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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  December 4, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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there. we have all kinds of action. >> yes. we have a crazy day out there. it woke me up, howling out there. >> you have double duty today, news anchor and with weather, right? >> i do! >> let's talk about the headlines today. here is what to expect. a live look at shows. you will probably -- san jose. you will probably feel the winds there, as well. 39 right now temperature-wise. oakland 38. livermore 39 and santa rosa 34 degrees. tomorrow morning will be chilly. we have freeze watches, warnings, all that this effect for a lot of california. i will talk about that, the wind advisory and the coastal flood warning. a lot of action today. and please keep a firm grip on the steering wheel out on the roadways.
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we have downed power lines on grandee canyon road at point reyes. you will need to factor extra time if you travel that route. take a look at this back up at the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights but there was a crash over the weekend and damage done to toll booths. and to that let's go to kenny. yes. here is a look at the toll plaza crash that jacqueline mentioned. the driver remains in the hospital this morning as we learn more about the victim. 46-year-old ceecee hahn of castro valley died early saturday morning when a box truck slammed into toll booth 14 where she was working. the driver, daniel burke, was arrested on suspicion of dwi and manslaughter.
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caltrans is still working on repairs. it appears to be all too common these days, a passenger robbed and assaulted on a bart train. a woman says she was attacked in oakland. here is more. >> i felt my hand and i was texted and tried to grab my phone. >> reporter: a robber took her phone. she tried to get it back. >> he looked at me and said let it be. i said no, give me back my phone. he punched me on the right side of -- sorry, i am getting a little emotional, on the right side of my head right here, and he ran. and it was my instinct to come after him so i ran after him and started screaming and yelling and said stop him.
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finally as he ran down the stairs one individual tried to stop him. i wanted to say thank you to that individual. if you see this, i want to say thank you because out of all those people, no one stopped to help except for him. >> reporter: elaine says she continued to chase the suspect down the stairs, but then twisted her knee and fell to the ground. just then an officer arrived and tended to her, but did not chase after the suspect. >> he is like are you okay. i said yes. he said i saw him run by. he said okay, let me get information. no sense of urgency, no chase, no nothing. >> reporter: the police chief said his first responderring officer did not realize a robbery had taken place. he thought the man jumping the turnstyle and running away was
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probably a fare evader. once he realized what had happened, he sent out a description of the suspect in the area but the robber got away. he says tonight, quote, we are taking the situation seriously. we will do our best to identify the individual and take him into custody. he will be facing robbery and assault charges. are charged with involuntary manslaughter. they each face 36 counts... one for each person killed in last year's fire. a judge will hear evidence on whether almena and harris should stand trial. investigators and people who survived the fire are expected to testify. the city of oakland is running out of time to avoid a potentially crippling strike by city workers. last month -- the city of oakland is running out of time to avoid a potentially crippling strike by city workers. workers protested outside the state of the city address. the union representing more than 2,000 employees have
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called an indefinite strike starting tomorrow. police, firefighters and teachers would stay on the job, but a strike could shut down libraries and the public work's department among other things. a key sticking point involved the city's offer to cover cost of living increases. it is not enough with the bay area current economy, they say. let's talk about the winds going on. they were howling last night. if you are in the higher elevations with the hills, you certainly hear them. sfo has 18-mile per hour winds right now. vallejo 9. napa up to 14. this is just the beginning. wind advisories in effect for the north and east bay hills. anything above 1,000 feet could see gusts as high as 45 miles per hour. this is a widespread wind event but the advisory in effect for
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the hills. the santa cruz mountains and coastal areas could be dealing with problems including downed trees and power lines. the future-cast shows by 9:00 or 10:00 this morning it will really start to pick up. these are the wind gusts for the north bay. glen allen 39. by later on this afternoon 34 miles per hour gusts in st. helena. it will be breezy. we will talk about the temperatures, as well, coming up. jacqueline? tracking problems in the north bay due to the winds. let's take it outside right now to the bay bridge toll plaza. we are in the yellow already. you can see lots of activity going on. a big crowd already building for your monday morning commute. now, this is all due to some damage that was done to some of the toll booths over the weekend due to a crash. you will need to allow extra time if this is part of your morning commute because it will be a slower ride just to get
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past the toll plaza there. here is a live look at the macarthur maze where 80 and 580 come together. traffic is already starting to slow past that. lots of brake lights. the east shore freeway looking good. the 580 usual slowdowns to tracy and livermore. just under a 25 minute ride between 205 and 680. president trump is lashing out in response to reports an fbi agent was remove from the a team investigating russian interior fiancer in the election -- interference in the election. here are details. >> reporter: on twitter sunday president trump road the agency is the worst in history and the fbi director quote needs to clean house. the veteran was responding to reports that a veteran counter intelligence agent was removed from the team investigating
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russian meddling, discovered sending anti-trump messages. >> the tweeting comment regarding ongoing criminal investigations at your own peril, i would be careful if i were you, mr. mr. president. >> reporter: that as the democrat on the senate judiciary committee says the possible russian collusion investigation is also progresses. >> the judiciary committee has an investigation going, as well and it involves obstruction of justice. i think what we are beginning to see is the putting together the case of an obstruction of justice. >> reporter: senator diane feinstein says the evidence of the case is coming partially from the equal tweets from the white house. >> president trump has officially endorsed republican roy moore in the alabama senate
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rates as new allegation of sexual assault do not seem to have a significant impact on moore's chances. a new cbs news poll found 71% of the voters in the strongly conservative state say the allegations against the candidate are false. multiple women have come forward to accuse moore of inappropriately pursuing them when they were teenagers. moore leads democrat doug jones by about 6 points. congress goes back to work today on a sweeping tax reform plan. when asking who the big winners would be in the house and senate bills, he said. >> people have investments. the more investments you have the bigger you will do. >> who are the losers?
