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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  October 27, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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started. at last check, the atlas fire in napa and sonoma counties was 98% contained. and the tubbs fire is now at 95% contained. that fire became the most destructive wildfire in california history surpassing the oakland hills fire that killed 25 people. >> one of the areas hit the hardest sonoma county. tomorrow the city of santa rosa is holding a remembrance day for the victims killed in the deadly wildfires. people will also gather at 11 a.m. tomorrow to honor firefighters and first responders. the event is at santa rosa junior college's bailey field. a total of 23 people in sonoma county died in the fires which destroyed thousands of homes and businesses. >> today more than a dozen schools in santa rosa are set to re-open following a significant clean-up after the deadlykpix 5's jessica flores is live in santa rosa with the details. wildfires. reporter: kenny, we are in front of james monroe elementary school. this is one of 13 schools opening today.
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an additional 11 schools will re-open on monday. and here at james monroe, several students and several teachers lost their homes in the devastating fire. it will be an emotional return for a lot of folks here. schools have been closed for nearly three weeks. that fire sent ash and soot into class rooms. the district was worked around the clock to clean the campuses. about 200 workers have been cleaning campuses and replacing over 3,000 air-conditioning filters at 24 schools. the superintendent says about 80 staff members lost homes in the fire and also 900 students have addresses listed in the burn zone. but it's still unclear how many students have been displaced. the district is working out how to make up three weeks of lost
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class time. on wednesday teachers went back to school to prepare for students. >> we are preparing, they are preparing themselves to be able to deal with students who are coming back after being traumatized in a way that nobody quite understands yet. >> reporter: now, the district will have mental health services on campus, counselors and social workers from even different cities like san francisco here to help out students and teachers. and the district also says anybody who lost his home in the fire will be eligible for free meals no questions asked. income will not be a factor. the district is also working out how it will make up for lost sometime. -- lost time. now, we do have a list of all the schools that will hope today as well as monday on our website. that's click on "links and numbers." live in santa rosa, jessica flores, kpix 5. jessica, thank you, time now 6:02 the unseasonably warm weather is sticking around
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again today. the golden gate on the left with fog. on the right, temperatures expected throughout the bay area in the mid-80s, high 70s. a "spare the air" alert is in effect because of the current conditions. i think i'm doing brian hackney's job this morning. [ crosstalk ] [ laughter ] we have a nice day under way but as you say, a "spare the air" alert with that high pressure gives us warm weather and lousy air quality today. so in the east bay, unhealthful level of pollutants in various parts of the area. "spare the air" alert throughout the day today. beach hazard statement at the beach with riptides. concord 57. a beautiful day for the bay area. warm through the weekend. nice today. temperatures in san francisco
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today 78 degrees. let's get a bent metal update. here's jaclyn. >> well, we'll begin with mass transit. bart with 56 trains in service on time. that may be the best way for you to get to your destination this morning. we are tracking delays along 880. you don't want to be stuck in this. southbound direction, this is just as you make your way through san lorenzo down towards hayward. report of a new accident just before highway 92 keeping your ride heavy as well as some debris near alvarado boulevard there and then a problem on the dumbarton bridge. so we are seeing speeds in the yellow and red now. look out, give yourself some extra time as you are heading out the door. we are still seeing a lot of delays as folks are making their way along the san mateo bridge and the eastshore freeway. that's getting pretty heavy out there. we'll take a closer look at your bay bridge drive times coming up. new details an inmate hunger strike that had been called off is back on again after comments made by a sheriff of the santa clara county jail.
