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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  October 9, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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several wildfires are burning out of control. several areas under mandatory evacuations, including two hospitals. the the national weather service posted a satellite image showing these fires burning. it is monday, october 9. thanks for joining us. i'm anne makovec. >> i'm devin fehely. >> in santa rosa, we have katie nelson live at one of two hospitals evacuated. first, jessica flores in nampa with more. >> reporter: good morning. we are still trying to get information as to how many acres burned. at last check, 200 acres in napa county. we were in an area near silverado country club and that area is completely evacuated. crosswalk community church, 350
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people have evacuated. this place is pretty much full at this hour with elderly folks, children, dogs and people sleeping on cots. some people not able to sleep because they are so worried about their properties at this hour. we don't know how many or if any properties have been burned and we don't know about the injuries. as the sun comes up in the next hour, we will learn a lot more about exactly how devastating this fire was. i talked to folks earlier who described this. they had to grab anything. they grabbed belongings and rushed out. a lot of folks don't know if they can go back home to their properties. we did see video of some farm houses and that kind of thing burned but we don't know if any homes went up in flames.
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they have food and water and cause for folks at crosswalk community church. the second center was the napa county fairgrounds and there two centers open for folks who needed. we have back here live at crosswalk community church with folks getting through with what is happening to their properties when they wake up in the morning. here is another view of the fast-moving flames as we continue the live team coverage of the fire. massive amounts of flames, smoke and debris coming from that area. this video was posted to instagram, showing out of this area, evacuating around road closures and fires jumping
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roadways, creating dangerous situations for anybody in that area. people are focused on getting out of the area, rather than battling this fire after it broke out around 10:00. we have no idea how much damage is done. >> reporter: trying to retrace my steps, the closest path to where the fire moves through, as best the roads allow me -- as you've been nearing, the roads are -- in ways, it it is impassable. the fire will not stop and as i mentioned last time, the collision with the unoccupied highway patrol crews are, it has blocked napper road closure. it prohibits the emergency
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crews from moving and they have told away the crews are that was completely smashed up. they have to get the emergency solks up and down to eastern y ounomaand cntit is crazy out here. >> wilson walker and i've been trying to get the reports of the difficulties. authorities don't seem to have the roadways open to be safe. there are so many places that danger is popping up. that's what you are telling us? just removing the cars from the road, all these automobiles, the tow truck driver trying to
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get in and the flames are on either side of the road and they had to stop to let the fire burn over and all of this is under average smoke. i know everyone keeps saying this, but you really can't describe this smoke. there is now dense smoke all around. >> devon feely here. devin fehely here. we are now about eight hours into this. ongoing, why are you trying to get out -- people are trying to get out of this area?
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>> reporter: i don't say this to sound overly dramatic but i can tell you just about all of the houses in this area where i am are gone. the fire has wiped out both sides of the road in the short distance i've been able to travel, essentially the impossibility of the roads, i think they are just trying to keep the roads open so that people can move around. i think they're trying to figure out what has burned and where and who might have been where. when i was talking to you this morning, it was just a panic -- is anybody home? really, in a frantic matter, i stoppeli from going into a house that had already been searched. people needed to get out of the way of the fire and it has been from moment to moment.
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this group of firefighters comes through in there waiting for the debris to move out of the road so they could get where they were going and i asked a guy how it was going and he said i don't even know anymore and he pointed to the side of the road and said how many times has this fire gone back and forth the road and i said, i don't know. i lost count. i saw the fire burned through areas, it's seemingly would go away. out of nowhere, another sort of batch of this area will flame up and homes are caught a second time. it won't turn off is not the way to describe it. >> wilson walker, thank you. >> it sounds like a dangerous situation. first and foremost, be safe and thanks again for your reporting. it has been illuminating on
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what people in that area are dealing with, as you said, the fire is crisscrossing back and forth across this road and destroying homes in its path. thank you. yes. you're welcome. >> wilson walker lie between napa and sonoma counties. several emergency shelters are open and at napa county fairgrounds, there is another option at 1435 oak street. the napa college gymnasium was just opened. crosswalk community church is full and that is on the vallejo highway in napa. napa county animal shelter in hearts court can take in household pets. evacuations are under way in santa rosa and here are some apps showing that area. kpix5 is with katie nelson and live team coverage is continuing in santa rosa. >> the power just went out.
