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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  October 13, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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con. tonight at least -- contained. tonight, least 35 people are confirmed dead and more than 250 others are still unaccounted for. the flames have chased 90,000 people from their homes and destroyed at least 5,700 homes and businesses full lie half of those in the city -- fully half of those in the city of santa rosa. live in the mark west state neighborhood. allan? >> yeah, that u.s. flag hanging there a symbol of the hope and resolve of the people of this community. it's hanging from the metal framework of what was a garage of it was one of hundreds of homes that have burned out here in as you say the mark west estates. we are off old redwood highway just outside the city limits of santa rosa. the fire started here by racing over that hill behind me. it was coming from napa county.
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it came over the hill, destroyed first the houses that sit on top of the hill and then the people in this community before they knew it were being overrun by flying embers that were being whipped around by 70- mile-per-hour winds. some latest information for you. we have learned that the governor jerry brown, senator feinstein and senator harris are going to tour the burned out zones of at least sonoma county tomorrow afternoon. also tonight, we know that more than 9,000 local, state and federal personnel are now spread out across the fireline. that includes many fresh reinforcements coming from across the country that have been deployed in just the past 24 hours. tonight they could face one of the toughest challenges yet because they are expecting the winds to pick back up. let's go to a live press conference for the latest information. >> first with missing persons. still working missing person
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reports. still make on remains collection and searching unfortunately. 1,485 reports of missing people now. 1,250 located safe. still communication issues and still working through that. 235 still outstanding. we've made a couple more recoveries. we're up to 19 fatalities now. the most important point of this particular press briefing is this is still a very dangerous event. i'm finding a lot of people asking yes, sir why they can't go -- questions why they can't go into their homes and can't go back and pg&e is putting back power and at&t putting back service and people can't understand why they can't goback to third homes. please -- their homes. please, stay out of the areas. it's still dangerous. they are expecting winds tonight. we just started evacuating the alexander valley area because that fire is moving. this is still a dangerous
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event. in light of that in talking to people, we see so many who weren't affected by the fire don't understand the danger of the fire. i'll tell you myself i saw video footage from it and couldn't believe how fast it was and what was going on. today what i want to do is show footage of what our deputies went through on sunday night into monday morning, so the first four hours of the fire. we put together some footage from that of what they were doing on mark west road in the santa rosa area and the mark west area. some of the rescues and the evacuation work. i think it really tells the story of how dangerous and how difficult the event was and i have to get people to understand that this is a dangerous event. it is not over. stay away from the houses and understand the severity of what this fire can do. first warning is there's a couple of graphic language parts in this tape. if you are running live, they are not cut so you will hear them on that tape. that's the warning.
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we're going to stream it on facebook live and we're not going to cut out the graphic language, so it's really not appropriate for children if you are watching on facebook live. it's absolutely human and it's very real and it's very honest and very transparent. we're going to show it like it is. with that said, i'm going to ask him to start the tape. i'll answer questions about the tape and everything else. we'll move to that. >> good idea. code red. [ indiscernible ] >> copy. units to old -- [ indiscernible ] [ shouting] >> sheriff!
