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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  October 20, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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as we take live look at all that traffic on the 580/680 interchange in dublin on the right. annice shot of the bay bridge this morning. definitely a wet start. overnight showers arrived and it's cleaner. i think that's what's nice about it, you can see where the storm is now. it passed through and it's further south along highway 680 it looks like there's some rain coming down right now through milpitas, a little bit in fremont, as well. 262. so you may see some remnants of this storm system basically, this is the last few little drops that it's going to give us. further southwest of monterey along interstate 5 there, there's going to be continued rain but it's not going to be too much. just some leftover showers. we saw some decent rain totals from the system so here's a
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look. venado just west of healdsburg and others got rain, santa rosa two-tenths. ben lomond up to three-tenths. more for the santa cruz mountains. of course those fires across the north bay hills and in the santa cruz mountains that fire there this rain is going to help them out. you're going to be dealing with some slick roads as well as some strong winds for drivers along 580 this morning. a wind advisory in place for the altamont pass. both hands on we'll keep a firm grip and be careful. there's some areas of some standing water. some puddling. right now it's about 25 minutes for drivers making their way between 205 and 680. an opposite commute direction accident no longer blocking lanes. traffic flowing freely between 880 and 101 about 15 minutes.
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bay bridge toll plaza "friday light" 10 minutes from the maze into san francisco. now to the fire watch in the santa cruz mountains. the bear fire is still burning this morning. the 320-acre fire is 35% contained. 300 structures are threatened. some evacuation orders are lifted. mark sayre reports from highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains. reporter: well, kenny, good morning. we did receive some rain here in the santa cruz mountains overnight. the ground is wet. the trees are wet. the air is moist. we don't have a report yet on the impact that had but clearly, that's going to help today's firefighting efforts. now, the bear fire broke out on monday night. so today begins the fourth full day of this fire. at the moment, it stands at 320 acres. because this fire is in such dense forest and steep terrain it has proven challenging for fire crews and it is
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threatening over 300 structures. six firefighters are injured. containment lines are being built away from the actual firelines. >> we are using dozers the best we can to get the fire lines in the best strategic locations. >> reporter: there are two evacuation centers open for displaced residents at lakeside elementary school in los gatos and at a fire station in felton. evacuation orders are in place for bear creek canyon road, rons road, dons road, bear creek road between hawkridge and highway 35 is open. that's what's right above us right now. but it's open only to residents. there are more than 900 firefighters on the fire. we'll get an update on the impact of the rain overnight later this morning. mark sayre, kpix 5. for the first time we are hearing from the family of a soldier killed in niger as the white house chief of staff
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defends president trump's comments to his widow. the president told her that sergeant la david johnson, quote, knew what he was getting into. >> he was doing exactly what he wanted to do when he was killed. he knew what the possibilities were because we're at war. when he died, he was surrounded by the best men on this earth, his friends. that's what the president tried to say to four families the other day. >> chief of staff john kelly's son was killed while serving in afghanistan. sergeant johnson's half-sister is now commenting. >> i find it very disrespectful of our president, someone who u lo up to who is supposed to be a role model to the generations to come, to actually say that. >> members of congress are now demanding more information on exactly what happened during that patrol in niger resulting in the ambush that killed four soldiers. meanwhile president trump's predecessors are taking verbal
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shots at the man currently occupying the oval office. john lawrence has the details. reporter: former president george w. bush hasn't spoken much about politics since leaving the white house nearly a decade ago. but that changed on thursday. >> we have seen our discourse degraded by casual cruelty. at times it can seem like the forces pulling us apart are stronger than the forces binding us together. >> reporter: although the 43rd president never mentioned president trump's name -- >> people of every race, religion, ethnicities can be fully and equally american. >> reporter: -- it seemed pretty clear who he was referring to. >> i think the fact that you have a former republican president of the united states speaking out in such clear terms, condemning trumpism broadly writ, matters. >> reporter: and mr. bush wasn't the only former president to take the stage on thursday. >> some of the politics we see now we -- we thought we put that to bed! [ laughter ]
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>> i -- i -- i mean, that -- that -- that's both looking 50 years back! >> reporter: former president obama also didn't mention his successor by name. >> we've got folks who are deliberately trying to make folks angry. >> yeah! >> to demonize people with different ideas. >> reporter: the two speeches by bush and obama were unrelated and in different states. but analysts say there were a lot of similarities. >> what's very clear today is that barack obama and george w. bush are closer to each other than either one of them is to donald trump. >> reporter: i'm john lawrence reporting. damage estimates from the ongoing wildfires are stunning. preliminary numbers from 8 california insurers put the claim at $1 billion and the number will rise. the state insurance commissioner says it will take months to finalize the totals. the destruction includes more than 5,000 homes as well as
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about 600 businesses. today in santa rosa evacuees from 3 neighborhoods that saw a lot of damage during those wildfires are going to be allowed to return and inspect what's left behind. jessica flores is live in santa rosa with the details on the recovery efforts in store. it's going to be an emotional day for them. reporter: good morning. it's going to be an emotional day. there's not much left in the community. there are a few blocks that remain unscathed but if you take a look around, you can see it's basically obliterated. we are here at coffey park. this is one of the three communities that was devastated in the fires that will open up today for a short period of time. from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., residents will have controlled access to this area. they will be able to go in, look through the debris and pick up small items but no large-scale clean-up.
