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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  October 17, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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county. right now flames are spreading fast across hillsides forcing evacuations and threatening structures. kpix 5's sandra osborne reports from the santa cruz mountains. reporter: good morning to you, kenny. yeah, right now we are off bear creek road. bear creek canyon is what's behind me. that's what we're looking across. you can see the flames spreading up the hillside engulfing trees producing some very large bursts of fire. there are some evacuations in place. we have been speaking with cal fire. the last official estimate is around 30 acres burned but i heard another report that is saying it's spread to more than 100 acres out here. last update from cal fire they said 0% containment. we have also been talking with neighbors who packed up their trucks and vehicles and pets and waiting nearby to see what to expect. now, cal fire did send out a
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tweet. they were saying, quote, firefighters on scene of vegetation fire bear creek canyon road evacuations are in place for deer creek road, rones road, dons road, lost valley road, favre ridge and oakridge. if you feel you're in danger, leave the area if it's safe to do so, hashtag #bearfire. road closures and evacuations are in place for a reason. >> just to respect our road closures. cal fire is working hard to deal with the fire. we're working hard to secure the area. >> reporter: a live look out here, you can see the flames going up the hill. they are saying at least 100 acres are considered threatened at this point in time. there is an evacuation center at boulder creek elementary school. we are seeing quite a bit of
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ash falling on us. one neighbor is afraid embers will spread across bear creek road. we'll update you with the latest with this fire. but for now, reporting live in the santa cruz mountains, sandra osborne, kpix 5. now to the latest on the situation in wine country. crews finally seem to be getting a handle on deadliest outbreak of wildfires in california's history. most of the wildfires are now at least 50% contained. cal fire predicts four fires will be fully contained by the end of the week. the trouble spot now is the nuns fire. it's burning behind a famous winery in napa county. kpix 5's jessica flores is there now with cal fire what they plan to do to attack the flames. reporter: we're off highway 29 a mile from the robert mondavi winery not far from the oakville grade where a contractor died yesterday. now, here we're going to show you the orange glow from the
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nuns fire still burning at this hour. 51,000 acres burned and 53% contained. now, cal fire says the flames are being driven by steep slopes and dry fuel. this is an area covered in thick brush and also dotted with famous wineries. we already talked about the mondavi winery nearby but cal fire says it believes it will keep this fire from endangering any of these wineries. officials say the plan is to let the flames continue to march down toward the valley and meet the containment line they dug. cal fire is attacking the fire by air with water drops. >> there is a lot of canyons and where the vegetation is too dense and dangerous to put people in there, we'll slow the spread of fire with the aircraft. >> reporter: those on the front lines today are not just dealing with tough conditions. we talked about the contractor
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who died yesterday. he was driving a water tender when it crashed and rolled over at the grade. he cause is under investigation. now, one issue facing all workers and firefighters on the front lines is fatigue. they have more resources still coming, but the people are tired. this is the ninth day working these fires. jessica flores, kpix 5. some of them are working 24 hours in one shift. >> brutal. >> they need some rest. >> how about the weather? what's going on here? >> well, i checked where jessica is right now. it looks like winds at least are calm so we didn't see her hair flying around in her live shot so at least that's good news. we have cooler conditions and it's going to continue to drop. so oakville 46 degrees. north winds at 3. sonoma, north winds as well at 3. humidity levels in the mid-60s. not bad for st. helena. 65% humidity. 46 degrees.
