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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  October 24, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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travelers be careful when flying american airlines next.
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tonight: now at 11:00, they've gone home to nothing. tonight thousands of fire victims in santa rosa want to know where are they supposed to go now? >> the red tape being shredded tonight to help the people put a roof over their heads. andrea borba with the big question, will they be able to afford it? >> reporter: there are two different ordinances to help people in the city after the fire storm. approval process if a homeowner wa larger footprint the first ordinance is called resilient city, and streamlines the process of homeowners to rebuild. that includes getting rid of permit fees for rebuilds, allowing home ordinary reasons to live on a -- home homeowners to live on their property in a trail -- homeowners to live on their property in a trailer or tiny
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home. >> i want it all to work really -- want us to all work really hard on the rebuilding process, and it's no secret that we have a housing crisis in the years leading up to this event and now it's exacerbated. >> reporter: the council also approved a house gouging ordinance saying tenants can't with evicted to charge more and they can't raise rents more than 10 percent. there are already reports of price gouging submitted to the district attorney's office. disa in santa rosa, andrea borba, kpix 5. on the more help may soon be on the way for fire victims. a $36.5 billion disaster relief bill is sitting on the president's desk tonight. after sailing through the senate it would cover both wildfire and hurricane recovery. tonight we're getting a look at the scope of the
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disaster from space. those gray areas are the burn scars from three of the fires. smoke was billowing from lands end in san francisco as well today. there was a small vegetation fire on a cliff side. crews had to fight it from the water. it was put out in about 30 minutes. but paul, even a tiny fire like that could become a big problem with the heat this week. >> yes, the fire danger increases with the temperature, and today we have daily record highs set at all three major airports. san jose, sfo and oakland airport all in the 90s. san jose the warmest spot at 94. the hottest spot was santa cruz at the beach. 97. moss beach close to half moon bay 94. half moon bay 92, ocean beach 92 degrees today, and still a warm night outside. only about five or ten nights a
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year you say i really need air- conditioning in san francisco, tonight is one of those nights. 77 in the city still, and vallejo at 72. coming up, how long the heat lasts, and will we be sweating for the trick or treaters on halloween? and turns out it was hotter in southern california. at the time game time temperature at dodgers stadium, 103 degrees. that's the hottest start to any world series game ever. >> mr. president i rise today to say enough. tonight arizona senator jeff flake is the second republican in the past month to announce he's calling it quits. veronica de la cruz tells us it's the latest bombshell in an escalating war of words between the president and leaders in his own party. >> after taking the senate floor to announce he won't be seeking re-election in the 2018
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midterms, senator flake took aim at the president. >> the personal attacks, the threats against principals, freedom -- principle, freedoms, and institution, none of these should be regarded as normal. >> tennessee's bob corker who's also retiring at the end of his term also openly criticized mr. trump today. >> you know it's obvious his political model and governing model is to divide, and he's not risen to the occasion. >> earlier in the day president trump blasted corker on twitter calling him incompetent and a light weight. it all must have made for a bit of an awkward lunch of capitol hill where the president sat down with republican senators for the first time to push his tax overhaul. the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell refused to weigh in on the drama. >> i don't have any observation about that. we're here to accomplish things on the american people. we're all on the same page on
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the issues i've mentioned including tax reform. >> as if there wasn't enough drama on capitol hill today, a protester hurled a handful of russian flags at the president as he arrived for that legislative lunch. the protester was quickly detained by capitol security. veronica de la cruz, kpix 5. tonight we're getting some new insight into the deadly mass shooting in las vegas. the new york times used evidence from videos taken at the scene to piece together a second by second sequence of events. the new time line is also raising some new questions. >> reporter: the new york times investigation says the shooting started at 10:05, matching the investigators' time line. and after initial single shot, automatic gun fire can be heard with jason aldean on stage. but at 10:06 p.m., one minute into the attack, the times says stephen paddock wounds a
