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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  November 26, 2017 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> quijano: speaking out. >> i want people now. >> democratic senator al franken, publicly addresses allegations of sexual dismowct for the first time. >> busy legislative agenda to wrap up by the end of the year. it's one of the busiest travel days of the year. millions hit the road as they return home from their holiday weekend. and getting ready for cyber monday. analysts expect it to be the most lucrative online shopping day in u.s. history. this is the "cbs weekend news."
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>> quijano: good evening, i'm elaine quijano. minnesota senator al franken says he's embarrassed and ashamed following allegations of improper touching by four women, he spoke with a local area newspaper and minnesota public radio. jamie yuccas reports. >> four women who say he inappropriately touched them. >> i have a long way back to win back the trust of the people of minnesota. i've let people down. i've let the people of minnesota down. i've let my friends and staff around supporters down, my family down. i've especially let down the people who have seen me as a champion for women. >> reporter: two women recently told huffington post, franken touched their but ox. .
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>> for them i'm very sorry, and any number is too many. >>reporter: radio host lee ann tweeden accused franken of groping her when on a tour in 2006. she said it happened when she was sleeping and only saw the picture of the incident later. tweeden also stated franken forcibly kissed her. >> he said we really need to rehearse this kiss. >> a second woman said she was groped at the minnesota state fair in 2010. franken told minnesota public radio. >> the worse thing for me, i'm someone who -- i respect women and i have given people a reason, i guess, to not -- to think i don't. >> reporter: franken says he will comply with a ethics
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investigation, and doesn't plan to resign. he will be back to work on monday. >> quijano: jamie thank you. the popular spot massage envy, found 180 women reported sexual assaults at massage envy outlets across the country. including claims that employees gropes their genitals or breasts. this is a company has the most stringent rigorous policy policies regarding sexual harassment. the president has a busy week ahead as he returns to washington from his holiday weekend in florida. errol barnett has the story.
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>> finalizing tax reform, michigan's john conyers stated today he is stemming down as the highest ranking senator on the committee. saying in a statement, he cannot in good consciou conscience allo undermine his colleagues. house leader nancy pelosi announreleased her statement, no matter how great an individual's legacy, this is no place for harasharassment. >> is president who will deefnedded roy moore, repeated that stance on twitter today. moore's opponent doug jones would be disaster, he said, reminding that he initially
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backed moore's opponent. >> what i would tell president trump, if you think winning with roy moore is going to be easy with the republican party you've mistaken. >> john thune. >> when he comes into the senate in january there's going to be immediately an ethics investigation which will be a cloud he'll be operating in which will be a distraction for us and our agenda. >> reporter: also, the department of justice says it backs the authority to name nick mulvaney. despite the cfpb's outgoing director naming his own replacement on friday. democratic senator elizabeth warren supports the position. be elaine. >> quijano: errol barnett thank you. still no claims of responsibility for friday's
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massacre at a mosque, friday prayers at a mosque in northern sinai, most of the victims were sufi muslims considered by i.s.i.s. to be heretics. aaa estimates more than 51 million americans traveled this holiday weekend, mostly by car. now most of those travelers are making their way home. >> mireya frarl reports. reporter: it's time to come home. and airports were not much better. john perdomo got to oakland international at about 2:00 in the morning. >> my flight was at 4 in the morning, i expected it to be nobody but there were a lot of people. >> according to the
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transportation security administration, tsa, 2.6 million people will go through screening. a 6% increase over 2016. l.a. international is the second gizzest airport in the nation. 100,000 cars are expected to drop off or pick up someone on sunday alone. stronger economy is a big factor. >> jet fuel was significantly less than in recent years and that allowed the airlines to add capacity and lower their air fares. >> reporter: but for the 45 million people estimated to be in bumper to bumper traffic this friday, driving was still the most convenient way to go. you expect this to go on for the next let's say no? >> this is just the start of the holiday travel season. what we're seeing is a strong economy and that's giving more confident consumers more money to put this their pockets for travel. >> reporter: you definitely want to take gas prices into account.
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the national average is $2.51, 38% higher than last year. flying could be cheaper, with big discounts on cyber monday and tuesday. elaine. >> quijano: mireya, thank you. fmtion analysts predict $6.6 billion in online retail sales tomorrow. meg oliver has more. workers outside this warehouse in new york city, amazon has hired 120,000 seasonal employees across the country to meet the demand. conveyor belts, deliver packages to get them in the hands of consumers by crimmins. christmas. in 2016, amazon alone processed
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60 million that's 740 per second. >> laurie torgerson is a retail employee for amazon. >> nothing beats shopping. >> home. mobile purchases, more than 70% of amazon purchasers did so through their mobile devices. >> advertisers are boasting sales up to 50% off the ticket price. what does that mean for brick and mortar retailers? >> there is a lot of room for winners. >> 90% of sales still happen in stores elaine. >> quijano: are more shopping online or in stores? >> they are striking a balance
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but sometimes where you live sometimes determines where you shop. rural consumers would prefer no shipping charges. in cities they do shop online. >> quijano: meg oliver. next, a volcano erupts in indonesia. and what some students are doing to make sure nobody feels left out.
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>> quijano: a new chapter of the cbs evening news begins december 4th. that's when our jeff glor officially takes over as the anchor of the broadcast. in his ten years of cbs news, the emmy winner has reported across the globe. we are excited to see him take reins next week. a lot of people bought on
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black friday. 200,000 requests for gun background checks on friday. that breaks the single day record of 185,000 requests which was set on black friday last year. the number of actual guns sold friday is likely higher because a buyer can purchase multiple firearms at one time. george h.w. bush is now the longest living american president. on saturday, the 31st president sur passioned jimmy carter, several months younger than the elder bush. a volcano on the dmieshian island of bali, erupted this weekend. the eruptions temporarily disrupted some international flierts to the popular tourist destination and left nearby
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villages covered in a thin layer of ash. up next, a 60 minutes preview in the war zone, a chicago surgeon risks his life to save victims of syrian civil war.
