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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  October 17, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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in santa cruz county where flames are spreading fast forcing evacuations and threatening homes. it's tuesday, october 17th. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. kpix 5's sandra osborne has more from the santa cruz mountains fire. >> reporter: good morning to you. right now, the good news is that there's very little wind out here but right now we have some ash coming down on us. there is smoke behind me and you can see the flames in the canyon. we are in boulder creek. the flames have been moving throughout the morning from the left side to the right side of your screen through dry brush, the dry trees also going up in flames. now, with the dry conditions, this spreads from 10 acres to 125 acres overnight. cal fire says this has the potential to spread to 600 or more acres. it started as a structure fire on bear creek and deer creek last night before spreading to
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vegetation around it. right now evacuation orders are in place. they use reverse 911 calls to warn residents. cal fire also tweeting saying: >> reporter: one woman evacuated to los gatos was worried for her pets and neighbors. >> yeah. i have pets all my neighbors have pets. one of my neighbors has some young kids. so they got out right away. the neighbor has some antique cars and stuff but he pulled those out. >> back out here live throughout the morning we have been watching these flames again going from the left side of the screen to the right side trees just bursting into flames with dry conditions. i have a few new updates from cal fire. they are saying one inmate firefighter was treated for smoke inhalation.
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also two evacuation centers are open right now for any residents. you can go to boulder creek elementary school and lakeside elementary school in los gatos. once the sun comes up they will be doing aerial attacks to get the flames under control. it's at 0% containment. live from the santa cruz mountains, sandra osborne, kpix 5. gianna is also tracking the road closures in santa cruz counties because of this fire. in the area because the fires of course when there are evacuations, some of the side streets get bogged down with extra volume on the roads through there so let's tell you about some of those closures. first of all, bear creek is completely shut down. it's between highway 9 to highway 35. parts of highway 9 are still open as well as 35. but there is some road closures in effect on 35 as well from las cumbres to highway 9. caltrans is working earlier but that's wrapped up quickly. hawk ridge at deer creek shut down. bear creek at deer creek. also closed bear creek at deer
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canyon. highway 35 also completely shut down at bear creek and, of course, our eyes are on the roads but expect extra busy conditions again for evacuations. those roads definitely might get clogged down because of that. let's get another live look at the bear fire in santa cruz county as those flames are just spreading across the trees and the brush in the area. again, this is burning near bear creed road and neda is in the weather center tracking the current conditions in the area. >> you can see all those tall trees those are all dry drought- stricken and, of course, there are the fuels in the area, as well. so that's not a good combination. weather-wise, at least the winds are cooperating in that area this morning. here's the current forecast. 68 degrees now with a northwest wind coming in at just one mile per hour gusts up to three. that's it. that is going to help in the
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firefight. temperatures warm up this afternoon. the forecast will reach 10 miles per hour. among the ridgetops and valleys it can make an impact. humidity is dry, 14%. that's not a help. and once we get a shift in our winds, we will see that humidity rise. we are expected to see that today. here's a look at some of the fire forecasts. temperatures will be dropping five degrees today compared to yesterday. 10 degrees tomorrow. so as we continue to cool, that will help firefighters out. the onshore flow is also going to bring those humidity levels up with that moist air coming in and there's a chance of rain this week thursday night into friday. let's send to you wine country now and show you what they're dealing with up north. oakville 45 degrees. so it is cool out there this morning. temperatures just dropped off even more the past hour. north winds there at 3 miles per hour. so barely a breeze again. humidity levels in the 60s so that is nice conditions for those firefighters and today temperatures will be right on average where we should be this time of year so low 80s for a
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lot of those areas that are currently burning. i'll send it to you. the wine country wildfires the number of dead in all these fires is 41. the grim search for the missing continues. 5700 homes and businesses have burned. cal fire is gaining ground in the north bay firefight. most of the fires are at least 50% contained and cal fire says the tubbs, pocket, nuns fire and oakmont fires will be fully contained by friday. this morning crews are focused on one trouble spot the annuntio vobis gaudiam magnum burning behind a famous winery in napa county. kpix 5's jessica flores begins our team coverage in oakville. reporter: we are off highway 29 about a mile from the robert mondavi winery.
