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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 26, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> i'm michelle griego. [ laughter ] >> what are you talking about? >> yeah. world series game 2, it was a good game. i was up late last night. >> oh, you watched the whole thing. >> not the whole thing. >> not overtime. tenth inning. >> they had a bunch of home runs and dodgers almost came back. it was a pretty good game. >> it's okay to talk smack about the dodgers. >> yes. [ crosstalk ] >> i want to make sure it's okay. we want to be unbiased but -- [ laughter ] >> yeah. let's talk about the weather right now. we showed you one shot of the coit tower. here's another view of it. it's going to be clear skies again. we are not going to see the marine layer returning until this weekend. so that's good news. another day of heat. 15 degrees above average, hot and dry air. yeah. it's all because of the offshore winds. they have stuck around. so i'll talk more about the temperatures and talk about that cool weekend coming up. jaclyn? >> all right. we are tracking a problem that occurred last night around 5:30. the first call came in where
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this accident had knocked down the power lines and some transformers there. so the silverado trail is shut down at highway 128. and looks like it's going to be closed throughout much of the morning. we'll let you know when the roadway reopens but a heads up for anyone who typically travels that route. we have some overnight roadwork northbound 880. looks like it just wrapped up. everything just went back into the green between 238 and 98. back to you guys. a bay area jewel thief gains the trust of store employees and robs them of merchandise worth almost $30,000. police are on the hunt for the thief who did it at kings jewelers in walnut creek. as kpix 5's andria borba shows us, it was caught on camera. >> reporter: nothing sparkles like a diamond unless you're in law enforcement, then surveillance video beats compressed carbon every day. it was october 12th.
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just before 3 p.m., this man in the white shirt and glasses strolled into the kings jewelers on california drive in walnut creek. he had called three days earlier talking engagement rings. >> it's a pretty routine thing. nothing raised a red flag about him that we had any concerns. and now we have learned hands in the pockets, that's something to look for. >> reporter: but the only commitment this man was looking to make was to a life of crime. the sales clerk showed off the 1.82-carat $27,000 diamond just like this. >> we put it on his hand like this. if you notice in the video, he took the time to straighten it on his hand. we put it on his hands and he covered his hands and turned and ran out of the door. >> reporter: a rock that has only been in his possession for three hours high tailed it out of the store into a waiting green getaway car with paper plates. the kings jewelers has been in walnut creek for 40 years and says they have never seen a
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robbery as brazen as this one. david says getting rid of the stolen stone wouldn't be hard. >> he goes to places that are knowingly buying hot goods, you know, i would imagine he could get rid of it pretty quickly. i'm sure there's places out there that are going to deal in cash. >> reporter: in walnut creek, andria borba, kpix 5. investigators are looking into what led a third grade student to bring a loaded gun to school in san ramon. police say the 8-year-old boy had the 9-millimeter pistol in his backpack on tuesday at twin creeks elementary school. he reportedly showed it to a classmate who later told a parent. the boy is suspended. it's not clear if there will be more action against the boy or the parents. three men are injured after a two-car crash in san francisco. it happened last night in golden gate park. the men had to be extricated from the car including one who was trapped for 2 1/2 hours. >> it's more of a challenge these days the way these new
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cars are bit, the trains and so forth. so with new equipment, it took a while, a team effort. we had our paramedic captain standing by at the patient's side the whole time to make sure she was aware of his vitals and giving him the care needed. he was in a lot of pain. >> two men are hospitalized in critical condition, the other is stable. he cause is under investigation. in santa rosa, a hospital forced to evacuate all of its patients as a wildfire approached has just reopened. this kaiser facility wasn't damaged, but it had to have a massive clean-up before it could open. somehow, as flames grew closer to the building, it took just three hours for staff and first responders to get everyone out. some santa rosa teachers who lost their homes and everything else are going to class to prep for students. here's all one high school teacher has left after the tubbs fire destroyed her house. but some school board members
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are now helping displaced teachers with their fema application process and they are even working to get them advance notice on available rentals. >> as soon as we start thinking about coming back to school, we also have to realize that our teachers were impacted along with our students and the challenge for them is to really together and have dealt with their emotional issues around this so they can help students. i don't think you can do that while couch surfing. >> almost 80 santa rosa city schoolteachers lost their homes, 22 still homeless. and the city of berkeley is taking steps to offer housing to those displaced by the fires. a new will allow landlords to rent units at below market rates for a fixed time period. time now 4:35. picked up my daughter yesterday from preschool. she is wearing long pants, sweating profusely. i asked my wife afterwards, did you not listen to the forecast? she was hot! >> it was warm. >> yeah.