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anne makovec reports. >> reporter: when inmates don't like the way things are going for them at jail they don't have a lot of recourse. they are using food again, a hunger strike to protest some comments made by the sheriff, laurie smith. her comments came to the san jose inside publication in an october 19th article about a scheduled hunger strike. referring to a previously planned hunger strike. well, this all comes, says the santa clara county sheriff's office vowing to improve jail conditions after high-profile events in recent years including the beating death of an inmate by jail guards. so yesterday, many inmates began refusing food despite canceling their planned hunger strike leaving unopened food untouched saying they hoped those items would go to the food bank. sheriff smith's comments were directed at criticism at an undersheriff who is running
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against her in 2018. that would be john here cau-- john hirakawa who is running against her in 2018. he had criticized the way his former boss handled a hunger strike last year accusing her of striking a deal with gang members in violation of county policy. she refutes that saying gangs do not run this jail. live in san jose, anne makevoc, kpix 5. testimony will pick up back today -- back up on monday in a san francisco murder case that's drawn national attention over the sanctuary city debate. the federal agent whose stolen gun was used to kill kate steinle on a san francisco pier testified this week. the public defender questioned him on why he left a loaded weapon in his car. jose garcia zarate says he found the gun and it went off by accident. garcia zarate faces a maximum sentence of 15 years to life in prison. new video shows the moment a man drove into a group of immigration protestors in orange county. people threw themselves on the
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hood and banged on the car as the driver sped up. about 200 people were marching outside republican representative ed royce's office. they were protesting president trump's policy on those with temporary protected status. several people had minor injuries. police arrested the driver for assault with a deadly weapon. he has been released as police investigate. prototypes for president trump's proposed mexico border wall are now complete. each prototype is between 18 to 30 feet in height. it has to be built with certain specifications including an underground foundation to deter tunneling. each costs up to $500,000. the president praised the progress on the wall during a speech about the opioid crisis. >> and an astonishing 90% of the heroin in america comes from south of the border where we will be building a wall which will greatly help in this problem. >> tests will soon be done to
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assess the designs. that will start in another month. the concrete still needs to cure. results of the testing will dictate future wall construction which has not yet been funded by congress. senator kamala harris says she won't back a bill that allows the government to spend money unless congress works to fix the "deferred action for childhood arrivals" program. late last night harris tweeted out: >> an estimated 200,000 recipients of the program live in california. earlier this year, president trump announced he would move to end daca with a 6 month delay to allow congress to come up with a solution. nearly 2800 documents related to the 1963 assassination of president john f. kennedy are now public. some of the documents detail the u.s. government's efforts to overthrow the castro regime in the '60s and '70s. others mentioned shooter lee harvey oswald's trip to new orleans and mexico city.
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>> didn't the cia know much more about what was going on with oswald in mexico city? didn't they suspect that he was a much bigger threat and why didn't they warn washington about it at the time? >> other details unsealed show the cia discussed efforts to assassinate castro and even forge ties with the "mob" for help. the fbi received a call at its dallas office threatening oswald's life the night before he was shot and killed by jack ruby. about 300 files are still classified for now out of concern for u.s. national security. president trump just tweeted about the files saying, quote, in the end, there will be great transparency. it is my hope to get just about everything to public. harvey weinstein is suing the company that he cofounded. his attorneys filed a lawsuit in delaware against the weinstein company in a bid to obtain personnel and employment records from the film studio. the embattled movie mogul is facing sexual harassment and rape allegations. the suit claims that if harvey weinstein can examine the information, he can more
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efficiently assist the company in defending against those claims. when his lawyer made the demands, the weinstein company denied access to all but the code of conduct. ♪[ music ] it's something that happens at bart stations all across the bay area every, single day. and it's proving to be very costly for the transit system. what they are doing about it next. >> and right now, your ride heading through san francisco 101, this is right near cesar chavez, looking okay, getting a little crowded but we are tracking major delays along 880. we'll take a closer look at that coming up. >> well, by autumn standards, friday will live up to its day. the forecast coming up. >> looking for work? next in our tech report a breakdown of the top employers.