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residents go through an entry point with a pass. they have to prove their residence with formal documents. no school identification accepted. santa rosa police department is allowing two cars per property in the communities of orchard park, journeys end and coffey park. now, at the reentry point, each resident will get a safety kit and instructions for protecting against toxic debris. the city of santa rosa is asking residents to wear sturdy shoes and clothes and be cautious of the hazardous materials around. inspect propane tanks for damage before turning on. sanitize anything that comes in contact with ash and be aware that any food left is spoiled. now many here are hopeful to find anything among the piles of ash. thousands of homes were totally destroyed. the big question now, where will these residents live? the county says it's working on securing short-term rentals and hotels. but there aren't many options.
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>> short term or long-term housing, this is the tightest market probably in the united states and we know that so does the state and the account and the city. tomorrow the two mobile home parks orchard park and journeys end will be completely open to the public. coffey park will still have controlled entry until sunday. the city's also working on opening up other areas in the next few days that includes the areas of fountain grove. now, this is the time for folks to come here and assess the damage and grieve before it's opened completely to the public. there will be counselors here also members of different faith communities will be here to help support the victims of the fire. reporting live, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. also in santa rosa city schools will be re-opening in phases starting next week. nine elementary schools are set to re-open next friday. october 27th. they will each be thoroughly cleaned and have their air filters changed. four middle and high schools will also re-open the same day. and now that the district has enough staff and teachers
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available. opening dates for a dozen other city schools won't be decided until next week. 10 minutes after 5:00 now. and the man charged in a hit- and-run involving a bay area police officer appears in court today as we learn more about that officer and his injuries. >> and bay area pet owners have reason to celebrate after a battle that stretched on for years. >> overnight showers. we are going to have a look at the rain totals and what's in store for your friday and yes it's most of the weekend. i'll have your forecast for the weekend, as well. >> "friday light" conditions for drivers heading along highway 4 out of antioch. looking good but just north of here we are tracking a problem. i'll tell you all about it coming up.
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and-run while he was riding his bike on patrol. san francisco police have identified the 32-year-old police officer critically injured in a hit-and-run while riding his bicycle on patrol. police say that officer elia lewin-tankel was injured wednesday afternoon during an investigation on a weapons violation. they arrested the suspect accused of hitting tankel, who
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plays drums and teaches jujitsu in his spare time. the 4 year veteran with sfpd has spoken up about body cameras and now his family and colleagues say that he has the fight in him to survive this. >> i think we should be allowed to use this program as a tool to be better police officers. >> elia is a symbol of strength. it's in his blood. this situation will be no different. this is not the end of elia's story. >> according to an email shared with the family, tankel is now able to breathe on his own for short periods but his brain is so swollen that it will take some time to determine the extent of his injuries. inmates in santa clara and alameda county jails are planning to restart a hunger strike this weekend. several hundred inmates began their protest this time last year. it ended when jail officials agreed to make some changes to improve conditions. the renewed strike is being launched because activists say that inmates are being kept in
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isolation indefinitely. the national park service will not further restrict dog access in the golden gate national recreation area. the proposed rules would have put more limits on where dogs can go off leash. the decision to not further pursue the new rules is a real relief for a lot of dog owners. >> it left nothing to walk on. in marin county, where i live, there was a tiny half mile of beach where we were allowed to have our dogs off leash. >> this is almost a year after it was determined that some park service officials him properly used personal email accounts to correspond about these proposed rules. the park service says it pulled the plug on the rules in the interests of transparency and trust. >> this was a little bit of a debate. >> it was a huge debate. anytime that you start messing with dog owners, they all band together. and it is quite a political force. >> it was a contentious issue. something we can all agree on? we don't want any traffic out
