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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 17, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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bay bridge, isn't it? nice little -- a different view of the city. all right. how is everyone doing this morning? >> we're up and at elm! [ laughter ] >> it's tuesday. >> we can breathe a little better so that's nice. the lungs are getting a nice little break. look at coit tower. you can see it. it's great to not have smoky conditions at this early morning hour. it will be cooler. this morning we are in the mid- 50s for concord and oakland and livermore. down into the low 50s in san francisco. san jose warmer at 58. here's what you can expect for your tuesday. looks like temperatures will be cooling today, tomorrow through friday. we are on the way down, folks because of the onshore flow. the rain will arrive by thursday afternoon. right now we are following breaking news in santa cruz county. cal fire is on the scene of a
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new 10-acre fire near bear creek road. residents are being evacuated. a center is open at boulder creek elementary school located at 400 west loehmann creek. several roads in the area are closed. sandra osborne will have live updates coming up. firefighters are gaining ground against the wine country wildfires. but flames from the nuns fire is keeping them busy between dropping water and digging containment lines. the flames are now burning behind a well-known winery in napa county. kpix 5's joe vazquez shows us how crews -- what they are doing to contain them. reporter: you can see the orange glow from zinfandel and throughout the valley. a contractor is delivering water to firefighters, crashed through a railing and was killed when his tanker rolled
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over. officials aren't saying what caused the crash. the oakville grade is very steep and officials say the contractors, like others, was exhausted. >> everyone is tired. there's no break since last sunday night. >> reporter: the california national guard gave a ceremonial salute honoring the 38-year-old man for his service. >> heartbreaking. >> reporter: this person from oakville says her community is filled with heartbreak. now they are nervously watching the nuns fire. >> you feel comfortable, you go to bed, i wake up, look out my window and see flames again. >> reporter: cal fire has been attack the flames by air. officials have dug containment lines along the western edge of the napa valley and when the fire occasionally makes a run down the steep edge of the hills and jumps the containment lines, the helicopters moved in with yet another water drop. this is an area dotted by some of the most famous wineries in the world including the robert mondavi winery. the flames are miles away from here, no danger at this point.
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cal fire believes it is making progress. the plan is to let the flames go toward the valley and meet the containment lines they dug. >> there are a lot of fingers and canyons in there so if it's too steep or the vegetation is too dense and it's too dangerous to put people in there, then we'll slow the spread of the fire with the aircraft. >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix 5. cal fire is reporting significant progress in the overall firefighting effort. most of the wildfires in northern california are now at least 50% contained. cal fire predicts that the tubbs, pocket, nuns oakmont fires will be contained by friday. evacuations have lifted for sonoma, kenwood, boyes hot springs, glen ellen and others. some tried to go home to find their neighborhood is still chosed off. kpix 5's emily turner has more. reporter: they waited in line for hours to go home for
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just a few minutes. one car at a time, parties of three, chp escorting people to their streets past roadblocks. >> we went to each person's house and they had 5 minutes. i mean, um, i grabbed things that i thought -- i have been thinking about for the last five days. >> reporter: carmen salazar lives in glen ellen a neighborhood hit hard by the tubbs fire. >> sad. i mean, we're okay. but that doesn't make me feel okay. >> reporter: this man's house is okay but other buildings are destroyed. >> you can see down here how close this came back up to here. >> reporter: he came back in to get another change of clothes and a sense of what he had to come home to when evacuations end. >> like living out of a paper bag. you can imagine. >> reporter: people are frustrated. there's no telling when they
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will able to go home. but pg&e was in and out of the area fixing power lines and putting in new polls so for the homesick being patient is hard but it's better than facing total loss. >> it is charred to the ground in some places. cars, homes, you name it. anything that was outside. so i'm hoping that as a community, we can pull together and help those that weren't so fortunate. >> reporter: emily turner, kpix 5. >> it's amazing that people still don't know if their homes are standing. >> everything they worked their whole life for. it's hard to watch that footage. >> it's hard to watch the fires in the north bay but now we have a new fire in the santa cruz mountains. >> yes. right in the mountain ranges there where there's a few -- obviously people being evacuated there this morning because there are some residents there. it looks like the weather is cool right now and there's some west wind coming through.
