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tv   KPIX 5 News Sun Morn Edition  CBS  October 8, 2017 7:30am-8:30am PDT

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nation's first sanctuary state.. critics believe this is a dangerous move, while supporters say it protects immigrant families. we sit down with a u-c hastings california becomes the nation's first sanctuary state. critics believe this is a dangerous move while supporters say it protects immigrant families. we sit down to learn more. >> calls for tighter gun laws have grown louder in the wake of the shooting in las vegas. later, a congressman will be here to discuss gun control and a vigil he is holding tonight. >> more than 1 million people are expected in san francisco for fleet week and a major music festival. steps the police are taking to keep the crowds safe. good morning. >> let's go outside and take a look, clear skies across the
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bay area, and warm temperatures. it will be sunny and mild as you head out the door. we have red flag warnings in effect for the north and east bay hills and santa cruz mountains. along the coastline, a beach hazard statement. we will see highs around 67 along the coast, mid 70s along the bay and near 90 inland. looking ahead, expect a gradual warm up through next week, no major heat wave expected. warmer temperatures for the second week of accounted. our other big story, nate is on the move. it was downgraded to a tropical storm overnight as it pounded the gulf coast last night. the storm is expected to continue to rapidly weaken as it moves inland. >> new details on an amber alert for a two year old san francisco girl. she's safe but her father is now in custody. police picked up the 21 year old just before 10:00 last night. the other two suspects, a man and woman, were also arrested.
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police say the girl's mother had been assaulted and was taken to the hospital. the case is being investigated by san francisco police and the district attorney's office. to the north bay, the driver suspected of plowing his truck into a group of cyclists and driving off is in custody. it happened around point rays petaluma road. this picture was released of the suspected driver as he was arrested at his home in nevada before midnight. one victim was flown to santa rosa memorial in critical condition and the other three taken to marin general hospital. the participants were men participating in the charity bike ride. >> we are community members who happen to be riding bikes on a given day. that's it. we are just bicycle riders who are fathers, mothers, kids. >> chp credits the community for calling in tips that led to
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the arrest. there is no word on the conditions of the cyclists. a south bay music teacher is behind bars accused of having a sexual relationship with a teen student. san jose police arrested the student at dartmouth -- teacher at dartmouth middle friday. he began a relationship three years ago with a 13 year old student. parents are trying to make sense of the vasted. my kids thought he was a hero. >> they speak so highly of him. what if the allegations are true? >> then, you know, you can't trust people. >> he is also an assistant band director at branem high school. he threatened his victim by saying he would post nude photos of the student on the internet.
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evidence from last weekend's shooting points to detailed planning by the gunman. we learned that a handwritten note with numbers was in the hotel room of stephen paddock. cbs news reports that those were handwritten calculations that related to distance and trajectory from his 32nd floor window to the crowd at a concert below. 58 people were killed and nearly 500 injured. yesterday people in las vegas took part in a faith unity walk, a step towards healing. walkers set out from four locations and walked seven miles to city hall. they chanted, sang songs, held up signs. vice president mike pence spoke at a ceremony. >> these were every day americans. every day from this day forward, we will remember their self lessness and courage whenever we remember that dark hour. >> 58 doves were released into the air, one for each of the
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people who died. all week, calls for gun control and the debate rages on. phil and i asked willie brown is there anything different about this mass shooting than ones in the past? >> there are more people injured, more deaths, probably a greater amount of attention, so much so that even the nra is stepping up to the plate saying that instrument that trump terms a regular weapon into a machine gun, maybe we ought to take a second look with that. that's never happened. that didn't happen with the school kids, didn't happen with the colorado shooting. it didn't happen any other place. this time is the first time and obviously it's not going to stay in vegas. >> need less to say diane fine stein's office, it seemed they already had a bill written and ready to go. as soon as this happened they proposed the machine gun ban, automatic assault weapons ban. it's something she's done
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before and wants to do again. she wants to get rid of the conversion kits even at the least if they can get people to vote on it. democrats feel like they want republicans on record as opposing what they view. >> democrats would like republicans on record as opposing. in my conversations with democrats a lot of them fear being on record as well. there are democrats that don't want to vote on gun control one way or the other. by republicans playing hard ball, it keeps them from having to make the call as well. the single most powerful influential group nationally is the nra. they really do the job of protecting themselves and their interests and rights to guns. they've elevated it to the level of a religion. believe me, politicians of every stripe in every place don't want to cross that line.