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>> you will lose the state income tax deduction. >> that is a lot of loosers. in 2015 spade 28% of californians deducted their state income taxes. both the house and senate bills eliminate the state income tax deduction. the other losers? >> those with mortgages over $500,000. >> that is half of all the homes with mortgages in california according to the national association of realtors. it is capped at $100,000 and the senate caps it at $1 million. even homeowners that don't have a mortgage have to pay property taxes. all state and local property taxes are deductible. >> you will have a cap, if it stays the house version which the senate seems to have agreed to because of susan collin, you will have a cap of $100,000 you can deduct fur. >> reporter: but it may not have a huge impact. there aren't that many people
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in california that deduct that amount in property taxes. the average in california is $6,000 in property tax deductions there. are many elements to the bills including serious differences between the house and senate versions. tomorrow a small group of politicians will work to put the two versions together for a final vote. the tax reform bill has some says there is no stopping now. time is 4: it's called the oscars of science. big-time celebrities come together in the bay area to honor some of the brightest minds in the field. colin it is called the oscars of science. big time celebritys in the bay area come together to honor the brightest minds in the field. and colin kaepernick recognized for his work to promote social justice.
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last night... for launching the national anthem protests in the national football league.
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kaepernick received the "eason monroe courageous advocate award" in beverly hills. he was not announced on the guest list... but did give a brief speech. "we must confront systemic oppression like we would a disease, treat it confront it and defeat it" last season... kaepernick began sitting, then kneeling during the national anthem to protest sitting, then kneeling during the national anthem to protest racial injustice. anticipating the 49ers would release him... kaepernick opted out of his contract in march. he has not signed with any team since. last month, he filed a grievence with the n-f-l... claiming team owners have colluded against him. it was a star- studded extravaganza in mountain view last night, to celebrate all it was a star-studded extravaganza in mountainview last night, all to celebrate all things science. kpix 5 news was at the nasa research center where innovators came together to honor intellectual break throughs. >> reporter: it is a star-
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studded night at the breakthrough prize ceremony at the nasa aims research center. no awards other than this give as much money foe recipients. hollywood tech giants are here in sin con valley to celebrate. i know you have been to the oscars but tonight is called the oscars of science. how is that different for you? >> i think it is so special to be here. in hollywood we celebrate ourselves a lot in hollywood. it is nice to be part of an evening where we are shifting the spotlight and focus to those people doing really important work in the sciences. >> reporter: actresses like kerry washington joined the tech elite. $22 million will be handed out in 14 achievementments and fields including life sciences, math and physics. the youngest winner is from the philippine, receiving $400,
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including a college scholarship -- $400,000, including a college scholarship. >> it is huge for me. it will attract a lot more people into science >> reporter: the event started six years ago with mark zuckerberg and priscilla chan, sergey brin, anne wojcicki, and yuri and julia milner and more. >> i love these people, people that dream of things we cannot imagine, like how big is the universe. >> reporter: and former nfl player and math petition john ursell were also here. >> there is a lot of competition between the athletic and mathmatics world. >> reporter: rapper wiz khalifa helped close out the show with
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the record breaking hit see you again. >> that is cool. the violinist. well, it is a cold start to the day and a windy day, as well. some of the headlines as we start out the week, cool and clear. but as you step outside it will wake you up. it will almost be a double blanket kind of week, especially if you are to the north. the coast will see possible flooding and the winds will be staying strong through tomorrow. here we go with the wind gusts over the bay area. we are seeing gusts as high as 24 miles per hour for san francisco and concord, fairfield up to 30. as i set the future-cast into motion by 8:00 a.m. napa's gusts will pick up around 30 miles per hour. a lot calmer in san jose compared to the rest but the east bay and north bay will have the most of this, livermore up to 22 miles per
