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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  October 24, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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long tunnel. nnel boring machine again and again.) (nats) prep work has already sts gathering samples de even with sky drone 5 flying high above the san luis reservoir at the maximum altitude allowed by law, it still cannot capture the proposed size and scale of this pro -- the size and scale of this proposed new tunnel happening in the region of pacheco pass between gilroy and chowchilla. one massive tunnel 13.5 miles long would skirt the reservoir just to the north. >> tunnels are not cheap. that's just part and parcel of doing this. >> reporter: dan richard said building one tunnel means they wouldn't have to build multiple portals, the entrances and exits, which are expensive the the other big reason? moving that gigantic tunnel boring machine isn't cheap either. >> if you have a series of smaller tunnels, you're setting up a machine, going a distance
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and setting it up again. with a long tunnel boring machine, you can just keep going. it may take a long time, but it can be cheaper because you aren't assembling and disassembling the tunnel boring machine again and again. >> reporter: prep work has already begun with geologists gathering samples deep underground by the plan route. engineers will get a sense of the rocks below the surface allowing them to better estimate the total cost and speaking of cost, the gilroy chowchilla section was budgeted for $5.5 billion, but the l.a. times published an analysis saying a 13.5-mile tunnel could make or break the bullet train, interviewed several experts from around the world and said it could cost from 5 to $14 billion. this engineering professor was quoted saying this is not good news for taxpayers of california. >> i don't agree with that.
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there is no option of doing nothing. we're going to have more people in the state. the cost of doing nothing means more people stuck in traffic, more airline delays. all these things cost us money. the better deal for the taxpayers is to invest in a more rail system than to continue to rely on just building more and more freeway lanes. >> reporter: the authority is required by law to report back to the legislature every two years on estimated budgets and timelines. that new report is due sometime next year. if it turns out this long tunnel costs more than expected, then the authority hopes to make up that gap by reducing costs in other parts of this very huge, very complex project. in down town san jose, kiet do, kpix5. new at 6:00 contra costa county is putting big restrictions on recreational pot sales. kpix5's susie steimle is live in concord with a vote that came down afternoon.
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susie? >> reporter: that was a unanimous decision to delay recreational pot sales and we are inside emerald city garden, one of the businesses in concord that can help you set up your at-home cannabis growing operation and it's also a business that said it was negatively impacted by today's decision. >> we are the home depot for cannabis growers. >> reporter: when proposition 64 passed last november, emerald city garden owner called this the end of prohibition. >> there's so many people who right now don't use cannabis because their mindset is it's illegal. >> reporter: starting january 1st adults 21 and over can legally purchase marijuana for recreational use in california. >> it can go many different ways. >> reporter: today contra costa county passed an ordinance delaying any business owner's ability to profit from
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that. >> so businesses won't be able to sell in particular areas until we allow them se or to grow or to process. >> reporter: the county is also considering other limitations. for example, from 64 would allow anyone to grow up to six marijuana plants outside their home. supervisors here are considering limiting that number to three. >> we want to make sure, just like any business, that cannabis operations are responsible, that they don't negatively impact neighbors and communities. >> you know, limiting that would, of course, limit my business, but the real thing is it puts some constants on the customer. >> reporter: -- constraints on the customer. >> reporter: baez said the cost of growing marijuana plants inside is much more expensive. you have to buy one of these tents, have the correct lighting and water the weeds yourselves versus outdoors. >> outdoors, they call it a weed for a reason. you throw a seed out there. even if you don't do anything, it's going to grow. >> this is a new law just
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taking effect and we want to do it thoughtfully. we'd rather do it right than fast. >> reporter: now prop 64 is, of course, a state law which will take effect if cities or counties don't make any new ordinances of their own, but contra costa wanted to have some individual control, which is why it decided to make this change today. multiple other bay area counties are doing the same. in concord, susie steimle, kpix5. in the meantime santa cruz county board of supervisors approved recreational pot sales. 12 licensed dispensaries will be selling cannabis starting january fist. california's top judge -- january 1st. california's top judge wants to do away with cash bail, her voice adding powerful support to complaints that the system unfairly punishes the poor. there is a proposed alternative. >> reporter: we're here in front of the aladdin jail bond
