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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  October 12, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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being issued this morning in several areas. the sonoma county sheriff's office tweeted about mandatory evacuation orders for the eastern part of that county. those include castle road and 7 streets east of north lavalle valley road. chp san francisco tweeted this video of officers going door to door in sonoma to advice homeowners of the approaching fires. now to the atlas fire which has burned more than 42,000 acres in napa and solano county. the winds are picking up. jackie ward reports. >> reporter: we have off 221 vallejo highway. all morning we have been watching the fire. jess probably in a canyon -- it's probably all in a canyon
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so you can't see the flames. the flames are moving west- southwest. yesterday afternoon the people in fairfield were concerned that that shift in winds could bring it their way. they have every reason to be scared. the damage this has already caused is beyond imagination. as of late last night, cal fire says this atlas fire is now bus about 43,000 acres, 3% contained. it's hard to comprehend it. >> you always see stuff on the news and you never think it will be you. i hope everybody is going to be safe. [ crying ] >> reporter: crews set a controlled burn tuesday night to clear out vegetation near the water treatment plant at the end of green valley road in solano county. that's where fairfield police have issued a mandatory evacuation. back in napa county, napa police want to remind people that as of just before 2 p.m., any established mandatory evacuation area does remain in effect. so something that's kind of
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scary to think about is that the head of cal fire is saying that he is anticipating two of the three big fires now happening in napa may merge. jackie ward, kpix 5. thank you. and new mandatory evacuations have been issued for the community of geyserville because of the pocket fire. cal fire is worried the winds will push it right into town. kpix 5's anne makovec is live there this morning. anne. >> reporter: downtown geyserville is on this side and you can see the fire burning behind me. this fire has been burning since monday morning but it was small and suddenly yesterday, it became a lot more of a threat to the town of geyserville. this thing reared up in the
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mountains north of healdsburg. it's called the pocket fire. it burned about 4,000 acres and grew overnight so there will be new figures on that once cal fire is able to deal with the light of day. new manned mads mandatory evacuation in geyserville through red rock casino. nobody answered over there so it appears as if they are heeding those mandatory evacuations. they dropped fire retardant from the air and had hand crews and dozers out there constructing a line hoping to hold it back. but, you know, as they have had in the fires all over wine country, a lot of difficulty with low visibility and rough terrain. they are trying to make sure
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people are evacuating. property protection is secondary. geyserville is a small town of 1,000 people. and at this point, while much of the town is evacuated, the downtown area is still open with power and cell service there. so that's certainly a good sign. also, a good sign the fact that there's no wind at this present moment but we know that can change from moment to moment. live in geyserville, anne makevoc, kpix 5. thank you. a plane unlike any other has joined the fight against the northern california wildfires. this global supertanker is the largest in the world with 19,000 gallons of retardant and water for up to 4,000 miles. the pilots are there to provide support. >> we are helping the folks on the ground. our true heroes are the firefighters on the ground and we are here to help them. >> even with the 655,000-pound active in the a the push to
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contain the flames is a team effort. so that plane should help but the winds not. >> yeah. they were saying yesterday, crews can't put that aircraft up in the air because if the winds are really bad, the fire retardant goes down and the winds are bad, it just blows away. >> then you have the smoke which affects visibility. they can't seat fireline. current conditions in the areas of the fire, st. helena north- northeast winds at 8. solano northwest at 8. yountville west winds at 5. calistoga 8-mile- per-hour winds at the moment. now we are expecting to see gusts 30 to 50 miles per hour especially in those ridgetops. you saw our reporters out there, of course, these winds could shift any moment. the winds are intensifying. the winds are coming from the north and they are going to continue to do so. they are going to pick up early
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this morning. we'll start to see an increase here as the sun starts to rise. it's a live look at sfo now. things calm at the moment but a lot of delays and cancellations yesterday because of poor visibility. san jose right now hazy skies in the forecast again today. unfortunately today, air quality is going to be bad. usually the overnight hours throw air is a little better. that's not the case especially for napa and the areas of the fires. throughout the day very unhealthy air quality in the area of the fires and then it's going to intensify for the rest of us as all that smoke gets pushed further south because of those north winds. very unhealthy air in the north bay and the rest of us in the unhealthy range. sunrise at 7:15 when the firefighters get a good look at
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what they are dealing with for today. here's what to expect. winds increase this morning until noon. then they should calm down a little bit. it's all about that wind direction. that's why we are going to see a lot more smoke in the air today. the worst the bay area has ever seen is what's expected. temperatures are cool. humidity levels will drop as we get more winds coming in. neda, thank you. pg&e says 52 powers have no power mostly in sonoma county, 39,000 according to pg&e, 52,000 people have no power. blown-out transformers and toppled poles may have caused the fire. dispatchers got the call of downed power lines in sonoma county. take a listen.