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so cool and moisture in the air and these light wind so it will be calm for the firefighters this morning, i want to show you the santa cruz fire that sandra was live at moments ago. west wind should help things out. when these fires are burning in the valleys and ridges it will cause swirling winds so winds could come in any direction. humidity near there, near boulder creek, is about 14%. so that's very, very dry which of course means there's a lot of dry brush also too for this fire to be able to fuel up so that's not good news. now overall today temperatures will be dropping 5 to 10 degrees. and then that onshore flow should help things out. we are going to see some cooling throughout the day and then there's a chance of rain likely for thursday afternoon through friday. michelle? >> thank you. newly released video shows the evacuation at sutter hospital in santa rosa as the
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wine country wildfires began early last week. the time lapse video shows hospital workers ushering patients to safety with the tubbs fire burning nearby. anne makovec is live at sutter santa rosa which is re-opening this morning. anne. reporter: yeah. it is a wonderful and welcome sign of life returning to this area of santa rosa. the power is back on here at sutter hospital and it is re- opening at 7 a.m. with full service. but here's a look at another clip of some of the time lapse video from the hospital from one of their security cameras. newscast the fire advancing from the left, high winds blowing embers close to the building. sutter evacuated 77 patients within 6 hours. the hospital has since been thoroughly cleaned and inspected by two state health agencies and deemed ready to go. but in the meantime, a lot of the patients spent time here at santa rosa memorial hospital causing a sudden emergency in their emergency room last week
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an influx of transferred patients and fire victims. we heard from their staffers yesterday. >> we have seen around 400 respiratory cases of differing severity. you know, there's a baseline number that we normally see in this community but we think about 400 additional due to the poor air quality and direct smoke inhalation. >> reporter: so they will enjoy a little break. another evacuated hospital, kaiser permanente in santa rosa. it partially reopened yesterday. these are some of the evacuations that were made frantically early monday morning. we will hear similar stories here at sutter when they open at 7:00 today. we are going to hear from several of their staffers and some mental health experts about what people here went through. live in santa rosa, anne makevoc, kpix 5. a big sigh of relief for more people in sonoma county who have finally been allowed
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to return home. evacuation orders have been lifted for parts of the city of sonoma and santa rosa. the same goes for kenwood. boyes hot springs and glen ellen, as well. some other evacuees got a brief chance to go home to assess the damage. last night the chp escorted people past roadblocks and on to their streets in glen ellen. the city along the napa-sonoma county border is hit hard by the tubbs fire. for many residents, there's no telling when they will be able to return home for good if they still have a home to go to. >> sad. i mean, we're okay. but that doesn't make me feel any better. it really is charred to the ground in some places. cars, homes, you name it. anything that was outside. so i'm hoping that as a community, we can, um, pull together and help those that weren't so fortunate. >> pg&e was working in glen ellen throughout the day yesterday fixing power lines
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and putting in new poles. it is 5:08 right now. let's get a check on the roads with gianna. >> you know, there are still a lot of closures in the napa, sonoma, santa rosa areas as those firefighters continue to work in that area. keep in mind 101 is completely open both directions through santa rosa but some off-ramp closures in effect as you work your way north- and southbound. i know northbound off-ramps from 101 to mendocino is closed as well as hopper avenue off the southbound side of 101. and road closures still continue in calistoga road north of harville, mark west springs road at old redwood highway, barnes at river road 2 as well as highway 128 at river road. now, elsewhere we have a fire reported in the santa cruz mountains. a road closure in effect in the area. sandra osborne will have updates on that throughout the morning. no major accidents in the rest of the bay area. traffic is okay on the bay
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bridge. no delays out of oakland into san francisco. san mateo bridge looking good, clear between 880 and 101. time now 5:10. people are turning to some unique strategies to cope with the devastation of the wine country wildfires. >> and why the national guard is on high alert in some portions of the fire zones. >> and we do have some rain in our forecast. i'm going to track the storm system coming from northern california coming up. cbs eye on the community... presented by target. food has the power to transform lives. with the help of target, the san francisco marin food bank addresses hunger head-on in the community. our food pantries are vibrant. people feel welcomed, and they're being respected. it helps our team members see the work that they do in the store every day... how that actually relates to their communities.
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wildfire exploded in size overnight... residents in the area of bear creek you are taking a live look from santa cruz county where a new wildfire has exploded in size overnight. residents in the area of bear creek road have been told to evacuate. we have kpix 5's sandra osborne at the scene. she is going to bring us another life update in just a few minutes. the bay area air quality management district has issued a smoke advisory as heavy smoke from the north bay wildfires continues to leave a mark around the region. [ coughing ] >> air district officials say it's especially important that
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people in napa, sonoma and solano counties stay in buildings with filter aired condition. [ coughing ] >> they are also warning that airborne ash could affect the fire areas for months. and the chp is stressing that drones are a significant obstacle as crews fight these wildfires. they are warning drone pilots that air crews are forced to ground their flights when drones roam fire seems. they will face fines if caught. a santa rosa man is picking up paper and pen to deal with the trauma of losing his home to the wildfires. gravel novelist brian fees published an 18-page comic strip to his website it starts with the middle of the night evacuation from his home in his community and what he saw when he snuck back to his community the next day and had to tell his wife their home burned down. she was a fema director and she was telling others to evacuate.
