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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  October 20, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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on kpix 5 news. the music neration that hd and the moves. we're the generation that had the style. well, sometimes. we're the generation that walked where no one had walked before, like no one had walked before, and, boy, did we know how to fly. we're the generation that had a dream and broke down walls. we came together to feed the world's children. we came together to protect them. and in this dangerous world, we have to keep on saving them, protecting them, caring for them even when we're gone. if we remember unicef in our will, we'll remember the children who desperately need our help, and we'll be the generation who left a better world for children. visit
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wildfires. three members of one mendocino county family... severely knowing now at 11:00, a heart wrenching story of death and survival from the wildfires. a family severely burned, not knowing that one of their family members was killed. >> 42 people died in the fires across the north bay, including 14-year-old kai shepherd. three of his family members were badly burned trying to escape. their home was one of 545 destroyed. tonight emily turner spoke to one of their other family members about their long and painful recoveries. >> reporter: these are pictures of the shepherd family from happier times. before their house looked like this. before the fire that burned it
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also took the life of 14-year- old kai. >> he was just an amazing boy. i wish everyone could have seen that smile in person and known what a strong, brave, and wise soul he was. 14 years was not enough. that's for sure. he died in the lake complex fire that ripped through his neighborhood early morned morning. his family left about 1:00 a.m. to drive down the hill. >> i think they drove down into the fire, they couldn't see it from their house. it climbed up the mountain very quickly. their cars caught on fire or became disabled because of smoke, we don't know. they got out on foot and got separated. it must have just been extreme panic. >> reporter: the dad john is in
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san francisco. mom, sarah is 60 percent burned at uc davis across the street from shrinkers where her daughter is in the worst shape. >> she lost both legs below the knee and his severe burns all over her body including her face. >> reporter: she's only 17 and neither she or her mom and dad know how bad the family is suffering. >> i can't imagine who my sister is going to go through when she wakes up. nobody should have to go through losing a child the way she did. i mean, we just pray for their stability every single day. >> the kind words and prayers of the community, the ones that don't require a response, have been the most helpful in giving
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the family strength that they all need right now. tonight firefighters are making significant progress on all the wine country wildfires. here's a look at the latest containment numbers there. you can see nearly all the fires are getting close to being fully surrounded. the tubbs fire is how the most destructive in california's history, killing at least 22 people and destroying 5300 structures in napa and sonoma county. it's burned 36,000 acres. >> now that the fires are close to being fully contained, evacuees are returning to marinades to see what's -- neighborhoods to see what's left. kpix 5's da lin was there. get passed a police checkpoint... showing i-d's and proving they lived here. then, the drive to find the address... a lot of folks got lost... couldn't tell where they we itten on the groun >> reporter: before the
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digging, neighbors have to show identification to police and prove they live here. then the drive, street names written on the ground. once they reach their homes, reality sank in. >> coming back here, just seeing it all. >> reporter: i'm so sorry. ken and his wife returned to see their neighborhood for the first time. nothing left, but the hope of finding things their parents left for them brought them back. their numbers have luck. >> found grandma's ring. little charred, but okay, we'll clean it up. >> reporter: some used tools, but others just put on gloves and dug right in. >> the top from our wedding cake. it means a lot because it was also the top my parents used. >> reporter: across the street
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a man found the antique guns his father gave him. he plans to repair them, and he also plans to rebuild his home. >> we're coming back and rebuilding because this is the best neighborhood and location. >> we're going to rebuild. >> yes, we plan oncoming back. >> reporter: but they know not everybody can. they say the renters will most likely move away. especially those with no renters insurance and lost everything. >> just a message to give people more hope and come back stronger and better. >> reporter: da lin, kpix 5. 25 p >> today marks 26 years since the start of the oakland hills fire storm. 25 people killed, hundreds more injured. the flames raced up the hillsides destroying more than 3,000 homes. 790 of those consumed within the first hour. the fire was contained the next day. >> the bear fire burning in the santa cruz mountains injured 9 people and charred close to 400-
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acres, and tonight there's new information on what might have caused it. a chop shop located at the center of the fire could be to blame because they believe that's where the fire started. the property was the subject of a 2015 investigation into an illegal chop shop. the woman living on the property was arrested. several neighbors told us she was back on the property when the fire broke out earlier this year. we just learned the girl hit by a driver in oakland is just 10 years old. tonight she's in critical condition suffering from head injuries and fractures. the hit and run happened this afternoon on east 15th near franklin elementary. moments later the female driver crashed into a car a few block as with a i. she tried to get -- away. she tried to get away, but i didn't work and she was arrested. the man accused of running over a san francisco police
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bike officers faced a fudge for the first time -- judge for the first time today. tonight the officers is still in the hospital with critical injuries. andrea borba re >> it was an odd appearance in court with the suspect shouting for the fbi and justice department to come forward. a sea of blue uniforms as marquis johnson was formally charged. >> it could have been any one of us, and we have officers out on the street 24/7. what happened to this poor officer could have happened to anywhere else. >> reporter: the officers was hit around 12:30 on turk street. police say johnson plowed a stolen lexus suv into the officers leaving him in critical condition at sf general. about three hours after the