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instances of wires down, broken poles and impacted infrastructure. where those have occurred, we have reported them to our state utility regulator and calfire." pg&e said in some cases we have found wires down, poles and broken infrastructure. we have reported them to the state utility regulator and cal fire. some are criticizing a decision our governor brown made last year to veto a bill aimed at reducing wildfire hazards. the bipartisan measure would have included the safety of overhead electrical wires by identifying areas most at risk for the wildfires. the governor believed the bill was unnecessary because he claimed the cpuc and cal fire had already been doing that. time now 6:08. coming up, our coverage of the north bay fire wildfires continues with a look at the damage done in sonoma county. >> plus, the air has never been this bad in many parts of the bay area. and it could get worse. next, what doctors are saying
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about the conditions this morning.
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----- the pocket fire burning near geyserville.. cal fire is worried the winds will push it right into town. our live team coverage continues with a live look at the pocket fire burning near geyserville. cal fire is worried the winds will push it right into town. then on the right-hand side, you see all those flames and smoke. this is a view from chopper 5 above the atlas fire which has burned more than 42,000 acres in napa and solano counties. a big worry for fire crews out there today is that at least 3 of the major fires, three big fires going on right now out of 22, will merge into one big one. and these are just amazing views from chopper 5 on the right-hand side, again, this is from the napa solano county fires. >> and several of them are
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destroying parts of sonoma county. >> we are joined on the phone by scott alonzo for an update on evacuations under way there now. good morning, scott. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> thanks for talking with us this morning. so what happens this morning with the firefight? >> well, we are making progress and according to cal fire, 10% of the tubbs fire has been contained which is great news. and we just appreciate all the fantastic work our partners in the firefighting community are doing on the front lines to protect life and property. >> scott, we know that the evacuation orders are being carried out. how are those going and give us a sense of how residents are responding. are you seeing any resistance out there? >> reporter: you know, we have had over 25,000 people evacuated since sunday night. we have 24 shelters in operation right now and down the county. and 3,876 folks are being housed. we do have 4,000 more seats available in our shelters. there is plenty of room.