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>> i called my wife and i said i'm here, it's gone, she said, all right, be careful, come on back. she was just working. she since said that she thinks the work she had to do kept her mind focused on other things. >> he says that the comic story has gotten 200,000 views. the best part he says is when people tell him that he was able to describe what they could not put into words. some fire damaged neighborhoods are being hit by looters. the national guard is in some neighborhoods to prevent looting and then there are signs that put up by neighborhood like one that reads in part, we're home and we're armed. police in petaluma arrested a woman after someone reported fraudulent bank charges. investigators say a related search turned up property that was taken from evacuees staying in shelters. there were also some items from vehicles left behind in damaged neighborhoods. another major problem is price
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gouging. napa county district attorney haley says the state of emergency announced a week agopro hints raising the price of consumer goods and services by more than 10%. violators could face a $10,000 fine and a year in jail. the president weighed in on the wildfires yesterday calling the devastation and loss of life a very sad thing to watch. the president also said that he has spoken with governor brown about the relief efforts and a federal disaster was declared last week to provide aid. the president is criticized for a false claim that president obama and other previous presidents didn't reach out to fallen families -- to families of fallen u.s. troops. >> if you look at president obama and other presidents, most of them didn't make calls, a lot of them didn't make calls. >> the president made the comments in response to questions on why he hadn't spoken publicly about four berets killed in an ambush two
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weeks ago. former aids to president obama immediately had responded including eric holder who tweeted out a photographer of the two at dover air force base with the bodies of fallen soldiers returned to the united states. it's 5:19. let's check the road. while do you that, i'm going to have some water. >> the cough is going around. have that water, michelle. i'll check the roads for everyone. we're keeping a close eye on these closures in the santa cruz mountains. there is a fire, a brand-new fire reported through there. bear creek road from highway 9 to 35 is shut down. other smaller streets in the area hawk ridge at deer creek, bear creek at deer creek, bear creek at deer canyon road, highway 35 and bear creek and caltrans was in the area at highway 9 at alba, they will be picking that up due to the evacuations in the area. we have sandra osborne live at the scene and we'll continue to have updates throughout the morning. the lane closures will be in effect throughout the morning. elsewhere reports of an accident westbound 580 at eden canyon road. a crash is on the right
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shoulder. i guess that's the good news. no word if injuries are involved but we are seeing some backups so that's the bad news starting to see slow conditions on the westbound side of 580 as you work your way through that area. chp is just arriving on the scene. elsewhere, westbound 580 if you are headed towards the dublin interchange, looks like traffic is starting to load up a little bit. extra volume westbound in fact pretty sluggish just east of there as you work your way through the altamont pass this morning. 205 to 680 that will be about a 30-minute drive this morning. but it sounds like the winds have died down. let's check on that with neda. >> looks like we are seeing some calming out there and clear conditions. here's a live look at san jose right now. so it's cool this morning. temperatures are going to be cooler than yesterday. we did see a lot of areas reach the 90s. so it was abnormal for this time of year. here's a live look across san francisco. you can see the bay bridge. so it is a clearer kind of day. it's all thanks to this onshore flow that's coming in helping push the smoke out further
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east. temperatures in concord 54. oakland 54. livermore at 52 degrees. san francisco 60. san jose 57. santa rosa 47 degrees. so here's what's happening with our air quality. it is still going to be unhealthy for people who are sensitive to a lot of the smoke especially across the north bay. areas where those fires are burning certainly going to be more dangerous especially since people have been around those areas for the past 9 days now dealing with this. moderate rain for the rest of us. there is no "spare the air" alert in effect as of now. so it looks like the particulate matter is starting to clear up. things are getting better and better by the day. here's a look at the highs for today. you will notice a big difference from yesterday. we are near the upper 80s and 90s yesterday. now we'll be in the upper 70s. low 70s for san mateo. union city 74. fremont you'll be at 76 degrees. across the east bay it looks like temperatures in the upper 70s, as well. pittsburg 77. concord 80. benicia 74 degrees. vallejo at 75.