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one of two hospitals have been evacuated. >> reporter: 100 patients are evacuated. what is the latest right now. >> the fire is approximately 20,000 acres, up from 8000 we reported earlier. it started at tusk lane and made its way to the santa rosa city limits. what is the strategy for fighting the fire? >> firefight is now focused on safety. there is a lot of people out there and communities where they were evacuated. our priority was rescue and getting everybody out of harm's way including the rescuers.
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right now, getting whatever other resources we can in front of the fire to stop the fire. >> can you tell us about damage or injuries? >> there's been reports of multiple structures destroyed and multiple outbuildings. i just don't have a solid number . when daylight comes we will have a better idea on what we are looking at. have you ever seen anything like this in such a densely populated city? this is the first for me. the fire in 2015 was somewhat similar, but a much more rural area and different because it involved so much of the santa rosa city limits area. do you have an estimate on how many have been evacuated in the santa rosa area due to this fire? >> i don't have an exact number of how many people. it's important to remember that
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if you are asked to evacuate, that you do so. we do have some shelters in santa rosa, and the memorial building is available. cloverdale fairgrounds and the calistoga fairgrounds, for the other side. the fairgrounds is available for large animal shelters. >> reporter: we have heard what sounded like explosions earlier. can you tell us what those might be? >> oftentimes, those are buildings that are venting. they are made to do that. there's a lot of transformers being blown that sounds similar. lots of infrastructure has been affected as well as homes and residents and structures and's things. >> we will check back with you throughout the morning. we are at kaiser permanente off bicentennial way in santa rosa and the power just went out again. it seems like the patients that
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have been evacuated are taken to the kaiser hospital in san rafael. [siren] we saw city buses and even nurses were using their own private vehicles to get patients out of this hospital. in sonoma county, the finley community center is now full but other evacuation centers are open. the santa rosa veterans memorial building on maple avenue, the sebastopol -- sebastopol community center, north of tao boulevard in petaluma. santa rosa schools will be closed as the crews battle these flames. the fire is estimated at 20,000 acres and has grown significantly overnight. >> we or monitoring the situation in calistoga. flames and developed a
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building. it is dangerously close to a fire truck speeding down a roadway. mandatory evacuations are under way for those living along petrified forest road, franz valley road in mountain home ranch road. authorities have canceled school and power is out and calistoga. dozens took to social media reporting smelling smoke in the many said it actually woke them up. this video ndwas poy stedeaar twitter and it shows ash falling in san francisco. you can see the streaks. the san francisco fire department said dozens of people reported smelling smoke. they are asking everyone to close windows and not call 911 unless they see a fire in the immediate area. it is 6:13. we have neda iranpour, with horrible conditions for the firefighters?
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the way we describe it, the embers are going from one side to the other. at least until 8:00 or 9:00, it will be strong winds. hi jeff doppler, look at e from you can see is withire smokth furtheing r south near vallejo. 101 is impacted. it's a complex of fires and you can see that as we mentioned, the smoke is so bad that you need to limit your outdoor activity. throughout this area, you will see that because of the direction of the wind, i saw a post showing the peak gusts. santa rosa, 61 miles per hour. past i-70, the weather service, intends windy conditions they are dealing with. it will end at 11:00 a.m. a bit of relief for those strong winds.
