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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  December 14, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

12:00 pm to learn more. sfx: tinny headphone music sfx: feet shuffling life can change in an instant. be covered when it does... ...with a health plan through covered california. we offer free expert help choosing the best plan for you. and all of our plans include free preventive care. financial help is available, so check for yourself to see what savings you qualify for. for health insurance starting january 1st, enroll by december 15th. because you never know when life... ...will change. get covered today. a short time ago... regulators approved sweeping de- regulations... giving internet service providers more freedom. the fcc takes the axe to obama-era net neutrality rules. they deregulated it, giving internet service providers more freedom. good afternoon. let's get to jackie ward with
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more on the vote and the new legal battle that could now take shape. jackie. >> reporter: after a five- minute recess due to an order from security, the members of the federal communications commission killed net neutrality in a 3-2 vote, the restoring internet freedom order gets rid of the rules established by the obama administration in 2015. it prevented speed traps on the internet and made providers like comcast and verizon treat all websites and content equally. dozens of internet companies asked them to keep the renumbers place but the in end, the fcc commissioners voted along party lines and overturned net neutrality. >> i'm not going to give up. and neither should you. if the arc of history is long, we are going to bend this toward a more just outcome in the courts in congress, wherever we need to go to ensure that net neutrality stays the law of the land.
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>> investment in high speed networks has declined by billions of dollars! notably, this is the first time that such investment has declined outside of a recession in the internet era. when there's less investment, that means fewer next generation networks are build meaningless access and less competition. >> reporter: the fcc says eliminating net neutrality would boost the economy and stop the internet from being micromanaged by the federal government. critics say repealing it would give internet providers too much power over content. after the vote, senator harris said: "we're disappointed in the decision to gut #netneut protections that ushered in an precedented era of netflix also tweeted: this is the beginning of a long battle. netflix stands with innovators, large and small, to oppose misguided fcc order." bob ferg shington state's attorney general, just announc s intent to issue what may be
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the first lawsuit against the ruling. he said his office will be filing a petition for review in the >> reporter: bob ferguson washington state's attorney general announced his intent to issue a lawsuit against the ruling. he said his office will be filing the petition for review in the coming days. in the newsroom, jackie ward, kpix 5. >> even before the vote officials in santa clara county also announced plans to sue the fcc to block the expected repeal. the county's general counsel promised a lawsuit is in the works. >> the reversal of net neutrality is arbitrary and unjustified and it is therefore unlawful. santa clara county is not going to let the fcc's actions stand. >> meanwhile, in a twitter post, california state senator scott weiner pledged that come january, he will introduce a legislation to require net neutrality in california. congressional negotiators have reached a compromise which could clear the way for final passage of president trump's
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tax reform plan. a vote in both chambers is expected next week. weijia jang reports. >> reporter: republicans have been very optimistic. we have learned that senator marco rubio of florida plans to vote no to the current bill and utah senator mike lee says he is on the fence. both want to expand the child tax credit so it's available to more families. the gop can only afford to lose two votes. congressional negotiators say they have reached a deal on tax reform that can pass both the house and senate. >> closer than ever to getting across the finish line with tax reform that provides more jobs, fair taxes and bigger paychecks for hard working families across this country. >> reporter: the bill would eliminate obamacare's health insurance mandate, double the standard deduction for individuals and married couples, and allow taxpayers to deduct a combined $10,000 from state and local income and property taxes. >> the irs, this is just out,
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this is breaking news, has just confirmed that americans will see lower taxes in bigger paychecks beginning in february. >> reporter: democrats say the biggest windfall would go to the wealthy and to corporations which would see their taxes cut to 21%. the house and senate are expected to vote on the bill next week giving president trump what he has asked for, a tax reform victory before christmas. but democrats say that's too soon. >> it would be wrong for senate republicans to jam through this tax bill without giving the newly elected senator from alabama the opportunity to cast his vote. >> reporter: democrat doug but he efeated roy moore in won't be seated until january. mitch mcconnell says the tax vote will proceed as planned. just in the past hour, president trump reacted to this apparent new roadblock with
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senator rubio and he is remaining hopeful saying we will get there. kenny. >> thank you. former white house aide omarosa newman is denying reports that she was forced out. the ex reality star said that chief of staff john kelly told her she until her one-year anniversary and then say she resigned. she denied reports she tried to go back to the white house residence to renegotiate with kelly, tripped an alarm as wanted escorted from the building. and she says she has a lot more to say. >> when i have a chance to tell my story, michael, quite a story to tell, as the only african-american woman in this white house as a senior staff and assistant to the president, i have seen things that have made me uncomfortable, that have upset me, that have affected me deeply and emotional and affected my community and my people. when i can tell me story, it's a profound story that i know the world will want to hear.