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>> where are you at! >> where you at! right here! come on! she's disabled. >> let me get her feet. let me get her feet. >> we're right behind you. >> sheriff, we're doing a carry out. >> ready? >> hold up. hold up. hold up! house on fire. >> let's go. >> you have to get out! you have to get out! hold on. there we go. watch your leg! watch your leg! watch your leg! watch your leg! sir, you've got -- [ indiscernible ]
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>> copy, need to get out. fire is right there. >> what you are looking at is body camera video of actually a rescue at a home. this happened sunday night. it is one of the sheriff deputies sergeant brandon cutting who had to go on this property to get people out and somebody had to be carried out by a member of the family and one of the sheriff deputies there into a car. you can see the smoke and flames very intense. we'll listen in for some more. >> sheriff, make a priority evacuation mark west springs area. >> copy that. we're trying to get the fire department up there. >> we all have to evac wrait
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the hill so we are -- evacuate the hill so we are coming off now. units up on the hill be advised. port -- correction. mark west is nearly impassable at this point. [ indiscernible ] >> copy. [ indiscernible ] >> 4300 wallace with friends. >> copy. >> please don't hit me. [beep] >> got to get out of here. >> bad spot. >> sheriff 152. i'm out with a resident. she's at 2020. she's saying she's got -- [ indiscernible ]
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[ gasping] >> 4910 don't pass. do not pass. >> copy. >> sheriff 104. what have we don on -- done on fountain -- affirm. we have to keep pushing evacuation as much as we can. they don't have a lot of containment. they'll continue to push the fire. got to be ready to evacuate to 101 in my mind. [beep] >> copy, all advised -- [ indiscernible
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>> this is a mapped tory evacuation -- mandatory evacuation order. leave your homes. mandatory evacuation order. leave your homes. sonoma county sheriff office, mandatory evacuation order. leave your homes. [ indiscernible ] >> -- up to george point. >> eldly laid -- elderly lady at the house. >> 10-4. looks like everybody is leaving. there's still a few. we still need to go door to door if we can get a unit here to do that. >> go! go! go! go! go! go! go! go! go! >> the point i want to emphasize is that's a
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terriblescene. that's one deputy's camera minutes of clips from the hours he was up there. there were 15 other deputies up there doing the same thing. i personally listened to the radio the entire time while it was happening and heard the radio traffic and it never stopped. i need people to understand stay out if this fire blows back up, this is very dangerous. with that, -- let me add this. this is streaming on facebook in about 15 minutes. you'll be able to pick it up off there if you don't have it and i'll answer any other questions. [ indiscernible ] >> i know there are injuries. i don't know how many. that night a couple people were transported to burn centers. [ indiscernible ] >> sorry, i don't know where that was. >> one of the guys covered -- [ indiscernible ] >> so, the question was there was a report that there were one of the bodies located from
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the journey ends trailer park? very well could be. that could be it. [ indiscernible ] >> i'm sorry? [ indiscernible ] >> how was the search team coping? you know, it's a difficult job, but it's what they do. they do it all the time. i said this before and it's very interesting to me having done this job for a lot of years. it's hard work. it's difficult work. it's rewarding in the respect that you realize you are doing something really important to families and you take some pride in that piece of it and that balances out some of that. it truly takes an emotional toll on you. >> what about the physical nature of it? are they safe out there or do they have enough equipment? >> yes, so, the question was about the safety for the workers in these environments -- >> that's sheriff -- sonoma county sheriff department. he's in the midst of a briefing to members of the media about what was going on. we saw some body camera video
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that was shot by officers responding to some of those areas on sunday night and it was treacherous and extremely dangerous. >> it was frantic video shot by sergeant brandon cutting body cam. i'm sure we'll see more of this. we'll pars that video and -- parse that video and bring it to you later. >> let's take you back live to allen martin in santa rosa. >> yeah, i'm just outside the city limits of santa rosa. in fact, i'm in the neighborhood that that sheriff deputy was patrolling both this neighborhood, this sub division, as well as the one that is just off to my left to the south. that's exactly where he was conducting those rescues with the urgency you saw and you heard. again, to recap the numbers in sonoma county, 235 missing people and 19 fatalities because of this fire. here in sonoma county alone, we have 20 investigators trying to
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figure out exactly how the fires got started. some of the focus is on pg&e right now. in fact, pg&e stock has taken a significant hit since the fire broke out. it fell more than 10% today. investigators fear that if pg&e is indeed to blame in anyway as to this fire or these fires getting started, the utility is going to be forced to pay hundreds of millions of dollars if not more than that. we've seen what happened with the san bruno disaster. investigators are zeroing in on the locations where these fires were first reported on sunday night. maverick court near the maya comma golf club. kpix melissa keane spent the last couple of days look around and she is at the mobile home park where i was all day monday. melissa? >> yeah, to be clear, investigators at this point are not pointing the finger at pg&e
