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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  November 28, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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office before sending those answers to the state auditor. she admits doing that an investigation also found her staff asked campuses to tone down or delete some criticism. how much did you know about the tampering that some of your staff had. >> i made a mistake and i acknowledge that in approving a plan in which the office of president would reveal campus responses. i would simply say i was not personally involved in the activities after that. >> reporter: knowing they would see the responses the investigation found uc san diego, santa cruz, and irvine all change their answers. they replaced criticisms of the office with more praise. the investigation revealed the meddling both aides resigned
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for family concerns. that prompted the uc board of regents to reprimand napolitano. do you think you can regain the trust of the public. people at this point calling for you to step down. what is your response? >> my responses to a -- appreciate the keeping focused on what we are trying to do. we have a big job ahead of us. >> reporter: and you are staying on it? >> i am staying on it.. they plan to pass reforms to make sure this does not happen in the future. they will discuss that when they meet in january. >> the state audit eventually found that napolitano's office paid excessive salaries and benefits to top executives and kept $175 million of a private reserve fund that was never disclosed. new at 6:00 uber had a secret spy unit? that is what is being said.
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details are coming to light tonight. >> reporter: a document has surfaced that has dropped like a bombshell in the government trial of our weather uber stole self driving car technology from a google spinoff. a letter from a former executive details alleged misconduct of the company including hiring former cia agents to steal trade secrets from rivals. they said they learned that uber took trade secrets, code, and other information about competitors and lead efforts to evade impede and obstruct all -- lawsuits against uber. they also encrypted are automatically deleted messages after a period of time. the judge that i can no longer trust the words of lawyers for uber in this case even if half of what is in the letter is true it would be an injustice. lawyers for uber insist the allegations have nothing to do with that case . the judge today postpone the start of the trial set for next week to give them more time to prepare the
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case. >> thank you. tonight oakland police could present a report to the city council about a departments response to a federal immigration raid. they say that they lied about the raid and whether or not it was a deportation matter. two men were detained and one was let go. another one an illegal immigrant was detained. law enforcement is prohibited from getting involved in federal law enforcement immigration. michael becerra resigned after investigators say he admitted to having sex with a 17-year-old girl. he met her while she was participated in the explorer program for teenagers who want to work in law enforcement. the police chief for san leandro released a statement saying that the department will not tolerate this type of
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behavior. bullets pepper a san jose school just a few hours before kids arrive for class. a neighbor heard the commotion and called police to willow glen. len ramirez is therefore is now. >> reporter: for the second time in a month a gunman has walked onto this campus and basically shot up the campus and the overnight hours. for the second time he got away. this time he apparently left something behind. police recovered the shooters weapon, a shotgun, from the backyard near the school. the shooter himself was long gone. >> it's an elementary school at 4 am. it is nuts. >> reporter: this neighbor was let into the shots and called 911. the shooter fired at surveillance cameras and school buildings. with dispatch on the line telling her no she went on campus and tried to chase shooter down. she said she thought of only one thing. >> you are not going to get away. i did not have any thought process after that.
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i know it was really dumb. >> reporter: it's the second time in a few weeks somebody has shot up the school. both happened overnight. school officials said campus security cameras kept recording this -- despite being hit with buckshot and they are sharing the evidence with police. officials are still trying to determine if the same person is responsible for both shootings. >> at this point it is still strictly seen as a case of vandalism so -- but it is with a gun so it is very concerning. >> reporter: there will be a meeting with parents friday morning in the cafeteria. len ramirez kpix 5. a mother was struck while pushing her infant in a stroller near wishon bell -- mission bell. it happened around noon and they were taken to the
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hospital. the mother has non-life threatening injuries but police describe the child's injuries as serious. the driver is cooperating and it does not appear drugs or alcohol were factors. a leak caused a massive sinkhole. the break happened just after 6:00 this morning centime -- sending a torrent of water. they say the pipe takes back -- dates back to the 1930s and likely burst into old age. facebook is using artificial intelligence to save lives. maria medina tells us about the new way to prevent suicides. >> reporter: mark zuckerberg said they had already checked on 100 people who have expressed suicidal thoughts on facebook. he says that this is just the beginning. >> he died about 13 years ago.