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up shop - in some industrial
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parks and commercial areas. the package of land-use regula hayward city council may allow marijuana businesses to set up shops in industrial and commercial areas. the package covers businesses that include growing facilities, rental dispensary and distribution sites among others. cultivation and testing sites would be primarily confined to industrial areas. and under the new rules, all marijuana businesses would have to submit a proposal to the city. a vote monday. redwood city is limiting indoor cultivation to 6 plants and bans personal outdoor growing and outdoor commercial cultivation and manufacturing. bart is losing money because too many passengers are cheating. now they are taking action. jackie ward reports from san francisco. reporter: michelle, it doesn't take long for you to be at a bart entrance and see someone jumping over the entrance gate getting onto bart for free. but the board of directors for bart says they are trying to do something about it.
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they unanimously voted last night on two ordinances to fight this problem and punish fare evaders. beginning next year, officers will be hired to board bart trains and ask every person for proof of purchase. if you can't provide one, you will be charged $75 the first time, minors will be charged $55. three strikes will lead to a criminal charge. frustrated bart riders who pay their fare hope this will force change. >> they do it all the time. it's really frustrating. >> reporter: 75% of bart's operating costs come from people who follow the rules and pay. officials think it will bring back 8 to $11 million each year. bart says that fare evasion costs them between $15 million to $25 million every, single year.
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in san francisco, jackie ward, kpix 5. let's see how mass transit is looking as well as the roads with jaclyn. >> mass transit is looking good the way to go this morning. 56 trains in service running right on time. you don't want to be in this. this is 880 and heading through san leandro, san lorenzo on into hayward. 21 minutes towards the dumbarton bridge. we have had a hit-and-run crash near "a" street and debris causing the initial slowdowns we have been tracking cleared to the shoulder. a couple of cars there not good. we are still seeing a few slowdowns across the dumbarton bridge but nothing to right home about. northbound 101 getting heavy heading through san jose up to sunnyvale there. 237 a few brake lights. westbound 80 along the eastshore freeway, speeds in
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the yellow down to the maze. bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are on. that traffic is backed up on to the 580 approach as well around that berkeley curve about a 20- minute rides into san francisco. let's check in with brian on the forecast. >> things looking good with clear skies over much of the bay area except through the span. there's some fog and low clouds near the shoreline but not much though as temperatures starting out this friday morning with upper 50s a few low 60s as we look out there toward coit tower it will be warm through the weekend. high pressure over the west coast but getting the breath knocked out of it by lows in the pacific. if you want to go to the beach, be my guest but there is a beach hazard statement. wave heights up are, so is the rip currents and sneaker waves threat. so you know, just be careful as you head out toward the shore. high pressure is putting a cap on the pollutants that we generate during the day.
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another "spare the air" day. can't go to the beach, can't breathe the air. stay at home! that's my advice. don't go anywhere! [ laughter ] >> if you want to go somewhere, you might go to sfo where it will be sunny and warm and 79 today. chicago has a few clouds but new york has sunshine and 65 degrees. and here's how it looks for today. above average all week. concord 86. san jose 85. oakland 83. down in the south bay, it will be severely sunny today! temperatures will be in the mid- 80s. 84 at sunnyvale, aptly named. 84 milpitas. in the east bay numbers in the mid-80s. the extended forecast:
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cool over the weekend. monday and tuesday the readings will mostly be in the mid-70s. it's looking uber good. michelle? [ laughter ] >> great segue brian. uber is trying to make it easier for you to run errands and pick up friends. a new tool lets users add multiple stops on a single trip. users will be able to add up to three stops. they will be able to make changes while they are on their uber trip by adding or removing stops in real time. apple son founder jeff bezos is $6.6 billion richer, amazon's founder. if those gains hold up he will overtake bill gates on bloomberg's daily ranking of the world's 500 richest people. yesterday, gates ended with over $87 billion. about $5 billion ahead of
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bezos. gates is the world's richest man since 2013 but fell behind bezos during day trading in july. head into space for a great place to work. sort of. spacex was named one of the best employers in the technology sector according to a survey by google, tesla and others top the list. missing is amazon and uber. could the stanford cardinal win without its best player? i'm dennis o'donnell. marshawn lynch decides to play for another football team. that story straight ahead. you can e- ton to but first, what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at coolschools@kp, and we may feature your school on the thursday morning show. play o' the day from the cbs eye on the community...