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it was 53% contained, with famous wineries in the area. it will keep this fire from endangering any wineries in this oakville area. officials say the plan is to let the flames continue to march down towards the valleys and meet containment lines. cal fire attack the fire by air with water drops. >> there are a lot of fingers and canyons in there. so if it's too steep or the vegetation is too dense and dangerous to put people in there, we'll slow the spread of fire with the aircraft. >> reporter: those on the front lines are also facing a tough loss. yesterday, a water tender died when it crashed on rolled at a steep grade. the cause of the crash is under
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investigation. authorities will be looking at fatigue. firefighters and workers now have been on the front lines for nine days. back to you. >> thank you. more people are being allowed to return home in sonoma county. evacuations have been lifted for parts of the city of sonoma, kenwood, boyes hot springs, glen ellen and santa rosa. as some evacuees return home, they are getting a firsthand look at the damage left behind. on the left a satellite photo taken above santa rosa before the fires ripped through. and look at that on the right, the devastation left behind. this morning, many in santa rosa are grateful that their homes survived but feel terrible that their long-time neighbors and friends weren't so lucky. >> it's heartbreaking. i'm trying not to have survivors guilt, i think they call it. but we have been here 20 years this week. we raised our kids in this house. >> with the initial report from
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the city of santa rosa, officials say that the total projected damage is now estimated at over $3 billion from the sonoma fires. what a difference a week makes. here's newly released video of the evacuation at sutter hospital in santa rosa as the wine country wildfires begins early last week. less than an hour from now, the hospital is actually set to re- open. and anne makovec joins us live from santa rosa right now. anne. >> reporter: yeah. the things that you can take for granted. this hospital has electricity, the air is clear and it is about to finally re-open with full services after just about a week now. we have another clip of time lapse video from one of the security cameras here at sutter hospital. this is -- you can see the fire advancing from the left. the high winds last week had embers close to the building. this is overnight last sunday
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into early monday. sutter evacuated 77 patients with within six hours. the hospital was closed all week. it's been cleaned and inspected by two state health agencies and deemed ready to go but in the meantime a lot of the patients ended up here at santa rosa memorial hospital causing a sudden emergency in their emergency room an influx of transferred patients, combined with fire victims. and we heard from some of their staffers yesterday. >> the first few hours we had 5 doctors unscheduled come in to help caring for people in the emergency. >> reporter: sutter hospital was not the only one that had to evacuate. kaiser permanente also to evacuate and this is some video from that early monday morning. that hospital partially reopened yesterday. but that was obviously a harrowing experience there. and we're going to hear from some of the staffers here at
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shut they are morning about their stories, their first day back to work and that is of course after many of them have been concerned about and lost their own properties in the area. so a lot of stories to be told. live in santa rosa, anne makevoc, kpix 5. all 8,000 people evacuated in mendocino county are being allowed home including redwood valley and willits. those in cave creek subdivision can go back but an evacuation is still in effect. and starting today, mendocino county will have a local assistance center for those available affected by the redwood fire. it will be open for two weeks from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the mendocino gym in ukiah. drones are interfering with fighting fires. drone pilots will face fines if caught interrupting emergency operations. chp santa rosa posted on facebook: our team continues to follow breaking news in santa
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cruz county where a new fire is burning right now. the latest evacuations and time now 6:10. our team continues to follow breaking news in santa cruz county. a new fire is burning right now. the latest evacuations and road closures coming up next. >> plus, neda will explain what this new fire will mean for the already hazy conditions in the bay area.