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or anyone else. the public utilities commission which regulates all the utilities has instructed pg&e to "preserve all evidence with respect to the northern california wildfires." calls about electrical issues came rolling in on sunday night to sonoma county fire. we heard the first call at about 9:22 p.m. >> ranken valley electrical investigation 10-47 maverick, mark west springs. possible transformer explosion. >> we've been informed there are power liens down with transformer blown. all units be advised. >> 2:00 later. >> west mark station road, powerlines down. the transformer involved. >> we visited 1047 maverick court and it was totally burned down. it had electrical wires hanging in odd places and looked like it had been undergoing a
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renovation. the other location showed no signs of a transformer explosion or any kind of fire. dan o'rourke has been an electrician here since 1974 and been all over the area helping people get their power back on and he says he hasn't seen evidence that the powerlines were the cause of the fire. >> i don't know that they'd be the cause of anything or any transformer blow up. i think they are in the path of a firestorm. >> he says a big fire catches powerlines just like anything else. >> if it's like a hurricane of fire rolling through here, so nothing is going to stand a chance, not a structure, not a pole. >> the work to find a cause is just beginning. drones are doing forensic mapping sometimes in 3-d to try to preserve clues as to where and when this fire started. here is ken penlock from cal fire. >> literally in sonoma county alone, we have 20 cause and/or gin investigators combing the -- origin investigators coming the landscape on that. >> just today, pg&e filed with
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the securities and exchange commission a statement saying it is "unknown at this time whether or not the utility is liable." they point out in that filing that they have $800 million worth of liability insurance, but if that is not sufficient to cover issues related to the fire, that pg&e's business may be "materially effected." as you pointed out, allan, the stocks for pg&e dropped 10% today. in santa rosa, melissa keane, kpix 5. >> of course, it's the big wild card is the wind as we mentioned earlier. cal fire is particularly concerned about the pocket fire and there's new information on that area because just a couple of hours ago a new mandatory evacuation advisory issued for people in the area of highway 128 between chalk hill road and geysers road. kpix 5 katie nielson continues our coverage in geyserville
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tonight. katie? >> we're actually here on the western edge of that pocket fire that we have been talking about. i'm going to step out of the way and i want you to take a look behind me. you can still see active flames coming down from the ridgeline and as we start looking to the left, you are seeing more of those flames, more smoke from some of these fires. down in the valley is the city of geyserville and that's why these evacuations are in place, mandatory evacuations off highway 128 and here off geyser's road where we are now. earlier today, you could see helicopters making round trips. there was a large capacity helicopter dropping water on the fire. we're told that helicopter can drop two to 3,000 gallons ever water at a time. the reason it is so critical because of the terrain.
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it's hard for fire crews to get to. here is what cal fire had to say about the danger tonight. >> tonight, we are expected to get more wind events happening. primarily out of the north- northeast and that's a big concern for us here on the fire lines. we have resources out here trying to get containment lines in place and very actively with our special efforts we have aircraft on this as you see in the background. >> so, tonight, again, the big issue is going to be the wind when we were talking with chief mchail, he said that sometimes when you get these wind blown fires, it can almost look like lava coming down the hill the fire can move so quickly. that's why they are telling people if you are under these mandatory evacuations, don't wait. get out. this is so critical to saving lives. so, again, we will be here throughout the night keeping an eye on this pocket fire that is now threatening the city of geyserville. in the hills above geyserville,
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katie neilsen, kpix 5. >> it can be like fire in the sky. we hope it's not the case tonight. search and recovery teams are going through the burned out homes in the city of santa rosa. they are now using cadaver dogs to comb through the rubble at missing addresses where people were last seen. we were told today they recovered human bone fragments. we're with those crews and it's a very gruesome job. >> right. those crews were given the known addresses of the missing people and so they are doing the targeted searches right now. they started over at journey's end mobile home park this morning and now they are in this community, the fountain grove community. earlier today, they did recover the bone fragments of a missing person. each search began with a line of people an arm's length apart. they walked, picked and looked through every square inch of a property even lifting up the
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collapsed metal roof and cadaver dogs would go through debris and sniff for hidden remains. they were searching two known addresses of two people known missing at the mobile home park. >> a priority area is a bedroom. we'll search those bedrooms and we'll work our way out towards the house. >> within a fewer hours this afternoon, they found the human remains of a missing person. a grim task for the investigators. they appear to be scooping up what's left of the person into a body bag. search and rescue crews found beg fragments in a bed. it appears the person died there asleep or bedridden. >> it's heartbreaking. it happened so fast and there was nothing you could do. >> they only recovered one missing person in the park still looking for the second person. aside from bone fragments, the search team also found what's left of an assault rifle. alameda sheriff department is one of the agencies helping with the search.
