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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 20, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> i'm anne makovec in for michelle griego. it's just about 4:30. you'll find some wet roads. >> that's right. >> you will have to use the windshield wipers on your way into work this morning. >> we are seeing the leftovers basically of the rain showers. so there's a little bit left out there. but it was a nice cleansing that we got. we saw some decent rain totals from the storm. here it is now on the hi-def doppler the past 3-hour loop so you can see how it's winding down and moved through san francisco. as temperatures stay cool, we are going to see some snowflakes around tahoe. san francisco might see a little bit more rain. i'll talk more about the totals and the impact it had on those north bay hills coming up. we have had an active overnight on the roads. it looks like some of the scratches are now in the clearing stages. but westbound 580 a few
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slowdowns as you are approaching livermore and then we have a hit-and-run crash at hacienda. may have have a lane blocked. right now we're tracking a 21- minute ride so still in the green as far as your travel over at the bay bridge toll plaza, we have a bit of a backup in some of the cash lanes. but you're still looking good. 10 minutes into san francisco. now the latest on the wine country wildfires. today in santa rosa people that lived in the coffey park and orchard park neighborhoods as well as the journeys end mobile home park will be allowed in. they will need proof they live there and then will be given protective gear to wear and they will be able to sort through the ashes to try to remove whatever they can find, any valuables that they might be able to get and thousands of homes as we know were destroyed in these fires and as kpix 5 emily turner reports, it's not
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clear what's going to be done about the sudden housing crisis. >> reporter: these are the faces of people who loving something or everything in fires. >> i opened up my door, all of a sudden i saw the wind blowing and embers and branches flying and flames. we basically had just seconds to get out. >> reporter: there are thousands of them and they came to this community meeting for answers. but where housing is concerned, there are few. so before the fire santa rosa had vacancy rates that were incredibly low, 10% if not worse. now that the fire is happening. all these homes are destroyed, how are you going to put them in temporary housing? >> that's the biggest question we're dealing with now. >> reporter: the fires in santa rosa and sonoma counties destroyed thousands of homes. there are still 300 people in temporary shelters and thousands more displaced. >> short term and long term housing, this is the tightest market in the united states. and we know that. so does the state and the county and the city. >> reporter: but what fema doesn't know is how they will handle it. their first goal is to put
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people in hotels when rooms open up, then looking for something more permanent. to keep that many people close to home, they don't have an answer. trailers like those we saw during katrina are a possibility if local governments sign off on it and there's a suitable space. sounds like a long process. what's the timeline? >> it's not going to be short. >> reporter: it could take months or longer he says. and the further away from home you're willing to go likely the sooner you'll have a place to stay. but for people like navorro staying near home is important no matter what his former home looks like now. >> i actually passed up my house not knowing that that was my home and i made a u-turn because my wife told me we passed up the house. when i made the u-turn and i saw both my cars in the driveway. they looked totally different. everything was burned. the metal was melted completely. it was incredible. >> reporter: emily turner, kpix 5. rain is helping with the battles against the wine
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country wildfires. all the fires burning there will at least 80% contained with full containment expected in the next few days. but the damage estimate is staggering. $1 billion and climbing based on insurance claims filed so far. destruction includes more than 5,000 homes as well as about 600 businesses. as for the rain that began last night, some folks affected by the fires say that it's a welcome relief. >> not just rain, it's symbolism. >> they are living in a shelter after losing their home in the tubbs fire. while the rain is helping the battle, cal fire says it can create problems for heavy equipment operators as the ground gets muddy. and in the santa cruz mountains, crews continue their fight against the bear fire which has burned hundreds of acres. it started at bear canyon road and deer creek road monday night and now threatens roughly
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300 structures. but some evacuation orders have been lifted. the 320-acre fire reached 35% containment. 7 firefighters were injured in the steep, rugged terrain. at least four structures have been destroyed here's a look at the rain that could finally help fire crews get that break. it started falling around sundown making for slick conditions on the richmond bridge during the late evening commute. and people making use of their umbrellas while walking along the embarcadero last night and you can see in this shot, bicyclists also facing some slippery conditions in that area. >> quite refreshing. >> it feels cleaner out there today. >> a lot of people got a car wash, too. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> it was kind of sprinkles i guess it would be the best way to describe it here in san francisco. we did see some decent rain totals. the north bay hills got much- needed rain. they got the most. so let's show you outside right now, we are going to see some leftover cloud coverage basically from this and to the
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south bay we may get a few areas of some raindrops. here's a look at the total rainfall from this storm system. st. helena .75." that's good. that's going to help out in the firefighting. and obviously help simmer down the flames and the smoke and hopefully help clear the air for those folks. santa rosa .21". mill valley .23. san francisco .31. oakland .13. san jose .21." san jose may see more but it's winding down and look at this, higher elevations got some snow from this. so this is our past three-hour loop so you can see the activity came through overnight. now it's moved south. there's going to be a few more areas of rain to the north of us. but it's going to impact folks in oregon and way north of california. so not so much the bay area anymore. what we are going to see, though, is temperatures staying cool. in fact, we thought yesterday was chilly?