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security guard in the hallway. this contradicts the latest time line that says he first shot the guard and then would shoot into the crowd uninterrupted. it's one of the questions being raised by a team of digital investigators at the new york times that used 30 videos to create a time line. >> we analyzed every sippingable burst of -- single burst of gun fire. >> reporter: 36 seconds after the security guard radioed in, came a second round of automatic gun fire into the crowd of the route 91 harvest festival. there is just a 17 second lull before a third burst of gun fire. and only 20 seconds later a fourth burst. the new york times counts more than 900 rounds in all into the crowd. at 10:10 muzzled gun fire is heard from a taxi driver's cell phone video, indicating the shooter might have been firing into the hallway again. what's unclear is which
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officers wouldn't arrive on the 31st floor for another two minutes and not until 10:22 on the 32nd floor. >> where are the cops at? >> reporter: a full seven minutes after the shooting started, a driver questioned why there were no police officers or panic outside mandalay bay. we reached out to the las vegas sheriff's office for clarification, and they say there's no investigative update at this time. it was day two in the murder trial against the undocumented man who admitted to firing the shot that killed a woman on san francisco's pier 14. the lawyer for him said his compliant found the hand gun under a bench on the pier and that it went off accidentally. but prosecutors say they'll prove he fired it on purpose. we were in court today as a tourist from the east coast spoke about what she saw that
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day more than two years ago. >> reporter: she noticed a man dressed all in black sitting on a swivelling chair spinning around and said his appearance disturbed her because he had a smirk on his face and he was laughing at each person that walked past. she later heard the shot that killed kate steinley. >> he had a similar demeanor in court today and seemed unphased by most of the testimony. he faces a maximum sentence of 15 years to life in prison. eenager - accused of raping and murderin earlier today a judge announced that the santa cruz teen accused of raping and murdering his 8-year-old neighbor will be tried as an adult. he was 15 when he pleaded not guilty. he's charged in the death of maddie middleton. her body was eventually found in a kemp administer at the complex they -- dumpster at the complex they both lived in. if convicted he faces life in prison without parole.
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a south bay sheriff's deputy pulled awe driver over and wound up catching a suspected mail thief eventually. here he is, 27-year-old justin rucker. deputies tried to pull him over sunday morning, but he got away. then they caught him when his car hit a curb. they found stolen mail and burglary tools. >> i'm afraid they were clueless. another runway scare at sfo. tonight the frantic calls from the tower that went unanswered. car.. and a cyclist. tonight: what is going on .. on bay area roads? and just the latest scary run in between a car and cyclist tonight. what's going on on bay area roadways? and a famous bay area haunted house is coming to the
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big screen, and tonight we have a sneak peak.
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passengers to be careful, if they're tonight the naacp issued an unusual travel advisory telling black passengers to be careful if they're flying american airlines. now the group says it's been monitoring a pattern of disturbing incidents in recent months. in one of these incidents it says quote, the pilot directed that an african american woman be removed from the flight when she complained to the gate agent about having her seating assignment changed without her consent. tonight the airline says that it's ready to listen, it plans to invite naacp reps to its
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headquarters to talk. ting a runway scare at s-f-o.. involvin tonight for the second time in less than four months, the faa is investigating a runway scare at sfo involving an air canada jet. it was inbound sunday when controllers tried to wave it off, but their repeated calls were met with radio silence. >> reporter: the faa says air traffic controllers at sfo cleared air canada flight 781 from montreal to land on runway 28r, but then they told them to execute a go around because they were unsure the runway would be cleared in time. the air canada pilots were told six times in 30 seconds to go around, but the pilots didn't respond. >> 781 go around, 781 go around. >> reporter: at least 45 seconds go by when finally the tower hears from the plane after it lands safely. the air canada crew reported
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radio problems which drew this response from air traffic controllers. >> that's pretty evident. >> reporter: retired captain ross amer who's flown into sfo hundreds of times says pilots need to be more cognitive when flying into busy airports like sfo. >> due to the runways being so close together there could be massive delays, that's why they issue several landing clearances before the preceding aircraft cleared the runway. >> reporter: air canada says their crew tried to communicate with the tower but the message wasn't received. now they're looking into the details. the faa is also investigating. near sfo, jackie ward, kpix 5. >> in july another air canada plane came within 50 feet of colliding with four airliners waiting to take off. the close call prompted the faa