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but that's the problem in the mountain ranges. it depends on what side of the valley -- the winds can move in all different directions, especially when it's among those valleys and the ridgetops. so right now it looks like overall, there's a west flow, this onshore flow that's coming through all across the bay area. that's going to help if that's how the wind behaves closer to where the fire is. some humidities in the area as blow as 15%, some up to 75%. so there is a wide range depending on what side of the mountain you are. and 43 degrees is the overall temperature across that area. mets move to the north bay and show you the morning conditions where the fires are burning. calm conditions for glen ellen and calistoga. santa rosa north-northwest winds. petaluma west-northwest. these west winds are going to be extremely welcomed this morning because that's going to help increase our humidity
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levels. napa right now seeing 5-mile- per-hour winds coming out of the north. we are expecting a western flow and that's going to make a big difference. if the winds get stronger they come from the west that could help things out a little bit because it will help cool things off. this afternoon today it's the futurecast here we are at 3:00 sebastopol, santa rosa, may see an increase in gusts over the ridgetops, glen ellen as well, sonoma, as well. but at least it's going to be cooler air, temperatures will be significantly cooler than the hot weather yesterday. and we are going to continue to drop temperatures. more coming up. good morning. let's head to the santa cruz mountains right now. we reported earlier there's a fire in the area and are some road closures in effect so heads up. if you are traveling through there, be advised bear creek road is completely shut down now at deer creek. looks like highway 9 is open. 35 around highway 9 there's a
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landslide so closures in the area. bear creek road and deer creek road is closed. keep that in mind. an accident south 880 before alvarado has cleared to the right shoulder but pretty serious involving a big rig and motorcycle. everything is off to the side but crews are on scene. you will see active in the area on 880. so far, the bay bridge busy in a couple lanes but quite neat san francisco. . some neighborhoods being hit by loot he remembers the looters. signs are put up by residents like this one that says we're home and we're armed in santa rosa. the disaster prompted other types of crimes. petaluma police arrested this woman after fraudulent bank charges. they found property taken from evacuees staying in shelters and items from vehicles left behind in damaged
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neighborhoods. another big concern is price gouging. napa county district attorney haley says the state of emergency announced a week ago prohibits raising goods and services by more than 10%. there's a $10,000 fine and a year in jail. the sheriff's department released the identities of 14 of the 22 people who died in the fires in sonoma county. among them, leroy and donna halber married for 50 years. another victim, lynn powell who was a cancer survivor. 88 people in sonoma county are unaccounted for. kiet do has more on the search. reporter: the work is as grim as it is treacherous. combing through ashes, looking for any signs of missing loved ones, the flames often leave
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behind tiny clues. >> small pieces of bone, vertebrae, very little left because of the heat. >> reporter: after looking at the shelters and hospitals, they went to the hopper lane apartments where they think a 60-year-old woman may have died in her home. it's meticulous specialized work as the crew digs through debris on their hands and knees. >> we are starting in high probability areas, bathrooms, bedrooms, entryways, garages. a neighbor said he got her out. she may be alive somewhere. if you got evacuated, the sheriff's office says don't keep quiet. >> make yourself known. make yourself visible. get noticed by your friends and family and if you are on our missing persons list, we can cross you off and be able to move on to the next case. >> reporter: how are you still
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alive? >> um, i had a guardian angel. >> reporter: wayne simms stayed behind and helped cal fire crews save his home and half dozen neighbors' homes. wayne has been watching the search for the missing from his front yard. >> i really feel bad for everybody's losses around me. i was absolutely lucky on what i have still standing here but couldn't have done it without cal fire, the heroes. >> reporter: the race is on to get through the list of missing people before the forecasted rains come at the end of the week and make conditions out here more wet and even more miserable than they already are. in santa rosa, kiet do, kpix 5. 4:41. another sign of progress in santa rosa today as the city tries to recover from the fires that wiped out entire neighborhoods. details straight ahead.
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:15 we have fema there. we have military there. we have first responders there. it's a tragic situation. but we're very closely w president trump is addressing his a
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administration's response to the wine country wildfires. >> it's tragic but we're working closely with the representatives from california and we're doing a good job. the president called the devastation and loss of life a sad thing to watch and said he has spoken with governor brown. former president bill clinton tweeted: pg&e says it has almost completely finished turning on power back on for undamaged neighborhoods. 14,000 customers are without service in sonoma county. 2800 without power in napa. pg&e's stocks continue to slide down another 7% yesterday. investors fear that if pg&e is to blame for the fires, it could cost the utility conditions millions. newly released video shows the evacuation of sutter hospital in santa rosa.
