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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  December 3, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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eliminate that state income tax deduction. the other losers? >> who have mortgages over $500,000. >> that's about half of all the homes in mortgages in california. this is according to the national association of relators. the house bill caps the home mortgage interest deduction at 500,000 and the senate caps it at a million. right now they're all deductible. >> if it stays, the house version that the senate seems to have agreed to because susan collins did, you'll have a $10,000 cap. >> this cap might not have a huge impact. there are just not that many people in california who deduct more than $10,000 in property taxes. last year only 9% did so. the average for californiaens were about $6,000 for property tax deductions. there are a number of differences between the house
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and senate versions. starting tomorrow a small group of politicians will work to put the two versions together for a final vote. the congressman is opposed to this, but he says there's no stopping it now. >> it will get to the president's desk. >> melissa caen, kpix5 news. both bills doubled the standard deduction to for individuals and 24,000 for couples. tonight oakland may be a step closer to heading off a workers strike. talks are progressing and may likely continue beyond a union deadline. >> by friday i believe that this is going to be delayed. the last thing oakland needs is a strike. i need help on the street level. so i think that we may have reached a further negotiation effort. >> now, this involves money for cost of living increases. the union says the amount the
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city has offered is inadequate in the current bay area economy. investigators are trying to figure out how this pickup truck ended up submerged with nobody behind the wheel. it was found off of treasure island this afternoon and when firefighters got the call they sent divers into the water. >> we sent in rescue swimmers from our rescue squad and our rescue craft to make sure it was empty. there was nobody inside. that's all we have at that point. >> it's not clear if it just rolled into the water or was dumped there. if your morning commute takes you across the bay bridge, you might want to find another way. tonight four toll booths are still closed after a horrific accident. an out of control box truck obliterated toll booth 14 where a woman was working and she was killed. a man was arrested and is still
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in the hospital tonight with serious injuries. meanwhile still working on repairs to several toll booths damaged in the crash. tonight the agency still can't say exactly when toll plaza traffic will be back to normal but they're advising commuters to take b. a. r. t. tomorrow if possible. when you look at this, it's no surprise the chp is saying speed may have been a factor in this deadly wreck in san leandro. it burst into flames on 880 overnight. >> we have a witness report that saw this vehicle pass him at a high rate of speed and shortly thereafter lost control, veered across all the lanes and struck the guardrail here on the right side and then slid into the light standard or the pole here. >> the person trapped inside the car was taken to the hospital but there's no word on how they're doing tonight. police in antioch have a
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homicide on their hands. a man was lying on the road, suffering from gunshot wounds. there's no word on who may have shot him or why. if you have any information give antioch police a call. people in the deadly warehouse fire will be in court tomorrow morning. this comes two days after the anniversary of the inferno that killed 36 people. two men are charged with involuntary manslaughter, they face 36 counts each, one for each death. during a week-long hearing a judge will hear evidence on whether they should stand trial. investigators and people who survived the fire are expected to testify. a major milestone tonight following the massive clean upin
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in the wine country wildfires. among the most devastated areas, the community of glenn allen where nearly a quarter of the homes burnt. we were there today as neighbors reunited for a holiday meal. >> reporter: it's the sound of resilience, the sound of community. for a neighborhood hit particularly hard by the devastating fires. >> we're truly blessed and it's nice to see each other and know that we're as lucky as we are, even though we had a lot of friends lose their home. but they still have friends, people willing to help them. >> reporter: more than 300 people came to valley of the moon winery tonight where they got a hot meal. the event was free, including a hundred turkeys and all the fixings. >> this brings people back together. a lot of people are seeing each other for the first time since the fire happened. >> reporter: tonight's dinner
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has another purpose. organizers put together these maps so residents can mark where their homes are and then give updated contact information in case of another disaster. >> it was important to me to sign up for that, get my number up there so in the event there would be another emergency, like fire or whatever, we're clustered. >> judy knows the importance of neighborings helping neighbors helping neighbors since that's how most people knew how to contact each other. >> we got up in the middle of the night and we called everyone. >> reporter: she says tonight's event shows the strength of those community bonds. >> we're all helping each other with whatever, housing, clothes, things for the kids. and it's just really neat. glen allen is just a really need place. >> reporter: in sonoma county,
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katie nielsen, kpix5 news. check out in donation marin county firefighters just got for their ongoing bike drive, more than 200 bikes. they distribute bikes to support low-income families and encourage kids to get outside and exercise. if you'd like to help, drop off a new or used bike at any marin county, southern marin or mill valley fire station. still to come, they'll be home for christmas but after that, they're on their own. dozens of san jose seniors are being forced to move out. we'll tell you why. a simple trick suspected shoplifters used to get past store security, but they didn't get far. >> it's being called the authors of science. today the best of science, tech meet in silicon valley. i'm betty yu, and i'll tell you
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next. it's a super moon and that's got implications for us. we've got the forecast and unusually high tides when we come back. we want to see your holiday light display. share your photos and videos with us on our kpix facebook page and we'll air some of them during our newscast.