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now over towards the bay, san francisco, 70. sausalito 67. kentfield 76. petaluma to the north 76. santa rosa 81 degrees. up to the north in mendocino county, it looks like cloverdale 84, lakeport 83, clearlake 82. that's welcomed signs of cooling that's happening. it's all because of this high pressure system moving east. you will notice these lines right behind it. it's bringing this onshore flow, the winds from the coast coming in. it could increase our chance of a marine layer tonight through tomorrow and thursday night, as well. and then by thursday night this low will dip down and that's going to bring us some rain in the forecast. here's our rain futurecast. here we are at 7:00 thursday night. that's when ukiah might start to get .10" of rain so it's going to reach the north bay hills first which is where they need it most where all those fires are. thursday night santa rosa and san rafael and napa may get a
5:21 am
little rain. it's not a significant amount. some areas could see up to.3." friday morning it should let up. a significant drop from the 80s to the 60s by friday. saturday, sunday we will be on the rise. and monday temperatures will be back to being hot yet again. here's a look at what's coming up in sports. a warriors coach crashes my sportscast and you'll never guess what he brought with him. >> and navorro bowman the latest 49er defector to raider nation. coming up.
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49er defensive lineman arik armstead had a broken hand. he is out in differently like possibly the indefinitely. navorro bowman signed with the raiders yesterday with a reported $3 million. the raiders could use a little leadership and bowman will bring it. he could play thursday night when the raiders host the kansas city chiefs. cc sabathia has turned out to be the stopper for the new york yankees. down 2 games to 0, top of the
5:25 am
fourth, deep to right, but aaron judge, look at that, there is the catch, crashes into the wall. sabathia threw six shutdown innings. yankees beat houston 8-1. now, my special guest on the 6:00 newscast last night. >> what's the hardest thing about trying to repeat as an nba champion? >> you know, having the team that we had last year, you know, which was obviously a very good team. we had a lot of success on a lot of games, a nice play-off run and you can get a little complacent at times if things come too easy but with the guys that we have, the self motivated individuals and so hopefully, that won't come into play. everybody is gunning for you. >> yes. >> he crashed my sportscast. he can crash it anytime. the warriors and rockets tip off the nba season tonight at oracle and we'll be there. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. here's the play of the day
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from the under 17 world cup of soccer in india. team usa against paraguay. [ play-by-play ] >> look at the powerful kick. the second of three goals for the match. team usa winning 5-0 to advance to the quarterfinals. the nuns fire continues to burn here in napa valley. i'm live with the very latest coming up. >> reporter: plus another fire but this one in the santa cruz mountains is forcing evacuations. we'll have the latest from bear creek canyon straight ahead.
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killed in the wine country wildfires -- a grim search continues for people who are still missing...
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and a positive sign in the fire re n hard-h as we learn more about those killed in the wine country wildfires, a grim search is under way for the missing. >> a positive sign in the fire recovery process today in hard hit santa rosa. >> a look at the weather conditions when it comes to the firefights going on across northern california. plus i'll track your chance of rain. >> big delays along 580. more coming up. good morning, it's tuesday, october 17th. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. >> fires and evacuations, kpix 5's sand is live in santa cruz with the latest. reporter: we're off bear creek road right now. behind me is bear creek canyon. ash is coming down now and you can see the flames across the canyon, which we have been watching from the left to the right side of your screen so far throughout the morning.