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presented by target. food has the power to transform lives. with the help of target, the san francisco marin food bank addresses hunger head-on in the community. our food pantries are vibrant. people feel welcomed, and they're being respected. it helps our team members see the work that they do in the store every day... how that actually relates to their communities. cbs eye on the community is sponsored by target.
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i am a first responder tor and i'emergencies 24 hours a day, everyday of the year. my children and my family are on my mind when i'm working all the time. my neighbors are here, my friends and family live here, so it's important for me to respond as quickly as possible and get the power back on. it's an amazing feeling turning those lights back on. be informed about outages in your area. sign up for outage alerts at together, we're building a better california.
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stanford took the field last night in corvallis minus their biggest star. they needed a huge break to escape. stanford running back the leader rusher out with an ankle injury against oregon state. beavers 14-9 were trying to run out the clock and they fumble the football. keep hope alive for the cardinal! 25 seconds left. stanford inside the 5. keller jump ball to jj with the game winner. cardinal 15-14, improving 5-1 in the pac-12. pelicans demarcus cousins receiving a standing ovation in his first day back in sacramento. they weren't cheering by the end of the game. cousins scored 41 points, grabbed 25 rebounds in his return. new orleans beat sacramento 114- 106. with marshawn lynch suspended for this week's game at buffalo, the raiders running
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back got some workout in his alma mater oakland tech high school. he clearly wasn't holding back during his scrimmage. at one point, it took a gang of defenders to bring marshawn down to the turf. [ laughter ] >> the raiders and bills sunday morning here on the big 5. the "5th quarter" will follow raider football. the sharks a loser to boston last night, 2-1. i'm dennis o'donnell. have a great weekend. he all right. here's the play of the day from the nba. li de." boston at milwaukee. [ play-by-play ] >> just beyond the 7 minute mark of the second quarter shot clock down to three, irving bringing it in, put that shot up! oh, kyrie masterful inside! >> wow, look at the skills weaving in and out. celtics kyrie irving just as the shot clock runs out. boston beats the bucks, 96-89.
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a hunger strike back on here at the santa clara county jail. coming up, the comments attributed to the sheriff that inmates say prompted it. >> plus, the free speech showdown rocks the campus of uc- berkeley. but now the university is taking the movement to washington, dc. oh, you brought butch.
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yeah! (butch growls at man) he's looking at me right now, isn't he? yup. (butch barks at man) butch is like an old soul that just hates my guts. (laughs)
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(vo) you can never have too many faithful companions. introducing the all-new crosstrek. love is out there. find it in a subaru crosstrek. flames tear through a south bay restaurant early this morning. the investigation now under way. >> we can be the generation
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that ends the opioid epidemic. >> president trump takes action against the deadliest drug crisis in u.s. history. why some say it's not enough. >> plus, comments by the sheriff of the santa clara county jail adds fuel to a hunger strike. >> and -- >> we were fortunate with this fire. we did not have high winds. >> the bear fire in the santa cruz mountains is out. but the follow yacht for those who caused it is far from over. >> good morning, it is friday, october 27th. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. first let's take a live look outside on this friday morning. take a look at the conditions out there. 880 in oakland, traffic moving along. and on the left, we have a shot of the bay bridge. mr. brian hackney is here for weather. >> mr. kenny choi, yes indeed! it's going to be a nice afternoon and good weekend. next week, maybe toward the end of the week, might be talking about that four-letter word, rain! we'll see. in the meantime, sunshine and the numbers not bad this