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there on the roads. let's check the roads with jaclyn. that's right. we can all agree on that. right now, we are going to take a little trip to rio vista where we have the power out after a tree fell out on the roadway overnight and it looks like they are putting signs out right now. we were tracking delays on highway 12 and 160. many folks use that to head over to the valley area if you are heading towards lodi or stockton. and they said that these lights are going to be out possibly all day until this afternoon 5:00 even that they may not have that power restored. so treat that as a four-way stop. through antioch, speeds in the green looking good. ben carson hasbenicia bridge a wind advisory. a delay-free ride on southbound 680. this is as you head into walnut creek right near north main
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street there nice and easy from willow pass, 24 minutes. we have speeds below 35 miles per hour. 26 minutes between 205 and 680. that's a check of the tranchet i had to check of traffic. here's neda with the forecast. the action is winding down. i want to show you some of the rain. so as i zoom in close here on our hi-def doppler you can see it there just along highway 880 near fremont area, newark. so you're getting some rain there. and then further to the south looks like right off of the 130/680 might see some drops but most of this is all just very light showers at the moment. it passed through the 101 right now. so it's moving further south and also further east. you can see kind of the rotation there as it goes from the north over towards tahoe. so yes, there's white right
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there on the screen. so that means some snow action. so just a few inches of snow expected. it will melted because we have hotter conditions in store. sfo 12-mile-per-hour winds out of the west. this is that onshore flow. that's why we have the more moist air still again today. we are going to feel the cooler temperatures again today, as well. san rafael west-northwest winds right now at 12 miles per hour. vallejo west winds at 7 napa 10. that storm system moving through northern california is winding down. then temperatures are staying about 10 degrees below average until tomorrow. then we'll start a warming trend tomorrow. by monday, tuesday next week, dry north winds will be back and it will be hot. cloud cover is covering the camera at the moment. here's coit tower so it is
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clear where this camera is standing. temperatures right now not too bad in the 50s. it's cooler than yesterday. some areas will see clear skies. the cloud cover has now moved along with the storm. there's colder air after that rainfall. the pacific northwest still getting a lot of rain. this system is going to continue to -- the way the jet stream is shaping up, it's going to bring systems back to back for washington and oregon. we'll only see continued offshore flows. so i'll show you that in a moment. today's temperatures, cooler air. cool and sunny. mostly sunny skies this afternoon.
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we have a warming trend in the seven-day forecast. monday through wednesday hot. play o' the day from the n-b-a... clippers and lakers in los i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, highlights of the raiders' incredible win and as we take you to a commercial break right now, check out jack del rio's speech to his team. >> we got a triggerman like that! >> hm! >> dc. >> we gonna win a lot of games here, boys! [ applause and cheers ] >> cbs eye on the community...
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presented by target. food has the power to transform lives. with the help of target, the san francisco marin food bank addresses hunger head-on in the community. our food pantries are vibrant.
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people feel welcomed, and they're being respected. it helps our team members see the work that they do in the store every day... how that actually relates to their communities. cbs eye on the community is sponsored by target.
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with four straight losses this was a must-win game for the raiders. and it came down to a final play with no time on the clock. amari cooper caught 11 passes
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for 211 yards and two touchdowns. second quarter derek carr hit by marcus peters. peters gets a 15-yard penalty. but marshawn lynch ran on from the sidelines ejected for putting his hands on the official. kansas city 30-24. to cook, he was short of the goal line! so eight seconds to go, crabtree makes the catch. but he pushed off -- that's pass interference so three seconds to go. derek carr's pass to cook, this is off the mark but kansas city is called for holding! so the raiders get another down. patterson makes the grab but he is out of bounds but the chiefs are called for holding again! so the raiders get another down. and finally derek carr to crabtree, game winner! they got the extra point. 31-30 is the final. here's vern glenn at the coliseum. >> reporter: dennis, a touchdown but it wasn't. the game's over but a flag.
