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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 13, 2017 4:30am-4:59am PDT

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>> reporter: 34,000 customers in napa and sonoma customers have no power. 5800 in napa and thousands in the santa rosa area. thousands have lost power since sunday. more than 80% of it is restored. so the tubbs fire has been 10% contained. and we have been driving around highways 29 and 128 for about an hour now. and we can't see any flames. that's good. we are not complaining about not seeing flames. in calistoga, jackie ward, kpix 5. moving northwest now to the pocket fire right now it's closing in on geyserville in sonoma county. clear skies allowed crews to make more air drops over this fire yesterday but the helicopters had to stop at sundown as it got dark. the flames on the ground and in the hills started to look like streams of lava. so far the pocket fire is 0% contained and it has burned more than 8400 acres. "skydrone5" was over the
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city of sonoma. that area also cleared out because of two fires just east of the city. normally it would be packed with traffic and pedestrians. >> the nuns fire has merged with another big fire and is heading south towards sonoma. it is 3% contained burning almost 18,000 acres. kpix 5's anne makovec is live in napa county where they are keeping an eye on the nuns fire. reporter: here dry creek road behind me at orchard and we just got out of a dangerous situation up dry creek hoed about a road, blames in people's backyard. the difficulty is that it is a very winding road. so the escape route is not an easy one. right now there are voluntary evacuations in the area but the fire has been advancing
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significantly. so that could change. burning to our west is the nuns fire which is now part of what cal fire is calling a complex of fires including the fire which burned through the city of santa rosa. it burned 44,000 acres so far and in that complex fire, 15 people have died. more than 1,000 homes and other buildings destroyed. it has been burning since sunday night. it's 3% contained. >> there's no easy way to put out a large fire. it's back breaking work and at the end of the day, it comes down to hands on tools and hose and aircraft. that really is what we're in now. we're in an all hands on deck full force fight. >> reporter: then of course there is the atlas fire which is burning mainly in napa county. that's on the other side of where i'm standing right now. so the concern is that some of these fires could converge and i just want to give you a better idea of where i am right now and where we shot that
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video where those flames are really close to people's backyards. basically, we're near 29. west of 29. if you would take yountville and napa, we're just in between those and maybe a couple of miles then to the west here on dry creek road. live there, i'm anne makovec, kpix 5. thank you. the air quality across the bay area is so bad right now, it is worse here in the bay area than beijing, china. the air is so bad here that lots of people put facemasks to try to protect themselves from all that smoke. some colleges including san francisco state and usf are closed through sunday because of the bad air. kpix 5's len ramirez shows us how some districts are handling all the haze. reporter: for the fourth straight day there was no such thing as a breath of fresh air in the bay area. >> it's pretty bad. everyone was complaining about it. so we shouldn't have school. >> reporter: he is a student at acalanes high school in lafayette which was open. the school district decided to stay open but limit students'
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exposure during school hours. >> we have kept the students inside during p.e. and we have worked to keep them inside during the lunch hour. >> reporter: which is hard to do especially with high schoolers. we saw several students hacking around outside at lunch. >> i think, you know, just given the shift of the winds and the ash that we were experiencing floating down around us. >> reporter: the principal is talking about her district, mount diablo unified, which did close its schools and daycare centers because of the unhealthy her school bancroft elementary school is one of 59 shut down. >> it made more sense to have our kids at home. >> my kids are walking around with their shirts pulled up over their nose. >> reporter: one parents from another school walnut heights in the walnut creek school district may take matters into her own hands. >> i might decide to keep them out if the smoke gets worse. >> reporter: several school districts are already notifying parents that they will be closed including the mount diablo school district and marin county schools. cher your school's website for
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information about closures. in concord, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> my daughter's school wasn't closed yesterday in concord but came home with a mask. she said only nine people were in her class. a lot of parents kept their kids home because of the bad air. >> kids should stay inside today. i went for a walk yesterday and i felt it. it was a brief walk. air quality at this hour. you can determine how to plan your day. here's a look now. it looks like we are in the moderate range for san francisco. pacifica, san rafael. but, of course, santa rosa and napa in the very unhealthy range. purple not a common sign that we see really ever. it looks like oakland, redwood city, mountain view, the haze and the smoke have come south into places like san jose even at this early-morning hour. so we are certainly going to feel it again today. this is why there's another "spare the air" alert in effect