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we're not checking immigration status. we're open to all. i think, you know, folks need to take these evacuation orders seriously. as you're seeing in geyserville, the fire is moving quickly. so if an evacuation order goes out that's mandatory, folks need to get out asap. there's no question. so we want to make sure folks can evacuate safely. and we have heard some reports that folks are not leaving in time and they are not leaving when the orders are given. the orders are incredibly serious. >> as far as the evacuees go, many are frustrated understandably so because they don't know the status of their homes right now. they don't know if, you know, their neighbors' home was burned down or if their home survived this fire. so what do you say to the people out there because a lot of them i know want to go into these areas just to see the status of their neighborhood but they really need to stay out? >> yeah, they do. those areas are not safe. the firefighting activities are still going on. life-saving activities are still going on. it's not safe. and i totally understand folks
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who want to go back. we have had folks here in our own emergency operations center that have lost their homes. and it's a tragic and terrible situation. this is the worst natural disaster to hit our county in decades. maybe ever. so i totally understand where they're coming from. but! at the end of the day, we got to let our firefighters do their jobs. if folks are trying to go back home that could interfere with firefighting activities. >> scott, so many people are looking for information at this time. so many people in those affected counties as well as in other parts of the bay area. any other messages that you want to send out to those people? >> yeah. you would say, you know, there's a lot of smoke in the air. there's a lot of ash. please stay indoors if you can. and stay off the roads if you don't need to be driving. we want to make sure that our first responders have a clear line of sight and that they can get to where they need to go as soon as possible. and we're really impressed with the outpouring of support from the community and volunteering. but if folks can donate
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financially to the north bay relief fund and they can use the funds set up by redwood credit union and they can go to, 100% of those proceeds go to all the counties impacted by the fires so including lake, mendocino, napa and sonoma counties. >> all right. scott alonso with sonoma county, thank you. >> thank you very much. the bay area air quality management district is urging people across the bay area to stay indoors if possible and limit their time outdoors. the district activated a health advisory yesterday warning people that the particulates in the air are especially dangerous. it is also urging people to wear mass that accident can filter out the most har -- masks that can filter out the most harmful part of the smoke in the air. mount diablo unified school district in concord classes are canceled and schools in
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richmond, el cerrito, san pablo and el sobrante. the oakland the roses in concrete community school is closed. oakland unified says families who are concerned about the health of their students may keep them home today. doctors say that with all the smoke that they are seeing, more patients coming into the office with some breathing problems. those patients are coming in with a variety of symptoms including watery eyes, nasal irritation and sore throats. medical professional say on days like this it's better to go from exercising outdoors to indoors. >> people in general should avoid any contact with smoke if they can, stay inside. turn the air-conditioners on, make sure their filters are changed. not exercise or walk outdoor at all because any amount of inflammation in the lungs is harmful. >> the warning extends to pets. keep them indoors for protection. i was surprised to see bicyclists out in the east bay a lot of them had masks on. >> a smart thing to do if you
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can get them. they are selling out at a lot of stores. so yeah. it is obviously going to be a concern today. air quality is going to be bad. i believe we have our chopper pictures right now of what's going on in napa. here's a look at the fire. look at that fireline. you can definitely see the line glowing more and more throughout the morning hours. this morning winds are expected to get stronger throughout the morning. we are going to see a north wind. so i'm going to set our graphic into motion, as well. you can see the smoky skies and what's going on there today with the north winds coming, that's what's causing that increased glow on the right- hand side of your screen from our chopper 5. but it's also going to cause some of the worst air quality we have ever seen throughout the bay area. it's going to be bad for days. so the next few hours will be the peak of the wind gusts for this fire. that's why we are starting to see more of those flames intensify this morning. our chopper 5 giving you a good perspective right now over napa
