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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  December 16, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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>> all fire stations are open and staffed. something you would never see in the bay area in the middle of december. this is my 28th season.>> reporter: cal fire normally staffs 15 trucks and for through the winter. now, they are back up to 15 units. at one point, 11 are in southern california battling the thomas fire. >> our forces are tired. this is what we sign up for. fire season started in march. we are still going strong.>> reporter: we went to antioch and the wind was so powerful, it brought down this giant cedar. james was watching football when he saw the tree move. it was enough to shift and left the cement around the base. james did not hear or feel a thing.>> no noise and no movement. i just saw the tree move. a came up off the foundation of the ground forefeet.>> reporter: the tree was so big, took down power lines. he estimated it would take
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hours to safely remove. it was a smaller situation in berkeley. a tree was knockdowns as well. -- a tree was knocked down as well. >> our car was behind this car. it covered our car. my husband could barely back out. we had to lift the tree. i am relieved that i was not standing there two seconds earlier.>> reporter: cal fire says mount diablo recorded up to 63 miles per hour and winds were consistently in the high 30s to low 40s.>> is cal fire worried about staffing levels ?>> reporter: no. cal fire says they work nine months at a time. many men and women came on in june. if they need to come up they can work through march. they always plan for a worst
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case scenario. there have been problems on the peninsula. earlier, a tree toppled near arlington way. further north, powerlines came down across seminole way. luckily, they did not start a fire power is out to more than 6000 customers across the bay area. they are working and expect small to moderate outages in the south day.>> reporter: winds are causing problem on the water. waves swamped small vessels and set some inker outs adrift. -- inker outs adrift.>> the high winds are accompanied by large waves. in the environment that we have in the bay, with so many anchored out vessels, it creates an issue.>> a small
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craft advisory is in effect through 3 am tomorrow. when you are anchor out you live in the boat. winds are up to 35 miles per hour. at p, 50 miles per hour. relative humidity is down. it is a recipe for high fire danger. high wind advisories are posted for the same reason. trees and power lines are a threat. they will be watched tonight. maximum winds up to 60 miles per hour. even down in cupertino, 55 miles per hour. a complete forecast in a few minutes. the same winds are howling across southern california. ash and debris are blowing around like snow in santa barbara . the thomas fire is
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now bearing down on the community of montecito. residents piled into cars and fled on saturday, turning led on saturday, turning led on saturday, turning ghost town drove one of the biggest fires history toward the city and the nearby wealthy enclave of montecito. the mandatory evacuations around montecito and neighboring summerland came as winds that had eased a day earlier roared back at around 30 mph, with gusts to about 60 mph. the fire is 40 percent contained. this is how the thomas fire looks from space. and nasa satellite captured this image. a thick blanket of smoke covering the santa barbara coast and drifting out over the channel islands. the thomas fire is now the third largest wildfire in modern california history. there is some good news tonight. all evacuation orders for ventura have been lifted. the debris removal from the wine country fire is on hold. a worker was killed removing the debris. the army corps of engineers tells us lives of printed -- a socratic -- a subcontracted employee died. there is no information at the
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time. the army corps of engineers ordered debris removal workers to stand down. to give contractors time to review safety procedures and training. they get their deepest condolences and 70 to the family of the victim. their top priority is safety. they want every team member working on the program to return to their families when the job is done. republic services runs the landfill. they were saddened by the news of the tragic incident and are fully cooperating with local authorities. a big break tonight in a deadly shooting. police just arrested these three suspects. angel santa cruz and josi can tar. alicia alejo is accused of helping them. the suspect shot and killed an 18-year-old in a mobile gas station on south winchester
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boulevard on december 18, 2016. investigators think it was gang- related. tonight, they are still searching for the suspect, 24- year-old, joseph dirham. they believe he may have fled to mexico. a petition to rename a landmark in honor of mayor and lee is gaining steam. the embarcadero placer -- plaza sits across from the ferry building. kevin birmingham launched the petition to rename it and lee plaza. 1500 people have signed up. a public memorial for mayor lee is set for tomorrow at city hall. the acting mayor and three former san francisco mayors will be present. senator dianne feinstein will also be giving remarks. the celebration of life starts at 3 pm at city hall. we will statement lines on our facebook page and website. they are bringing out the big
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guns at san francisco. no more traffic costs. a drastic action that a police department may have to take to solve a staffing shortage. i am watching you.>> delivering a message to porch pirate. one way a woman is fighting back. it looks like this guy could use a little holiday spirit. here is a photo of a cat hanging out by a tree in his bah humbug hat. we would like to see your spirit. share your holiday photos with us on our kpix facebook page.