5:31 am
now, we are told from cal fire this started as a structure fire late last night. it spread to the vegetation nearby. one structure was destroyed. now they are saying 100 structures are threatened as it went from 10 to 125 acres overnight. no containment now. as you can imagine, neighbors are definitely on edge with these evacuation orders in place. the fires to the north are fresh in their minds. cal fire tweeted this morning saying, quote, firefighters on scene of vegetation fire bear creek canyon road evacuations are in place for deer creek road, rons road, dons road, lost valley road, favre ridge and oakridge. if you feel you're in danger leave the area if it is safe to do so many they used the hashtag, bear fire. we spoke to one evacuee this morning. >> we could seat flames across the canyon. at the time, the wind was calm and smoke was going straight up
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and the fire wasn't burning very hot. we went home and packed our bags. >> reporter: we are actually spoke with a number of neighbors this morning who are on edge and emotional as they wait to see what happens out here with this spreading so quickly overnight. a couple of updates from cal fire. it's up to 125 acres. they say that one structure was destroyed. 100 threatened. they say there is an evacuation at boulder creek elementary school. they say even though that resources across the state have been spread thin, they do have plenty of resources here right now. at first light, they will use an aerial attack on this fire. back to you. >> thank you. in wine country, the danger may be subsiding a bit this morning from the wildfires that have scorched that area for more than a week. by the end of the week cal fire hopes to have several of the
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largest ones fully contained. the trouble spot right now is the nuns fire. it is burning behind the famous winery in napa county. kpix 5's jessica flores is there right now with the latest. reporter: we're a mile from the mondavi winery. take a look over that ridge. cal fire says the flames are being driven by steep slopes and dry fuel. the nuns fire has already burned at least 51,000 acres. that's the latest update from cal fire. 53% containment. it's marching over the oakmont side with thick brush and famous wineries including the robert mondavi winery. but cal fire says it believes it will keep this fire from endangering the wineries. they plan to let them march to the valley to the containment
5:34 am
line. cal fire is attacking the air with water drops. residents in oakville are waking up to another day with flames nearby. >> you feel comfortable, you go to bed. i wake up, look out my bedroom window and i see flames again. >> reporter: now, for those on the front lines, this is another tough day. it's also tough because of the loss yesterday. they lost one of their own a 38- year-old cal fire contractor who was driving a water tender when it crashed and rolled over the steep oakville grade. now fire investigators are still figuring out what exactly happened and what caused that individual to crash. now, these guys are now working for -- these men and women are now working on their ninth day for fighting this fire. a lot of folks are exhausted. cal fire acknowledged that to us. but they say more resources are on the way still to help these individuals. reporting live, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. the sonoma county sheriff's department has released the identities of 14 of the 22
5:35 am
people killed by wildfires in the county. among the victims it leroy and donna halbur who tried to escape but got trapped in their santa rosa garage. they were married 50 years. another victim lynne powell was a cancer survivor. at least 88 people in sonoma county are still unaccounted for. the sonoma county sheriff's department says it's a time- consuming task as the flames often leave behind only tiny clues that are easy to miss. >> very small pieces of bone, maybe a vertebra or a 3" piece of a long bone. but very little is being left behind because of the heat. >> they are searching the rubble of a home for a woman in her 60s but a neighbor says she is alive. kpix 5's anne makovec is live in sutter hospital in
5:36 am
santa rosa which is re-opening this morning. anne. reporter: yeah. it is a breath of fresh air to see signs like this. signs of life returning to santa rosa. sutter hospital here behind me is officially re-opening with full services at 7 a.m. we just saw some of that time lapse video. here's another clip from the security cameras of the hospital. this was overnight sunday early monday morning. you can see the fire advancing from the left. so high winds blowing embers close to the building. 77 patients were evacuated within six hours. the hospital is thoroughly cleaned and inspected by two state health agencies and deemed ready to go but in the meantime, a lot of patients here from sutter ended up at santa rosa memorial hospital. that caused an emergency in their emergency room with an influx of transfers and
5:37 am
victims. we heard from some of their staffers yesterday. >> when one of the extraordinary things is you have people here who were work here on the nighttime shift couldn't get into their homes while the fires were going and afterwards couldn't go. they had pets and other things they couldn't access. >> reporter: real selfless work. here's video from kaiser permanente. the third hospital in santa. this is the early monday morning. another evacuated hospital that one partially reopened yesterday. we are going to hear stories of the harrowing night and morning from people here at sutter coming up later on this morning. live in santa rosa, anne makevoc, kpix 5. ♪[ music ] let's check the weather now. very important when fighting the fires not only in the north but now in the south in santa cruz. >> yeah. i want to take you down to santa cruz and show you the conditions there now. it looks like it's cool at least this morning. but humidity is pretty low. so as i zoom into that area,