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they're so furiously loyal and protective of their interests. believe me, i just think that when you buy all those guns and keep buying guns and gun sales go up when somebody else buys, that means it's going to be tougher to deal with nra. >> we see poll after poll where 89% of americans want these restrictions. the problem is it's not just a matter of breadth. it's a matter of depth. people might sathatwould be a good idea but are you really going to vote on that issue? are you going to call your congress person on that issue? the difference between nonnra members and nra members is the depth of commitment. >> nra members will be there tomorrow, the next day, the day after while the other people move on. the nra starts with vote nra first and then you vote for everything else if you choose to. if you get tired, just do nra.
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>> it sounded like willie brown thinks there is a chance that nra can support a bump stock ban. does that open the door to the possibility of other gun control? >> i think there is hope that that's what it will be. i interviewed congress woman spear and she said this is a small issue. that's a good thing if we will ban it or regulate it but let's not mistake that for real gun control legislation and bigger gun control legislation they want to see happen. >> obviously the democrats want more than that. international news, president trump scepticism about whether negotiating with north korea will be effective. yesterday he tweeted presidents and their administrations have been talking to north korea for 25 years. agreements and massive amounts of money paid hasn't worked. agreements violated before the ink was dry making fools of u.s. negotiators.
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sorry but only one thing will work. he didn't say what that one thing was. the president has not clarified the cryptic calm before the storm comment to reporters thursday. he was heading into a dinner with military leaders and their spouses at the time. >> what storm mr. president? >> you will find out. >> it's possible that the remark is connected to an october 15 deadline for the white house to decide if iran is in compliance with an international nuclear agreement. mr. trump pledged to pull out of the deal but now is considering staying in even though he says iran is not complying that. situation would open the door for new sanctions from congress. >> fleet week wraps up with the airshow, the highlight is of course the navy's blue angels. the team put on a show over the bay and golden gate bridge. crowds watched the planes swirl and twirl as police and area
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coastguard kept the area safe. the fun didn't end when the show did. the bars and restaurants were packed with sailors looking for a quick bite and locals looking to keep the parties going. >> there are a lot of people out in general. it's pretty lively, a good night. >> if you missed the show yesterday, it starts again today. gates open at 11:00 am for the airshow. we want to see your fleet week photos. tag us on facebook, instagram, snap chat, twitter to share your selfie with a sailor. the bluegrass festival at golden gate park. security is extra tight. dozens of acts are hitting the stage and at least half a million people are expected to watch. the free festival wraps up tonight. next we state down with a uc hastings professor to discuss the sanctuary state law and what it means for the area.
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>> bay area whole food stores hit back hackers. why -- by hackers. why customers should check their bank statements this morning.
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now it's known as a sanctuary state. governor jerry brown just signed the legislation. here california is known as the golden state. now it's also known as the sanctuary state. governor brown just signed the legislation. beginning january 1, state and local officers cannot ask someone about someone's immigration status. they also can't be deputies plan advertised as immigration agents and they're not allowed to detain someone for the feds unless they committed a serious or violent crime. >> the president will be laying out his responsible immigration plan over the next week and i hope that california will push back on their governor's irresponsible decision moving forward. >> law enforcement is divided on the measure.