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to change requirements for night landings at sfo. tonight construction has begun on a critical part of california's bullet train. sky drone 5 giving us the exclusive view of the area high above the san luis reservoir. tonight we're learning about a big change to the project. the high speed rail authority wants to combine a half dozen shorter tunnels into one massive tunnel that would skirt the reservoir just to the north. the price tag to be determined. start carrying passengers in 20-25. night: the first segment from san jose to the central valley could start carrying passengers in 2025. east bay when all tonight we have new video of a roadside attack. a woman was cycling in the eastbound when all of the sudden -- east bay when all of the sudden she was struck. just the latest scary run in, so what's going on? ly at her. she screams when she's hit... but keeps riding. "it's bad when it' but when it' >> reporter: this is the dramatic video a woman cycling on dublin canyon road in castro
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valley captured. it shows the moment a young man hanging out of a car threw a tennis ball directly at you. she screams when hit, but doesn't fall. >> it's bad when it's an accident, but when it's intentional? it's really sad. >> reporter: fortunately the rider was okay, but avid cyclists say this type of aggression is becoming more common as bikes and cars fight for space. >> some people might feel we're in their way that the road is theirs, but really it's for everyone. >> reporter: the cyclist hit in the video was a close friend of her that is lives in the area, but wants to remains anonymous. the goal in sharing the video is to increase awareness of the tensions on the roads. >> the law is three feet. >> reporter: but the law wasn't enough to protect a group of cyclists in danville. >> there are two victims, major injuries. >> reporter: danville police say 83-year-old daniel brennan was involved in two separate
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hit and runs in less than an hour saturday afternoon. two of the cyclists were seriously injured. >> we can't conclusively say the caution of the collision and won't probably for several weeks, but thus far it doesn't look like malicious intent. >> reporter: police arrested that driver late last night. >> there's always tensions on the roadway, and we try to encourage people to show a little bit of patience and a lot of respect for your fellow motorists and cyclists. >> reporter: so far no arrests made in the tennis ball throwing incident on dublin canyon here in castro valley, but the sheriff's department say it's only a matter of time. would you want to eat meat or poultry raised on antibiotics? soon it will be easier to know exactly what you're getting. san francisco is beefing up its labeling so to speak starting in six months. at the time stores that sell raw meat and poultry will be
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required to list any antibiotics used to raise that livestock. san francisco is the first city in the nation with such an ordinance, but it only applies to the national big chains like safeway, trader joe's and costco. local butcher shops are exempt. you might need to dig deep on your next visit to yosemite. the trump administration is proposing a huge increase in the entrance fees at some of the most popular national parks out there. it would be effect from may to september. the cost per car is $70, more than double the current peak season fee of $30. a final decision expected early next year. a mysterious san jose land mark is about to hit the big screen. kpix 5's betty yu has a sneak peek at the spooky new trailer released just in time for halloween. heaters ... nats each maze of halls more confusing than the next... the cbs films production follows the real life story of sarah winchester - played by academy award winner helen mirren. winchester spent secret pa >> 7 story structure.
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>> a grieving widow. sarah winchester. . the movie was shot at the real mansion and in australia. it was re- created because some of the rooms were just too small for during i'm worried about her sanity. >> reporter: the world famous winchester mystery house is ready to audiences in theaters. >> the maze of halls more confusing than the next. >> reporter: the cbs production follows the real life story of sarah winchester played by hele n mirren. she spent years building halls and stairways that went to nowhere. she oversaw construction 24/7 to throw off the spirits of those killed by her family's gun. the movie was shot at the real mansion and in australia. it was recreated because some of the rooms were too small for the set. i sat down with mirren during her shoot in san jose last spring. >> if there are spirits here, and i think her spirit has to be in these walls, but i think
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it's a very sweet loving spirit. >> reporter: the movie also stars jason clark who plays a san francisco psychiatrist that discovers winchester's obsession may not be so insane after all. in san jose, betty yu, kpix 5. rterback colin kaepernick is not memorizing any play books at the moment, so it may give him time to write his own book. the former 49ers quarterback has reportedly signed a million dollar deal with random house. he began kneeling during the national anthem last year to protest police brutality. some believe it cost him his job. kaepernick is suing nfl owners now claiming that they colluded to keep him from playing. paul, we're talking about football, halloween, it should be cool and crisp right? >> no, the weather is like three months off. we do warm up in october, but typically not this late in october, so we're off even here in the bay area.
