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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  October 10, 2017 7:00am-8:59am PDT

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♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it is tuesday, october 10th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." massive wildfires killed at least 11 people in california. 1500 homes and businesses are destroyed. we'll take you to both northern and southern california where flames are out of control. 3 million americamayor puer still without power. david begnaud is on the island where officials are blaming each other. several hollywood stars denounce harvey weinstein on his alleged sexual harassment. plus searching for the secret to happiness.
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mo rocca is in denmark. we begin with a look at today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> gone. everything is gone. >> these people are losing their homes. >> i've got to get out of here, because if you don't, you're going to die. >> deadly wildfires engulf california. >> people evacuated, not knowing if they would have anything to come home to. >> it has been an awful day. people say this is more like a war zone than their cozy little neighborhood. >> a student at texas tech university in custody accused of shooting and killing a campus police officer. if bob corker has nihon or, any decency, he should resign immediately. >> the nasty feud between the president and senator bob corker triggering tensions between the white house and republican leaders. >> i'm glad senator corker has brought voice to this. the massive change in the las vegas shooting timeline. >> the security guard was shot a
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full first six minutes before the shots were fired into the crowd. the trailer for "the last jedi" debutsed last night. hirry son smith with a big pick. >> and that's the game. >> and all that matters. >> last week aol announced it will be shutting down a.i.m. in december. i know. this is devastating news for three of you. >> on "cbs this morning." >> the astros are moving on to the american league championship series. >> a big night for america's past time. the play-offs are in full swing. >> strike three and the dodge "early show" sweep the arizona diamondbacks. >> unbelievable guys. [ cheers and applause ] >> this morning's eye opener is presented by toyota. let's go places.
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>> welcome to krns this morning. gayle is off. alex wagner is in. as you wake up in the west, california struggling to contain several deadly wildfires, eight counties are now under states of emergency. the fires have killed at least 11 people. about 1,500 structures are destroyed. both numbers are expected to grow. >> these fires moved so fast yesterday they put many more lives in jeopardy. this photo shows one of several neighborhoods in santa rosa that was burned to the ground. >> in all, 15 kang rouse wildfires are burning across the state right now. officials say it's very rare to have so many fires start statement. part of the wine country north of san francisco is especially hard hit. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are in northern santa rosa. this neighborhood has been evacuated.
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there is a curfew in place as authorities were worried about looting. right now we know a lot of wildfires are standing at the ready watching the winds and watching them in case they grow over the next few hours. as we speak, we can see scenes of destruction all around this region. they all look the same. more than a dozen wildfires raged on in california overnight despite desperate attempts by more than a thousand firefighters to gain the upper hand. the fires fueled by strong winds broke out almost simultaneously on sunday, forcing crews to spread their resources across the region. >> you watched four houses burn down -- >> my whole block. >> reporter: brandon hayes says he ignored evacuation orders to try to save his parcht's house. >> i pretended to go and turned around and came back. >> why? >> because it's my folk's homes and i'm not going to watch it burn without somebody trying. >> reporter: tens of thousands were forced to leave as flames
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raced into their back yards. the fires destroyed structures, gutted hotels and homes and turning parts of wine country into a charred waste land. in some cases flames were so intense authorities had to choose saving people over saving homes. >> it's devastating. it's devastating. ward cook tried to dose embers near his home after realizing fire crews were stretched thin. >> it's frustrating. i g et the fact that they've got jobs to do and trying to do them as best they can. it's so sad. it's so sad. >> reporter: with the fires out of control, authorities say it's too early to determine the full scope of the devastation or the death toll. >> there is no searching. there is no looking yet. so there is a lot of burned homes and a lot of burned areas. so it's just logical that we'll find more people.