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the firefighters should get a bit of assistance from mother nature but north winds at 22, it is combed down but intense wind by santa rosa, and all the wind from the north heading that smoke into san francisco. let's check on the road was with jaclyn. right now, a lot of backup on 80, due to the highway 37 closure between 101 and 80. a new accident along westbound 80 just before this area, creating a backup. the smoke is descending and it makes its way westbound. traffic is backing up and the lanes are blocked westbound. big delays along 101. we are co
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breaking news in napa and sonoma counties, where five fires are burning right now and they have been since about 10:00 last night. we know dozens of homes have burned and there are likely injuries. people were forced to grab what they could and run to an evacuation center. we will keep you posted on live team coverage continues, next. ♪
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continues as several wildfires burn out of control in napa and sonoma counties. chp officials are asking everyone to stay off the roadways unless they have been ordered to evacuate.. breaking news coverage with wild fires burning out of control in napa and sonoma counties. chp officials are asking everyone to stay off the roads
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unless they were ordered to evacuate. we have learned of this fire has burned 20,000 acres. we have jessica flores for more. >> reporter: good morning. we are here with 350 people that have evacuated. people that have animals and pets, just trying to get through the night. i'm speaking with peter jeanette. he has been here for long time with his pets, trying to get them food and water. what happened this morning? >> at 11:00 we got a cat llha t we saw smoke in the sky and we started to pack up and we got her at 1:00. when we left our house, the sheriff was already going to people's houses to tell them to evacuate. did you see the flames from your home? >> we saw the glo, not the flames. were the streets closed?
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>> i hope all the neighbors were out. the street was closed. what is the game plan? you've been up all night and haven't slept. >> correct. it's something i see on tv and now i'm in it. >> reporter: your spirits are high. i was talking to you earlier. >> what are you going to do? the house is built of stucco with a concrete tile roof and hopefully, that's enough. how are your dogs doing? >> they were nervous earlier. obviously, they have combed down. this one, in particular, three years old and he was very unhappy. will this -- there are all types of folks. thank you for sharing your story.
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there are numerous pets, at least one dozen that i've seen and the red cross has food and water and they have cots set out. it is pretty full here at crosswalk community church pick their asking people to go to the napa county fairgrounds. there pretty much are no more cots for people. there may be more cots but it is crosswalk community church, folks are waiting out the night and you've been here since 11:00 p.m., some folks have been evacuated and haven't slept. trying to figure out what happens, when the sun comes up, what is the devastation. back to you. >> we of jessica flores and the red cross is now having difficulty managing the evacuation centers because of transportation being difficult across the area with highways being shut down and they are
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trying to get volunteers this morning. >> we have continuing breaking news coverage of a dangerous and dynamic situation. in napa and sonoma counties, several fires have burned in the overnight hours and they have grown dramatically from early estimates of roughly 200 acres burned to nearly 20,000 acres burned. several hospitals have been evacuated in the santa rosa area, as well as numerous buildings that have been burned in this fire. joining us on the phone is the napa county board of supervisors. we are joined this morning. thank you. give us an update on the tions in york county, if cad >> g oo safety is the top priority. evacuations remain in place and
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some are voluntary. we are asking people to go to the evacuation center at the fairgrounds. the largest fire right now is atlas peak. we have a number of road closures that remain in place. north avenue, lupine road, hagan road -- the entire montecito community. wooden valley road -- the entire silverado country club. everybody is asked to go to the napa valley college gymnasium
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except for those people that are from the circle oaks area. we are asking you to go to calistoga. wooden valley, go to solano community college. we have opened up a fourth evacuation center to assess this situation. >> we know that homes have burned and there will be injuries reported. it's difficult for firefighters, at this point, to know the extent we are looking at. as a supervisor and a leader in the county, what are you hearing from them? or, are you waiting for information, like the rest of us? >> we are waiting for more information. we are still in evacuation mode and that is the most important story we are sharing. the winds are unpredictable.