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mid-09s at the beach today -- mid-90s at the beach today, still 76 at 11:00. concord 67, livermore 62. we'll cool off by tomorrow morning. sunrise just before 7:30. 54 in the tri valley. south city around 60 as well. but tomorrow brings another round of the offshore winds. winds coming from the east to the west even at the beach, it will still be warm with highs in the upper70s. big ridge, perfect location offshore wind. when it's centered to our north, the clockwise flow going around it gives us the east wind. 108 in southern california today at the beach. the ridge will move though. same ridge and strength, different location. by sunday dropping down to the south, and that same clockwise
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flow gives us a breeze from the chilly ocean, and we'll be back to normal. but quite toasty for the next two days. not quite as warm tomorrow and thursday, but still well above average. significant cooling to come this weekend, and if you're making plans for halloween, the early forecast should be dry and pleasant. still 17 degrees above average tomorrow. san mateo 83, 70s at the beach, low 90s walnut creek, and 80 in san francisco, ukia 86. only a few degrees of cooling through friday, cooler this weaponed, and back to northerly mal by the -- weekend, and back to normal by the beginning of next week, and november start next wednesday. >> all right, thank you paul. well, how in the world? a python stows away on a packed bay area bus, and tonight he's
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looking for a home. >> and here are tonight's guests on the late show. oh, you brought butch.
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yeah! (butch growls at man) he's looking at me right now, isn't he? yup. (butch barks at man) butch is like an old soul that just hates my guts. (laughs)
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(vo) you can never have too many faithful companions. introducing the all-new crosstrek. love is out there. find it in a subaru crosstrek. it's a snake on a bus that has everyone talking. well, you remember the movie snakes on a plane? well tonight it's a snake on a bus that has everybody freaking out. [ laughter ] >> well, this is rumple snake skin. cute name though. the two foot python hitched a
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ride on a bus in palo alto. no one knows how he got there. he was dropped off at the humane society by the driver. >> sometimes owners like to take them out to get sun, and they slitter away. >> so no -- slither away. >> so no one has claimed him, so he's up for adoption. he's very friendly and would make a great pet they say. >> he would! nonpoisonous. >> oh, yeah, i'll bring him home to my wife. [ laughter ] >> it's not going to happen. we have a final decision on marshawn lynch. will he play sunday for the raiders? and the world series highlights next.
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i think we can all put to rest the annual debate that clayton kershaw cannot deliver the goods in october. he became the second pipper in the history of -- pitcher in the history of the world series to strike out 11 without
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walking anybody. look at these legends. la's first world series game in 29 years, and in the 5th clayton struck out a batter to end the 5th. la tied at 1 with houston in the 6th, but then justin turner connects, his fifths home run of the post-season, the dodgers take game one 3-1. and limp's suspension was -- lynch's suspension was upheld, and he'll miss the game at buffalo. that means more carries for washington but before getting ready for buffalo, they'll eventually to move past oakland's wild win over kansas city thursday. >> as soon as i got back home i watched it on tv. as soon as i got home i had to watch it. i have never been in a game like this, it was a goose bump type things. tomorrow night the earthquakes play their first playoff game since 2012 facing
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vancouver in a single elimination match. san jose is the lowest seed in the western conference, but san jose enters the post-season with more momentum than their opponents. >> >. i think we have the advantage. i think we're going into vancouver with momentum and vancouver has no momentum. i think people can look at us and say we're not very good on the road or we're not a very good team, but the way we've been playing the last three games, we're a good team. just don't tell them that. >> yeah, you want to go under the radar. they're not a good road team, only three wins all year on the road. they need a secret weapon. >> yeah? >> rumple snake skin. [ laughter ] >> put him on the plane and take him to vancouver. [ laughter ] >> we'll be right back. cbs eye on the community...
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our food pantries are vibrant. people feel welcomed, and they're being respected. it helps our team members see the work that they do in the store every day... how that actually relates to their communities. cbs eye on the community is sponsored by target. our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4-30. michelle griego and kenny choi will have all o start your d the late show is next. our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4:30.
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>> have a great evening, we'll see you tomorrow. captioning sponsored by cbs >> woooo! this halloween, get into the halloween spirit with your very own maga pumpkin hat. this actual hat features "make america great again" on the back, and on the front, a spooky pumpkin. >> any likeness to president trump is not spended. >> buy one and your friends will get a fright knowing you support a man who said there was some good nazis. but that's not the only halloween item you'll find on there's also the ghastly remains of the dead g.o.p. health care bill. this terrifying shrunken head. a white cat. and if you don't have a halloween costume, check out these


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