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crash, the suspect's car was found and he was arrested. the suspect has a long rap sheet, including a hit and run case in san francisco in the 90s, and an arrest and conviction for stealing a car and i wading arrest -- evading arrest in san mateo in 2014. >> we've seen it before in this city and state. i'm not necessariliful blaming the judicial -- necessarily blaming the judicial system, but there's something wrong when you have an individual convicted overviolent felonies in the -- of violent felonies in the past, and he's out on release or pro base, and this -- probation, and this happens again and again. >> reporter: outside the department there's a sign that reads elia is assurer vier and he'll get -- a survivor and he'll get through this. >> it's a terrible tragedy. >> the suspect is being held
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tonight in lieu of $10 million bail when he told the judge was quote extreme. andrea borba, kpix 5. rlos airport. two people are recovering tonight after a small plane they were in crashed near the san carlos airport. it happened about 6:00 tonight along sky way road. the plane encountered some type of problem while trying to take off. the two people on board suffered minor injuries. tonight that crash is being investigated by the ntsb. the white house isn't backing down tonight. it continues to defend the president's recent condolence call to a fallen soldier's widow. veronica de la cruz is here now. >> liz, it only got worse today. the white house stepped attacks on the congresswoman wi ened in on the call and called the president insensitive. the white house chief of staff
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defended president trump today. >> have you seen the speech? >> i have. >> she was not talking aboutsecuring 20 million dollars, she was talking about naming the building for fbi agents that she praised. >> and she had quite a few comments that day that weren't part of that speech and part of that video also witnessed by many people there. >> today the congresswoman accused kelly of lying about the 20 million. >> perhaps he's stepping forward because the president wants him to do that and to i guess, um, prove that he was right in his telephone call. >> as general kelly pointed out, ifs you're able to make a sacred act like honoring american heroes about
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yourself, you're an empty barrel. >> wilson says she wants to know what happened before the president's condolence call. the pentagon is releasing details about the recent ambush attack that left four soldiers dead. still to come, a cutting edge experiment at one bay area university. how it's using underground wires as part of an earthquake warning system. >> and next, thousands of jobs slashed in the bay area. how the high priced rental market is a setback. this baby was born in the fire storm, and you won't believe where mom gave birth. that story coming up. rain, a chilly day today with highs on the in the 60s. and towards the weekend, excellent air quality. the best in 13 days. but what's not good is a return to the heat and higher fire danger. the forecast coming up. ♪
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that's why i got a subaru, too. introducing the all-new crosstrek. love is out there. find it in a subaru crosstrek. county... ended up having their baby.. while evacuated! kpix five's katie nielsen n though they a husband and wife who fled the fire storm in napa county ended up having their baby while evacuated. katie explains even though they don't know if their home is still standing, they still have a lot of hope for the future. >> reporter: neil and pj checked into a hotel last week when they had to evacuate their home as fire closed in. >> it was just, okay, this is what it is, let's get on with it. >> reporter: late monday night 9 months pregnant pj went into labor. they'd been planning to have the baby at home, but instead their midwife rushed to the
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weston. >> you're in a hotel, you have running water and electricity, this will do. >> reporter: after going through plenty of towels, hot water, and room service, baby elizabeth came into the world in the hotel room suite at 7:11 tuesday morning. 7 pounds, 4-ounces of hope, joy, and love. >> it was amazing. >> reporter: the new family is just trying to make the best of their current situation. >> taking this moment to have some quality time with her and neil and enjoy it. >> reporter: only a few days old and elizabeth is already a trail blazer, the first baby ever born the hotel. >> they really helped us through. >> reporter: the hotel staff gave the new family a basket of clothes, blankets, and bottles since the family still can't get home and don't know what to expect when they get there.
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>> if it's gone, it's gone, and it's a chance for us to start over. start fresh. there's new beginnings, and you just kind of roll with it. >> reporter: the family still haven't been able to go back and check on their house. they hope to be back on monday, but they say no matter what happens they already have everything they need. experts on the bay area economy are waving a warning flag tonight after employers cut thousands of jobs for a second straight month. kpix 5 looks at a possible cool down in the region's job market. pensive 20")) then leave... let down: ((golbon: " 4721 if you're not really in tech it's really hard to make a living 2 and so that was >> reporter: her story like so many others who moved to the bay area with high hopes. >> i love a lot of the bay area. >> reporter: then leave let down. >> but if you're not in tech it's hard to make a living but also save. >> reporter: she tried to make it in the san jose restaurant industry, but today she's saying good bye and moving out
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of the state. >> i make bay area salary, but not enough to pay rent. >> reporter: and others left to live in a more affordable city and now commute every day. >> i know quite a few people that commute, and my mom lives in modesto, and i found a place there only paying 995. >> reporter: the high housing cost could be slowing down the job growth. for two consecutive months the bay area lost thousands of jobs. 4700 last month, 2400 in august. >> it certainly is a warning light. >> reporter: the bay area typically leads the state in job gains per capita, but it's to soon to panic. >> it's a other -- it's too soon to panic. >> it's a cautionary tale to say whether we should be concerned about whether the high housing costs are starting to impact what's been our job
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growth since february 2010. >> reporter: and some don't know if they'll ever move back. >> i was making the most money i've ever made and was struggling. >> reporter: but california as a whole added more than 52,000 jobs last month, so it's not all bad news. new at 11 tim, a web of fiber app tick -- at 11:00, a web of fiber optic cables under the stanford campus is doing more than just transfer information. it's now acting as an early warning system. >> reporter: these are the sounds of the stanford university above and below ground. those are tiny vibrations from fiber optic cables buried under campus. it can be caused by something like a car driving over or as serious as an earthquake.