5:25 am
game's over again, but another flag. touchdown. 10 feet behind me right in that corner where michael crabtree fell in for the touchdown in one of the most bizarre endings at coliseum. >> he was just like wait, is that a -- oh, that's a flag, okay we got another play. boom, oh, is that a flag? oh, another play. >> 2-5 did not sound good. that made our stomach hurt. we wanted to get a big win. this is a big win for our team especially with the adversity we've gone through. >> reporter: you have to admit, dennis, these raiders know how to somehow somebody a good time. at the coliseum, vern glenn, kpix 5. >> and guess who led the raiders in tackles last night? navorro bowman. he had 11. the dodgers beat the cubs 11-1 going to the world series. i'm dennis o'donnell. have a great weekend. your play of the day. from the nba, clippers and lakers in los angeles. [ play-
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by-play ] >> slams it through! >> look at that crossover and the slam. the strong finish by the clippers' blake griffin. the clippers also go on to win 108-92. ♪[ music ] residents of three santa rosa communities see their devastated homes for the first time. i'm jessica flores. i'll have the details coming up. >> some rain in the santa cruz mountains overnight should help the firefighting efforts. the latest on the fire and on evacuations just ahead.
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his own pick-up truck -- and left to die. now, the hunt for the suspect is on... and the republican push to get tax cuts thr ajor hurdle... a bay area father is hit
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with his own pickup truck and left to die. now the hunt for the suspect is on. >> the republican push to get tax cuts through congress clears a major hurdle. >> and we did get overnight showers. i'll let you know how much rain we saw and what's in store next after this front moves through. >> it looks like those metering lights are on over at the bay bridge toll plaza. how far does that backup stretch and how long will it take you to cross the bridge? find out coming up. good morning. you made it to friday. it's october 20th. i'm anne makovec in for michelle griego. >> we did. good morning, i'm kenny choi. rain is helping firefighters' efforts in wine country. all fires are at least 80% contained. cal fire expects complete containment within days. the state insurance commissioner estimates damage at more than $1 billion based on insurance claims so far. more than 5,000 homes were destroyed and 600 businesses. and today in santa rosa, three communities forced to leave their homes when the flames approached now have a chance to see the damage firsthand.
5:31 am
kpix 5's jessica flores is live in santa rosa with the recovery efforts in store for these returning evacuees. jessica. >> reporter: we're at coffey park in santa rosa one of the communities destroyed in the fire one of three that will have a controlled opening today from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. residents will be able to come in and assess the damage here. now, residents have to check into entry points to get a pass. they must provide a valid identification that includes a driver's license, state i.d. card, passport, utility bill and valid photo, any of those are valid photo i.d.s. they can also present their consular id. no school identification. santa rosa police department is allowing two cars per property in the communities of orchard park, journeys end, and here at coffey park. at the re-entry point, each resident will get a safety kit and instructions to protect against toxic debris. santa rosa's asking residents
5:32 am
to wear sturdy shoes and clothing. be cautious of hazardous materials. you will want to inspect propane tanks for damage before turning them on. sanitize anything that you do find in the ash. and be aware any food left may be spoiled. now, here for a lot of folks, there's no food left. there's hardly anything left. many hope to find something in the ash. thousands of homes are gone. the question now, where will they live? the county is working on securing short-term rentals and hotels but options are limited. now, orchard park and journeys end will completely open tomorrow. coffey park will have controlled entry until sunday. the city is also working on opening up other areas like the community of fountain grove. the city did want to give folks a chance to come here, grieve and assess the damage before other people can come here and see it because it will be open by this weekend. so there will also be counselors and faith leaders to help people process it because
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as you are, the damage behind me is overwhelming. there's nothing left behind. they are allowing people to sift through the debris but no large-scale removal of the debris because it could be hazardous. in santa rosa, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. firefighters are slowly getting the upper hand on the bear fire burning in the santa cruz mountains. and most of the evacuation orders have been lifted in that area. but some homes are still in danger. kpix 5's mark sayre is live off highway 17 with more. >> reporter: good morning. as you said there was some rain here in the santa cruz mountains overnight. there was rain overnight and good news for the fire crew. the bear fire started monday night so today begins the fourth full day of the firefight here. at the moment it's 320 acres. it's 35% contained. because this fire is in such dense forest and steep, rugged
5:34 am
terrain it has proven challenging for fire crews. in fact, seven firefighters have been injured and containment lines in some cases are being built away from the fire lines. >> i'd say we are reaching a turning point in this fire. >> reporter: and that is good news. evacuation orders though remain in place for bear creek canyon road, deer creek road, rons road and also dons road. bear creek road between hawkridge and highway 35 is open to residents only with identification. now, there are still two evacuation centers open at lakeside elementary school in los gatos and a fire station in felton. there are more than 900 firefighters assigned to the bear fire. we are expecting an update from cal fire later this morning on how things are going especially in light of the rain overnight which of course is very welcome news. back to you. >> totally. mark, what about the animals in the fire zone? we know there are all sorts from horses to obviously dogs and cats. >> reporter: yeah.