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in san francisco. - fired anti-t take a look at the this.a bazooka-style rocket launcher was among the firearms turned in at a police-sponsored gun buyback event in san francisco on saturday. the shoulder-fired, anti-tank weapon was one of at least 188 firearms that were swapped for o-questions-t were swapped for o-questions-t were swapped for asked the event was organized by the s.f. police department and the violence-prevention group united playaz. important because every gun that we destroy and we get off the street is a potential gun that could have killed somebody or destroyed a whole universe, just one of those guns.
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>>buyback organizers said they expected to pay out at least $50,000 for the weapons received on saturday. 40 people are -- were killed this year alone. a major staffing shortage. the drastic action the department may have to take to keep the city safe.>> reporter: a crisis at the berkeley police department. the chief says he does not have enough officers to hit the streets.>> that concerns me.>> reporter: they have already gone with bicycle patrols and dropped a task force. the chief is proposing to illuminate the traffic division and move investigators to patrol the streets.>> we are a dense city. we need police officers to be there and responsive. it is alarming.>> reporter: a councilman believes berkeley will not be safe. they need to solve the problem fast.>> they have problem retaining talent.>> reporter:
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the police officers union says this year, 26 officers have left the department. and more are on their way out. on the website, the union blames politics and the anti- law enforcement sentiment. officers have received a lot of criticism in recent years over their handling of protests. the chair of the police review commission does not by that he believes it is the economics.>> cost of living is high in berkeley. if a person is traveling from a distance, there is added cost.>> reporter: he says it is a regional and national problem. oakland and san jose are dealing with staff sort -- staffing shortage. the commission will work with the police chief to recommend solutions to the city council. a possible idea is to increase the pay and benefits to retain and attract new hires. in the meantime, some people in berkeley say they worry about slower police response times. >> i think having fewer police available for various needs, is not a good thing.>> reporter:
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berkeley had more cops 20 years ago than they do now. the union says in 1999 that they had 215 officers. today, 160. in berkeley, 20. they are looking for an armed robber who held up to students. the students, both men, were walking to weaver hall before 7 pm last night. when the suspect approached them and pulled out a gun and demanded their laptops. the victims were not hurt. the suspect is described as 20 through 25 years old. five feet eight inches, 140 pounds wearing a gray hoodie and dark pants. if you have any information, give berkeley police a call. holiday package thieves may have met their match. maria medina shows us the unusual tactic that is working.>> reporter: in just one sentence -->> if you're thinking of taking this package, please be aware that i am watching you.>> reporter:
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lori gave a straightforward warning. >> i am watching you. so is the campbell police department.>> reporter: she left the note on the package left on a neighbors doorstep. >> it was the sweetest thing. it was nice to know that my neighbor was looking out for me. someone i met once.>> reporter: tiffany griffith did not know lori well. she also had no idea. how often package that's where happening in the area.>> two or three times a day.>> reporter: these do not care even when there are cameras. the ring doorbell captures a man helping himself to several packages outside this berkeley home. the homeowner even uses a smart device to go after the thief.>> what are you doing ? that is hours. to southern california, this man tries to steal a couple of boxes. but gets tired and leaves it behind.>> i have to do
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something. >> reporter: that is white lori said she needed to deliver a message to thieves. >> dear thieves, i am watching you. you do not just get to come into everyone's neighborhood and do what you want>> reporter: lori is right. campbell police is watching. for the second year in a row, they are working with homeowners to put out take packages. if stolen, they can track them and hopefully, arrest the thieves. maria medina, kpix . this list came early. -- christmas came early kids got to pick up a full bag of toys as part of an annual giveaway. this year, 1200 kids showed up.>> many of them, this is a sign of the times. many of the kids and their parents have been standing in line since 9 pm last night.>> glide memorial church has sponsored the giveaway for more than 20 years. the weather
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has winds up to 26 miles per hour . over in oakland. much of the bay will have winds . high pressure is building in over the state. we will switch focus toward coit tower. the numbers are clustered around 60 degrees. santa rosa has fallen to 51 degrees with clear skies. here is what is happening. high pressure is building in robustly. after the low pressure trough clouds on friday. on thursday, we had a great day with high clouds associated with the dry, cold front. they went out and we got sunshine in the wake. it built high pressure rapidly. it gave us that red flag warnings. the humidity is down. there are high wind alerts. northerly winds up to 35 miles
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per hour below and up to 50 on top. maximum wind gusts is 65 miles per hour. 53 miles per hour in marin county. cupertino up to 55. by tomorrow, mid day, they should ease off. as we roll this forward into monday, you can see the winds will be calm in the bay area by monday morning. hopefully it will end and ease up tomorrow afternoon. it will be sunny and breezy through tomorrow mid day. temperatures in the low to mid 60s. warmer than usual in december. a windy night tonight in the bay area. early sunday, it will ease up. tuesday it will be nice and sunny. a drop or two of rain with a weak front mid week. this will be one of the driest decembers ever if we do not pick up a drop between now and end of the year.