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today and tomorrow for the very unhealthy conditions. it looks like down by santa clara valley you will be in the unhealthy for sensitive groups but you might as well just take it easy. take it easy for the next few days until we get a nice break from the winds. right now we are getting a break from the winds but the smoke is settling this morning. we are looking at 3 to 5-mile- per-hour winds now. once we start to get an increase in the winds, which is expected later this afternoon through tonight, we could even see more smoke get pushed further south. those north winds are not letting up. what's interesting now is we are going to have a red flag warning in effect tonight but at the moment there is a frost advisory in effect for south mendocino county. so this is an area where several fires are burning by redwood valley. it looks like temperatures low to mid-30s at this early- morning hour. so frost and freezing conditions out there. and cooling is always welcome. here's a look at some of the temperatures across the rest of our area. in the 40s this morning for
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concord, oakland, livermore, 44. san francisco 53 degrees. san jose 49. and santa rosa 43 degrees. so these chilly conditions are a welcome sight for firefighters out there because of course flames lay low when it's so cold outside. we are going to get a warmup though and it's going to happen this coming weekend. i'll let you know how warm in just a bit. we are tracking mass transit. many of your north bay transit agencies operating on a limited service but many of them offering free service. so the smart train will be offering free fares until sunday. petaluma transit operating on a weekday schedule with free fares. a saturday schedule for santa rosa city bus. also, limited service for the vine bus no service to calistoga. limited service for golden gate transit and sonoma county transit offering free fares. we are tracking a couple of problems. an overturned vehicle northbound 101 has the river road on-ramp to northbound 101
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-- excuse me, an overturned vehicle has that shut down. no delays in that area. but big delays heading along highway 17 in both directions. we are tracking an earlier problem and it looks like one rain is blocked in that northbound direction right near vine hill. utility crews continue working to reconnect gas and electricity for tens of thousands of customers. pg&e says 34,000 homes and businesses are still without power mostly in sonoma and napa counties. more than 36,000 customers don't have gas service. the utility workers are going house to house to turn on pilot lights where it's safe while other crews try to fix damaged lines. cal fire says that it's getting help from around the country and around the world. firefighters from australia are on the way to help. meanwhile, the strong winds anticipated early yesterday morning were not quite as bad as expected. this weekend the weather conditions could potentially
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worsen. >> all of the incidents are anticipating erratic wind conditions shifting winds all weekend. as you might imagine, when the winds shift, it puts pressure on a different part of the fireline and so they are doing their best to anticipate where those are. >> if the winds push the flames this weekend, more evacuations are possible. firefighters from southern california have just wrapped up a big fire down there. now they are headed to wine country. we'll have more on the agreement that often comes into play at this time of year.
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the wine country fires... here's video from the california national guard, which has scooped up tens of thousands of gallons of water from lakes and rivers... to pour over the fires. helicopt more coverage on the wine country wildfires. here's video from the national guard which swooped up tense of gallons of water from lakes and rivers to pour over the fires. helicopters have been pouring water on the nuns fire in sonoma county. kpix 5 photographer bob horne shot this video. the choppers also fly low to make sure the waterfalls in strategic places to stop the flames. and in addition to the california national guard, cal
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fire is now getting help from several western states as well as north and south carolina. also on the front lines about 3800 inmates who volunteered for duty. those crews are using chainsaws and tools to cut fire breaks. the california department of corrections says the inmate teams often work 24 straight hours before they get a full day of rest. hundreds of firefighters who have been battling a wildfire in southern california will soon find themselves in wine country. >> reporter tina patel breaks down why a statewide agreement has firefighters working tirelessly across california this time of the year. reporter: it's been a long week for firefighters battling the canyon firefighting high winds and fast-moving flames. crews are finally getting better containment but they can't rest. more than 300 personnel and nearly 100 fire vehicles are on the way to northern california to help with the wildfires there. >> we take turns driving to the next fire. >> reporter: there is a mutual aid agreement throughout the state of california.
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so firefighters say they expect this to happen during fire season to go from one active situation to the next. they warn their families they could be gone up to three weeks at a time. >> as long as there's a life threat and life is in jeopardy and structures are still being lost, we'll stay out. >> reporter: most of the firefighters being reassigned have no idea what they will be facing up north. they have been too busy with the canyon fire to pay attention to what's happening in other regions. >> when you're on the fireline for 15 to 24 hours at a time, you don't have access to media or anything like that. >> reporter: they hope their extra resources will be able to make a difference this time and that the favor will be returned down the line. >> because they know that at some point there's going to be somebody doing it for them in their neighborhood. >> there is a concern that the santa ana winds could return again this weekend. so fire officials tell me even though they are sending a lot of resources up north, they will keep some crews in southern california just in case things flare up. in orange, tina patel, kpix 5. 4:45 right now.