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of what's going on. a lot of the winds picking up over the ridgetops. so we are expecting to see gusts up to 50 miles per hour. that's exactly what's going on there right now over the ridge of that hill right there in napa. it's the napa hills, the north bay hills that are under that red flag warning until 5:00 today. also, under a wind advisory advisory until 5:00 today. so that's why of course that area where all the flames are burning right now very unhealthy air quality. unhealthy for the rest of us along the coast. the east bay and to the south, as well. it's going to stay unhealthy even as far south as central california. here's a look over oakland right now, where a lot of students were being told if you don't want to go to school, parents, you don't have to send them today because of the smoke. look at the wind gusts. we are seeing them really intensify overnight and early morning. peak winds today mount diablo 53. oakland hills 36. san francisco 34. it looks like a lot of the peak winds happening over mount
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diablo and off the coastline. buoys with wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour. on land, we are starting to see it pick up a bit. right now fairfield looks like the area of some of the strongest winds. it was earlier and now it's calmed down thankfully. santa rosa at 9 miles per hour. winds out of the north. san rafael 11. so it's starting to pick up there. so over the next couple of hours until at least noon, look what's going to be happening for napa and fairfield. they will start to pick up at 8 a.m. 10 am winds between 10 to 20 miles per hour and then after 1:00, or so, we'll start to see them drop off below 10 for napa, santa rosa, also winds are going to get calmer later on. 4 or 5 p.m. the red flag warning will be expiring because those winds expected to get calmer. but 8:00 tonight santa rosa may start to see a northwest wind coming through for those fires that are burning in that part of northern california. fairfield also going to see a little bit of boost in winds overnight tonight. what we're also going to see is a calming friday during the day
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and then friday night into saturday, early-morning sunday, another wind event is expected. temperatures are going to stay cool for the next couple of days. but when we get that next round of wind, we are also going to see our temperatures rise. time now 6:21. a quick break from our fire coverage as we get a look at the roads. >> let's check in with jaclyn tracking the morning commute. >> it's definitely getting slow out there. good morning, everyone. right now, we are tracking an accident along westbound 580. this is right as you approach hacienda. it's now cleared to the shoulder but drive times in the yellow from 205 to 680. a 30-minute drive. big delays on 880 southbound. this is just south of hesperian. you a slow commute from 238 to 84. san mateo bridge 20 minutes from 880 to 101 westbound. richmond/san rafael bridge,
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definitely starting to see the backup build from marina bay parkway to sir francis drake, across the span about 10 minutes from that stretch. eastshore freeway about 30 minutes to the maze and into san francisco, another 28 minutes. as the wildfires rage out of control in northern california, things are looking a little less bleak to our south. next the damage left behind in orange county. oh, you brought butch.
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two." it's burned more than 92-hundred in southern california, crews are making progress on the wildfire known as canyon fire 2. it's burned more than 9200 acres and destroyed at
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least 15 structures in orange county. cal fire says the blaze is 60% contained with full containment expected sometime saturday. although some homes have been lost, a lot of folks have praise for the firefighters. >> other than the one neighbor here that lost her house, the firemen were able to save, you know, countless houses that are all surrounded by dry brush and trees so it's impressive what they were able to do. >> the fire has threatened the eastern edges of anaheim and the city of orange as well as the north tustin area. the cause of the fire is unknown. we continue to track the wine country wildfires. jackie ward is live in napa county. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: kenny, we are tracking this atlas fire behind me. we just came down highway 221 a little bit to give you a closer look. we'll show you what we see next. >> reporter: and new man manneds tonight in geyserville. we have some good news about this fire burning nearby when we come back.
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this is absolutely devastating. it's heartbreaking. >> the damage is starting to add up wild the wildfires burning in wine country rage on. >> there's countless firefighters out there working tirelessly. >> and as firefighters work nonstop, the national guard arrived overnight to help. >> right now 22 fires are burning in northern california. this map shows you the 8 biggest ones and fierce winds today will add to the danger. >> and here's what we know at this hour.