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>> reporter: adam was 21 when he committed suicide. >> we are coming up on the anniversary date in a couple of weeks. >> reporter: his father was a councilman. and know -- >> my wife and are very active in suicide prevention. >> reporter: the copresident of santa clara county's national alliance on mental health. >> some people have posted on facebook just prior to them losing their lives. >> reporter: when he heard facebook began upgrading their artificial intelligence tools to identify potentially suicidal users he says he felt grateful. >> facebook, amongst all the social media companies has been in the forefront of working on suicide prevention. >> if you are facebook you can understand the position that they are in. there have people that have literally live streamed their own suicide. >> reporter: earlier this year a miami teen streamed her suicide. she is one of the few who have used facebook to grab -- broadcast her death. >> these artificial intelligence to look for signs, signals, keywords, combinations of words.>> reporter: he wrote
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that the companies a eligibles identify what can be suicidal comments who then can call first responders. he believes it can help save lives that more can be done. >> facebook to me has been probably the most responsible social media company of any of them. i hope that they set an example for a lot of the other social media companies. >> reporter: zuckerberg says facebook's artificial intelligence will be able to do more in the future like spotting bullying and hate on the social media platform. maria medina kpix 5. if you or somebody you know needs help anywhere in the u.s. you can text the word connect 274-1741. pot has become legal but should it stop there? we talked to mayoral candidates trying to let californians legally trip on emotions. a lobbyist goes public with her
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painful story of sexual harassment. this landmark is both one of the best views of the bay. the unconventional plan to protect it. sunshine today over the santa clara valley. we have mainly clear skies over the beautiful city of san jose. how warm we will get and when rain returns. there is some rain in the forecast. we will have that for you next.
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kind of restrictions it should put on recreational pot sales. a couple of hours ago: people gathered outside city hall to call on the board to act fa happening right now the san francisco board of supervisors is debating what kind of restrictions it should put on recreational pot sales. a couple hours ago people gathered outside city hall to call on the board to act fast. if the board decides to continue this for another month or even two months it will drastically hurt the equity and the nonretail component of the cannabis industry. >> if they vote today they will not be able to sell on january 1 when it becomes legal statewide. instead they will be delayed by 2 to 3 days. andria borba is at the meeting. in sausalito they are working to prevent sales altogether. they are joining other cities
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in marin county that are taking action before january 1. >> reporter: the mayor's race for marina just got a lot more interesting. maybe even psychedelic. mayoral candidate is calling for stuff like rent control and bike paths and greenways and police officers. he wants to pay for it all by legalizing mushrooms.. we are talking about magic mushrooms. >> of pot and alcohol is all you need then great. just for some people it takes something stronger. there is no shortage of characters in videogames tripping out. with more and more states
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legalizing some say that mushrooms help them cope with heroin addiction. >> i would like the opportunity to use it without going to jail or having a civil criminal sanction put upon me because i choose to medicate outside of the norm. >> this is a statutory amendment. >> reporter: he has drafted a statewide law titles decriminalization of psilocybin initiative. if it passes he will convert his entire marijuana grow that is in his garage to mushrooms which could double his profits. he has just five months left to collect 385,000 signatures to get it on the ballot. at last count they just had 1000 signatures. >> we as a society are well beyond ready for marijuana. psilocybin and things like lsd are upon us.