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this fire is not within our control, right now. we want to make sure that everyone is safe. we are confident that we are going to be concentrating on life safety. >> that will be a long and arduous process that will begin when the sun comes up and probably take several days. that is belia ramos from the napa county board of supervisors. thank you and good luck with the work you have ahead of you. >> thank you. the emphasis in napa and sonoma counties are evacuations and people at great risk this morning. secondary, is the actual fire. people have been posting on social media all morning and they have been tweeting out about smoke in the air. people are miles and miles from the fires and they are reporting smelling that smoke. the commercial flight that flew into sfo, you can see the massive flames shooting from
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the ground near that plane. >> what a picture for these homes this morning. so many dramatic pictures and a lot of it involving the wind carrying debris across roadways to other properties. the weather situation the firefighters are dealing with, where are they at? is terrible. the wind gusts are carrying the embers. they have been dealing with this in the fires have burned so quickly. satellite radar shows this area with the napa sonoma areas and everyone is dealing with smoky conditions. the direction of the wind is setting off smoke from the fire into san francisco. the current sustained winds in berkeley, and a few moments ago, reports of a brush fire in
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north, it is strong. north winds in fairfield at 22 and futurecast shows they will stay strong. the area of magenta and oranges where the conditions will be strong and last until 9:00 a.m. firefighter should get a break after that. it is expected to calm down. we have a wind advisory in effect until 11:00 this morning. going to break, another look at the wildfires in napa and sonoma counties. mandatory evacuations and much of sonoma is under evacuation, as well. live team coverage continues with a look at the evacuation centers now open.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news.are evacuation centers and getting people out of harm's way and ensuring that life is the
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priority. breaking news in napa and sonoma counties. several wildfires are burning out of control and they have been since about 10:00 last night. several areas under mandatory evacuation orders. i'm anne makovec. >> i'm devin fehely. we have live team coverage with katie nielsen live in santa rosa as people work to evacuate. jessica flores is live in napa where crews are working to get people out of harm's way. jessica? >> reporter: these folks are affected by the atlas fire, one of five fires raging in sonoma and napa counties. this fire started in atlas peak, just south of lake berryessa. this is the crosswalk community church with 350 people here that were evacuated from their
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homes nearby. we've talked to several evacuees and they started monitoring the fire at 1:00, getting a knock on the door to get out now and grab whatever they could. one of the major areas affected is the silverady uno uacltetr b in calistoga, there is mandatory evacuation from sonoma road through henry road, conesville road, wildhorse valley road. this is one of three evacuation centers that the red cross has set up. this one is almost full and folks are going to the napa valley college. also, napa college -- napa county fairgrounds where cots are set up for people with food and water. you can bring your pets here and we've seen at least one dozen dogs. they have food and water for pets. this one is st mofu
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try another evacuation center. we were close to the fire before and could see the glow all around town and we could see the ashes raining down on us with smoke filling the air. we are a little bit further through this point at the shelter. when we were closer, we could really, really feel the thick smoke around us. we talked to one of the folks that evacuated from this very area, earlier. take a listen. >> we smelled smoke in the house. i went outside and i could see the sky completely ablaze. it looks like it was far enough away. i went back to bed and then my son called me and said -- he thought i should get dressed and be ready to evacuate. when i went out later on, about 2:30, the hillside directly across from us was completely ablaze.