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morning. we have readings mostly in the mid-50s for the bay area to start out friday morning. and the rest of the day doesn't look bad, either. we'll be hitting near 90 degrees inland. around the bay will be near 80. at the shoreline low 70s. a few problems out there this morning with air and with the beach. we'll talk about that in the forecast but first let's see if there's problems on the road ahead. >> if you are heading over to the golden gate bridge, "karl the fog" will be riding shotgun with you. look at the slow going traffic on interstate 80 near carlson boulevard and it's a pretty "slow, stop, go" ride toward the bay bridge toll plaza. 25 minutes commute. metering lights are on. you're in the read an additional 24 minutes into san francisco. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. bart insists the days of free rides are over. the transit agency says it's
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going after passengers who sneak on to its trains without paying. jackie ward joins us live from san francisco to explain. >> reporter: it's something that we see all the time. people jumping over the entrance gate not wanting to pay the fare. but maybe soon we'll start to see less of this because of a couple of big decisions the board of directors made at a meeting last night. they voted unanimously on two ordinances to crack down on this from happening. six police officers will be hired starting in january to board bart trains and ask every rider for proof of purchase. if you can't provide one, you will be fined $75 the first time and minors will be charged $55. three strikes will lead to a criminal charge. low income fare evaders will have the option of community service. >> it's not about catching every person who evades the fares. it's about reducing it and sending the message that the free ride is over. >> reporter: 75% of bart's operating costs come from people who follow the rules and pay the full fare. officials anticipate these
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ordinances will bring back an estimated $11 million each year. this is a costly problem costing them $25 million a year. jackie ward, kpix 5. new this morning, an investigation is under way after flames tore through a san jose kfc. this two-alarm fire started about 4:30 a.m. on croply avenue. it started in the dining area which crews say is unusual for a restaurant fire. he cause is under investigation. firefighters say there were reports of someone throwing something through the window. no injuries have been reported so far. and the damage to the building is extensive. now to the wine country wildfires. today firefighters expect full containment. this comes as we get a detailed look at just how long it will take to clean up. right now federal and state
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crews are looking for hazardous waste in the fire zone. first getting rid of obvious threats such as propane, gas tanks, asbestos, pesticides. the process to give the site the "all clear" will take a lot longer. from start to finish, the soonest a parcel will be cleared is 30 days. five democratic members of congress have signed a letter that asks fema to clarify its immigration policies regarding federal aid for those affected by the california wildfires. the letter reads in part, we have heard from constituents who are eligible for aid u.s. citizens, noncitizens, nationals and qualified aliens that are concerned that applying for fema assistance might expose their family members or neighbors to immigration enforcement. today more than a dozen schools in santa rosa are set to re-open after a thorough clean-up following the deadly wildfires. kpix 5's jessica flores reports from santa rosa. reporter: we are in front of james monroe elementary school. this is one of 13 schools re- opening today and an additional 11 schools will re-open on monday.
6:35 am
at this school some teachers and students lost their homes in the fire. across the santa rosa city school district they have had to clean classrooms preparing them as students return. a lot of the classrooms were filled with smoke and soot and ash considered toxic. so over the last week the district sent 200 workers to clean campuses and replace over 3,000 air-conditioning filters at 24 school sites. the superintendent says about 80 staff members lost homes in the fire and about 900 students have addresses listed in the burn zone. but it's unclear exactly how many students have been displaced. >> all families who have been displaced by the fires are eligible for school meals. no questions asked. whether they were in a shelter, whether they were staying with friends, whether they are staying with family, whether they were staying in their car.