5:38 am
boulder creek is pretty much the closest monitor in that area. where the fires are burning. it's 68 now, northwest winds coming in at just one-mile-per- hour. gusts at 3. the fire can go in any direction as it burns through the vegetation through the santa cruz mountains so a lot of people throughout notice it's very dry, humidity at 14%, not good. winds from the north causes more dry conditions but we are expecting to see more of a west wind. let's take you now to wine country and show you those conditions there. so the very latest with the temperatures, down into the mid- 40s so it's cool in oakville, st. helena calm conditions there as well north winds at 3 miles per hour. humidity is also higher up there as usually happened in the early-morning hours. not expecting to see humidity levels drop to the teens as we
5:39 am
have been seeing in wine country today. napa winds calm. oakmont 5-mile-per-hour winds. lake and mendocino county areas, gusty up there but that's common around 1 miles per hour this morning. we are going to see a continued calming of those winds today. pretty much for all of northern california, a west wind we'll be dealing with and that's going to help cool things off a little bit. i'll talk more about our temperatures coming up. gianna. >> thank you. let's jump over to the santa cruz mountains get you updated on the roads. one of our biggest closures there because of the fire is bear creek road so keep that in mind. it is completely shut down between highway 9 and highway 35. we are seeing some slow and go conditions on 17 now as you work your way on that southbound side of highway 17 but all lanes are open on 1679 the closure is mostly on bear creek road between 9 and 35.
5:40 am
all right. stop and go conditions in the red as you work your way westbound 580 at eden canyon road. one lane shut down for an accident. you're backed up at least to 680 at this point. and taking a look at the bay bridge, it looks like you are "slow, stop, go" metering lights are on, 14 minutes out of oakland into san francisco. and here's a live look at 101 both directions around the 380 near sfo. the main lines are good. we have first reports though of an accident exiting near sfo on the off-ramp. it is 5:40 right now. some people in wine country are upset at the lack of an emergency alert when the wildfires first erupted. why authorities say not everyone got one. >> plus, the extra precautions in place as schools in the fire zone begin to re-open. >> and we want to take another look at the fire going on right now in the santa cruz mountains. this is on boulder creek canyon. 100 structures being threatened by the flames right now. and so far, 125 acres burned.
5:41 am
we'll have more on this coming up later. we'll be right back.
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live look from santa cruz county -- where a new wildfire exploded in size overnight... 'll have yo welcome back. let's take a live look now at the bear fire burning in santa cruz county. so you can see obviously it is burning through a lot of those taller trees out there. and they are certainly dry humidity levels out in that area. down to 14%. that's near boulder creek. this is being called the bear fire by cal fire. right now, winds are calm between one to three miles per hour. you're not seeing the swirling fire conditions. but it is certainly being fueled by that dry brush across the mountain ranges there. winds are expected to max at around 9 miles per hour later today throughout the mountain
5:44 am
range so it's not going to be too significant but any amount of wind from any direction when it comes to the fires is critical. sonoma, lake and mendocino counties received federal approval in august to use fema's emergency alert system but many are questioning why hundreds of thousands of people didn't get alerts when the fires were fast approaching. their like an amber alert. when your cell phone tower connects in a danger zone you receive an alert to get out. they say sending emergency alerts to the entire city of santa rosa would have created panic . >> this county is heavily populated in that 101 corridor! had we had people coming from all directions into the corridor, i'm concerned we would have had more death of people in their cars trying to get out. >> 41 people died during the wildfires so far. lake county the only county to
5:45 am
issue emergency alerts has zero deaths. pg&e says undamaged neighborhoods have a great day. power now. there are still thousands of people without power. pg&e stock is going down again. it was down another 7% yesterday over concerns that they could be blamed for the start of the fires. some schools in the north bay are starting to get back on a normal schedule. classes at a high school in sebastopol resumed this morning. solano county students went back to class yesterday more than a week after the atlas fire forced schools to close. while the wildfire is no longer an immediate threat, some parents are concerned about the lingering smoke in the air. many students wore masks when they returned yesterday. >> i didn't think she needed to, you know, but she is like, i'm gonna wear it. >> solano county school district officials say they have masks available for any students who need one.