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company and the days for these kind of companies may be numbered because today we got a report from a judicial group saying that bail bonds and money in bail has to be eliminated and, of course, california's chief justice says she agrees kicking off what is going to be a long conversation. >> we have recommended that the whole system be reformed. >> reporter: reformed to get the money out. a report today from a group of judges said the state should do away with bail. santa clara judge peshaun was part of the group that wrote the 114 page report. >> setting the group and using that as asset determination on whether or not a person should be released is not a fair system. >> reporter: when people pay bail to be released, the court keeps the money as insurance they'll show up for trial to get their money back, but these judges say there's a better way. >> what we want to do is give
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the judge more tools to use to determine whether a person can be released safely into the community until that case is heard. >> reporter: instead of bail the judge would decide whether to let the person go, maybe with some kind of monitoring or supervision. they could also decide to hold that person until trial. >> i think you have a real public safety issue here. >> reporter: jeff daley owns bad boys bail bond. he said without the financial incentive to come to court, defendants just won't show up. >> with bail there's a good chance we're going to have a family member cosign for that defendant. mama is going to make sure that johnny is doing what he's supposed to. >> reporter: still the chief justice of the california courts is now saying she supports that report's findings. as to what happens next -- >> but it is really up to the chief to decide where we go next. plan. >> reporter: as we were set -- >> reporter: as we were setting up for our shot, we spoke to a man who was completely distraught and he said a friend of his was
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arrested and no one had money to bail this friend out and that he was about to lose his job. how can it be said the young man that we talked to that a poor person who just gets arrested has to lose their job? just one of many questions that will be hopefully answered as this debate continues. live in san francisco, melissa caen, kpix5. a pleasanton high school student was arrested for bringing a loaded handgun to campus. it happened yesterday at village high school. school officials got word the student had the concealed weapon, so they called police. the student was arrested without incident and was taken to juvenile hall. well, the bay area feeling that fall heat today, a live look right now across the bay from downtown san francisco. a second day of unusually warm temperatures for october. paul, did we break any records? >> the answer is surprisingly no. no records were broken here. southern california, 103 degrees, absolutely. for us just well above average, up to 20 degrees above average. sunnyvale, half moon bay,
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oakland, san bruno hit 90 degrees or hotter. vallejo had a high of 86. the evening is mild as well, concord 89, mountain view 83, 92 in redwood city, livermore 83 degrees, santa rosa 85 and pacifica still 86 degrees. there's a ridge of high pressure giving us the offshore wind. it is beginning to move and the weather starting tomorrow will begin to change. coming up who drops 15 degrees tomorrow and when temperatures will fail to even hit 70 degrees. that's in the seven-day forecast coming up. >> paul, thank you. their homes burned document, but now a difficult dilemma for thousands of people in wine country. can they hand over control and trust the feds with the clean- up. >> and the search for the people behind this surprise attack caught on camera. >> a second runway scare at sfo, an air canada plane misses repeated signals to abort a landing. we'll hear the frantic radio
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country wildfires... whether to rebuild... and whether to give up control to the government. kpix five's emily turner is in the burned out . tough decisions ahead for the victims of the wine country wildfires, whether to rebuild and whether to give control to the government. kpix5's emily turner is in the burned out neighborhood of fountain grove for us. >> reporter: we talked to the folks who own what used to be
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this house and their neighbors around them and they're all wonder doing they go public or private? do they let oes do the clean-up or hire someone themselves? they decided to go with oes, but they have a lot of questions we tried to help them answer today. >> it's pretty tough, but yeah, we're going to rebuild. >> reporter: but the rebuilding process may be tougher still. nan cook's house in garden grove is gone, but clearing the property is a process that comes with plenty of uncertainty. >> these neighbors are all having cal and fema be involved with it. so hope that's the best way. >> reporter: the other option is pay for it yourself at a price of about 80,000 nan says. sonoma county commissioners say cal oes will cost homeowners nothing, but nan worries it may cost her some precious parts of her property. >> so before this was anything it was just weeds and he proposed there. that's special. >> reporter: but oes said it