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i can tell you there are a lot of elderly folks. we have them on standby if there are any issues. folks are asked to go to the napa county fairgrounds or napa college. an emergency shelter is open in napa for people affected by the fire. the napa county fairgrounds, at 1435 north oak street and another option is napa valley college gymnasium. that was just open because the crosswalk church is full. it's on napa vallejo highway in napa. the city of napa posted that the animal shelter is open on hartle court, to take in household pets. we know a lot of animals are in harm's way this morning. in santa rosa, here is a
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map showing the evacuation area straddling 101 in the northern part of the city. katie nelson is continuing live team coverage in santa rosa. you are at kaiser hospital and we heard earlier that the flames are about one half mile from your location and we hear there even closer now? >> reporter: yes. we are standing on top on top of the parking garage of kaiser permanente. if you look behind me, you can see what's left of the journey mobile home park. it is basically, nothing. there are dozens and dozens of homes destroyed. leah -- we are literally surrounded by fire right now. what you are looking at is some mobile homes that have already burned and stomped -- and some are still active fires. there's one fire we can see that has been positioned where the hospital is trying to keep
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the fires at bay. we are also hearing and seeing what looks like some type of the gas fire where it sounds like flames are being fed and i'm not sure if it is propane or natural gas or something like that. the hospital has been evacuated and 100 patients were taken out and taken to kaiser san rafael hospital. the most critical patients were taken to memorial in santa rosa. as we are talking about right now, this fire is unprecedented for the city of santa rosa. when we spoke to cal fire earlier, they said the fire is estimated at 20,000 acres and started near calistoga in the overnight. because of these incredible winds whipping the flames, the flames have
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impacted the city of santa rosa. the freeway was jumped and it's on both sides of 101 nearby centennial way. what we are looking at right now is what used to be a mobile home park. i can only see about two dozen, possibly, mobile homes that are still here and don't seem to be impacted by fire. the rest of them are all basically piles of ash, at this point. we are hearing multiple higher pitched explosions right now and we are told that the other side of the road from the mobile home park was a gun and ammunition shop and it sounds like, potentially, it may have caught fire because we are hearing what almost sounds like rounds of ammunition exploding. we are here on top of the kaiser permanente parking garage off bicentennial way in santa rosa, looking down at
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what used to be a mobile home park. no doubt, the people who lived here barely had any time to get out and we don't know if there are any injuries. cal fire said we won't have a better idea of what the damage looks like and how many are injured until the sun comes up and they are actually able to get a look into some of these areas. we will get you updates through the morning as we learn more. katie nielsen, kpix5. >> a obviously, firefighters would like to do everything to prevent additional buildings from burning, katie. specifically, the community would like to save the hospital where you are at. what is going on, in terms of the firefight where you are, to prevent flames from spreading to the hospital? >> reporter: as i said, i've only seen one fire truck in between this burning mobile home park and the hospital, it
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sells. behind the hill, there are more flames burning and you can see a red glow from the side of the hill behind the hospital. right now, when we talked with cal fire, they said the main priority right now is saving lives and they have had to say -- we have to let the property go. the large community hospitals like kaiser and sutter, on the other side of the road, it was also evacuated. there will be high priorities for the firefighters to try to save this. at this point, the wind is so unpredictable. they will blow and gusts one direction and within a matter of five minutes, they turned and went another direction. right now, the mobile home park, we are seeing multiple fires set by some type of gas and we are not sure if that is propane or natural gas. until the gas sources are shut off or somehow extinguished,
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firefighters can't get a hand on what is going on here. of course, a very dangerous situation. just because of the unpredictability, and the fact that so much of the town is surrounded. now, you are getting into a very densely populated area where you have so many homes and businesses and apartments and things like that, all stacked up on top of each other. they are worried about the commercial buildings. we are told by a resident that an entire shop, a tire shop, was on fire. based on what we are hearing, it could potentially be burning right now based on the loud pops and small explosions we are hearing. that shop is next to a furniture store. a whole roll of combustible materials in a commercial strip
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mall that we are hearing is burning and cal fire confirmed there are a number of commercial buildings involved right now. the biggest concern is the residence. this happened overnight and people didn't know a fire was moving so quickly toward them. they didn't have time to evacuate. roads are being clogged and we've heard that there are burned cars. people have literally had to get away as quickly as they could and those are causing traffic problems in the area. shelters are infilillmited for and right now, cal fire's main concern, the concern is trying to save lives. at this point, unfortunately, it's not property. that is truly devastating because people literally had to get out of their homes with just the clothes on their back. looks like hell on earth and i would have to say it's an
6:43 am
accurate description of what we are looking down on. you can imagine the number of lives impacted by all of this. all of the earthly possessions are gone. hopefully, no injuries or anyone killed with this, in this situation. cal fire has said there are injuries. the extent of the injuries remains to be seen later today and in the coming days if we are able to get into these areas. at this point, from what we are seeing, they won't even come here for days, to be able to assess that sort of damage. the difficulty for firefighters is that they were dealing with the wildland fire and as a jumped the roadways, they dealt with this fire within the city limits, a whole different scenario than what they had started with around 10:00 last night.