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>> see said some people in the white house are problems with her because she had more access to the president than most. emotions high among parents and teachers as an east bay school district prepares to make significant midyear budget cuts. kpix 5's jessica flores on what that means for the district, which already has a teacher shortage. >> reporter: parents at this elementary school are bracing for the $9 million budget cuts headed to oakland unified schools. >> i don't think that's fair for the community, for the kids. we need more staff, more programs, you know, keep them out of trouble. >> reporter: teachers won't be cut, but money for support services, contracts and supplies is on the chopping block. families here say they are already stretched thin being asked to pick tab for everything from paper to field trips. >> we have to think twice about things -- just putting money aside for school supplies. >> reporter: some parents are fed up, even considering
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leaving the district altogether. >> i am up against the wall, keeping them in the school or paying for school supplies. >> reporter: the school board vote came late last night amid protests. the midyear cuts follow years of overspending and a lack of budget oversight. oakland unified officials say the cuts are needed to avoid a state takeover. >> the state could potentially do draconian budget cuts here in the district. any cuts by the state would have been without public comment perhaps, without any input from the superintendent or the board of directors, and it could have involved closing schools pretty much immediately. >> reporter: district officials say it's still unclear which positions will be cut. layoffs will get 60-day notice before the cuts come in march. >> the district says $5 million will be cut from central office, $4 million from schools. principals will then have to decide how to cut the budgets at each school. two men charged in connection with oakland's deadly ghost ship warehouse
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fire are back in front of a judge today. tenants derick almena and max harris each facing 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter, one count for each person killed in the december fire last year. the judge is deciding if there's enough evidence for the men to stand trial. a top oakland fire department official testified earlier this week that investigators never determined the cause of the fire. however, she thinks it was caused by some type of an electrical problem. new information on an east bay killing. hayward police are searching for these two suspects wanted in connection to a homicide. detectives just released this sketch of a man and woman who shot a 47-year-old man last week in front of the islander motel, according to police. if you recognize the suspects, call hayward police. up next, rocking out for wildfire relief. the big name band performing tonight to raise money for victims in the north bay who
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lost everything. >> reporter: new rules aimed at preventing deadly wildfires. coming up, how they will affect pg&e. >> and there is an increase in fire danger this coming weekend. i'll let you know when the wind advisory and a fire weather watch will take effect, plus we also have hazy conditions. i'll have your forecast coming up. even if no one in your home smokes, secondhand smoke can be closer than you think. secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter your home through air vents, through light fixtures
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and even through cracks in the walls and the floors. secondhand smoke is toxic. especially to children. protect your family. visit
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it's now grown to the fourth largest wildfire in california history. it has burned more than fire watch now. new details on the thomas fire in ventura and santa barbara counties. it is now grown to the fourth largest wildfire in california's history. it burned more than 242,000 acres since it started 11 days
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ago containment just at 30%. more than 900 buildings including 700 homes have been lost. a red flag wind warning is in effect until at least tomorrow. 2017 has been an historic year for fires in southern california and here in the bay area. now state regulators just approved new rules meant to prevent wildfires caused by downed utility lines. here's anne makovec. >> reporter: these rules have actually been in the works for almost 10 years. but obviously, taking on new urgency with california's continued wildfire threat. the cause of the wine country wildfires in october hasn't been determined. but there are reports of downed pg&e power lines in the areas where they broke out. and there's no question there is danger when it comes to wind, power and tinder dry conditions. >> we are in a changing paradigm so our rules need to change. >> reporter: the rules just approved by the state public utilities commission will create a detailed map of the
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most dangerous fire-prone areas in the state. there, tree branches will have to be kept further from power lines and new lines will be spaced farther apart. priority will be given to power line repairs and those repairs will have to be finished within six months. state regulators first began considering these rules after a series of devastating wildfires in southern california in 2007. they were tied to power lines arcing and falling. >> we have come a long way. but i have to say, i think we have a lot more to do to protect the lives and property of californians. >> reporter: in response to the new rules pg&e sent out a statement saying, we absolutely agree with and support the goal of this proceeding to further reduce the threat of wildfires while addressing the potential impact of the proposed regulations on our customers." once these rules get final approval next month, they are set to take effect next summer. in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. the first band together bay
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area concert raised millions for the victims of the wine country wildfires. so organizers are doing it again tonight. ♪[ music ] the red hot chili peppers will headline tonight's band together 2 concert at the graham auditorium in san francisco. 100% of the ticket sales support north bay community foundations. a pretty cool cause. >> yeah. i want to see the outfits tonight. [ laughter ] >> that's going to be -- it will be great. let's talk about the weather. we have some fire danger out there this weekend. so first i want to show you some of the hazy conditions. this is a live view from our mount vaca camera and you can see some of that haze in the low-lying areas as it builds up there. we have dry air out there. you definitely can feel that on the skin and yes, the fire weather concerns will take effect starting friday into sunday but there's a chance of rain. we'll have to wait a week for that. air quality now unhealthy for
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sensitive groups across the north bay and along the coast. 7 "spare the air" days in a row. temperatures in san francisco 58. san jose 62. already warming up there. santa rosa 57. and our afternoon highs look like this. mid- to upper 60s. 70 expected for san jose later today. livermore 69. 64 for san francisco. so we're between 7 and 10 degrees above average. sunset happening tonight at 4:50 and, of course, once that sun sets, you start to feel the chill in the air tomorrow morning you will feel it, as well. but here's what's happening tomorrow night into sunday. we'll start to see strong winds, north winds coming through as this low dips. that's what's going to happen. we'll get the north winds, which means the dry winds. those are all offshore winds and that's why now a wind advisory is in effect from 10 p.m. friday to 10 a.m. sunday. gusts as high as 50 miles per hour, this is all in effect for elevations above 1,000 feet for
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the entire san francisco area and beyond. fire weather watches and red flag warnings for southern california, for us we have watches for the north and east bay hills. so humidity will also be a factor here. 5 to 20% during the day, not much relief overnight either. so it will be pretty significant. the futurecast really gives you a good idea of when it all begins. by midnight saturday, early- morning saturday, it will stay strong. those gusts 30, 40 miles per hour. here's a look at the seven-day forecast. so you can see the windy conditions friday through saturday. by sunday morning, things should be calming down and look at this, way far ahead and wednesday there's a chance of rain in that forecast. that's definitely highly anticipated. we need it so bad. >> we haven't seen the rain in quite some time. let's check the markets. a taste of afric re through music. how this week's jefferson award winner is helping thousands of bay area kids find their rhythm.. up next, a taste of african culture through music. how this week's jefferson award winner is helping thousands of bay area kids find their rhythm.