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hopefully not breathing like that. for all the things that keep you up at night, anthem blue cross has a solution. scene of the bear fire. th right now, we're continuing to follow this breaking news in santa cruz county. cal fire on the scene of the bear fire. this is a live look now there on the right side of your screen. residents are evacuating to boulder creek elementary school
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at 400 west lomond street in boulder creek. and as of now, bear creek road and deer creek road are closed. let's send it to neda with the forecast. the big news here with that area of the fires is humidity is extremely dry down to 14%. the trees are dry and that will cause spread of the fire. it went from a house into the brush. the winds are calm. if it spreads throughout the morning hours, it will be because there's so much fuel. boulder creek temperatures right now 68 degrees. we are forecast to see winds around 9 to 10 miles per hour. so it's not going to be too intense but any amount of winds is not a good thing. let's show you what's going on right now to the north of us where all the fires are
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burning. we are looking at calm conditions there. north-northwest winds for petaluma east winds for sonoma and 4 and east winds in napa. our futurecast for that region looks like this. the next couple of hours, we'll see gusts just around 2 to 4 miles per hour. very calm conditions. so that's going to help them out this morning. here we are at 3:00 this afternoon. gusts should peak around 13 miles per hour for sebastopol, glen ellen 11, sonoma 12 possibly. so that's over those ridgetops. it will feel more breezy. nothing like saturday or last week when the fires first sparked. what we can expect today, here it is. temperatures will be cooling compared to yesterday. we will get these west winds to come through. that could increase our chance of a marine layer tonight and tomorrow and we do have rain chances in our forecast. live look right now across san jose, clear conditions out there this morning. twinkling lights and also across san francisco same kind of story. you can see the bay bridge there. so it is going to be a lot clearer as far as air quality
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is concerned. all thanks to that onshore flow. that's going to help push a lot of that smoke out east. so right now moderate for -- unhealthy for sensitive people in santa rosa and napa, the rest of the region moderate for particulate matter. here's the shift in winds, that will help a lot of folks' lungs finally get a chance to get outside and breathe a little better. here's our chance of rain in the forecast. it's going to arrive thursday night. thursday overnight into friday a little rain. temperatures dropping through friday. >> we need the rain. thank you. so gianna, we have this fire down in santa cruz causing major road closures in the
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area. there are closures in effect in the area. bear creek is a main closure shut down between highway 9 and 35. parts of 35 are also closed. highway 35 to las cumbres to 9 is closed. hawkridge at deer creek, bear creek and deer canyon and highway 35 at bear creek also closed with other roads closed. the rest of the south bay loading up. northbound 101 loading up out of downtown san jose bogging down at 280/680 connector. no accidents though in the south bay. i'll have details coming up. joining us now on the phone with more on the firefight in the santa cruz mountains is a cal fire chief. good morning, angela. we saw the fire expanded from 10 to 125 acres overnight.
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what's the latest in terms of containment? >> yeah. i don't have a number for you about containment but i can tell you that we have a lot of resources out there, um, working really hard to fight this fire. >> we know that resources are spread thin right now especially with so many crews in the north bay. how many firefighters are on the scene right now? >> it's hard to give you exact numbers. but you know, we have what is it? we have at least 58 different pieces of equipment out there with firefighters fighting the fire. >> angela this is the fire now that's burning in the area near bear creek road. tell us about the conditions and what the firefighters are looking at now? >> yeah. it's a very, um, heavy timber and brush area. steep slopes. you know, deep canyons. so, um, that's what they are
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working with. and they are out there trying to, you know, go dodirect fire attack to get some lines around the fire. >> yeah. steep terrain always makes it difficult for firefighters to fight the flames. we are actually right now seeing this huge flame just spark that wasn't there just a few seconds ago. when daybreaks, what happens? >> reporter: well, the plan would be to get some air resources out there which would be a huge help for the firefighters on the ground. so as soon as we have some light we can get helicopters and air tankers out to help. >> angela, is there any message that you want to -- any message that you want to send out to the residents in that area? we have heard that there could be up to 100 residents evacuated near the surrounding areas. >> reporter: yeah. i think we estimated about 150 homes. we do have a couple of evacuation centers set up. one at the lakeside elementary school in los gatos. the other was at the boulder
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creek elementary school but now we are moving it to a fire station in felton. those two schools will be open for school today. >> angela, thank you so much for being on the phone with us and telling us the latest on this fire. we'll be right back.