6:31 am
at least 23 people have died. 285 more are still reported missing. good morning, i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. more than 129,000 acres have burned and more than 3500 homes and businesses are destroyed. >> this morning, we have live team coverage from the wildfires. we are monitoring the latest evacuations as they roll in. and the impact the weather is having on the front lines. >> we start with the atlas fire which has burned more than 42,000 acres in napa and solano counties. kpix 5's jackie ward is live in napa county with the latest on the firefight there. jackie. >> reporter: michelle, we are still on the vallejo highway, highway 221. but we moved now further down. so it's where highway 221 splits to highway 12 and you can see a much better view of how this fire is burning in the hills of the skyline wilderness park. you can see from here, just the glow and the intense amount of dark smoke but from chopper 5, you can see the actual huge flames. they are taking over that canyon. we have been talking about the
6:32 am
poor air quality here all week and it's kind of strange this morning to see this string and long line the dark smoke but i look up and i can seat moon and stars. we are up wind from this now. with this change of wind direction it's going back to napa couldn't where we're standing. it originally went to solano but it's heading back to napa. advisories are issues in the county east of sill issued in the county and east of highway 221 and 29. now, a reminder that advisories are not evacuations. it means that people should consider preparing to leave just in case. the closest neighborhood from where we are now is near the napa state hospital. solano county authorities urge residents of fairfield eastridge development to
6:33 am
evacuate. and they encourage residents of the rancho solano development to be ready to leave. in fairfield, city east where we are now, the police and fire departments are just brainstorming on what to do next in case flames start moving into their territory. right now no further developments about their plans. so this fire is burning 43,000 acres and is 3% contained. in napa county, jackie ward, kpix 5. crews have 2% containment on sonoma county's nuns fire. it's burned more than 8500 acres north of glen ellen. meanwhile, the town of calistoga is just about empty. >> there's countless firefighters out there working tirelessly. >> about 3 p.m. yesterday, mandatory evacuations began for the entire town of the calistoga. couple of hours later few people were left. new mandatory evacuations are issued for geyserville because of the pocket fire. cal fire's worried that the
6:34 am
winds will push it into town. kpix 5's anne makovec is live there this morning. anne. >> reporter: a couple of pieces of good news off the bat. the winds have died down. and if you can look at the orange glow here on the hillsides behind me, it is a lot less intense than we saw even an hour ago. the fire is laying down a bit in the last couple of hours. to give you an idea of where i'm standing right now, where the live camera is looking from 101 and downtown geyserville north of healdsburg and the wind has been increasing overnight especially over some of these ridges and slopes. it could move toward the town of geyserville and you can see some of the flames from last night burning very intensely. the new mandatory evacuations for geyserville were called at about 10:30 last night including much of the town over to and including red rock
6:35 am
casino. it's called the pocket fire and it's burning northeast of the town. firefighters have been working all night to prevent it from moving into town dropping fire retardant from the air in the evening and hand crews and dozers have been constructing a line hoping to hold this fire back. their first priority though life and safety making sure people heeded those evacuations overnight. geyserville is a small town. its population less than 1,000. the good news for the town right now is that the downtown area is still open. it's still got electricity right now. but this fire, the pocket fire, burned about 4,000 acres. it's a prime example of how dangerous these fires are. it was small on monday morning, ignored by cal fire with bigger fish to fry, if you will and then suddenly it really blew up yesterday! so that is the concern, that we have a lot more of these little fires that are so easily spread all around wine country right
6:36 am
now. live in geyserville, anne makevoc, kpix 5. more than 100 members of the air national guard arrived at moffett field last night to help in the fire areas. they will be helping with logistics and other efforts. >> the local security efforts, in terms of [ inaudible ] [ loud background noise ] >> the national guard members were notified yesterday evening and that they had to pick up and pack up and leave in a couple of hours. >> it's good to see reinforcements coming in. all right. let's talk wind. that's what we have been talking about all morning. >> we are seeing them pick up especially on the ridgetops and we can definitely see that in our chopper 5 video now. the napa hills is a major area of concern.
6:37 am
this is an area that's under the red flag warning and wind advisory. calm winds southeast winds at 3 miles an hour. look at the tops of the ridge from our chopper 5 camera, you can see that glow of the fire and flames picking up. there's a lot of fuel out there that really can catch when it comes to any bit of gusts of wind. so as though gusts get stronger throughout the morning hours, we may see more flames, more of that glow throughout the morning. also want to point out down in solano, winds are calm there. yountville southeast winds at 3. calistoga north winds at 6. but those gusts are expected to pick up over the next few hours especially around noon. the atlas fire, particulate matter matter in the air.