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>> reporter: in addition to free meals the district is having mental health services at every campus. >> reporter: again, mental health services will be on campuses throughout the santa rosa city school district. counselors and social workers are even coming from other cities like san francisco and the district also says that anybody who has been displaced will receive free meals for the rest of the school year. now, we did put a list on our website,, for all the schools that are re-opening today as well as the schools that are re-opening on monday. and you can find that under "links & numbers." live in santa rosa, jessica flores, kpix 5. just days after a san ramon third-grader brought a loaded gun to his school, the alameda county d.a. is lending her support to a new firearms storage campaign. here's a look at one of the images featuring children who have gotten a hold of unsecured guns. the pictures are set to go up on highly visible billboards as well as bus shelters. meanwhile, the father of that san ramon 8-year-old who brought a firearm to class is now facing several charges. the incident happened at twin creeks elementary school on
6:37 am
tuesday. the third-grader showed off a gun to a classmate who then told a parent. now 30-year-old anthony o'donnell, the parent, is in custody accused of child endangerment, criminal storage of a firearm and possession of stolen property. new developments in an inmate hunger strike that had been called off last week. the inmates at the santa clara county jail say their strike is back on after comments made by the sheriff. kpix 5's anne makovec reports. reporter: yes. sounds like there are some hungry inmates here at the santa clara county jail. they restarted a hunger strike after these comments made by the sheriff, laurie smith, and those comments were made to the publication san jose inside in an article dated october 19th. referring to a previously planned hunger strike by inmates, she is quoted as saying, some of them could stand to lose a little weight. we'll give their fresh food to the salvation army again. there are hungry people who committed no crimes and deserve a dinner. that all comes as the santa clara county office vows to improve jail conditions after high-profile events in recent years including criticism for
6:38 am
using isolation as punishment and an inmate who was beaten to death by guards. so inmates had planned a hunger strike and canceled it but after smith's comments, many inmates began leaving unopened food items untouched saying they hoped those items would go to the food bank. back to sheriff smith's -- according to the group prisoners ee united united, the strike ends today. anne makovec, kpix 5. president trump declared the opioid epidemic as a public health emergency. >> we owe it to our children and to our country [ pause ] >> financing comes from the public health emergency fund which has a balance of just over $56,000. the federal government
6:39 am
estimates that combating the crisis will cost $75 billion per year. nearly 12 million people misused opioids last year. critics say it doesn't provide additional funding to combat a crisis that's killing more than 170 people every day. >> the president's statement are words without the money. >> the president also doesn't have a drug czar or hhs secretary and will need to ask congress for money to fill those positions. jim mattis is accusing north korea of building a nuclear arsenal to threaten others with catastrophe. he says the trump administration is still committed to getting north korea to accept complete nuclear disarmament. he spoke today in south korea where he met with that nation's top defense officials. >> north korean prove occasions continue to threaten regional and world peace and despite the unanimous condemnation by the u.n. security council, they still proceed. >> mattis also said the u.s. is
6:40 am
prepared to take military action if the north doesn't stop developing missiles that could strike the u.s. new details this year free speech has been a hot button issue at cal and now the uc president announced that the university system will establish a new free speech center in washington, dc. it will be called the national center for free speech and civic engagement. janet napolitano says this comes at a time when campuses face protests of free speech and get violent. uc-berkeley has seen the brunt of these protests which started back in february during a visit by milo yiannopoulos. the center plans to hold a national conference next year with students, university presidents and lawmakers. time now is 6:40. finally out, what we expect to learn about the bear fire and how it started in the santa cruz mountains. >> plus, filing suit, why one ex-tesla employee is taking the company to court.