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good weather for football. raiders take on the cowboys. sunday at 5:30 pm. it will be clear and cool. 60 degrees. the 49ers on channel 5 at 1:25 pm. at the stadium, sunny and nice. for mid december, not better than 65. overnight lows tonight, santa rosa, 36 degrees. san rafael, 21. concorde, 37. the sun will be up at 7:14 am. for tomorrow, mid 60s for everybody. they are six degrees above average. oakland will hit 64. so will union city and morgan hill. plenty of sunshine. the numbers tomorrow top out in the 60s and east bay as well. plenty of sun. the beach will be 63.
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alameda, 63 tomorrow. lakeport and clear lake will be mid 60s. extended forecast is son -- sun. a drop or two in the north bay. next weekend, high and dry. it looks like high and dry all the way into new year. in the meantime, let's get more. something interesting was falling from the skies over the bay area. a drone drop that netted golden fans a step curry souvenir. straightahead, another salute to california high school football champions. we will show you a high school quarterback that even i can post up on.
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drones were deployed from the bay... to deliver signed steph a surprise in the skies over dub nation. drones were deployed from the bank to deliver signed step
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curry issues. it was part of a digital scavenger hunt orchestrated by under armor. fans had to look for hidden dropped pens. those who did, a special code. they were did -- directed to special drop zones. there is a lucky winner.>> look at that. my son has a pair in his closet right now. when he puts it on, magic happens.[laughter]i have nfl. jimmy garoppolo, not often that you see a sizzle around eight 3- 10 -- a 3-10 team. what is with jimmy garoppolo taking the field without his
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helmet ? a guy he used to play with, tom brady does the same thing. it came up in discussion.>> was it in a large to tom brady ?>> a what ?>> no. i have always done not.>> do you emulate the way he interacts with the media ? >> i've never paid attention.>> the 49ers will team up with the titans tomorrow at levi stadium. right here on kpix . the show with the usual menu in the locker room will follow. matthew stafford and the lions against the bears. and the lions knocking it over. stafford showing -- during his second touchdown of the game. liens won 20-10. half-game behind the falcons for the nfc final wild-card spot. look at this formation.
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you do not see this every day. college bowl show against oregon. the las vegas bowl. interception by springs. we have to see that again. late 1st quarter, the quarterback found wilson. and easy front up to catch 48 2 yardley. -- 2 touchdown lead. boise when the game 38-28. jones and the cal bears. having just about enough of cal state fullerton. down 2. daniel tied the game and forced overtime. coleman missed and got his rebound. delay in and coleman scored 26. cal won the game 95-89. give me some brown jersey, white helmet and mountain view.