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hour at 3:00 this afternoon. fairfield as high at 30. they could even get town 55 miles per hour in some of the peaks. be careful. it is time to tie down the christmas decorations. inning to keep in mind.-- something to keep in mind. and advisories in effect for the north and east bay. but it will impact the east bay area, coasting area, included. trees could come down, as well, with gusts as high as 45. this low that brought brought us a little rain -- that brought us a little rain saturday to sunday has now moved east and now high pressure is coming in. as the high makes its way toward the u.s. , we will get the north winds coming through. this line is the wind stream. the gusts will continue to stay strong from the north through tuesday afternoon. that is why the wind advisory is not over until tuesday afternoon. here is a look at the current temperatures. 39 in concord, 48 in oakland, 43 in santa rosa. not as cold there as last week
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for the early morning hours. we are seeing a lot of cold conditions today, especially tomorrow. tuesday will really be the coldest morning of the week. we could see temperatures drop as low at 28 to 34 degrees across northern california, epps in end see know county and northern california. check on your plants, pets and senior citizens. it is hard when it is that chilly out there. the afternoon highs 36 for fairfield, 06 for concord and livermore. oakland 61 degrees. around average for where we should be. we should be in the upper 50s for averages. we with will be in the low 60s -- we will be in the low 60s instead.
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. >> okay. thank you for that. well, if you travel into san francisco over the weekend, toll booths 14 and 15 are closed after a box truck smashed into them. we will let you know how long the toll booths will remain closed and if there will be changes as far as your commute goes or if they will alter some
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of those booths for the backtracks. right now the back up stretches to about 880, the overcrossing there and we are in the yellow for drivers heading into san francisco. you are right along the east shore freeway in the green. look at the camera shaking around. this is the wind net tawas just telling us. it will be a rough ride. suddenly scramblin ive... that is a check of the traffic. back to you. the time is 4:51. dozens of bay area seniors are suddenly scrambling to find a place to live. >> and bay area bike riders saddling up to make a safer place for kids to live.
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. good morning. the time is 4:54. we are tracking big back ups at the bay bridge toll plaza. it will be a slow ride due to damage to some toll booths over the weekend. more on that coming up in the 5:00 hour. for now to kenny. authorities have identified a man killed in a weekend crash in the east bay. 23-year-old hawaun morton was behind the wheel of this white dodge charger and crashed into a pole at 880 street and san leandro. the crews got there and it was in flames. the passenger was able to get out and survived. speed may have been a factor. investigators are trying to find out how this white pickup was submerged in the bay, found 250 feet off of treasure
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island yesterday afternoon. rescuers searched the truck but no one was found inside. more than 80 seniors in san jose have just a few weeks to find new homes. the city's willow glen area complex has lost its lease and now residents are finding new places to live. >> reporter: for years the tria gardens was an oasis to seniors. but now they have been forced to move out. the building belongs to west lake reality group in san mateo. west lake did not renew the lease and plans to convert the property into something other than senior housing. west lake did not respond to our request for comment but the parcel is in tablooming area, fie -- is in a blooming area, five minutes away from the new
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google campus, home to up to 25,000 new employees. >> it is disappointing and upsetting. >> she is lucky because she has family as a support. many people don't have family. >> reporter: the seniors have been given six weeks notice to get out. each facility must submit an approval statement and now they say they are disappointed west lake decided not to renew the long term lease. are you mad at west lake? >> no. >> reporter: the san jose senior living centers are 95% occupied costing on average $4,500 a month in the bay area. this person has found a place, but it is a bit more expensive. you seem at peace with all this. >> i am. i am accepting it. nta claus, and his friends from motorcycle clubs around the bay
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area, delivered donated toys erday to zucke and motorcycle enthusiasts from all around the bay area delivered donated toys yesterday to zuckerberg's fran general hospital. >> it is -- san francisco general hospital. >> it is important to give to the kids. you give to the kids every year and it makes you feel good. >> it provides gifts to more than 500 families each year in the annual tradition. the supermoon is bringing us extreme tide this is morning. i will explain some of the warnings and what one group is hoping to learn from this today. >> and the deadly crash on the bay bridge over the weekend is still causing a traffic mess. we will have a live look coming up.
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and i'm neda iranpour, michelle has the morning off. let's start with a live look outside... the morning rush is about to start... with drivers hitting the roads
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heading to work.. we're monitoring what you can expect ... including your forecast.


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