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that's over $7,100 on this buick envision essence. experience the new buick this holiday season. a new home. atria chateau gardens -- in the . dozens of seniors in san jose just learned that they have only a few weeks to find a new home. in the willo glenn neighborhood they have lost their lease. we spoke with residents who are now scrambling to find an affordable place to call home. >> reporter: for years the
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chateau gardens has been a peaceful oa sis just outside of san jose. but residents will be forced to move out. shirley israel, 98 years old, is one of them. >> reporter: you're saying it's the pits. >> yes, it's the pits. >> west lake did not renew the lease and plans to convert the property into something other van senior housing. future plans are unclear and they did not respond to our request for comments. >> it doesn't help to be mad. it's disappointing, and we have a lot of soro. >> it's lucky because she has family as support, and many people here don't have family. >> reporter: the seniors learned they have to get out earlier this week and they're given six weeks notice. according to california law each
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facility must submit a closure plan for approval. they said they're disappointed they did not renew the long-term lease and they're committed to helping the residents through the transition process. are you mad at west lake? >> no. >> senior living centers are 90% occupied costing $4,500 a month in the bay area. she is sad to go but has already found a place which is a bit more expensive. you seem at peace with all of this. >> i am. yes. i'm accepting it. >> in san jose, kiet do, kpix5 news. nearly got away with a huge haul using a simple trick. a bus outside the mall yesterday, the suspects tried to drive away. they recovered bags stuffed full of stolen merchandise from several stores. at least one of the bags was lined with foil. to get past the security centers, the suspects are both
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from antioch and are facing shoplifting and conspiracy charges. this wasn't in the forecast today. snow outside of via stadium. snow brought in, tons of it. people were advised to show up early so they could build snowmen before it all started to melt. there was also a toy drive. well, the tied was up today and that's because we have an unusual moon tonight, but at ocean beach it's some of the low-lying parking areas get a little bit cluttered at this time of the year. the earth is unusually close to the sun. greater graph takingsal force and what do you expect? but it's not only that. if you look out your window right now, you'll see an unusually full moon, the moon closer to the earth tonight than it is at any other time during the month. making it a super moon at the same time it's a full moon and that also adds to the grafsh
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takingsal attraction. it appears 14% bigger than it does from its furthest part. it's a beautiful moon. the numbers, sorry to obscure the moon there for you. high temperatures today, 61 at concord, santa rosa, another view here shows us the bay and bay bridge. santa rosa 47. chilly night tonight as we get dry and cold winds now coming shore side from the interior. we expect up to 50 miles an hour gusts at the higher elevations of the east bay hills and 30 miles up around the coast range. gusty, cool offshore winds. wind advisories for the bay area. 7-foot morning tides at the same time for tomorrow, and for tuesday before things begin to relax a bit by mid week. in the meantime expect coastal
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flooding in the usual places. forecast for tomorrow shows the temperatures a little bit warmer than they were today. high pressure is building and the number is coming up a touch, to the low 60s. but the warming trend will be anemic at best because the low pressure has sunk. white caps out on the bay and gusty winds through tuesday. it will be dry all the way through next weekend with nary a drop of rain inside between now and next sunday. travel forecast, breezy in the great valley, sacramento and fresno under wind advisories, too. 9 minutes after 7, sun rice. san jose will get down to 39 degrees. very pleasant day tomorrow. sunshine, numbers in the low 60s. palo alto low 60s. over east bay, low 60s, lots of
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sun, but windy. the higher you go, the stronger the winds are going to blow. temperatures in the low 60s in marin and sonoma. a balmy 63 degrees in december here. sunny side up all the way through friday. numbers will warm gently through thursday and friday. all the way to next weekend, we don't see a drop of rain in sight. now with more on what really is a phenomenon. >> the stars out in mountain view tonight as well to celebrate all things science. betty yu is on the red carpet where innovators of screen, stage, and sport have come together to honor intellectual break throughs. >> it is a star-studded night here at the nasa research center here on the red carpet and here tonight brings together the best
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in science, tech, and hollywood. 22 million will be awarded in prizes to the world's top scientifics. hosted by actor morgan freeman and it was all started years ago by several men. kerry washington and ash ton curber and meala kunis also walked the red carpet. i talked to some of these people about the oscar of science. >> i think it's so special and i think in hollywood we celebrate ourselves a lot. so it's nice to actually be a part of an evening where we shift the focus to people who are doing really important work in the sciences. >> tonight there will be performances to help close out the show. at the nasa research center,
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betty yu, kpix. >> how did jimmy garoppolo do in his debut? and with a win, they would be in first place in the west. kickoff next.