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this is a time lapse from monday of last week. hospital workers can be seen ushering patients to safety with the flames from the tubbs fire in the distance. sutter santa rosa will re-open at 7 a.m. with full service. nearby hospitals that were able to stay open were extremely busy in the early days of the wildfires. emergency rooms are flooded with injured people and burn victims. and as the fires are getting closer to containment, doctors are dealing with another medical issue. >> we have seen around 400 respiratory cases of differing severity. now, there's a baseline number that we normally see in this community but we think about 400 additional due to the poor air quality and direct smoke inhalation. >> some doctors say they actually expected to see more urgent cases but they credit police and firefighters for quickly getting people out of the flames' path. during the chaos of the
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fire, three dozen babies were born at santa rosa memorial hospital. that's 3 times the normal rate. 14 were born at petaluma valley hospital. 4 times the normal rate for that facility. pharmacies are back over at kaiser permanente's santa hose hospital, which was also evacuated. there is still no official timetable for a full re-opening of the hospital. time now 4:46. let's check weather with neda. >> we can expect to see a lot of clearing out there today and cooler. we are getting a nice onshore flow. that's welcomed relief. that's nice. good morning, bay area. expect air quality to be better. we don't have a "spare the air" day in effect. we have had them for several days in a row. it's the first day of a break of smoke. conditions still unhealthy in the fire areas. i'll show you in a second. right now temperatures in the
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mid- to low-50s for concord, oakland, livermore. 60 degrees for san francisco. santa rosa 46 degrees. it's chilly there. temperatures dropping 5 to 10 degrees today through the next few days. onshore winds brings an increase of humidity. we are going to get the chance of rain but it's taking its time. the system will work its way down thursday night into early friday morning. so by the time you wake up friday, you can expect to see a little shower activity out there. i'll show you all that coming up. here's a look at what's going to happen with this onshore flow. the shift of wind will move the smoke east. air quality for some of the neighborhoods in the moderate range. the particulate matter is low below 100 which is great news. santa rosa, napa in the unhealthy for sensitive groups range. right where the fires are, the smoke is intense.
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but that's the case at the moment overall. we are in the low 80s instead of the low 90s today. san francisco 70 today. pacifica 70. redwood city 76 degrees. 81 degrees in concord. so here's what's happening. this high pressure is moving out further east and as it does that, it brings the wind and the flow from this back end of the high pressure system. so in fact it's going to possibly bring us some cloud cover here from the south. that may be likely today just a few higher clouds coming in and then it's gets out of here it will make room for this low but the low will get here eventually. we'll wait a couple of days. here we go with the futurecast. we'll show you what we can expect. for the rest of the day today and tomorrow, we'll get some cloud cover right along the coastline as that high pressure moves out of here. and we could see some of the winds picking up the marine layer. that could be back on thursday
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early morning and then by the time we get to thursday night, here's what we can expect. the rain is going to be reaching the north bay, mendocino county first, as it usually does when they come down from the gulf of alaska and it's going to bring us a few hundredths of an inch. thursday night ukiah could get two-tenths inch, santa rosa tenth of an inch. so the numbers are not significant but it will provide some relief. showers are always welcome in any form especially in the areas where those fires are budget so at least they will be reaching the north bay hills first. by friday morning we could see some rain in san francisco and as far south as redwood city concord with action from that. so here's the seven-day forecast. look at the drop in temperatures from the low 80s today down into the upper 60s for friday for those inland areas. and it's going to be staying chilly all the way through friday, then saturday, sunday, monday temperatures will be on the rise. gianna. thank you very much, neda. let's jump to the roads now. we spoke with caltrans and chp
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to get a confirmation on exactly the parameters of the road closures in the santa cruz mountains. they are telling us that bear creek road is completely shut down. it's shut down between highway 9 and highway 35. so do keep that in mind. that's because of an ongoing fire. we have sandra osborne heading to the scene there. elsewhere, 35 is closed from las cumbres to highway 9 for a landslide. that's in effect until january. all right, taking a look at other spots around the bay area, on 880 this morning the good news is lanes are clear but there's an accident southbound 880 before alvarado. everything is on the shoulder. lots of green on the screen so not too much delays through that area. it's still early. elsewhere northbound 880, working your way into oakland traffic isn't bad. it's clear towards the bay bridge. towards the maze, not a lot of problems there. traffic loading up a bit westbound 580 as you work your
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way into pleasanton this morning with the 680 interchange through dublin. no trouble spots there. eastbound looking good, as well. its just east there was that on that westbound side we are starting to see a few brake lights as you work your way through the altamont pass. speeds dipping down to about 27 miles per hour in some spots. it's coming out of tracy. but that's typical for this time of the morning. in fact, your drive times are now at about 26 minutes from 205 to 680. elsewhere highway 4 off to a great start. no troubles westbound through antioch. traffic clear to the eastshore freeway. that's a look at your morning drive. back to you guys. many people in wine country didn't get an emergency alert when the wildfires started. why authorities say it didn't happen. coming up.