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has final say on what stays and goes. homeowners will get a heads up when they're headed their way. >> the homeowner signs up for the program and will be called either 48 or 72 hours in advance. so two to three days in advance that the teams will be conducting or starting the reoperations on your property on this date. >> reporter: the clean-up is an environmental priority. cal oes says once homeowners inurn their right of entry forms which al -- turn in their right of entry forms which allows the contractors on their property, the work will start soon. cal oes told me they know people have a lot of questions, so they aren't pressuring people to sign the forms without being comfortable, to them the county's message is much -- though the county's message is much more clear. >> we want to encourage people not to run out ahead of us, be part of this process. we promise the government system in term of all three levels will work efficiently. >> reporter: now this supervisor also told us that homeowners will not incur any
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costs if they do cal eos. they take that option. of course, we know there are lots of questions involved in this whole process. there is another town hall meeting happening thursday 6 to 8 p.m., again this thursday 6 to 8 p.m. at santa rosa high school and there will be lots of people on hand to answer any of your questions regarding this process. reporting live in santa rosa, emily turner, kpix5. sonoma county is stepping in to make surefire victims have a place to live while they rebuild. the board of supervisors passed some emergency ordinances. they would prevent new vacation rental permits for 45 days, allow people to live in rvs and travel trailers on their property and remove restrictions on renting pool and guest houses. >> we are definitely unfortunately looking at a multi-year process. it's going to take months just to perform the base level cleanup to make sure that the sites are free of toxins and capable to be rebuilt on. >> they've already seen
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craigslist postings asking 10 to $20,000 a month for housing. a cyclist targeted in a roadside attack all caught on camera. take a look. [ scream ] >> this happened on dublin canyon road in castro valley last friday. when you slow the video down, you can see the person in that white car throw what looks to be a tennis ball at the cyclist. the alameda county sheriff's office said it is investigating. three cyclists all victims of hit and runs in danville over the weekend and now there's an arrest. police say 83-year-old daniel brennan hit the cyclists along diablo road last saturday. the first collision happened about 1:20. the woman hit only had minor injuries. the second happened less than an hour later and sent two men to the hospital. both men are expected to be okay, but neighbors say that the cyclists getting hit has been an ongoing problem. the 83-year-old driver was released after the investigation. his car has been impounded. the santa cruz beach boardwalk, all that tourist
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traffic normally slows this time of year but not today. >> a lot of folks out enjoying the fall, the beach weather. kpix5's maria medina is live in santa cruz for us and soaking it up herself. maria? >> reporter: yeah, that's right, guys. it's just after 6:00 and here we are. it is now just starting to cool down, but boy, it was a hot one today and as you can see, a lot of people still taking advantage. sses... that typically slow down this ((trudie >> we've been wearing shorts the whole time. >> reporter: richard wagner took a trim to the bay area from south carolina -- trip to the bay area from south carolina hoping to get a break from the heat. >> we thought it was going to be chilly in the morning and evening. we brought our sweaters and jackets and jeans and stuff. we haven't worn any of that stuff. >> reporter: instead temperatures along the coast soared into the 90s. attracting waves of people to the beach town. >> it's a treat, though, because the whole summer we've been waiting for summer weather to come around and here it is. >> reporter: and the hot weather is a moneymaker for
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businesses that typically slow down this time of year. >> the whole of october has been bonus. i think this has almost been the hottest october we have had since i opened the shack here since years ago. >> reporter: trudy owns this stand-up paddle board shop and is normally closed during the work week in october, but when the sun is out, her doors remain open. >> i've had the phone ringing and people coming in this afternoon. >> we wanted to play tennis but saw 90 degrees on the temperature gauge. so we thought well, let's go paddle around on the water and stay cool. >> reporter: the summer type weather making one last appearance, but others are ready for the temperature to drop. >> it ought to be about 15 degrees cooler plus a little wind would be nice. it's not breezy out here at all. >> reporter: it is turning out to be a comfortable night. you can see a lot of people still enjoying the weather out here, a lot of people still in shorts. usually i want to be in studio where you guys are at, but right now i'd rather be here
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because it is turning out to be a beautiful night. live in santa cruz, maria medina, kpix5. >> thank you for that. some breaking news out of san francisco we want to get to right now. take a look at this shot. those are crews working to douse this small brushfire burning on a steep cliffside near the legion of honor in the city. getting hoses to now because of the location of this the fire is tricky to put out. the crews have been having a tough time trying to get hoses to the flames. what three done instead is called in a fire -- they've done instead is called in a fire boat to hit the flames from the water. >> it's a tough one, too, because of the rocky shore line. i'm sure they'll do their best. >> what's the wind? >> it's the offshore wind which is helping taking the smoke and flames out to sea. obviously it can't go much farther to the west. there's a fire burning at the beach and pretty hot today at the beach where maria was, 97 degrees in santa cruz today.