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>> reporter: sonoma county received 100 missing persons reports. cell phone outages is making communication difficult. vice president mike pence says the federal government stands at the ready to help with any of the state's needs. in southern california firefighters are battling another dangerous wildfire southeast of los angeles, the canyon two fire destroyed at least two dozen structures in anaheim. more than 5,000 homes have been evacuated. mark strassmann is in anaheim hills where several homes burned. >> reporter: good morning. these homes are gone. these firefighters are trying to quiet down the hot spots now on that house behind me. on this street alone five homes went up, gone in three hours. the fire right now is burning on a ridge about four miles from where i'm standing. the fire was visible for miles as it tore through suburban
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neighborhoods, reducing homes to piles of smoldering wood and ash. >> it's just so sad to see that happen here. there's no words. >> reporter: 1,000 firefighters in southern california are working to put out the flames from the ground and from above. nearly two dozen helicopters and other aircraft have been using water drops. gusts up to 45 miles per hour and low humidity have fueled the flames making conditions more difficult for first responders. >> we're hoping the weather goes in our favor. if not, we're continuing to fight this. >> reporter: as nearby disney land park goers captured the eerie skies glowing a priet orange. the heavy smoke turned the sun into a small red dot. evacuations were ordered for more than 5,000 homes, but some people chose to stay behind. >> it's never the same. it may be able to be rebuilt, but i can't imagine losing your home, especially in this manner.
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>> reporter: kevin shave fits and his family left two hours before the fire crept over the hillside and engulfed his home. >> it's pretty surreal. i'll probably try to handle this as best i can for now and deal with it emotionally a couple months down the road. >> reporter: this fire is only 5% contained. firefighters expect another day of tough conditions including high winds and low humidity. the evacuation order that was in effect yesterday remains in effect today. it's just too dangerous still. >> thanks, mark. a pilot flying over the napa and sonoma wildfires had this view, smoke is breaking through the clouds more than 5,000 feet in the air. cal fire assistant deeply director daniel berlant is with us. good morning. >> good morning. >> you have conditions with wind and dryness that accelerate the spread. >> the good news is the wind did die down.
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that's given us an opportunity to take a stand against many of these fires. what we were experiencing 24 hours ago is a very different fire, but there's still a lot of work ahead of us as dry conditions and warm temperatures continue to have a stronghold here on california. >> i know you've got more than 2,000 firefighters on the ground. what's the biggest challenge? >> it's really been the unpredictable winds. it's those winds that fan these flames from rural areas right into the homes, burning everything in its path. our latest estimates still show that 1500 homes and other commercial buildings were destroyed by these fires. >> can you give us a sense of the scale of the destruction that you've seen thus far? >> the destruction is widespread, complete subdivisions, communities destroyed, burned down to the ground. it was all our firefighters could do the night of the fire just to get people evacuated. there were countless rescues trying to get residents out of their trapped homes, and that really took the priority, protecting life and property is
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owls going to be the priority. >> we wish you the best, daniel berlant, thank you very much, with cal fire. las vegas police made a significant change in the timeline of the music festival massacre. investigators say stephen paddock shot hotel security guard at 9:59 p.m., six minutes before he opened fire on the festival and killed 58 people. jamie yuccas is near the location of the shooting with details on the gunman. jamie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. clark county sheriff joseph lombardo says he's frustrated there's no clear motive yet. investigators are speaking with stephen paddock's brother eric here in las vegas. also requestioning his girlfriend marylou danley, calling them key pieces to the puzzle. >> the timeline associated with the original shot has changed. >> reporter: jesus campos was initially on the 32nd floor to check on a suspicious open door down the hall from stephen
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paddock's room. investigators believe paddock pos on the surveillance he set up. paddock fired on campos through the door hitting him in the leg. six minutes before paddock unleashed his deadly assault. >> he was injured prior to the mass volume of shooting. >> reporter: investigators are traced some of the killer's movement. >> we have uncovered over 200 instances of the suspect's traveling through las vegas. >> reporter: according to a 97 zsh page court deposition, paddock took valium for anxiety and always wore black sweat pants. he acknowledged he glam bld all night and slept all day, sometimes wagering up to a million dollars per binge. at one point he boasted about being the biggest video poker player in the world. the deposition stems from this 2011 incident at the cosmopolitan hotel in which paddock slipped and fell and later sued over his injuries.