5:46 am
they are also monitoring the air quality to determine how much time students should spend outdoors. amid all of this destruction, we are still learning some stories of hope. >> we have learned that 50 babies were born in the north bay last week even as the flames spread from town to town. raley is one of them. she was supposed to be born at sutter but she had to deliver at santa rosa memorial. >> it will always be a reminder of what the community is going through. so i'm sure we'll remember the fires for the rest of our lives because of that. >> they feel blessed that their home was not damaged during the fire. a little bit of hope amidst the devastation..
5:47 am
business as usual at the bay bridge and an accident on 580 but i'll start with road closures in santa cruz. a new fire has been reported here. our reporter is live at the scene with updates throughout the morning. the road closure is in effect on bear creek road from 9 to 35. there are closures in the area as well not affecting highway 17. there is some caltrans work in effect along highway 35. looks like they are picking that up early because of the fires in the area. so bear creek road from 9 to 35 shut down. so keep that in mind. elsewhere westbound 580 at eden canyon road the west lane blocked for the accident. tow crews are stuck in the backup 14 miles per hour. so they are hoping to be there within the next couple of minutes to clear this over to the shoulder but in the meantime, the damage is done. you are backed up all the way to 680 at this point. all right. jumping over towards the eastshore freeway, looks like we are starting to see pockets
5:48 am
of slowing westbound. a little sluggish towards the bay bridge, as well. metering lights are on at the bay bridge. so you're slow as you work your way into san francisco. a little sluggish across the upper deck. 101 if you have an early flight to catch at sfo, 101 is good on the main lines. keep in mind if you are exiting sfo there is an accident on the off-ramp blocking the left lane. all right. that's a look at your morning drive. here's neda with your forecast. okay. here's what we can expect today when it comes to all the fires that are burning. temperatures will drop 5 degrees today, up to 10 degrees tomorrow. we are going to get this onshore flow, the west wind that will help cool us down and bring more humidity. chance of rain that's going to be welcome but it's not going to be here until thursday afternoon. it's taking its time to arrive. right now you can see the twinkling lights there on the golden gate bridge. so it looks like not as hazy. look at the skyline here in san francisco, gorgeous view. there's the bay bridge, as well. so those clear skies are good
5:49 am
for our lungs that have been taking a beating the past few days. air quality forecast for today unhealthy for sensitive groups especially across the north bay. but those people that have around that area especially the firefighters and all the residents will feel the effects of the fire closer to the fire areas. here's the winds throughout our area today. so it looks like santa rosa where the fires are burning in wine country it's going to stay calm. it looks like santa cruz that other fire that popped up overnight and early this morning, that one is going to be dealing with some calm conditions but some parts of the ridgetops could see winds up to 9 or 10 miles per hour. so it looks like throughout the afternoon that's when the winds may pick up a little bit. any amount of wind could push
5:50 am
embers and burning debris across those ridges. that's what we didn't want. as we look at the futurecast, we'll see clear skies today, but then look at this. by late tonight, we might start to get a marine layer coming through and then when i see you back here early tomorrow morning, we may get a little bit more of that cloud coverage, foggy conditions perhaps. we haven't seen that in a while. thursday morning that could continue, as well. highs today in the 70s. so about right on average where we should be for today. temperatures will be dropping below average tomorrow and even more by the time we get to friday. san rafael today 76. petaluma 76. up to the north temperatures in the low 80s. rohnert park 79 degrees. so it is cooler out there. you're going to notice the difference especially compared to yesterday. as this high moves east, we are going to see this chance of rain increase. and that's going to bring us possibly a few hundredths of an
5:51 am
inch to a quarter inch of rain. you will see that arriving thursday night into friday morning. so by the time you wake up friday morning, you will see maybe some wet roads out there and then temperatures will be increasing right back up. that's a look at your forecast. over to you. time now 5:51. a new facility is opened to provide help for wine country residents dealing with a wide range of issues related to the wildfires. cbs eye ...presented by target. food has the power to transform lives. the san francisco marin food bank puts these words into practice, by distributing a wide variety of nutritious food to those in need. with the help of target, the san francisco marin food bank addresses hunger head on, with programs that educate, nourish, and empower residents in the community. it's the food bank's goal to make sure that everyone has enough to eat.