6:38 am
extremely bad air quality. as the winds swirl north to south you will see more bad air quality. it's going to be in the very unhealthy range. some of the winds in the rest of our area right now we are looking at winds north- northwest in oakland at 3, san francisco at 6, san rafael picked up a little bit. santa rosa. we'll continue to track the winds. 6:38. up next a closer look at the economic impact of the wine country wildfires and kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks tells us about the types of wine that may be impacted the most. >> plus, the air has never been this bad in the bay area. and it could get worse. the impact it's having on an upcoming sporting event.
6:39 am
>> and your slow ride across the bay bridge could be even slower. we are tracking a new accident right near treasure island. also, a major accident in the concord area. coming up.
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continues with a look from chopper 5 at the atlas fire burning in napa and solano counties... this is the largest of 22 fires that are burning through out no our live team coverage continues with a look from chopper 5 at the atlas fire burning. this is in napa and solano counties. this amazing video where you can see the fireline there. winds are calm in that area right now. but, of course, as neda said though, gusts are expected to pick up later this morning. so far that atlas fire has burned more than 42,000 acres. and this is the largest of 22 fires that are burning throughout northern california. cal fire says that the danger is far from over. >> we are now joined on the phone by cal fire assistant
6:43 am
deputy director. good morning, daniel. >> good morning. >> so what's going on today? we heard from sonoma county's spokesman just a short time ago who said the tubbs fire is 10% containment. that's progress. >> we are making progress. we were really bracing last night for the winds. while we have seen some gusty winds, there are nowhere what they were sunday night and monday morning allowing to us continue to make good progress on a number of fronts. we are still battling 23 fires all across the north bay. >> we have been reporting that 73 helicopters are ready for use for cal fire and all the fire personnel out there. give us a sense of when those choppers are being used, when the supertankers will be used under what conditions. >> so typically by sunlight, when it's visibility becomes allowable, aircraft then are available and so as an incident commander in the certain section of the fire that needs the aircraft, they will put a request in and we'll get air support, whatever they need, to
6:44 am
them. one of the challenges is the fact that especially in a lot of the mornings, the thick smoke has just covered the fires making visibility limited near zero so using aircraft has been a challenge. with you we set record numbers as far as the number of retardant that our air tankers in the sacramento region, that's where the dc-10, 747 air tanker, they all fly out of. record amount of retardant over the last couple of days. as the day progresses, you will see the aircraft flying again. >> that supertanker 747 boeing is impressive. we are looking live from chopper 5 right now down at the atlas fire i believe in napa and solano counties. what can you tell us about the fight on the ground? we know that yesterday, some of the fire crews out there on the front lines they were on their third straight shift. >> a lot of the firefighters working 24 to 36 hours straight
6:45 am
here as we bring in reinforcements but the fire there in solano county has really burned closer into the green valley community. obviously a lot of homes in that area says those people have been evacuated. winds are light. but we have firefighters staged in driveways ready to protect the homes. we have firefighters building containment lines strengthening the containment lines. as we get in order winds pushing the fire south, that's where the southern portion of all of these fires are where we're really doubling up our efforts to ensure our containment lines hold and our goal is to hold back these fires from growing further. but mother nature definitely continues to work against us. >> thank you. it is too soon to predict damage caused by the wine country wildfires but some numbers are coming in. kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks reports on the early estimates to fire costs to homes and also the wine business. jason. >> good morning. as you said, too, early to get
6:46 am
a real firm grip on the numbers of the cost of the damage but we know that thousands of homes and businesses have been destroyed. and many wineries have also been either damaged or destroyed. the real estate industry researcher core logic has put 172,000 homes in the region in the at risk category from the wildfires. the total cost of all those homes would be $65 billion. core logic says of those, 11,000 homes are in the high to extreme risk danger area with the wildfires and the value of those 11,000 homes is about $5 billion. the rest of the homes are in a low to moderate risk of the wildfires. but they say wildfires can jump quickly. the winery business incredibly important to napa and sonoma counties with tourism involved. they contribute about $13 billion to each of those counties' economies. as you see, wineries have been
6:47 am
greatly damaged. and the one benefit is that 75% of the grapes have been picked already for harvest. but the rest are cabernet and merlot crops. and if 10 to 15% of the crops have been damaged, uc-davis says that cost would be about $100 million. >> back to you guys. >> that smoke and ash certain is not good for the grapes out there. jason brooks from kcbs radio, thank you. smoke from all these fires continues to drift into the bay area. and the air quality is bad and going to get worse. the current view in san francisco as we look at the bay bridge, you can see the shot and the air quality definitely affected here in the bay area and in san francisco. air district urging people to wear masks that can filter out the most harmful matter in the atmosphere this morning. >> people are also urged not to exercise outdoors.