6:44 am
absolutely, that's right. one of the biggest issues, right now, there are so many fires burning. you have all of these different agencies being pulled in different directions and cal fire is working on the fires in napa with another fire burning near clear lake and. then, you have this fire in santa rosa. there's only so many fire trucks or firefighters will be able to help put out these flames. at this point, the main focus is just trying to get the evacuation notices out and save the people. not necessarily the buildings. another thing hurting them, in addition to the winds, it is still so dark. the fires have been burning in the overnight hours. it's hard to see the landscape and the geography and exactly what they are dealing with. you don't have the benefit of daylight to be able to see what
6:45 am
is going on and what terrain it is heading into. now that we are in a city environment, you have police giving a better idea. you have complex city maps. you have a better idea of where the fire is burning in what could be impacted, next. another thing that continues to be an issue is intermittent power outages. we are losing cell phone service, we are losing wi-fi. lights have been going on and off and there are emergency generators kicking off again. right now, we are seeing a number of vehicles trying to get into this area. the fires appear to being fed by some type of natural gas, some propane or something like that. we can hear hissing noises and see flames shooting up in specific directions and we are
6:46 am
seeing a lot of the electrical power lines coming down. we are seeing transformers blowing and sending sparks flying through the air and igniting more fires. if that could be possible, we are looking down at this destruction of the mobile home park that is directly behind kaiser permanente hospital in santa rosa the off bicentennial way. if you look across, you can see that across the road, we are not sure what is over across the road. you can actually see that whatever used to be there is now fully engulfed in flames and the flames are continuing up the hill. right now, from our vantage point, with the darkness, we honestly don't know whether the fire is moving toward us or away from us. cal fire is dealing with the same thing because of how frequently the wind is changing direction and pushing the flame. it starts north and goes south
6:47 am
and then pushes further east and then west. that is how this fire was able to jump the freeway and impact homes and businesses on the other side of the freeway. talking with cal fire about this situation in santa rosa, we have not heard of any confirmed fatalities. as and was saying, we don't know if the injuries were from here at journeys and mobile home park, directly behind kaiser permanente. cal fire is doing everything they can to save lives. that is the priority. he basically said we have no estimation on containment of this because it is so big. so unprecedented and we are being pulled in so many different directions that right now, they almost don't know what to do to try to get a handle on this. any type of aerial attack could
6:48 am
not be made until morning. you will not see any airplanes or helicopters or things like that. the son will be coming up and that is when cal fire will get a better idea. we are on top of the parking garage on kaiser permanente property in santa rosa and we will keep you updated as we get more information, going forward. 20,000 acres are burning right now and you can see a home burning on top of a hill, dangerously close to a fire truck near calistoga with mandatory evacuations and people living along petrified forest road, farms valley road in mountain home ranch road. school has also been canceled. school is canceled until at least 11:00 and similar stories
6:49 am
all around napa and sonoma counties. do be aware of this throughout the day. smoke was smelled in the bay area and many said they were woken up by this. twitter shows ash falling in san francisco and looking closely, you can see streaks, which is ash falling in that video. you can see hayes falling over the city. dozens have reported smelling that smoke. you have to close your window and don't call 911 unless you see a fire in the immediate area. people recorded smoke as far as 70 miles away and high wind is driving this down. you can see the live picture. a hazy view until the bay bridge. >> you can see that the smoke is right below this.