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you're taking a live look at a
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new 10-acre fire forcing residents in the area of bear right now, we are following breaking news in santa cruz county. you are taking a live look at a new 10-acre fire. this fire is forcing residents in the area of bear creek road to just scramble for safety. amazing video here or a live look here of the flames coming up over the trees. we have kpix 5's sandra osborne at the scene. she is going to bring us a live update in a few minutes. but there are evacuations going on right now. residents and evacuation centers now open at boulder creek elementary school. but look at that fire! right now, we know in the area around the santa cruz mountains, the winds are not very high. so hopefully that helps firefighters in there. but again, sandra is going to let us know what's going on in that area right now. fire victims in napa county have a new place to seek help for a range of needs. this assistant center just opened its doors for napa residents. people affected by the fires can get their questions
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answered from fema and other federal and state disaster relief agencies. they are offering help on everything from unemployment to insurance concerns. people can also get copies of critical documents like birth certificates and marriage licenses which may have been destroyed in the fires. >> one of the things that we want to do is make sure that people have access to these resources especially in a time where they need it so desperately and that's really kind of the role of the local assistance center. >> food banks, red cross and mental health counselors are also on scene. many of you wanted us to ask why santa rosa or sonoma counties didn't sent alerts to everyone with flames spreading fast last sunday. so we got some answers. kpix 5's susie steimle reports. >> i think that a lot of lives could have been saved if it was -- they were given the information. reporter: stewart mitchell is one of hundreds of thousands of people living in northern california who did not receive an emergency alert that wildfires were fast approaching
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last week. he even tried to sign up for nixl and soco alerts through the county and found it confusing. >> it's a public health and safety issue so it should be easier for people to do. >> reporter: sonoma, lake, and mendocino counties received federal approval in august to use fema's emergency alert system. it functions similar to an amber alert. when your cell phone connects to a tower in a danger zone you receive an alert to evacuate. sonoma and mendocino county didn't use the system. he says sending out emergency alerts to the entire city of santa rosa would have incited panic . >> this county is heavily populated. had we had people come from all directions, we would have had more deaths of people in their cars trying to get out. >> reporter: 40 people died during the wildfires so far. 22 in sonoma county. 6 in napa. 8 in mendocino. 4 in yuba. lake county the only county to
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issue emergency alerts had no deaths. if there ever was a time for panic, isn't it during a wildfire? >> yeah. but panic is what gets people killed if you panic everybody who comes on the roads. >> i think it needs improvement. i hate t point fingers. >> reporter: 200,000 people signed up for the alerts but there's hundreds of thousands of people not getting at letters. in santa rosa, susie steimle, kpix 5. 4:57. as some wine country residents are allowed back in their homes, a new wildfire forces evacuations in the santa cruz mountains. we'll take you there live for the very latest.
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and i'm kenny choi. breaking news in santa cruz county - where flames are spreading fast acros acuations and good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, october 17th. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. breaking news in santa cruz
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county. right now flames are spreading fast across hillsides forcing evacuations and threatening structures. kpix 5's sandra osborne reports from the santa cruz mountains. reporter: good morning to you, kenny. yeah, right now we are off bear creek road. bear creek canyon is what's behind me. that's what we're looking across. you can see the flames spreading up the hillside engulfing trees producing some very large bursts of fire. there are some evacuations in place. we have been speaking with cal fire. the last official estimate is around 30 acres burned but i heard another report that is saying it's spread to more than 100 acres out here. last update from cal fire they said 0% containment. we have also been talking with neighbors who packed up their trucks and vehicles and pets and waiting nearby to see what to expect. now, cal fire did send out a


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