6:48 am
it's no surprised the half marathon is canceled in san francisco. the sponsor will donate $25,000 to red cross in northern california. a partner in the event says it will also donate $25,000 to the chapter. so that's good to hear. a lot of sports are canceled this weekend. >> way too dangerous. you will have to wait for days before the air is cleared. we are not seeing any kind of clearing out there. we have high winds this morning. so it looks like a lot of our high winds are intensifying over the early-morning hours. that's why our chopper 5 live shot is showing flames picking up. the vaca cam is on the left of your screen showing the glow as we wait for the sun to rise. also across downtown san francisco, because of what's burning over there in napa, the
6:49 am
atlas fire that we're looking at, it is of course sending smoke down across san francisco. we are going to see that smoke all the way down towards san jose, fremont, central california, as well. some of the peak gusts have not occurred over the area of the fire yet. mount diablo got up to 53-mile- per-hour wind gusts this morning. half moon bay in the 30s. bodega bay in the 40s. so it looks like most of the winds have been outside of the fire zone. thankfully. for those firefighters. at least there's a little bit of good news. but we are going to continue to get more of those north winds today. and that is going to continue to cause those flames to really flare up. it's also going to increase our unhealthy range when it comes to air quality. what we are going to see is all the smoke pushing further south. so we are looking at unhealthy for everyone across most of northern california into central california. here's the winds for today.
6:50 am
here we are at 8:00 this morning. and the next hour, hour and a half, we are going to see those winds in napa pick up a little bit but they will calm down for santa rosa and san rafael. they will stay strong in napa and fairfield until 9:00. so between 20 to 30-mile-per- hour gusts expected. sustained winds around 10 to 15 for napa through 10:00. then by noon, things taper off and we'll start to see also our temperatures stay cool. so thankfully this morning, col conditions for the firefighters through the next couple of days. friday through sunday morning, more dry gusty winds and then heat will also intensify. back to you guys. time now 6:50. just a quick break from our fire coverage to get a look at the roads. >> jaclyn dunn is checking the traffic. >> reporter: good morning. and we are tracking an accident this is on the upper deck of the bay bridge just past treasure island. here's a live look the incline as you approach treasure
6:51 am
island. you can see all those brake lights right now about a 35- minute ride from the maze into san francisco. it looks like one, possibly two two, lanes blocked on that stretch. so heads up backup along the eastshore freeway, 39 minutes from 4 to the maze and slow heading into san francisco. bay bridge toll plaza is stacked up. another accident that we are tracking is along southbound 680 right near monument boulevard. that has a couple of lanes blocked and traffic backing up towards highway 4 along 242. emergency crews are on the scene. 30-minute ride. hat's a check o f your traffic; over to you. we have a view of the atlas fire from the ground and the sky as intense flames continue to rip through the dense vegetation. coming up. >> reporter: and new mandatory evacuations were issued overnight for the town of geyserville but we have what
6:52 am
appears to be good news about the fire threatening that town when we come back. jack's breakfast pockets for 2 dollars each.