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coming up at 6:00 preserving a perfect view. a group is working to protect a landmark. >> here is why too many it is not just scenery. it is part of history. >> reporter: above the iconic locations on the campus one tower is above the rest. save the tower was also known -- was also completed in 1917 at the then astronomical cost of $144,000. ever since it has been a familiar sound and sight to students. they say the view is important. >> my first gut reaction is that it is very beautiful. it is the beauty of the natural
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world. >> reporter: some historic preservation is are lobbying the city to get the path leading from the tower which they are calling campanile way landmark status. they are taking it one step further. with -- they want the city to grant protection to the line of sight to the horizon. it would mean no new buildings could be constructed in the city that would alter the current view. >> i have not heard of other people landmark in views or airspace but the death -- but that does not mean it has never happened.>> reporter: the president of the historical society has the same view out of her kitchen window. she said it may be unorthodox but it does have historical significance. >> that view was remarked on in 1860 and people were proud of it in the 1870s. >> reporter: in fact back then the post that one lived exactly
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opposite the golden gate was so common that the historical society named its newsletter after it. nobody knows whether the city will create such a protection or if it is even feasible. this cal student is glad somebody is taking a long view of history. >> it is definitely good that people see something beautiful and want to keep it. they don't want it to be lost for future generations. >> because once it is gone it is not coming back. >> reporter: john ramis kpix 5. >> here is a look at the forecast. >> that you you name the city. the views are fantastic and will be for the next couple days. we have kind of a quiet stretch of weather. we had active weather before thanksgiving and now it is quiet out there. we are not going to see much rainfall at least not until the weekend where we will see a
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chance of showers. the highs today were pleasant outside. 64 in concord. 63 for san jose and san rafael. san francisco is 59. we will talk about why it is going to get why it. the beach is the exception to the role. the entire coastline tomorrow not a high surf warning or high surf advisory but anytime we increase the risk of rip currents the weather service steps into let folks know. be careful if you are headed to the beach. it is going to be beautiful there but sunshine is about 62 to 64 degrees. be smart if you will get in the water. the first of many storms that will pass by to our north happened today. you likely did not notice because we have two ridges of high pressure center to the south. it is strong enough that all of the activity -- very active weather will stayover columbia and far northern california but not here because of the riches. we will have several storms. it's a very active weather pattern. we are being blocked out of it by the high pressure to the south. tonight partly cloudy and did you see the sunset. it was fantastic outside.
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partly cloudy skies overnight tonight will prevent widespread 30s and we will instead have 43 in concord and 42 in livermore. santa rosa will be 45. we will get sunshine for the work weekend school week and mild afternoons. normal highs are around 60 degrees. tomorrow will be 65 and freeman 63 in san francisco. napa is 66 in santa rosa 67. the exception to the rule is that we can will see an increase in cloud cover and a tiny chance of the north a rain shower saturday and sunday. there are your two cloudy day saturday and sunday a little bit alert as well. i think most of the rainfall once again gets nudged to the north. north of the golden gate you carry a chance of some showers late saturday into sunday. otherwise quiet but pleasant weather. mail bombs exploding on delivery. we have uncovered new information about the source of the packages sent to to bay area families. a super bowl quarterback was benched today. we will tell you why that is good news for the raiders.
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the 49ers make a big announcement on their starting quarterback.
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51...who's gonna start at quarterback for th e49ers on sunday...even the head coach's wife ringing it u this may have been the worst kept secret since area 51. who is going to start as quarterback for the 49ers on sunday? even the head coaches wife mandy kept bringing enough -- it up at the dinner table. >> we are not allowed to talk about it for a while. we have to be more patient. >> the way is finally over. the 49ers announced today that jimmy garoppolo will start on sunday against the bears which you can see right here on kpix. it will be a homecoming for grappler who grew up just outside chicago. michael crabtree and aqib talib both have their suspensions reduced to one game.
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crabtree will miss sunday's game. david emerson was not surprised but understood why that set him off. >> in the streets a guy takes a chain around his neck as like a trophy. it is something that you work are -- hard for that cost a lot of money but for somebody to come in stance about ody to >> it is like they are taking your manhood. >> fortunately for the raiders they are playing a team on sunday that has even more drama. the giants are benching eli manning there to time to -- super bowl champ has started 210 straight games in new york the run started in 2004. with a 2-9 record they will instead start geno smith after manning wanted to extend the
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street. >> you start knowing you're going to come out of the game just to keep a a live maybe that is not what it is about. >> former running back jared mcfadden announced his retirement after being released by dallas last week. he was the fourth overall pick in 2008. e fourth overall pick he ran for over 1100 yards in 2010 but was hampered by injuries for most of his seven seasons in in oakland. lucas oil stadium was left open sunday night because like the team they could not finish the job. they could not finish the the colts have blown six halftime lead the season. it is starting to feel like groundhog day for chuck pagano. >> i woke up to that this morning. i went and got my coffee and said hello to what's her name. >> do you ever have dij@ vu. >> i do not think so but i could check with the kitchen.