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invitation to an enriching cultural experience. as sharon chin shows us.. this week's jefferson award winner brings a taste of africa to bay area children. come play with me. it's an an east bay woman's invitation to a culture experience.
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sharon chin reports on this week's jefferson award winner. [ african music ] >> reporter: catherine ndungu- case teaches children to play african music after school. >> on a scale of 1 to 10, a 10. 100! >> knee up. and clap. >> reporter: catherine celebrates african culture through music, dance and play. the name of her nonprofit, cheza nami, swahili for come play with me. even the principal, dr. ann james, can't resist. >> it's always positive and up and uplifting. >> reporter: catherine reaches thousands of children a year in bay area schools, community groups and in her annual taste of africa festival in pleasanton. >> it's a way for to us elevate the cultures that are very often forgotten. >> reporter: she started when they are children were 3. she wanted her daughter and son to experience the culture of her
12:22 pm
native kenya. >> that was together around the fires. my grandmother cooked and told stories and sang songs. >> reporter: in her program, she introduces traditional instruments but also raises grant money to fund local artists who share their local heritage. this person teaches alongside her childhood friend. >> see what she's accomplished, it's phenomenal. >> reporter: students are simply enjoying the lessons. >> i really think it's interesting and i keep wanting to learning about it. >> it's so meaningful and beautiful. it means the world to me. >> 5, 6, 7, 8 ... >> reporter: so for introducing children to african culture, this week's jefferson award winner in the bay area goes to catherine ndungu-case. sharon chin, kpix 5. >> she is focusing on expanding and would like to organize a culture fair. nominate your local hero for an award online at we'll be right back.
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the sierra.. actually rise... and fall? hi, i'm neda iranpour here at second harvest food bank where all this produce is being contacted up and shipped out to those who need it most. we have volunteers working hard and also people working hard to donate, which is how they count on food items. joining us from the food bank
12:26 pm
we have ann from star 1. tell us about this donation. first of all, we want to make a big reveal. are you ready for the drum roll? all right. whoo! a check for $40,000 going to second harvest food bank. how did you collect this money and why was it so important for you to give? >> star 1 credit union employees, our board of directors and our volunteers recognize the importance of giving back to the community. this community where we have served our members, conducted business, for over 60 years. >> very nice of you guys do this. let's talk about the need right now especially during the holidays. >> thank you. well, of course, there is a need for our services year round. but the holidays are really critical for fundraising for us. we raise over half the funds we need for the entire year just during the holiday season. we have a goal of $16 million to be able to provide the food that we need to provide every month of the year. >> so if you give now, it can really help throughout the year. >> that's right. >> thank you. there is a way all of you can also help. just go to our website,
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all right. finally, did you know the mountains in the sierra actually rise and fall? nasa used satellites to find out that the mountains rose about an inch during the drought from 2011 to 2015. then when all the snow weighed down on the mountains last winter, they actually back down by half inch. nasa says it shows the sierra is capable of storing much more water than first thought. cool! >> we need water so bad. hopefully next week we'll start to see the rain coming through. ♪[ music ]
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♪ >> liam: there is something about you. >> steffy: easy to say when i'm dressed like this. >> liam: that's true. but there's a lightness about you. >> steffy: a lightness? >> liam: yeah. you know, that thing, that carefree thing, where you're just up for anything, the crazier, the better. >> steffy: uh, yeah, you know that south swell, we're missing out on it. >> liam: this is what i'm talking about. do you want -- do you want to catch some waves? >> steffy: yeah! >> liam: really? >> steffy: get your suit on. go! >> liam: i so love you like this. >> steffy: [ laughs ]


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