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>> professor specializes in criminal rights. good morning. >> good morning. >> what does this mean for folks in the bay area from a practical perspective? >> essentially immigration is a federal matter. it's the federal government that decide who goes in, who goes out. this is not a matter that municipalities are supposed to enforce. historically different municipalities have varied in the extent to which they were willing to cooperate with the feds. if we were in arizona, a controversial bill passed under which local cops were asking people suspected of being undocumented, essentially racially profiling, asking are you undocumented, asking for documents, handing them to the authorities. here we've had the opposite which is to say the cops have not cooperated with the feds which they are not actually required to do under law because it is not their job. the 10th amendment does not allow feds to commandeer the
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state and local authorities to do their own job for them. what this law does is it is a more -- given the fact that municipalities have been doing this, this is more of a declaration of we are not on board with this extremely oppressive policy against immigrants and we are not going to cooperate. it's going to limit the amount of money that we spend on it. to the extent that this wasn't happening before, no cooperation with the feds, no money to the feds, refraining from handing people to the feds unless mandated to do so under federal law. >> i spoke to a member of the assembly, a republican at the time this was debated, and he said the are than there are these -- reason there are these cooperated agreements was an effort to keep immigration agents from being in neighborhoods, from doing raids
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in libraries and court houses. they were sort of partnering with local law enforcement and sort of ripping that apart saying now there can be no cooperation or limited cooperation. we'll send immigration agents back to neighborhoods. that's what we have seen right now, the statement from immigration authorities was we are going to have to go back to going to neighborhoods and potentially sweeping up civilians or other noncriminals in this act. what do you make of that? >> the assembly person, i don't know where he has been living. i have been living here. ice immigration officials have been raiding places all the time. this has not made a lot of difference in terms of where the feds are. it's not because they're going to increase their presence because the local jobs aren't doing their jobs for them. they've been doing their job for years. >> they couldn't increase their presence? >> theoretically they could. a lot of this is a matter of
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budgeting. how much do we want to spend for things things things that are cruelty with little impact on public safety? that's the question that comes up here. to what extent are the feds going to beyond again these symbolic declarations we just heard, to what extent are the feds going to do something? another interesting thing i should point out is if something would ping the attention of the feds is if somebody got arrested. if somebody got arrested their status would come to light if they would go to jail and ice would be notified. there is the question of what extent are cops in places that are sanctuary municipalities refraining from arresting people they suspect are undocumented because they don't want to alert authorities to that possibility? >> but that doesn't change under the law? >> it does not. sanctuary state law is more of a symbolic measure given the fact that vast majority of
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policing here as in everywhere else in the united states is on the municipal level. >> when a person is arrested they are run through a federal system which sort of automatically denotes whether or not the person is here legally. >> exactly. cops on the scene of a crime have a lot of discretion on how to handle an incident. a cop might decide to arrest somebody or decide to detain them or let them go with a caution or something like that. to the extent that some cops suspect somebody is undocumented the possible consequences of arresting them might impact the way they respond to an incident. >> is that a good idea? what does it mean for public safety if police are refraining from arresting people they would otherwise bring into custody? >> we have to keep in mind that a lot of times vast majority of offenses are nonviolent property and drug offenses which don't end up landing people in jail. consequences of deportation are so much worse than the person might expect in the criminal
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justice system that a reasonable cop will probably weigh the odds and decide not to ruin the person's life for something that's a minor petty incident because the consequences could be disastrous. >> u.s. citizens will be arrested or people who appear to be u.s. citizens will face arrest. >> i don't know whether this is the case. this is something that we should find out in the future. another interesting issue might be are cops in places that are not sanctuary cities such as arizona, are they deliberately profiling to target people who appear to be undocumented immigrants, people with a hispanic or latino expect because they suspect they might be undocumented immigrants thaws it enables them to cooperate with the feds. the interface is so problematic and federal policy is so scary that this will impact how different municipalities treat people in different ways that we can't predict and have not attempted to measure in an organized way so far.
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>> hopefully we'll be measuring that going forward. we'll see what impact this has on crime and other issues in california. thank you for being with us. we really appreciate it. >> thanks. sky drone 5 giving us our first look at the new bridge. it was once a crumbling over pass and it is now a new stretch of road. it was damaged beyond repair during last winter's storm. cal trans and the community are eager for it to reopen. >> reporter: the new bridge is roughly the length of a football field, 315 feet from end to end. that is the smallest measure of its significance to big sir, a community cut in half since it was damaged by a mud slide and had to be demolished last winter. >> business wise it is extremely significant. we have lost about half of our expected visitors to the
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closure at least. >> reporter: it was one of several businesses south of pfeiffer canyon that effectively found themselves on an island trapped between two massive mudslides that made it impossible for the public to reach them. >> the feeling of being cut off will be removed and we'll be able to proceed with our normal lives again. >> reporter: recognizing the importance of the bridgecal trans accelerated the design and construction of the new span accomplishing in months what would typically take years. >> department of transportation,cal trans, very proud of the effort we put fort to restore service not only for the local community but all the communities north and south of us. >> reporter: the the new bridge features a different design gone are the massive support columns that cracked and buckled as the ground gave way. cal tran says this should help withstand future slides and keep an ever grateful community
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connected. >> it's almost like a small miracle. they have never put a bridge like this across any canyon in california. good morning. i have the latest on derek carr and i will tell you this much. nobody does a one minute sports cast like we do. come back here for that. stanford, another big night for number 20 popping through the hole right here. heisman trophy front runner? we'll see.