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we'll be even cooler today than yesterday especially inland. so about 10 degrees below average. then get ready for it. we are going to have a nice weekend, warm comfortable conditions, sun will be back. but monday there could be more fire danger. dry north winds will be returning. that offshore flow will be back. so enjoy the cooler conditions this onshore flow today while we have it. jaclyn. good morning. right now, we are tracking a bit of a problem for drivers heading across the san mateo bridge. this is in the eastbound opposite commute direction. one lane blocked looks like a car broke down. not causing backups. westbound a little heavy but still moving at the limit in both directions. over at the bay bridge, we have the usual backups just in the cash lanes still 10 minutes into san francisco. a heads up there's a wind advisory on the san mateo bridge and 580. so both hands on the wheel.
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keep a firm grip. we have had a number of incidents already this morning on 580 and the slowdowns are building. speeds drop just below 40 miles per hour. that's a check of your traffic. back to you. san francisco police have released the name of the police officer critically injured in a recent hit-and-run. kpix 5's joe vazquez shows us why the 32-year-old's family says he has a fight to get through it. reporter: he is 32 years old and fighting for his life. officer elia lewin-tankel a five-year veteran of the san francisco police department is married, a jujitsu teacher and drummer for a local band. now he is in intensive care with a severe head injury. the police chief read a statement from his wife. >> reporter: "elia is a symbol of strengths. it's in his blood. this situation will be no different. this is not the end of elia's story. please, please, send him positive energy and love." >> reporter: police say tankel was on his bicycle yesterday assisting an investigation of a
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weapons violation when the suspect ran over the officer with an suv. police later arrested the suspect, who was booked under the name marquise johnson, 50 years olds. according to court records, johnson faces a long list of charges from attempted murder of a police officer to hit-and- run to resisting arrest. officer tankel has been injured before in the line of duty. he has been active with his police union once speaking before the san francisco police commission during a debate about body cameras. >> moving forward, i think we should be allowed to use this program as a tool to be better police officers. >> reporter: according to an email shared with friends and family, officer tankel is showing minor improvement. he was able to breathe on his own for a short period. he also moved his body away from pain stimuli. but his brain is very swollen and it will be a while before doctors know the extent of his injuries. >> his family is very positive. and he's doing better today than yesterday so that is a -- a tremendous sign for us that we have hope. we're going to be by his side
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and help him fight through this. >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix 5. the white house chief of staff is defending president trump's condolence calls to families of fallen soldiers. john kelly lashed out at florida congresswoman frederica wilson for politicizing the president's effort to console a grieving army widow. the congresswoman claimed the president told the widow her husband knew what he was getting into. kelly clarified the president's words. >> he knew what's getting into. he was where he wanted to be. he enlisted. he was exactly where he wanted to be with exactly the people he wanted to be with when his life was taken. that was the message. it stuns me that a member of congress would have listened in on that conversation. >> wilson responded to a political reporter saying, quote, john kelly is just trying to keep his job. he will say anything. there were other people who heard what i heard.
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end quote. kelly continued his defense explaining the exact chain of events that happens when an american service member is killed overseas. kelly's son was killed in the line of duty in afghanistan during the obama administration. >> typically, the only phone calls the family receives are the most important phone calls they can imagine and that is from their buddies. in my case, after my son was killed, his friends were calling us from afghanistan telling us what a great guy he was. if you elect to call a family like this, it is about the most difficult thing you can imagine. there is no perfect way to make that phone call. my first recommendation was he not do it because it's not the phone call that parents, family members are looking forward to. >> lawmakers are now demanding more information on exactly what happened to the patrol in nyje their led to the death of these -- niger that led to the death of these four soldiers. they were attacked by 50 isis
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members. the patrol was told that they should not expect to encounter any hostile fighters. time now 4:41. a big victory for bay area dog owners in their efforts to prevent new restrictions planned for some popular pet areas. >> plus, we'll hear from raiders coach jack del rio on his teams unbelievable win on thursday night football.