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it's a shorts kind of day maybe. hopefully your daughter will dress accordingly because today is going to be hot again today and tomorrow. so expect this weather pattern, so yes, repeat itself. so here's a look at what we're seeing right now. temperatures are actually feeling comfortable in the early-morning hours. in the 50s and 60s. we start with a slight sea breeze yesterday. right along the coast temperatures cooled off a bit but it looks like overnight not much relief. 60s for concord, 57 in oakland right now. livermore at 55. and the winds are still coming out of the east. they are very calm at this morning hour but you can see that wind direction. so that's again why we are going to see more of the heat today and it's also why we are going to see our humidity levels drop but look at this all around the bay area this morning, calm conditions. our winds are going to pick up later on. humidity levels, we got a boost so overnight we saw more moisture along the coastline coming through with that bit of a sea breeze but we are going
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to see these numbers dropping off into possibly the 30s and 40s later on today so that east dry wind is returning, so is that hot air. we'll have more coming up. right now, we are tracking speeds that are starting to warm up, i should say. we have some yellow lighting up our screen here, sensors showing delays. we had an earlier car fire that's cleared. it's not blocking lanes. you can see that backup stretches all the way into tracy along westbound 205 and continues until you get into livermore, then things pick up. it's about 25 minutes between 205 and 680. heading out of antioch, westbound 4 looking good as you make way to 680 and your ride southbound 680 looking okay when you have about a four- minute commute from willow pass road to highway 24. new reports of an accident westbound direction, this is right near wilder but it does
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not appear to be slowing anyone down. back to you. records on the kennedy assassination will be released today. president kennedy was assassinated in 1963 in dallas in november of that year. experts don't expect the documents to contain big surprises or contradict the conclusion that lee harvey oswald acted alone in assassinating kennedy. they should shed some light, however, on how the fbi and cia handled the investigation. the white house will not say whether president trump will invoke privilege to keep some documents secret. president trump continues to engage in a war of words with the republican senator who accused him of being a danger to democracy. reporter seth lemon has more. reporter: president trump traveled to texas for a gop fundraiser. before he left the white house he brushed aside divisions within the party. >> honestly, the republicans are very, very well united. >> none of this is normal. >> reporter: the president's comments came just a day after arizona senator jeff flake blasted him on the senate floor
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citing mr. trump's behavior as the reason he won't seek re- election next year. >> his poll numbers are terrible. he has done terribly for the great people of arizona, a state that likes donald trump very much. >> reporter: in an op. ed. published in the "washington post," flake called on other lawmakers to speak up, writing, quote, we can no longer remain silent nearly observing the train wreck passively as if waiting for someone else to do something. >> the longer we go, the more this behavior is normalized. and that is a problem. >> reporter: flake's republican colleagues here on capitol hill have refused to open fire on president trump. >> we are still on very good terms with the president. >> he is very focused on getting results. >> reporter: wednesday, the senate chaplain hailed flake's courage. >> lord provide with us more patriots who will stand for right. >> reporter: the president says the party stands behind his
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agenda particularly on issues like tax reform. >> we want tax cuts for the middle class. we want tax cuts for businesses to produce jobs. >> reporter: gop leaders are aiming to pass a tax bill through the house by thanksgiving break. seth lemon, cbs news, capitol hill. president trump also signaled that the 401(k) retirement program could be changed in order to help finance tax cuts. earlier this week, he promised the program would be left alone. time now 4:40. police trying to track down two men at the center of a south bay crime spree including a chilling execution-style murder.