6:50 am
kpix5 has a camera giving an idea of what we are waking up to this morning. the ashes are coming down south into san francisco and the wind is blowing with gusting where you can see the smoke on the high death doppler. it is growing and as you watch this, it is extending into parts of vallejo and venetia, also. a lot of smoke that is visible from the satellite and radar. peak gusting coming up. 50-70 miles-an-hour for places like sonoma and santa rosa. humidity levels 10-13% and overnight, that is where there is usually more moisture but that is not the case.
6:51 am
fuel is at or near record highs. the better idea is the gusting in santa rosa, 61 and hawkeye, 79 miles-an-hour from those hills. the smoke is blowing down south and it is the direction of the wind blowing right now from the north-northeast and that is an intense danger in this is critical fire danger. there is look at the wind speeds. in napa, santa rosa, the monitor is coming in and fairfield, 22. the area has strong and intense wind in the wind advisory is in effect north and east bay hills. the dryness will still be there and the onshore flow into the bay area will bring moisture and
6:52 am
strong and dry northeast winds and by tomorrow afternoon, good news. the onshore flow will return. it will bring moisture in and the wind won't be as dry. temperatures in the 60s for concord, oakland and livermore. this view, you can see that nasty hayes and conditions will be warm in the north area with fires burning and 814 napa and 78 for the highs in vallejo. warmer temperatures and the wind will calm down. the firefighters should be helped a little bit. there waiting on the wind to die down so you can get a better idea. a red flag warning in effect until tomorrow morning when cool air comes through to give the break they need. let's check with jaclyn. >> 60 minutes, that is how long
6:53 am
it takes drivers to get out of santa rosa into this area along 101. many closures right now. 101 shut down in both directions. we are tracking closures along highway 12 and 37. 37 close between i-80 and 101. a lot of folks are using the richmond san rafael bridge. 80s to racine and all of this spillage from those drivers, getting off to this area. 121, it is closed. the breaking news coverage continues. stay with us and we will be right back.
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and sonoma counties. there's also another wildfire burning right now in butte county. chp officials are asking everyone to breaking news continues as
6:57 am
several wildfires continued. firefighters have grown overnight from 200 acres when they were originally reported to more than 20,000 acres. this is a live look at the fire burning. all hands on deck with crews all over northern california. the lion's share of the problem appears to be near santa rosa. >> we've heard there are as many as five different fires burning in that area. evacuation centers, jessica
6:58 am
flores is live in one of those locations in napa. jessica, people are basically late at night, middle of night, they were woken by the fire and had to get out immediately? >> reporter: folks from about 11:00 p.m. until 1:00 a.m., getting anything they could. they went to crosswalk community church. the shelter was set up with food, cots, water. there are at least one dozen pets here and 350 people have evacuated and it is pretty much at capacity. the wind is whipping up and we want to give you a sense of what we are looking at. you can see the glo all around napa. ashes are raining down on us. dry and windy conditions making it very difficult to control the flames. we are talking about the atlas
6:59 am
fire and that one is burning just northeast of downtown napa. obviously a very popular area for tourists. the silverado area is completely evacuated. the silverado spot completely evacuated. the resort is completely evacuated and we have evacuations for the montecito area and sonoma road. henry road, conesville road, wildhorse valley road. if you are in these areas or have family or friends, tell them to go ahead and get out. stay with friends and family or come to a number of different shelters around town. there's one at crosswalk community church and they've also opened up the napa fairgrounds and napa community college. they have the gymnasium open because it is pretty much the closest one to silverado resort
7:00 am
and spa area. this one is completely full. families with young children, people are waking up this morning as the sun comes up, for the first time with a sense of how devastating this fire was, the atlas fire. we haven't been told about any injuries. structures have burned but the folks i'm talking to saw the flames burning, 100 yards from the home. they took what they could and headed here and some folks are on cots but 350 people, we wanted to let you know what happened. now on the phone.


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