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dogs at the "golden gate national recreation area"... is now over. k-p-i-x five's andria borba explains how the fight came to an end. a battle over dogs at the golden gate national recreation area is now over. kpix 5's andria borba explains how the fight came to an end. reporter: after years of back and forth, the golden gate national recreation area abruptly dropped its fight to keep dogs off of national park service property. it's a dog day crissy fields east beach and will be every day from now on. >> this is amazing news. >> that is fantastic. >> reporter: the proposed rule change is at the center of 14 years of ire. but emails, specifically
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personal emails used by nps employees about the rule-making process brought them down. in a statement nps's acting director said: we can do better and in the interests of upholding the highest standards of transparency and our trust with our bay area neighbors, we have determined that it is no longer appropriate to continue with the current dog management rule-making process at the golden gate national recreation area." part of the now defunct proposed rules included the further limiting where dogs could go off leash into the sand. >> it left nothing to walk on virtually. in marin county, where i live, there was one tiny little half mile of beach that we were allowed to have our dogs off leash. >> there's no place like crissy field where everybody gets to do what they want to do. >> reporter: in san francisco, andria borba, kpix 5. raiders fans are treated to an instant classic at the coliseum last night with oakland trailing in the 4th quarter late in the game. the chiefs committed two penalties in the final 10 seconds to keep the raiders'
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drive alive with no time on the clock derek carr finding crabtree for the game winning touchdowns on the final play of the game. oakland wins 31-30 in dramatic fashion ending their four gaming losing streak. >> the excitement of being in that position i just can't get enough of. i just absolutely love it. you get these moments, these awesome moments, group of men believes and stays the course and fights and despite all kinds of things that could have been a little different, it finishes -- um, super excited. >> what a game. and the raiders needed that win. a lot of people picking them as a super bowl contender this year so they definitely feeded that win. >> unbelievable. it's a little bit. just as we're ready to send them to vegas. >> that's down the road. >> all right. all right. let's talk about our
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forecast. there was some light showers there at oakland yesterday and we are going to see the very last trickles of rain coming through. south bay possibly. so in the early-morning hours you may see a few raindrops in places like san jose. looking at it close up right now, it looks like maybe just a little bit there for san jose, fremont perhaps but that's about it. the rest of the storm as you see here is now moved south. it's to the east, western slope of the sierra getting a little bit of that action. here's a look right now at the bay bridge. and it is looking cleaner outside. it's just feeling cooler out there. so the rain served its purpose. it helped clean the air a little bit which we needed. temperatures mid-60s concord, oakland 54. san francisco 53. santa rosa 49. west winds so the onshore flow is here and temperatures will stay cool. look at the winds in oakland at 12, west-northwest.
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berkeley 11. so they are getting stronger than they usually are at this early-morning hour. west-northwest winds in san rafael as well 13. napa 10-mile-per-hour winds. fairfield 16. it's a bit calmer there for santa rosa and novato. now, the storm system that passed through also brought a few inches of rain in some places like blue canyon up to 3 inches of snow, not rain, excuse me. it's cold in the higher elevations. there's still a winter weather advisory until 11:00 today. here's where the storm is going. by 4 p.m., it will all wind down and sunny skies. the north will continue to see more rain up in oregon and washington. but that's not expected to come down here. as far as rain totals go for our area from last night, north bay mountains got .7." the valleys across the north bay about .2." santa cruz mountains not bad .3." and the rest of the bay area saw anywhere from a tenth to three-tenths. so it just depended what
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neighborhood you were in. it came through and now it's gone. here's the temperatures though because the cool temperatures will stick around today. 61 for san francisco. san rafael 65. vallejo 64. we are cooler than average by nine degrees for san francisco. concord 9 degrees cooler than average. we are going to warm up so this is a short-lived couple of cool days. monday through wednesday next week will be hot, dry and sunny. with that rain, we have some slick roads. if you look at the golden gate bridge you can see the sheen on the road there. just be careful. there's some reports of standing water in some areas. especially eastbound approaching the skyway at the bay bridge. some reports coming in. so heads up you don't want to have spinouts. right now we have an accident reported to be on the farmers
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on-ramp to westbound highway 12. it doesn't appear to be blocking any of those lanes but you may see some flashing lights and some visual distraction. we have many closures up in the north bay as well as the ramp closures on 101 including mendocino and hopper. here's a live look at eastbound 36 at lakeville road and we have had a number of accidents in the last couple of days along this stretch a lot of folks using that as an alternate because they can't use many of the other highways up in the north bay so just be mindful of that and allow yourself some extra time if you are planning on traveling that route. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. 10 minutes now before 5:00 and we are hearing from a former bay area college student about alleged sexual harassment at the hands of a recently resigned professor. we'll be right back.