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the championship was up for grabs. look at this catch. williams, excuse me. a second-quarter play against simi valley. lancers knocked at the door again. it is williams again. he went down and got it. lancers won 22-13 for the first ever state title. good job for them. just moments ago, aleo inside the red zone -- galileo, becoming the first public high school in the san francisco to boldly go where no other city program has gone before.>> it is the last football practice for galileo high school. crisp, organized, fierce. coach mike when has a great
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defense. anchored by jimmy edwards. a six game win streak on the shoulders of good backs, surehanded receivers, good sized lineman. the fellow in green, that is the quarterback. 5'3" inch senior adrian. that is right, 5'3" inches. >> i do not know how he does it.>> you are the quarterback ? >> yes. all the time. everywhere i go, they asked who are you ? and i say quarterback.>> he cannot even see over his offense of line. get this, he has been a starting quarterback at every level at galileo since the middle of his freshman year.>> he is aggressive, he does not give up, he does not back down. he is the kid we want.>> as soon as i hear starting
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quarterback, i could not let them down. >> that is not enough. galileo is on the verge of becoming the first san francisco public school to win a state football championship. the 6 letter a title game is saturday night. once the city championship was played, that used to be the season. not anymore.>> the scoring update, 6 minutes to go, galileo 8, vincent memorial there dig. >> a great start. in my story. their daughter vanished without a trace. a promising lead that turned out to be a bust. scammers used a symbol software program to pray on the desperate california couple. you remember george carlin's seven words you cannot say on television, now there are seven words you will not hear from federal officials. why the white house is
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censoring the cdc. what is in a name ? if it happens to be sydney, you could win a free flight to australia.
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you are watching kpix 5 news. our top story is strong gusty winds . it has bay area fire crews on high alert. trees have been coming down. this cedar tree lifted the cement around it in berkeley, a tree came down on cars. early missing this woman. >> our car was parked behind this car. it covered our entire car.
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it has been could barely back out. we had to lift the tree as much as we could. i am relieved that i was not standing there two seconds earlier. it would have been me. more problems out on the water in the harbor. the girl scouts were so strong -- the girl scouts were so strong. it will be a windy night in the bay area. red flag warnings are still up for all the area hills. for winds exceeding 50 miles per hour . the fire danger is high tonight. it is unusual to have red flag warnings. we have one as long as the winds process. they will ease up tomorrow morning . until they dissipate entirely by sunday evening. it is a while between now and then. high wind alerts are posted bait white. it will be eight windy night in northern california. in southern california, there are problems on the front lines of the thomas fire.
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greg mills is in montecito, where there are new evacuations tonight.>> reporter: firefighters are cutting fire brakes by hand. and cutting down almost anything that will burn. in the montecito hills. anything to stop the thomas fire, which is tearing through montecito and headed to santa barbara. this morning, one building burned. firefighters say no homes burned. santa barbara station kye t said they had winds and hurricane strength. >> it is an angry fire.>> reporter: even when the winds calmed down, you can see the flames and smoke reaching high into the sky. larry and his cousin, kept their eyes on it. what you think ? >> i do not know. we will hang out. >> reporter: there are mandatory evacuation orders in place. this man has lived here 38 years. and has seen 20 wildfires. >> we have been through it before. i think we know when to
6:32 pm
leave.>> reporter: this fire is the third biggest california history, with no end in sight. two people have died. firefighters are doing everything that they can to save lives. and save homes.>> as you can see, the fire is burning between every home up here. right up to the property lines. firefighters are stationed at each home. they stop it before it gets to the home.>> reporter: a fire truck in every driveway. 300 engines doing that. another 200 engines in the area. people are pitching in. firefighters say efforts like these do not work. >> you will not put any fire out it is like spitting in the wind. >> reporter: they want people out of the homes. leave the firefighting to the professionals. back here in the bay area, the wind is stronger the higher you go. the trees were whipping in the wind about pleasanton. this is the scene in the
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highlands. these are the kind of red flag conditions that have firefighters worried tonight.>> we have seen what has happened in other neighborhoods in sonoma and napa. knowing that winds can be a culprit, it has changed the way we view things. in the way we think about fire.>> firefighters say people need to be careful around the holidays. with fireplaces and candles. fallen heroes were honored today and military cemeteries across the country. people gathered at golden gate national them and terry in san bruno to lay wreaths across america. 2400 were placed on graves to honor sacrifices by veterans. arlington national cemetery attracted 55,000 volunteers. they spent hours honoring a quarter of 1 million headstones. it started 26 years ago and has
6:34 pm
expanded to 1500 cemeteries across the country. after nearly a year in office, president donald j. trump may score his first major legislative victory next week. with the passage of the gop tax plan. andrew spencer reports that the president seems optimistic about the benefit. critics are not so sure.>> reporter: on his way to camp david on saturday, president donald j. trump told reporters that the republican tax bill will benefit everybody. >> this will be great for jobs. it will be fantastic for the middle income people. and for jobs. if you look at the whole thing, everybody will benefit. i think the greatest benefit will be for jobs in the middle class.>> reporter: if it passes, the gop tax plan will mark the first major legislative victory for the president and for the republican controlled house and senate. >> americans deserve a new tax code for a new era of american prosperity. that is exactly what the tax cuts and jobs act does.>> reporter: the final version of the bill cuts taxes for five of the seven current tax brackets.