5:35 am
absolutely. especially up in the big estates here with animals and they do have two evacuation centers open. horses and goats can go to grand hill show grounds. that's in santa cruz. and small animals would go to the santa cruz county animal services department. so they are obviously very aware of the impact to animals and are making arrangements for both big and small animals that people may have. >> thank you, mark sayre on highway 17. hopefully the evacuation orders will be lifted soon. a welcome sign that the smoke from the wildfires is beginning to dissipate. the health advisory and "spare the air" alert have been lifted for today but air quality could be an issue where the fires are still burning. all right. so let's get a check of the forecast with neda. >> the rain definitely helps them out. when the rain helps them out will bring down the flame, smoke and ash in the air. today we are seeing the leftovers of the storm. we got it all overnight. so i want to zoom in on our hi-
5:36 am
def doppler and show you where we are seeing a little spot of rain. rain west of cloverdale, fort bragg, just a few areas a little bit of a cell right there. further to the south, there's remnants of light showers south of milpitas. so 880, 680 may see rain. mountains near 101 a little storm. so as far as totals go here's what's happening. you can see the roads will be wet out there this morning because of course the rain that came overnight. and temperature-wise, we are still seeing temperatures a little bit cooler than yesterday. today our temperatures will be cooler a couple of degrees for the highs today. current temperatures in the 50s. santa rosa 48. the temperatures staying chilly today. we have a warm weekend and sunshine will be back. you will most likely see the
5:37 am
sun today which will break up the clouds and then the heat will be back. we have some increased fire danger as we start our next week because right now we have the onshore flow. it's all going to shift monday of next week an offshore flow to return. so coming up we'll talk more about that. jaclyn. i couldn't help but notice the wet roads when were you showing the golden gate bridge. keep that in mind. your route may be a bit slick on your way into work this morning due to that rain that rain we saw overnight. over at the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights on and look how quickly it fills up, 12 minutes from the maze into san francisco. that backup not quite stretching to the maze. it's just past the 880 overcrossing. 15 minutes on 4 to the maze. san lorenzo police
5:38 am
searching for the suspect accused of carjacking a father of two and killing him with his own pickup truck. police say the 46-year-old victim stepped into a home on via del sol and left his car running to warm up. then he saw somebody get behind the wheel. he tried to stop the man and was run over. police will look for the car and the driver this morning. a hearing set today for four alameda county deputies accused of abusing inmates at the alameda county jail. they are accused of allowing an inmate to spray human waste on other inmates in their cells. erik mcdermott is accused of choking an inmate unconscious. two are asking for separate trials. those others face more serious charges. sarcos is no longer with the department while the other three are on paid lead. republicans are closer to getting tax reform through congress. the senate voted to pass a
5:39 am
budget resolution next year eliminating the need for the gop to get any democrat votes for tax cuts. it opens the door to expanding the federal deficit over the next decade. general motors has agreed to pay more than $100 million as a result of an ignition switch scandal. reporter diane king hall has that and more in your cbsmoneywatch. >> good morning. >> reporter: we'll start with wall street. it was a rough day for apple yesterday. the tech giant had its worst performance in two months amid concerns about lagging sales for the iphone 8. in the end the dow was up 5 points. nasdaq lost 19. another clothing company wants in on the subscription business. "under armour" joins a growing list of retailers and companies testing the appetite for customized shopping. they will use artificial intelligence and traditional styling services for boxes for
5:40 am
customers. subscribers could sign up for 30, 60, 90-day windows. general motors agreed to pay $120 million to settle claims in its ignition switch scandal. the defective switches forced gm to recall nearly 3 million vehicles in 2014. at least 124 deaths are blamed on the problems. gm settled with the attorneys general of 49 states and the district of columbia. the settlement does not include what gm has to pay individual consumers. kenny? >> diane, i used to live in hawaii where [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: thieves have a surprising new target. that's spam! so a spate of mystery meat heists have happened in hawaii where as you know spam is especially popular. one thief stole 18 cases of the stuff. some retailers are now keeping their spam under lock and key. so i have to ask, kenny, do you like spam and what is up with
5:41 am
hawaii's love for this? >> so they have this thing called spam [ non-english language ] a snack of spam with rice and wrapped around with nori a seaweed paper. personally i prefer real sushi. are you a sushi fan? >> so i am a sushi fan. and i have tried what -- well, what, um, i don't know if this is the wrong way to refer to it, spam sushi. [ laughter ] >> yes. >> it was interesting. it was interesting. i got to say it wasn't bad. you know, i'm not saying i'm in love with it at this point. but i have tried it and, you know, i can see where somebody might like it. >> that's fair. that's fair. diane hall king -- >> but i don't know about stealing all this spam cases. that's a lot. >> too much, 18 cases a little too much. all right. diane king hall of, enjoy your weekend. >> thank you.