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footage of these men - in a push to crush their alleged crime spree, in the south bay. police believe they were behind a deadly shooting and multiple sexual assaults - among other violent crimes. these men are on a crime spree in the south bay. they were behind a deadly shooting and multiple sexual assaults among other violent crimes. kpix 5's betty yu shows how law enforcement agencies in california have been working together to stop them. reporter: san jose police
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need your help finding these two men who they say are linked to a shooting death and a string of other violent crimes in the bay area. the first suspect is described as a chinese man between 25 and 30 and weighing up to 170 pounds. the second suspect is in his mid to late 30s weighs 250 pounds and was last seen wearing all black on surveillance images. they are part of what police are calling a brothel ring that allegedly involves three other men from southern california seen here. they have been arrested in connection with a killing in this north san jose apartment complex located on elan village lane last month. >> it was actually los angeles county sheriff's department. they were instrumental in taking these violent criminals into custody. they dedicated numerous resources. >> reporter: authorities identify the victim as 31-year- old shing gin lee of southern california. a police source tells kpix 5 the gunman tied two people up
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inside an apartment and killed lee execution-style. a collaborative investigation among bay area agencies found that around the time of the shooting, a series of armed robberies and sex assaults took place in milpitas, fremont and south san francisco. all crimes took place at working brothels including this apartment complex. >> we found out that neighbors had suspicions. you know, they saw men coming and going at all hours. we are encouraging anyone if they suspect that they have any type of, um, working brothel or any type of criminal activity occurring in their neighborhood to contact their respective agencies. >> yeah. people mentioned they knew about people who had been kicked out before for, um, i guess being a brothel. so, um, yeah, it's known in the area. >> reporter: police have not said how the suspect in these cases are connected to the shooting victim. betty yu, kpix 5. bart trains are being tested for the transit system's
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expansion to san jose. here's a look at the test under way in milpitas. it includes milpitas and berryessa area for stations. santa clara was part of the initial plans in the '50s but county rejected it. now many are optimistic about what bart might bring. >> as a small business, every little bit helps us. knowing the milpitas bart station will be less than a mile from our shop, it's going to be great. we are going to be able to get customers from all over the bay area. >> the expansion to berryessa is expected to be open to passengers next summer. and eventually it extends to downtown san jose and santa clara. palo alto-based tesla is helping restore power in hurricane-ravaged puerto rico. hurricane maria knocked out power at san juan's children's hospital a month ago and now
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tesla is using solar to bring power back. it's going to generate all the power it needs. a 600-pound pig named gertrude was among thousands evacuated during the wine country wildfires. she escaped the flames twice. besides getting out of napa in time, she was evacuated during a fire in san bernardino county last year. and now she is eating a lot at half moon bay getting care interest a nonprofit animal sanctuary called sweet farm. >> we jumped into action putting up emergency support shelters. and the purpose of these shelters is to help support the offset animals from charlie's acres as well as other animals as the recovery efforts from these fires continue. >> the founders of sweet farm say their goal is to protect underrepresented animals and highlight their needs. big boy. >> yes! >> big pig. >> oh, wow, a lot of pumpkins to be eaten. >> right.
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[ laughter ] you guys ready for another hot day? >> eeh. >> i like to be warm but -- >> it's better than freezing, right? at least we don't have that. temperatures will be hot again. so 80s and 90s are back in the forecast. here are three things to keep in mind as you start your thursday. hey, it's almost the weekend so there's that. we are going to be slightly cooler than yesterday. but not a major drop in our temperatures until saturday, sunday. so i'll show you when that arrives. then our offshore winds will be sending more dry hot air into our area. that wind direction though is going to change. and that's going to cool things off. right now we are in the 50s, low 60s and didn't get much cooling overnight except for along the coastline. that's where the sea breeze picks up. san ramon five-mile-per-hour winds. very calm everywhere else. winds pick up later. it looks like our humidity levels will also be dropping off here shortly as that wind starts to increase. as we get more east wind it
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will make a difference. here's a look at some of our forecast areas along the coast. temperatures will be in the upper 70s instead of the low 80s. so at least the beaches a little bit cooler. you may notice that difference sunny and dry around the bay and inland another hot day out there. so the offshore winds are here yet again. so again, overall, that basically gives us a chance for repeat of that heat. yesterday san jose livermore broke records. we are not going to see records being broken today but we have high pressure. you can see the ridge still sending a lot of that wind from the nevada desert over to the california coast. but this low pressure right over here is expected to reach california and that is going to cause that change in our wind direction causing coastal cooling. temperatures today: 19 degrees
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above average for various areas. cooling at the weekend especially along the coast where the marine layer returns by this weekend and then look at next week. temperatures down into the 60s and 70s. back to you. >> looks like it's going to be a nice time for trick or treaters. right now we are slowdowns if you are making your way to the south bay just along 87. we don't see any accidents or any roadwork going on so we'll keep an eye on that and let you know what's going on as we try to transition onto 101. 101 is in the green. san mateo bridge an easy ride for drivers making their way between 880 to 101 connecting to foster city, san mateo, your ride along the eastshore freeway he getting crowded near mcbryde. no reports of any accidents. just under 15 minutes for drivers making their way from 4 to the maze. and over at the bay bridge toll
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plaza, we can see those cars really starting to stack up there. this is just in the cash lanes. fastrak drivers, you have about a 10-minute commute as you make your way from the maze into san francisco. 580 the only one showing real delays right now. we are in the yellow, 26 minutes between 205 and 680. to avoid the delays, bart is on time with 36 trains. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. back to you guys. time now 4:50. angry parents sound off as a bay area teacher returns to the classroom after multiple accusations of inappropriate behavior.