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this professor says the squiggly lines were caused by a tiny 1.6 quake near campus last august. no one felt it, but the ultrasensitive fiber optic cables picked it up. >> we could record seismic data that before was impossible to collect. >> reporter: the cables have been buried beneath the surface here at stanford for years. now the professor is repurposing them into an under ground network of seismic detectors. the network is a simple 2-mile
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figure eight in the middle of campus. they worked with stanford researchers and won a design award for illustrations of the work underground. perhaps the most promising part of project is the fiber optics ability to record the faint first waves of a quake that come even before the ground shaking. >> they're able to pick up the fastest moving waves and usually they're followed by the actually surface waves. >> reporter: could this some day become part of a relatively cheap hurricane warning system? they hope it can. >> the hope for this technology is have a seismic observatory
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everywhere in the world. >> reporter: maybe one day it could become like a giant world wide glass ear, always listening for earthquakes. well it wasn't a lot of rain, but enough to make some snow in the sierra. >> nice to have the snow, up to six inches and up to an inch of rain in the mountains, but we're heading in the other direction through the weekend into next week. let's take you to the sierra. we had a lot of snow fall there. up to six inches of snow. that's finished and likely will be melted by sunday. concord 56, oakland 54, livermore 52, and santa rosa currently 46. the weather advisories in the sierras is finished. fairfield 41, santa rosa down to 39. san francisco staying mild at 53. satellite and radar review shows a low pressure area over the pacific northwest. they'll get slammed with up to a foot of rain in some of the
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mountains of the pacific northwest. we don't need that much. we need more, but not that much. this ridge of high pressure will build our direction and drastically alter our weather come early next week. futurecast, tomorrow morning we're clear. sunshine all day long, but still breezy, a couple of degrees cooler than average. sunday we keep the sunshine. as a matter of fact, each of the next seven days should be sunny, but the temperatures go way up. ridge of high pressure down off the southern california coastline parks itself to the north and west, and here comes another north to northeast offshore wind. another ridge, more heat, and increase in the fire danger by next tuesday and wednesday. 70 in campbell, 69 redwood city, should be a nice afternoon in dublin with a high
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of 70. mid-60s berkeley and alameda. mill valley 67. santa rosa 70. extended forecast. we're warmer on sunday. much warmer monday, tuesday, and wednesday. monday through thursday of next week 70s at the beach, 80s nearby the bay, and 90s inland. we're getting close to halloween and still keeping this rather warm weather. we're not done with late summer yet. >> all right, thank you. >> enjoy the weekend, thanks. up next, one of the biggest names on the oakland raiders, was he really riding bart? the video all over social media tonight.
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this was after he got ejected for shoving a referee... during last night's game against the chiefs. he decided to ride bart raiders running back marshawn lynch actually took public transit after he was ejected from the game. he decided to ride bart with marcus peters, a kansas city player. fans recorded the epic video during the ride. all right, friday night for the golden state warriors.
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they went to the big easy. moving pictures like this just ahead. ight after half-time. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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tonight, its when the alarm went
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nba up top and the warriors. something about the 3rd quarter and that's when it happened. new orleans came out hot from the jump. anthony davis coming up here to end the 1st quarter. pelicans up by 13, as much as 15. you new the dubs in the road whites would respond. clay thompson from the outside. warriors a 35-point 2nd. thompson, give they that swat and slam in the third. led our scorers with 31. look how they left curry open from the corner pocket 3. scored 28. second all time in assists for the team. it was a warriors night. 128-120. no baseball. justin verlander, pure money for the as strows -- astros, struck out eight yankees.
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altuve, bases loaded shot into left, scoredtwo. houston forces saturday game seven winning. winner gets the dodgers in the world series. and sharks fans in the great northeast in the road whites at new jersey. 2nd period, sharks up 1. shot tipped in, and sharks evened their record to 3 and 3 after a 3-0 shut out of the devils. they skate the islanders on saturday. and raiders running back lynch, an unsportsmanlike shove with the ref, and that will cost him a game check and a one- game suspension. that's over $80,000. we'll be right back. t. call 911. let our first responders come out and handle it. police and fire will respond as well as pg&e. pg&e will make the scene safe. ♪
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aimmediately get everyone out of the building. call 911. the fire department and pg&e will respond immediately and figure out what the issue is and keep you safe. ♪ the late show is next. >> have fun, make it a great weekend.
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