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pickup. police say the 46-year-old a san lorenzo father of two died from injuries he got when a suspect ran him over with his own pickup. the 46-year-old man walked away from his truck yesterday morning to let it warm up as he stepped into his home on via del sol. moments later he spotted someone getting into the driver's seat. when he tried to stop that person, he was hit by the car. >> people from our department that responded to the scene our deputies were shocked by what happened to this man. so right now, our ultimate goal is focused on finding the person responsible for this and providing comfort to the family as they go through this. >> police say they are searching for the pickup and the suspect. only on "5," a former san jose state university student is now speaking out about boeing sexually harassed, she claims, by a professor who
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recently resigned. kpix 5's maria medina breaks down why the victim stayed silent until after she got her degree. >> he was a person in power and person in position to screw up my life. >> reporter: she is not ready to give her name. >> you're ruining our lives. >> reporter: but she is ready to tell her story. >> i was in my 40s. i could handle this nonsense. what about the girls who are in their 20s? >> reporter: she claims she is one of professor lewis aptekar's victims. while going through the san jose state counselor education program in 2013. >> he asked me out literally. he asked me, will you go on a date with me? >> reporter: she says aptekar held private counseling sessions with her as requirement to graduate but the meetings she claims began to feel more like dates. >> are you single? do you have kids? why are you single? and then he started talking about himself. >> reporter: she waited to file
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a claim with the university after she graduated, something she says she regrets. meanwhile, she had no idea other students would come forward in 2014 and 2015 with similar claims against aptekar. he remains in the classroom but was only put on paid leave when the "mercury news" exposed the allegations last year. then aptekar was scheduled to return but students protested and he resigned a week ago. >> i am so proud of those girls who came forward. i'm really proud of them because at the time, i didn't do it. i should have done it. >> reporter: and she says she even skipped her graduation ceremony to avoid aptekar. as part of his resignation agreement, the university paid him $75,000 but the "mercury news" says he also can't accept a job within the csu system. maria medina, kpix 5. >> so far the university has no comment. a student has come forward to accuse two bay area high
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school football players of rape. a police source tells kpix 5 the alleged assault happened off campus apparently after a football game. the contra costa sheriff's department says that it happened in late september. the victim reported it to her school in concord, carondelet high. one teen is a student at de la salle said to be on the football team. the east bay times reports the other boy is a football player at ignacio valley high school. both are in custody. the principal informed parents and students by letter yesterday. >> be smart in the future that it doesn't happen again. [ indiscernible ] we don't need drama. so i hope it gets solved right away. >> it's alarming. the one thing that is kind of scary these are happening right after the game. >> this is the second alleged rape involving those schools in a year. in may a former de la salle
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football player was convicted in juvenile court of raping a carondelet student after a game. each of those schools held student body meetings yesterday to talk about the alleged attack. since both suspects are under 18, names are not released. the two schools are sister schools across the street from each other. ignacio valley high is a few blocks away. 4:57. the family of a fallen soldiers weighing in on the president's condolence phone call to the army sergeant's widow. >> reporter: i'm mark sayre live in the santa cruz mountains where crews continue their work against the bear fire. we got some rain here overnight. the latest on evacuations coming up.
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it's friday, october 20th. i m kenny choi. and i'm anne makovec in for michelle griego. let's start with a live look outside... good morning, it is friday, october 20th. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm anne makovec in for michelle griego. >> let's start with a live look outside on this friday morning. we are excited for the weekend
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as we take live look at all that traffic on the 580/680 interchange in dublin on the right. annice shot of the bay bridge this morning. definitely a wet start. overnight showers arrived and it's cleaner. i think that's what's nice about it, you can see where the storm is now. it passed through and it's further south along highway 680 it looks like there's some rain coming down right now through milpitas, a little bit in fremont, as well. 262. so you may see some remnants of this storm system basically, this is the last few little drops that it's going to give us. further southwest of monterey along interstate 5 there, there's going to be continued rain but it's not going to be too much. just some leftover showers. we saw some decent rain totals from


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