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let's check weather. neda, you're saying that today is cooler. winds dying down. so that's good for the firefighters. >> it sure is. it's chilly out there. so i'm sure those firefighters who are working overnight are feeling the cool icy conditions. the frost advisories in effect for parts of the fire zones. let's show you what's happening now in some of the areas of those fires. sonoma right now 42 degrees. east-northeast winds at 5. healdsburg 43 degrees at this hour. yountville 42. calistoga 43. calm winds. they will pick up tonight. so today, there's another calming before we get more of those winds to pick up. temperatures are actually going to rise. so cool conditions in store today. but that's not going to be the case for this coming weekend. here's a look at our twinkling lights across san francisco. you can see a lot of the skyline there and that's a welcome sight. this is a live look this morning at sfo. of course, they had a lot of delays yesterday because of visibility from the smoke. we are expecting to see more of
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that happening again today. temperatures are in the 40s for most of the area. san francisco 53 santa rosa 43. san jose 49 degrees. it's a cold start to your friday. so here's what's happening for the fire conditions. we are going to see those calm cool conditions out there throughout the day. now, here's what's going to happen tonight. winds go up. humidity will drop again tonight through saturday night. so that's why there will be a red flag warning which i'll show you where and then warm weather will take over. high pressure is coming in. saturday through monday unfortunately. so temperatures are on the rise. that, of course, adds to the fire danger out there. we are going to get those north- northeast winds to pick up tonight. 5:00 is when that red flag warning takes effect until 11:00 saturday night. humidity levels will drop. even overnight, 25 to 35% humidity is extremely low for nighttime conditions. here's the area of the highest threat this time around. napa hills, st. helena, east sonoma county, marin county, as well. those hills are certainly in that line of the intense fire, those ridgetops and the peaks
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between midnight tonight and midday tomorrow. that's when the winds will intensify. here's the futurecast to give you an idea of what's in store. from now until noon, conditions will be calm between 5 to 6, 7 miles per hour at most. this afternoon by 7:00, we may see santa rosa, san rafael winds picking up along the west of our region but then here's what happens after midnight. we start to get north-northeast winds, very dry winds, coming in. they will pick up to 30 miles an hour sustained gusts across those ridgetops up to 50. so this includes the napa hills, unfortunately, all the napa -- the north bay hills, rather, all the way through midday tomorrow and then after noon tomorrow things calm down again. that's why that red flag warning will be lifted. here's a look at your temperatures today. so cooler conditions out there. 76 for san francisco. san rafael 75. napa will be reaching 77 today. vallejo 72. now, here's what's going to
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happen saturday through monday. we do have this high pressure coming through. that means temperatures are going to stay warm through monday. as long as this high pressure hangs around, it's going to lead to an increase in the heat. so with the wind, the humidity is being low and the heat, that of course makes for the perfect fire conditions unfortunately. but there is a low up there, up there working in the gulf of alaska that's going to shift things a lot. so here's your seven-day forecast. you can see the temperatures drop about 10 degrees by the time we get to saturday, sunday, monday. then we're dropping off again and look at this. drizzle, rain in the forecast for wednesday and thursday. >> that's good. right now, we are tracking a couple of problems for your friday morning commute. southbound 680, just past andrade, we are tracking a crash that has two lanes blocked. only two lanes of traffic getting by at this time. you can see speeds drop below the limit there. your average cruising speed around 30 miles per hour. traffic starting to back up towards highway 84 there.
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so heads up if you are heading on the sunol grade. along 580, the usual slowdowns. no reports of any accidents or stalls. but still a bit sluggish as you are heading into livermore. then things start to pick up as you make your way towards 680. we had an earlier problem with one lane closed along highway 17. right near vine hill. also some roadwork. we are still tracking some slowdowns in both directions but it looks like they are wrapping up with both of these incidents. hopefully traffic will be back up at the limit here momentarily. over at the bay bridge toll plaza, in the green as you make your way into san francisco. but starting to get crowded out there. 10 minutes from the maze to 101. hat's a check of your traffic; over t o you. time now 4:49. the wildfires are having a devastating effect on california's multi-billion- dollar wine industry. why even vineyards left untouched by fire will still suffer.