5:42 am
it is 5:41. charges have been filed almost exactly a year after an horrific crash in southern california that left 13 people dead.
5:43 am
5:44 am
in connection with the deadly collision. yesterday - prosecutors rd with 42 a big rig driver involved in a tour bus crash has been arrested in connection with the deadly collision. yesterday bruce gilford was charged with 42 felony and misdemeanor counties. the deadly accident happened just north of palm springs almost a year ago. chp says that gilford was asleep behind the wheel while stopped due to ongoing construction when a los angeles-bound tour bus hit the back of the big rig. 13 people were killed. people across northern california are mourning those killed in the deadly wine country wildfires. the cascade fire near marysville in yuba county started about two weeks ago.
5:45 am
that fire is almost contained. but four people died in the fire including a vietnam veteran killed trying to save his home. >> he figured he could stop it. >> almost 400 homes and businesses have been destroyed. fire dispatchers and officials are indicating that wires were toppling around the same time that multiple vegetation fires ignited. a man familiar with the oakland fire department is set to be sworn in as its chief today. darin white has been with the city's fire department for 20 years most recently as interim interim chief. starting today, in san jose, well, we might hear a bit of back in the middle of hellyer county park. >> two grand pianos will be
5:46 am
yours to hear or to play if you want. >> the idea learn how setting up pianos in and out door space, um, affects, quote, the human spirit. organizers encourage people of all ages and abilities to try it. it will be in the park through the weekend with free concert by artists tomorrow and sunday afternoon. >> there will probably be a lot of good piano playing. >> i think i can do chopsticks. >> heart and soul. >> you should go out and do it. >> maybe. you know, whenever you go through nordstrom's and they have that piano player, i always get relaxed and i get in a better mood. >> some happy drivers this morning. traffic not bad out there. speeds are still in the green
5:47 am
but we're tracking an accident on northbound 17 just before the summit. we have one lane blocked. really not slowing too many folks down. speeds drop below the limit. you can see it's still in the green. we are tracking those road closures due to the bear fire. we have some roads that are open just to residents and close to the rest of the public. this is bear creek between hawkridge and highway 35. sunset ridge closed, as well. drivers on westbound 580, heading out of tracy into livermore, you will be tapping the brakes and then things pick up, 27 minutes between 205 and 680. speaking of 680, we have one lane that's partially blocked on that connector ramp to westbound 780. a high wind advisory across the benicia bridge. so please be careful out there.