6:35 pm
critics say the bill does not do much to subdivide the tax code as promised. >> we moved from the goal of tax reform, which had the objective of growing the economy over the long-term, and making our unsustainable debt situation better. is the divorce. into tax cuts.>> reporter: republican leaders believe they have enough votes to get the bill passed. there been questions about senators john mccain and cochran. whose recent problems with health could keep them from voting next week. seven specific words are apparently off-limits tonight for the center of disease leaders say they are alarmed about a report that top public health agency are being told not to use certain words or phrases in official budget etus,rases in official budget ransgender based. was reacting to a story in the washington post, which, published late friday citing an anonymous source, said the prohibition was made at a recent meeting of senior budget officials at the u.s. centers for disease control and prevention. the seven words and phrases iversity, words and phrases etus, ulnerable, cience-based to be used in documents that are to be circulated within the federal government and congress in preparation of the next presidential budget proposal, the paper reported. the department of health and human services says the washington post report is just not accurate. it sounded like the christmas miracle.
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that a caliphate a couple have been praying for. their missing daughter was alive in becoming home. our reporter says there short- lived help to to be a cruel hoax.>> reporter: don and ginger stewart have not seen her daughter christie in newly three years. with someone texted them last week saying that they had her in captivity, the couple was relieved. >> i was hoping it was the real thing. and that we would see our daughter soon.>> reporter: they had no idea what happened to the 29-year-old after she left a dentist appointment and napa valley in march 2015. investigators found her truck in the middle of the desert. there was no trace of her. finally, they thought they had an answer. that kristi was in tennessee and needed a little money to get out of trouble.>> they said she was sick and needed to go to the hospital. they prayed on the heartstrings.>> reporter: what her parents looked closely at the photo that was sent to them, they realized it had been photo shopped.>> the face was
6:37 pm
cut out of a picture that is on one of her flyers.>> reporter: sheriff investigators traced the text and found originated in nigeria and other families of missing people were getting similar messages from scam artists. >> i think it is lowlife. to put it bluntly. it is really lowlife.>> reporter: her parents are disappointed, but not discouraged. they still believe they will be reunited with her daughter soon.>> we never give up hope.>> that was tina patel reporting. the stewards have not been advised to not include your phone number on any information about the daughter. i just think it is concerning that they would be able to have access to my private life.>> they are there to track you and to sell you.>> is your digital assistant working as a double agent ? why consumer watchdogs say your smart device could be spying on you. hitting the snooze button on social media.
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a new feature coming soon to your facebook feed. ♪ [baby crib musical mobile] millions are still exposed to the dangers of secondhand smoke.
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devastated by the wine country wildfires are getting into the holiday spirit.. in the place they used to call home. tonight neighbors and one communicate that the community devastated by the wine country fires, are getting inspired.>> we are joined live from coffee park, where special event is underway.>> reporter: in this neighborhood, it all started with one christmas tree that someone put on a burned-out lot. then, you started to see all of these strands of lights. that appeared in the trees around the neighborhood. tonight, everyone here is celebrating with a huge block party among the ashes. hundreds of coffee park residents gathered together tonight to celebrate the holidays. even santa clause made an appearance to handout presents. local businesses have donated christmas trees, bounce houses and food trucks. there is no in a cul-de-sac
6:41 pm
kids are playing. residents who lost their homes, say it means so much more. >> i'm overwhelmed by this. the love and generosity. i know that people have lost their homes. they are putting all of this on their lot so that people can enjoy christmas.>> reporter: volunteers put lights in the trees that are still standing. they put lights on burned-out tree stumps that are lining the sidewalks. one of the things the people here keep telling me tonight, is how incredible the community is. they are amazed that everyone has come together in a way. the holiday spirit is alive and well in coffee park. live in santa rosa, katie nielsen. facebook is rolling out a new feature. the snooze button to give you a break from certain trends or pages. it will let you snooze them for 30 days without on following or
6:42 pm
blocking them. it purges your newsfeed of all of their posts and they will never know. after 30 days, the status will revert to normal. your digital assistants maybe hanging on your every word. even we think it is not listening. consumer watchdogs tell jamie you guess that amazon's alexa and google home could be recording more than you realize.>> what is the weather tomorrow ? >> tomorrow you will see lots of sun.>> reporter: elizabeth have been relying on her amazon in said she got one as a christmas gift last year. did you have any concerns when you first got it ?>> i never thought about it.>> reporter: google and amazon, the legal companies that make these devices, say they only record your voice when you activate them, with wake words. the recordings are transmitted back to amazon and google servers where the questions are analyzed and answered. that is how they work now.