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♪ that one. this. that one. ♪ ♪
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charlie rose joins us now from new york. good morning. thanks. cbs this mor time for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." charlie rose joins us from new york. good morning. >> good morning, michelle. well, we have had a team up all night reading through the thousands of documents just released out jfk assassination. ahead what the fbi knew about lee harvey oswald and also the country's concern they would be blamed for jfk's death. plus, amazon stocks soar after the company exceeds earnings expectations. we'll talk with mellody hobson about how it is now looking to conquer new industries. and this. meet the 7-year-old ready to throw out the first pitch at game 4 of the world series! she will to do it using a 3d printed hand. all that plus the eye-opener,
6:45 am
your world in 90 seconds. we'll see you at 7:00. >> can't wait to hear that story. see you at 7:00, thank you. a former tesla employee who says that he received positive reviews for his work is now suing the company. tesla fired abraham and others this month as part of its performance review process. dozens of people protested outside the company's fremont plant this week. they accuse him of going around a state employment law saying tesla let them go based on poor performance. it's not required to issue them severance packages. it should be a better day of tech stocks on the heels of impressive earnings reports. joining us with the details, kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> reporter: good morning. a quartet of tech firms in the spotlight today. google parent alphabet, amazon, intel and microsoft all four
6:46 am
companies crushed earnings expectations in the recent quarterback. google's advertising revenue dominates online advertising. it soared 23% higher to $24 billion. amazon posted record revenue of nearly $44 billion up 34% from a year ago. as a result, shares in each of these four firms are surging high they are morning. shares in alphabet and amazon are each trading above $1,000 as a result. we got a key report on the u.s. economy this morning. the commerce department says in the 3rd quarter the economy grew by 3% basically overcoming hurricanes harvey and irma. the economy was supposed to take a hit but consumer spending was strong as was business investment. and combined with the strong growth in the second quarter, the first time in three years we have had back-to-back quarters of 3% plus gdp. the blue chips are pulling back on the stock market. the dow down 13. but it's all about the nasdaq right now. it's up over 1% on the earnings
6:47 am
results up 79 points. s&p is up by 8 points. frank and michelle, back to you. >> thank you. a new report suggests people are using the ridesharing service uber less in the company's hometown of san francisco. certify a company that keeps track of business expenses reports uber provided fewer rides for the first time last quarter. that's compared with the same quarter last year. time now 6:47. let's check the roads with jaclyn. we know everybody is using the roads regardless of where they are. we are tracking delays along westbound 237. this is all due to an accident just before 101. two lanes blocked and you can see it's a slow ride and the slowdowns continue to build. this is 12 minutes between 880 and 101 likely to get a little slower. 101 heading through san jose, northbound direction, on your right side of the screen there, 31 minutes from hellyer to san antonio avenue. no reports of any accidents along this stretch. staying crowded out there. the ride across the dumbarton
6:48 am
bridge, looking better. we were tracking an earlier problem and speeds were really dipping down near the midspan but it's definitely starting to pick up again. san mateo bridge an earlier crash, now in the clearing stages. but you can see, that backup continues along southbound 880 as you approach highway 92. it continues to be heavy along southbound 880. san mateo bridge, you got a 23- minute ride over to 101 heading into san mateo. there is a live look 101 at 3rd. you can see traffic getting by in both directions. if you are heading to the eastshore freeway, reports of a new accident, motorcycle crash, not looking good along westbound 80 near hilltop. a slow ride from 4 to san francisco. ha t's a check of your traffic; over to you. even before november comes, a tahoe ski resort opens. today and tomorrow mount rose resort is offering skiing and
6:49 am
snowboarding on beginner trail. that slope has about 10 inches of snow. one run and a lift will be open from 8 a.m. to noon but closes after saturday until it can make enough snow to re-open. now with more on when those bone-chilling temperatures will return to the bay area, here's brian. >> yeah. well, plunge all the way down to the 70s by next week. i don't know how we'll stand it! this morning, fog across the golden gate bridge. it doesn't look too good from the camera atop the toll plaza but not bad in the rest of the bay area but there's a beautiful shot looking from sutro towards the golden gate bridge. so a different perspective with the fog and the numbers right now. concord has 57. oakland 57. livermore 54. san francisco 58. it's a chilly 49 to start out the day in santa rosa. high pressure continues over the west coast. we warm right through the weekend. but you see those lows out in the pacific will wear down the high. not a bad idea to go to the beach but there are northerly
6:50 am
westerly swells up to 10 feels, wave heights up, rip currents and sneaker waves threats up are. so be careful at the beach. there is a "spare the air" day posted for today. numbers look nice. maybe a scosche cooler than yesterday. 78 degrees in san francisco today. plenty warm for this time of the year. concord with 86. nine degrees above average. san jose 85. that's 13 degrees above average. and oakland warm, as well. then things cool down over the weekend. in the meantime, sunshine and in sunnyvale aptly named 84 degrees. los gatos, the cats, 87. in morgan hill, 90 degrees. temperatures in the low 70s at the coast. pleasanton comes in at 89
6:51 am
degrees. sweltering at clearlake at 86. 91 at st. helena. there always comes a time of the year when you go you know, i think that's about it for really warm weather. then you turn the corner in the late autumn and winter. i think we are there. we are going to have one last warm day today. slow it down tomorrow and then next we're back in 60 seconds. in the 70s and chance of rain late in the week. thank you. later this morning, the santa cruz county sheriff's department is expected to announce an arrest in connection with a wildfire. the bear fire has burned 391 acres in the santa cruz
6:52 am
mountains. it's destroyed six structures including one home in the boulder creek area. it's contained. firefighters will stay to handle potential flare-ups. >> an investigation is under way into what caused the wine country wildfires. pg&e is looking to get customers to foot the bill if it gets blamed. >> reporter: and 13 santa rosa schools open today. the district welcomes back students with free meals and counselors. the story coming up. >> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by "living spaces."