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note jumped off a building and lived through. did you see the movie. groundhog day. he spent so much time on twitter you are not enjoying the better things in life. >> he is on the hot seat. he could lose his job at the end of the season. how about jim harbaugh reuniting with andrew in indianapolis. coming up tackling sexual harassment at the state capital. a lobbyist comes forward to share her story. president trump uses empty chairs to shame top democrats. north korea launches its highest find ballistic missile yet. the test that puts the united states and reach.
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♪ [baby crib musical mobile] millions are still exposed to the dangers of secondhand smoke. and some of them can't do anything about it. but you can.
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protect your family. visit eijia jiang is president trump using two empty seats to make a point today after the top two democrats skip the meeting in the white house. we are on c -- capitol hill the tweet that started a few to.
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>> reporter: when president trump fired off the tweet this morning aimed at the democrats and that's when their schedule talks about funding the government fell apart. the president slammed the leaders for ditching him and added if there is a government shutdown it will be their fault. >> reporter: president trump criticized chuck schumer and nancy pelosi for failing to show up for a meeting at the white house tuesday afternoon. >> they have been all talk and no action. now it is even worse. now it is not even talk. >> reporter: the congressional leaders were supposed to sit down and discuss solutions to avoid a government shutdown. >> there are serious issues in front of us. we do not have time to waste or games to play. >> reporter: they pulled out after he attacked them on quitter and wrote i don't see a deal. the president was on capitol hill earlier today to rally republicans around a tax overhaul bill. >> i wish you could have been
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inside that room. it was very special. it was somewhat of a lovefest. >> reporter: the gop is still trying to win over holdouts. they can afford to lose only two votes. democrats say they would be willing to help if republicans would negotiates. more than a dozen democrats insisted they could find common ground. >> we are saying why work on getting 51 votes, why don't you work on getting 60 votes. we can get you up to 70. >> reporter: tuesday afternoon the budget committee passed the gop plan sending the tax bill to the senate for a vote that is expected this week. as for a bill to prevent a government shutdown the deadline to reach a deal is friday december 8. that is next week. so both sides have to come together. senator chuck schumer tells us he is ready to start talking again when the president shows he is serious and serious about
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negotiating. when and how that will happen is to be determined. >> thank you. the dow soared 255 point somewhere that the senate was getting closer to passing tap -- passing tax reform. the dow, nasdaq and s&p 500 all closed at record highs today. let's get you to the big story overseas. north korea launched another intercontinental ballistic missile today. experts say it is capable of reaching the united states. here is the latest. >> reporter: it is a sobering thought. this comes just one week after president trump declared north korea a state sponsor of terrorism. the missile was fired and is the first luncheon almost 10 weeks. it was in the air for 50
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minutes soaring over 2300 miles before splashing down in the sea of japan. president trump was briefed while it was still in the air. >> we will take care of it. we have general mattis in the room with us and we've had a long discussion on it. it is a situation that we will handle. >> the secretary of this -- defense said weapon went higher than previous missiles but they say it was never a threat to the united states. >> it was launched on a high angle trajectory so it only covered about six hundred miles over land and sea. if it had been launched on a normal trajectory the calculations by that outside experts say it basically could have reached anywhere in the united states. >> in response south korea fired 10 point missiles out into the water. the united states japan and
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south korea have requested an emergency meeting of the un security council to discuss this latest missile test. >> thank you. a federal judge has ruled in favor of the presidents pick to head the nation's top consumer watchdog agency. it had been a strange legal battle for control of the consumer protection bureau. the president had appointed nick mulvaney the white house budget director as interim head. both claim the right to the position but the judge said denying the presidents authority to appoint him raised significant constitutional question. testimony aimed at changing the culture at the state capital was told. >> lawmakers are taking a hard look at a system that protects the powerful. >> reporter: we are here in sacramento at the capital where today we witnessed an explosive
6:34 pm
