at this warehouse in san rafael. she needs the approval of the planning commission and neighbors. neighbors are not happy. >> there's going to be a lot of dogs barking, pooping. >> reporter: the building is zoned mixed use light commercial. the problem is that it butts up against a residential neighborhood and while they have dogs themselves and say they love dogs, it's the permitted potential of 200 pooches that has everybody all worked up.
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>> it's going to be chaos. i just think it's chaos. so i'm concerned about it. i'm very concerned. >> i'm really respectful of that. i understand people's fears. >> reporter: emily says she has learned to run a quiet facility. >> we have to really manage the energy level and the way in which the dogs are interacting with each other and that's a whole lot of experience that goes into that and a lot of training with our staff. so a by-product is we have a really quiet facility. >> reporter: here in lafayette they demonstrated one method using a hose. when the dog barked, they sprayed a mist next to the animal on the ground. it seemed to work, but the neighbors aren't convinced. it's a warehouse. >> well, yeah, but i mean there's going be it a lot of barking day and night. how are you going to keep dogs quiet at night? >> reporter: the san rafael planning commission meets next tuesday for a final permit review. in san rafael, don ford, kpix5. >> i've got one, no comment.
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as we head outside, it's a beautiful day in the bay area, looks like the weekend is shaping up for more of the same and on the subject of dogs we're going to paws, be back in a minute. food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing,
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hi and welcome back. as we head 70 miles south from the sued yo to steamer's lane, a live view of a surfer's hotspot. it's one of the prime surfing locations in santa cruz and the surf will be up this weekend. the national weather service has already posted a beach hazards warning that's in effect saturday night for long period swells, one of which you're seeing there. those swells produce a rip current threat, sneaker waves, big breakers and the surfers are loving it, but if you're a big civilian like me, be careful if you're headed shoreside this weekend because there is a little threat out there by the beach and that's not the only thing that's turning out there in the ocean,
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but this is going to be moving into the gulf of mexico. it's not a hurricane yet, but tropical storm nate has winds up to 70 miles an hour tonight. the movement, it's trucking to the west, northwest at about 22 miles an hour, puts it in the gulf over the weekend. that will bring up the fuel for its engines and kick it into tropical storm strength by tomorrow and then a minimal hurricane as it makes landfall near new orleans by sometime saturday evening, but at least just a category 1. from there it's off to the atlantic seaboard in new england by monday, but in the meantime more rain for parts of the gulf. as we look live in the bay area at mount diablo, not a wisp of a cloud out there and that holds true as well closer to the shoreline as we look from oakland to the coast range, it's just sunny and it will be all weekend. concord has hit the 90-degree mark, in oakland 76, livermore 86 degrees, san francisco 73. high pressure is still in the command of the west coast as it nudges in over the pacific
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northwest northwest getting slight warming tomorrow. the winds pick up a bit sunday and monday and the surf, look at what i did. oh, well. sun is out, temperatures near 90 degrees inland on saturday. temperatures stay high and dry through next week. it's one of the reasons we have that red flag warning posted for sunday, mostly sunny afternoon through tuesday. for fleet week right through the weekend it will be mostly sunny and mild. in fact, almost warm in san francisco, 79 degrees. we already talked about hardly strictly bluegrass, 80 degrees this weekend in golden park, unusually warm for there, and the rock and roll half marathon in san jose, a morning temperature. sunday morning in san jose will be about 69. the raiders are taking on the ravens in a game that happens to be broadcast on channel 5 sunday at 1:05 p.m., sunny, warm and 80 degrees. travel forecast heading out of the bay area, looking good, 80s in the central valley. at sfo sunny, breezy, winds to 15 miles an hour. a few showers in chicago, but that is about it.
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overnight lows tonight we'll see in the 50s for the most part, sun-up on saturday morning 7:10 a.m. forecast tomorrow san francisco 75, concord 87, san jose 85, oakland 79 and the extended forecast we'll be looking for things to peak tomorrow in terms of temperatures and then ease off sunday through the end of the week. temperatures will be in the mid- to upper 80s and we'll be back after a break. they carry a desperate sign and often a baby begging on b.a.r.t. for hours. >> it's a first amendment protected right to panhandle. >> but are they really hard up? we wednesday undercover for weeks to find -- went undercover for weeks to find out. our cameras caught them getting into luxury cars and counting their haul. >> when you lie about those circumstances and then take money from people, that's not right. >> expect original reporting from kpix5 news. expect more.
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my name is cynthia haynes and i am a senior public safety specialist for pg&e. my job is to help educate our first responders on how to deal with natural gas and electric emergencies. everyday when we go to work we want everyone to work safely and come home safely. i live right here in auburn, i absolutely love this community. once i moved here i didn't want to live anywhere else. i love that people in this community are willing to come together to make a difference for other people's lives. together, we're building a better california.
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in 30 minutes.
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we're now monitoring thank you for watching tonight at 5:00. >> al and veronica will be back in 30 minutes. >> mason: the mystery deepens. >> i don't know what he was going to do with all of that tannerite. >> mason: paddock's car was packed with explosives that may have been primed to blow up. also tonight... >> i thought guns are bad, people with guns were bad. >> i just didn't want them in the house. >> mason: but now, what changed their minds? nate takes aim at the gulf coast. >> maybe it's the calm before the storm. >> mason: what storm is he talking about? >> you'll find out. >> mason: and steve hartman on a recurring nightmare. >> reporter: i keep hoping that someone in this endless procession of funerals will make us say, "that one, that one there is the last straw."


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