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>> we've unfortunately have some expertise in mass casualty and mass fatality because of the house fire so we want to make sure we do things correctly with the evidence recovery. >> hundreds of people lived at journeys ends mobile home park and many were seniors living by themselves. >> we only have two deaths here, we'll be very fortunate and very thankful. >> the coroner's office will have to use dna technology to identify a lot of recovered bodies by. way, these targeted searches -- by the -- bodies. by the way, these targeted searches will continue because they have approximately 200 missing people. they have to go through all the known addresses of the missing people and then once that's done, they can come back to these communities, communities like this one, to do a complete search, a complete sweep. live in santa rosa, i am dal lynn kpix 5. >> i just want to offer a little balance to that story because earlier today i heard
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the sonoma county sheriff say something i thought was very poignant. he said as difficult a job as it is to go in and search for the missing and know that someone might not have made it out of the rubble of a home just like this, he said the positive aspect for deputies is that they can give a family answers. there are families waiting for word and at least they can give them some type of closure, some type of word as to what happened. can you imagine never knowing? hethere is positive in giving them that answer. we'll take a quick break. coming back, paul is keeping an eye on the winds, conditions that may change tonight. back with more fire coverage after this. we could not do our mission to keep our community safe. anytime we are responding to a structure fire, one of the first calls you make is for pg&e for gas and electric safety. it's my job to make sure that they have the training that they need to make the scene safe for themselves and for the public. it's hands-on training actually turning valves, turning systems off, looking at different wire systems all that training
6:23 pm
is crucial to keeping our community safe and our firefighters safe. together, we're building a better california.
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what it's like to face a firestorm. let's talk specifics now. heeldzberg under siege by a number of fires. here is what they can expect and you can expect if ear
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around healdsburg tonight. northeast winds 15-30 miles per hour with stronger gusts especially in the hills surrounding that beautiful city up to 50 to 60 miles per hour inhealdsburg. increase in wind is why there's a red flag warning in effect for the east bay littles and winds will be a -- hills and winds will be a problem in of itself. winds could exceed 60 miles per hour. wind isn't that much of an issue right now. look how rapidly they incrowsover night? -- increase by tonight. it starts in napa, yountville down to napa and 20-mile-per- hour winds. watch it spread west overnight tonight. 36 miles per hour in calistoga at 3:00 a.m. and 36 in sonoma. you can almost double the numbers in the higher elevations and it will last until about 10:00 or 11:00 tomorrow morning and rapidly decrease. by 5:00 tomorrow afternoon, winds are back down to 5-15 miles per hour. calistoga, you'll have strong winds overnight tonight with wind gusts in excess of 40
6:26 pm
miles per hour in the hills before lunchtime tomorrow and last graphic will be air quality where it's still unhealthy tohazardous in the north bay right now. santa rosa and napa and well into the unhealthy rain in vallejo, fairfield, oakland, fremont, san francisco and tomorrow is another spare the air day. unhealthy air quality likely through the weekend into early next week. that's your forecast. back to you. paul, thanks. coming up in our next half hour, what it's like to face a firestorm. frantic minutes after the fire broke out and desperate attempt to save people from the flames. assault from the air. cal fire takes over this north bay airstrip. we'll show you how it's playing a critical role in the firefight.
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you're watching kpix 5 news. here are the latest numbers from the wine country wildfires. at least 35 people now dead. 256 still missing. 5,700 homes and businesses have been reduced to ash. about half are in the city of santa rosa. >> kpix 5 alan martin joins us again from one of those
6:30 pm
devastated neighborhoods. mark west estates. >> we've been at this location. we've been watching that american flag closely because the best wind gauge is going to be that thing behind us. we are anticipating the winds to pickup. i know that the winds didn't pickup a couple of nights ago as anticipated, but we just hope that everyone is heeding that warning because they have to prepare for the worst and maybe expect the best. here in this neighborhood, it is literally every home around me looks just like that. burned, charred, destroyed, cars, trucks, you name it. anything in this fire's path is gone. the county supervisor of this district came by awhile ago. he said there are hundreds of homes destroyed here. these people are going to hopefully rebuild. how long that takes, how much that costs, we don't know. in the short term, the immediate concern is some of those people may be with relatives and friends in emergency shelters. where are we going to put them and where are they going to live as all of this gets
6:31 pm
rebuilt? that's going to be quite a process. kpix 5 is is he sonoma county fair grounds. the sheriff apparently just gave a briefing. what's the latest? >> what we know right now is the alexander valley area is under a mandatory evacuation right now. that is up near healdsburg. the sheriff said that 19 of the fatalities are here in sonoma county. they also released body cam video from the night from sunday night during that firestorm. it's from one home? ia county -- one sonoma county sheriff deputy. it's about 1:30 long. take a watch and listen. >> sheriff! where are you at? where you at! >> right here! come on!