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cal fire is on the scene of the bear fire.. which has already scorched 125 acres.. welcome back. we are following breaking news in santa cruz county as we take a live look right now. cal fire is on the scene of the bear fire which has already burned 125 acres. >> and this is a live look. you can see those flames shooting behind those trees right there. this is near bear creek road.
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we are told that residents in the area are being evacuated and an evacuation center is now open at xiante fire station. it was at boulder creek elementary school but that's no longer the case since that school is now open today for students. lakeside elementary school in los gatos is also another evacuation center set up. at least 100 structures are being threatened by the flames right now. >> residents have been evacuated already. at last check about 100 families evacuated. cal fire says they are going to start aerial attacks at first light. we are keeping an eye on the conditions there including the wind conditions which are light right now. we'll be right back after this. a big focus for cal fire today containing the nuns fire. i'll have the very latest coming up.
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working quickly to try stop the flames. breaking news in santa cruz county. a fast-moving fire is forcing evacuations this morning! >> so we could see the flames across the canyon. >> as many flee the area, cal fire is working quickly to try to stop the flames. it's tuesday, october 17th. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning. i'm kenny choi. we have live team coverage. we are tracking the current weather conditions there and the road closures. but first, kpix 5's sandra osborne is live in the santa cruz mountains with more on the
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firefight that's under way right now. sandra. >> reporter: hey, kenny and michelle. we're learning about a firefighter that was injured after a fall battling this blaze. we are told he fell about 50 feet down the hillside. ultimately, suffering what they believe to be a broken wrist and lacerations to the face battling the flames behind me there. you can see it's very steep terrain up the hillside. we are off of bear creek road. the canyon behind me is bear creek canyon. we are in the town of boulder creek just to give you an idea of exactly where we are. now, the good news here is that there is little wind out here this morning. but with such dry conditions, this spread from 10 acres to 125 acres overnight. cal fire says this has the potential to spread to 600 or more acres this morning. it started out as a structure fire last night on bear creek and deer creek before spreading to vegetation. right now evacuation orders are in place. reverse 911 calls were used to warn residents. cal fire tweeted saying firefighters on scene of
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vegetation fire, bear creek canyon road. they said evacuations are in place for deer creek, rons road, dons road, lost valley road, favre ridge and oakridge. if you are in danger, leave the area if it's safe to do so. one woman we spoke to said she was evacuated from this area to los gatos worried about her pets and neighbors. >> but you know, those flames are lofting embers into the sky and who knows where they will land. just because it's not moving in this direction doesn't mean a spot fire can't happen right here [ loud background speakers ] >> reporter: in addition to the firefighters i mentioned earlier there was an inmate firefighter who was taken to the hospital because of smoke inhalation. now, a couple of updates on the evacuation centers. they have been using boulder creek elementary school and also lakeside elementary school. that was in los gatos throughout the morning. right now, though, they are still open but they say those schools will be open to students later on this morning. so there's also xiante fire station in belton that you can go to, as well.
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reporting live from the santa cruz mountains, sandra osborne, kpix 5. gianna franco is tracking road closures in santa cruz county because of the fire. >> reporter: there are quite a few closures in the area. extra busy on the roads near the evacuation areas as people flee the area. so do keep that in mind this morning. so our main closure right now is bear creek road from highway 9 to highway 35. also keep in mind, highway 35 from las cumbres to highway 9 is a hard closure already in place for caltrans work in the area. so you won't be able to access it through there. other side street closures or smaller streets, rather, hawk ridge at deer creek, bear creek at deer creek, bear creek at deer canyon and highway 35 in the area. let's get another live look at that fire in santa cruz county. again, this is burning near bear creek road. there are dry conditions out there but the winds, what's that like?