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chris kurity curtis is a securi consultant and says they'll be looking at everything and everyone in his past to determine motive. >> i'm sure there's people sitting in their living room, now it makes sense. why didn't i say something. >> the sheriff says paddock had a car full of explosives and targeted airport fuel tanks as his escape plan. investigators are looking into whether paddock went to an informal shooting range to practice shooting just two days before the attack. >> jamie, thank you. texas tech says a 19-year-old student is in custody for allegedly killing a cam plus police officer. he's identified as freshman hollis daniels. campus police were making a welfare check on daniels when they found drugs and drug paraphernalia in his room. he allegedly shot and killed the officer during questioning at the police station. the school was under lockdown
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for at least an hour overnight until daniels was finally caught. president trump is getting some help in his newest feud with a powerful fell he republican. senator bob corker's sharp edge response to a series of tweets from mr. trump brought a strong reaction from vice president mike pence. he said while critics engage in empty rhetoric and baseless attacks, president trump has restored the credibility of american power. major garrett is at the white house. boy, oh, boy, major. what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning. it took the white house about a day to put together that defense of the president's foreign policy, adding to it in his own unique way this morning on twitter, referring to bob corker, the chair of the senate foreign relations committee as a fool. late last night another voice entered the fray of a former white house official. >> senator corker is an absolute disgray. >> reporter: former white house chief strategist steve bannon came to his old boss's defense
7:14 am
last night blasting corker's comments as unacceptable. >> if bob corker has nihon or, any decency, he should resign immediately. >> sometimes i feel like he's on a reality show of some kind. >> reporter: corker's unusually frank comments rocked washington, using words typically reserved for private conversations about the president. >> he doesn't realize that, you know, we could be heading towards world war 3 with the kind of comments he's making. >> reporter: earlier in the day judiciary committee chairman charles grassley appealed for calm. >> both ought to cool it. >> reporter: charlie dent echoed corker's comments. >> we' i'm glad senator corker brought voice to this. >> reporter: majority leader mitch mcconnell said senator corker is a valuable member of the senate republican caucus. mcconnell appeared with scott pruitt was was in kentucky to
7:15 am
announce the coal power plant. mr. trump has promised to end the program, an act critics say would isolate the u.s. >> no single regulation threatens our miners, energy workers and more than this crushing attack on american industry. >> reporter: the president played golf yesterday with lindsey graham of south carolina, a friendly senate republican, when the president needs as many of those as he can find. in just a couple hours here at the white house, the president will have lunch with secretary of state rex tillerson and defense secretary james mattis. the president could overrule both if, as expected, later this week he decertifies the iran nuclear deal. >> thanks, major. hurricane maria struck puerto rico and 85% of the island is without electricity, nearly 3 million americans without power. puerto rico asking for an
7:16 am
additional $4.6 billion in emergency relief. david begnaud is back in san juan, puerto rico where the governor says they're struggling to meet people's basic needs. david, good morning. >> reporter: charlie, good morning. 20 days after maria made landfall, people are still not getting the food and water they need in isolated areas of the island. in the capital of san juan, generators continue to be the lifeline. a majority of the island still without power. debris, 40 million pounds already removed in san juan. what hasn't been removed is causing major problems. in the figueroa neighborhood, debris has clocked street drains, contributing to wide spread flooding. this woman says the government has not helped with cleaning the streets. the only time she's seen the mayor is on television. we wanted to talk to the mayor about that. we found her at the main distribution center at the coliseum in san juan. >> i have to make a decision,
7:17 am
either i open the roads in order to save lives and i use the money that i have for medicine and for food and for water, and i decided the route to go was not a logistical route, but a human route. >> reporter: the governor was critical of the mayor's response and sent a team of his own to help clear the streets on monday. >> this has been an ongoing problem that hasn't presented itself anywhere else in puerto rico. it wasn't handled by the municipality as it should have been. >> reporter: further complicating, allegations that aid is not being properly handled by distributors. >> they are not providing the water and food that is given to them, then there's going to be hell to pay. >> reporter: while 60% of the island has water, everyone is being told to boil it to present disease which is difficult because most people don't have power. >> people tend to always want to ask are things getting better.
7:18 am
>> reporter: are they getting better, mayor? >> no, they're not getting better because the supply chain of aid still is not robust and not continuous. now i have about 20,000 families that i'm feeding on a weekly basis. i can't just tell them that i don't have any food or water for them next week or the week after next. >> reporter: outside of san juan, the disaster is leading to depression among people who are feeling desperate, and there's a real concern about the spread of disease. the governor confirmed to us there are at least five people who have symptoms that are consistent with lope toe sclerosis, that's a bacterial disease and tests are bending. >> david, when do they expect the majority of the power to be back on? >> we're told it could be up to ten months to a year before everyone has power. but what we have seen is in areas like san juan where power is being restored, a thunderstorm comes through and knocks out the power and
7:19 am
destroys what progress is being made. >> that is stunning, staggering statistic. a year without power. >> thank you for being there, reporting from puerto rico. harvey weinstein asked movie industry executives for help in the hours before he was fired. ahead, a journalist shares what happened when she says she was trapped alone in a room with the hollywood producer. rikki klieman is in our toyota green room calm, cooler conditions, but also we are seeing smoke over san francisco. the fires and the smoke is not getting pushed out because the winds barely a breeze. here is the view towards the fire. you can see the smoke in the air. we are expecting to see more smoke until we get the onshore flow that will cool things off a bit the breeze is going to pick up tonight through tomorrow morning. temperatures today, a few degrees cooler than yesterday.