6:32 pm
come on! she's disabled. >> let me get her feet. let me get her feet. >> -- right behind you! >> sheriff, we're doing a carryout! >> ready? >> hold on! >> you've got to get her out! >> help! >> hold on. there we go. ok. watch your leg. watch your leg. watch your leg. watch your leg. watch your leg. sir, you've got to go! >> get in your car! [beep] >> 43 with wallace and friends. >> copy. >> please don't hit me. >> affirm. we have to keep pushing evacuations as far west as we can. cal fire advised they don't have a lot of containment so they are going to continue to push the fire. >> sonoma county sheriff office. mandatory evacuation order.
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leave your homes. sonoma county sheriff office. mandatory evacuation order. leave your homes. >> that is video from the body camera of sergeant brandon cutting of the sonoma county sheriff office. we're told that there were hours upon hours of video from at least 15 deputies who were on mark west springs road. that is above where allen martin is in mark west estates. they were going door to door trying to get people out of there. in that video you could hear the wind and you could hear him helping people evacuate and you can see those flames and flying embers that caused this firestorm to continue to grow through mark west estates. here is what sheriff had to say about the video. >> i have spoke ton many of the deputies when they came off the hill that night. their eyes were red and burning from the smoke. intensity was unbelievable. i had a deputy coming off mark west saying i have never seen a fire move like that. we had to get off the hill or we were going to be burped off. i was -- burned up.
6:34 pm
i could see the intensity. i've never been in a fire like that. the look on his face i don't want to be there. >> we're told that there are hours upon hours of body camera video from sheriff deputies here in sonoma county like that that was cut down to that 5:00 clip that you saw tonight. at least 15 deputies were on mark west springs roads during that firestorm trying to get people out of their homes. we were told the sheriff says they kept having to evacuate more and more people and kept going and going and going back into the flames trying to get people out of their homes in advance of those flames. allen, back to you. >> andrea, thank you so much. earlier today, my crew and i drove north of here to healdsburg where the municipal airport has been setup as a cal fire helo base. it's one of three operating in wine country. there are 15 helicopters based out of this one.
6:35 pm
some cal fire and others private contractors hired by the state. these are the choppers that do some of those big water drops to support the ground crews. ground pounders as they are called. found that out today. these pilots in the air by 8:00 a.m. they go in shifts until midnight. they tell me they are very, very grateful that the weather conditions have improved. >> the smoke is starting to clear out a little bit. visibility is getting better for the aircraft to be able to fly and allows us to get into some of the locations that we need to support the ground crews. >> well, the other thing that some of these helicopters are used for, they shuttle ground crews in and out and get them back here so they can get some food, a little rest and get them back out on the fire lines. back out to me live, i know that there are some people who their homes. they think their home might still be standing. at the risk of sounding a
6:36 pm
little like esop's -- aesop's fable of the boy who cried wolf, the winds could get bad because if they allowed people in and the winds got bad and they were trapped, that would be a horrible, horrible repeat of what we saw on sunday night, monday morning. there may soon be more help for some of these fire victims. kaiser santa rosa medical center could reopen as early as tonight. the hospital was not damaged, but it did get filled with smoke as the fire tore through the journey's end mobile home park next door to it. sutter santa rosa hospital not far from where i'm standing remains closed tonight and there is no estimate on when that is going to reopen. tonight, we are getting a better idea of how staggering the final damage tally may be. here are some numbers for you. we learned the total currently stands at 1.2 -- $1.2 billion in damage.