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good morning. here's where you're going to go. get some cooling today along
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the beaches. half moon bay temperatures will be cooler than yesterday down into the low 70s. the east bay look at this, temperatures upper 80s today. livermore may reach 91 degrees. not expecting to break records today. that happened yesterday and the day before. but it looks like temperatures across santa rosa, sonoma, napa, low 90s, mid-80s right around the bay and further to the north, ukiah 91. lakeport 87. speeds are at the limit westbound on westbound 80 right along the eastshore freeway. this is right near gilman. but we are tracking some slowdowns in the opposite commute direction eastbound. caltrans has roadwork going on right near mcdonald to highway 4. so expect some slowdowns if you are heading in the opposite commute direction. it's hard to find room in san francisco for new parks so now there's a proposal to build some under freeways. many of those areas are now home to large homeless encampments so some state lawmakers are pushing a bill to create 4 parks and open spaces
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on properties owned by caltrans. one example, near mission creek. >> if you walk down there, you see the best example we have today on how returned space that has been very negative for all the residents around there and in conversations with new residents in that area, creative space that complements what i think is our national attention these days, a park for everyone within 10 minutes. >> san francisco mayor ed lee saying that at least 10 more parks can be expected in the next few years. some east bay parents are pushing a school district to do more about a teacher accused of behaving inappropriately with multiple female students. kpix 5's katie nielsen shows us why they are upset he still has a job. >> i believe this board has made an egregious error in allowing him back into the classroom and i think you
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should all reconsider the decision you made. thank you. [ applause ] >> reporter: wearing paint and holding signs with the hashtag, me, too, the crowd cheered on lisaer is sherman. her daughter is one of four students who came forward in august including piedmont high's european history team, mark coward, of acting inappropriately with them as every and other students. >> the district should not allow a predatory teacher who solicited, harassed and intim dated students to remain at the high school or perhaps you should just invite or welcome the former mayor. >> reporter: the school board sent a letter to parents summarizing its investigation. they found cowheard touched students inappropriately, sent inappropriate text messages, drank alcohol in front of students and asked students sexual questions and made sexual comments. >> what most students saw was that an investigation happened and it must have cleared mr. cowherd since he was welcomed
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back into the classroom. >> reporter: the board said while he acted inappropriately, his behavior wasn't criminal. and that's why he was allowed back into the classroom just three weeks after students first came forward. >> this teacher's conduct was unprofessional, inappropriate and we took steps to mitigate, um, that conduct. >> reporter: but parents say it's outrageous this teacher still has a job. >> as a board, i would ask that you examine your policy and set the bar higher. piedmont needs to step up, follow through and support its students first and foremost and our trust. >> the school board president said they plan to discuss the issue again at a closed session during an upcoming board meeting. several junior varsity football players at antioch high school have been suspended because of allegations of sexual harassment. according to the east bay times, six players allegedly made vulgar comments to female students walking by the locker
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room on monday. another six students were disciplined for making comments supporting the players or failing to intervene. the school has canceled friday's jv football game against deer valley high school. the golden state warriors have settled their tab with the city of oakland for the cost of this year's championship parade and rally. the amount nearly $787,000. a city spokesman says the check was deposited this week. the warriors agreed to foot the entire bill even though they say it was more than double the initial estimate. the money offsets all taxpayer costs for police, fire and public works staffing. increased security screening on all flights entering the u.s. starting today. coming up, we'll tell you what that entails. >> plus, test results for lead in the water come back high at three schools in san francisco. we're live at one of them.
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and i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live look outside... the morning rush is about to start... with drivers hitting the roads heading to work.. we're monitoring what you can expect ... good morning. it's thursday, october 26th. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. as we take a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza on the right you can see all those commuters with those fastrak passes loving those passes right around now because they are going right through and a shot of the beautiful bay bridge . at the beaches you will feel good where you'll get some cooling. >> clear conditions, no marine layer. 15 degrees above average hot and dry again. offshore winds again. so pretty much a repeat of what we had yesterday. for those of new


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