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good morning, before the pros, i have college football for you. if it's a pac12 game, you know there will be late ones. stanford was in attack mode at utah. out of this one, it was all about number 20 bryce love. how would he follow up a 300- yard game? how about 20 carries, 152 and then 68-yard romp as stanford beat utah 23-20. number 6 washington huskies hosted cal and were not very gracious hofstras. we are looking at jake browning, a couple touchdowns as they buried cal 38-7. the dodgers did it again to the diamondbacks 7-5 in the 7th. marte had the ball go right
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through his legs, trail 2-0. nationals got six runs in the 8 8th. ryan zimmerman, they came back to beat the cubs 6-3 to tie that. on the ice, two goals last night, san jose sharks -- i know it's early -- but they lost another. this one a 4-1 decision. sharks are 0-2 in this young season. derrick carr will test out that back pregame. maybe it's a game time decision as they take it against the baltimore ravens, 49ers at the colts, those stories and more in the afternoon. see you later. whole foods is urging customers to check their bank statements after being targeted by hackers. more than 50 stores had their data breached. whole foods says this does not affect people who bought groceries at the store but
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effects anyone who went to the restaurants or tap rooms. they may have had credit card information compromised. the bay area stores affected include walnut creek, dublin, mill valley. san francisco stores in procuro hill and soma. store in alameda and san jose affected as well as cooper tina and whole foods in santa clara. coming up, tropical storm nate slams ashore in mississippi. we'll look at the gulf coast and where the storm is headed next. >> panic in the streets of london as a car plows into a crowd of pedestrians outside a major tourist attraction.
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it's an amazing feeling turning those lights back on. be informed about outages in your area. sign up for outage alerts at together, we're building a better california. morning. the time is _ _. good morning, i'm melissa caen. i'm christin for phil.. we want to let you know about a traffic alert this morning in oakland.. police telling us: drivers are being welcome back to kpix5. the time is 8:00. good morning. >> we want to let you know about a traffic alert. drivers are diverted off of 880 due to police activity. they're saying to avoid the area. to our weather, outside we have clear skies today and some warm temperatures all over the bay area today. it's going to be a beautiful day. it will be sunny and mild as you head out the door. there are red flag warnings in effect for the north and east bay hills and santa cruz mountains.
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along our coast there is a beach hazard statement. today we will see highs around 67 along the coast, mid 70s along the bay, 90 inland. looking ahead, expect a gradual warm up through next week with no major heat wave expected but warmer temperatures as we head into the second week of october. tropical storm nate is on the move. it was downgraded overnight. the storm is expected to continue to rapidly weaken as it moves farther inland. here is the latest from alabama. >> reporter: hurricane nate's heavy rain bands pounded alabama saturday night. the storm made landfall as a category 1 hurricane with 85- mile an hour winds in the mouth of the mississippi river. >> this is a night time storm. night time storms kill people. >> reporter: the mississippi governor warned of an 11 to 13- foot storm surge in some areas. >> it's a big storm and moving in a hurry. >> reporter: the water is
8:02 am
rising and streets are flooding in bay st. louis. all eyes are on the water in gulf port. nate's potentially deadly storm surge could do the most damage. >> that's what concerns me, the surge. >> reporter: hundreds of people weren't taking chances. they filled sand bags ahead of the storm's arrival. >> we don't want what happened with katrina to happen. we want to be prepared. >> a water spout in orange beach alabama. >> we see strong storm surges and heavy rains and there is a high probability of tornadoes and wind damage. >> reporter: nate is the 4th major storm to hit the united states in less than two months. >> several people were injured when a car plowed into a crowd in london. authorities have the driver in custody. pedestrians grabbed the driver and pinned him down on the street as they waited for police to arrive it happened near london's natural history museum yesterday. witnesses say the man drove his
8:03 am
car into an information kiosk on the side of the street. 11 people were treated for minor injuries in what police later called a traffic accident. >> turned around and was coming straight to me. they dragged him out the car and he was on the floor with blood coming out of his head. then the police came. >> police believe the driver may have passed out behind the wheel. state regulators slapping bart with a new six figure fine for safety lapses that led to the death of two workers. a train operated by a trainee struck and killed two men in october 2013. victims were inspecting a dip in the tracks near the walnut creek station. now bart is being fined nearly $220,000 and the violation is called serious and egregious. a supervisor was not in the cabin and used his cell phone multiple times. the daily commute can look
8:04 am
different in contra costa next week thanks to new express lanes. they'll be open starting tomorrow. solo drivers with fast track can pay a toll to use them. the price will depend on traffic and demand. car poolers, motorcyclists, drivers with clean air vehicles can use the lane for free if they have flex. bart riders won't get to use the new fleet of the future until thanksgiving of the bart is delaying the release of the redesigned train cars because it is working out technical problems including trouble with friction brakes and air conditioning. new cars were originally set to debut last month. san jose's mayor says he wants amazon in his city but won't give away tax breaks or subsidies to lure the company's second headquarters. he writes my city won't be offering incentives to amazon. why? because they're a bad deal for taxpayers. he points out that other