5:48 am
speeds are moving right at the limit along the eastshore freeway. getting crowded out there and we have those metering lights over at the bay bridge toll plaza. in the yellow tracking a travel time under 15 minutes heading into san francisco. that's a check of your traffic. it's exciting when hi-def doppler has green on it. so i'll continue to track this for you throughout the morning hours. you can see the rain that's left. up north we'll show you where the rain is coming down. there's a few cells here on highway 20 there towards fort bragg or willits this morning. it looks west of cloverdale. in fact, just north of san jose, highway 101, could see some rain on the windshield there. may have to use wipers down in
5:49 am
parts of the south bay. so this view was clear. clouds came through again. i keep checking these cameras to show you what's happening outside. santa rosa two-tenths. mill valley a quarter inch. a quarter inch in san francisco. more than a quarter inch. oakland just about a tenth inch in san jose. two-tenths. so that's the amount of rain we got. it definitely did help clean the area. you can see the clear conditions out there this morning. coit tower is looking nice from our cameras. i want to show you the tahoe area and did see some snow from this and they are going to continue to do that this morning. sunrise 7:23. we'll have sunny conditions. here's the overall satellite view. a few inches of snow not too
5:50 am
significant because this low did have a cold front associated with it. and that cold air is going to stay in place today. we do have this winter weather advisory still in effect until 11:00 this morning. caltrain has chain controls in effect if you are heading towards the tahoe area. waves on the west-facing beaches so high surf advisory is in effect. lower temperatures today in the 60s. 10 degrees cooler than average. saturday warmer, sunday nice comfortable day in the 80s inland. 70s around the bay. monday through wednesday hot. offshore flow returns. dry air is back and hot
5:51 am
temperatures. time is 5:50. a bay area professor steps down amid sexual harassment allegations. this morning, we'll hear from an accuser. (dog panting) another 2am stroll, huh? i'm worried. i have this medical bill. dave, you have anthem, and they have people to talk to who are empowered to help answer any question you... (dog grunting, panting) is... is he okay? real people? living and breathing. hopefully not breathing like that.
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for all the things that keep you up at night, anthem blue cross has a solution.
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out about the alleged sexual harassment she experienced - from a professor who has just resigned. the victim, who asked that we a former san jose state university student is speaking out about alleged sexual harassment from a professor who just resigned. the victim who asked to stay anonymous was enrolled in a counseling education program. she says professor lewis aptekar held private sessions with her as part of graduation requirements. she claims he asked her questions about her personal life and even asked her for a date. aptekar has been accused of sexual harassment by several students and now this alleged victim regrets not filing a claim until after she graduated. >> i am so proud of those girls who came forward. i'm really proud of them because at the time i didn't do it. i should have done it. he was a person in power and person in position to screw up my life. >> the former sjsu student told us she was the first in her
5:55 am
family to graduate but she skipped the ceremony to avoid aptekar. he was reportedly paid $75,000 as part of his resignation agreement. two bay area high school football players are accused of raping another teenager after a football game. the contra costa county sheriff's department says that the incident happened in late september. the victim reported the alleged assault this week to her school carondelet high school in concord. two boys were arrested and booked into juvenile hall. one is said to be a de la salle football player. the east bay times reporting that the other boy is a player at ignacio valley high school. each of those schools held student body meetings yesterday to talk about the alleged attack. both suspects are under 18. so their names will not be released. [ chanting ] things were mostly peaceful at the university of florida as the school hosted richard
5:56 am
spencer. thousands of people protested. some made it inside the speech and heckled him during his appearance. the university spent about $600,000 on extra security. >> we're taking the equivalent of 1,000 tuitions and investing it in security because of this fella. >> five minor injuries were reported as a result of scuffles between supporters and protestors. two arrests were made. some rain overnight in the santa cruz mountains should help firefighters battling the bear fire. i'll have the latest on the firefight and the evacuations just ahead. >> three santa rosa communities open to residents today hundreds seeing their homes for the first time since those devastating fires. i'll have the story coming up.
5:57 am
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my name is valerie decker and i'm a troubleman for pg&e. i am a first responder to emergencies 24 hours a day, everyday of the year. my children and my family are on my mind when i'm working all the time. my neighbors are here, my friends and family live here, so it's important for me to respond as quickly as possible
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and get the power back on. it's an amazing feeling turning those lights back on. be informed about outages in your area. sign up for outage alerts at together, we're building a better california. this morning, containment of the fires in the north bay
6:00 am
keeps going up thanks to much- needed relief from the rain. and this comes as many evacuated residents will be allowed back to see what's left. it is friday, october 20th. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm anne makovec, in for michelle griego. all of the fires burning across the north bay are now least 80% contained with full containment expected within the next few days. but the damage has been done. the damage total now at $1 billion so far and climbing. that estimate is based on insurance claims filed so far. it includes more than 5,000 homes and 600 businesses destroyed. insurance commissioner dave jones said these figures are only going to rise as residents continue filing claims. >> i think suffice to say that this is one of the worst certainly one of the worst in my experience as commissioner both in terms of the acreage of the fires but also the insured losses. >> jones added that his office


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