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>> quijano: syria's long ru running civil war has killed many medical professionals. on tonight's 60 minutes, scott pelley accompanies a chicago-based doctor on his fourth trip to the war zone.
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>> pelley: emergency medicine has better than driven underground. every air strike delivers too many patients with too little time. doctors improvise with scavenged drugs, and improvised instruments. veterinarians and dentists are brought in. >> dr. samar attar is a leading orthopedic surgeon from chicago who volunteers in syria's makeshift hospitals. >> the bombs would land so closely they would knock you off your feet and at times they would directly hit the hospital but all i would do is look around and follow everybody else's lead. they are like rocks. they don't lose their compose your, they just keep working.
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>> pelley: dr. attar enlisted in the syrian american association, these american descrorkts raised nearly $100 million in aid and sent more than 100 member into rebel held syria including aleppo where dr. attar worked. >> we would find ourselves doing surgeries sometimes on people lying on gurneys in hallways base you're so stretched. >> quijano: you can see scott's full report tonight on 60 minutes. is new york city ready? ahead.
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>> quijano: in the big apple ready for self driving cars? the governor of new york wants to take the idea for a test drive. but others are not ready to go down that road just yet. transportation reporter chris van cleave has more. >> millions of cars, pedestrians, bicyclists, dloifer trucks, and you get manhattan driving. at its best unpredictable, at worst, chaos. for today's self driving cars that mixture might be too much. >> so this cop that's flagging traffic here, right now that would confuse the current generation of sex driving cars? >> yes, we're not there yet, the brain is not advanced enough to understand what that person is
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doing. >> reporter: we drove the streets with brad stirts from audi. he's been working with autonomous cars for ten years. >> he would have backed off a little bit. >> stirts says it could be 2025 before autonomous cars are with common in new york city. mayor bill deblasio said not too fast. >> i think i.t. creatsd a danger. >> aimes cars, are programmed to knoll traffic laws but the dense city could overwhelm the process. new york city traffic commissioner. >> there are two things autonomous vems have not many figuring out, yet, what are
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bicyclists or pedestrians about to do? >> dedicated autonomous thoroughfares cutting across ground, and become green space. john meyer from design firm edg, entered the contest in new york city. >> allows it to achieve efficiency. >> efficiency that will require time. upgraded infrastructure, smarter self driving cars and patience. in a city not known for it. chris van cleave, cbs news. new york. >> quijano: when we return, the lunch club, we'll introduce you to high school students whose mission it is to make sure nobody feels socially isolated at school.
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>> quijano: we end this evening with a return trip to a school where everyone finds
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nourishment at lunch time and it has nothing to do with food. steve hartman has the story from boca raton, florida. >> the kids fill into the courtyards. not everyone gets included. as we first reported in march, someone at boca high school, someone always sits alone. >> that's not something i want anybody to go through. >>reporter: dennis is a haitian immigrant. he felt isolated especially at lunch. now he is popular but he has not forgotten that first grade feeling. >> if you are not going to make that change who is going to do it? >> reporter: so with friends, dennis started a club called we dine together. >> we design.
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>> together. >> we dine. >> together. >> reporter: their mission is to go into the courtyard at lunch time to make sure no one is starved for company. for new kids especially the club is a godsend. >> gabrielle. >> gabe how you doing? >> reporter: since it started last year hundreds of friendships have formed. some very unlikely. you probably are meeting folks you would never meet. >> never. >> reporter: gave up the football team, and the perks that went with it, just to take more time with the club. >> i don't mind no scholarships. >> if the coolest kids in school all of a sudden decided you mattered? >> we get to know each other better. >> reporter: it obviously takes a lot of empathy to devote your lunch period to this. >> yes. >> reporter: either that or firsthand experience. >> i went to a school where i
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had friends to a place where i had nobody. >> reporter: allie said, is with no one to sit next to, lunch can be the most excruciating part of the day. >> it honestly is an issue, someone who really cares, listens to what you have to say really makes a difference. that happens at lunch, it can happen at our club. >> reporter: since we first told story, dennis has graduated from high school but not from this mission. he's now traveling the country opening we dine together chapters at other schools. 15 so far with more than 100 slated for the new year. and if we're lucky when he's done showing kids how to make outsiders feel accepted, he can teach the rest of us. steve hartman on the road in boca raton, florida. >> quijano: that's the
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live from the kpix five san francisco bay area studios this is kpix five san francisco news. breaking news out of the east bay where us marshals have just captured the second of two inmates who escaped from the palo alto courthouse this month. >> the worse of the wet weather is still to come. good evening. you see the strongest cells are now moving out of the bay area leaving just mostly light rain behind. in the south by there is no much. the storms are heading to the sierras producing snow and gusty winds in the sierras, with winter weather advisories posted there is gusty winds and
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six to 18 inches of snow expected. california highway patrol is asking you to carry chains through tomorrow morning, for us, stronger cells move in tomorrow night. from 10:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. in the north bay, later tonight rain wind and thunderstorms are possible. then a quarter of an inch of rain then rapid clearing coming in monday. the soggy conditions were just enough for a big tree in san francisco. he landed on top of someone's truck, luckily nobody was hurt. the skies in the north bay had the rain falling steady this morning, it made for treacherous conditions on the road. >> the weather is also snarling aif traffic at


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