6:37 pm
the city of santa rosa alone an estimated 5% of the city's housing stock and one county service says add a thousand more homes to that number. it's been destroyed. let's go to mendicino county where a couple of hours ago they had an earthquake shake the area that has been ravaged by the redwood potter fire magnitude 4.0 quake. that struck just about two miles from redwood valley. it happened about 4:00. kpix 5 reporter emily turner was there about to report live when she felt the shaking. emily? >> allen, it was a really scary situation because we were there very focused on reporting on this fire and all of a sudden the earth is shaking and it was one of those situations where you didn't know what was going to happen. luckily at this point, there are no injuries reported and no damage from the earthquakement unfortunately, there is plenty of damage from these fires. i'm here live at ukiah high school where there's a community meeting that just started as of 6:30. there's a few stragglers now
6:38 pm
just headed in. this is a community that's been damaged heavily by the fires up here. i want to give you a firsthand look at what we drove through this afternoon. it looks a lot like the video that we've seen further south and it is just absolutely horrifying. you can see just from this devastation. you can understand that death toll and how that death toll is now at nine as of this morning and the sheriff office says it will likely climb. in fact, the detective division of the sheriff office is checking all the addresses of the missing people here going to those locations trying to find people and that's how they just recovered this most recent body. law enforcement is now being supplemented by folks out of the area as well as the national guard because they want to make sure they keep these areas that are evac wait on a lock counsel -- evacuated on a lockdown and keep these people safe. >> they are with officers and will be joined by the army
6:39 pm
national guard that will be supporting our deputy sheriffs on roadblocks and protecting from looters. i'm not sure how low people can go from looting from people who have been evac wait, but we are -- evacuated, but we are going to do everything we can to make sure our district attorney gets every bit of information to make decisions on these people. >> as of this morning, they had four people arrested for looting charges. as you can see from this video, this is a group of people who had been evacuated who were waiting in line to try to get back into areas they were hoping were going to be reopened. about a thousand people at various points in the day were allowed back into their homes out of the 5,000 people that had been evacuated up here. i'm sure inside this meeting going on behind me that are lot of questions about when people can go back to their homes and what to expect tonight. as you have been mentioning earlier today or in had show, -- this show, it will be the same story with the winds so they want to remind everyone to be careful and to be ready to go if you are called upon.
6:40 pm
kpix 5. >> safety the number one thing. emily, thank you so much. i want to quickly clarify. in one of my earlier reports i pointed out there was a drone flying over this mark west estates neighborhood. i did go back and check it out. i found tut it was -- out it was mutual aid contra costa sheriff deputies here as part of the investigation team. they have permission to fly that drone no higher than 100 feet, but they are legitimately supposed to be out here. that's the latest from outside santa rosa county in sonoma county. we'll have more fire coverage coming up later in this newscast. we'll take a break.
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we are the generation that had the music and the moves. we are the generation that had a dream. we came together to feed the world's children. we came together to protect them, and in this dangerous world we have to keep on saving them and protecting them, even when we're gone. if we remember unicef in our will, we'll be the generation who left a better world for children. visit allen martin back live in sonoma county with the latest on the northern california fires burning. they've been burning for nearly five days now. the latest numbers we have are that in sonoma, napa solano and
6:43 pm
lake and mendicino county, they are concentrating on the nuns fire nearly 45,000 acres, only 5% contained. devon is near the town of sonoma with the latest on that for us. devon? >> yeah, it's gotten very smoky in the last half hour so it's probably a little difficult as the sun has begun to set here to make it out, but the active fire is just beyond this tree line. this is the moment that fire crews have been working and waiting for all day. it is finally here and they say that mother nature finally allowed them in this area at least to begin to get an upperhand on the fire. >> we're actually using fire to fight fire. it's what we do. it's what we're good at. >> if you want to know what's important to these firefighters, watch their eyes. with their backs to the blaze still climbing the hill behind them, they are focused on not on where the fire has been, but on where it might go next. >> all the guys in line holding the line are looking in the
6:44 pm
green because we're looking for any kind of spot fires, any ember path that's going to go into the green so if we do get anything, we can react and get on it real quick. >> cooler temperatures and favorable winds have helped firefighters finally make some headway against the massive wildfire burning in the hills above sonoma. these firefighters from the u.s. forest service set backfires along moon mountain road hoping the two fires will eventually snuff each other out. >> we are fighting fire with fire. we are bringing fire to the main fire and once they hit together, there's no more fuel to burn so the fire basically it will go out over time. >> several helicopters circle above the backfire as a precaution knowing that their strategy relies on the weather and the winds always a fickle friend to firefighters. >> obviously, the weather today is very favorable for us doing this. we've made very good progress this morning on our fireoperations so far. >> just to give you a sense of how help has come from around the state and imrond, the fire
6:45 pm
crew -- beyond, the fire crew behind me is from marin county. they have been here much of the day and likely will be here throughout the night. for kpix 5, we'll have much more fire coverage coming up after the break.