6:33 am
>> the wind right now still around 1-mile-per-hour gusting at 3. so thankfully, it's not significant. dry conditions are the problem. humidity i just checked moments ago. that monitor near boulder creek and 16% humidity in the humidity right now and 4-mile- per-hour winds in the santa cruz mountains. so it is cooler and humidity is low. winds are also very light. but anytime these fires are burning through the thick dry timber, it's going to be a problem for the firefighters in the area. so take a look at what's going on where ben lomond is right there at the bottom of your screen. the futurecast showing calm conditions for the neck few hours. until about noon we may start to see those gusts up to 5, 7 miles per hour by 1:00 this
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afternoon. 2:00 this afternoon. staying around 6. so staying below 10 miles per hour gusts which is great conditions. and we are also going to see an onshore flow. that's also going to help things out a bit. that might increase humidity levels which of course we need. wine country fires. the conditions there look like this. temperatures in the mid-40s with very calm winds. humidity also is up there today and we are expecting to see an increase in that moisture in the air. back to you. >> thank you. the wine country fires you have, we have the latest on the destruction. the number of dead in all these fires is 41 now. and the search for the 100 people still missing in napa and sonoma county continues. about 5700 homes and businesses have burned. >> and overall, cal fire is gaining ground in the north bay firefight. most of the fires are at least 50% contained. cal fire says the tubbs fire, pocket, nuns fire and oakmont will be fully contained by friday. this morning, crews are
6:35 am
focused on a trouble spot, the nuns fire burning behind a winery. kpix 5's jessica flores reports. >> reporter: we are off highway 29 in oakville about a mile from the robert mondavi winery. about half an hour ago, you could see that glow behind me. it seems to have died down. it may be good news for the firefight. cal fire says they are making progress here. it's already burned at least 51,000 acres. that's the latest update from cal fire. 53% containment. it's being driven by steep slopes and dry fuel. it's marching over the oakmont side with thick brush and famous wineries including the robert mondavi winery. it's covered in brush and dotted with famous wineries. but cal fire says it believes it will keep this fire from endangering the wineries. they plan to let them march to the valley to the containment line. cal fire is attacking the air with water drops.
6:36 am
we expect to see more water drops today. meanwhile,residents in oakville are waking up to another day with flames nearby. >> you feel comfortable, you go to bed. i wake up, look out my bedroom window and i see flames again. >> reporter: now, for those on the front lines, this is another tough day. it's also tough because of the loss yesterday. they lost one of their own a 38- year-old cal fire contractor who was driving a water tender when it crashed and rolled over the steep oakville grade. it's unclear what caused that crash. but fatigue will be looked at. men and women have been on the front lines now for nine days battling these wine country wildfires. reporting live, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. the sonoma county sheriff's department has released the identities of 14 of the 22 people killed by wildfires in the county. they include leroy and donna halbur who tried to escape but got trapped in their santa rosa garage. they were married 50 years. another victim lynne powell was a cancer survivor.
6:37 am
at least 88 people in sonoma county are still unaccounted for. the sonoma county sheriff's department says it's a time- consuming task as the flames often leave behind only tiny clues that are easy to miss. many cases involve people safe somewhere but failed to contact friends and relatives. >> so please make yourself known. make yourself visible. get noticed by your friends and family. and if you are on our missing persons list, we can cross you off and be able to move on to the next case. >> ists case, investigators are searching the rubble -- in this case investigators are searching the rubble for a home in her 60s. a neighbor got her out. so she may still be alive somewhere. newly released time lapsed video shows patients being evacuated from subtle hospital in santa rosa in the early hours of the wine country wildfires last week. anne makovec reports from
6:38 am
sutter santa rosa which will re- open in about half-hour. >> reporter: the lights are back on at sutter hospital. it's all very a welcome sight to normal life in santa rosa. you just saw some of the time lapse video let me show you some more from another security camera at sutter hospital. you can see the fire advancing from the left. so high winds blowing embers close to the building. 77 patients were evacuated within six hours. the hospital is thoroughly cleaned and inspected by two state health agencies and deemed ready to go but in the meantime, a lot of patients here from sutter ended up at santa rosa memorial hospital. that caused an emergency in their emergency room with an influx of transfers and victims. we heard from some of their staffers yesterday. >> we have seen around 40
6:39 am
respiratory cases of differing severity. there is a baseline number that -- that we normally see in this community, but we think about 400 additional due to the poor air quality and direct smoke inhalation. >> reporter: sutter hospital wasn't the only hospital in santa rosa that had to evacuate. also kaiser permanente. here's video from kaiser permanente. the third hospital in santa. this is the early monday morning. another evacuated hospital that one partially reopened yesterday. here at sutter we are going to hear some of the stories, some of the harrowing stories of what these people went through last week and they are also going to have grief counselors available for people that are obviously dealing with the loss of their own homes as they return to work here today. live in santa rosa, anne makevoc, kpix 5. shifting gears, president trump is addressing his administration's response to the wine country wildfires. >> we have fema there.