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ocean beach right in san francisco close to that fire, 92. half moon bay 92, moss beach right up the road 94 degrees and the only place below 80 degrees would be marin and sonoma county point marina, bodega bay, mendocino county also in the 70s. 103 for the first pitch of the world series. that's breaking the old record by 9 degrees. the ridge is beginning to move. that's critical for us because once it moves to a different location, same ridge, same strength, different location, it will begin to allow the onshore west flow to return. it happens at the coast tomorrow and coastal temperatures will be up to 15 degrees cooler. instead of the low 90s, it will be mid- to upper 70s. so another mild night tonight, cooling at the coast coming up wednesday. we'll be warm away from the water, mid-80s to low 90s tomorrow and thursday. the 90s will not go away until friday. these are your highs tomorrow, well into the 80s, vallejo 87,
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fremont 86, oakland cooler but still warm, 83, 90s still for fairfield, vacaville, livermore, dublin, santa rosa, calistoga, napa and san francisco a high of 80 degrees. your extended forecast, a couple degrees more cooling thursday but some inland spots hitting 90. friday we're closer to average. we get closer still over the weekend, should be very pleasant, not hot and by trick- or-treat time one week from today we are back to or below average with highs in the 60s and 70s. the heat is on today and not that much cooler tomorrow. back to you. a slithering stow-away, a python startles commuters on a bay area bus and now he is looking to become someone's pet. >> the nfl makes a final decision on raiders running back marshawn lynch. will he play or won't he? >> and the drought ends for the quakes but why they may not last long in the playoffs next.
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won't be racking up frequent flyer miles - oakland plays at buffalo sunday and will spend next wee the raiders play their next two games on the east coast, but they won't be racking up frequent flyer miles. oakland plays buffalo on sunday in buffalo and will spend next week in florida. r a long >> we actually pack a little more and send it on to sarasota and don't worry about it. >> marshawn lynch won't have to worry about it. he has a one game suspension for making contact with an official and that was upheld by the nfl. so he will not play sunday in buffalo. stanford running back bryce love continues to be held out of practice with an ankle injury. he's a game time decision thursday night against oregon state, but the coach isn't too worried about love needing practice. he leads the nation in rushing. >> reporter: how much practice would he need for you to be able to put him out there on thursday? too zero. >> if it takes till game time
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and he's ready to go, he'll go out and play. >> how silly is that? we're talking about practice. there is a lot of practice going down in san jose where the earthquakes are back in the playoffs the first time since 2012. they take on vancouver tomorrow night. after a 3-12-2 road record this year the quakes are coming into these playoffs very much under the radar. >> i think people can look at us and say oh, we're not very good on the road or we're not a very good team, but the way we've been playing the last three games we're a good team, but don't tell them that. sunday's hero appeared to be an unlikely one. he played only five minutes and scored the game winner in the 93rd minute, but urina is no stranger to the big stage. he scored two goals last month helping costa rica qualify for the world cup. >> i'm really happy to be part of this crowd. the teammates are really good. all of them deserve that
6:26 pm
moment. >> marcos is a great player and it was obvious in world cup qualifying when he scored two goals again the u.s. and put them out. he -- against the u.s. and put them out. he scores big goals and to come on and score a goal like that is huge. see this last night? warriors rookie jordan bell had an early candidate for dunk of the year last night in dallas when he threw the ball off the back to himself. look at kevin durant. he was impressed. now mavericks rookie dennis smith tried to make a statement by dunking on draymond green, didn't happen. read draymond's lips never, never. 's happened again. >> [ bleep ] that's when it happened. seeing some relief, i should go dunk. better luck next time. >> steve kerr, warriors coach, tried to apologize to rick carlisle, mavs coach, afterwards for the dunk that