7:20 am
>> announcer: this national weather report provided by bright house financial. established by met life. another state joins the fight to ensure all women continue to receive health care coverage for birth control. >> ahead, how some women could face higher medical expenses after the trump administration says it will roll back obamacare rules. >> you're watching "cbs this morning."
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needs a great how. ♪ i head how the deadly california wildfires could also be devestating for wine makers and their customers. >> and the ceo of linkedin about the changes he is making with his company.
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your local news is coming up next. this is a kpix 5 morning update. >> and morning. it is 7:26 am. i am michelle drago. 96,000 people in the north they are without power as crews continue to battle the wildfires that have burned more than 107,000 acres in northern california. in some cases they have shut off electricity to keep people safe. transit officials say smart train service is free but limited as crews contain the wildfires. service will run from the downtown station to downtown san rafael. here is a look at the weather. >> here is the view of the sun rising among the smoke. that is pointed towards the napa wildfires. look at what it is doing to
7:27 am
downtown san francisco, barely a breeze across the bay area. that is why the smoke has settled in. are winds, calm conditions, across northern california. we are going to see the winds picking up. we will get it they -- a light onshore flow later on that will help the firefighters. tonight through early tomorrow morning, the wind will intensify. today it is the calm, cooler day for the firefighters to get a better -- better handle on things. 82 in napa, and we will be right back with a look at traffic.
7:28 am
quite a bit of smoke. we are tracking over the golden gate bridge and tracking new reports of a fire. this is right along 101, right near mendocino avenue. we are starting to see a backup in the southbound direction. that is a check of the traffic. cbs this morning continues. we will see you back here in 30 minutes. the kpix 5 seven-day forecast is sponsored by twin pine casino and hotel.
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how did you become a member of the cbs news team? >> you're not going to believe this. i'd always wanted to work at cbs. i've never been able to get even an appointment there, so i didn't even ask for an appointment. i just went over there. there were no security in those days. i went up to the second floor and i said -- the first person i saw, i've come to see mr. small. and the woman, he was the bureau chief. she said oh, yes, bob, come right in. i mean, it's true. i was ushered into the bureau chief's office and subsequently was hired. it turned out i had walked in on someone else's appointment.
7:31 am
>> that's our guy. >> i know. a treasure. >> that's bob for you. love that story. welcome back to "cbs this morning." gayle is taking the day off so alex wagner is here. good to have you here. >> i'm here, awake miraculously. >> how's the baby doing? >> he is thriving. he is a delicious wonderful baby. >> we are glad you're here. we have three things you should know this morning. the deadly california wildfires in napa and sonoma counties are hurting the state's wine industry. flames destroyed at least two wineries. many others are damaged. most closed yesterday because of power outages and evacuations. officials do not know yet how the fires will impact this year's grape harvest. north korean hackers stole war planes. the financial times reports the
7:32 am
hackers took a trove of classified documents including operation plan 5015. the details infuriated kim jong-un. he apparently changed his daily routine. >> and the penguins to the white house today. the stanley cup champions are the first team since the president with drew the golden state warriors invitation. the penguins say they quote, respect the institution of the office the president and the long tradition of camp i don't know sh-- championship teams visiting the white house. harvey weinstein made a last ditch effort to save his career. he sent a letter just hours before he was fired from his company. he wrote quote, i am desperate for your help. a number of celebrities are speaking out including kate
7:33 am
winslet and meryl streep and judi bench. >>sa van met harvey weinstein at a dinner party, but when he offered her a private tour of his restaurant she was stunned by the encounter. the details of their first and only meeting are graphic. >> when he asked me if i wanted to tour the restaurant or the kitchen, no, there was no apprehension. should there have been? yes. >> reporter: it was 2007 and lauren sivan got a very friendly vibe from harvey weinstein. >> i didn't get anything that read he was dangerous until we got downstairs. >> and what happened? >> he tried to kiss me, and i pushed him off politely and that's when he seemed to get angry or annoyed. and told me to just stand there
7:34 am
and be quiet. >> reporter: she said weinstein had her cornered. >> he exposed himself and he basically pleasured himself and when he finished, i said to him, are we done here, can i leave? because he had been blocking the exit. >> several actors who were hired by weinstein have spoken out against him including meryl streep who said the behavior is inexcusable but wine steven was defended by donna carren. >> you look at everything all over the world today and how women a dressing and what they're asking by just presenting themselves the way they do. what are they asking for? trouble. >> reporter: she apologized yesterday saying my statements were taken out of context and do not represent how i feel. i am truly sorry to anyone that i offended.