hearing about sexual harassment. for one thing we learned that in the past few months several current members were sitting in the assembly have been accused of sexual harassment. we do not know their names but we do know that complaints have been made. we also heard from pamela lopez. she is a lobbyist that started it all. after the allegations against harvey weinstein surfaced she is the first person to come forward to expose the pervasive sexual harassment in sacramento. >> i was walking into a restroom and i had a person brush up behind me and use the weight of their body to push me into the restroom and i spun around and he had already exposed himself and begun masturbating. i said i will not touch you over and over again. >> reporter: we also learned today that when sexual harassment cases are still -- settled the payouts come from taxpayer money. we also learned that there are no records being kept about
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sexual harassment complaints to the assembly. they keep records and decent -- if they decide to investigate. but any complaint they do not decide to investigate they do not keep records. another staffer has made allegations against her former boss tony mendoza. >> i came today to support my district director. i was incredibly shocked to learn a few weeks ago what she had experienced nine years ago. what we have learned in recent weeks have shocked us all about how pervasive bad behavior and sexual harassment incidents have been. >> reporter: it was a packed hearing room and people from hr were talking about the zero tolerance policy for sexual harassment people openly
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laughed. it is pretty clear that the assembly's sexual harassment policies are deficient. and people do not believe them. it is a long road ahead to earn back the trust of the women and men who work at the capital. melissa kane kpix 5. a bay area congresswoman is hoping to take over for john conyers post. she is interested in taking his place as the ranking democrat of the house judiciary committee. it is considered one of the most powerful positions in congress and plays a role in potential presidential impeachment hearings. conyers step down on sunday after claims he sexually harassed female staff members. he has not resigned from congress and said he will fight the allegations. still no verdict in the kate steinle murder trial. the jury has been liberating since before the holiday. the defendant has admitted to killing her two years ago on pier 14 in san francisco.
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the jurors have to decide if it was accidental or intentional. a union square business owner says the homeless problem has gotten out of control.'s challenge to the mayor. we are looking over the doraville down. feds are demanding answers about cracks in the brand-new's away.
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but one business owner says the it is the time of year people flock to union square. >> one business owner said the growing homeless program -- problem is scaring customers away. susie stein will has his story that includes video that is tough to watch >> reporter: this salon owner has a message for the mayor. >> wake up and bring back union square. bring back safety to the city. >> reporter: this is video he took outside his salon
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yesterday. he said his clients called him refusing to come into their appointments saying they felt unsafe. >> this is getting out of control. >> i totally understand why he would be off. >> reporter: the mayor said this is clearly a mental health issue. >> it's a challenge of our times. we have people defecating on the streets and something is mentally wrong. it is not normal for people to do this. >> reporter: that is why he is setting aside rooms at shelters and promising to get 1000 people off the streets this winter. >> i am specializing 40 beds at st. mary's for people with psychiatric challenges. >> reporter: he said he is sympathetic to mental health issues and he wants to see the homeless get help. >> being treated and respected and cared for but please leave us alone. >> reporter: across the way are empty storefronts of businesses that can no longer afford to stay in union square. he has been here for 32 years and said businesses like his
6:41 pm
deserve better. >> we create a name in those places. we made this into a shining star. we brought happiness to the people in union square and we are not going to leave because they are forcing us to leave. >> reporter: the mayor said he would personally reach out to him to help him address this issue. the mayor is also adding funding for behavioral health issues in the upcoming annual budget which includes adding three outreach teams and building a harm reduction center. authorities have tracked the address of package bombs. it was confirmed that they were sent from a fake jewelry store address. one was delivered to an officer's home and his wife was injured when it detonated. the other bomb was sent to a home in east palo alto back in october. the father was injured in that last. investigators reconstructed the most recent package to find the
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mailing label. they believe both packages were made by the same person. oscar-winner angela lansbury weighs in on sexual harassment. the huge back last after she says women should share the blame.