6:27 pm
his rookie did against the backboard. carlisle reportedly waved him off and walked off the court. coming up in our next half hour it's happened again, a runway blunder at sfo, an air canada plane igg mores several tower call -- ignores several tower calls to abort a landing, the radio program blamed for the disaster. >> and in the wine country how insurance companies are trying to speed up the claims process and people trying to take advantage. >> a republican senator calling it quits goes out with a blistering attack on president trump, his fiery retirement speech.
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nway scare.. at san you're watching kpix5 news. francisco internationa our top story at 6:30, another runway scare at san francisco international airport, an air canada crew ignores repeated orders by air traffic controllers to abort their landing. the tense moments came sunday night after the jet was first cleared to land. >> then as jackie ward reports, the control tower desperately tried to reach the air canada crew to wave them off. ers at sfo light 781 from m >> reporter: once again, the faa is investigating what went wrong during the landing of an air canada jet at sfo.
6:31 pm
the faa says air traffic controllers at sfo cleared air canada flight 781 from montreal to land on runway 28r, but then the tower operators told 781 to execute a go around because they were unsure the runway would be cleared in time. the air canada pilots were told six times in 30 seconds to go around, but the pilots didn't respond. >> 781 go around. 781 go around. air canada 781 go around. e was another close call... there was another close call... canada 781 go around. canada 781 go around. >> reporter: at least 45 seconds go by when finally the tower hears from the plane after it lands safely. the air canada crew reported radio problems which drew this response from air traffic controllers. >> that's pretty evident. >> reporter: retired captain ross aimer who has flown into sfo hundreds of times said pilots need to be more cognizant when flying into high
6:32 pm
traffic airports like sfo. >> because of the runways so close to each other, there will be massive delays. so that's why air traffic controllers issue several landing clearances before that preceding aircraft has cleared the runway. >> reporter: the air canada radio problems are unsettling for air canada passengers like paul child who are already nervous about flying. >> i just don't want anything to go wrong to be honest with you and i've got to fly back from toronto next week. yeah. it's a little worry. >> reporter: air canada released a statement saying their crew tried to communicate with the tower but their message wasn't received. now they're looking into the details. the faa is also investigating. near sfo, jackie ward, kpix5. >> you might remember back in july there was another close call with an air canada jet that time, too. it came within seconds of crashing into two other planes full of passengers. that crew almost landed on the taxiway. in that case other pilots were
6:33 pm
in the control tower and the plane made a last minute go around. day two in the kate steinle murder trial, on the stand a witness at san francisco's pier 14 the evening steinle was killed. the lawyer for jose ines garcia zarate said his client found the handgun under a bench on the pier and it accidentally killed kate steinle, but prosecutors say they will prove zarate fired the gun on purpose. kpix5's anne makovec was in court today as a tourist talked about what she saw that day more than two years ago. >> reporter: she noticed a man dressed all in black sitting on one of the swivelling chairs spinning around and she said his appearance disturbed her because he had a smirk on his face and he was laughing at each person who walked past. she later heard the shots that killed kate steinle. >> she said zarate had a similar demeanor in court today
6:34 pm