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our food pantries are vibrant. they're alive. people feel welcomed. they're being cared about, and they're being respected. hunger really is not just a moral issue that people should care about. we view it as a health issue. we really want to leverage the power that healthcare and doctors and nutritionists can have in people's lives. my team is really passionate about making sure that people in our community have healthy ways of finding food, and learning more about nutrition along the way. through donations and volunteer efforts at local pantries, target's support of the san francisco marin food bank helps local residents provide for the well-being of themselves and their families. target's been a critical partner for over two decades. we're getting the financial support. we're getting the management team's support. we have target folks in here today volunteering... we feel that. it helps our team members see the work that they do in the store every day... how that actually relates to their communities. seeing someone benefit from the work is beyond rewarding.
5:53 am
i'm super grateful to even have the opportunity to do it. they're volunteering because they care. you've got to love that. we're going to continue our work until we make sure everyone's fed. people from all walks of life struggle with hunger. and target is proud to partner with the san francisco marin food bank to help bring food to those that need it most. cbs eye on the community is sponsored by target. making our community even better, together.
5:54 am
for those affected by the redwood fire. it will be open for the next two weeks. starting today mendocino county will are a local assistance center for those affected by the redwood fire. it will be open for the next two weeks. the hours are from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the mendocino county college gym in ukiah. all 8,000 people who were evacuated in mendocino county are now allowed to return home. they include people in redwood valley and willits. those in the cave creek subdivision can re-enter but an evacuation warning is still in effect in case things take a sudden turn for the worse. napa fire victims now have a new resource to cope with problems caused by the wildfires. as assistance center opened yesterday for residents of the town. they can now ask questions of
5:55 am
fema and other federal and state disaster relief agencies who are offering help on everything from unemployment benefits to insurance issues. people can also get copies of birth certificates and marriage licenses, critical documents that may have been lost in the fires. food banks and mental health counselors are also on site. napa valley wineries are trying get back to business even with fires still burning. owners say most of the grapes were harvested before the fires began. but they are concerned about the grapes still on the vines. for red wine making inty, the skin on the grapes supplies the color and the skin may have been damaged by all the smoke and ash. >> there's compounds in the smoke that can manifest themselves in the wine. >> oh, okay. >> so we're doing a lot to mitigate that. >> the vineyards were fried on the edges. we lost about an acre of our 12- acre vineyard here. >> wineries want to harvest the remaining grapes as quickly as possible. the wildfires have prompted
5:56 am
the warriors to scale back on tonight's championship celebration just a little bit. the team has scrapped plans for an elaborate pyrotechnic show before the regular season opener. the team says it didn't seem appropriate given all that's happened in the last 10 days. golden state will honor last year' team in a pregame ceremony. they will raise the title banner and hand out the rings. another wildfire sparking evacuation orders but this one in the santa cruz mountains. we'll have the latest from boulder creek straight ahead. >> and firefighters working tirelessly to contain the nuns fire. we'll have the very latest from napa valley coming up.
5:57 am
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5:59 am
breaking news in santa cruz county - where flames are spreading fast across hillsides, forcing evacua cal fire is working hard. >> we start are breaking news
6:00 am
in santa cruz county where flames are spreading fast forcing evacuations and threatening homes. it's tuesday, october 17th. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. kpix 5's sandra osborne has more from the santa cruz mountains fire. >> reporter: good morning to you. right now, the good news is that there's very little wind out here but right now we have some ash coming down on us. there is smoke behind me and you can see the flames in the canyon. we are in boulder creek. the flames have been moving throughout the morning from the left side to the right side of your screen through dry brush, the dry trees also going up in flames. now, with the dry conditions, this spreads from 10 acres to 125 acres overnight. cal fire says this has the potential to spread to 600 or more acres. it started as a structure fire on bear creek and deer creek


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