8:05 am
companies that expanded recently including apple, google, adobe did so without public money. he says his city is well positioned because of well educated workforce and not because of special deals. >> we would love to have amazon grow. we are currently the host of an amazon out post with the lab on 26th. we would love to see that grow. but we want to see it grow organically and don't involve this race to the bottom with large subsidies that deplete the coppers at the expense of taxpayers. >> amazon plans to invest $5 billion in the new fascist it and create up to 50,000 jobs. dissension in the ranks of california's democratic congressional delegation with a member saying nancy pelosi should step down. >> the contributions to congress and caucus are substantial but i think there comes a time when you need to pass that torch. and i think it is time. >> reporter: the los angeles
8:06 am
congress woman wants democratic party leaders to step aside, leaders like james klei burn, nancy pelosi. all three of the leaders are in their late 70s. sanchez is 48. >> we have great members that don't always get the opportunities they should. i would like to see that change. >> reporter: so far, ten democrats in congress say they will not run for reelection. seven are leaving to run for a different office. sanchez claims these democrats are leaving because they don't see room to move up. sanchez wouldn't give names of new leaders. >> i would be interested to see who is interested stepping up and taking on the responsibility. i know we have the talent. >> reporter: jackie spears says sanchez is the one who wants more power. >> there is never a loss in congress for unchecked ambition. >> reporter: she says pelosi
8:07 am
spent the last year promoting new members including sanchez. >> far more opportunity for younger members than when i was a young irving member. -- younger member. i would suggest that it is more the ambition of one individual who frankly has earned her position through nancy pelosi. >> reporter: she says pelosi has no reason to be afraid. >> she will be the leader of the democratic caucus as long as she wants to be. she has earned it. for those who are trying to step over her, they're going to find they're going to be stepped on before long. >> reporter: willie brown agrees. he says sanchez will be punished for speaking against pelosi and other leaders unless she has votes to elect new ones. >> the minute she says those words and is without the votes i guarantee you she goes to the back of the line. >> a spokesman for nancy pelosi
8:08 am
says she enjoys wide support in the caucus and is focused on winning back the house. anything else is a distraction. phil and i asked mayor willie brown will there be new party leadership or is this a good career move for congress woman sanchez. >> understand clearly the person who utters that words is on the bubble. the minute she says those word and is without the votes i guarantee you she goes to the back of the line, period. nancy pelosi moved the democrats and herself into the speaker ship over a 20 year period. she raised more money and put together more things. she produced greater subject matter operations particularly obamacare. all of that represents something that's treasured. believe me, her colleagues understand that and ms. sanchez will be with her sister soon. >> i find it interesting though she spoke publicly and i hear
8:09 am
congressional people say privately. >> there is lots of grumbling about direction of the democratic party. the bottom line is with the money pelosi has produced for the candidates, the ones that are complaining, and the fact that there doesn't seem to be anybody ready to pick up the torch and do as good a job. if it's not nancy pelosi who has a record of being able to do as good a job as she does? >> and who runs like a feeder school for people to run for public office. she's got that daughter of hers that runs almost like they do in the army. >> boot camp. >> nancy has that structure. she was state party chair in california. she led the effort to make sure the state stayed democratic forever. she then moved into the place
8:10 am
following the death and more than 20 years ago she put the operation together. for anybody to suggest that age has somehow dulled her ability and skill, they're simply wrong. she has never been a rock star. she never will be a rock star. that's not her strong suit. >> now, we have heard of the new deal, contract with america. >> right. >> do you know the name of the democrats' new plan. >> no, i don't. >> nobody does. that's the problem. it's actually called a better deal but it's been an incredibly forget able roll out. everything about it is not setting the world on fire. >> need to work on the marketing for that. >> there is certainly room to improve for the democrats. on that note, a mandate from obama era has been rolled back. it requires employers to include free birth control coverage in health insurance plans. now many will be able to opt out on moral or religious
8:11 am
grounds. trump administration is framing this as a matter of religious freedom, a fundamental right. advocates for women's health say it's wrong to prioritize religion. they say every woman should be able to decide what's right for them. >> not changing the other care that men receive, it's an attack on women. that's discrimination, pure and simple. >> this is a president who supports the first amendment, supports freedom of religion. i don't understand why that should be an issue. >> the california attorney general has already filed a law suit against the new policy. hundreds of thousands of women could lose access to free birth control under the new policy. it is set to go into effect in the next few days. still to come, a big gun show is underway in sacramento one week after the las vegas mass shooting. how it's still business as
8:12 am
usual for some dealers. a week after the las vegas attack... cbs eye on thes community... a week after the las vegas attack... gun enthusiasts presented by target. food has the power to transform lives. with the help of target, the san francisco marin food bank addresses hunger head-on in the community. our food pantries are vibrant. people feel welcomed, and they're being respected. it helps our team members see the work that they do in the store every day... how that actually relates to their communities. cbs eye on the community is sponsored by target.