and seemed unfazed by the testimony. he faces a maximum of 15 years to life in prison. the wildfires destroys about 7,000 structures and 3,000 cars and insurance companies are swamped with flames. kpix5's andria borba shows us how they are trying to keep up. >> reporter: there are tables, tents, trailers, even temporary buildings, pop-up insurance offices have popped up all over wine country to handle wildfire claims. lynn marvea who lost his home said so far he's impressed. >> my insurance company has been great. they put money in instantly in my account. >> reporter: and california's insurance commissioner says that's exactly what's supposed to happen. >> be fast and be flexible with the documentation required. >> reporter: dave jones says because of the severity of the fires, he's issued new guidelines instructing insurers to immediately advance covered homeowners four months of living expenses and provide 1/4 of the value of their home's contents. more than a dozen insurers have
6:35 pm
agreed to do so. >> we have about just over 3,400 homeowners' claims. >> reporter: like most companies, state farm has brought in out of state adjusters to handle the load. >> we train them and orient them to the laws and the circumstances of the area that they're in. >> it's a good thing they're bringing people in because they need more resources. >> reporter: but jones is sounding a warning about so- called public adjusters, professional claims handlers who help negotiate a settlement with your insurance company for a fee. >> in most cases people can make their way through this process without having to pay someone a percentage of their settlement. >> reporter: he says that should only be a last resort. >> we're going to rebuild. we're coming back and rebuilding. >> reporter: rebuilding will be expensive. jones estimates homeowner claims could likely total over $4 billion. he insists insurance companies can handle it. >> one of my jobs is to make sure that they are adequately
6:36 pm
reserving and we are confident that these fires are not going to result in their inability to pay claims. if. >> reporter: but even with resources homeowners like len know they're in for a rough road. >> it won't be the same. >> reporter: andria borba, kpix5. >> now jones says anyone with complaints about their insurance company or questions about how to proceed should contact the state's department of insurance. the consumer advocacy group united policyholders is also a good resource. meet the man now leading one recovery effort in wine country. former fema chief james lee witt has been named executive director of rebuild north bay, a citizen organization formed in wake of those fires, and the focus is the recovery from the disaster and the prevention and preparation for future wildfires. president trump met senate republicans on capitol hill today to strategize on tax reform, but feuds within his own party dominated the day. arizona senator jeff flake
6:37 pm
announced he will not run for reelection. he is the second republican senator after tennessee's bob corker to give us his seat. both men have harsh words for president trump. >> so, mr. president, i will not be complicit or silent. i decided that i would be better able to represent the people of arizona and to better serve my country and my conscience by freeing myself of the political consideration that consumed far too much bandwidth and would cause me to compromise far too many principles. >> the president himself took shots at flake during a rally in phoenix back in august. today senator corker told reporters the president should lee details of the tax plan to -- leave details of the tax plan to congress. mr. trump then launched an attack on twitter against him saying, "corker dropped out of the race in tennessee when i refused to endorse him." >> you know, nothing that he said in his tweets today were truthful nor accurate.
6:38 pm
he knows it. people around him know it. i would hope the staff over there would figure out ways of controlling him. >> republicans are still hoping the tax plan will be one of the major legislative accomplishments of the year. a change coming to the grocery aisle, how one bay area city wants to help you make better decisions when buying beef. >> a famous bay area haunted house coming to the big screen, a sneak peek at the spooky new trailer.