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idea of the effect the fires will have good morning. cool conditions out there. it's chilly. temperatures will be warming up much. low 70s palo alto and mountain view. over in the east bay temperatures mid-70s, walnut creek, san ramon. danville 73. antioch 80. san francisco 67. daly city 63. petaluma 73. clearlake 74. lakeport 75. your ride along 680, this is in danville right near el cerro boulevard looks like traffic is moving fine in both directions but we are getting first reports of an accident in that area in the southbound direction. we'll keep an eye on that and let you know how speeds are moving coming up in the next traffic report. we are just beginning to get an idea of the effect the
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fires will have on california's multi-billion-dollar wine industry. reporter peter dowd explains why even vineyards that didn't burn may be a loss. reporter: more than a dozen wineries have been damaged or destroyed by the fires ravaging northern california. at paradise ridge in santa rosa, nearly 100,000 bottles from this year's harvest are gone and tanks full burned. napa and sonoma produce some of the highest quality grapes in the world and the impact on california's nearly $60 billion a year wine industry could be severe with some experts predicting a total loss of more than 100 million. >> it's devastating, of course. >> reporter: dominic is a manager at san antonio winery in downtown l.a. which has a vineyard up north that's not been affected by the flames. but he still worries about the heavy smoke and possibility of tainted grapes. >> so you get this smoky taste in the grape which, you know,
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could have an effect. but we don't know yet. s the only silver lining for the wine industry with this late summer hot weather, it speeded up the ripening process and led to earlier than usual harvest. this wine drinker is worried that prices will go up. so she bought a case just to be safe. >> it will hurt the wine industry and consumers. >> reporter: since some of her favorite wines come from northern california, she says this glass tastes especially bittersweet. >> i appreciate the wine more. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: coincidently, this saturday san antonio winery will hold a major festival here in honor of its 100 year anniversary. thousands are expected to attend and, of course, the fires will be in the back of everyone's minds. in downtown los angeles, peter dowd, kpix 5. where flames have proved so destructive throughout the north bay kindness is coming to
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the surface as people help each other and animals. you're looking at napa's vintage high school farm where students are now caring for horses, goats and sheep that were abandoned when the fires broke out. we are told that this 10-acre farm has spelled major relief for owners and animals. >> my wife and i were sitting there in a panic, what do we do? couple hours later we found out they were rescued here. >> i would rather be here working than at home sitting and watching the news waiting for something bad to happen next. >> and the students are truly committed to the cause sleeping at the farm overnight so they can take care of the animals around the clock. north of santa rosa, animals are still roaming safari west despite a close call as flames came dangerously close to the gates but this shot shows the mark left behind by the flames that came and burned just to the edge of the animal enclosures. this is a giraffe looking at the sky trees barely visible in the background. the fountato
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battle the flames and says all the animals are safe and accounted for. a lot of you want to know how you can help with the relief effort. you can donate to the red cross by calling the number on your screen or go to for more information on other ways to donate, head to the city of calistoga is under a mandatory evacuation order as the tubbs fire gets close. >> reporter: and fires continuing to spread in napa county some in rural areas with winding roads. we'll tell you where we found new flames this morning next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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in california's history... good morning. it's friday, october 13th. i m michelle griego. and i'm kenny choi. here a the wildfires in wine country are the deadliest in california history. good morning, it's friday,
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october 13. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. 31 people confirmed dead, probably going to rise. about 400 others are still unasked for. they have burned more than 191,000 acres already. >> right now, one of the biggest fires is threatening calistoga. the flames jumped highway 29 last night. everyone was evacuated. jackie ward joins us live from calistoga with the latest. reporter: we're at a roadblock right now at tubbs lane and highway 128. now, the city of calistoga is under an evacuate but zero flames have touched the city and cal fire is hoping to keep it that way. the tubbs fire is 10% contained, 34,000 acres burned. flames jumped highway 29 in one
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location yesterday. cal fire was able to find a turnout barely wide enough for the water tenders and strike teams to park but set backfires to choke off the fuel to stop the advance. they are doing everything they can to prevent tubbs from spreading into calistoga. the city of calistoga is a ghost town right now and that's exactly what they need. emptiness so first responders can do their jobs. now, that mandatory evacuation order was set wednesday. still in effect today. and the mayor says as a small city it's hard to tell people to stay away but that's for their own safety. he had some strong words at a press conference yesterday and we'll share that with you in the next half-hour. in calistoga, jackie ward, kpix 5. "skydrone5" over the city of sonoma. that area also


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