6:40 am
we have military there. we have first responders there. it's a tragic situation. but we're working very closely with the representatives from california and we're doing a good job. >> the president also called the devastation and loss of life a sad thing to watch and said he has spoken with governor brown. and for more insight from the president's comments, we turn to our washington insider marc sandalow always good to see you marc. so does the president's attention or "lack of attention" to california's fires make any difference? >> reporter: michelle, what makes a difference is money. federal money going to california. there have been complaints that while president trump tweets about in the last 24 hours crooked hillary and republican opponents in the u.s. senate, he has done very little except for the comments he just showed said almost nothing about the california fires. but -- but -- but let's be serious here. president trump sending his condolences to the people in california is probably not going to make anybody feel any better.
6:41 am
and from the top down, from brown and newson down to the firefighters, they say the federal relief has been there. there have been federal declarations of disaster. we would have pointed out if there was a slow response from washington. it has been proper and fast. >> any talk of a presidential visit? we know he is at odds with california but is he planning to come and visit the bay area and north of the bay area? >> reporter: you know, that's a lose-lose for president trump. people say he doesn't come to the bay area when they are hit so hard? if he does come, there will be protests. presidents come to disaster areas to comfort the people there and to make sure that everyone knows it's a top priority. and also, as a pr proposition. i don't think either of those work out for president trump. dan quayle went out after the loma prieta earthquake in 1989
6:42 am
flew around in a helicopter lots of pictures but didn't call mayor agnos. that caused more of a controversy than no visit. i would not expect to see our president there. >> marc sandalow, thank you. time now is 6:42. next, kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks reports on the investigation under way into the cause of the fires and why pg&e's stocks just took another dive. >> and our team coverage continues as we follow breaking news in santa cruz county where there's a new fire burning right now. the latest evacuations and the road closures. we'll tell you about them next.
6:43 am
our collaboration with pg&e is centered around public safety. without pg&e's assistance, without their training we could not do our mission to keep our community safe. anytime we are responding to a structure fire, one of the first calls you make is for pg&e for gas and electric safety. it's my job to make sure that they have the training that they need to make the scene safe for themselves and for the public. it's hands-on training actually turning valves, turning systems off, looking at different wire systems all that training is crucial to keeping our community safe and our firefighters safe. together, we're building a better california.
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6:45 am
following breaking news in santa cruz county. cal fire is on the scene of the bear fire. this is
6:46 am
a live look there now---- it's near bear creek road. residents he area are be breaking news in santa cruz counties. cal fire on the scene of the bear fire. this is a live look now near bear creek road. residents are being told to evacuate in that area. and evacuation center is open at boulder creek elementary school. that's located at 400 west lomond street in boulder creek. another center xiante fire station as well as lakeside elementary school. as of now, bear creek road and deer creek road are closed. turning now to the wine country wildfires and the latest efforts by pg&e to restore power. as of this morning, the utility says 14,000 customers are still without power in the sonoma county area. in napa county, that number is about 3,000. pg&e has restored power to 95% of its customers since the fires started. pg&e stock is taking a tumble since the fire started. joining us now with more is kcbs radio's financial reporter
6:47 am
jason brooks. >> reporter: good morning. pg&e shares have tumbled over 20% since last thursday. when the company disclosed in a regulatory filing that it could face liability in the wine country wildfires. pg&e says that it's got $800 million in insurance money to cover losses but that these wildfire losses if found liable could surpass the total and would impact its bottom line. as a result, its stock is diving for several straight sessions. fell another 7% yesterday. a morgan stanley analysts thinks the selling is over done and it represents about $5.5 billion in lost market cap for pg&e and morgan stanley doesn't think it would be found for liability losses nearly that bill and as a result of that slightly positive note from morgan stanley, pg&e shares are up 5%. overall the market coming off more record highs yesterday. off to a flat start this morning. dow is moving up by 5 points.