6:43 pm
some are worried that could change in the near future.>> they are there to track all -- track and survey you.>> reporter: a watchdog group studied patent applications. for smart home technology. >> with the patents, they are always watching and listening. >> reporter: one patent shows the company could instruct the echo device to listen for trigger words like a discussion of vacation destinations. it could transcribe the conversation and use it to try to sell the user related product. >> i think it is concerning that they would be able to have access to my private life.>> reporter: a spokesperson for amazon tells cbs we do not use customer voice recordings for targeted advertising. patents take multiple years to receive. i do not necessarily reflect current development of products
6:44 pm
and services. a google representative told us consumer watchdog claims are unfounded. the claims to point out how little some consumers know about the digital gadgets in their homes.>> play christmas radio. and almost feels like big rather.>> how do we live without them ? california holiday display -- it is getting so much of a complaint are blocking off the neighborhood. what nasa scientists hope to learn for the rise and fall of the sea air. a look at head of what is next in the windy weather. the weather forecast when we come back.
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kpix i dij weather is sponsored by mancini's -- kpix 5 weather is sponsored by mancini's sleep. sometimes you can be too successful. a big christmas light display near los angeles has become too popular for its own good. police in rancho cucamonga have laid down a set of rules. this year it is dry through only.>> reporter: if you want to see the lights, you better be ready to drive or fly. walking is not allowed.>> it is not too bad once you get the
6:48 pm
kids in the stroller.>> reporter: the city passed an ordinance to limit foot traffic. to keep the neighborhood safer and cleaner.>> with that, comes trash on people's lawns. we will see in a couple of weeks to see if it cuts down on that.>> reporter: not everyone realized the rules have changed.>> we were surprised. we like walking. it is more fun.>> reporter: it may be faster. some homeowners say traffic is worse. visitors are seeing more brake lights then christmas lights. >> it is unfortunate. i want everyone to be safe out here. i think, you do not need to go so drastic.>> reporter: people who live here and their guests can walk. others and pedestrians could be subject to a $50 fine. many say it goes against the spirit of the season. but these are public streets. how do you stop people from walking on public streets that the taxpayers pay for ?>> we
6:49 pm
just want everyone to enjoy the lights and have a nice festive, holiday.>> reporter: the deputies are issuing citations to people who did not have kids in car seats. they could not tell us how many citations were issued to pedestrians. if you run into any holiday travel delays this year, remember that it could be worse check out the scene at the airport in alaska. where young polar bears were spotted running down the runway. fortunately, they ran away from the buildings and planes. speaking of wild weather, a new nasa study shows the sierra nevada mountains rose in inch during the drought years. then sink back down again during last year's wet winter. our reporter lisa meadows shows us.>> reporter: water rushed through the swollen reservoirs during drought years, reservoirs went down. the sierra mountains went up. >> we are finding that the rise
6:50 pm
of the sierra nevada during the drought was caused mostly by water loss.>> reporter: nasa released a study saying they used gps study data to document the rise of one inch from 2011 through 2015. during the drought. the ground think by half an inch during the to wet years. uc davis professor jane london explains.>> the earth floated higher because i have less water over the sierras. as a became heavier again, it sunk back down.>> this suggests that solid earth is capable of storing more water than previously thought.>> without the rise of the sierras may be due to plate tectonics. or we thought, the zone water may be the cause of the lifting of the sierra.>> reporter: can we use this to help us manage water in northern california
6:51 pm
?>> we believe we can use the estimate of water to inform the water manager of how much water is in the springtime.>> reporter: however, not everyone is convinced the data details enough to make important water management decisions.>> it may only apply over very large areas. it will give us a gross idea.>> reporter: meteorologist, lisa meadows.>> it is cool we can do these days. considering the first weather satellite was launched in 1950. with how far we have come. it is pretty remarkable. tonight, we are dealing with an unusually dry december. the third driest for the city of san francisco. in the unusual circumstance of a red flag warning. not unprecedented, but rare. as we look at quite tower,
6:52 pm
concorde, 60 degrees. the numbers tomorrow are unusually warm. we continue to be eight degrees above average. we should top out and upper 50s. we will be in the mid 60s. here is what is happening. a spike of high pressure will move into the pacific northwest. will give us a brisk, northerly wind. finally, as a high reestablishes itself, the winds will ease by sunday afternoon. between now and then, a windy night in the bay area. and a windy day and mount diablo was at 65 miles per hour top speed. that is why we have wind advisories posted all over the bay area. the threat of downed trees and power lines to go along with it. the ground is not that moist. we have not had any rain. here is future cast.