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taking a live look outside and that picture tells the story all over the bay area. still just terrible today. >> wow. kpix 5 juan ramirez is in san jose where the air is expected to get even worse this weekend. >> the last shreds of daylight are falling over the santa clara valley right now. you can see that there is no relief in sight. as you mention, they could be getting worse with all these wind that is coming out of the north pushing all that smoke in the napa valley into other parts of the bay area. classes were canceled here at valley christian high school and several other high schools throughout the bay area today because of the poor air quality and this being a friday during the fall, a lot of football games and even home coming activities had to be canceled as well. >> valley christian high school
6:49 pm
is empty today on what would have been one of the biggest days of the year. it's homecoming, but rallies, tonight's dance and saturday's game have all been postponed. classes were canceled for the second straight day because of unhealthy air. >> student and staff health is our main concern so we made the decision based on the air quality over the past few days to cancel skill. >> the school on top of a hill seven miles from downtown san jose is in a unique spot to see what the students would be breathing. >> definitely disappointed and missing out on the homecoming game on saturday, but definitely a lot of understanding the reason why we made that decision. >> classes were also canceled for valleys elementary and middle schools. children can be the most susceptible to bad air quality. >> children tend to be more active outside and they are taking in more of the air pollution than adults tend to take in. so, they are particularly a
6:50 pm
susceptible population. >> it was one of just a few schools in the santa clara valley closed by dirty air. san jose unified with 30,000 students kept schools open today, but students were kept inside for breaks. >> we have great facilities, great ventilation systems in all our classrooms. as long as we keep kids i doors for the majority of the day, we feel they'll be perfectly safe and healthy. >> all athletic events were canceled including the homecoming game for willow glen high school. >> it was my last year and they dropped the bomb on us that we are not going to have it until further notice. >> this afternoon, the ccs, the athletic association for high schools had an emergency meeting. they voted to push back the end of football season to november 11th. that's a one week extension to allow for all these makeup games to be made up for the football players and others throughout the area. this is going to be something that will be pushing back the playoff season as well. reporting live in san jose,
6:51 pm
kpix 5. >> in some way, shape or form and in many way, shape or form, it is impacting everyone. this is san jose post-sunset, it looks beautiful, but it's not cloud cover. that's smoke and bad air. let's they take you around other -- let me take you around other areas. a little above 3,000 feet is right at the top of the smoke line. it's crystal clear above the smoke, but we are mired under that layer of smoke as is san francisco. across the bay to oakland and berkeley they are playing a college football game in about 39 minutes. washington state visiting cal. highs today 70s. napa, hay ward 75. san francisco warm. 71. smoky as well. san jose the warm spot 78 degrees. do we clear out the air tomorrow? unfortunately the answer is no. this north wind may make temporarily the air quality worse in the morning with minimal improvement in the afternoon. at its worse, it will be unhealthy to very unhealthy. raiders game is still on on sunday where i think we'll see
6:52 pm
minimal improvement, but still smoky, hazy, warm, 79 degrees for kickoff at 1:25. we'll have that game right other here on -- right here on kpix 5. these are color-coded. the lighter colors, greens and oranges, not strong winds. that is a strong north to south wind wrapping around that low and heading in our direction overnight tonight. what does that mean for us? it means by 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 tomorrow morning, isolated wind gusts. you can double the numbers in the higher elevation. we are looking at wind gusts 40- 60 miles per hour. as quickly as it arrives, it's gone. by tomorrow evening, less than 10 miles per hour in most spots with the surge of offshore winds from midnight tonight until about noon tomorrow where we will see a decrease in humidity and increase in wind gusts. this is the good news. i really want to show you this. future cast seven days out, but we are going that far because it shows widespread light
6:53 pm
rainfall in the bay area by friday of next week. we may see some significant weather help for these fires about six or seven days from now. next couple days will be warm near 80 near the bay, but also smoky through at least monday. better air quality starting tuesday. cooler weather. there's your rain by the end of next week. that's your kpix 5 forecast. we will be right back.
6:54 pm
my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locate and mark fieldman for pg&e. most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california.
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senators dianne feinstein and kamala harris the governor jerry brown and senators dianne feinstein and brown will be in sonoma county and tour the area that was once a vibrant part of wine country reduced to ash in a lot of neighborhoods. at least 35 people confirmed dead tonight. 575,7 -- 5,700 homes and businesses have been destroyed and the fight is nowhere near over. in the evening, we'll bring you late information on the wildfires. >> full report on our sister station wbc -- kbcw and back
6:57 pm
here at 11:00. (laughter) that's fine. i miss her more than you anyway. ♪ ♪ hey, my window is closing. yeah that's okay. alright miles. i love you. (phone hangs up) ♪ ♪ yeah i love you too. ♪ ♪
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