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county registrars office cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands mistakes made by the santa clara county registrar's office cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. the findings of an audit released today revealed a list of administrative issues including missing ballot information, incorrect ballot arguments and typos and mailing errors, problems that had to be corrected before past elections. >> when the registrar voters
6:41 pm
omitted such information to be sent to voters, corrective action was taken. having said that, it did cost taxpayers up to a 1/4 million dollars to make these corrective actions. so we need to identify policies and procedures to prevent that from happening again. >> the audit covered 30 elections between 2010 and 2016. grocery shoppers in san francisco may soon notice some new labels. all city stores must label meat and poultry that was raised on antibiotics. it is the first city in the u.s. to pass such an ordinance. it only applies to national chain stores and not to local butchers. health officials say the ordinance will give customers a better idea of what's in their food. >> so you're hoping the consumer will not buy it. you're thinking this will scare consumers so they won't buy it. >> well, inform the consumer. >> critics call the label unnecessary and say it could be costly. the new ordinance takes effect next year. former san francisco 49er chris borland is calling out the nfl claiming that the league has hidden the risk of
6:42 pm
the brain disease known as cte. in a new public service announcement, he accuses the league of downplaying the science that links cte to repeated head trauma. ce lawmakers to undermine science that 40 so f >> cte is a brain disease that causes depression, aggression, dementia and in some cases suicide, yet for many years the nfl denied the link. unfortunately the nfl isn't the only powerful player sidelining science. lobbyists in many industries are paid handsomely to convince lawmakers it has no effect on our health. >> he left the nfl in 2016 saying the long term health risks were not worth the multimillion dollar contract. hitching a ride, a snake startled passengers on a packed bay area bus. now he's looking for a home. >> looking good over the san mateo bridge, that's a good looking sunset right there after a pretty toasty day, lots of 90s throughout the bay area. when do we cool down?
6:43 pm
it's almost november. i'll have the answer coming up.
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kpix 5's len ramierez reports: ts very a slithering passenger found on a bus in palo alto, kpix5's len ramirez reports despite the scare, it's very friendly and it's ready for adoption. rs slithering around on a palo alt ew line cinema] >> he is a little grumpy. >> reporter: he's a cute snake with a funny name. >> his name is rumple snake skin because he is shedding. >> reporter: and he's the newest tenant at the peninsula humane society. the 2-foot long adolescent ball python was found by vta riders slithering around on a palo al tomorrow bus. f they don't want to eat it." they say he has about a foot of growing to do so he won't take up much d riding a bus now -- palo alto bus. unlike snakes on a plane, the vta driver calmly captured him and brought him in and now he's in caring hands. >> sometimes a lot of people like to take these guys out to get some uv from the sun and sometimes, you know, they slither away. >> reporter: but no one has claimed him. so rumple snakeskin is now up for adoption.
6:47 pm
as you can see from our shot, he's very friendly and very docile. he would make a great pet but for the right kind of owner. >> they're so different from owning a cat or a dog. they need lighting and heat and humidity. so anything they need we have to provide them. >> reporter: that includes meals, a mouse every two weeks. >> dead prey. never feed live. it's very harmful for them depending if they don't want to eat it. >> reporter: they say he has about a foot of growing to do, so he won't take up much space, a snake found riding a bus now looking for a home. in burlingame, len ramirez, kpix5. a team from uc davis have been caring for animals caught in the wine country wildfires. the water and air flow had stopped in the water and the team improvised with a tire pump to keep the fish alive. 33 were taken to the
6:48 pm
university's aquatic center. in all the team has treated a total of 70 animals including cats, horses, llamas. of course, many owners have no way now to care for the animals. the school is sharing updates on its facebook. a haunting look today through a historic mansion through the eyes of hollywood. >> a gargantuan 7-story structure. >> the grieving widow. >> sir winchester, i'm worried about her sanity. movie fe >> oh, cbs films just released the trail are for winchester, the house that ghosts built. the movie features the infamous winchester mystery house starring helen mirren and jason clark and opens february 2nd. >> you'll never look at this house the same again, paul. >> it's right here in the bay area. freak you out for generations to come. your grand kids will see them and say we're not going there or maybe you should. all right. we've got 80s out there.