6:53 pm
by tomorrow at midday, the winds will come down for the most part . we have high winds tomorrow afternoon. in general, by early monday, things have eased up completely. tonight, it will be wendy with powerful gusts up to 15 -- 50 miles per hour. we are expecting it to be breezy through early tomorrow. mild and sunny through tuesday. there is a microscopic chance of a few drops north of the golden gate on wednesday. not a hint of rain coming between now and new year's. that would make it the third driest december. football tomorrow. the weather is cooperating. 49ers take on the titans at 1:25 pm. a game will be on cast -- broadcast on kpix. 65 degrees . oakland raiders
6:54 pm
playing at 5:30 pm. they are taking on the cowboys. clear and cool. and nice night for football. overnight lows tonight, 36, santa rosa. 40, oakland. 40, fremont. san jose, 40. son up tomorrow at 7:14 am. for daytime highs, we are all in the mid-60s. those numbers are six degrees above average. sunshine and wendy. -- windy. fairfield, 67. north bay, sunshine and 65, santa rosa. 62, oakland. low to mid 60s for cloverdale. it will be nice and brisk. the extended forecast shows a slight sprinkle chance on wednesday.
6:55 pm
it is sunny side up from here right into 2018. a break from all of the rain. lucky
6:56 pm
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closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces. how would you like to go to australia for free ? here is your chance. united airlines is giving five lucky winners a free trip to australia. your name has to be sydney. the giveaway is to kick off their new 17 our dirty five minute flight from houston -- the new 17 our 35 minute flight from houston to sydney flight. the winner will be chosen december 28. a new reason to travel to
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australia. it is summertime there. today marked a major milestone for same-sex couples. today amy laker and lauren price became the country's first same-sex couple to get married. country just legalized same-sex marriage last week. white other -- while other same sex couples have to wait, they were given special permission. the happy couple that i do in front of 65 guests in a ceremony just outside of sydney. >> we wanted it to be simple.>> australia is the 26th nation in the world where same-sex marriage is legal. thanks for watching, we will see you back at here at 11 pm. find the latest at cbs news
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tonight primetime lineup is sponsored by your local kia dealer. visit kia do not miss ncis: los angeles. tonight on kpix 5 . an all-
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new scorpion on 10 pm on kpix i did. >> dr. bill magee: why should any child, anywhere on this planet, have to live a life of misery. >> kathy majette: a lot of people think that children that are born with these deformities are cursed. just imagine a life alone, that nobody wanted to be around you. >> norrie oelkers: and we had children coming in for screening with brown bags over their head. they're never allowed to leave their house unless they have a bag on their heads. >> kathy majette: some children don't live, because they have problems with eating, and drinking, and die of malnutrition. >> mel: and they see us as their last resort. >> dr. jill gora: every child deserves a fair chance at life, >> peggy stillman: it may only take an hour to do something that will change their lives forever. >> noreen kessler: and you just see a whole new person, a whole new beginning. it's almost like they're reborn. i can't think of another word but phenomenal.


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