7:35 am
sivan told us some have been critical of her for not speaking out sooner. >> i don't like that idea of blaming the victim. like blame him, you know, blame the people that enabled him. >> reporter: george clooney told the daily beast weinstein's behavior is indefensible. he said this is the moment to start scaring people like this into not acting this way anymore. cbs news has repeatedly reached out to harvey wine steven and the weinstein company for comment but we have not heard back. cbs news ricky klieman prosecuted sex crimes and also defended some. good morning. >> good morning. >> could he face a criminal investigation? >> we have to look at where we are. many of these allegations are sexual harassment. that is a request to do something, not an actual action.
7:36 am
those are not criminal. we also have to remember for prosecutor or a woman is going to get involved in a criminal case, that harvey weinstein is presumed innocent and we can't forget that when we have this discussion. we haven't heard of a prosecutor yet who is saying i'm going to go forward with a criminal case. s.uld one do that? numberye one, is it within the statute of limitations meaning the time limit? you just heard a story that happens ten years ago, not within the statute of limitations. it would have to be much more recent. by the way, a lot of states since the bill cosby episodes have gotten away, done away with statutes of limitations, but not for crimes that occurred before. so then you have yet another hurdle. does the woman want to go forward? many of these women would not want to go forward with a criminal case and so how does
7:37 am
the prosecutor, if a woman signed a confidentiality agreement get her in at all? >> right. >> he must use or she must use the subpoena power of a grand jury. if tles herthere's a confidenti agreement that woman cannot talk. >> you're saying a subpoena would override the confidentiality agreement? >> yes, we know that from the bill cosby case. a woman cannot tell her friends, cannot tell the police once she has signed. we also don't know if any or many of these women have gone to the police before they may have signed any confidentiality agreement. that's like andrea with cosby. that's a different story. >> do wie know whether the boar of directors had any oversight on terms to settle? >> the company would have to certainly face civil liability if in fact they knew something and we have to know when they knew it. if the company knew nothing, if
7:38 am
harvey weinstein paid this out of his own pocket we have a different story, but if i'm the company i'm looking for a complete review. >> and we do know the company has hired an independent team to uncover the whole truth. thanks for your time. some employers may soon deny health care coverage for birth control on religious and moral grounds. next we hear from one woman involved in the rollback and you can hear more on our pod casts. find them all on itunes and apple's pod cast app. you each watching "cbs this morning." confusion. elp guide you through e well that wasn't so bad at all. that's how we like it. unitedhealthcare. whentrust the brand doctors trust for themselves. nexium 24hr is the number one choice of doctors
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>> the trump administration's plan to roll back mandatory insurance coverage for birth control faces a new challenge. they sued to stop the new rules for taking effect. california and massachusetts have already filed similar complaints. last week the administration said it is changing the obamacare requirement that health plans cover contraception.