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to put a stop to the flames. let's recap the latest wildfire numbers: at least 23 people have died. welcome back. the wine country wildfires rage on as crews work around the crock to stop the flames. the latest numbers. at least 23 people have died. 285 are missing. more than 129,000 acres have burned. more than 3500 homes and businesses are destroyed. new mandatory evacuations have been issued for the community of geyserville because of the pocket fire. kpix 5's anne makovec is live there this morning. >> reporter: yeah. from what we could see at least with our bare eyes here, the fire does appear to be waning down overnight. you can still see plenty of
6:56 am
smoke there coming from the hillsides. this is the mayacama mountains. we are just north of healdsburg. but there used to be an orange glow that looked to last for miles and that is significantly reduced overnight. the winds have also died down a lot. they have been increasing earlier yesterday evening but cal fire did a big air drop late last night and that did appear to have helped the situation significantly. so the hope for the people here in geyserville is that they may be able to go home sometime soon. take a look at the flames though from last night. they were really fierce and it was some pretty rough terrain there. firefighters working very hard to try to prevent this pocket fire from moving into town. now, at last word it was about 4,000 acres. which isn't huge when we're talking about the other wildfires that we see here in wine country right now. but significant when you talk about it moving towards town. so weather conditions at this moment favorable for cal fire
6:57 am
to get a handle on this. live in geyserville, anne makevoc, kpix 5. right now in napa county the atlas fire is spreading very quickly. kpix 5's jackie ward is live near the skyline wilderness park with the latest. >> reporter: our view is changing drastically from what we saw a couple of hours ago. we're long highway 221 known as the vallejo highway. and as you can tell behind me, it seems like the flames have died down. but that is not the case! from chopper 5, you can see just how intense they still are with that burning glow and the smoke is really dark and pushing actually in the opposite way the wind is blowing down here which is kind of strange. but you can see that is what is contributing to this terrible air quality here. when you look straight up you have clear skies but that dark smoke is taking over the hillside. fairfield is to the east of where we are right now. and authorities there are keeping a close eye on the wind situation.
6:58 am
just a few minutes ago, fairfield said there's no significant change of status within the city limits. there is active fire on the ridgetop on one road and some residents saw flames on the ridge. fire crews are on scene and say there is no imminent threat to structures located within the city limits. there is still a voluntary evacuation order for the eastridge neighborhood in fairfield. all other residents on the west side of i-80 are advised to be prepared to evacuate. and there are two evacuation shelters open in fairfield, at the alan sports complex and fairfield high school both with plenty of space available according to the city. so right now, our eyes are on this part of the atlas fire that was in solano county and now working its way back towards napa county where we are. it's something that's kind of scary to think about is that cal fire, the head of cal fire, believes that two of the three big fires burning in napa valley will eventually merge. for right now, we'll send it over to neda who has an update on the wind conditions.
6:59 am
>> we are starting to see those winds. ♪[ music ] [ crosstalk ] >> you can see here at sfo it is very hazy. it's all because the winds have increased and we are seeing it across the bay area right now. it is going to impact your air quality today. north winds are going to increase throughout the morning hours and we are already starting to see that right now. temperatures are cool. the air will continue to get dry today though. that's not the best news for the firefighters. >> neda. thank you. and be sure to stay with us for the very latest on the wildfires in wine country. emergency officials will provide an update on the firefighting efforts and the latest evacuations in napa county. we'll bring you updates throughout the morning. you can also get updates on of course you can also download our app which is cbs local for alerts, as well. >> get all the information you can. you can also, you know, a lot of people are asking how you can help. go to and other ways to donate you can find on our website, your next local update is 7:26.
7:00 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. it is thursday, october 12th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." strong winds send flames racing toward more homes overnight in northern california. entire towns are evacuated. the death toll has risen to 23. we'll hear from exhausted firefighters trying their hardest to save lives. harvey weinstein breaks his silence telling paparazzi he's getting help. only on "cbs this morning," a former personal assistant reveals how weinstein kept his most private moments secret and breaking news, an american woman, her husband and their three young children are free after being held by a network with ties to the taliban. they were abducted five years


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