6:48 am
nasdaq and s&p meanwhile are moving a little bit lower. michelle and kenny, back to you. jason brooks from kcbs radio, thank you. let's take a live look outside now. another hazy day is expected around the bay area. smoke is filling the area in many places a live look at the santa cruz fire and neda is tracking when things will clear up. >> those conditions not so good for the firefighters. i want to show you what's happening, why we're seeing the flames just picking up so much because of all the dry timber that's in that area right near boulder creek. temperatures just dropped off about 3 degrees over the past 30 minutes. so of 5 degrees right now boulder creek and gusts as high as 4 but that's it. so that's not too bad when it comes to winds. but we are going to see winds likely around 10 miles per hour later on today. humidity in boulder creek 16%. but i was checking some of the humidity levels around the canyons there.
6:49 am
it looks like some areas 30%, some areas 50%. right now, we are getting this wind coming from the north that's going to continue to drop those humidity levels but we are expecting to see a shift and getting some west winds coming through. let's show you what's going on throughout the wine country this morning. calm conditions up there where those firefighters are dealing with continuous flames and smoke and you can see the winds are not going to get too crazy up there possibly later on though around 3, 4:00. they may reach about 10, 12- mile-per-hour gusts. that's over those ridgetops. we are expecting to get west winds today. we have been getting north winds all along and that's why it's been so dry. the west winds will help push the smoky conditions out east. so that will help clear the air a lot. air quality right now when it comes to the particulate matter out there, we are in the moderate range for most of the bay area. and santa rosa, napa, still unhealthy for sensitive groups especially, especially for a lot of those people who have been dealing with that for the past several days. it's not going to be good to just be breathing that continuously. cool temperatures today and
6:50 am
onshore flow will bring us that moisture that we so desperately need and rain is something we desperately need. here's a look from our vaca camera. that's a beautiful moon. here's the golden gate. we can see that because it's not smoky. concord right now 54. oakland 54. san jose you're at 56 and santa rosa 46 degrees. our sunrise happening this morning at 7:20 a.m. sunset at 6:28 p.m. tonight. i want to talk about the temperatures cooler than yesterday. near average now for valero. 81 in napa. temperatures will continue to drop and then this low pressure will bring us rain by the time we get to thursday night into friday. so that seven-day forecast giving you a good glimpse of the big drop in temperatures from the 80s down to the 60s by the time we get to friday so that's also going to help when it comes to all those fires but, of course, the rain is
6:51 am
what will really help put those flames down. >> that will be welcomed. 6:50. we are keeping an eye on the firefight in the santa cruz mountains. right now there's some new road closures, gianna. >> we are keeping an eye on the areas through there where people are being evacuated. some closures around there. what they have added just moments ago we just talked to chp, highway 9 at hawkridge is shut down so it's affecting 9. already bear creek road affected between 9 and 35. so now highway 9 at hawkridge is affected because of the fire in the santa cruz mountains. road closures around bear creek road near deer creek. so keep that in mind as you are out and about through there. south 17 an accident bear creek road a three-car crash on the shoulder. heads up to this major problem on the san mateo bridge. west 92, lanes blocked in both directions one lane on the westbound, one lane on the eastbound and delays through there, as well.