7:43 am
it wants to exempt any nongovernment employer with a religious or moral objection. we are on the campus of university of notre dame, which welcome the changes. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. because of the catholic church's strict stance against contraception notre dame has fought the birth control man date for years. although it hasn't decided whether it will withdrawal coverage, some women are worried about losing part of their health care coverage. >> i respect my university but i also think that no woman should have to choose between her serious medical needs and her university's religion. >> reporter: notre dame law student signed up for the university health plan just last year and it could already be in for a drastic change. the school may drop birth control coverage following the trump administration's announcement friday. >> at this point in my life i don't have a disposable income to go out and seek out
7:44 am
contraceptives or a private insurance provider. >> reporter: the new rules would give conscience protections based on religious or moral convictions. this includes nonprofits and publicly traded companies. under the obama administration only houses of worship could be exempt. >> come on up here, sister. >> reporter: president trump signalled the regulatory changes in may when he invited these nuns to the rose garden. >> with the executive order we are ending the attacks on your religious liberty. >> reporter: houston baptist university president said it forced him to enforce forms like plan b. the new rules protect freedom of religion. >> the government does not have the right to tell the little sisters of the poor or notre dame or any catholic institution what its own religious convictions are. >> 58% of women use oral contraceptive pills for reasons beyond birth control.
7:45 am
like treating disease or menstrual pain. those pills can chost more than $1,000 a year without insurance. a member of the aclu is now a plaintiff in the group's lawsuit challenging the trump administration rules. >> was it difficult for you to decide to speak out? >> coming forward about such a personal matter is a really scary prospect, but at the end of the day a lot of women on campus feel this is an unfair intrusion into our private rights. >> the new regulations are expected to be published on friday. the trump administration estimates that 200 employers could take advantage of the program potentially impacting 120,000 women. >> all right. thank you. up next, a look at this morning's other headlines including what's driving halloween spending to a record $9 billion this year. and starbucks executive will be here to talk about how he's highlighting people who do good in their communities.
7:46 am
but first it's 7:45. time to check your local weather. the view over san francisco this morning is nasty. we have the smoke settling in place. the view showing smoky conditions and hazy conditions. because there is barely a breeze today. which is good news for firefighters here is a view from the camera showing you what they are dealing with. barely a breeze mean they can get a decent line around the fires but the breeze will pick up tonight and tomorrow again. cooler than yesterday for temperatures.
7:47 am
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welcome back to "cbs this morning." here's a look at some of this morning's headlines from around the globe. catalonia's president tonight will address the regional parliament. he could officially declare independence from spain. on sunday, cat lon voted for independence. spain called the vote illegal. google found a link to russian disinformation and its services during the 2016 election.
7:51 am
russian agents spent tens of thousands on dollars on ads. they targeted youtube, j mail and its search engine. microsoft is also investigating. the mercury news reports the oldest u.s. senator diane fienstein will seek re-election. lots more to do, i'm all in. fienstein was first elected in 1992. she will be seeking her fifth term. and americans will spend a record $9 billion this year on halloween. that is up from $8.4 billion last year. 179 million people will spend an average of about $86 each. in all $3.4 billion will be spent on costumes. 2.7 billion on candy and another 2.7 billion on decorations and
7:52 am
as a mother of three i have contributed to that new higher figure. costumes, candy, the house decorations. >> three costumes and he doesn't even have teeth to eat candy yet. denmark is frequently called the happiest country on the planet. see what mo rocca learned on a tour of the danish capital.
7:53 am
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at least eleven people are dead and more than 15- hundred stuctures are destroyed... as wildfires continue to burn in northjern california. the largest is the 27-thousand acre tubbs fire, which spread from good morning. it is 7:56 a.m. at least 11 people are dead and more than 1500 structures destroyed as wildfire continues to burn in northern california. the largest is the 27,000-acre fire near santa rosa. the alice fire has burned about 25,000 acres. that is mostly napa county. authorities plan to hold a news conference at 9:00 this morning and we will have that live right here on kpix5. here is a look at the weather. >> you can see the smoke from the fires. it is hazy out there. conditions are bad for anyone that has respiratory problems. this is a look at san francisco.
7:57 am
the smoke is in the air. we don't have much of a breeze. calm conditions when it comes to the wind. which is good for the firefighters. they can get a better handle of what is going on in napa and sonoma. we will get a light onshore wind later. tonight and into tomorrow, the wind will intensify from the north. that is not good for firefighters. cooler conditions today. a few degrees cooler than yesterday. napa, 82. we will be right back with traffic.
7:58 am
good morning. it is 7:58 a.m. trucking slowdowns for drivers along southbound 101. we have some ramp closures in place. we also have a street closure, barnes at river road has been shut down to all traffic. a road close between petrified forest, saint galena and old redwood highway shut down. that is a check of your
7:59 am
traffic. cbs continues. we will see you back here in 30 minutes.
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