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a personalized financial strategy can help you get them there. see how access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours. but attendance at this year's
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event is down about 50 percent. a week after the las vegas attack gun enthusiasts gathered for an annual gun show in sacramento. attendance is down 50%. those who did show up could find pretty much anything they wanted in the wake of guns and ammo still legal in california. for now that includes the ar15 but not accessories like a bump stock that made it more lethal in the shooting last week. >> he was still pulling the trigger every time it went off. i don't believe particularly those should exist. if i was a pilot who owned my own plane, i could fill that plane with flammables and dive it into the crowd causing horrendous devastation. the fixation on guns i think is really misplaced. >> the vendor selling ar15 did well. he believes it may be because potentially those could be banned soon. joining us to talk about gun control and what's next
8:16 am
after the las vegas shooting, thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me back. >> after the orlando shooting there was a sit in, this mass outcry in congress. why has it been relatively quiet? >> stay tuned. first at home at 6:00 tonight we are having a vigil in caster valley. we'll be honoring people who grew up in my district, went to cal high. we are still honoring those who were killed but last week we wanted to go to speaker ryan and seek a bipartisan panel, a select committee to look at what we could do. he turned us down. i was talking to john lewis, leader in the caucus on the issue and i think there may be action this week to make sure that there is no more moments of silence but moments of action. that's what we need.
8:17 am
>> maybe another sit in, another slumber party? >> it wasn't a slumber party, 26 hours on the floor illuminating the action republicans have taken. actually there is action on gun legislation. it's just going in the wrong direction. they want to allow silencers which would have made this kill more people and more mass shootings in the future can kill more lives. we are going in the wrong direction. >> i heard that the silencer bill will be put on the back burner. >> thankfully. it's come out of committee. it was supposed to be up in the next few weeks. right now i think they've pulled it back. the direction where we need to be is to have universal background checks for criminal records and mental health history to look at what we can do. we can't even have an electronic database of weapons someone owns. when someone goes out and amasses a number of assault
8:18 am
weapons we probably want to know who they are. we have to ban assault weapons. if you are not a warrior i don't think you should have a weapon of war. we need to stand up for legislation like that. >> you are in the elevators and private areas with other members of congress. do republicans say i would love to support this particular regulation or that particular restriction but i can't because i've got this constituency or this potential for being primaried breathing down my neck? >> what i hear is that at home the power of the nra is real. they will spend a lot of money. i respect people's right to protect themselves, their right to go hunting with family and shoot for sport. i have two brothers who are police officers and own guns. my father was a police officer, took me hunting as a kid. i respect that. i don't think it means limitless access to guns particularly with people of backgrounds of criminal history. >> we have seen nra and republican members say they
8:19 am
would support regulation for potentially banning bump stock implement. is that sufficient? is that just a step in the right direction? >> i welcome banning bump stocks. that allowed the semi automatic rifle to essentially be an automatic. that is not enough. the most we can do is to know more about who is purchasing firearms. that's mike thompson's universal background check bill. >> i wanted to quickly get to the issue of nancy pelosi and this congress woman sanchez's effort to call on her and other members of democratic leadership in congress to step aside. sanchez saying we have democrats leaving congress because they're future has been stymied. they don't see themselves as becoming members of leadership. you are a new member of congress. do you agree? >> i am 8th senior democratic member of congress. i came about five years ago
8:20 am
with nancy pelosi supporting myo bone enhanced by tropical moisture. she put me to work right away. here i am at the leadership table. we have a leadership meeting every week. i am the youngest at the table and i am able to have a voice for the next generation of americans. that's not what i see. we have a president who was a businessman, wrote the art of the deal and each time nancy pelosi has negotiated with him, she's out maneuvered him. the dream act is probably the most imminent legislation where we need unity so we can help those affected. >> what does sanchez have to do with it? >> you will have to ask her. i just think democrats are largely unified. >> thank you so much. christian, back to you with another look. >> thanks. construction cranes are a