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at the oroville dam. skydrone 5 was over th small cracks have been discovered in a brand-new spillway at the doraville down. the department of water resources first notice the cracks on october 2. a month later the federal energy regulatory commission asked for an explanation. dwr said an assessment they completed last week prove that the cracks should not make anyone panic. >> this is a normal occurrence to happen on a construction project. all concrete has the resulted of placement. it is just physics on how concrete works. last february the dam split forcing 200,000 people to evacuate. a victory some -- from some wealthy homeowners trying to save their street. it was sold out from under them
6:46 pm
amid some unpaid property taxes. today residents at presidio terrace went to the board of supervisors pleading that the sale be rescinded. >> the question we will decide is whether san francisco wishes to be the -- to be known as a city who takes care of and works with its citizens or one that seeks to punish them for technical violations. >> we just learned that the suit of -- supervisors voted to rescind the sale. the developer who bought the street tells us he will sue. legendary actress angela lansbury sparked some outrage on the current wave of sexual misconduct allegations. she told radio times we have to own up to the fact that women have gone out of their way to make themselves attractive and unfortunately it has backfired on us and this is where we are today. she went on to say that we must sometimes take blame. although it is awful to say we cannot make ourselves look as
6:47 pm
attractive as possible without being knocked down and rate. she added that there are two sides. the backlash has been brewing since the interview went public. >> all of the stories that are coming out a common thread that a person of power will abuse the power to harass someone with less power. we are not hearing stories about an intern sexually harassing their boss. >> reporter: angela lansbury still said there was no excuse for sexual harassment. new details about one of the most anticipated weddings of 2018. we now know when and where prince harry will mary actress meghan markle. it will happen inside the 15th century st. george's chapel at -- about 120 miles west of
6:48 pm
london. prior to that day she will be baptized into the church of england. the royal family will foot the bill. we are standing by with a pretty nice forecast. >> it is looking pretty nice as we look toward the week and weekend. if you have not hung up those christmas lights yet you will be able to. it is 57 in downtown san francisco and oakland. earlier today some showers for far northern california. this is one of many low area storms that will be deflected to the north. redwood city has 44. that is certainly not warm. we are only dropping to 49 in santa rosa and 50.
6:49 pm
there are storms lined up. the pacific northwest will be hit about every other day with a weather maker. we have a ridge of high pressure near los angeles. we have a bigger ridge of high pressure sitting about 12 miles offshore. most of those will keep the rain and most of the cloud cover to the north. futurecast please -- please that out. tomorrow will be sunny across the board. thursday the next weather maker moves through. we will stay cloud and rain free for the majority of the bay area. the closest rainfall of all of these storms saturday night and sunday morning. we are staying dry for a while which is somewhat rare considering we are in a rainy season. showers are possible. brentwood
6:50 pm
will hit 64. petaluma is 66 and 64 is the high tomorrow in cloverdale. equally as pleasant thursday and friday. we go cooler and cloudier we have a slight chance of the north the rain shower. on this giving tuesday it is time for today's check presentation. >> i'm at the redwood -- empire food bank. you guys also give tons of your time to the food bank. >> we started coming here in 2013 which started as a single
6:51 pm
solitary event. we learn that one in six children in sonoma county were going to bed hungry. since then we have come down on a regular basis and would volunteer for 200 hours. >> all of those hours are so impressive. >> i think that the local effort here of the volunteers have gotten their attention. we have secured $225,000 in grants since 2013. >> david is here with the food bank. that money has a very important impact on the needy community. >> this money will go toward helping us open up a pantry in
6:52 pm
the roseland community which is what we would call and epicenter of hunger. it's a very high need area in the community. >> here is $50,000 from morgan stanley to the redwood empire food bank. if you want to donate just go to cbs ff -- . coming up we have new details on a second a area benefit concert for wildfire victims. and how grammy nominations are making history this year. and coming up at 10:00 she was trying to protect her daughter from bullies but the mom could end up doing prison time. the device she's put in her child's backpack. that will be on kbcw.
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we need to be ready for my name's scott strenfel and r i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california. really?
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really? really? really? really? see zero in a whole new way. get zero down, zero deposit, zero first month's payment, and zero due at signing on select volkswagen models. now with the people first warranty. what if there was only one haircut? now what if there was only one mattress? one is not a choice. choose your mattress with tulo. everything you want in a bed, in a box. they're making history... jay-z's 4:44 album leads the grammy nominations with eight grammy nominations were just announced. >> already they are making history. jay-z's 444 album leads grammy nominations with eight months. kendrick lamarr is close behind
6:56 pm
with seven. if either wins record or song of the year it will be the first for a wrapper. this year's nominees are already the most diverse ever. michael tilson was also nominated. he and the san francisco symphony were nominated for best orchestral performance. he recently announced he will set -- stepped down after the 2019 season. band together bay area benefit concert number two is in the works to raise money for fire victims. this time it is at the bill graham civic auditorium. the red hot chili peppers are set to headline. tickets go on sale friday morning. the first concert brought in $17 million for fire victims. for news throughout the evening you can always get the
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latest on we will see you back here at 11:00.
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