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i'm jessica flores in santa rosa, where 13 schools reopened today and an additional 11 schools will re-open on monday. the district today preparing for an emotional day as many of the students and teachers who
6:56 am
lost their homes in the wildfires are returning to school today. the fire sent soot and ash into classrooms. the district spent the last week cleaning all the classrooms and 200 workers have been installing over 3,000 air- conditioning filters at 24 schools. the superintendent says about 80 staff members lost homes in the fire and 900 students have addresses in the burn zone but it's unclear how many students have been displaced. >> the immensity of this tragedy is unprecedented. we can't predict what will occur when students return because not everyone will return. >> reporter: the district will also have mental health services on every campus. counselors and social workers from other cities even san francisco are coming to help santa rosa students. now, the district will also
6:57 am
provide free meals to displaced students regardless of income. we have a list of schools open today and those opening on monday, on our website, click "links and numbers." jessica flores, kpix 5. time now 6:57. it's time for your "final 5". >> pg&e wants an easier time passing along costs to customers if it's found liable for wildfires in california. this comes as the public utilities commission and cal fire are looking into pg&e lines as a possible cause of the wine country wildfires. pg&e is lobbying the puc to make it easier to pass costs along by increasing customer bills. an investigation is under way after flames tore through a san jose kfc this morning. no injuries have been reported. damage to the building is severe. in san ramon, a father is facing charges after his 8-year- old son brought a loaded gun to school. police say the third-grader showed it off to a classmate at twin creeks elementary school
6:58 am
on tuesday. president trump declared a public health emergency to fight the nation's opioid epidemic. supporters applauded it as an important first step. critics claim it doesn't provide additional funding to combat a crisis that's killing more than 170 people each day. bart says it's losing money because too many passengers are avoiding fares and now the agency is taking action. starting in january, bart will charge evaders $75 for the first offense and minors $55. you may want to still consider using bart if you have not already. that's running on time. delays along the eastshore freeway, 880, we have a new accident or excuse me a garbage truck reported to be on fire. and so we are seeing delays in that northbound direction heading into oakland. your ride along the eastshore freeway is definitely getting crowded out there. this is 80 at mcbryde and that's westbound in the red. 32 minutes heading towards the
6:59 am
bay bridge toll plaza. looking at an additional travel time of 32 minutes getting into san francisco. no higher than 250 feet, we can see the roadbed of the golden gate bridge. concord 58. oakland 54. san jose 60. another warm day today. but it will be gone soon so enjoy it while you can. temperatures today will be plenty warm with 87 at santa rosa, 78 for san francisco. 90 at livermore. the extended forecast is looking for more of the same. tomorrow, numbers come down a bit and then sunday even more by next week we'll be in the mid-70s. looks like halloween is high and dry. >> thank you. that's good. all costumes will stay dry. happy trick or treaters. >> no more duran duran factoids or nuggets? >> that's saved for the weekend show. >> we'll tune in. >> thank you. >> thank you for watching kpix 5 news this morning. your next local update is 7:26. don't forget "cbs this morning" is coming up next. have a great day. ♪[ music ]


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