8:21 am
common sight around the area but there is one place they rarely roost until now. da lin takes us to a ground breaking ceremony in east oakland. >> in most parts of the bay area breaking ground for a large housing project is nothing new, another sign of the red hot real estate market. not in east oakland. this is rare. >> it's like the last frontier, hasn't been discovered all together yet. >> reporter: this is only the third major housing development in recent years. here are ther two. city leaders say this is a low income complex built by the housing authority and this is also affordable housing being built by a church. the fact that private developers put money into this latest project literally is ground breaking. >> many groups are being left out of this moment of prosperity for oakland. >> reporter: areas from high street to 98th avenue haven't seen the kind of growth other
8:22 am
communities have seen since the economy rebounded. >> people still having their minds set, it is this violent unsafe place to live. >> reporter: that perception continues to scare developers even though violent crimes are down. >> it's all about money. no one is really interested in doing affordable housing because they can't make the kind of most thane they can with market race -- money they can make with market rate housing will ever it took 17 years to convince developers to build this latest project. what sold developers is it is next to the bart station, 110 units, half affordable, half market rate. developers say construction should be done and ready to move in next december. i am da lin, kpix5. share our y
8:23 am
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a job interview can be nervewracking .. so amber childress practices with teenager jennifer reyes.. so she'll be ready for the real thing. "29:53 she's very awesome and she's very relatable, too." amber's volunteered with girls inc of alameda county since 2009. the nonprofit empowers girls in their academic, career, and
8:25 am
leadership pursuits. amber's coaching leaves jennifer comfortable and confident. "30:23 if she can do it, so can i." "39:46 as a young person, the oakland native says she benefitted from the upward bound college preparatory program and the mayors summer jobs program. and she volunteers to give back." "12:10 i have not forgotten that there've been so many people that've helped me along the way and continue to help me so just want to keep that going." amber runs her own online marketing consulting business. but the seeds of leadership were planted.. by her childhood mentors. "10:49 they noticed that i loved to learn, i was a herd, and that's how i got involved in helping out and tutoring my peers." now, as an adult, amber is a priceless role model. julayne virgil, ceo of girls inc of alameda county. "2:27 it really makes a difference for the girls to know that there's someone who deeply understands what they're going through currently, but also has a vision of what's possible for them in the future, so amber's able to do that." amber serves the east bay community in other ways: she gives marketing and social media training to overcomers with hope tv studios .. which teaches digital media to at-risk youth. and she's a trustee with the alameda county board of education. at the end of the day --- "12:40 it's a great day to me if i've been able to help one person." so for her work as a community volunteer, especially as a mentor to girls, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to amber childress. sc kpix 5. thanks for joining us. "face the nation" is next here on "k-
8:26 am
really makes a difference for the girls to know there is someone who understands what they're going through currently but also has an interest for what's possible in the future. >> she gives marketing and social media training to overcomers with tv studios which teaches digital media to at risk youth. she's a trustee with the board of education. >> it's a great day to me if i have been able to motivate one person. >> she works as a community volunteer especially as a ntmeaward goes to amber childress. >> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> dickerson: next on face nation, the fourth hurricane to hit the u.s. in less than two months pounds the gulf coast. the nation's top diplomat tries to make peace with the commander in chief, and america mourns the victims of the deadliest mass shooting in the country's history. >> while asking what can be done to prevent the next one. hurricane nate floods highways and parking lots and leaves more than 100,000 without power. we will have the latest from biloxi, mississippi. >> meanwhile, in washington this week a great mystery unfolded when president trump hinted at a different kind of storm on the horizon. >> you know what this represents -- >> it is the calm before the storm. >> could he be referring to possible military action in north korea? ditching the iran nuclear agreement or could bit plans to fire secretary of state x


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