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visit to learn more. kaiser permanente. thrive. ♪ two 49ers had ties to chicago...robbie gould used to . you could call this a pretty fun sports day, huh? >> 49ers, raiders, and i was watching tiger for four days. i need to get a life, right? on the treadmill, just watching tiger. but anyway, it was a good day. two 49ers with ties to chicago. jimmy garoppolo grew up just outside chicago, both coming up
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big in their homecoming. garoppolo making his first start for the 49ers. he looked the part. a third down to marquis goodwin. led to a field goal and early san francisco lead. on the second possession, garoppolo completes it to louis murphy. but that's an interception, led to a chicago touchdown and a 7-3 lead. second quarter, return cohen, 49ers have this guy dead, but there he goes the other way. 61 yards for a touchdown. 14-6, chicago. and two minutes left, 49ers trailing 14-12. on 39, garoppolo finds trent taylor, 33 yard catch and run. move in the red zone, taylor six grabs for 92 yards. they bled the clock and set up rodney gould 24 yards out, up and good. and 49ers win.
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he was five for five field goals was robbie gould. no touchdowns, but they win 15-14, and that's their second victory of the year. >> i didn't have a ton of expectations going into the game, and i knew he was going to go out there and work his hardest and do his best. it was fun to watch him do some things and lead us to a win. >> it was the most confident i've been since i've been here and every week it gets easier and easier. we'll start putting more things in, adding to the repertoire, and i think we're moving in the right direction. >> so far, so good. the raiders were playing without michael crabtree who is suspended, but facing a team who had been on the tab bloidz. eli manning bunched this week. then up the gut, 51 yards, 101 yards for lynch to go along with
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101 handshake. making the first nfl start here, and had him for lunch. brought him town, takes the ball away in the red zone, 10-7 at the half. draend ray washington, taking the 17-7 lead and into the black hole. evan ingram, pulls the giants within three. held to 212 passing yards. but the raiders offense able to stay on the field and put it away. to johnny holton and after all the excitement in this play, it is a touchdown. raiders win 24-17. they're now 6-6. >> you wish you could just go out and win them all, you know, and do it in a good way, but that just hasn't been our road this year. it's been a little bit more difficult. a lot of it is self -- you know, because of ourselves, so, you know, but we're in a situation
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that all of our goals are still right in front of us. it's not just right in front of us. it's there. >> and there it is. the chiefs lost again. the chargers beat cleveland. a three-way tie for first place in the afc west. not pretty, but a share of the lead and the raiders will take it. after losing in the pack 12 championship game on friday, they'll face tcu in the alamo bowl. clemson will face fourth ranked alabama who got into the playoffs over big ten championship ohio state. taking a break, stanton trade, watching the warriors in miami, tied at 58. to kevin durnd, golden state up. the warriors started the third
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quarter on an 18-3 run. steph curry gave them points for the game. they win 123-95. stanford women's soccer playing for the national title. the bruins scored twice in the second half to tie the game. but stanford's put the cardinal back on top. stanford beat ucla3-2. second national title in program history. they outscored opponents 91-9 this season. >> and sporting the sunday red for the final round of the hero world challenge. woods putting for eagle. he drops to his knees in celebration. he finished eight under par. ricky fouler finished at 18 under par. >> how did he look to you?
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rejuvenated? >> he looked really good except for yesterday's hiccup. he played four rounds, in contention, and golf needs him. i'm not sure he's going to win a major, but he looked pretty good. >> you were on the treadmill for the entire time you watched this? is that for real? >> i really need a life. it started early in the bahamas, so i'm on the treadmill and watching tiger woods. >> good deal. we'll be right back.
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♪ [baby crib musical mobile] millions are still exposed to the dangers of secondhand smoke. and some of them can't do anything about it. but you can. protect your family. visit santa rumbled into san francisco today... for a very special delivery.
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for the 34th year in a row... with toy donations in tow... . santa rum bld into san francisco today for a very special delivery for the 34th year in a row with toy donations in tow. the annual tradition gives presents to more than 500 families each year. >> this is important to give to the kids. you give to the kids every year, it makes you feel good. >> i think that santa came from the south pole, don't you think? a little southern thing going there. santa stuck around to sing carols and, of course, take pictures with the kids. >> nice to see. >> thanks for watching. we'll see you back at 11 o'clock tonight. >> always the latest on our website. >> don't forget, lurking in the skies above the bay area tonight, the unusually close full moon, the super moon. it will be in view all night tonight. go out and have a look and we'll
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see you at 11:00 tonight.


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