6:49 pm
there were about five or 10 evenings where you wish you had air conditioning in san francisco because mother nature turned off the natural variety. tonight is going to be one of them. it is 86 with no wind in san francisco, so an uncomfortable night in many apartments in the city, san jose 87, oakland 80, concord 89, santa rosa 85 degrees. the list came in and there were some record highs set today. daily record highs set at all three major airports, manetta san jose 94, sfo airport 91, at oak oakland airport 92 degrees, mild night as well. san francisco will recover eventually to about 60 degrees, oakland also 60, napa and san jose 506. livermore 54 and pacifica after hitting the 90s today will drop to 58 degrees. so the winds are coming from right to left on your television screen. that's not the normal flow of air. we do this in september and october most often. late october it gets iffy, but we do it again tomorrow with the wind coming from the east
6:50 pm
and the west actually the coast the one place to get the most heating because the air has the longest opportunity, the farthest to travel to get from the central valley riding over mountain ranges and the air heats up as it sinks. even with the sea breeze kicking in tomorrow, you'll still be about 10 degrees above average in the 70s right at the immediate coastline. why are you not in the 90s at the beach tomorrow? because the center of the ridge of high pressure is beginning to move. as it slides east, the lightest of light onshore flows, the afternoon sea breeze tomorrow keeping you cool at the beach. it will take a lot more movement from that ridge to get us back to normal. that happens this weekend. we're warm tomorrow, warm again thursday, more significant cooling friday and by the weekend this looks like a normal late october pattern, low pressure to our north. that ridge is now to our south and the same clockwise flow around it brings a west to east flow. that will restore order back to the universe here in the bay area where you won't be 90 degrees in your apartment. you'll have mother nature's air conditioning. we're above average still wednesday and thursday, more
6:51 pm
significant cooling likely this weekend and looking at the halloween forecast just a week from right now, mainly dry and pleasant. the heat will certainly be gone by then. 14 degrees above average in concord tomorrow, 89, 89 also in san jose, not a record likely tomorrow. pacifica down to 75, hayward still warm, 84 degrees. low 90s pittsburg, antioch, san ramon, 80 in san francisco. i guess that's a cooldown. santa rosa 91 and lake port tomorrow sunshine and 86 degrees. extended forecast, we cool down a few degrees thursday and friday, much cooler by the weekend and back to normal by halloween next week and that is your forecast. back to you. welcoming back the world to wine country, tourism has taken a big hit since the wildfires, the major campaign to bring people back. >> coming up tonight at 10:00 on nightbeat after several dangerous incidents on the roads involving vehicles and cyclists tonight we're asking you do you feel safe riding your bike in the bay area, yes,
6:52 pm
no, why, why not? tweet me right now veronicadlcruz. i'll be reading your comments tonight on nightbeat at 10:00 on our sister station kbcw, 44 cable 12.
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
seen of the fire devastation... there may not be a better time to visit wine country. in spite of the pictures
6:55 pm
you've seen of the fire tv station, there probably isn't a better time -- fire devastation, there probably isn't a better time to visit wine country. >> kpix5's john ramos found a film crew taking its own pictures today to prove that very point. >> reporter: for two weeks sonoma valley looked like a setting from a gothic novel, but now that the fires are out and the sky is blue again it's time to welcome the world back. >> now is the perfect time to visit wine country. >> reporter: the visitors bureau filmed a promotional video this morning at the downtown lodge at sonoma. thiseven though -- this hotel said still everyone took a big hit. >> it's hectic. we weren't open about a week and a half after that. >> reporter: the hotel is open once again even if crowds haven't returned quite yet and that's the way it is all over town. everyone is hopefully waiting for the customers to return. every business here from restaurants to movie theaters
6:56 pm
to jewelry stores all rely to some degree on the allure of the wine industry. >> they rely on tourism. they rely on visitors to come and help them out. so everyone is happy to see us. >> reporter: in sonoma valley the wineries largely escaped the flames, but now the challenge is to overcome the perception created by all those awful images. true, there are real scars to be seen, but the beauty is still here, too, and those who live and work here don't want people to feel bad about coming for a good time. >> hundreds of jobs have been lost in the wine business as a result of the fires. so we're encouraging people to come back. >> we are hurting right now, but we will get through this together with your help. >> we need the tourism to stand and stay here for that. >> reporter: so that's the best thing they could do is come. >> yeah. the best thing they can do is come back and visit and keep sonoma alive and strong. >> reporter: in sonoma, john ramos, kpix5.
6:57 pm
>> pay them a visit. >> good night.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
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