6:52 am
i'm sandra osborne live in boulder creek in the santa cruz mountains where a wildfire is setting some evacuation orders in place. i'll have details coming up. >> cal fire working on the nuns fire today trying to get the upper hand. we'll have the very latest coming up. cbs eye on the community... presented by target. food has the power to transform lives. with the help of target, the san francisco marin food bank addresses hunger head-on in the community. our food pantries are vibrant. people feel welcomed, and they're being respected. it helps our team members see the work that they do in the store every day... how that actually relates to their communities.
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cbs eye on the community is sponsored by target.
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6:55 am
right now that if embers start landing in the leaves, it's gonna set it on fire" i'm sandra osborne live in boulder creek this morning where we are following some developing news of a fire in the santa cruz mountains causing some evacuation orders. you can see flames smoldering on bear creek canyon right now lots of smoke coming up now
6:56 am
that daylight is breaking. we're off bear creek road right now. this whole thing started as a structure fire late last night. it spread to 125 acres overnight. we know so far two people have been injured. one firefighter fell about 50 feet down a hill breaking his wrist they believe and getting facial lacerations. otherwise they believe he will be okay. another person an inmate firefighter treated for smoke inhalation. reverse 911 calls were used to warn residents to evacuate. take a listen to one lady who fled to los gatos this morning. >> look at this. we're covered in ash. so just because this ash is cool doesn't mean the next ember isn't going to be a hot ember. so it's so bone dry right now that if embers start landing in the leaves, it's going to set it on fire. >> reporter: of course, you know, with the fires north people are worried about what could happen. we are getting a little better look at things now. cal fire using reverse 980
6:57 am
calls to warn residents but they also said: if you feel you're in danger leave the area if it's safe to do so. right now they say the xiante fire station in belton is the recommended evacuation center. they have two schools available now boulder creek elementary school and lakeside elementary school but those schools will be open to students later today. sandra osborne, kpix 5. to the north, firefighters battling the wildfires raging in wine country have made progress. they hope to have several larger fires contained by the end of the week. 41 deaths have been blamed on the fires including a contractor killed yesterday when the water tanker he was driving rolled over.
6:58 am
88 people are still missing in sonoma county and 14 more in napa county. evacuation orders were lifted for parts of sonoma and santa rosa. more people could be allowed back home today. jessica flores is in oakville with more on a fire burning there. jessica. >> reporter: the nuns fire is burning near we are. we are off highway 29 a mile from the porobert mondavi winery. this area is dotted with famous wineries and dry brush and cal fire says the flames are driven by slopes and fuel. officials say the plan is to let the flames continue to march down toward the valley and meet containment lines. but just last night, we have just been told the fire jumped some of the lines burning an additional 30 acres. now, today we do expect to see more air attacks, more water dumped on the fire as they work to contain it. back out here live, the fire still burning behind me. we'll keep you updated on the very latest coming up.
6:59 am
jessica flores, kpix 5. of course it's all these active fires, of course we are going to see smoke through those areas today. here's a look at the latest wind conditions. boulder creek north winds at one-mile-an-hour. calm in santa cruz. napa west-northwest at 5. lake county gusts up to 9 in mendocino county. so air quality will be unhealthy in the north bay hills. moderate throughout the rest of the bay area. that does depend on what the fire does in santa cruz. it looks like temperatures today will be cooler than yesterday. and they are average where we should be this time of year upper 70s for most of the bay area. 7:00 thursday night we could see storms reaching the north bay hills and that will be a welcome relief. >> thank you for watching. have a good morning. >> your next local update is 7:26.
7:00 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. it's tuesday, october 17th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." breaking news, president trump says his nominee for drug czar has pulled out following a "60 minutes"/"the washington post" investigation. a whistle-blower claims tom marino sponsored legislation that weakened the dea's power to control opioid drugs. there are multiple reports that the isis capital raqqah has fallen. holly williams is there where u.s.-backed forces are celebrating. women around the world say me too online revealing how they endured sexual harassment or assault. gretchen carlson is in studio 57 with her playbook


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